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Vinegar Benefits for Cars

vinegar benefits

It turns out that vinegar can also be used for car care.
Here are some benefits:

1. Cleaning stains on the interior
To clean stubborn stains either on the dashboard or seat, mix together vinegar water with the same ratio. Take a clean cloth and then dip. Rub gently on the affected surface stains.

2. Clean the residual glue sticker
Removing the sticker on the body often leave scars glue. The rest of this glue is quite difficult to be cleaned without special cleaning. Just like the interior, simply rub the surface using a cloth that has been given vinegar.

3. polish chrome parts car
Chrome components such as lists or wheels can be dull though it was washed. After washing, wipe the chrome surface with a cloth that has been given vinegar.

4. Eliminate the smell in car interiors
The smell in the cabin sometimes can not be removed only by using air freshener. Put a glass of vinegar in the cabin and leave it overnight, the odor will disappear.

5. Cleaning wiper
Cleaning wiper with vinegar not only removes dirt, but also able to restore the elasticity of the rubber wiper.

Some Causes of Burned Car

We may have heard information or even see a car that caught fire. In fact, the condition of the car looks still deserves to be ridden.

Typically, the fire started from a puff of smoke from under the hood, a moment later, following a fire which would make motorists panic. Not scare, but the case could happen to anyone, including us.

Greatest potential trigger fires on the car is located in the electrical system. Especially, the condition of the cables that have started poorly. Worn, chipped so much easier cause a short circuit.

Sparks in the event of a short circuit that can be enlarged if grabbing objects around flammable.

Because it involves the wear wires, then the fire case most often affects the cars are old. Even so, it is quite possible new car was experiencing.

Therefore, peeling cable wrapping is not only due to the age factor. It could be due to friction, even bites rodents (mice) when the car is parked. So, beware. Once upon a time, try to check the wiring in the engine of your car.

Now, if already experienced a fire on the car when driving on the road, we did have to move fast. Although the fire looks young, or new just a puff of smoke, not impossible fire spread and grabbed the other, causing a severe fire.
To that end, in addition to examination of the cables, very good also if your car is equipped with a fire extinguisher (fire extinguisher) that can be used when the fire occurred.

The following points suggest that if the car was on fire:

1. Although it must react quickly, but do not panic. Try to keep your mind clear.

2. If you still have time and allows, try to pull over the car first. Parking in a safe place, a minimum to prevent congestion in the middle of the road. Then, turn off the engine.

3. Before you get out of the car, grab valuables (eg, vehicle registration, HP, notebook, etc.), and do not forget to pull the hood release lever.

4. See the location of the fire. If on the machine, open the hood to remain cautious. When the source of the fire is not out of the machine, try to remove the negative terminal of the battery to prevent or reduce the risk of electrical flow. Then, check the other parts that may be the source of fire.

5. If it is very dangerous and we can not handle it alone, immediately ask for help (firefighters), and away from the vehicle.

Dry Battery On Vehicles

Accumulator or often called batteries or accumulators have a very important role on the performance of a vehicle, either two-wheel or four wheel drive. This is because the battery is a device that can store energy in the form of chemical energy.

By using the battery, the voltage to the car can be fulfilled. Therefore, the battery has the function for Starting, Lighting and Ignition (ignition).

Battery we know today there are two types, namely Maintenance Freel (MF) or conventional dry batteries or often called a wet battery. In addition, there are also Hybrid is a combination of dry and wet batteries. However, the Hybrid is still rarely used, especially in motor vehicles.

Currently dry battery is often used on the latest vehicles. This is because the dry battery has a number of advantages over wet battery.

MF or dry battery size is smaller, but the same ability. In addition, dry battery can be installed in all directions, while the conventional (wet battery) when mounted tilted spill.

Dry and wet Battery has a different material, especially on the use of lead. If dry batteries using lead-containing calcium, while conventional batteries using lead-containing antimony.

If it raises evaporation antimony tin very much, so it must often add battery fluid (liquid electrolyte). As for calcium tin very little, because it has a ceramic filter, and other parts that work just out of gas alone.

So whenever there is pressure, dry battery will be out of gas. Meanwhile, if there is water evaporation, it will go back into the battery, so that the dry battery is maintenance-free and do not need to add more liquid.

If under normal usage conditions and vehicle without problems, dry battery can be used between two-three years, while the relative wet battery should be more frequent checks of fluid, and more complicated.

Recharges the conventional unsuitable also further accelerate the dead battery.

Some Tips to Buy Used Cars

Nowadays who does not want to have a private vehicle, although insufficient income to capital have money for down payment and more people are brave enough to take the risk to buy a used car on credit. Yes circumstances like this now reckless capital alone is not enough to achieve the dream of buying a used car on credit. For the middle class society is better to buy a used car on credit because we offer the used car fairly smooth with low down payment and affordable installment installment period despite a fairly long and long. We recommend that those of you who want to buy a used car, the following things should be noted:

Used Car Buying Tips

1. Used Car Prices
For those of us who wanted to have a vehicle or private car should not be too tempted by the low price of a used car for cheap used cars do not necessarily have a good quality. Cheap and quality used cars who would not certainly many who want to be but only the lucky people who can get it. Usually used car prices affect all with the manufacture of automobiles, the younger years of manufacture will be more expensive and vice versa getting older year of manufacture will be cheap and this certainly does not apply to antique cars that have a history of getting older is getting expensive.
Before deciding to buy a used car that suits your pocket with a year younger and tidy state used car, you should make a comparison with the price of a used car with the same type in many other former car showroom so you do not regret it later. In addition to the manufacture of a used car that affect the price of a used car but a lot of fakor which causes a used car is sold at a low price or expensive. Hopefully you get a cheap used car price and quality.

