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2017 business opportunity with a small capital you can do and you should know

Many people know that employment is getting less and less here. If anything, the results obtained are also not as big as expected. Even for vocational school graduates, now a lot of that to be unemployed than those who work or continue their studies. From that a lot of people who choose to start a business or own business from home. Now I want to give a little information about business opportunities in 2017 will developed and become viral.

business opportunity you should know

Business trends each year it is different from one another. But in recent years, according to the survey are not many changes. Only a change in ranking position among one another. Therefore, you can read this article to get a variety of information about business opportunities for 2017. Please see the discussion below.

The sharing of a growing business can be a reference for you to try. Because after all, if we do not dare to try a business, then we can not feel it directly and can not get experience. So do not just read it, but the courage to start and run the risk of whatever happens in it.

Indeed, the business however it can not be equated with work. If we work may be the greatest risk of mistakes we did was fired. But if we do business, the biggest risk is bankruptcy and the loss is so great. So you should be able to choose the right business and improve your own business.

Well here are some business opportunities in 2017 which could be a reference for you to choose the right type of business. Indeed this is a popular business and ngetrend, so however, there will be many people who do this business. So you should be able to set up a business as possible in order to compete with others. Because after all, will be more and more tight competition.

You should be able to create something that is completely different from the others. Because if your business with the others. Then you will more easily match. Unique, creative and innovating creating change for the better is the most determining whether a business will continue to grow or not.

Immediately, refer to the discussion on business opportunities in 2017 with well manicured.

1. Selling online
Increased buying and selling online in 2017 will rise sharply. This is because the effect of increasing digital world, even things made easy in many ways. Even school children, many who have been able to generate a lot of money by selling online.

Although the major online stores as the ruler of the virtual universe has been lots scattered, but because it relies on its various kinds of ways in addition to the lure lucrative lure of different types of people, many who do this business.

It is estimated that such dropship business and resell it also will increase in 2017 as a profitable business opportunity. Because of the ease of selling without the need to stock the goods themselves, it will make itself a trend among many people.

To sort MLM business is estimated to still exist. But many people who are not interested. But for those beginners who want to earn money online, sometimes they get stuck with this business. But because they could not find a buyer, then they become traumatized by the online business.

Honestly authors alone time first foray into the business world has ever stuck with an MLM business, money games and so on. But I can finally detached from it all and no trauma to try different types of businesses that exist and have been shown to produce. One of them is the online selling itself, but not MLM and so on.

If you are a beginner and want to run a business of selling online, then you have to study and learn. Because the ins and outs of online sales, many from obtaining quality goods to how to create an ad copywriting and promotion strategies are able to attract many buyers.

Online Selling is easy easy difficult

For myself it was selling online easy easy difficult. Easy that we just sit down and stay in front leptop or smartphone. And hard it is for the sale transaction. Between trust and quality provided it is very difficult to be in the hearts of potential buyers if we can not convince.

But it also depends on the talent. If they were gifted to sell, any goods can be done easily. For those of you who are not talented sales will probably assume that the online sales business was so difficult. But you are talented or not talented, it does not hurt to try a business opportunity in 2017 this one, who knows you have a passion of its own in the online business on this one.

You can start selling items such as the veil, dress, cake, electronics, gadgets, books, housewares, school equipment, internet packages and so on. The important thing to know about the range of people who want to be a potential buyer, so not a spam campaign with here and there on social media using a tool that makes 

2. Online Services
Online Services is a business that is now being developed as well. Even growth each year is always increasing. Online Services is a service that is done by online. So the transaction does not meet in person, and the results of jasanyanya also not in the form of physical goods. So that the finished goods that will be delivered via online facilities as well. But if the goods it is a physical item, then it te includes a blend of offline and online services.

Services online is a business opportunity in 2017 will develop it as well as making web services / blog, repair and web settings, seo services, manufacturing services articles, services application creation, editing services of an application, service of making animated films, services, photo editing , interpreting services, design services, services online store, software development services to rekber services. Services such services will become a separate trend in 2017 will be. You can try one of the many online services.

Use the power of your own
In presenting the online services, you should be able to make everything with the skills you have. Suppose you are good at coding, you can create different types of android applications or services open to create a blog. Because that's where you will get a lot of money. Even if you do not have a lot of capital and ability, then you can also earn money by opening a photo editing services or services of article writing services. Because it alone can make a lot of money if you want to pursue well.

Online businesses are more open and more spacious. So maybe you will be dealing with fraudsters, people who like to demonize menjelek, rough and so on. Therefore, the thing you can do is to use everything as good as possible so that no one is harmed. Because to build that reputation is more difficult and longer than destroying the reputation of itself.

You also need to give priority to quality than quantity. If you can still both be run in conjunction with the well. For example ok quality, quantity also ok. This is so people who have been using your services, they will use your services in the future. In addition intertwine with both comfort and confidence to the users of your services. Because they are the assets that can set yourself to move forward properly.

3. Culinary business or café
Culinary business also includes 2017 business opportunities that could really thrive, and loved by young people in Indonesia. The proof development in 2016 alone so rapidly. Moreover, later in 2017 would be more people were in business. You can also try to follow this business if you have the ability to cook and also coined a suitable and strategic place for the sale of food or used as cafe.

