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Best Camera Phone 2017 benchmark scores

Smartphone cameras have changed the world of photography. Almost everyone has a camera (a smartphone) and bring it all the time. This shows that there is little need to buy a separate digital camera. Indirectly, effectively kill the smartphone market digital cameras, especially for low-end.

Camera Phone Benchmark

But if the smartphone's camera really reliable? While the seiringnya time, resolution and camera performance smartphones continue to increase, but the specifications indicate that the smartphone is still inferior to a dedicated device such as a digital camera picture taker.

Smartphones offer smaller sensors (in terms of resolution) and has a smaller lens. If you share pictures electronically these differences may be negligible, but problems arise when we preserve the precious moments we have in the physical form of photos, this could be a different matter.

DxOMark benchmark

Product name                                 value DxOMark             Information                                               
Google Pixel                                              89                         Best In Overall
iPhone 7 Plus                                           N / A                      Best Optical Zoom
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge               88                         Best Low Light
HTC 10                                                      88                            Alternative    
Asus Zenfone 3 (ZE552KL)                       N / A                       Middle class      
Huawei P9 Lite                                        N / A                       Prices More Affordable
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To get listed in the phone with the best camera, the phone must have:
- Rating Average with the highest ratings
- Average camera specifications: high-megapixel camera, a special imaging features, etc.

This approach produces mobile phones with best quality cameras, according to some opinions, not just one. Here's a summary of the best camera for your smartphone.

Pixel is the latest smartphone from Google was crowned as the best camera smartphone today after receiving the highest overall score of DxOMark, namely 89. While in position 2 there are 3 android smartphone with the best camera equally get 88 of DxOMark benchmark scores, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, HTC and Sony Xperia X 10 Performance. It is unfortunate, the latest smartphone from Apple that the iPhone 7 just got a score of 86 from DxOMark camera. This score is not even better than Z Force Moto Droid, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and Sony Xperia Z5.

List Best Camera Phones
More specifically, following a complete list of smartphone / mobile with the best and latest camera this time.

1. Google Pixel
Ranked first, we chose Google Pixel become the best smartphone camera at this time. Smartphone Google Pixel has an impressive photo quality overall, relatively low noise for any lighting conditions, as well as providing accurate exposure with contrast and white balance are very good, and fast autofocus.

2. iPhone 7 Plus
Salanjutnya we prefer the iPhone 7 Plus to rank second as the best camera smartphone. Although the benchmark results 7 disappointing iPhone camera, iPhone 7 Plus remains the best photography smartphone with dual rear camera which can provide a 2x optical zoom. In fact, this smartphone can be fairly competitive with a DSLR camera. For serious photographers, Apple also provides greater storage of up to 256GB.

3. Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge
Thanks to the dual-pixel sensor, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge became the fastest smartphone cameras dengna. This technology allows the S7 Edge to shoot two to three times faster than the iPhone 6s Plus, including a focus fast. With a 1.4-micron pixels larger and wider aperture f / 1.7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge also better than the previous generation. That means the camera clearer, brighter, especially in low light.

4. HTC 10
With a 12-inch sensor 1 / 2.3 inch, HTC 10 highly qualified in terms of autofocus and capture the texture, making it a good choice for recording moving images or landscape and architectural detail. Sensors on the HTC 10 also carries technology "UltraPixel 2", in which each pixel size of 1.55 micron achieve f / 1.8. In testing DXO Mark, this smartphone is able to compensate for the score of the Samsung Galaxy S7 which previously had occupied the title of World's best camera smartphones.

5. Sony Xperia XZ
Xperia XZ is the latest Xperia the best camera from Sony. Smartphones that really looks cool and has a variety of HP's most advanced camera sensor. Sony's latest flagship smartphone is claimed to be "pro camera". And thanks to sensors RGBC-IR, Xperia XZ is able to produce images with impressive color. Unfortunately, the performance of the software is less than the maximum of this advanced camera technology make less than optimal (such as Auto HDR does not have as sophisticated as the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel) and the lack of good performance in low-light camera. In addition, the manual mode is also disappointing.

6. LG V20
If you are looking for the best HP for high quality video recording, the LG V20 could be the best option. The sophisticated camera of 16 MP of the LG V20 has an optical image stabilization is very good and capable of being able menghaliskan recording is smooth and free from shocks. Plus the quality of the speakers is less sophisticated, of course, can produce the best video content from the smartphone.

7. Huawei P9
Huawei P9 memiliki sederet fitur kamera smartphone yang canggih, tidak mengherankan jika smartphone ini bisa menjadi salah satu yang terbaik. Hal ini berkat bermitra dengan Leica, pembuat kamera asal Jerman untuk membawa pengalaman kamera yang solid. Memiliki lensa kamera ganda 12MP pada bagian belakang, lengkap dengan f / 2.2 aperture dan menggunakan 1,25-mikron sensor Sony IMX286, serius Anda tidak akan kecewa dengan pengalaman kamera Huawei P9 ini.

