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Pregnancy - Some Shocking Facts you should know

When confirmed pregnant, she will be very happy and will focus on prenatal care. However, it is also necessary to know the eight pregnancies this surprising fact.


Once a woman finds out that she is pregnant, the baby is the first priority. He surely will do every thing else with more, to ensure that it remains healthy for the sake of the unborn baby, and also ensures that he made certain lifestyle changes, so that the baby nutrition improves. There are some things that need to be in ketahu pregnancy and pregnancy here are eight facts are staggering.

Fact 1.

Pee baby in the womb

When a woman is pregnant about 4 months, the baby in the womb start to urinate at least one liter per day and the baby also drank his own urine.

Fact 2.

Walking pregnant women tend to enlarge.

Many women experience an increase in the size of their footwear during pregnancy, such as their feet tend to swell due to water retention.

Fact 3.

Uterus enlarges with age fetuses

Rahim originally size of a small peach fruit, but during the conception phase and then inflate around the size of a watermelon.

Fact 4.

In the womb, babies develop fingerprints

A baby in the womb develop all fingerprints within 9-12 weeks of conception.

Fact # 5.

The placenta produces estrogen that is equal to the number of non-pregnant women.

During late pregnancy, the placenta produces the hormone estrogen as a hormone produced by pregnant women not in three years.

Fact # 6.

Many studies have documented some of the baby in the womb through an unexpected action, such as sucking their thumbs, smiling, even masturbation!

Fact # 7.

Skin changes during pregnancy due to hormonal.

9 out of 10 women saw a drastic change in the color of their skin during pregnancy, caused by hormonal fluctuations.

Fact # 8.

A baby crying in the womb

It was also noted that some of the crying baby in the womb, about 6 months after conception. However, they can not be heard because of all fluids and uterine tissue around it.

Some Signs Before Childbirth

Signs Before Childbirth Articles photo

The process of childbirth is a phase that is eagerly awaited by pregnant women. Therefore, you need to know the signs of giving birth, especially if you decide to do a normal labor and birth is approaching day forecast.

During this time, people know the signs bore the amniotic fluid will rupture and uncontrolled, and contraction with tremendous pain. Is It True?

When childbirth indeed be accompanied by rupture of the amniotic fluid. However, these conditions apparently does not apply to all women. There are some women who experienced signs of rapid delivery, but not a few women who slower experience.

But, you do not need to worry because here are the signs given birth already you can feel in the third trimester of pregnancy:

• Contraction
Contraction is a condition in which the uterus will tighten and become more relaxed as in a position ready to push the baby out. Contractions will feel the same pain as the first days of menstruation. In fact, the pain will be felt at the times ready to give birth. In addition, the stronger the contraction characterized by a more regular intervals and shorter, for example, every 30-70 seconds.

• Back pain
Backs will feel more stiff and sore during pregnancy because of the extra burden that rests on the backs and attraction of some abdominal muscles. However, while giving birth to the lower back will be sore and cramping. This pain is part of the contraction and is usually felt on the back and then will move on to the next multi-story body.

• Water rupture
Amniotic fluid is the fluid that protects the fetus while in the womb. Ruptured amniotic fluid usually like torrents or just a trickle. Keep in mind, if the amniotic fluid until it broke its meaning is the approach you with childbirth.

• Exit viscous mucus
When pregnant, then there is an obstruction such as a layer of mucus that covers the opening of your cervix. But ahead of childbirth, the cervix will be softened and enlarged to prepare for the birth path. This makes the blockage becomes depleted and can drip out and blockage will come out in the form of mucus or jelly pink-brown.

However, you should still see a doctor specialist obstetric and gynecology aimed to security and safety and your fetus.

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Some Tips to Keep Feel Comfortable During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a priceless blessing in a family. But in the process of pregnancy, sometimes mother should feel the discomfort that is often not easy. One of the inconveniences which are quite popular among pregnant women is morning sickness, heart burn and constipation.

In early pregnancy, especially the first 3 months of pregnancy, many pregnant women complain of nausea and vomiting in the morning. 
To overcome this, she can do a few things that can alleviate this complaint, namely:

Eating breakfast biscuits, toast or cereal without milk.
Practicing diet frequently but small portions.
Avoid strong flavored foods.
Limiting consumption of spicy foods, too fatty and fried.
Drinking fresh fluid between the consumption of food.
Snack snack before bed.
Sleeping in a room with good ventilation.
When pregnancy is getting bigger, Mothers also often have complaints on the digestive tract. Due to the insistence of the growing fetus, mother often feel complaints burning feeling around the abdomen and chest. It is caused by stomach acid that is pushed up to the top because of the insistence of the growing fetus. To overcome this, she can do the following tips:

Eat foods low in fat, but often little portion.

Eat slowly and chew food with good food.

Avoid foods that can irritate the stomach such as: caffeine, peppermint, citrus family fruits, spicy foods.

Avoid lying down after eating.
Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
Constipation or bowel problems can occur from the beginning of pregnancy until the end of pregnancy. In order for constipation in pregnant women are not getting worse, then the mother should:
Doing exercises or light exercise every day.
Drink liquids in large quantities.
Eating foods high in fiber.

If constipation has been very disturbing then the mother should consult a doctor to get a laxative in a doctor's supervision.

Some Tips Pregnancy Back Pain

Back pain, especially lower back pain is a common complaint in pregnancy. This is due to changes in the body during pregnancy work such that the likelihood of back pain is very great.

