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Building a Stronger Relations between Parents with Children

Tips Relations between Parents with Children
Relations between Parents with Children Tips - photo

Although we are busy with all the activities that exist should we also have to take the time to close with the family especially children. The role of parents in childhood is very influential for the growth and development of their children.

Routines may have turned us into people who do not care about us. Because solid routine, making us unable to interact with the people around, including the family. Although we are busy with all the activities that exist, should we also have to take the time to close with the family especially children. The role of parents in childhood is very influential for the growth and development of their children. Therefore, a close relationship with the child's need to have to lead them and be a role model for them. At least take the time to strengthen the relationship with the child.

Consider the following things that can strengthen the relationship with the child's parents.

1. Vacationing
The most common way and effectively carried out by all the parents are away on holiday with the children. Whether it's going to the recreation park, go to the beach, or maybe go camping. Try to get as close to the child's self with him talking or joking. Not a problem friend a nice vacation or not, but the opportunity to be with the child need to use it well.

2. Clean the house together
A simple way to do without having to spend a lot is to clean the house together. In addition to strengthening the relationship of parents with children, it also can foster cooperation between parents and children. Not only that, in this way we also teach our children to be responsible and care about the cleanliness of the neighborhood.

3. Perform a hobby together
If parents and children pick the same hobby, you do not need to search for topics or what it can attract the attention of the child. With the same hobby closeness between children and parents will stay awake, because they will continue to talk about the hobby together they like.

4. Do not lose a moment to talk with children
Although you are busy with all the activities that exist but do not let a moment to speak with the missing child. Use the sidelines of the time available to talk with the child whether it is currently taking a child to go to school, breakfast time, pick up school children, and so on. Ask questions about life at school, friends at home or something that can make them happy. In this case the parents should always actively looking for questions for their children.

5. Accompany and guide children learn
This may rarely or may not have had time to do because of the busyness that requires you to leave this opportunity. But try to take time to help and guide them in their learning at school. Although merely assist them in learning, it can make your child's heart happy.

6. Try replacing the role of a maid or nanny you
Although we've put all the responsibility of caring for the child to the maid or nanny, but the exact role of parents can not be replaced by a nanny. Do not let our children all about hanging the nanny, the role of parents is also important. Try to be a real parent for your child to take care of them, bathe them, prepare breakfast for them, and many more.

7. Storytelling for them
Although many say that storytelling is an ancient method used to get closer to parents with children, it turns out it is still an effective way to use. With storytelling we also teach children to process information and imagination with what we talked about. Tell me about the stories that can inspire them and build their spirit.

8. Give the gift of a surprise for an achievement
The kids were very happy with the gift, especially if the gift is the object he wants tersebuat. This method is also good enough to be close to the child, through this way we teach that something can not be obtained in a way that instant but it takes hard work to achieve it.

9. Bring to worship together
Although we have inadequate physical needs but do not forget we must meet spiritual needs as well. Teach children to know God early on will give a lot of positive impact dikehidupannya later. Parents in this very important role in the spiritual development of the child to God. Do this over and over in order to get closer to God's children and the elderly.

Good Luck

Suggestions for Overcoming Problems in Children of pressure Perfectionism

Problems in Children of pressure Perfectionism - photo

Help them understand that hope to be 100% in all the time is not realistic and that no one can continuously achieve it.

Parents naturally have desires to see his children great in the activity. But what if a child is required to be great more than just the desire, the desire is not required for perfection? This is when we as parents need to act and help our children learn to cope with their stress and keperfeksionisan.

Here are some suggestions that can be used that might help.

Talk to your child about what caused him to be depressed

If possible, help them break from the pressure to do something fun or going out with family while and then come back with a clear mind. Ask your child to make a record. Writing is a therapy and can help a child to work when feeling depressed.

If the pressure caused by events such as exams or greeting ...

... Help and reassurance your child to deal with pressure situations with confidence.

Help your child learn relaxation techniques ...

... Such as deep breathing slowly, listening to soothing music, go for a walk, or taking a break to clear their minds.

Help your child understand that everything is not always black and white

As a perfectionist, this is a tough concept to grasp. I think that if I am not perfect, so I was the one who failed. But life is not like that and this is the reason why the parents should help their children cope.

