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Liver Pain because Mostly Eating & Drinking Beer

You're frustrated broken heart? Or just pingin tasting a little alcohol at the end of your busy day? We suggest you stay away from beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages. Or for those who escape the stress to the activities of eating, you should avoid nevertheless. Because one-one you have even more heartache.

Do not false arrests, Heart Hospital really can happen in people addicted to alcohol. Heartache here is liver disorders such as fatty liver (fatty liver).
Fat in small amounts in the liver (liver) is normal. However, if the amount of fat take 5% - 10% by weight of your liver, then most likely you have a condition called Fatty Liver. Where fatty liver can be caused by alcohol or for the majority of cases, non-alcoholic. Over time, the disease can lead to some serious conditions until death.

Fatty Liver Disease when viewed from the cause can be divided into two, namely:

Alcoholic Liver Disease / Heart disease due to alcohol (ALD)
Over 15 million people in the United States consume alcohol excessively and as much as 90% -100% ALD disease arises. Fatty liber can appear after consuming alcohol in moderate or severe. This disorder can occur only with the consumption of alcohol in the amount of weight in a short time (acute alcoholic liver disease). Genetic also instrumental in the development of this disease. Some other conditions also affect this disease is hepatitis C, high iron intake, obesity and diet.

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)
NAFLD is a disease that is often arise especially in America. This situation is similar to alcohol-induced liver disease, but people who suffer from this disease do not consume alcohol or consume alcohol only in small amounts. The liver may be enlarged, and the time seiringnya liver tissue can be replaced by connective tissue, called cirrhosis. In this disease if left untreated can develop into cancer and cause of death. The cause of this disease remains unclear, but it is closely associated with overweight and obesity.

In those circumstances it is also common to find high cholesterol or triglycerides as well as the state of diabetes or pre-diabetes. There are several factors that can increase the risk of diseases such as some types of drugs, viral hepatitis, autoimmune liver disease, drastic weight loss and malnutrition.

Symptoms that often arises is:

Often weak-weak
Decrease in appetite or weight
weak stamina
difficult concentration
Pain in the right upper abdomen or the middle of the abdomen
enlargement of the liver
Abnormalities in the skin of black discoloration of the skin, especially on the neck or underarm areas. If this condition persists symptoms can appear in the form of the body becomes yellow, bleeding inside, and liver failure.

How to handle?
Regular checks are carried out blood tests to check liver enzymes, ultrasound or biopsy of liver cells. There is no specific treatment for the disease in. Treatment is usually tailored to the cause, as if caused by alcohol, then stop the consumption of alcohol is the most appropriate treatment. When caused by excess weight then the best way is to lose weight. Try to consume foods with proper nutrition and increase physical activity.

The solution?
Restricting calories (avoid high-calorie foods)
Another important thing is to limit foods that are easily digested carbohydrate content, such as:
Non-wheat bread
Added sugar found in beverage cans.
Avoid drugs that aggravate liver disease.
Several studies were to investigate the effects of antioxidants or diabetes medications such as vitamin E, selenium, and metformin for this disease.
And last importantly, stop the consumption of alcohol.




Vietnam , Philippines , Malaysia , Singapore and the East Asian countries or around Southeast Asia are areas that the highest incidence of liver cancer , liver cancer patient is in middle age and older , between the ages of 50-60 are infected with liver cancer susceptible age . In general , male liver cancer patients is 7-10 times higher than female liver cancer patients . Its worth thankful is in line with the development of medical technology , now has available a variety of useful methods of treatment , thereby giving liver cancer patients get new hope .

Factors that cause liver cancer ?
Until now , the immediate cause of liver cancer is still unclear , but it must relate to a variety of factors:
1 . Chronic Hepatitis : Hepatitis associated with the pathogenesis of liver cancer , the data show that more than 30 % of liver cancer patients had a history of chronic hepatitis , hepatitis B is the most common .
2 . Cirrhosis of the liver : Medical Observations indicate that approximately 50 % - 90 % of cancer patients undergo liver cirrhosis of different processes , therefore cirrhotic patients should seek treatment immediately and conduct periodic inspections , in order to anticipate the occurrence of liver cancer .
3 . Consuming contaminated water in the long term .
4 . Eating moldy food in the long run .
5 . Consuming foods marinated , fried , smoked in the long run .
Other than that , a parasitic disease ( especially those intended is parasitic liver disease ) , many long -term alcohol consumption , environmental pollution and so is also the factor that causes liver cancer .

Symptoms of liver cancer
Symptoms of liver cancer that is often encountered is :
1 . Significantly decreased appetite , abdominal bloating , bad digestion , sometimes nausea , vomiting .
2 . Belly upper right side pain , pain appears continuous or intermittent in the area of ​​the liver , sometimes changing the position of the body then the pain increased ;
3 . Agency weak , thin , otherwise unexplained fever and edema ;
4 . Appears jaundice , ascites , skin itching and other symptoms ;
5 . Frequent nosebleeds , bleeding of the subcutaneous .
The appearance of liver cancer are likely hidden , at an early stage are generally not encountered any symptoms , but when certain symptoms , liver cancer has entered the medium and advanced stage , when it is usually the patient has lost the opportunity to have the surgery , therefore a general medical check - up very important to do .

