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Daily habits that Make You Looks Older. You should know to avoid it

Reporting from the following page 6 habits that make you look older.

1. Using a styling tool
If you frequently use a blow dryer, curling iron, etc., should stop now.
When air is heated using a tool that will form tiny air bubbles in the hair.
These bubbles cause damage to the head and makes hair is getting thinner and slightly older.

2. The habit of eating food sweet
Consuming refined carbohydrates and sugars such as bread, cakes, and crackers can cause a spike in blood sugar.
Sugar molecules go through the blood into the cells in the body by connecting the fat and protein.
When the sugar content begabung with collagen without enzyme would create a process of glycation which causes skin wrinkles faster.
To fix this, you can replace it with eating nuts, edamame, yogurt and low-glycemic foods lainny.

3. The habit of squinting while frowning
This habit can cause wrinkled in the forehead and the corners of the eyes, if done too often.
Especially if you do it while exercising expression then the effect will be felt sooner.
Because when the muscles are forming.
And it is less beautiful if you bersefli then you uploaded on Instagram, seemed so young guys.

4. Tie the hair
Hair roots are pulled repeatedly can cause alopecoa traction or receding hairline.
As a result, hair loss can occur and make the skin thinner and thinner hair.
Compared to tie the ponytail, you can replace it with curl hair style a bit messy.

5. Avoid fat
Healthy fats such as omega 3 fatty acid is made easily remove pimples or skin rashes.
But the good effects can prevent damage to collagen and skin elasticity.
Compared to stop the consumption of fat you can replace it with consuming salmon, avocado, olive oil, and flaxseed.

6. Rubbing Eyes
The habit of rubbing the eyes not only make the lashes fall out, but also cause trauma to the area under the eyes.
As a result, eye bags will be thicker and make the face a little older.


New Findings Cream Could Remove Tattoos Without the Pain

New cream Remove Tattoos
Remove Tattoos -

A Canadian student developed a new method to remove the tattoo without feeling pain.

The method allows for those who wish to remove a tattoo just by using some sort of cream.
Reporting from the CBC, the developed method was different from the method of removing tattoos using a laser that requires a lot of costs, even in certain cases cause burns, abrasions.

"We have designed a drug that does not have much effect," said Alec Falkenham.
The method, according to 27-year-old student targeting skin cells to normal, so there would be no inflammation.
In fact, based on a proven process that has done no side effects such as inflammation.

When the tattoo, the ink is injected into the skin, essentially causing the immune response and the cells moved to the area 'macrophages' then becomes the color of the ink.
Simply put, some of the ink into the gland body, but others remain stranded in your skin, forming a tattoo.

Cream was called Falkenham able to make new microphages then 'consume' the old ink, it causes the tattoo process to be landless but surely fading.
Not only is it safer method than laser, but it should be much cheaper.
Shark tattoo below into evidence shown by Alec, cream produces.
Color amid long faded into the original color of the skin tattoos owners. The process took place gradually.
Falkenham not know how many applications will be required (the cream is still in the testing phase), but he expects four cents per square centimeter, or about $ 4.50 or £ 3 to 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters wide.

"He (alec) coming to ILI with the idea, associated with his graduate studies, which can be applied in real life," said Andrea McCormick, manager of health and life sciences at Falkenham's Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"Research has shown initial good results and the next phase of the research will develop the technology into a product that can eventually be brought to the market," he said.


Some natural ingredients for hair curly care

hair curly care
hair curly care - photo

Too often having a bad hair day because the curls 'explode'?

Got a curly or frizzy hair, especially dry and expands it more often annoy rather than proud. Because this type of hair unruly.

It could be that you have to stick with a comb in front of the mirror for a full hour just to get the hairstyle that at least 'inappropriate' is seen.

Want your curly hair more manageable? Try care of your curls with 5 natural ingredients that are inexpensive but effective recommendations following the Style Craze.

1. Eggs
Eggs contain protein and nutrients that can coat the hair shaft and make it softer. Mix the fruit fresh egg with a tablespoon and two tablespoons of olive oil.

Apply to hair and let sit for 1 hour. After that, rinse the hair with water until clean.

2. Avocado
Avocado oil contains natural moisturizers and nutrients potent as natural hair conditioner and mask.

Blend the avocado flesh (of a ripe avocado fruit), then mix with two tablespoons of plain yogurt.

Apply to hair and let sit for 1 hour. After that, rinse the hair with water until clean.

3. Aloe vera
Aloe vera or aloe vera can make hair soft and shiny. Use fresh aloe vera sap for a hair mask once a week. Once applied, let stand for 15 minutes. After that rinse clean.