These changes are as follows:

Growing belly makes your center of gravity shifts forward. This will then lead to arch your back more convex forward, so that the lower back will usually be pushed forward.
In pregnancy can occur thing called diastasis, a condition in which the muscles of the abdomen (stomach) left side and right side you apart due to the expansion of the uterus (womb). This causes weakness of the abdominal muscles. The weaker the abdominal muscles, then the back muscles must work harder to maintain an upright posture.
Along with increasing gestational age, the greater the size of the stomach. In women with complaints of back pain, gestational age increased only will make back pain more real.
Therefore, the things below are very important. The sooner these tips do the better effect in warding off back pain during pregnancy.

Keep your weight gain during pregnancy. Excess weight will only add to the stress on your back muscles.
Perform exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Never too late to start exercise in pregnancy, of course, with notes of exercise undertaken in accordance with the conditions and objectives. Examples of movements that can be done to train the abdominal muscle strength: knee lift (lift your knees alternately while sitting), crunch while sitting (movement or contracting the abdominal muscles pull the navel inward and outward direction while sitting), duck squat (move to squatting position from a standing position).

Keep your neat high heels. As soon as you begin to feel that your stomach is getting bigger, avoid the use of high heels until your baby is born. Right height will make your back more arched forward and will aggravate your back pain. Choose flat shoes (flats) that is comfortable to wear.

Seated properly. Sitting position causing stress or stretch the back muscles are great, especially if you sit in a chair without a backrest that do not provide support. Avoid chairs of this kind and wherever possible always use the straight-backed chair. When you sit down, avoid positioning crossed one leg over the other leg. Sit with both feet touching the floor and occasionally standing to avoid sitting position is maintained for hours.

Make a habit of good posture. Drag your ass a little to the front to put your pelvic bone to its normal position which then would reduce the degree of curvature in your spine. Keep your head in line with your body (think there are threads that pull your head toward the ceiling) and keep the shoulders so that you do not fall in a crouched position.

Lift items properly. Goods must be kept as light as any you lift the right way. Your body position should be such that the knees bent, back relax, bring goods into the trunk of your body, lift with the strength of your hand and not the strength of your back. Make sure you keep breathing for lifting goods.

Avoid standing for too long. Interspersed time to sit for a minute you stand for 5-10 minutes to reduce the load on your spine.
Warm compresses. Warm towel or warm water pockets are placed on the lower back or soak in warm water can provide help in reducing complaints soreness in your back. However if you are experiencing pain, you should first cold compress to relieve inflammation that may occur on your back.

Some signs of unusual Pregnancy

When you're in the early stages of pregnancy, the hormones in your body can change that makes the appearance of many symptoms of pregnancy outside of normal. There are some women during pregnancy are very drastic changes and there is no change.
Well, if you experience one or more symptoms of pregnancy like below, it is reasonable and do not be afraid, for many other women who experience it, symptoms such as what the most bizarre in pregnancy? Consider the following explanation:
Feet can "grow" up to 10 mm, which is caused by the stretching of the ligament (muscle) and finally the legs will lose direction - and the most bizarre in this dalah pregnancy symptoms, these symptoms can last like that until the baby is born.

The volume of cells in the brain can be reduced 4% due to hormonal changes - but returned to normal a few months after birth. Which makes pregnant women become forgetful and sometimes seem to think a little longer than reasonable.

The hair will stop falling out (due to hormones), which makes an impression thick hair, and returned to normal in the aftermath of the birth. You can also notice that there are more and more hair growth on the cheeks, forehead, above the mouth and on the feet.

Such carelessness is reasonable stumble in early pregnancy caused by retention (retention) of water in the body and joints are more "loose".

Smell become more sensitive due to rising levels of estrogen, many studies linking the more sensitive sense of smell with morning sickness (nausea in the mornings).

You can feel the taste of iron in your tongue, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy where estrogen levels are highest.

Flatulence or fart is very common, which is caused by the relaxation of the hormones progesterone and relaxin, which occurs in all muscle also in the muscles of the digestive tract.

Really Big Butt Women Tend to Have a Child Smart?

Blessed for women who have a big butt and solid, because some researchers say women who have children are more intelligent buttocks.

Reported by the Daily Mail, turns on the buttocks save "fat bank or collection of fat" that was instrumental in the development of the newborn brain channeled through ation.

According to Professor Will Lassek University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who led the research on the function of fat in the buttocks, said the fat in the buttocks is a storehouse of fat to build a baby's brain.

"To build a network in the brain that is much needed fat, and fat in the buttocks rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is a very important component of the human brain.

"So very nice if a pregnant woman, crowd-Ondong collect fat in the buttocks," he explained.
He also said, "Maybe this is why women tend to have more fat as a very large role in brain development," he said.

The same thing was said by biologists from Cambridge University, David Bainbridge said, brain development in infants breast milk obtained from largely derived from the thighs and buttocks.

"Women who have large thighs and buttocks has been shown to have a bright child, for example, Jennifer Lopez, he has a solid buttocks and thighs, her son too smart," he explained.

Breech Babies Birth Prevention Tips

Entering the final trimester of pregnancy anxiety you prepare for delivery is increasingly felt. Some of preparation you have done, including in preparing a delivery that helps you to welcome the presence of the beloved baby. Yet among those who actually experienced kekwatiran with your health condition and the fetus after medical experts say your baby has a breech position. It can weigh on you emotionally in preparing pregnancy. Position sungsangatau breech babies is a disorder in which the baby is lying still in the position of the head on while the position is under the buttocks. However, you should not worry too much because in infants under the age of 34 weeks the baby is lying still in a free position, in other words the position of the head may still be above or below.