This culinary business can be a profitable business for you to try. Because based on the experience of others, this is also a fast growing business. Especially when this business has its own characteristics and uniqueness. For example, are in place do not always, or packaging of the food was different.
For cafe business, I suggest that you make in a crowded place visited. And most importantly, keep the existing facilities free wifi. Because after all, this feature will be very important to attract the attention of visitors.

But you also should be able to manage finances as possible, lest they have their free wifi you become losers. Give the boundary, such as free wifi only switched from 7 pm to 12 o'clock at night. But if you still get a lot of benefit from income in the cafe itself, then make a 24-hour free wifi was not an issue.
Nowadays many culinary entrepreneurs are racing competition makes everything growing. For example there is a trend of "mirror cake" everyone flocked flock to buy it. Culinary entrepreneurs also do not want to miss the opportunity to see and take advantage of it.

Indeed, the power of social media was very great. Therefore, you may be able to take advantage of social media such as facebook and twitter to introduce cafes and culinary products to any other person.

4. Business Listing
Many people assume one eye on one's business. In fact, this is a business opportunity in 2017 to be nerkembang. Because, in this year alone, a lot of development so that the property business is also the choice of many people.
Maybe this is more loved by those who are not young people, but those who are already experienced. Even that much of it being a realtor. Because this was arguably a very profitable as long as know the target and market it well. The results obtained are also not small. So many people who pursue this business.
Maybe you do not understand much about it. Picture simply is no one who wants to buy a house, and there is also a wish to buy a home. Well you it becomes an intermediary for both of the transaction.

Profitable business
For some people, this is an easy business, as it can find a buyer and seller. Moreover, if the realtor is already known and trusted, would be very much through you without even looking. The easiest way you can do is to use the information that is scattered in all directions.
For example, from newspapers, internet, advertising media and so on. Then you find anyone who wants to buy a certain criteria and matched with selling certain criteria. Then you contact both parties and make them to want to sell and buy at a price that you adjust itself.
There are many people who succeed in that way. If you really want, then please try it this way. Who knows you can be successful in the business of brokering a property like this. Then when they have more capital, then you can become a financier of development itself, so that it becomes an investment.

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Results That happiness is not because of money

money doesn't give you happiness prove
This proves money doesn't give you happiness -

The question of how money affects a person's life is still a mystery to some people. Interestingly, if the majority says money can create happiness, the researchers who gathered in California actually agree more and more cash can lead to more problems.

Citing rawstory pages, Tuesday (03/03/2015), the researchers in the field of psychology was held a symposium titled `Happy Money 2.0: New Insights Into the Relationship Between Money and Well-Being`. Entire researchers tried to find an answer about whether money can buy happiness.

In the 2014 study, many researchers are finding people who spend money to buy the experiences tend to be happier than those who buy goods. For example, people who spend money for a vacation tend to be happier than to get the goods alone.

In fact, a study of lecturer in UPF Barcelona School of Management found that wealth can actually suppress the appreciation of one's attitude. Not only that, the property is abundant also can reduce the positive emotions experienced by many people every day.

According to his research, the more money means more problems. Researchers at Harvard Business School, University of Mannheim and Yale University report, the increased money is not equivalent to an increase in the level of happiness.

A number of researchers in the field of psychology was just speculating, happiness can be negatively correlated with a person's income. Although many people say money can create happiness, but in the end the excess material can be turned into an attack for your personality.


Quick Tips Being a billionaire from the billionaire

Quick Tips Being a billionaire
Tips Being a billionaire -

People who recorded the fastest reached ten digit fortune is Jay Walker. The American inventor PriceLine travel websites has become a billionaire in 1999, only one year since the construction of the company.

According to Forbes quoted on Thursday (19/02/2015), rapid billionaire holds the status of the richest namely Gary Winnick, founder of the telecommunications company Global Crossing (1.5 years) and inventor GroupOn Eric Lefkofsky (2.5 years). Even Mark Zukerberg and Jeff Besos including slow to reach billionaire status. They've become a millionaire four years after starting their company.

You could say the chance is very small and dependent on profits. Calculated from a population of people who are more successful than others in the world. But that does not mean there is no way at all. In essence, you need to create great ideas to create something that meets the needs of most people.

So, what is the fastest way to achieve it? Today, those who started out there everywhere. Slack, a software company from San Francisco, has just reached US $ 180 million through funding. Now, the value has soared to US $ 1.1 billion in just two years.

If you could start one of the company's software-as-a-service (software as a service) -like Xero accounting firm or software company Atlassian - and expand it to have a turnover of US $ 50 million per year in the next two years, you should can see the reasons behind the increased value of revenue 40-fold.

One of Quora users suggested "find ways to advertise in sight. So the dominant player in the room with millions of users and exponential growth". In fact, Instagram obtain 1 billion after two years. Snapchat alleged to have US $ 3 billion offer after one year.

Assume you are just a little money when starting out, you have to form a team.

"Search and invite the most intelligent people who can you get-but not too much, and think carefully idea that could bring in money." Other Quora users to add suggestions.

The idea of ​​the magnitude is: find a lot of attention; work in a well-known, can be produced with a relatively small team, so personal is interesting enough to garner media attention. You can develop within three to six months.

In the second year, your product is supposed to exist in the market and preferred. Continue to monitor his judgment, and take every opportunity that could bring in money. If everything goes according to plan, at the end of the second year of your income has to be worth around US $ 1 billion.