8. Asus ZenFone 3 (ZE552KL)
ZenFone 3 merupakan HP Asus terbaru dengan kamera terbaik yang datang dengan harga murah (lebih terjangkau dari kompetitor). Kualitas foto yang dihasilkan smartphone ini cukup baik, bahkan dalam cahaya rendah, serta memiliki software kamera yang canggih dan baik. Kameranya mungkin tidak sebagus Galaxy S7, tetapi Anda harus ingat Galaxy S7 tidak bisa semurah ini.

9. Huawei P9 lite
Pilihan lainnya, jika budget Anda terbatas. Huawei P9 lite merupakan smartphone android yang dirancang dengan sangat baik. Menawarkan layar Full HD yang jernih, serta fitur kamera canggih yang mengesankan. Selain itu, P9 Lite juga menawarkan daya tahan baterai yang baik. Hal ini berkat hardware yang dirancang secara efisien. Secara keseluruhan, Huawei P9 lite adalah smartphone kelas menengah yang benar-benar solid dan terbaik dikelasnya.



Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera

Xiaomi seems to not want to be known as the only smartphone maker. Chinese smartphone manufacturer was recently released Yi Action Camera is priced at a low price.

According to the website TechSpot reported on Thursday (05/03/2015), this camera will be a GoPro Hero camera weighs competitors. In comparison, Yi Action Camera GoPro is superior to both the ability and also the price.

Yi marketed at a price of US $ 64 You might think, "price that much, just where the former camera can?".

In fact, Yi Action Camera is equipped with an image processor coupled Ambarella A7LS Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor BSI-resolution 16 megapixel (MP), which is able to record Full-HD (1080p) with a frame rate of 60fps (frames per second). While GoPro Hero 13 MP resolution can only shooting 5 MP and 1080p video with a frame rate of 30fps.

Action This tiny camera weighs 72 grams and is lighter than the GoPro Hero (111 grams). His ability, claimed doubled beyond the nearest competitor. GoPro Hero camera itself is marketed at a price of US $ 130.

Yi Action Camera also features a built-in storage of 64GB, and is used under water resistant up to a depth of 40 meters.

Unfortunately, the camera Yi not packaged with other equipment such as storage boxes. You are interested in the camera Xiaomi Yi is also likely to have to be patient, because these new cameras released in China and there is no news to be released in other countries in the near future.


This is 2 DSLR Camera Largest Resolution of the World's by Canon

Canon Camera EOS 5Ds R and EOS 5Ds photo

After the long-awaited end DSLR camera with a resolution sensors in the world, Canon EOS and EOS 5Ds R 5Ds officially launched at a grand photographic exhibition CP + Exhibition at Pacifico Yokohama, Japan, on Thursday (02/12/2015).

Both are included in the family megapixel EOS 5D with an impressive leap. The previous model, the EOS 5D Mark III is equipped with a 22.3 megapixel sensor (MP), and in this latest model resolution is increased more than doubled to 50.6 MP.

Physically, both look identical, where the LCD screen embedded in the back of both measuring 3.2 inches with 1.04 million dots.

In terms of specifications and design, in general no different. The difference is the EOS 5Ds R has been equipped with dual low-pass filter system (LPF) to produce sharper images and details for taking landscape photos.

Outside of that, they both supported the dual DIGIC 6, RGB metering sensor + IR 150K pixels with 252 area, two SD card slots / CF, intervalometer, bulb timer and time-lapse movie creation.

Plus a range of ISO 100 to 6400, a burst rate of up to 5 frames per second (FPS), 61-point autofocus, shutter rated to 150,000 times, and a magnesium alloy body that is claimed to be resistant to extreme weather.

List of Some smartphone that has a class SLR Cameras

smartphone with profesional Camera photo

2015 was a turning point in the development of smartphone technology. Evidenced by the proliferation of various models of existing smartphone makes various mobile companies are racing to provide their best products. Apart from the specifications, of the price that the market will certainly be a major problem, Because of the IT world inevitably create a competitor to immediately fix all of their products with the latest technology. It is not possible prices on the latest mobile phones in 2015 will be more affordable yet sophisticated.

One form of the present is happening in the world of mobile phones is increasingly full camera features present in the phone. Some well-known brand made phone even a touch of technology that is only found in the Digital Single Lens Reflect camera (DSLR) camera, the Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS).

Intrigued by the features contained in it and what are the types of mobile phones that have this technology? Therefore continue to refer to 15 mobile tech SLR camera follows.

1. Sony Xperia Z3
It is no wonder again if this one spawn brand products that have photographic skills above average. This is thanks to the use of sensor Exmor RS in it that mempu powerful photographic snapshots. With a resolution of 20.7 MP, then this phone is actually dedicated to the photography enthusiast.

2. iPhone 6 Plus
Apple's phone also has a camera technology that can not be underestimated. Sensors in it can process images with a camera shots very well. With a resolution of 8 MP, This phone is enough to capture your precious moments.