Challenge your children's confidence and reason

If they say, "I will forget my solo performances and the whole auditorium will laugh at me." You say, "You will never forget it and the whole auditorium was never laugh at anyone as long as we have attended pertunjukannmu." Help them understand the error in their minds.

Help your child to understand the impact of negative thinking and teach them how to speak positively ...

... Like, "No one is perfect." No one is good in all respects. "Or" Everyone makes mistakes. "

Print a positive footage of the error and then place in the refrigerator door or in your child's room

This could include, "The biggest mistake you can make is constantly afraid to do it." By Elbert Hubbard. "Anyone who has never made a mistake never tried anything new." By Albert Einstein. "Or" Mistakes are a fact of life. This is the response to error. "By Nikki Giovanni. This footage will serve as a reminder to your child that mistakes are good, and will give them permission to make it not as a failure.

Help to reduce procrastination to teach your child about priorities ...

... To divide it into tasks that can be handled as well as they could finish it without feeling overwhelmed. Often, the fear of a child is a failure even before they begin.

Make a schedule and teach your child to apply

If your child understand that they are restricted for 2 hours to do their homework, this will stop them from suffering through the night.

Help your child set realistic expectations for themselves ...

... And make sure that you also set realistic expectations for them. Help them understand that hope to be 100% in all the time is not realistic and that nobody can continuously achieve it. Festive your child to make the question, "What's the worst that could happen?" "What is the best thing that could happen?" "What things are most likely to occur?" These questions will help them put things into perspective.

Always check

Make sure that your child does not get pressure and perfectionist nature by following your guidelines.

Make sure that your child gets enough sleep ...

... Sports, and a well balanced diet. Good body balance affect the balance of the mind.

Pressure and perfectionism can weaken children. But with the help of casing affection and support of the parents, and the appropriate balance and guidance, a child with perfectionist tendencies can find true happiness and success.

 "Tips for dealing with stress and perfectionism" by Tiffany Fletcher.

Some Personality which can Cause Love Fades

Cause Love Fades photo

In a relationship of loyalty is a fixed price, because no one sane willing gladly betrayed by his partner.

Maintaining existing love is not as easy as the first time he said it, it's why many couples who had the affair after so long, suddenly decided to split up in the middle of the road.

Many poets love portrait of love as something abstract, something invisible but can be felt, something that can heal but also can hurt.

Someone love life like a wheel spinning, sometimes is above but someday could be under. Now, for those who are carried away by the passion of love to your partner, let's together to identify some reasons why someone passionate love can fade, so that you as a couple can avoid it, so that your love towards your partner can always awake until whenever.

Avoid having the following properties

1. Too Proud
Imperious = always look down on others. Know that such an attitude to hurt your partner. Cavalier attitude that still maintained over time will make your partner does not respect you more, and if the couple had not appreciate you, it means that he began to lose his love for you.

2. Arrogant
Feel yourself arrogant = truest, most powerful, or the most powerful. Know that your partner is expecting a colleague who might be persuaded to cooperate. Therefore, if today you still expect the presence of your colleagues are always there at your side, throw away this attitude.

3. Authoritarian
Authoritarian = Arbitrary. Not only couples, but all people without exception, hate people who have such an attitude. Authoritarian attitude will make other people feel oppressed, so that such an attitude will never make running smooth and harmonious relationship.

4. Lightly hand
Lightweight hand = is meant here is not helpful, but likes to hit. An abusive spouse is very dangerous, has a lot of couples suffer physically because of his having an attitude like this. Everyone expects to be treated gently by her partner, but if any of you who can not stop this habit, then be prepared to be abandoned by your spouse.

5. Slacker
As a team, like two oxen pull the cart, if one of them lazy, then it will be a heavy burden on her. Therefore, avoid slacker attitude, always eager to undergo any activity in your daily life, so that your partner can feel admiration for your hard work and sacrifice.

6. The slob
Certainly it would be so painful at all if you have a dirty pair. Respect yourself and your partner to always keep clean, especially your body. Others, especially your spouse, will assess, if someone can respect himself, then he must also be able to appreciate others.

7. Do not faithful
In a relationship of loyalty is a fixed price, because no one in his right mind is willing to happily betrayed by his partner. Therefore, always be faithful to your partner, and show your sincerity, because it will bind the love you both.