Methods of diagnosis of liver cancer
1 . Diagnosis Ultrasound : The use of type B ultrasound can track the size , shape of the tumor , may find a tumor the size of 2cm or smaller lesions , is one of the most frequently used and effective for diagnosing liver cancer .
2 . Radionuclide liver scans : Can display size of liver tumors , abnormal shape , but for tumors smaller than 3 cm in diameter are not easily imaged .
3 . Inspection CT : a high level of resolution , can detect early-stage liver cancer with less than 1 cm in size , effectively detecting early-stage liver cancer .
4 . MRI : detection sensitivity is very high , can identify benign liver tumors and ferociously .
5 . Celiac artery angiography artery or liver : Being able to image the tumor with the size of 0.5 - 1mm , can determine the change of the disease , size , moreover, is very effective against liver cancer diagnosis of small placements .

Examination of blood specimens
If the patient wants to ensure the presence or absence of liver cancer , the patient must be fasting before a blood check , the following are the checks that must be done :
( 1 ) Examination of liver function : Dysfunction of liver cancer are found only in patients with advanced stage .
( 2 ) Examination of alpha - fetoprotein : Specificity of tumor markers in the diagnosis of primary liver cancer , one of the best methods for the diagnosis of liver cancer cell -specific .
( 3 ) Serum ferritin : Serologic markers of primary liver cancer is the second .

Division stage liver cancer
So far the international level are still not standardized liver stadiumkanker division , apply division USA TNM stage , T denotes the size of the tumor , N indicates lymph node metastases , M indicates the presence or absence of metastases in other organs , the next will be described in more detail about these 3 markers .

Indicates a T1 tumor size smaller than 2 cm , still have not found metastases to the lymph nodes and blood .
T2 Indicates that although the size of the tumor does not reach 2cm , but the tumor has invaded nearby blood vessels there are two lumps or tumors smaller than 2cm bersarnya , but not the invasion of blood vessels ; with tumor size greater than 2 cm , but not the invasion of blood vessels are also included in kategoriini .
Indicates T3 tumor size more than 2 cm , was the invasion of blood vessels or at the moment there are a few small lumps tumors no more than 2cm in diameter , but has invaded blood vessels or there is a lump or tumor measuring more than 2cm .
T4 Indicates that there is a tumor in the liver into two lobes or tumor invasion into the portal vein has .
N0 Indicates that there is no lymph node metastases , indicating the presence of metastases N1 .
M0 Indicates that there is no remote metastases , M1 indicates the distance metastases .
Stage I : T1N0M0 patients included in satidum I, the initial stage .
Stage II : T2N0M0 patients included in stage II .
Stage III : Patients T1N1M0 , T2N1M0 , T3N1M0 included in stage III .
Stage IVa : Patient T4M0 , no remote metastases .
Stage IVb : Patients T4M1 , remote metastases have occurred .

Liver cancer treatment method
1 . Operation : normal liver function and volume removal of no more than 70 % ; Cirrhosis of the medium is not more than 50 % or who can only do left hepatectomy : cirrhotic patients with severe conditions can not perform surgical removal . If the appointment is replaced with the appointment of local regularity then the result will be better .
2 . Chemotherapy intervention : Through a catheter , drugs and anti-cancer drug embolism inserted into the tumor so that the tumor does not get nutrition from blood vessels , high concentrations of anti-cancer drugs in the area of ​​embolization causing tumors to shrink or disappear .
3 . Radiation therapy : The treatment of radiation ( also called radiotherapy ) is the use of high-energy radiation to kill cancer cells . Planting particles only affects the radio cell cancer lesions .
4 . Traditional Medicine : Traditional Medicine as a whole serves to balance , strengthen anti- cancer function , the method of consumption ( oral ) , continuous arterial perfusion of herbal medicine and Chinese herbal medicine atomization absorption , not only can improve the symptoms that arise , such as pain in the liver , inflammation , abdominal distension , ascites , and others , but also serves to control the growth of cancer , does not cause toxic side effects .

Treatment of liver cancer characteristics
Transplantsi stem cell therapy . Bone marrow taken from the patient's body , through the separation of stem cells outside the body , purified , developed , managed a new cell culturing , normal , younger , with mereinfusion suspension stem cells into diseased liver , liver stem cells live in , differentiate into liver cells , replacing the normal or abnormal cells that have died , made ​​a return to normal liver function . Liver cancer patients who are not suitable for surgery , chemotherapy and radiotherapy can apply trasplantasi stem cell therapy .

Care measures that should be considered in daily life
1 . Keeping the spirit alive , to build the confidence to fight the disease , maintaining physical and spiritual happiness , calmly taking care of themselves .
2 . Must have the support of family , irritable liver cancer patients , family parties should understand and be able to budge .
3 . Eating bland foods , reduced consumption of high fat foods , avoid rough fibrous foods .
4 . Avoid a heavy emphasis on the liver , in order to avoid liver rupture that caused severe bleeding .     


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