Breech baby or baby sunsang caused by conditions fetus. Among them are the size of the fetus that your bladder is smaller than the room so that the mother's womb the fetus in the mother's womb spinning possibility especially if the fetus had the condition in the final trimester of pregnancy will increase the risk of breech babies as well as when experiencing a very large fetus condition will have difficulty in moving so that the position of the head is still above.
The risk of breech babies are also experienced by mothers carrying twins, the possibility of a breech in one fetus due to fetal head rotates downward in advance will make the pelvic cavity closed and cause pelvic cavity difficult traversed by twin fetus. While the latter causes a breech baby is a form of the mother's womb is not normal then that too much amniotic fluid or placenta under resulting in the birth canal closed. In certain cases occurred in the second and subsequent pregnancies and usually rare in first pregnancy, despite the percentage slightly.

Is the position of breech babies can be prevented?
Some people believe by doing abdominal pemijitan will help to rotate the position of the baby so it is in the normal position before birth but this assumption is not considered appropriate in view of the hazards that may arise both for the mother and for the fetus. So you can do some prevention activities with a leisurely stroll of course not overload your health condition and also do a knee chest position is one of the parts of pregnancy exercise with menungging position to the side. You can do it slowly to help merangsagn movement rotate your baby. Perform knee chest position for one minute and then you can adjust the breath for 10 seconds.

Nevertheless but for those of you who are in the age of the content above 8 months will be difficult to change that besardikarenakan your baby will be difficult to position. In addition, the cause is room uterus is getting narrower with body size has been growing. Thus for those who wonder whether the breech position can be prevented certainly can with regard for pregnancy on a regular basis and also identify the breech position before you entered the eighth month of gestation so that you can perform exercises such as knee chest position you can do.

Tips to Avoid Dangers of Cell Phone Radiation Exposure For Fetal Health

Currently the phone seems to be an indispensable item of our life. Perhaps even mobile phones have become true friends we were always accompany every activity we whenever and wherever. Pixie eating accompanied phones, mobile phone or even learn accompanied when bedtime arrives we often still preoccupied with playing mobile phone.

So far, we often hear that cell phone radiation cell phone can cause side effects that are harmful to human health. Although many people who believe in the truth, in fact, not a few scientists who refute this statement on the pretext yet enough research to prove the truth. However, recently conducted a research study at Yale University, USA where in the study revealed that mobile phone use in pregnant women do indeed have an adverse effect on the health of the fetus in the womb.

The researchers even advise pregnant women not to put his cell phone in a pocket near the stomach, given the danger of radiation would affect the health of the fetus. In addition, pregnant women are also encouraged to not overuse of cell phone radiation to reduce the risk posed.

The impact of the radiation exposure to the fetus is able to influence the development of the baby's brain, causing memory impairment (memory), give rise to feelings of anxiety, behavioral disorders in infants and can cause hyperactivity in infants later. Baby's brain is still more sensitive than the adult brain. Exposure of radiation that may not berdamak too big for adults, can provide considerable influence that can interfere with growth and development of the baby in the womb. Moreover, if the use of the phone is often the mother operated then the radiation will be more and more accepted babies.

Research conducted by the researchers actually been tested on pregnant rats. And the results showed that mice born baby was experiencing problems in the brain and perilakuknya. The reason the researchers chose rats as experimental objects are easy to be cultivated in addition, rats are considered to have a genetic similarity and biological characteristics to those found in humans. In addition, there are many conditions and specific symptoms in humans that it can be replicated in mice. The researchers reveal new mesikipun the research done only in animals that mice, but they believe the truth of these findings.

According to him, more than it just needed more in-depth study on humans to understand what happened to the mechanism of cell phone radiation exposure can adversely affect the health of the fetus. It would also require the calculation action on cell phone radiation exposure limits are safe and still allowed to accept pregnant women so as not to interfere with the health of the fetus.

So how pregnant women should address this more wisely?

Instead, use the phone according to your needs and turn off your phone when not in use. Also, do not place the phone in areas close to the belly, pants pocket or shirt pocket.
It would be much more sensible if the mother is not too often 'play' cell phone. It aims to minimize the risks and hazards that may occur.

Do not get used to put the phone close to you while you sleep, especially in areas close to the head. Put the phone a bit away from your body to reduce the risk of hazards that may occur.

Keep your cell phone range close to the body, especially when you use the facilities 'bluetooth'. Because when this facility is on, then the amount of exposure will be emitted even though the levels are not too big.

Thus, starting from this moment it would be wise if the mother began to notice the use of mobile phones. Use as needed and turn off while not in use to minimize the impact of potential hazards to the fetus in the womb.

Some diseases that can be transmitted by a mother to fetus during pregnancy

During pregnancy the fetus in the abdomen condition closely related to the mother's health during pregnancy. So when you are pregnant is highly recommended to meet all nutritional needs to support the development and optimal fetal growth. Nevertheless some pregnant women anxious due to pregnant women who suffer from infectious diseases that would negatively impact on fetal growth. Some diseases like syphilis, hepatitis B and AIDS disease should watch out because there will be transmitted to the fetus.

Here is an explanation of the types of diseases that can be transmitted pregnant mother to fetus:

1. Aids Disease
Aids disease is a type of disease that interfere with the immune system caused by the infection by the HIV virus. Symptoms are often experienced by pregnant women who suffer from AIDS are experiencing weakness immunity highly susceptible to diseases other diseases such as cancer, neurological disease or gastrointestinal infection. Until now the world's health have not found a drug that can cure AIDS as for a drug that can slow the virus attack on the patient's body. This disease is very wary because of high risk of up to 99% can be transmitted to the fetus. Transmission of the disease can be in three ways, namely blood circulation between mother and fetus during pregnancy, infection mediated contacts between the baby and the mother when the blood fluid delivery while the third through breastfeeding. It is very worrying and negative impact on the health of the fetus, infants who developed the virus less likely to survive long to combat viral infections in the body.