2. The state machine
Check the state of the machine used car that you choose the price that fits your pocket. Check the bottom of the machine and the top of the machine if there is a leak that happens or not, if the state of the machine clean and dry can be the engine in good condition. Also check if the engine sounds rough what is fine when the car engine is turned on, if not noisy engine sounds such as no abnormal noise means the engines are good. Do not forget to check also other engine components such as the ignition system, charging system, fuel system, transmission / perseneleng, axle and others make sure in good condition. If in doubt, bring your subscription mechanic to check the state of the used car.

3. The state of Car Body
Do not be tempted by a state body that seamlessly used car can be a used car is already repainting the body repair workshop. We should be careful to check that the used car body paint exterior and interior look is still genuine if there is a certain -the part that has undergone repainting, used car body check whether there are any dents, scratches, silt around the body of the used car. Do not let you buy a used car ex flooded.

4. Tires and wheels
Physical checks the state of the tires and wheels and tires are still suitable to be used to back up or it's time to be replaced. Make sure the tire situation is still worth taking a way to see how high the outer tread. Do not let you buy a used car with bald tires circumstances you definitely will be burdened with the cost of replacement tires.

5. See Oddometer
Look at the used car oddometer at kilometer, how many kilometers a used car would you buy it if it is still close to what is already too much, eg used cars by year of manufacture kilometer long but still low or vice versa with the year of manufacture cars that are still young with kilometers already high . If you already know kilometer we've been able to think how much mileage of the used car. And we know we can also analyze kilometer already serviced / repaired / replacement spare parts of any used car we compare with the manual / guide service from the car manufacturer.

6. Letter / completeness of documentation
Besides you see and examine the state of the display used car you should also have to examine the documents of the used car.
Do not let the validity period of the vehicle documents has had its day it could be you will be burdened by the cost of the extension of the used car documents. You are also entitled to inspect the used car vehicle history view and ask how the history of a used car would you buy it aims to track and know the history of the used car.

With the above tips I hope you can find a used car with good quality and at an affordable price ralatif. Better before you leave for the used car showroom, you have to have a target type of car you are looking for and you have learned about the type of the car. This is to prevent that you focus and not get confused while in that place.

Some Tips on How to Take Care Vehicle Tires

Tires are part of the vehicle components in direct contact with the ground / earth so that the use of the tires need to be considered carefully and be treated so that the vehicles we drive will feel comfortable and safe. Many people who do not understand about tire care what it looks like and how to do it, here I describe a few tips on how to take care of the tires properly

How to care for tires properly

1. Selection of the right tires
Proper tire selection aims to adjust to road conditions and vehicle operating conditions you tend to go. In choosing tires try not too far from normal size while adding size tolerance is 10 eg 70/80 becomes 80/90.
To maintain safety is priority choose tires that have a soft compon than the hard, because compon more bite soft asphalt. Although your financial situation again mediocre I do not recommend you buy a brand tires carelessly.

2. Always watch your tire pressure
Perform maintenance on wind pressure or check the air pressure is in conformity with the pressure allowed by the manufacturer. Tire pressure should fit should not be less or more aims to keep the expansion does not occur when the air pressure is too strong so that the tire can explode. Less wind pressure will cause the tire easily torn and damaged by sharp objects or other objects.

Air pressure must conform to standards or simply aims to prevent damage to the tires too early, capable of supporting the weight of the vehicle, the tire contact with the ground to be flat so that the tire life becomes longer and durable. The importance of keeping the wind pressure for the sake of keeping the life safety of the driver, the air pressure should be done once in 2 weeks on the condition of the tires cold, wind contents using nitrogen (N2) better. How do I check the air pressure, which make sure the tires in the cold, the wind pressure check if the content is less standardized, check if the teat with soapy water out of air bubbles replace it with a new nipple, nipple cap check whether there is a defect if no reattach nipple cap, do not forget to check the spare tire pressure.

3. Avoid load / overload
Charge or excessive load will force the tires to work harder so will cause the tires to be easily worn even explode. Things like this also affects damage your wheels, so try not too imposing a charge on your vehicle.

4. Always check your tires regularly
Check the condition of the outside of the tire if there is a small stone or gravel attached to tread if there is disconnect and remove the gravel as to prevent damage to the outside of the tire.

5. Rotate tires regularly
To keep the tires that last longer lifespan then do you dikendaraan tire rotation. Tire rotation is done routinely every 10,000 Kilometers so tire wear will be uneven and more durable tires / maximize tire life.

6. Spooring tires periodically
Spooring benefits that make the steering more comfortable, stylish smoothly behind the wheel, the steering is stable and of course a maximum tire life. Perform routine spooring tires every 10,000 miles.

7. Wear tires, inner tubes and tires in the size of the stomach and of the same size.

8. Be careful when driving
While driving we must be careful, select the path that is not broken and perforated so the tires will last longer, and obey all traffic rules so that we avoid motor accidents.

In addition aims to tire more durable and be comfortable and safe driving, to perform tire maintenance tips then we will save the cost of replacement tires of the vehicle.

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