The latest Forbes reports reveal that many of the billionaire as a family legacy

The billionaire as a family legacy report
The billionaire as a family legacy -

Forbes released the list of names of the richest billionaires in the world for the 29th time. Only people who have a wealth of over US $ 1 billion that could join the most elite circles as the world's richest billionaires.

Citing the Forbes website on Wednesday (04/03/2015), was not all millionaires managed to get his wealth by working hard and exhausting. Forbes found the 230 billionaires who have a lot of wealth by inheritance alone.

Lina Maria Aguiar and Lia Maria Aguiar are two millionaires who became rich by inheritance family banking firm. Each has assets of US $ 1.5 billion and US $ 1.2 billion.

Even so, the soul businessman looks still smoldering among the world's richest billionaires. A total of 1,191 billionaires world record became wealthy due to build a business and the business itself.

But not all billionaires are getting inheritance not working. Forbes noted, as many as 405 other billionaires are still in business for myself for the sake of increasing their wealth despite having inherited.

To calculate the total wealth of billionaires, Forbes team to enter the number of shares in state and private companies, real estate, yachts, artwork, and debt estimates.

In the list of the world's richest billionaires, Forbes did not include members of the royal family, the dictator, as well as wealthy families who divide the kingdom or a person who has full power in the country.


Tips Save Set Financial preparation Wedding Reception

Preparation Wedding Manage Financial
Manage Financial preparation Wedding -

After the procession of application and engagement, the bride had to face the pre-wedding part most prone to stress, which is planning a reception.

There are some facts that you should learn to save money for the wedding. You will understand that even be a once in a lifetime ceremony, marriage is not something that should seize the whole mind and especially the cost.

Quoting from, Sunday (02/27/2015), here are tips to save money and time in planning the reception:

1. The people most remember two things from the wedding party: food and feeling
Years after the wedding, no more people will remember what kind invitations, flowers, and your wedding cake. However, if the wedding food was delicious, and they enjoy their time in the event you, they will remember it.

2. Invitation card eventually ended up in the garbage
Unless one of your invited guests an invitation card collector, no one will save your wedding invitation cards. Need your attention and couples who want to make a card that best describe you, but in the end, the card will end up in the garbage. So no need to pay too much for the invitation card.

3. Often browsing the site of the wedding
On the internet, you can find out info about marriage, how to get a cheaper budget and looking for the right location for your reception. Try searching for stories of people who are married.

4. Many ways to save on the cost of a wedding dress
The average wedding dress could be worth US $ 1,300 dollars or less. Funds used for wedding dress is quite expensive for the category used once. In fact, you can rent or sew your own dress for a cheaper price.

5. No need to get hung up on the same catering
Food and beverage is the most memorable of the wedding party, you have to focus on this. It is not supposed to pay more, because the food is simple, if cooked properly can be a memorable meal. However, your job is to make the food look more tempting. But try picky again, it's better to pay less for food for the sake of decoration or wedding dress or pay the right price?


Some Tips Wisely Step When Ask Credit Bank

Tips Wisely Step When Ask Credit Bank photo

Each credit application always has a purpose. Starting from taking credit for venture capital, renovate the house, education fund, emergency needs, or others.

Currently, the bank also provides an easy way to give credit to the community. Not infrequently, people just wrong allocate credit it receives.

Rather than being used for purposes that have been planned, the funds actually gone without a trace. There are several steps that can be done, so that you can more wisely when proposing bank credit. Anything?


Set priorities for needs. If your credit application is to increase education funding, it should use.

Do not let your reasons for applying for a loan is just because of the lure of credit flowering flat, or the like. Furthermore, when the credit is approved and the money is received, you instead use it to buy consumer goods unused.

Try to see the need to live in a big picture.

Remember, loans have interest
Whether before applying for a loan you a lot of comparing interest of each bank owned? Whatever your proposed loan, try to compare the interest system and facilities provided.

Dig information about the system current interest in the bank. By doing so, you will have an idea of how much you should pay installments per month and the total loan repayment will you give to the bank.

Still in doubt? Multiply read the article about credit. You can also use the calculator simulation credit provided financial product comparison sites.

Select short term
We recommend that, if possible Take credit with a short period of time. Therefore, the interest rate will usually be less when we pay in a shorter time. However, installment, or mortgage you have to pay even bigger.

Take installments with the long term it as cheaper. Therefore, the amount paid per month so it looks a little bit. However, when counting, you will find that the interest you will pay much more than those with short-term credit.

allocate income
Before proposing credit, make allocations to fixed income cost you for a month. So, if your credit application will be accepted, then you will know where the money you receive can be placed.

Most importantly, you have a number of sufficient funds for unexpected costs if for example you fall ill.

Some Powerful Tips on How to Set You Free of Credit Card Debt

How to Set You Free of Credit Card Debt photo

The main function of a credit card is a tool that allows payment. But remember, there is an obligation and responsibility after you use it, aka pay.
Want to know, how can you not get into debt credit card?

This five safety principles that you must understand when using a credit card: Hope This Tips about credit card debt problems will be solved.

Use as needed
Although facilitate you in every activity of payment, but not the credit card debt card. Therefore, use your credit card as a payment tool in the purchase of goods as needed.
Respond wisely promos and discounts offered. Do not be, you eventually forget and make credit card payments kewajban soaring.