3. LG G3
LG's flagship phone has a camera resolution of up to 13 MP. So do not be surprised if the resulting image quality is excellent. Coupled with dual LED flash and autofocus features, will make fans feel very disadvantaged photography has this phone.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note
OIS which features in this phone works very well. Combined with hingg 16 MP resolution camera, then the shots you will become a masterpiece in itself. HDR feature will also add to the impression that you take this picture comes from professional DSLR cameras.

5. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
This time Samsung really dedicate this phone for photography purposes. Just imagine this camera is able to perform up to 10 times optical zooming. Plus xenon flash and a resolution of 20.7 MP, it is worth if we call it a pocket camera Android OS.

smartphone camera pro photo

6. Motorola Nexus 6
In collaboration with Google for the Nexus project, then this Motorola mobile phone gives a pretty good camera features. With a resolution of up to 13 MP, and completeness of professional features such as HDR photography, Panorama, and many more will make this phone attractive for the event to take pictures.

7. Nokia Lumia 930
Nokia's PureView technology is known quite reliable. Coupled with up to 20 MP resolution and LED flash, the phone is already qualified as a standard mobile phone professional photography.

8. Nokia Lumia 1520
Line up the Lumia has a variety of photographic features are quite interesting. One of them is this phone. equipped with 20 MP resolution, then this phone is able to provide the best image for your precious moments.

9. Nokia Lumia 1020
In this series of Nokia provide a new standard of mobile photography. Using special sensors, this phone can catch up to a resolution of 41 MP image. Combined with a Carl Zeiss lens, then this phone PureView technology will provide the best shots.

10. Nokia Lumia 830
This mid-end Nokia series gives strength to 10 MP camera. Plus LED flash, then this phone can give a pretty good picture.

11. Blackberry Passport
OIS feature is also embedded in this office phone. with a resolution of up to 13 MP and dual LED flash, then this phone deserves two thumbs up as well.

12. ZTE Nubia X6
Resolution of 13 MP camera with this phone. coupled with OIS and Aperture f.2.0 features, then this phone can present a very attractive picture.

13. ZTE Nubia Z7
The camera sensor is one thing that is needed to produce a good-looking images. IMX214 sensor and a resolution of up to 13 MP camera, then this phone can easily produce stunning images.

14. Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro
Powered 16 MP, OIS feature on phones made by Lenovo is also able to provide the excellent photography to capture your happy moments.

15. Vivo Xshot
Manufacturers new smartphone named Vivo is also participating in this list. 13 MP resolution, OIS feature, HDR, and LED flash also immersed neatly into this phone. this will make you explore more by using this camera.

Of the many phones on top, proving that the current camera technology is progressing very remarkable. With an attractive price comparison, these phones are very feasible for us select and disposal.

Several test Smartphone Cameras

Several test Smartphone Cameras photo

Many flagship smartphone born during 2014.
In addition to offering high specification, the flagship smartphone also has a top-class camera that can rival the quality of digital compact cameras.

Until the end of 2014, we concluded that there are three smartphones that come with the best camera in its class. They are Sony Xperia Z3, Apple iPhone 6, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. To get the winner of the three, we also perform comparative tests using the Sony Xperia Z3 camera Compact, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Striking differences Resolution
iPhone 6 Plus is an advanced smartphone, and everyone already knows. However, many do not think that Apple's new hero only has 8 MP camera alone. In fact, opponents such as the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 each has a resolution of 20.7 MP and 16 MP.

From the striking difference in the resolution, it could be concluded that the actual resolution is not the only things that determine the quality of a smartphone camera. Technology and the features of each of the smartphone's camera also has a very important role in determining the quality of the photograph.

Rich Features vs. Ease of Use
Third smartphone Our test has pretty much difference features. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has much more than the iPhone camera settings 6 Plus. Shooting with the iPhone 6 Plus does not require a lot of settings. You only need to select the camera mode, then shoot and snap the desired object.

Z3 Compact Camera Xperia and Galaxy Note 4 offers more features than the iPhone 6 Plus.

In Xperia Z3 Compact and Galaxy Note 4, you will find many settings before shooting. You can set and choose the mode of the camera, white balance, color effects, ISO value, up to the value of the exposure. Therefore, on paper you should be able to more easily create a unique and interesting photos using both cameras.

Testing the camera that we did the first time photographing outdoors. Shooting is done with the conditions and the same time, also uses the same camera modes, namely Auto. Quite difficult to compare the quality of third camera smartphone champion this photo because it completely able to show their best qualities.

From the photo below, the camera looks Galaxy Note 4 are able to deliver sharp images and colors match the original. While the iPhone camera 6 Plus is in second place, is able to produce a sharper picture than the Xperia Z3 Compact.