4. Flower shoes
Hibiscus contains natural nutrients which are suitable for 'tame' your wild hair. Simply prepare the four petals of hibiscus. mash until smooth and mix with water.

Apply to hair and let sit for 20 minutes. After that, rinse hair with warm water. Do this treatment twice a week.

5. Apple cider vinegar
The acidic nature of cider vinegar is used to balance the pH of the scalp and hair shaft. Thus, the hair will not be too dry and fluffy.

Use apple cider vinegar to rinse after shampooing twice a month. Combine apple cider vinegar and water with the same ratio. Pour into the hair, then let stand for 5 minutes before rinsing.

That's five natural ingredients that can be used to 'conquer' your curly hair. Please try.

Some Tips on How to Thicken Hair

Tips on How to Thicken Hair
Thicken Hair - photo

Shiny, healthy, and thick. Of course, many women who crave that kind of hair. But not impossible, someone who has thin hair can also get thicker hair. The trick? Consider the following tips gorgeous!

1. Henna Powder
Henna powder is believed to make the hair thicker. Pour some henna powder into a bowl and mix the water. Leave overnight. The next morning apply the paste on your hair and leave for 1 hour and then rinse with water.

2. Leaves of hibiscus
Destroy some hibiscus leaves. Then apply on the hair, leave for an hour and then rinse.

3. Mayonnaise
Spread mayonnaise on your hair and leave it for about fifteen minutes. And then rinse thoroughly with shampoo.

4. Bananas
Take a small bowl and puree the avocado and banana. Apply the paste to the scalp and hair and give it a bit of gentle massage. Let stand for about 20 minutes and rinse with shampoo.

5. Baking Soda
Add about 2 teaspoons of baking soda to your shampoo and apply on the hair, leave on for five minutes and then rinse with water.

6. Honey
Apply honey on the scalp and hair gently. Let stand for about twenty minutes. Then rinse with warm water and shampoo.

Here are six naturally make hair so thick. Good luck!

Tips Treat itchy scalp

Treat itchy scalp Tips
Itchy scalp - photo

Itchy scalp make anyone feel uncomfortable. There are several causes of these problems, particularly dandruff. Another factor that causes itchy scalp dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, flaky scalp and fungal infections of the scalp.

Fortunately, there are some panacea that can solve the scalp itching. Let's refer to an interesting review below!

1. Honey and banana
This mask can help reduce flaky scalp, dandruff and other inflammation that occurs on the scalp. Honey is known for his role as a natural moisturizer and also has antibiotic properties.

Mash a ripe banana and add a few drops of honey. Make a paste of the mixture. Apply the mask to the entire scalp and leave on for twenty minutes. Wash.

2. Lemon
Lemon is able to cope with itching on the scalp. Squeeze the lemon juice and apply evenly to the scalp. Let stand a few minutes and then rinse.

3. Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties are strong, and can kill viruses and fungi. Combine apple cider vinegar and water. Then apply on the scalp and then rinse with water.

4. Baking soda and water
This is the best cure for itchy scalp. Make a mixture of baking soda and water, then apply on the scalp is itchy. Let stand for 15 minutes and rinse.

5. Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is known as a useful material for the hair. Tea Tree Oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. By applying tea tree oil regularly on the scalp, you can overcome the itching of the scalp. It can help to relieve the itching of the scalp.

Have a try at home!

Understanding your hair and the difference between Creambath Care, Hair Mask, and Hair Spa

Hair treatment Articles photo

The third treatment mentioned it (cream bath, hair spa, and a hair mask) looks something like. All of which is a treatment or care that aims to maintain and improve hair health.

Unfortunately, because not many people understand, often erroneous treatment. Instead of improving the condition of our hair can actually make more damaged again.

Before discussing these differences helps us to know the structure of our hair.

Although very small, the hair structure is subdivided into three parts in succession from the outside to the inside.

hair treatment photo

1. The cuticle.
The outermost layer is called the cuticle hair. Cuticle function is to protect the underlying layers of dryness and damage. If not careful, it can be damaged cuticle layers, such as when we menyasak hair or use the 'shampoo' that damage the hair. Hair perming process actually damage the cuticle layer of your hair as well.

2. cortex.
The middle layer of the hair structure called the cortex. Most of the cortex consists of hair pigment and air cavities. Due to the nature of the cortex layer is soft, then this layer is damaged, especially by the use of chemicals. If the cuticle layer is damaged in the process of "treatment" everyday hair then layers of the cortex is often damaged by the hair styling process using chemicals such as hair coloring.

3. The medulla.
The innermost layer of the hair is the medulla. Unfortunately not all of us have the medulla layer. Be thankful they are thick hair because they have this layer. For those who are generally thin blonde and medullary layer does not exist.