2. Disease Syphilis
Further diseases that harm the fetus while in the womb is syphilis. This disease can be transmitted through unprotected sexual partners are changing, not only damage the health of pregnant women, but will be transmitted to the fetus in the womb. So it can worsen the condition of the fetus in utero is nevertheless transmission in pregnant women who have this disease infection will vary depending on the transmission because of bacteria in the blood of pregnant women. In the fetus contracting this disease it would be at risk of getting an infection and interfere with the development up to the age and birth weight less than normal babies. Even in severe cases will cause the death of the fetus in the womb.

3. Hepatitis B
This disease occurs due to a viral infection that attacks the liver, although initially fairly mild symptoms such as nausea, mild fever, pain in the joints and swelling in the right abdomen but if continues, will affect a yellow color to the eyes and skin accompanied to change the color of urine is increasingly concentrated. If the mother hepapitis B disease is most likely to be infectious in pregnancy. This disease is very easy to spread even much higher than the risk of transmission of AIDS from mother to fetus.
It is thus very important to maintain the health of the disease to avoid the disease. Make checks before deciding pregnancy other than that you should make a healthy lifestyle in order to keep the disease from the disease.

Some Quick Ways Slim Back After Childbirth

After giving birth to most of the women hope to return to its original shape and lose weight. Most of postpartum women lose half the weight while pregnant within 6 weeks after giving birth. The rest will slowly go down in subsequent months. Healthy diet with exercise can help you lose weight

Your body needs time to heal after childbirth. When you lose weight instantly healing process will take longer. At least give a period of 6 weeks before the weight loss program, for those who are breastfeeding are advised to wait until your baby is at least 2 months old.

Too rapid weight loss can affect milk production. Breastfeeding can help burn calories in the body so that you will be amazed at your weight loss while breastfeeding.

The ideal weight loss after birth is 1.5 pounds, or about 680 grams per week. Decrease the number will not affect milk production. You can follow it up with a way to reduce your intake of 500 calories per day. Surely you are advised to consult a doctor or nutritionist first in order to know your calorie needs per day.

Here are some tips to lose weight after giving birth you can follow:

1.Try not to skip meals you. Not eating will make you have reduced energy, it will not help you lose weight.
2. Eat 5-6x / day with small portions interspersed with snacks in between.
3. Breakfast is important! The breakfast will give you energy to run activities all day and will keep you from feeling tired.
4. Eat slowly do not rush. Chew your food slowly in order to make you feel full faster.
5. Choose low-fat dairy products.
6. Choose fruits and vegetables as snacks. Bananas, carrots, berries, apples and citrus fruits are low in fat but rich in vitamins and fiber. Fiber can help your digestion.
7. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, or at least 2L / day. Limit soda and using artificial sweeteners.
8. The food was prepared with roasted, boiled or steamed have fewer calories than fried foods.
9. Limit your intake of sweets and fatty foods.
10. Sports! Remember exercise is an important component in a diet. Exercise can help you eliminate body fat and not muscle. Do light exercise such as brisk walking first chili carry your baby around the house complex in the morning and afternoon. Once you have started to adapt to the type and intensity of exercise can be improved.

Avoid follow a diet that is too extreme by eating too little. That of course will make you look skinny in quick time in the early weeks and back into fat fast. When it comes out of your body is not fat, but you will lose some body fluids that cause you to become limp.

While you want to look slim as usual, you have to be realistic that after giving birth most of you will bo wider hips and a waist circumference greater. So that should be your goal to lose weight after giving birth is for the health of the body.

Some ways accelerate pregnancy

accelerate pregnancy tips

In principle, the status of the body condition of mothers and fathers clearly affect the process of procreation. So, from the many pregnancy preparation to do, prepare the body health of the expectant father and mothers is very important to be prioritized.
For that prepare the body before entering pregnancy health is the best.

Here are some ways to speed up your pregnancy planning a pregnancy:

1. Perform a medical check-up before planning a pregnancy
Before you are planning a pregnancy, it is recommended that you first consult and perform medical check-ups. Ask your doctor what vitamins should be consumed, for example: a useful folic acid to prevent congenital abnormalities such as spina bifida (abnormalities of the spinal cord).

2. Understand Your Menstrual Cycle
  By knowing the menstrual cycle, then you also will be able to know your ovulation period. In this ovulation period, it is recommended that you can focus on sexual intercourse.
How to calculate the fertile period is, if you are a normal menstrual cycle that is 21-35 days, then how to calculate the fertile period is 14 days before your next menstrual period (plus or minus 2 days). In addition, women who are ovulating often experience the following symptoms: changes in the cervical mucus (to be more slippery and wet) or often experience pain in the abdomen.

3. Ignore the Myths About Sex Position Good For Pregnant Fast
There is no scientific studies that prove that certain sex positions (eg missionary position or woman on top) can maximize your potential to get pregnant fast. While certain positions that defy gravity such as sitting or standing position would make it difficult for sperm to enter the cervix.
But clearly, the more often the frequency of sexual intercourse without contraception, obviously increase the potential for pregnancy. However, that does not mean you and your partner should increase the frequency of sexual intercourse, because too often sexual intercourse also have an impact on their own health.
Difficulty conceiving is not merely a matter of women. Necessary for the occurrence of pregnancy fertility in both women and men. To that end, male fertility is important. Male fertility itself is affected by several factors. As one weight.

4. Lie After Done Doing Sexual
  After sexual intercourse, you are encouraged to lie in bed for 10-15 minutes and do not need to lift a foot taller. It is intended that the sperm can easily enter and remain in the cervix.
Yet again, the difficulty of getting pregnant is not merely a matter of women. For good diperlukankesuburan pregnancy between women and men. To that end, male fertility is important.
Sperm health status also take an important role here. As such lifestyle, diet and age.