Indoor + Macro
Photographing in the room more easily done using the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4 because both feature OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) which is able to produce bright images even if the light is less. As for shooting objects at close range (less than 10 cm) is more easily done using the Galaxy Note 4 and Xperia Z3 Compact. While the iPhone camera 6 Plus has more focal distance away so you can not take pictures from a distance too close.

Night Mode
Again, the camera's Galaxy Note 4 sharpest able to show results when shooting at night. Compared to the iPhone camera 6 Plus and Xperia Z3 Compact, the camera Galaxy Note 4 absorbs light enough so that the difference in the color of light in the middle area of the left and right side is clearly visible.

object Color
The third camera smartphones we tested were able to show the same color as good. But in the photo below, the iPhone 6 Plus produces a more natural color and similar to the original. The camera Galaxy Note 4 also looks good, just a little lighter so the color becomes pale carpet. While the Xperia camera Z3 Compact and light color absorbs too much compared to the two other smartphones.

Sometimes, photographed with bokeh effects (blur in the area around the object) can produce images that look very attractive. This can be done easily using a smartphone that has a camera with aperture (opening) is low. In the case of photographing bokeh, our third try this smartphone is an expert. You can get the optimal bokeh easily.

No doubt, both the Galaxy Note 4, the Xperia Z3 (Compact), or iPhone 6 (Plus) has a best-in-class camera smartphone to date. If not properly addressed, all three have the same quality even though the resolution of each camera is much different.

iPhone 6 Plus offers a ready-made camera where you do not need much configuration to take pictures, while the Galaxy Note 4 and Xperia Z3 Compact offers features and complete picture modes that can produce better image quality than using Auto mode. If allowed to sort, we will put the Galaxy Note 4 in the top position, followed by the iPhone 6 Plus and Xperia Z3 Compact.

Tips to Know and How to Take Care Smartphone Batteries

various Smartphone Batteries photo

This is one of the important components that serve as a source of power your smartphone ... Batteries

Smartphone was a miracle, and can be considered as a small computer that can do many things. But all is not useful if it your smartphone battery runs out. Moreover, today's smartphone battery is no longer removable plug. So how to take good care?

Here are tips and tricks to take care of your smartphone battery in the right way.

• Li-Ion (Li-Ion) and Li-Polymer (Li-Po)
• Should the battery is used up?
• Tips on caring for your smartphone battery

Some of you may have heard the term is related to the above battery mobile phone, smartphone or laptop. Actually, both of these things do not have much effect if you only smartphone users, because both types of batteries is derived from the same type, namely the Lithium-ion battery.

So what's the difference?
The difference is li-polymer battery (Li-Po) is a further form of li-ion (Li-Ion) where the electrolyte (solution in the battery as electrical conductors) are stronger and more like a gel. Therefore, the Li-polymer battery can be made thinner than the Li-ion battery and now this fame continues to grow as batteries smartphones and tablets.

Have you see the battery on the latest laptops or the latest smartphone that they can not be revoked post? That li-polymer battery (Li-Po). Most Li-Polymer battery planted directly into the technology, unlike the Li-Ion battery that can still be revoked pairs.

You buy a new smartphone, try it out and the next thing you think you have to do is adjust the battery. How do you do it? Most of you think the best way is to charge your battery until it is completely full, then use it until it is completely discharged, and then charge the battery again to the brim. You might think this is the right way, but it is not really as good as you think.

Do you know where this idea came from?
This thought comes from a battery of nickel-based antiquity. At the time of this battery, there is a term called 'memory effect'. 'Memory Effect' is an event where you spend the battery to about 25 percent and then charge the battery to 100 percent again, eventually the battery will forget he has the remaining 25 per cent and only use 75 percent of its original capacity if it is carried out continuously.

But as has been said before, smartphones and laptops today based Li-Ion and Li-Polymer. This type of battery is not experiencing the above, therefore you do not need to use them until they run and charge the battery fully. In fact, this kind of battery last longer if used in your heart's content (used not to run out and charge the battery as you wish).

Smartphone Batteries Adjustment photo

So is it just a myth battery adjustment?
Before we discuss it, we need to know in advance that in fact, all the battery will gradually lose its best capacity, depending on the age, usage and environment. Manufacturers measure the lifespan these batteries with cycles, where one cycle is use to run out and charge the battery fully. Li-polymer battery itself can survive 300-500 cycles, so if you only use 50% and then charge the battery fully, you only use half cycle. Therefore, it takes a long time to reduce the quality of the battery.

However, there are times when you need adjustments Li-polymer batteries and Li-ion. After several cycles, the actual battery and digital battery on your smartphone will not fit. For example, you may have a full battery but digital battery in your smartphone screen shows only 85 percent. This can happen because you are using a battery of your heart's content (but is it the best way).

How to adjust your battery is using your battery to run out, and then charge the battery back up to 100%. But this only needs to be about 3 months or even longer. Because doing it too often it will worsen the quality of your battery. But you do not need to fear, because the adjustment or calibration is simply to adjust the digital battery on the screen of your smartphone, and your battery is still working fine.

