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How to Increase Estrogen Levels

None of the women who have estrogen levels stable. The hormone estrogen is an important hormone that is needed by a woman. When estrogen levels are too high can increase the risk of breast cancer. However, if the levels are too low estogen can make the vagina becomes dry and thinning of the vaginal wall which can make sex painful. Moreover, it can make women prone to UTI and other infections

Here are ways to increase estrogen levels:

Eating soy products
Soy is known to increase estrogen levels while providing a good source of protein. It's easy to find soy products such as miso, yogurt, tofu and soy milk.

Low-carb diets
Consuming large amounts of simple carbohydrates will lower your estrogen levels. Try to avoid eggs, chicken or non-organic dairy products.

Choose foods that are beneficial
Try to consume mint tea twice a day, then the consumption of fruits berry, amggur, nuts, vegetables and other fruits. Try to consumption of vegetables and fruits are different every day to get all the benefits of these foods.

Doing yoga / meditation
Yoga is said to be able to balance the endocrine system so as to create a state of balance estrogen levels in the body and keep the body healthy

Source: newhealthguide

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