5. You Do not Need To Sexual Every Day
  Experts recommend that you should have sex with a routine, whether or not ovulation. Own sperm can live for 72 hours after intercourse.
Furthermore, the high frequency of sexual intercourse also have a good impact on women and men. In effect that is chronic, in men at increased risk of prostate cancer due to increased ejaculation process in a short span of time, while in women the impact can increase the risk of cervical cancer.
In the acute effects, the increase in the frequency of sexual intercourse can lead to unnatural genital lesions in both men, and men.
The men are encouraged to avoid wearing underwear or tight pants because it can worsen the quality of sperm. Similarly, soak in hot water, steam or often sit on top of the engine.

6. Avoid Stress and Healthy Living
By leading a healthy lifestyle and avoid stress, then your chances of getting pregnant are also getting bigger. For that reason, it is recommended that you exercise regularly at least 30 minutes a day and avoiding cigarettes and alcohol.

Some Ways to Overcome Pain Maternity Time

Childbirth is a series of events that take place step by step. Starting with contractions, bleeding, followed by rupture of the membranes and ends with the birth of a baby who just months or nearly enough months accompanied by expulsion of the placenta (afterbirth) and fetal membranes from the mother's abdomen.

In the stages of labor, contractions are the earliest signs that suggest labor will soon arrive. This contraction starts from the top of the uterus, which leads to the birth canal. Conditions of contraction will be longer and stronger and will become shorter distance between the contraction with another contraction.

As these signs is the discharge mixed with blood coming out of the birth canal. Which this condition is accompanied by pain that lasts long enough until the time of delivery to arrive.

Most pregnant women who will soon give birth to a few of them there are able to withstand the pain until the opening of the birth canal is wide enough. However unisex pregnant women who can not stand the pain that caused even when the opening of the birth canal has not yet appeared.

So Why Maternity Pain Can Occur?
Pain during childbirth can be driven by a few number of factors such as:
Stretched the birth canal, vagina neck and soft tissue are around.

Movement uterine contractions that cause uterine wall muscles become constricted, so that the onset of pain can not be avoided. The contractionary muscles of the uterus caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Psychological state of the mother who constantly anxious, fearful and tense in response to stress can lead to increased pain.

Well, to overcome us consider the following:

Mother compresses the lower back using lukewarm water between contractions. Which of these actions aimed to widen and accelerate blood circulation, so that the pain can be reduced.

Try to divert attention so that she does not focus on the pain that felt like singing or talking when pain arises.

Dispose little water as often as possible. Only this must be balanced with fluid intake into the body of the mother. Urination can help downs baby's head to the pelvic floor well and keep the rhythm of labor contractions.

Ask family or husband to massage the lower back. Use aromatherapy oils are soft and soothing to massage the lower back as a lubricant. But if you do not get your aromatherapy oils can replace it with a body lotion or lotion mother.

Keep your back straight position, both while standing, sitting or other positions. It aims to keep the baby's head is at the cervix properly so that the contractions that occur more powerful and effective.

Perform settings with good breath. Usually the mother in labor feel panic and difficult to regulate his breathing properly. But you know mother arranged arrangement breath better be able to reduce the pain of the mother feels. For that, try and arrange a faint panic mother breath.

Thus several ways to overcome the pain during childbirth. The pain can be minimized when the delivery would reduce pain and ease the burden of mothers in childbirth.

Hopefully useful and hopefully safely take delivery smoothly.

List of food that must be considered after Miscarriage

Miscarriage is one experience that can not be forgotten by a woman, a sense of loss and trauma will continue to haunt. Especially for those of you who had a miscarriage in the last trimester will add to the effect on your psyche.

In addition, when viewed from the physical post-miscarriage blood loss that pretty much will lead you physically impaired. Consuming the right foods will help you to speed up the recovery of your health after a miscarriage. Some foods will help you to recover physically and emotionally after a miscarriage.

Here is a post-miscarriage food can you eat and of course can be obtained easily:

1. Foods that contain Iron
For those of you who had a miscarriage will lose a lot of blood so as to make quick limp and listless. It is recommended to consume foods that contain iron to assist you in restoring the level of iron in the body. One is red meat and liver containing high iron. Always cook red meat with a good method, consider the maturity of red meat that you cook. In addition to those who consume only vegetables that vegetarians can consume spinach leaves, corn, kale, beet greens and fruit. For those who need a good source of iron or vitamins for absorption enhancer, you also need to consume papaya, strawberry or other fruit containing vitamin C.

2. Food with high calcium content
A study found the absorption of calcium from the body during pregnancy and when you miscarried fetus will go wasted calcium in your body. So it is important to restore the balance of calcium in the body. Some foods such as content of milk, dairy products, sardines, salmon, soybeans and green vegetables will help you in providing the calcium needed by the body. You can consume the milk of at least two to four glasses of milk after a miscarriage. Milk and dairy products will increase the levels of calcium, phosphorus and protein in your body. Similarly, green leafy vegetables that will help you in contributing calcium, consume regular amounts in the appropriate portion in your diet.

3. Foods that increase energy
Once you have a bad experience on your pregnancy (miscarriage) you need food that can provide energy to eliminate your fatigue. One of them is the egg. Eggs contain good fats and protein to add to your energy. In addition to eggs, snacks pumpkin seeds (pumpkin seeds) can help you to meet the magnesium in the body. Although it is generally not sufficient to consume pumpkin seeds all the nutrients that you need so that some foods such as dark chocolate can cover the needs of nutrients in your body. Dark chocolate can increase serotonin levels to control your fatigue.