Here are delivered differences hair care such as:

• Creambath.
Care creambath only intended to repair damage to the cuticle layer only. So for women who often do rebonding, perming, or coloring, creambath less useful.

• Hair Mask.
Treatment is aimed at treating hair mask hair damage that occurs in the cortex layer. Hair mask is suitable for those who frequently perform treatment involving chemical processes in the hair.

• Hair Spa.
Hair spa treatment is indispensable for those who frequently perform treatment sepertirebonding, smoothing, etc. Hair spa analogous function as body spa, make the hair can breathe again, become healthier and softer because adequate nutritional input. There are various types of hair spa serum.
Actually hair spa procedure something like the cream bath, it's just that there is a special serum that is provided to address the problems of your hair.

Hopefully with this explanation, Susan and friends who often treat the hair can be helped in choosing hair care. Although in many areas of care (salon / clinic), we are given the freedom to choose the type of treatment, but it is good to consult with a beautician, so that we can obtain hair care effectively and efficiently.

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Simple Tips to Avoid Acne

Tips to Avoid Acne Articles photo

It is known that one way to prevent acne is to keep the face. How to keep the face of the most basic is to wash the face that should be done every day. It seems trivial, but there are special techniques that face washing routine can obtain optimal results.

Here are the steps:

Wash your hands before you cleanse your face. Use running water when washing hands, so that no dirt left on the hands.

Next, grab the milk cleanser (cleanser), pour a little into the palm of the hand and the index finger and the middle of the other hand, rubbed to the entire face.

Take a cotton swab to clean. It is useful to remove the dirt on the face, including the remnants of makeup.

Wet your face with water, grab soap face (facial wash) that suits your skin type (oily or dry skin) to taste. 

Sweep soap scum face to face evenly.

Rinse your face with clean water. Rinse until no foam left. Dry your face with a face towel.

Then use a toner on your face using cotton evenly to the entire face. Toner function is to shrink pores and tighten the skin.

For the last step using the cream morning or night cream after washing the face in order to get maximum results.

To obtain maximum results, you should do this face wash routine, three times a day ie morning, noon and night before bed.

With the steps above, is expected to keep facial skin clean and healthy, so that acne was not willing to stop by.

A few explanations may be useful.

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Some Tips to Avoid Wrinkles in Face

Avoid Wrinkles in Face photo

Over time and age someone, wrinkles on the face can not be avoided. Fortunately there are several ways to overcome the wrinkles on the face.

 1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
Because direct sunlight can have a big impact on the appearance of wrinkles on the face. So, if you must be outdoors with exposure to direct sunlight, it is better to use a hat or umbrella. Also, do not forget to use the anti-sun cream with SPF.

 2. Stop smoking
As we all know, the smoke has the effect of labor for the body, especially for skin health. In addition, cigarettes and its contents in the body releases enzymes that destroy collagen and elastin, important components that maintain healthy and youthful skin.

 3. Get enough rest
Rest is pretty is very useful for your skin. Because the lack of sleep can cause the body to produce cortisol, a hormone that destroys dead skin cells. So, sleep enough so as to release human growth hormone (HGH) which keep skin thick, elastic, and delay wrinkles.

 4. Sleeping with the supine position
Sleep with this position can prevent the skin of the face and the lines that eventually can be permanently imprinted on the surface of the skin. Lying on your side and sleep on my stomach can make a frown.

 5. Do not squint
That is, if the view is not clear because the light is too strong then wear glasses to improve visibility. Repetitive facial movements, such as narrowed, can make facial muscles to work too hard, thus forming a pattern beneath the skin's surface that long into the wrinkles.

 6. Consumption of fish
Eating a variety of fish is very good for the body, especially the salmon that contains a lot of protein. Expand also consume other fish containing protein and omega-3 fatty acids, basic building skin healthy and supple.

 7. Increase consumption of soy
Soy is consumed regularly for six months, the results will be visible. In addition, the content of foods with the same effect for fish protein, grape seed, tomato and some vitamins. Consumption of fruits and vegetables are also rich in antioxidants. Replace your coffee drinking habits, with chocolate consumption. Because, chocolate contains flavanols be epicatchin and catechins that can improve skin circulation.

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Have you ever gone to a modern supermarket or store, with the purpose to buy shampoo, but instead you have even more confused when viewing many types of shampoos are available there? Everyone, it never felt this confusion. However, any confused as you, lest you end up choosing shampoo only by brand, logo, or design an attractive shampoo bottle.

Treat your hair to choose the right shampoo.
To help you choose a suitable type of shampoo according to hair type, then you should know the type of the scalp, hair type and hair problems are most often you face during this. Gathers information on some of the points, will help solve your hair problems.