Here are some tips and tricks to take care of your smartphone battery li-polymer based atai li-ion. photo

Charger that came with your smartphone when you buy, not only serves to charge your battery only. It is also useful auntuk prevent your battery charge the battery exceeds the capacity, this is yag prevent your battery from exploding even if you leave it full battery charge continues (it a bad idea).

By the time you begin to touch the battery to 80%, this will start your charger to charge your battery slowly than before. So use the right charger, original charger should default your smartphone.
Avoid also charge the battery by using a wireless (wireless charging). In addition to the time it takes much longer, only 80% of battery capacity you get. The remaining 20% will be hot, and your battery will be very hot (if it happens, turn off and chill your battery).

As previously discussed above battery calibration or adjustment of the battery that says that the battery should be used up and charge the battery fully. For more details can be found at the top.

Smartphone Batteries photo

In fact, the best way of keeping the lithium-ion or lithium-polymer you, is keeping around 50% and charge the battery back. But you also do not want you always charge the battery, because the battery li-ion and Li-polymer can be overheated. Fortunately, your charger also has a sophisticated and will not charge the battery again if it is full, but another way of keeping your battery again is not to make it charge the battery fully 100%. Disconnect the battery charger before you actually full. Yes, the point guard around 40-80% of your battery.

Smartphone Batteries photo

While charging, the best way to keep your battery is to turn it off, so the charger you know the right time to actually cut off the electricity. It also will make your smartphone can charge the battery more quickly.

One of the main enemies of li-ion battery and li-polymer which is used in smartphones today's smartphones are hot. If your smartphone battery is too hot, then the possibility of decreasing the quality or capacity will be higher.
It said at a regular temperature, each year lithium-ion batteries will lose approximately 6% of its maximum capacity. But if the heat is in sektitar 77oF or 25oC then the figure would be 20% upward, and if 104oF or 40oC then it will rise again to 35%. Therefore avoid the heat of the state of your battery.

Smartphone Batteries photo

As has been discussed many times over, never let your battery is fully discharged. It will worsen the quality of the battery, for details can be read at the top.
If you want to leave a smartphone, tablet or laptop in a long period of time, the battery in this technology will continue to diminish over time even if not used. Therefore, it should, leaving about 40% if you really want to leave. It is said that every month when not in use and are turned off, the battery will lose 5-10% capacity while not in use. photo

Think of ways to take care of your battery is good, but to do it is sometimes very lazy. Therefore, unless you really intend ruin your battery, your battery will not deteriorate as easy as that. Generally, your battery will last about 3-5 years. So do not be too confused, and when it was time the battery is replaced, replace the battery alone. The thing to remember is just the battery to avoid touching zero, it is the worst way to degrade the quality of the battery.

(various sources)
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List of Some Smartphone with Great Camera Sensor

sensor camera
Nokia Lumia 1020 sensor camera - photo

The sensor is one of the important parts in the camera, one of the smartphone. This sensor is useful to capture the light entering through the lens.

Therefore, the sensor becomes decisive to get the best picture quality. Here's a smartphone that has a large camera sensor that reported by PhoneArena, Tuesday (13/01/2015).

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
The handset is capable of 10x optical zoom is complemented by optical stabilization, has a camera sensor 1 / 2.3 "with a 16MP pixels. Moreover, this handset using F3.1 lens and Xenon flash-F17.8.

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
Galaxy K Zoom has the same sensor size with S4 Zoom, namely 1/2 .3 "but with a different number of pixels, 20.7MP F3.1-F6.3 lenses and Xenon Flash.

Blu Life Pure XL
Pure XL has a sensor of 1 / 2.3 "with the number of pixels 16MP and flash support.

Sony Xperia Z1 and successor
Sony uses the same sensor size on the device, which is 1 / 2.3 "with the number of pixels 20.7MP with F2.0 lens and LED flash support.

Meizu MX4 / MX4 Pro
As with Sony, Meizu also uses Exmor RS sensor 1 / 2.3 "with the number of pixels 20.7MP, but the difference with Sony only lies in the F2.2 lens and dual LED flash.

Nokia Lumia 1020
Lumia 1020 wrapped with a camera sensor 1 / 1.5 "and the number of pixels, 5MP camera by default. This handset uses F2.2 lens and Xenon flash LED combo.

Nokia PureView 808
Camera with a large sensor camera next step was PureView 808 has a sensor of 1 / 1.2 "with 41MP and F2.4 lens and LED + Xenon flash support.

Panasonic Lumix CM1
Phones that have the greatest sensor is Lumix CM1 which has a sensor 1 "by the number of pixels with support 20MP F2.8 lens-F11.0 and LED flash support


List of Canon Camera Battery Trouble in

Canon Camera Battery Trouble in photo

Canon USA products company reported that the most likely problems are often encountered users in the PowerShot series is about the battery and terminals. This problem allows the camera's power consumption is reduced.