8. Possessive
Possessiveness is often indicated by limiting the space for couples, loving couples too much - so have a fear of losing, easily jealous, always think negatively when the pair close to the opposite sex, and always wanted to know at any time partner activities. Therefore, so that your partner does not feel confined, as far as possible avoid such attitudes.

9. Not responsible
Because you are not a child anymore, then as adults have a sense of responsibility is obligatory, and your responsibility is tangible proof that you are ready to mate.

10. Selfish
Everyone hates them are selfish, because selfishness tend selfish and have no desire to cooperate with others. Therefore, such an attitude should be defeated by increasing adult person in terms of thinking and acting.

11. Inconsistent
Very frustrating once if you have a friend or even a spouse who does not have the establishment, tend fickle and inconsistent. Therefore, try to our best to always be consistent in every case.

12. No firm
As a man has a firmness is an obligation, because most women are eager partner have good confidence in taking a decision. Therefore, indecision man can make a woman's heart into doubt, which in turn can affect his love for the couple.

13. Rigid
Tendency rigid attitude often shown through some things like: can not get along with others, can not kidding, too serious, clumsy, irritable, and so on. Therefore, be flexible and friendly person, so that other people, including your spouse, can always feel comfortable when he is around you.

14. Emotional
Someone who is easy temperament and emotion it was terrible, most couples will soon be away and lost sympathy, if found her partner have such an attitude or character.

Each person must have one and even possibly other properties that have not been mentioned above. However, if everyone really loves his partner sincerely, then there is no word impossible to be able to change these properties.

Some of the causes of violence in your marriage

violence in marriage photo

The phenomenon of domestic violence almost every day of issue and present in newspapers, television, and radio. Then the question is why does this happen so easily?

The phenomenon of domestic violence almost every day of issue and present in newspapers, television, and radio. This news create fear and makes the heart sad. Then the question is why does this happen so easily? Is this caused by the development of modern times already and sophisticated or a warning to mankind that these are signs of the end times?

Many factors make domestic violence, and it should avoid so it does not happen in your family. Here are a few factors.

1. Talking loud and painful
This behavior is very important and you should absolutely avoid to all family members. Talking loud and loud will make the listener hurt another case with a polite talk will make the other person becomes sympathetic. Thus will avoid misunderstandings that make strife in your family.

2. Can not wait
The next factor is impatience, because it is a benchmark in the event you take action. In family life must not be separated from error. If you have a family you do something wrong do occasionally sentenced. Give the concerned speak to convey his argument. Then give advice or advice with a polite tone and wise not to repeat the same mistakes.

3. The nature of the ego
The nature of selfishness will only encourage your hearts be hard then appear arrogant behavior and persecution of others. Keep the nature of your life. Because if the nature of the egoism continue nesting and settles in the human heart over time will emerge types of liver disease include stubbornness difficult to accept the advice of others, envy, revenge, and so forth. Keep properties like that of your life.

4. Economy
One case of domestic violence are economic factors that are less well established, in terms of the domestic life of the economy is still fragile. So with such a situation will arise various disputes in your household everyday because of the demands of a spouse or your child are not met. So before you carry home life should prepare your financial ability to meet the needs of a decent life.

5. Looking for a scapegoat
When you get a big problem in the work that makes a chaotic mind, do not ever vent into the house because family members do not know anything. Resolve problems in your work and do not jumble into the family. It would be nice if you talk, your partner may have a way out of your problems.

6. There is no culture of democracy in the household
In the family, the husband has the task of becoming the head of the family but not all things are done it right. If the husband of one in conveying or doing something, as wives do not hesitate to justify. Vice versa, if the wife of doing something, husband obligation to steer to the right path. With gentle words it will be readily accepted by the couple and not to make the hurt.

7. Less is open in the family
Less open is one of the things that can make it harmonious married life. If you have a problem outside, do not sweat it alone, it will make you become a greater burden. Communicate about issues received to your partner and find a solution together that would ease the burden of your problems.

8. Go out of the house for no reason
In this case many examples done by children who grew up and still unstable. As a parent, you should be more strict in maintaining and supervising your children while going out of the house. By giving directives about the negative and positive outside the house, then your children will think and away from negative things that you are prohibited.

9. PRIS bad
Prejudiced against the couple will make the discomfort in the household. These properties would make sense not to believe in all the things that couples do. With a good mind to couples will foster mutual trust in married life and this will add to the harmony in the family.