A. Type your scalp
Scalp likened to the ground for your hair. If the soil is not healthy or not considered when planting, the plants will usually grow no good, or fail. It is the same with your confusion when choosing a shampoo, the first step is you have to correctly determine the type of your scalp. Your scalp may include the type of dry, oily, or even both. Type scalp can actually change with the seasons. In winter, your scalp will tend to dry, and in the summer will tend to damp. For that, do not use the same shampoo throughout the year, for all weather. It is the most common mistake.

1. oily scalp
If you have an oily scalp and live in tropical regions like Indonesia, then you should choose a shampoo that can strengthen the hair and adjust the volume balance of the hair, that are not easily limp or oily. For those of you who have long hair, you should apply conditioner to the ends of this rambut.Hal to avoid oily scalp. Have a try, and remember, that the shampoo is food for the scalp and hair conditioner is food for.

2. Dry Scalp
If you have a dry scalp, then do not use shampoo that adds volume or strengthen your hair. Try to overcome a dry scalp by using hair oil every night before bed.

3. The normal scalp
If you are one of the lucky people born with normal scalp, then you must regularly in touch with the natural cycles. Try to realize and notice how the seasons change your scalp and oil production. Change the appropriate shampoo. You must be most careful with your hair as a shampoo application

B. Type your hair
Knowing what your hair type, is the best way to choose the right treatment for your hair. Based on volume, your hair can be divided into categories of thin, medium thick hair or extending. Here's his explanation for each category:

1. thin hair
This type of hair should be treated by using a shampoo that makes your hair look more air volume. You have to take care of your scalp and hair with two different perawatn products, which according to its kind.

2. Hair being
Hair is hair types that are desired by many people. For medium hair type, you should notice is to prevent tangles and keep it smooth. For that, we recommend you choose a shampoo with conditioner as the best treatment for your hair.

3. thick hair
Have thick hair, it would be a little inconvenient in terms of maintenance. If you have thick hair and dry scalp, then pilihlan moisturizing shampoo. Meanwhile, if you have thick hair and scalp is oily, then wear a moisturizing shampoo, hair strengthening shampoo, and shampoo that balances the levels of hair oil, alternately wear these three types of shampoo.

So, do not anymore because you choose a shampoo brand or its packaging beautiful, but soon discovered that the best shampoo for your hair. The most important thing in choosing a shampoo is know the type of your hair and find out what works best for your hair. Hopefully this article can help you determine the right choice shampoo, along with various types of shampoos are available at this time

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Some Natural Ways to Increase and Nourish Hair

Increase and Nourish Hair articles photo

Beautiful hair, healthy and dense certainly a dream and a dream for anyone, especially for women. However, some threats regarding hair problems like hair loss, branched and broken of course be very scary. Especially if the problem is the problem of hair loss, hair loss problems if kept left without sought a solution it will be bad for hair beauty that will eventually end up on the hair thin and in the worst condition, the hair will become bald. To that end, it is important to care for and maintain healthy hair.

Well, one way to preserve and maintain healthy hair is separately nourish hair treatment which is one of the efforts to overcome the loss due to thin hair. Like what Increase and mnyuburkan way hair naturally? 

Consider the following ways.

1. Use Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera natural photo

Aloe vera is a herb that is very famous, because benefits can mendotosifikasi disease of the body when consumed as a juice. Not only that, the benefits of aloe vera is also very good to nourish hair naturally. The trick, namely by using aloe vera flesh, then puree and then apply to the head, starting from the surface of the scalp to the ends of the hair evenly, do massage gently rubbing aloe vera. Wait for a few moments, then then rinse with water and shampoo.

2. Use Pandan Leaves photo

Benefits of pandan leaves, not only used as a food coloring or fragrance that tasted better. Yet another benefit is a natural substance that can stimulate the production of hair and menyuburkannya naturally. It's easy once, namely by boiling some pandan leaves to boil. Then use pandan leaves boiled water to wash it, then do not always rinsed, let stand until water seeped pandan leaves a few moments, then rinse and wash afterwards with clean water.

3. Use Leaf Bowl

 Polyscias Scutellaria articles photo

Leaf bowl or in Latin called Polyscias Scutellaria is an ornamental plant yard that can function as a medicinal plant, because the benefits are good for health. In addition, leaf bowl also be used as a potent herb for hair melebatkan naturally. Way, take some leaves bowl, cut into pieces, then puree and give a bit of water. Then apply this mixture on the scalp evenly. Leave it to dry and then clean and berkeramaslah.