4. Food which can improve mood
After a miscarriage, depression and anxiety felt really natural but a few ways to relieve the anxiety that you can do with eating foods that can improve mood. Foods that contain minerals and magnesium can help your mental recovery. Foods rich in magnesium such as nuts, chocolate can help you control your mood.

List of Various Types of Abortion in the world of medicine

You know very well the term abortions, unfortunately not everyone is familiar with this term understand it correctly. Interruption of pregnancy under the age of 20 weeks in any way referred to abortion.
Abortion is there that are provoked or indeed occur spontaneously. Not all criminal bersiat provoked abortion, because some deliberate abortion performed on the basis of clear medical purposes, in order to save the lives of mothers, for example.
Today, we must be concerned to see it free abortion practices are not responsible for rampant everywhere. And not the least of which was fronted practice someone who is working as doctors, not pathetic, whereas in the medical oath clearly written a doctor should respect life from conception to occur. Ironic.

Some Types of Abortion
  Abortion is based on the process of re-divided. Here are some types of abortion in the world of medicine:

abortion Iminens
First known as the abortion iminens, also called the threat of miscarriage, pregnancy means it can still be saved and only a threat to abortion, the fetus is still alive in the mother's womb.

abortion Insipiens
While abortion iminens are not treated immediately will turn into the second type, namely abortion insipiens, when this happens, the bleeding will come out more and more and pregnancy can not be saved anymore.

abortion Inkompletus
The third type is abortion inkompletus (incomplete abortion), as the name suggests, in this type of fetus has come out of the womb, but some still remain inside, so it must be cleared by a doctor through a procedure known as curettage (often referred to as a curette only) .

abortion Kompletus
Contrary to this type, kompletus abortion is abortion that has managed to remove all the pieces of the fetus from the mother's womb, so curette becomes unnecessary.

missed Abortion
The latter type is missed abortions, which occurs in this type of abortion is the abortion process occurs in the mother's womb without aware of it, so it must be done curettage procedure. You may ask, what if left alone? This would endanger the mother, one that may occur is infection.

Similarly, exposure of abortion, whatever happens, do not let you perform an abortion on purpose, because abortion is tantamount to murder.

List of Natural Ingredients That Can Remove Scars Cesareans

Gives birth by caesarean section is the last alternative that should be done when a mother has is unable to give birth normally. Childbirth by way of this operation, it will require a fairly long process of healing. Moreover, the scars left will appear visible on the stomach.

Caesarean section scars are usually very difficult to remove. Many women who give birth by means of this operation, sometimes dizzy how to remove these scars. There have been many indeed salve wounds beradar file remover on the market, but unfortunately quite expensive.

If you are constrained by the cost of buying ointments busting these scars, try switching to natural ingredients that also proven to eliminate caesarean scar, like some natural ingredients below:

1. Lemon
Lemon addition can be used as a detox diet that also can help disguise the marks and scars. but you also need to beware, because if the injury is a new injury, do not you apply lemon juice on top. This fact can actually slow down the healing process. Use lemon is only for injuries that are correct - completely healed, leaving only bekasanya.

2. Honey
One of these natural ingredients known to many saving benefits both for health and beauty, including to beautify your skin. In addition, honey can also moisturize and cleanse the skin and can mennyamarkan scars.

3. Aloe vera gel
So far only known aloe vera gel as a hair thickening medium, whereas aloe vera gel can also be used to disguise stretch marks and scars cesarean section. Apply regularly on caesarean scars or stretch marks on your body. This gel will cool the skin and relieve stress so as to disguise the scars.

4. Vaseline
  Applying a material that is regularly at caesarean section scar can also help diminish and eliminate these scars.

5. Vitamin E
Minyakyang applying vitamin E on caesarean section scar then massaged - mijatnya slowly can help fade scars earlier.

6. Cocoa butter
Strong antioxidant properties of this natural ingredient is great for caesarean section scar heals.

Actually there are many other natural materials that you can use to help remove cesarean section scar. Using natural ingredients, does not mean these scars will soon disappear, but still requires a fair amount of time to maintain.

Normal Childbirth Tips & Eliminate Pain

Childbirth natural childbirth is desirable by mothers who are undergoing pregnancy. In addition, natural childbirth is also the birth process suggested by the medical world. With undergo natural childbirth, one of which indicates that pregnancy has been conceived, or the fetus and the mother's health is getting better. The experience of being a mother feels perfect when feeling how heavy struggle that must be passed as it passes through the normal birth process. But behind all that, many pregnant women feel anxiety or dread labor.

Naturally it is, because childbirth is a big process to be followed by pregnant women. Energy, thought to be deployed to mental mother through childbirth safely. One of the factors that cause anxiety or fear when it will face a labor process, is a shadow of pain that would befall the pregnant women when undergoing the process of natural childbirth. Inevitably, it is a normal delivery would cause pain for the mother. But the pain in pregnant women suffering would be different levels, there are really feeling great pain, but many felt sick just an instant. Surely this is a lot of factors. starting from the experience of giving birth, the size and weight of the baby, the support (husband, family), childbirth techniques, even from a medical helper from the doctor or midwife itself, etc.

To assist pregnant women can melewawi childbirth without pain tormented by extraordinary, here are some tips that can be used so that the pain of childbirth can be reduced or even lost.

Pray To God
Everything dalah this life surely there are infinite set is the Lord. Only He can determine everything to nothing on the face of this earth, including in the process of giving birth to be a mother through. So prayer and dhikr was to him, so that the process of normal birth mother who will go through to run smoothly and of course the safety of the mother and the baby's mother attacked.