Use installment
You may often see many promo offer for a credit card zero percent installment program. The program is quite interesting because you can buy an item just by installments and without interest.
However, installment offered zero percent, still calculate how much mortgage you have to pay each month. Do not let the mortgage and even add to the burden of your debt.
Remember other credit obligations which still have to pay.

Suppose you have a credit card limit of $ 1000.
Further, you buy goods worth $ 600 with zero percent interest for a mortgage for a year. By doing so, you have the obligation to pay the mortgage credit of $ 50 per month.

Zero percent of your mortgage is interest-free, but if you are late paying then there will be interest charges you have to pay.

Use reminders
Try to always pay your credit card bills before the due date. In order not exposed to interest expense, try to pay off all the bills and do not pay the minimum bill.
Facilities minimum payment on a credit card it only requires that you only pay 10 percent of the bill, but you will be charged interest for the next rest.
In contrast, if you do not pay the bill in full, the interest on the unpaid amount will be added to your bill amount. If forced to pay the minimum, try to pay two to three times more than the minimum amount available.

Limit ownership
Having a credit card with a high limit number, or have a lot of credit cards have low limits the number and reach of a limit that you want, where you choose?

It is better to first choice. Therefore, you have to remember when every credit card has a cost.
Therefore, if you have many credit card the more the costs to be paid.

Use it wisely limit
What is the limit as you want?
The answer would have been possible 'highest'. However, bank or credit card issuer has a reference to determine how much the limit to be given to someone.
Therefore, the limit will be given in accordance with the valuation ratio of credit you have. To avoid trapped in payment problems, you also need to be wise to use your credit card limit as needed.
Instead given a credit card limit of three times your income, then you end up spending the amount limit.

Some Efficient Ways to Prepare for Retirement Funds

Prepare for Retirement photo

Until now, there are still many people who often prepares new pension fund at age no longer productive. Though saving for retirement is more effective when done early.

That is, when setting aside money in productive age, you can meet the needs of retirement like living in a productive future. Unfortunately, many still say that it is difficult to put into practice.

Do not worry, because there are easy steps you can do to prepare for retirement early. There are easy steps you can do. 

Set a budget
How much is your monthly income? Of course there are expenses from the income you have to do every month.

Therefore, try to make a list of budget expenditures, including the bill shall be paid each month such as telephone, electricity, and water.

After that, first verify any expenses that can be reduced. That way you will know if you always spend money on things that are not so important.

From there you can add money from revenue each month for savings. When applying a list of budget, pension funds that you will save a lot more useful and productive no later age.

Start investing
Of income per month, if you've set aside for investing? Yes, setting up a pension fund can also be done by investing.

For the record, not all investments have high risks. However, before the start of the investment first try to identify the characteristics of yourself. Do you belong to a conservative investor, moderate, or aggressive?

If you are a conservative type, it means you are investors who do not want to lose the principal at all. The point you are willing to get small results origin secure funding. Here, the type of investment that is suitable for conservative investors are savings and deposits.

In contrast to the moderate investor type, they will be willing to take a little risk of origin to get a decent return in the medium term. In addition to savings and deposits, investments suitable for moderate type is gold, land, and property.

Another with an aggressive type of investors. They will dare to take risks, be willing to lose the principal amount of capital for the sake of benefit in a relatively long period of time.

Many investment options for these types of investors, such as mutual funds and stock mixture.

How do I know you are the characteristics? Try to consult with a financial planner to be directly recommended suitable types of investment products.

Some Tips on How to Safely Avoid Credit Card Data Theft

Tips on How to Safely Avoid Credit Card Data Theft photo

Actually what is card skimming it and how to prevent it? Here are some important points you need to know:

What is a card skimming?
Of understanding, card skimming is the act of stealing a credit or debit card information by way of copying the information on the magnetic strip of a credit or debit card illegally.

Typically, the card data thieves will use an additional tool called a skimmer or surveillance cameras to record data on the card and PIN. Some skimmer tool shape even seen together with electronic data capture (EDC) is used. Until it would be difficult for the layman to recognize you.

How to prevent credit card skimming?

1. Always pay attention to how the process your credit card payment
After eating at a restaurant, do you ever give your credit card to the waiter when you are lazy to go to the checkout to make payments.

From now on, stop the habit. Try to go directly to the checkout so that you can pay attention to how you use your credit card.

2. Reject if need twice
You should be suspicious when the cashier asks you to enter your credit card to EDC for the second time.

3. Check the bills on a regular basis
Always check your account balance regularly. That way you can quickly find out if there is a transaction that is strange.

4. Always use the card at a merchant / store reliable
Store or merchant reliable over safety standards and surveillance cameras to monitor the movements of suspicious while you are transacting.

Even so try to always make the first move. Therefore, a skimming device was found in the ATM located in a popular store in Florida

5. Note the location and condition of the ATM
Have you ever withdrawing cash through ATM? If yes, try to pay close attention to the ATM machine is used. Especially when some people feel the strangeness when inserting the card into the ATM.

Avoid using ATMs in the dim and night. However, in general, the ATM machine located outside the bank sometimes many thieves target.

6. Be careful when pressing the PIN
With the ever credit card transactions using a PIN is still not yet begun. However, when making a cash withdrawal at an ATM with a credit card, you also need to enter a PIN.