That he is some natural ways you can do to nourish and melebatkan hair. Perform the ritual on a regular basis, so that optimal results can be faster you get.

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Some Tips on How to Eliminate Hair Lice

head lice in the hair photo

The presence of head lice in the hair can make people feel disturbed. Might interfere with his performance, or distraction due to itching caused. In addition, these parasites also have a high reproductive capacity.

To get rid of lice, many chemical drugs are sold freely in pharmacies and drug stores. But how to get rid of lice hair naturally?

Here are natural ways you can do to get rid of head lice are safe and healthy for the hair.

1. Coconut oil
Coconut oil is a way of eliminating lice effective. This oil can make lice become dehydrated and weak.
Apply coconut oil evenly on the head and hair, and massage slowly. Let stand a few times, then Wash to clean.
Then comb your hair with a comb serit (very tightly comb) so that fleas and eggs apart from the hair.
Intervenes repeatedly until no more lice and eggs in the head.

2. Olive oil
Olive oil (olive oil) has properties that are very good for the hair. But can be used to eradicate head lice by following the way in the use of coconut oil, olive oil is also believed to provide nutrients for the hair to remain black shiny, strong and not easily broken.

head lice life photo

3. Lemon and eucalyptus oil
Mix lemon juice with a few tablespoons of eucalyptus oil
Pour evenly into the scalp and hair
Gently massage the scalp for 10 minutes
Let stand for 1 hour before shampooing.
Then comb with a special comb, do every day until the infestation is completely gone from the head.

4. Trim the hair
Undeniably, the hair cut is to remove lice are most practical. If the infestation is so difficult to overcome, there is no harm shaved bald, of course this can only be applied to boys. But remember, not all boys like to look bald.

For girls, short cut hair is certainly easier to do the cleaning on the hair and scalp.

(diverse sources)

Beauty Face with Salt Water Tips

Beauty facial photo

Beauty female face not just merely derived from cosmetic products containing chemicals in it alone, because it turns out the beauty of women can also be obtained from natural ingredients. One of the natural ingredients that can make a woman more beautiful face, fresh and healthy is salt water. So, what are the benefits of salt water for a woman's face?

The following reviews were launched from Boldsky Wednesday (02/04/2015):

No need to use a toner of cosmetic products containing chemicals, because it turns the salt water can be a natural toner for your skin. One of the benefits of salt water is to reduce excess oil on the face. Where, excess oil can cause skin problems such as acne and blackheads.
Salt water is also able to provide benefits to get rid of acne on your face. This is because the contained sulfur and potassium salts that are useful for the water balance in the skin. In addition, get rid of the dirt to avoid acne.

Facial with salt water to open the pores on your face. The trick is very easy, preheat the pan disebuah salt water then confronted face you while you looked down the pan so that the salt water vapor can stick in your face. In addition, if the warm salt water has a clean towel dipped into salt water and then cover your face with the towel. Let stand for 10 minutes then rinse with cold water.

Massage your face with salt water and olive oil. This process can make your skin soft, radiant, supple and glowing naturally. Not only that, if done on a regular basis both materials can eliminate the wrinkles on your face.

Salt water can also detoxify everything that is in your face. Wash face with salt water and let stand for a few minutes. The salt water is beneficial to remove toxins in your face, removes dead skin cells and make a fresh face to be more.

Not only that, it turns salt water is also beneficial untu relieve stress in you. Before bed, wipe your face with salt water then rinse with cold water. The salt water can provide energy to the skin so that the skin becomes fresher and taste stress disappeared.

Good Luck


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Overcoming Exercise Fat Face

Fat Face Exercise photo

Excessive fat in the face might interfere with a person's appearance. One way to eliminate fat in the face is to exercise the face.

Here is how to do facial exercise:

1. To remove the fat around the eye area, gently close your eyes, and then look up and down. Do not rush to do this exercise and make sure that you repeat this exercise ten times a day.

2. Lie on a flat bed. Open your eyes wide and raise your eyebrows as high as you can and repeat this exercise ten times in a day

3. To make your chin area into a leaner, lower your chin and lower lip down and up and down. Do this exercise at least ten times a day.

4. Exercise facial muscles by raising and lowering your eyebrows, nose wrinkling, smiling and kerucutkan your lips. Perform each exercise at least ten times a day.

5. smile as wide as you can and stick out your tongue and raise it close to your nose. Hold in this position for 5 seconds and repeat as many times as you can.

6. In addition to helping eliminate fat in the face you should also do your daily exercise such as fast walking, running or cycling which helps eliminate fat in your body and helps also reduce the fat in your face.