Trust and believe
Eliminate all forms of images or thoughts that spawned it is a painful process. If conditions haunt ourselves sick mother, then surely it would be ill childbirth. But Instill in mind and thought the mother, that gave birth that is not a painful process, but a natural process that must be passed, and has millions of mothers on this earth has been through this process safely, and they can. Entrusted to yourself that delivery was not painful, it will help psychological mother, help confidence in the face of normal childbirth.

Perform Small Streets
When the contraction has not peaked, and according to maternal medical still have time before delivery, take advantage of this time with a small walk around the room and casual labor. This can help the mother to expedite the delivery process

Relax Menjelangkan Childbirth
Tense ahead of the process of giving birth, the mother will actually make the muscles will be stiff. If this condition occurs, then the process will be painful childbirth. Birthing process requires a flexible muscles, especially around the hips, thighs, abdomen. Because there will be a great stretching during childbirth. Therefore relax before the birth will make your muscles supple, besides the mother's mind will feel calm.

Husband and Family Support
Childbirth is a major process that must be passed mother. It takes a lot of support to get past it to run safely and smoothly. Support of her husband and family will make the mother more motivated. Even husbands sincere love gushing when gently massage the mother's back, fixing the position of the pillow mother, or mother wiped the sweat would be incredible magic power for the mother. Gone pain during childbirth, when the mother feel how sincere and her husband love to the mother.

Use Breathing Techniques True
During the birthing process takes as much energy. If the mother can not manage power during delivery, it will give birth so long and will certainly tortured mother. One technique that can be used to regulate the mother's energy is to regulate pernafasaan techniques during childbirth. Using proper breathing techniques, but can help regulate energy, also regulate the supply of oxygen, helps relaxation, and helps when pushing and pushing and positive response to contraction.

Center Point Attention
Bring something from your home that can be used as the focal point during the process of giving birth, such as family pictures or anything else that is fun. This can help mothers feel comfortable while menjalai childbirth. Mothers can also hear the music of peace that can reassure the mother. Setting a center point of attention can also be done with the mother imagine how cute baby will be born later.

Know The process of Labor and Childbirth Techniques True
By knowing the birth process that must be passed, the mother will be ready and well prepare to undergo the process of giving birth. Mothers who are ready psychologically very helpful and speed up the delivery process. A quick delivery process will certainly make childbirth as an experience that was not painful.

Tips on How to Choose Safe Cosmetics for Pregnant Women

Today so many options offered by cosmetics manufacturers to memperjaya effort choice beautify our skin.
Not a few who offer tantalizing promises of which offer instant white face in a matter of time weekly to the cosmetics that can make the face stay young.
In fact, if traced further, not a bit of cosmetic products on the market is not necessarily complete security assurance requirements for the health of your skin. To prevent unwanted things follow some of these tips:

To prevent unwanted things follow some of these tips:

Carefully before buying. Make sure your choice of cosmetic brand registered by the Government-Owned Health Organization.
Customize your cosmetic needs with your skin type. It is also important to adjust the brand products that suit your skin.
Again, carefully before buying. Analysis well all ingredients in cosmetic products are selected. Previous course with the help of medical analysis by medical experts to diagnose skin chemicals that become consumed hitch your skin if any.
Important to have a special for pregnant women. Because, a lot of medical disorder symptoms during pregnancy is important to note whether the interference great to fetus. As with the use of tool polishing lip cosmetics, essential for the observed whether contain dyes and preservatives are harmful to the fetus if ingested.

Ensure Safe Cosmetics Has Passed Test-Owned Health Organization.

Specifically on the type of cosmetic cream bleach, it is recommended to avoid brands that never mentioned in the list of dangerous cosmetics by Government-Owned Health Agency. Especially for the type of whitening creams that promise instant white aggressively in a relatively quick time. Generally they use substances mercury, no mercury, generally beige new bleach visible results after weeks of usage. Symptoms of skin affected by mercury substances including skin is sore when use of the product and after use, then the skin look black when the usage of the product stops even one day absent usage.

Other types of cosmetics that should be pregnant women, acne medication. Because when a mother undergo pregnancy will usually have oily skin that is potentially easy acne. It never hurts to consult with a gynecologist and medical experts you trust skin. Generally, pregnant women were asked to delay treatment until the age of containing up to four months, if imposed feared would interfere with early fetal growth. However, the most appropriate efforts to prevent acne is to keep the skin clean and taking proper nutritious diet.

Do not miss the kind of cosmetic hair dye. Lasting hair dye usually contain harmful substances, not only for the woman who is pregnant with a baby, but also women in general. Avoid appliances chemicals to your body.
Also, as technology advances, there are a few manufacturers that offer products that utilize ingredients from plants and fruits are safe. However, if there are doubts about the content of cosmetic agents to be used, do not hesitate to ask an expert cosmetic surgeon or related beforehand.

Some nutrients are required by Pregnancy

Pregnant women should be selective in choosing the food menu. This does not mean restricting food but the selection of food consumed by the mother must meet nutris understood enough. Nutritional intake will affect the optimal growth and development in the fetus. Thus choose the proper nutrition for pregnant women and also adjust to the needs of the age of your baby.

Suitable composition which consists of rice, side dishes, vegetables and fruit should be balanced so that the variation in vitamin and mineral content can optimize fetal growth. Therefore, to add pengetuan you know nutrition for pregnant women, we will notify nutrition information 10 pregnant women.

Below that is the 10 nutrition of pregnant women, including:

1. The content of B1
The content of thiamine present in meat, eggs, legumes or early kacang2 can provide benefits to optimize the work of the nervous system in women,

2. Vitamin A
Vitamin A and beta-carotene will help in the growth of bones and teeth. In addition, for those of you who want to know the ingredients that contain vitamin A are eggs, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin, eggs, chicken liver or potatoes.

