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Some Signs Before Childbirth

Signs Before Childbirth Articles photo

The process of childbirth is a phase that is eagerly awaited by pregnant women. Therefore, you need to know the signs of giving birth, especially if you decide to do a normal labor and birth is approaching day forecast.

During this time, people know the signs bore the amniotic fluid will rupture and uncontrolled, and contraction with tremendous pain. Is It True?

When childbirth indeed be accompanied by rupture of the amniotic fluid. However, these conditions apparently does not apply to all women. There are some women who experienced signs of rapid delivery, but not a few women who slower experience.

But, you do not need to worry because here are the signs given birth already you can feel in the third trimester of pregnancy:

• Contraction
Contraction is a condition in which the uterus will tighten and become more relaxed as in a position ready to push the baby out. Contractions will feel the same pain as the first days of menstruation. In fact, the pain will be felt at the times ready to give birth. In addition, the stronger the contraction characterized by a more regular intervals and shorter, for example, every 30-70 seconds.

• Back pain
Backs will feel more stiff and sore during pregnancy because of the extra burden that rests on the backs and attraction of some abdominal muscles. However, while giving birth to the lower back will be sore and cramping. This pain is part of the contraction and is usually felt on the back and then will move on to the next multi-story body.

• Water rupture
Amniotic fluid is the fluid that protects the fetus while in the womb. Ruptured amniotic fluid usually like torrents or just a trickle. Keep in mind, if the amniotic fluid until it broke its meaning is the approach you with childbirth.

• Exit viscous mucus
When pregnant, then there is an obstruction such as a layer of mucus that covers the opening of your cervix. But ahead of childbirth, the cervix will be softened and enlarged to prepare for the birth path. This makes the blockage becomes depleted and can drip out and blockage will come out in the form of mucus or jelly pink-brown.

However, you should still see a doctor specialist obstetric and gynecology aimed to security and safety and your fetus.

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Normal Childbirth Tips & Eliminate Pain

Childbirth natural childbirth is desirable by mothers who are undergoing pregnancy. In addition, natural childbirth is also the birth process suggested by the medical world. With undergo natural childbirth, one of which indicates that pregnancy has been conceived, or the fetus and the mother's health is getting better. The experience of being a mother feels perfect when feeling how heavy struggle that must be passed as it passes through the normal birth process. But behind all that, many pregnant women feel anxiety or dread labor.

Naturally it is, because childbirth is a big process to be followed by pregnant women. Energy, thought to be deployed to mental mother through childbirth safely. One of the factors that cause anxiety or fear when it will face a labor process, is a shadow of pain that would befall the pregnant women when undergoing the process of natural childbirth. Inevitably, it is a normal delivery would cause pain for the mother. But the pain in pregnant women suffering would be different levels, there are really feeling great pain, but many felt sick just an instant. Surely this is a lot of factors. starting from the experience of giving birth, the size and weight of the baby, the support (husband, family), childbirth techniques, even from a medical helper from the doctor or midwife itself, etc.

To assist pregnant women can melewawi childbirth without pain tormented by extraordinary, here are some tips that can be used so that the pain of childbirth can be reduced or even lost.

Pray To God
Everything dalah this life surely there are infinite set is the Lord. Only He can determine everything to nothing on the face of this earth, including in the process of giving birth to be a mother through. So prayer and dhikr was to him, so that the process of normal birth mother who will go through to run smoothly and of course the safety of the mother and the baby's mother attacked.

Trust and believe
Eliminate all forms of images or thoughts that spawned it is a painful process. If conditions haunt ourselves sick mother, then surely it would be ill childbirth. But Instill in mind and thought the mother, that gave birth that is not a painful process, but a natural process that must be passed, and has millions of mothers on this earth has been through this process safely, and they can. Entrusted to yourself that delivery was not painful, it will help psychological mother, help confidence in the face of normal childbirth.

Perform Small Streets
When the contraction has not peaked, and according to maternal medical still have time before delivery, take advantage of this time with a small walk around the room and casual labor. This can help the mother to expedite the delivery process

Relax Menjelangkan Childbirth
Tense ahead of the process of giving birth, the mother will actually make the muscles will be stiff. If this condition occurs, then the process will be painful childbirth. Birthing process requires a flexible muscles, especially around the hips, thighs, abdomen. Because there will be a great stretching during childbirth. Therefore relax before the birth will make your muscles supple, besides the mother's mind will feel calm.