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Tips to Overcome Skin Rash with materials that can be Easy

Skin rashes photo

Skin rashes can be caused by several reasons such as excessive exposure to sunlight, eczema, food and beverage, meditation, stung by insects, as well as dry skin. Will cause itchy skin rash and red.

Maybe you think this is an allergy. However, do you know if some medications actually even able to create a skin rash?

Skin rashes are really unexpected and very disturbing presence of this, it can be treated with materials commonly found in the home. Here it is a natural substance that can cope with skin rash as quoted from page Boldsky, Sunday (01/25/2015):

1. Oil Vitamin E
Take Vitamin E capsule and squeeze the oil that is in it. Then, apply the oil to the skin rash and you will avoid the pain itching.

2. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Apply fresh gel from the leaves of aloe vera as a first aid when there is a skin rash.

3. Oatmeal
Mix one cup of oatmeal into a bucket of clean water. Shower and wash your face with the mixture. Haislnya, skin rash and body will get well soon.

4. Olive Oil
Applying olive oil is the most potent drug for mnghilangkan skin rash.

5. Garlic and Vinegar
Mix vinegar with one siuang chopped onion. Apply the mixture to the skin rash and let stand for 10 minutes. Then, wash with warm water.

6. Baking Soda
Apply baking soda, then massage gently to overcome skin rash.

7. Ice
Apply and rub ice slowly to the skin area that has a rash. This natural way berbilang quite effective.

8. White Eggs
Mix four egg whites with cornstarch until a paste is produced. The dough apply to skin rashes and let stand for 30 minutes. Then, wash with cold water.

9. Porridge Tomatoes
Make the tomato pulp to destroy 2 tomatoes and mix with lemon JSU. After the pasta so, apply to skin rashes and let stand for 20 minutes. Then, wash with warm water.


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Some Effective Natural Masks Fight Aging

Beauty mature women photo

Believe it or not getting healthier and brighter skin can cover your actual age. When the skin away from the word `bersinar` then immediately face will highlight the older side. The reason seems to be a strong enough base to familiarize you maintain healthy skin.

Perhaps by using cosmetics or other chemicals, the desired results can be obtained quickly. However, if you are quite selective in choosing cosmetics and choose the ingredients are natural, maybe some masks are quoted from page Boldsky, Monday (02/02/2015), this could be a solution.

Although the process takes longer, it can be considered a natural mask is quite effective to counter aging because the content can provide moisture and normal skin lightening. Here it is a mask that can be used by you:

1. Honey
Try using honey. First, clean the face. Apply honey to face, let sit for a few minutes, then wash. Honey is useful to provide moisture to kilit and repel dust particles are embedded in the face.

2. Olive Oil
Olive oil is very useful for moisture. Apply and massage your face with olive oil every night before bed. You can also add a few drops of olive oil to the bucket when bathing. This will help treat dry skin on the body.

3. Vitamin C
The most effective way to brighten the skin is taking Vitamin C. In addition to the direct consumption, vitamin C from the lemon can also be used directly on the skin. The Result? Kulti will look brighter.

4. Walnuts
If you want to drive some of the texture of the skin, use walnuts. Split into two, then add a few drops of yogurt and almond oil. Skin texture will be softer.

5. White Eggs
Using egg white on the skin could drive a little oil on the face of the shelter. Apply egg white, then wash with warm water after the process after. Pat your face is more advisable than using a towel to dry the water on the face.


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Easy Tips to Overcome Dry Skin

Dry skin causes photo

Erratic weather and spend the whole day in the room with the air can cause the skin to become dry drastically. It is also caused by lack of oil consumption in food or error when cleaning the body.

Dry skin causes the display to look bad like cracked. Moreover, if the dry skin itchy and leave a rash.

But not to worry anymore, because there are many effective ways to overcome this problem the skin as quoted from page Boldsky, Thursday (02/05/2015):

1. If not happy bathing with cold water then use warm water rather than hot water. Therefore, the natural oils of the skin layer can be broken.

2. After a shower, do not dry yourself with a towel. Let the water after bathing themselves seep into the body. This will help make the skin soft and dry skin.

3. Scrub the skin at least twice a week dlaam. If you have sensitive skin, do it once a week. This will be useful to grind the dead skin.

4. Excellent for routine use suncressn or sunblock so avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

5. Consumption of foods containing Vitamin E and Omega 3.

Good luck! Hopefully dry skin problems quickly resolved.


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Being Oily Skin caused by several things Here

Oily Skin caused photo

It is important to know and understand what kind of skin you have. There are three different types of skin, ie oily skin, dry skin, and a combination of both. Therefore, knowing the type of skin is very necessary to deal with issues affecting the skin of your face.