Hidden cameras can be are monitoring your activities. Therefore, when pressing the PIN, close it by hand. This could prevent thieves know your PIN.

7. Always transact safely internet
Credit card information can sometimes be abused, especially when used for transactions on the internet.
Transactions on the internet do not need a signature, and only need three security number is usually located on the back of the card or commonly called CVN.
This data can be retrieved by the thief and can be used for transactions anywhere.

(various sources)

How to manage Finance that is not wasteful

no money photo

WHEN have excess sustenance, sometimes very difficult to manage finances. Always just want to buy this and that, that was not too important to you. Until the nature of the rule boroslah yourself. Actually, if there is a desire to eliminate the wasteful nature, then it is easy for us to do so. 

For those of you who are still difficult to change the wasteful nature, here are 5 tips to avoid wasteful.

1. Do not bring a lot of money in the wallet
Bring abundant cash in the wallet, can trigger your desire to extravagant. Feel there is a lot of money in the bag, see items that are not important just purchased. Should take reasonable cash only, this may put the brakes on your desire to brutally shop.

2. Needs, not wants
Prioritize what you need, not what you want. Stuff you really need, OK you buy. However, when it wishes to speak, whose name man certainly no satisfaction. Want it, want it, wanted it all hired. So, you try to apply, buy what you need, not what you want.

tip money not wasteful photo

3. Do not be tempted to discount
The roads to the mall is fun, can hang out with friends while shopping. Especially if there is a discount, wow it feels want everything hired. Well, this condition may be one reason for you to be extravagant. Do not be tempted to discount, and try to recall whether the item you need or just wish you only the truth is not important?

4. Learn to set aside money
Set aside your money, and try tabunglah. Saving can provide many benefits to you in the present and in the future. If you do not have savings, bother also later suddenly need a lot of money. Saving for the future.

5. Take a look at those who are not as fortunate as you
Try separately look around you, a lot of people who are not as fortunate as you. Make eating was difficult, deprivation. By trying to look at this, maybe you can be touched and realized, wasteful attitude that it does not quite fit. You usual extravagant, buy goods with no calculation, while there are many people who buy rice alone is very difficult. Try to imagine, and contemplate. Sharing with others is also highly recommended and nice. Can increase his fortune and of course could ease the burdens of others in distress. Instead dissipated is not clear, it is better to provide assistance to those in need, or at least can you save for the future.

Cause Gold Prices Back bottom ranking this week

World Gold Price photo

Gold prices slumped to its lowest level in three weeks as some investors to think again about the projected interest rate of the United States (US) after the US jobs report was stronger than expected.

Quoted by Reuters, (02/07/2015), the price of gold for April delivery fell US $ 28.1, or 2.2 percent, to US $ 1,234.6 per troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. It was the lowest close since January 14, 2015.

The US Labor Department reported an additional 257 thousand new jobs in January, beating economists' forecast of 237 thousand.

Gold prices fell in response to signs of economic recovery paved the way for the US Central Bank or the Federal Reserve (Fed) to raise interest rates,

"The prospect of the Fed's rate hike will depress demand for gold as a safe haven asset," said Dave Meger, director of High Ridge Metal Trading Futures in Chicago.

In January, Fed officials reiterated his plan to raise interest rates which is the first time for almost a decade. Fed Governor Janet Yellen signaled the benchmark interest rate will be increased in June 2015.

But investors speculated slowing US economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2015 and fears of rising debt in the euro zone could prompt the Fed to postpone the planned increase in interest rates.


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Several Countries with the Most Debt in the World

Most Debt photo

The high wealth of a country is certainly not without debt. Some countries with large economies and population numbers a bit, does not guarantee the country only has a small amount of debt.

Some economic events even natural disasters can cause a country's economy is difficult to be recovered.

Such as the launch of The Richest on Monday (29/7/20131), there are some countries that burden of debt to its citizens and must be paid in cash, goods or services.

Some countries borrowed large sums of money easily but often find a lot of obstacles to pay it off.

Measured by the ratio of debt to gross domestic product (GDP) of a country, the following Several countries with debt ratios in the world, namely:

1. Japan
One of the countries in Asia consists of 6852 islands. They number 126 659 683 inhabitants. Sakura country is one of the countries with the world's great powers. Although a large country, the debt ratio reached 225.8% of GDP.

The debt caused many housing problems that occurred in the 1990s. The country is known to have a budget of about US $ 1 trillion, but the earthquake and tsunami makes it useless.

2. St. Kitts and Nevis
This country has one of the islands are found in the Caribbean Ocean. Estimated population numbered only 51,300 people. The country's economy relies on tourism and greatly influenced the global recession.

Debt is due to the failure of foreign investment. The percentage ratio of debt to GDP is 196%.

3. Lebanon
With a population of 4.224 million people, half of government revenues allocated to repay the debt.

In the past, this debt is the result of massive protests in the country. Until now, the percentage of its GDP debt reached 150.7%.

4. Zimbabwe
State that was first discovered in southern Africa has a total population of 12.6196 million inhabitants. Zimbabwe's financial crisis caused wasteful habits that time president Robert Mugabe.

With a total debt ratio of 149% of its GDP, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) even reported this country was under the pressure of debt.

5. Greece
Approximately 11 million people live in Greece and the debt is known to be the main focus in the countries of the Gods. Debt to GDP ratio reached 144% of this country.