Quoted from DPReview, Monday (01/19/2015), Canon USA informed that there are some obstacles encountered them in the family of products PowerShot series. The problem such as reduced electrical power supply which is likely to come from the battery and terminals. Some of these series are ELPH 135 ELPH 150 IS, ELPH 340 HS, SX280 HS, S120, and ELPH 140 IS.

However, it does not mean that all the series are also experiencing a lot of the same problems. This problem was also informed in the site revealed that the problems faced by relying on the camera serial number.

That is, the numbers after the first six digits of the alphabet that most left on the camera is as identification that the series has a different constraints. As with the number '0' in all probability, the camera does have the same problem regarding the battery.

In addition to the information series, Canon also put a mark on a series of products that have this problem. As well as the 'bolt' different is placed on the hinge cover or camera angle is claimed is a product that has been handled and did not experience the same problem.

Some way for Beginners Look for Choosing a DSLR Camera

Perhaps the sentence is often the most frequent questions in the search on the search engines. Photography has always been one of the most enjoyable activities. In addition to the hobby, the art of photography is now also has become one of the professions that could be high enough income.

Before becoming a professional photographer, of course, there is a series of processes to go through. Start of determining a good object, learn to take pictures with the angle (angle) is appropriate, prepare a spare time to hunt for objects in a variety of places to spend extra budget to buy a DSLR camera.

As an extension of DSLR stands for Digital Single-Lens Reflex cameras of this type which uses a single lens refreksi. For a beginner, determine DSLR camera is a very important factor in the field of photography. As we know that the price of a standard DSLR cameras are generally quite expensive so you have to be smart in choosing DSLR cameras with reference to the types and specifications as to what the most appropriate and suitable for you as well as the skill level you have.

Do not you buy a DSLR camera with a high price but its use was not optimal due to various factors, for example, was not optimal due to the lack of knowledge you about the features found on the camera or how to operate it properly. Therefore, it would be nice if you also customize it with some of the things that have been mentioned previously.

Ok, so this article will give you some tips in choosing a DSLR camera for beginners in order to produce images / photography nice. Here's his review.

Tips on choosing a DSLR camera for beginners

The first step:
Know in advance the characteristics you in the art of photography with some questions to yourself such as;
- How often do you do a photoshoot?
- Conditions and the most frequent situations you encounter while doing a photoshoot? (indoor, outdoor, while traveling, capture the moment a football game, a beautiful female model and so on)
- How much budget do you have?
- The level of urgency you to have a camera?
- Are you a target to utilize these cameras for matters of a commercial character ?.

Step two:
What features would you like to have with you a benchmark level according to the characteristics that have been described previously. The features such as;
- Measures the ability of the budget in accordance with the DSLR camera that you want to have
- The ideal weight according to your camera
- The color camera that you like
- The size of the camera, sensor size and resolution level
- Focal length of the lens (the camera can zoom up to how many times or how many mm of size up to how many mm?)
- Type of battery used (type AA Lithium batteries or regular)
- Flash power level
- Is available accessories for the camera or not?
- Ability ISO DSLR camera for taking pictures in low light without flash
- And so forth

Step three:
Arrange these features correspond priorities, for example;
- The first priority: Must have. Yes, the camera is required to have this feature.
- The second priority: Good to have. Features that are considered important but never mind if it is not available on the camera.
- The third priority: Nice to haves. Features that are not too important, but can be a plus if it's available.

Step four:
After you read the steps 1 through 3, you do not immediately decide to buy because there is no next step, is to try to find references to review on a DSLR camera reviews, and photography on the internet. 

Step five:
- Focus on the plan you've collated from step 1 to step 4. Do not be easily tempted by an assortment of accessories, but must be with an extra budget.
- Prepare the extra money for some important accessories such as extra memory cards, lens, battery and so forth.
- For those of you who really amateurs but want to learn the art of photography, can also anticipate the usual camera (pocket camera) beforehand. As for the features that should be available on this camera, among others such as the level of shooting speed (speed), the diaphragm and the ISO to measure the level of the camera sensor sensitivity to light that can be set manually.
- Long battery life with the price of spare parts is not too expensive.
- Do not just trust the recommendation of a friend or colleague you as good or bad use of the camera back again to the characteristics of the wearer. So it would be nice if you try directly advance the camera into the recommendations.
- If you want to buy a camera, then you should first try to ask the seller about the warranty camera, do the tester beforehand, asking the use of the power of the camera, battery life, can be done whether or not the return of goods if the camera was purchased problems and questions other -This question whether they are technical or non-technical.

So a few tips that you can make a material consideration when they want to buy a DSLR camera for photography. Hopefully useful and safely capture the beautiful moments in your life.

Hopefully Helpful & Good luck

List Specifications Some Pocket Camera Best Cheap at the End of 2014

cheap best pocket camera

For people who are new to photography, taking pictures will be easier to use than a pocket camera DSLR camera. Although the results can not be as good as a DSLR, this type emphasizes practicality and convenience of the user to take pictures of objects in the vicinity. The price is obviously more affordable.