For the owner of oily skin, the skin is very easy to get dirty. As a result, acne and other skin problems spate often occurs in this type of skin.

If you are one of the owners of oily skin, maybe you should try to avoid some habits are quoted from page Boldsky, Friday (02/06/2015):

1. Use of Cosmetics
Using a lot of make-up will only add one more problem oily skin. Make-up will block the oil in the skin. Use make-up at the time of need alone.

2. Wash your face too often
If you like to have oily skin, you should not wash your face too often because it will be more open pores.

3. The use of cream
Indeed, this depends on the product cream, but using excessive facial cream will still make the skin more oily. Using the cream in the long term will make the skin oily.

4. Skin Care Required
Glad using blush-on with a brush? Be careful because it can cause skin irritation. Extremely should also be noted, that the advantages of using facial products will actually make the skin oily.

5. One Product
You have to know your skin type before purchasing a beauty product. As an example, if you use a cleaning product for dry skin, it will make the skin more oily.

6. Clean Face
Within a day, the skin will be exposed to a variety of dirt and dust even at home. So keep clean face.

7. Food Oily
Eating greasy foods will only make the face more oily. The reason is quite simple because the oil content in the body increases.

8. Menstrual Cycle
Hormonal changes during menstruation will stimulate oil kelejar. This is the reason why the attack of acne during menstrual periods often occur.

9. Stress
When symptoms of perceived stress increases, then this will increase oil production from the oil glands.

10. Changes in Weather
The weather changes from warm to humid or otherwise will make skin oily. So, treat the skin in any of these conditions.


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Flat stomach by eating these fruits

Flat stomach photo

Has a slender body with a flat stomach is every woman's dream. Various methods are used women to get a beautiful body with a slim stomach.
Ranging from sports to be super strict diet to get the ideal body. In addition to sports, food must also be considered. Some foods and beverages is believed to destroy the fat in the abdomen, and helps get a slim stomach.

Here, the five foods that help to reduce fat in the abdomen, as quoted by the Times of India:

1. Green Tea
Green tea is great to help shrink the waist and reduce inflammation. Flavonoids in green tea has a natural anti-inflammatory. And, green tea EGCG compound proven to reduce body fat.

2. Garlic
Mengosumsi garlic as a regulator of antibiotics and blood sugar naturally. By controlling the blood sugar and insulin levels, the body can maximize fat burning for energy, thus reducing stomach fat. Garlic is also thermogenic that helps boost metabolism.

3. Apples
Mengosumsi apples regularly can help fight various diseases and destroy belly fat. Apples make you feel full, because they contain potassium and many vitamins.

4. Watermelon
Watermelon contains about 82 percent water. This red fruit is rich in vitamin C, which is very bermanfaaat to health. Watermelon is one of the healthy foods if you are running a healthy diet. The fruit is also a good snack during the day.

5. Bananas
Such as apples, bananas are also rich in potassium and contains multivitamins. Fast banana filling and helps you to suppress craving fast food mengosumsi. Bananas also help increase metabolism, thus melting the fat in the abdomen.


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Some Tips Beauty Around Eye Bags

eyes Bgs photo

First Tips - Free Eye Bags
The eye is one of the signs of aging that appear earliest. Follow the tips below to keep looking young eyes and eye bags are free:

1. Do not smoke and always apply sunscreen on the skin around the eyes. Smoking and exposure to ultraviolet rays weaken collagen and can cause the appearance of wrinkles and "downs" eye skin.

2. Use a moisturizer to the eye area at night hari.Pelembab any type can provide the necessary hydration these areas.

3. Apply vitamin A or retinoic acid (tretinoin) as a daily skin care regimen. This regimen is used to prevent wrinkles and improve skin lines that already exist.

4. To cope with swollen eyes, use a spoon that has been cooled, cucumber slices, or a tea bag that has been put in the freezer. Existing cold temperatures can reduce the swelling there.

5. Replace the sleeping position. Sleeping position can contribute to the onset of eye bags. Because of gravity, sleeping on his side or stomach cause fluid build up under the eyes. Should sleep in the supine position and use extra pillows.

6. Avoid rubbing the eyes, sleep without cleaning make-up, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol beverages that cause dehydration.

When the eyelids appear suddenly and can not be lost with the steps above then you should visit your doctor. Some thyroid and kidney problems can cause fluid retention in the bottom of the eye.

Second Tips - Overcoming Eye Bags
Bags under the eyes is a minor problem that can often interfere with performance. Bags under the eyes due to a buildup of fluid in the under eye area which is an area with skin tissue and supporting the most thin and loose.