Several attempts were made to overcome the amount of debt even interfere in the country's credit rating. However, the IMF believe Greece is able to handle it.

6. Iceland
Located between the continents of North Atlantic and Arctic, Iceland inhabited by about 321 857 inhabitants. Although the percentage of debt at 123.8% of GDP, the country is still able to provide free health care to its citizens. Iceland are required to take greater economic development policy to tackle the debt.

7. Jamaica
This island nation located in the Caribbean Ocean. Total population numbered 2,889,187 people. From 1996 to 2003, the national debt is recorded on the rise.

This large amount of debt occurred as deterioration of the financial sector and the scarcity of the agricultural sector.

Even so, most of the debt came from Jamaica own population. Currently, the ratio of debt to GDP in the country stood at 123.2%.

8. Italy
Despite having the world's third biggest gold reserves, total debt of Italy is one of the highest amounts to 118.1% of the GDP of the country.

Based on the debt, Italy is the second country with the highest debt in the world. Although owe a lot, this country has no plans to raise taxes in order to overcome the deficit.

9. Singapore
One of the countries located in Southeast Asia has recorded around 5.3124 million inhabitants. Its economy is heavily dependent on exports and imports.

The manufacturing sector accounts for about 26% of the GDP of the country. As a result of the economic downturn caused a decrease in financial services and manufacturing, the debt reached 102.1% of GDP.

10. Belgium
This country has long been known to wound a lot of debt. Belgian population recorded amounted to 11,035,948 with a debt of about 141% of GDP. The number of Belgian debt is a result of political instability.


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List of Social Media to Boost Your Business Sales

Boost Business Sales photo

Was no doubt, social networking functionality has now been switched from friendship into an arena event for business. See, the product range of both goods and services promoted and sold through a number of emerging social media.

As reported by CNN Money, Sunday (11/03/2013), so far almost 75% of small businesses have been recorded utilizing social media to facilitate their business. The proof is in Indonesia, you can find a lot of producers who market their products or sales through Facebook. Some photos contain images sample product and price list displayed in many of the social media.

Indeed, many people who recognize the efficacy of the use of social media in improving business prospects being undertaken. So for those who want to do business through social media, the following six sites and the best ways to use it:

1. Facebook

What's up? Facebook one of the largest social networks. On Facebook you can divide the content, conversations, create events, and disseminating advertisements. Each person can use Facebook. With these social media sites, you can generate and build relationships with potential clients.

Then how to maximize your reach? Joe DiNardo of Blue Fontain Media in New York said, when post something on his Facebook page then you can add value on his Facebook page.

You can add a brief review of your business, and connect with industry news.

Then you ask the user for feedback posting pictures of a variety of real-world stories about your company on the challenge. In addition, you can connect with the personal level that makes it more likely to get clients.

However, you also need to pay attention to some things that do not advertise directly on your page. It can make people do not like it. While Facebook, a good place to resolve customer complaints, but not terllibat in long discussions.

"Try to bring your complaint to the world, and respond personally, but only responded once," said Don Sorensen, founder of Big Blue Robot.

2. Twitter

One of the sites that only display a message of 140 characters or less. You can use this site to promote events, news, build your customer base by developing conversation. You can show your expertise.

People who use Twitter are usually only a few hours per week to read, post and search for messages. To maximize your reach, then use the hashtag symbol or the advanced search options to find questions that relate to your business.

"With the help and improve engagement with the reader so it can turn into customers," DiNardo said.

If the reader believes keahliaan you, then they are more likely to visit your website. Twitter is also good to announce special deals and offers.

We recommend that you also do not continuously to retweet. Try carefully read the article before you retweet to make sure you feel comfortable with the idea that you have to say. In addition, be careful with the time because it is easily lost.

3. LinkedIn

This is the greatest place to resume sites, and read career-oriented blogs and news articles. This site is best used for hire, and a network for mengjangkau potential clients. Each person can use this site mainly companies looking for new customers.

To maximize this network, DiNardo said, you can build a relationship with a potential employee of high quality. Join the LinkedIn is also associated with the company.

We recommend that you also do not spend too much time by offering products and services.

4. Youtube

This site has more than 1 billion unique visitors each month. You can use this site to build credibility by showing knowledge and skill.

Everyone can use this site. Financial advisors, lawyers, and marketing professionals can record itself offers valuable tips, and advertising companies to display their creativity.

To maximize this site, Liz Joste, co-owner of Eli Rose Social Media said, make a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions in your industry, and answer their own films. Then be sure to optimize the video with as many keywords as possible.

You should also not be posted a long, in under a minute. Then focus on one question or issue for one video. "Add your company's URL and lin to all other social media accounts to the Youtube channel," said Jostes.

5. Pinterest

This site is a place to create and share the link centered on the visual theme. We recommend this site to promote your brand to the female audience.

Traders, manufacturers and travel sites can use to lend them into images.

You can use it to create an interesting description so people can search for it. However, you should not spit on your favorite books, fashion and photos of your trip. Then do not use copyrighted images to make the pin.

6. Instagram

With this application you can apply artistic effects to your photos. You can use this application to promote your brand through pictures. Hotel, restaurant, consumer product companies, and other companies can use this photo.