Tips on How to tell your husband that you are Pregnant

tell your husband that you are Pregnant photo

Perhaps you do not keep your husband that you want to get pregnant, then when the time arrives to tell the good news to your husband, you want to make it special.

Perhaps you do not keep your husband that you want to get pregnant, then when the time arrives to tell the good news to your husband, you want to make it special. Some people like to talk about it directly, while others like to make a surprise. There are a variety of ways to share the excitement, below are some of them:

Say directly
I remember the day when I learned that I was pregnant, just like yesterday. It was about seven o'clock in the morning of the New Year, I wake up and can not sleep anymore, so I decided, why not. I go and check and make sure that there are two pink lines. I do not even know what I did, after a long wait, I finally going to become a mother. I shouted, and ran and jumped to the top of the mattress. My tests show it in front of my husband's nose and he tried hard to find out what was going on. I still remember the joy on his face when woken in the morning of the New Year and was told that he would be a father.

Prepare special meals
One fun way to tell your husband that you are pregnant is to prepare "baby food" for him. You can cook a small carrot, and food according to the size of the baby. It's fun to tell the "secret" at dinner.

Give your husband a gift a father
A smart idea is to buy baby clothes with neutral colors that reads "I love my father." When she opened the gift will not be any misunderstanding about what you are trying to say to him.

Make it as a game
Create a crossword puzzle or a game of treasure hunt. Make a crossword puzzle with words associated with the baby (such as breastfeeding, pacifiers, blankets, diapers, etc.). Treasure hunting game can lead your husband into the room that you have set for baby room, or to place a gift a father.

Reforming the house so ready to welcome baby
Arrange the house according to the needs of the baby while your husband is at work (this should be done), when your husband came home he would ask why all has been made safe for the baby, and this is the right time to tell your husband that encouraging news .

Whatever way you choose to tell your husband that you are pregnant, be sure to record it and even take a picture so you can keep it in your baby's first book. This is an exciting time that you will never forget, and one day you can share it with your child.

"How to tell your husband you are pregnant" by Kelsie Stanfill.

Some Tips for Parents of Teenagers and Still Stay at Home

Teen and parent at Home photo

Adolescent adult not a child anymore, but adults who still live at home. Are they going to college full-time or work, young adult children need to feel that they can assert their own freedom.

Having grown children and still living at home is a good transition for parents and also for children. Here are fifteen ideas that can help.

Adolescent adult not a child anymore, but adults who still live at home. Are they going to college or work, young adult children need to feel that they can assert their own freedom. But they still have to keep hold of their responsibility and accountability to be part of the family. A recent study showed that 53 percent of young adults aged 18-24 still live at home, on the site

Here are 15 ideas to help parents in transition in the lives of young adults.

Treat her like an adult
He was no longer a child and do things that are more important such as school and work. He's immature and should not be treated as mature adults. He needs to feel like he could act like his age and still have freedom.

Let him have his own rules
As a parent, this is the hardest thing I received with my own daughter 19 years old. If your son or daughter living in the house, let him set his own rules. Not that he could decide not to do anything. But it means providing the opportunity to use their freedom to act like an adult with a set of tasks, curfews, and the work of his own.

Involve him in the family
Children young adults have their own life, but because they are still living at home, is a wise idea to keep involve him in family events. Maybe she had other plans, but this shows that he is still part of the family.

Give her chores
If he lived at home, he is still a part of your family, which means he has a room, use the bathroom, eat-in kitchen and watching television. Therefore, he should still be given the task. Sit down and talk to him about school or work schedule is a good idea, so that you both know what he can realistically accomplish without burdensome.

encourage him
It does not matter why he was still living at home, praise her for her good work ethic or when he made a good choice that is very important for growth. Encourage development to become an adult is a good way to instill confidence and self-esteem when he stands alone.

Do not let him control you
You still parents. If you do not want a bunch of college kids staying up until one or two o'clock in the morning, tell him. If he is at home, make sure that he is doing a job or go to college and not just ride alive.

Give him a little leeway in freedom
One day, he would go, but trying to hold him at home because you want to control freedom could damage growth. Your job, as a parent, is to raise well and then let him fly to create barunya- life away from home.

Let him buy his own clothes and accessories
If he has a job, there is no reason why he can not buy their own equipment. As he stood alone, he had to buy clothes, food, school supplies and other necessities alone. So, let him be responsible for these things.