Of the various types of brands and models available, there's 10 best cheap pocket camera that you can make a choice:

1. Panasonic Lumix TZ30
Panasonic Lumix TZ30 is a GPS camera with excellent quality and has a 20x optical zoom, so you can take an object in the distance without broken images.
• 20x optical zoom, GPS
• Dimensions (W x H x D) 104.9 x 58.9 x 28.2 mm / (4:13 x 2:32 x 1:11 inch)
• Weight: 206g with Battery and SD Memory Card
• Camera Effective Pixels: 1 MP
• Sensor Size / Total Pixels / Filter: 1 / 2:33 Mos-type High Sensitivity Sensor / 15.3 Total Megapixels / Primary Color Filter
• Focal Length: f = 4.3 - 86.0mm (24 - 480mm in 35mm equiv.) / (28-560mm in 35mm equiv. In video recording)
• Intelligent Zoom: 40x
• Lens: LEICA DC VARIO-ELMAR / 12 elements in 10 groups / (3 Aspherical Lenses / 6 Aspherical surfaces / 2 ED Lenses)
• Optical Image Stabilizer: Power O.I.S. (On with Active Mode (only for motion picture) / Off)
• Digital Zoom: 4x
• AF Assist Lamp
• Shutter Speed: 15 - 1/2000 sec
• File Format: Still Image: JPEG (DCF / Exif2.3) / 3D Image: MPO / Motion picture: AVCHD, MP4, QuickTime Motion JPEG (only for High Speed Video)

2. The Sony Cyber-shot HX50v
• Mega Pixels: 18.2 megapixels
• Sensor Size: 1 / 2.3 "(6:17 x 4:55 mm)
• Processor: BIONZ
• ISO: Auto, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800
• Focus Points: 9
• Optical Zoom: 20 ×
• Screen Size / Dots: 3? & 921.600
• Touch screen: No
• Maximum aperture: F3.2 - F5.8
• Min & Max shutter speeds: 1/1600 sec 30 sec
• Build in flash: Yes (Pop-up)
• Continuous drive: Yes (10 fps)
• Video Format & Resolution: MPEG-4, AVCHD and 1920 x 1080 (60 fps), 1440 x 1080 (30 fps), 1280 x 720 (30 fps), 640 x 480 (30 fps)
• Storage: SD / SDHC / SDXC, Memory Stick Duo / Pro Duo / Pro-HG Duo
• Dimension: 107 x 62 x 35 mm (4:21 x 2:44 x 1:38?)
• Body Weight (inc. Batteries): 254 g (0.56 lb / 8.96 oz)

3. Canon Powershot SX270 HS
• 20x Optical Zoom (25-500mm)
• 40x ZoomPlus
• 6 DIGIC Imaging Processor
• 1 Megapixel High Sensitivity CMOS Sensor
• 25mm - 500mm (20x optical) with 40x ZoomPlus
• Full HD Movie

4. Canon Powershot SX240 HS
• 20x optical zoom
• Size (L x W x H cm): 10.6 x 6.1 x 3.2 cm
• 3-inch Screen
• Resolution 12.1 MP
• CMOS Sensor
• 39x ZoomPlus
• HS System, 3 "PureColor II LCD
• Full HD
• Smart Auto
• Face ID
• High-Speed Photos
• Waterproof Case 40m
• Range ISO 100-1600

5. The Fujifilm FinePix F770EXR
• 20x optical zoom
• 2 digital zoom
• 3-inch Screen
• Dimensions: 10.5 x 6.3 x 3.6 cm
• Weight: 2 g
• Resolution: 16 MP
• Range ISO 100-12800
• Lens Aperture Range: f / 3.5-5.3
• Internal Memory: 30 MB

6. Sony Cybershot HX20v
• 20x optical zoom
• 3-inch LCD screen
• Resolution: 2MP
• Optical Sensor Type / Size: CMOS 1 / 2.3 type (7.76mm)
• F-number: 3.2 - 5.8
• Optical Zoom: 20x
• Shutter Speed: iAuto (4 "- 1/1600) / Program Auto (1" - 1/1600) / Manual (30 "- 1/1600)
• Light Sensitivity (ISO): ISO 100-12800
• Resolution: 1920 × 1080 (Full HD), 1280 × 720, 640 × 480
• Frame rate: 30fps
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 106.6 x 61.9 x 34.6mm
• Weight: Approx. 254g

7. Olympus SZ-31MR
• 24x optical zoom
• 3-inch touch screen
• Resolution: 8MP
• Optical Sensor Type / Size: 1 / 2.3 "CMOS
• Focal Length: Focal length: 4.5 - 108.0 mm, Focal length (equiv. 35mm): 25-600 mm
• Optical Zoom: 24x
• Shutter Speed: 1/4 - 1/1700
• Light Sensitivity (ISO): ISO80-6400
• Digital Zoom: 4X
• Built-in memory: 43MB
• Resolution: 1920 × 1080 (Full HD), 1280 × 720
• Frame rate: 60/120 / 240fps
• Image Stabilization: Yes
• 3D: yes
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 106.3 x 69.2 x 39.7 mm
• Weight: 244g