According to data SumAll, revenue generated by the followers Instagram is 10 times greater than that produced by a Twitter follower. Jostes also recommend to use the hashtag to find photos of your products.


Some Mistakes in Using Money and solutions

wasting money photo

It's no secret, the money becomes the main needs of many people. Even so, there are still many people who spend their money without a clear purpose. Worse, mistakenly manage money it can lead you in debt.

As quoted by Forbes, Thursday (11/28/2013), to prevent it, you should start looking out mismanagement of money is often done. Afterwards, learn to change your attitude as a solution to overcome these errors.

For those of you who have difficulty managing money, here are five mistakes that are often made use of money and solutions to overcome them:

1. Do not have the budget expenditure

To achieve the target of various expenses, you need to have a personal budget. Unfortunately, many who do not want to take the time to put them together. Finally, you can not choose which one is the most priority things to buy. Without a budget, you might end up having a lot of debt.

Solution: When receiving a salary, draw up a personal shopping list. Write the expenditures that will reduce your income. Do not forget, set aside about 20% -30% of your savings to save or pay off debt. If it is still difficult to share it, limit the cash you carry.

2. Do not have an emergency fund

When newly receives a monthly salary, many of you spend it on a variety of everyday purposes. But be careful, a lot of unexpected events such as pain in the middle of the month, the car is damaged, or an accident.

Unexpected events that can actually make you so owe. Many people who end up having to pay huge interest because it requires a loan in the near future.

Solution: Make sure you have the savings to deal with emergency conditions are not expected to occur earlier.

3. Do not have a target retirement savings

Many employees are aware of the importance of retirement savings. Unfortunately, many employees who do not have a target amount of savings to be prepared in the face of retirement. These activities together with the aim without a target. Finally, the process of saving and investing becomes ineffective.

Solution: You can use a calculator calculating the pension funds are now starting to bloom available in a number of online sites. By doing so, you can find out how much you need to prepare.

4. Do not have a plan property purchases

Entered a new phase of life after getting married, everyone would want to live in their own homes. To make it easier to get it, you need to plan the purchase of property.

Solution: Consult your property purchase plan at a financial planner in order to get the right information, in particular about the purchase of a home.

5. Do not have life insurance

Having life insurance is very important because no one knows when someone could die. Not even a few possibilities you could have an accident that causes paralysis. Insurance payments does require patience of users considering it took until many years to pay it off.

Solution: If your company offers life insurance, make sure you follow it. In addition, get complete information mengenasi payment process and the amount that you will receive afterwards.


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Some Changes in Financial Solutions and Career

living goal photo

Speaking the new year, said resolution as the already powerful and become a tradition for most citizens of the world. Dream to achieve success in the new year to be less fit without discussing the resolution in finance and professional.

Citing page International Business Times, Wednesday (01/01/2013), the cornerstone of the new year actually not live in the form of a resolution. Action is more important is how you realize these desires. In addition, the resolution of financial problems and work also needs to be considered as a promise that must be kept.

Of course, in the new year, everyone wants to do a lot more achievements in the previous year. Then to obtain a career and a better economic life, the following eight habits and routines that need to be targeted in the coming year:

1. It is better to set money

In the new year, do not spend a lot of money that does not belong to you, especially for users of credit cards. If in previous years, you have a habit of spending spree when purchasing goods or eat too much, you need to fix in the coming year.

When you want to buy, buy items you really need. So start saving every month.

2. Thinking more positive

Thinking and a positive attitude does not mean you ignore the unpleasant situation around you either in your neighborhood or workplace. Positive thinking means you can conjure an unpleasant situation in a way that is more productive.

You will always react based on the idea that the best will happen and not the worst. Additionally, you will rarely feel stressed and can develop your ability to work better.

3. More often turn off the cell phone (mobile phone)

Applications in most mobile phones today are very interesting, fun and of course addictive. Often, many people who do not meet face to face in the middle of a chat but busy staring at her cell phone screen.

For those of you who are addicted and too often holding the phone in the office, be careful your boss might not like the habit.

Research Marshall School of Business Universty of Southern California proved, most successful people hate people who are fiddling with his cell phone during the meeting.

So in the new year, reduce your habits continuously staring at the phone screen. If there is a short message (SMS) comes in, you do not need to immediately respond and let it continue.

4. Be more honest

Starting the new year, learn to be true to yourself and others. Honesty can strengthen your relationship with many people, including colleagues in the office. Even if you bring bad news, still convey honest with others.

5. More generous

Although the change but survival will continue to drain the contents of your wallet, ranging from school fees, rent or credit shelter to growing fuel prices skyrocketing. But if you reduce a bit of personal expenses, you can share with other people who are less able. Of course, this action is a great action.

6. Reduce watching television

By reducing the activity of watching television, you can set aside more time for reading. Of course, with the habits you can add knowledge for career and personal life. However, reading a novel or unusual book can also be useful as a release fatigue.

7. Make your hobby

Doing fun hobby is not necessarily expensive. You can play around the house or reading comics and various other fun activities.

8. More often sleep

You will never regret the habit of sleeping well at night. In addition to being part of a healthy lifestyle, sleep soundly can improve memory, increase creativity, reduce fatigue and improve performance in the workplace.

The benefits of deep sleep also reduce stress and improve concentration.

source: Internationalbusiness

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Mobile Banking will Replaces Conventional Banks

Dreamy 15 years into the future, digital banking believed would control the world's financial industry. Even the 2 billion inhabitants of the earth will move up a level that has never happened before.