Rents demanded from him
This is a very sensitive topic. On the one hand, you want him to live independently, live alone. On the other hand, you are happy that he is still living at home. If a situation like he did not want to go to school, then this is the right time for you to give him an ultimatum, according to school and stay at home for free, or he must pay rent. If he does not go to school, it may be time for him to move away from home.

Give him time period
If he has no desire to move, probably a good idea to set a time period. The goal is to help her to be independent. Let him set a time, and when the time comes, affirm that agreement.

Set limits
If he's using the family car, set a time limit when and for what reason he could use the car. If he has a job, make sure he is helping to pay for petrol and caring for the vehicle.

Be Patient
If your young adult children are older than 21 years old and still living at home, you may be ready to grab your own hair. Be patient. If you allow him to switch transition from a child to a young adult by itself, he will be better prepared to deal with the real world. Just do not let him stay at home for a period of time is too long.

Help with guidance
If he has not moved, maybe he just needs a gentle nudge. Talk to her about her worries and help him to alleviate some of the concerns. Reassure him that taking this step is the best thing for him.

Let him fly
If he still lives with you when he was aged 25 years, then perhaps you, as parents, have to cut the rope and let him fly. If he is allowed to stay under your wing, maybe he'll never want to leave the nest. A subtle vibrations of the tree may be the only way to make him able to stand alone.

"15 Tips for parenting young adults at home" by Julia Nielsen.

Some Things Hurting Heart Feelings husband and your marriage

your marriage photo

When newly married wife sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed realizing the magnitude of his responsibility to love and care of her husband. Sudden almost all the welfare and happiness of another person is strongly influenced by the actions and choices by his wife. Women, we should be careful in taking care of my husband and our marriage.

Here are some things you without you knowing it can destroy your husband and marriage. Do not let little things ruin your chance to savor the greatest happiness in life. (Note: although this writing about women, but applies also for men)

1. Living exceed your ability
A wise old woman once told, "The best thing to do for a woman her husband is to live according to his ability." Wife, show your appreciation and respect to the husband by following budget carefully and make the best use of what you have.

Whine constantly because not enough money and wasteful spending so that your credit card can not be used again is a bad way to express gratitude to you faithful husband and has been working hard to meet the needs of the household. You are not able to buy a Gucci bag that's been months of your dreams, but your husband will thank you that you have to respect him and be grateful for what he gave.

2. The negative attitude of unceasing
You hate your hair, messy house, next to the nosy neighbors, co-workers who are incompetent, trashy old cars and many other trappings. Once the husband comes home from work you throw all the resentment that meets your heart that day.

Imagine a heavy load. Negative attitudes spend energy. Although men like to fix something that is not right, but if you are flooded with all things negative, it is difficult for him to solve your problem.

One thing I learned from a good marriage is the man who wants to live a happy life, and if he can not help you feel happy, he would be very disturbed. No harm, and it is understandable if you occasionally experience a less pleasant day, but do not complain every day.

3. Concerned other things
If you are more concerned about the child, mother, friend, talent or career than your husband, you openly declare that he is not important. Imagine if over the years someone do that to you. What will happen with your self-esteem?

Prioritizing your husband.
Although it may seem inappropriate and unproductive, you will be amazed when realizing that it is the key to the greatest happiness in marriage. Many couples divorce because they do not pay attention and love each other and do not prioritize their partners.

If you choose to prioritize each other, you will find happiness.

4. Not being affectionate towards her husband
Men yearn for and need intimacy of their wives, when you continuously ignore it they will be frustrated.

Physical relationship should not be manipulated to control the husband; it should be seen as a sacred way to forge a strong bond between the two of you.

Is a great gift when you feel needed and missed by a romantic husband who want to enjoy something important and beautiful with you - just you. Although you do not want it at the time, it is important that you follow his will (if possible) and spend some time to establish love with him.

5. The difference between women and men
Women like to give the (already a female instinct). Men do not understand the signs of the (already a male instinct).

Do not waste your time by giving a sign that he did not understand: Speak frankly. Be honest about how you feel, do not wait until you explode. When he asked what was wrong, do not lie to answer "no nothing" but wished he could read your mind and emotions. Be open to express your feelings.

"5 ways you are unknowingly destroying killing your husband and your marriage" by Katelyn Carmen.

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