8. Olympus SZ-14
• 24x optical zoom
• Dimensions: 2 cm x 5:42 cm x1.98 cm
• Weight: 3 Kg
• Camera Screen Size: 5 inches
• Pixel Camera: 16 MP
• HD Recording, Wide
• Angle, Image Stabilization
• Screen Resolution Camera: 1040k dots
• Focal Length Camera: 27-600 mm
• Camera Video Resolution: 1282 x 720
• Lens Aperture Range: F / 3-6.11
• Iso Range Camera: 82-1600

9. Panasonic Lumix TZ25
• Dimensions: 105 x 58 x 33 mm
• Weight: 208 grams
• Sensor: 1 / 2.3 CMOS
• Resolution: 12.1 megapixels
• Optical Zoom: 16x
• Digital Zoom: 4x
• Display: TFT LCD, 3.0-inch, 460,000 dot
• Full HD 1080p
• ISO: 100 3200
• Internal Memory: 70 MB

10. Samsung WB150F
• 18x optical zoom
• Color TFT LCD screen 3-inch
• Wi-Fi
• Size (L x W x H cm): 106 x 59.7 x 23 mm
• Weight: 2 g
• Sensor CCD ½.3
• Resolution: 1 MP
• Optical Zoom: 18x
• Features: Wide Angle, WA Detection, Auto focus, Noise Reduction, Macro Photo, Fashion Scene
Video resolution 1280 x 720p
• Image Stabilization: Yes
• Focal Length: 24-432 mm
• Lens Aperture Range: F / 3.2-5.8
• Digital Zoom: 4
• ISO Range: 80-3200
• Shutter Speed Range: 16 - 1/2000 sec
• Built-in Memory: 25 MB

Several Ways to Minimize Image Blur on DSLR Cameras


Photography enthusiasts must have very fond of various techniques in photography. One technique commonly used is using the camera setup by using a low shutter speed. Settings on this camera will give a very dramatic effect so as to produce a captivating image and also artistic.

In this occasion we would like to share some tips and tricks that are appropriate for you to use DSLR photography enthusiasts who like to be exploratory. Various techniques in the world of shooting, especially in the use of a camera that has a low shutter speed settings, it is easy to do when we have a tripod. However, many of them have trouble when taking pictures without using a tripod due to hand trembling so make images become visible blur (out of focus). Therefore, a well-known photographer Natalie Norton share some tips and tricks for us in tackling image blur due to hand trembling.

Consider some of the following tips so that you can anticipate this.

1. Folding elbows into
Folding our elbow to the chest is one effective way to reduce vibration caused by our hands. When we take pictures in low shutter speed conditions, the slightest movement can lead to a fatal thing. Our image will appear out of focus or blur. Even when we breathe, the movement of the breathing will also have an impact on the image making process. Folding into the elbow can help obtain a high stability in the shooting.

2. Lift your left shoulder
Many photographers use his right eye to take a snapshot. At this time tips you can use your left eye to take a snapshot. Furthermore, lift your left shoulder and left elbow to the chest press. Before shooting it helps you press the shutter button along with you exhale. It is proven to cope pulsate hand when shooting.

3. Use your knee as Tripod
You can minimize the movement of the hand to optimize the use of your knee when sitting. Place your elbows on his knees to get the stability that you want. In addition, you can also use your other hand to provide full support in taking pictures using a low shutter speed.

4. Lying
Lying is the next way you can do when you want to take a picture from the viewpoint of a low (low angle). The problem is, we will have little trouble in the target image because the lens is almost the same angle with the ground. Therefore, you can use the palm of your hand as a cornerstone of the camera. Use also the fist when you want to take pictures with the viewpoint slightly higher. To get the perfect picture does require a bit of hard struggle is not it?

5. Position the machine gun
This position is a position that is used to hold the machine gun. Natalie basically rarely use this technique because of its position that a bit odd and also a bit difficult. But you can try this position if you feel comfortable and also easy to operate the camera in this position. Just because this position is difficult for Natalie, does not mean this position is not worth trying.

6. Hold the camera lens with a squatting position
In this latter position, you can see that this position is perfect for shooting low-angle view. Although not as low as when making a way lying, but this position is qualified enough to give stability to ensure low image shutter speed you perform excellent. Use your knees to support your elbow, so this position will be very steady.

That was a bit of a way that you can apply in the process of taking pictures using the camera settings are air-low shutter speed. Vibrations arising from the movement of the hand or other factors that could ruin the moment would you capture using your favorite camera. Hopefully this article can add your insight in the world of photography.

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