3. Vitamin B6
The content of pyridoxine or B6 will help in the formation of red blood cells so as to reduce morning sickness and nausea in pregnant women. You can choose foods that contain vitamin B6 include eggs, chicken, fish, cabbage, carrots, bananas, broccoli or beans.

4. Folate
This is the very role of nutrition in pregnancy, although other nutrients play a role, but the role of folate that is preventing spinal defects in the fetus. Well, for you can prevent the consumption of strawberries, oranges, fruit bits, nuts and green vegetables.

5. Iron
Iron content can prevent premature birth and also can reduce the risk of anemia in pregnant women. Foods that contain iron include beef, oats or green vegetables.

6. Protein
Tiggi protein normally found in meat, eggs and fish are good for pregnant women consumed. Protein will help in optimizing the cell repair damaged body cells

7. Calcium
Calcium helps to bone health, dental health, or prevent clots in the mother understood. You can complete the calcium intake of sardines, green vegetables or milk.

8. Vitamin C
Vitamin C has the benefit to increase the immune system and can help in the absorption of iron. You can consume foods that contain vitamin C include peppers, potatoes, broccoli or strawberries.

9. Vitamin E
The content of vitamin E found in nuts, vegetable oils or spinach can assist in the formation of blood cells and muscle tissue.

10. Vitamin D
Vitamin D may help in the growth of bones and teeth memaksimalkann through phosphorus in it. You can consume vitamin D from milk contains an Untik good fish bones and teeth of the fetus.

Thus a healthy diet will make pregnant women healthy and ready to go through pregnancy and complete the necessary nutrients the fetus.

Have You Ever Had Ear Swelling When Pregnant

Pregnant women is prone to various health symptoms. But it could not be ascertained because each pregnant woman has a different complaint. Even in recent times hamilpun, a pregnant woman experiencing symptoms and complaints foam differs from prior-previous pregnancy.
So it is advised to be very careful in maintaining pregnancy. Complaints can not be avoided pregnant women early in pregnancy, ranging from toothache, cough, runny nose, back pain, and that lately I'm natural, ear pain felt once.

Is there a connection ear pain during pregnancy?

It could be the cause of ear swelling caused by:
1. Position the ear while sleeping .. So do not get out of the air intake is balanced.
2. Ear never take in water and can not be lost hum until a long time. It could be that the incoming water is not sterile because not long after that my ears so often itchy.
3. dirty ears

For pregnant women who experience the same thing ear cavity swelling during pregnancy can try some of these tips:

1. Inflammation of the ear cavity is usually treated with medication hatching. I usually wear Ottolin. Because being pregnant so wear prescription from a doctor, ear drops are safe for pregnant women is Sofradex.

2. It is the pain in the area around the ears. Can not be used even sleep the pain was so skewed. Smooth-massage massage the area around the ear with oil wasps to reduce pain. If you can use the powerful balm. And if you still have not lost a new pain taking pain-killers.

3. Take painkillers pain caused by swelling of the ear cavity. It turns out that in addition to the drug paracetamol for fever can also be a pain reliever. It seems like all brands of paracetamol safely consumed by pregnant women. In addition to paracetamol, mefenamic acid with brand Licostan of midwife had me drinking. Previous indications for back pain. Dosage for pregnant women is low, so only last about 5 hours.

4. It is not only painful irritation of the ear but also itching ..

5. Try to balance air circulation ear. Do not let the long ears covered by earphones or headsets or for side sleeping. Arrange side sleeping as much as possible when the air still can enter either the left or right ear.

6. Avoid the consumption of foods that can aggravate swelling, such as fish, eggs and chicken.

If the above tips have been tried, but within 3 days still pain consult a doctor. Hopefully useful and thank you if anyone want to add.

Signs of Pregnancy Baby Men Or Women

We show some signs when the pregnant mother baby boy or baby girl, actually many ways to identify the signs of gender unborn child.

Below are some of the most popular beliefs that we have collected from around the world. Remember, there is a 50 percent chance it is correct!

Heart rate
Baby boy - less than 140 beats per minute
Baby girl - faster than 140 beats per minute

belly shape
Baby boy - Overloaded forward and look 'sharp', the stomach is 'low'
Baby girl - stomach looks more 'rounded', 'higher'

Baby boy - very cheerful when pregnant.
Baby girl - not beamed (supposedly baby girl's mother has taken a series)

Baby boy - did not experience morning sickness in pertamakehamilan trimester.
Baby girls - suffer from morning sickness during 12 weeks pertamakehamilan.

Baby boys - larger right
Baby girl - left greater

Baby boys - salty cravings protein foods such as cheese and meat
Baby girl - crave sweet things like juices, fruits and sweets.

body temperature
Baby boy - Site your feet become cold faster than before you were pregnant.
Baby girl - body warmer temperatures

wedding ring
Baby boy - When you tie your wedding ring on a thread and hung above your belly ring was whirling.
Baby girl - When you tie your wedding ring on a thread and hung on your stomach, the ring moves to the right and to the left.

skin texture
Baby boy - Skin becomes dry
Baby girl - Skin becomes softer

Baby boy - become more dense and shiny during pregnancy
Baby girl - becomes thinner and dry.

sleeping position
Baby boy -more often facing north, to the left
Baby girl - more often Kiev to the south, to the right

Other signs
Baby boy - the first word of your last child is "baba" or "dada".
Baby girl - The first word of the earlier your child is "mama"

For those who are pregnant, have to sign as indicated above. Every pregnant signs of pregnancy sons or daughters are different.

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