The latest report foundation Gates Foundation said mobile phone (Mobile) will be key in addressing the low banking penetration among the poor.

In the annual report that was launched late last week, the Gates Foundation outlines a vision for the next 15 years. One is to help poor people change their lives by providing access to mobile banking facility.

Citing businessinsider, Tuesday, January 27, 2015, estimated that about 25 billion adults in the world today do not have a bank account. This hampers their effectiveness in managing assets.

The lack of efficient access to financial services has made the poor wasting valuable time and money. They are a waste of money or pay high interest to moneylenders.

Gates Foundation predicts by 2030, as many as 2 billion people who do not have bank accounts will make payments and purchases with their phone. They will also use this communication tool to save money through mobile money providers who will provide a wide range of financial services-ranging from loans to savings accounts.

Despite the poor generally have minimal funding, the Gates Foundation report shows the marginal cost of creating digital transactions is close to zero. Moreover, more than 70 percent of adults in developing countries have mobile phones.

This means that mobile banking company will receive a commission in a small number of the millions of transactions at a low cost. In this way, mobile banking companies will benefit from their services even for the poorest individuals.

The report then pointed bKash, a provider of mobile money from Bangladesh. The company has processed 2 million transactions like today with a value of US $ 1 billion per month. However, access to bKash still unbalanced. The problem is, 76 percent of men Bangladesh has a mobile phone while the woman is only 46 percent.

The problem of disproportionate access is just one challenge facing mobile banking industry. Others include government regulations, which in many countries restrict the digital banking and the lack of sites where people can change their digital money into cash and vice versa.

source: businessinsider, foundations Gates Foundation

Is this a Google Plans to Compete with Apple Pay? photo

The software giant Google does not want to lose competitiveness with Apple Apple has introduced Pay Service. Google is reportedly in talks to buy the company's stock the largest mobile-payment, Softcard.

Desire Google was reportedly greeted by Softcard open arms. Because the company founded AT & T, Verizon, and T-Mobile is currently in the stage of improvement.

Last week, Softcard lay off more than 60 workers while seeking new financing by selling shares.

Reporting from the Wall Street Journal, Sunday (18/01/2015), Google reportedly has an offer of 50 million US dollars to buy shares Softcard.

Not just Google, PayPal reportedly also plans to buy the shares. However, Softcard mentioned tend to choose Google as partners.

Previously, Google already has a mobile-payment service called Wallet. The service was not very developed in the market because it failed to establish cooperation with telecom companies like Verizon.

Occurrences Apple Pay directly to gain success is suppose to be the driving Google to embrace Softcard.

Source: Wall Street Journal

List of Countries Ideal Investor

Ten countries asked as the best investment destination Worldwide by international consultants, AT Kearney and UN agencies, UNCTAD. China is still at the top

10. Japan
Not a few multinational companies that rely on research and development program in Japan. In addition cherry country also assessed prospectively as a regional logistics hub. In general, the position of Japan is still sturdy due to stretching of the domestic market in a dynamic, well-educated workers and forward-thinking consumers.

9. England
Investors from actively reaching Euro zone financial sector that became the backbone of the UK economy. Although plans for a referendum about British membership in the European Union 2017, London was still regarded as a financial center and the most promising stock exchange in the world.

8. Thailand
Thailand has long enjoyed high confidence among investors. The white elephant country for example a few years ago to shift China as the country's third largest Toyota's production in the world. Similar to Malaysia, Thailand rely on the automotive and electronics sectors to gain foreign investment funds.

7. Mexico
Cheapness of labor and transportation costs, as well as a strong affiliation with the neighboring country Mexico's economy, the US, investors flooded the country in the heart of the Karibik. Confidence in the economy of Mexico mainly higher after the government opened the tap for foreign investment in energy enterprise privatization program red plate.

6. Germany
Germany asked as the country with the most advanced manufacturing sector in the world. Country in the heart of Europe is to attract investors who are looking for a business climate that is safe, sustainable long-term. When other European economies shrink, Germany actually is enjoying significant growth rate.

5. Brazil
The samba country can boast as the country's largest investment destination for investors from developing countries and industrial threshold. When the outflow of portfolio investment menderas, Brazil is enjoying the type of long-term investment. Energy and mining are two of the most promising sectors for investors.

4. Indonesia
Indeed foreign investors still place high expectations on Indonesia's economy is driven by consumption and natural resource exploration. But confidence plummeted after the government lay the regulations that prohibit the export of raw minerals. The policy was feared would pollute the investment climate in Indonesia.

3. India
India suck 25.5 billion US dollars in the form of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). However, although still believed to be the ideal state for multinational corporations, capital inflows were reduced by six billion US dollars compared to 2012. One of the biggest reasons is the government's measures to tighten regulation of investment.

2. United States
Despite topping the confidence index of foreign direct investment (FDI), the position of the United States in the list of countries sag thin ideal investment destination than China. The financial sector and the electronics / computer is the biggest reason foreign companies busy to invest in the land of Uncle Sam.

1. China
Bamboo curtain so far topped the popularity list of investment destinations in the world. As many as 45 percent of the 150 multinational companies involved in the poll calling China a dream state. Some sectors that are excellent are telecommunications, automotive and construction.

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