Husband and Family Support
Childbirth is a major process that must be passed mother. It takes a lot of support to get past it to run safely and smoothly. Support of her husband and family will make the mother more motivated. Even husbands sincere love gushing when gently massage the mother's back, fixing the position of the pillow mother, or mother wiped the sweat would be incredible magic power for the mother. Gone pain during childbirth, when the mother feel how sincere and her husband love to the mother.

Use Breathing Techniques True
During the birthing process takes as much energy. If the mother can not manage power during delivery, it will give birth so long and will certainly tortured mother. One technique that can be used to regulate the mother's energy is to regulate pernafasaan techniques during childbirth. Using proper breathing techniques, but can help regulate energy, also regulate the supply of oxygen, helps relaxation, and helps when pushing and pushing and positive response to contraction.

Center Point Attention
Bring something from your home that can be used as the focal point during the process of giving birth, such as family pictures or anything else that is fun. This can help mothers feel comfortable while menjalai childbirth. Mothers can also hear the music of peace that can reassure the mother. Setting a center point of attention can also be done with the mother imagine how cute baby will be born later.

Know The process of Labor and Childbirth Techniques True
By knowing the birth process that must be passed, the mother will be ready and well prepare to undergo the process of giving birth. Mothers who are ready psychologically very helpful and speed up the delivery process. A quick delivery process will certainly make childbirth as an experience that was not painful.

How to Lose Weight After Childbirth

For young mothers who are planning to have a baby, being fat after giving birth is a reasonable fear. After giving birth generally showed considerable weight gain greater than the original weight before pregnancy. But do not worry excessive all that can be overcome with a healthy lifestyle behaviors. As for tips that can be done by mothers to go back to lose weight is as follows:

Several research activities mengungakapkan that breastfeeding can help mothers to lose weight gradually, at least for 6 months after birth. In this process a number of hormones are released into the body, these hormones that will help the uterus to restore the body to its original shape as before pregnancy. sa breastfeeding information when it equates to burn calories by 200 to 500 calories per day. Same amount of calories if you swim for a few hours or ride a bike for an hour.

Consult with your doctor what exercise is safe to do and when to begin. This is especially important for mothers who gave birth by Caesarean section. Try to find friends also who gave birth in the exercise in order to motivate each other.

Mingle With Baby
One fun way is the activity with the baby. Indirectly it will burn fat in the body. For example, by taking a walk with the baby using a stroller and push or carry. It can burn fat in our body.

Changing Eating Habits
Better to eat 3 times a day with a complete menu rather than eat one time but the added sweet snacks and less salubrious for example chocolate, snacks. For mothers who are breast-feeding do not forget to pay attention to the nutritional adequacy of the food dikonsumsi.Jangan forget consume lots of water.

Create a Realistic Target
Weight may not return to pre-pregnancy size in an instant. Therefore, to motivate yourself, outboard photos before pregnancy in a place easily visible, for example in the refrigerator.

Enough Sleep
Maybe you can not sleep a full 8 hours per night caring for your baby. However, lack of sleep can hinder your efforts to lose weight. A study found that mothers who have just given birth to sleep for five hours or less a night tend to be more difficult to lose weight than those who slept 7 hours.
When tired, the body releases cortisol and other stress hormones that can lead to weight gain badan.Selain that, when exhausted, you're likely not going to pay attention to your needs. You will not pay much attention to where the food is healthy. You even tend to choose foods that can be processed and obtained easily. Additionally, you will be doing your physical activity.
Maybe you've often advised to go to sleep when your baby sleeps, and this is true. Ayamlah sleep as often as possible during the day and go to bed early, at least until your baby starts sleeping.

Ask for help
If you're trying to lose weight, ask your doctor and dietitian. The dietitian can help you plan your meal to help you lose weight safely and effectively. While the doctor can guide you in determining the amount of weight that should be taken down and when it is appropriate to begin exercising.

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