Consumption of foods high in salt at dinner or cry at night can cause eye bags in the morning because the body fluids will move to the area that contains more salt. Sleeping position lying flat or sloping side, lack of sleep and the weather is too hot and humid also can lead to the formation of eye bags.
Eye bags are also most often occur together denganterjadinya aging. When an aging, skin layers and tissues around the eyes more relaxed. Muscle tissue around the eyes also weakened allowing fats supporting slack eyes and cause eye bags.

In general, the formation of bags under the eyes is not a serious thing. However, several conditions need to watch the formation of eye bags are quite severe, permanent, accompanied by itching and redness, and occur in other body parts. The fluid buildup can occur in those who suffer from allergies, flu, sinusitis, thyroid problems and kidney problems.

Consider these tips to overcome and prevent eye bags the following:
1. Use a cold compress. Compress the bottom of the eye with a clean cloth and cool water with a little pressed for a few minutes in an upright position.
2. Getting enough sleep at night. Adults need to sleep 7-8 hours a day.
3. Sleeping with lying position with the head slightly higher. With your head high, it will prevent the buildup of fluid in the tissues under the eyes. Sleep on his side door also needs to be avoided to prevent the buildup of fluid in the tissues under the eyes.
4. Do not often rubbed his eyes.
5. Do not forget to clean the eye makeup before bed because the eye makeup can cause irritation to the eye area and result in a buildup of fluid in the tissues under the eyes.
6. Compress cool with cucumber, tea bags, or spoon can reduce swelling in the area under the eyes.
7. Early prevention is necessary because after a few years, eye bags will settle and require cosmetic surgery to correct it. In some cases involving aging and tissue laxity also sometimes needed cosmetic surgery.

Third Tips - Preventing Dark Circle Eye
Dark circles around the eyes is often found when a person experiencing sleep deprivation. However, if the dark circles around the eyes also do not disappear after enough sleep then you need to consider several things.

Aging Process
Dark circles around the eyes can appear due to the aging process. When a process of aging, the skin will become thinner and thinner. Fat and collagen network also dwindling and reduced. If these things are happening around the eyes, it will cause the blood vessels around the eyes will be more visible and create a silhouette faint blue-black around the eyes.

In addition, there are some other things that may underlie the dark circles around the black:
1. Allergies
2. In the Asian community, uneven pigmentation problems are often the cause
3. Exposure to sunlight can cause excessive pigment formation in certain areas, including around the eyes. Exposure to UV rays can also weaken the skin's collagen network so as to make skin sagging
4. Often rub the area around the eyes
5. Unhealthy lifestyles such as physical and emotional stress, smoking and alcohol consumption.
Here's how to prevent the appearance of dark circles around the eyes:

Dark circles around the eyes can make a person look older. Although it can be overcome with the use of makeup or cosmetic treatments, prevention is still better.

Some things that can be done to prevent the formation of dark circles around the eyes:

1. Do not smoke
2. Using sunscreen around the eyes
3. Using a moisturizer around the eyes at night before bed
4. Use skin care with vitamin A to prevent skin loosens
5. Use sunglasses when outdoors to protect the area around the eyes from UV rays.
Maintain healthy skin and eyes, begins by addressing the dark circles around your eyes!


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Some Things That Make Women Look Sexy in Men's Eyes

Needless to endeavor to make a woman look sexy in the eyes of men. No need to spend a lot of money to buy a beautiful dress and beautify themselves. No need to diet too desperately to draw attention idol of the heart. Some simple things, can make a woman look sexy in the eyes of men.

1. When he smiled and looked at each other
According to researchers from the University of Scotland, when a woman sees a man with a genuine smile, his face will appear twice more interesting than without a smile.

Eyes full of meaning that a woman also goes into an effective messenger. When a man receives the message, his heart will beat faster.

2. When invisible underfed
Many women think men prefer skinny women. The reality is not so. If a man really loved a woman, she actually prefers when the women looked unhealthy. No less than eat but also no excess weight.

Psychologist Devendra Singh argued that the choice of men is a natural thing that is affected by evolutionary psychology. Humans have the ancient instinct to survive and reproduce. Well, medium-bodied women who are considered able-bodied and more fertile.

3. While the fertile period
Believe it or not, a woman just looked so appealing when he was in the fertile period. The fertile period is in the middle of the menstrual cycle of a woman. This is because, estrogen levels rise before ovulation will make your skin look radiant and firmer.

4. When using body language
Study of psychologist Monica Moore, Ph.D. revealed that women can look sexy with just using their body language. For example, hair or wet her lips. The men would consider such actions as a signal so sexy.

Well, if you are a shy girl, choose your comfort zone. For example, if you are more comfortable being in a bookstore or cafe subscriptions, please do not hesitate to throw the signal to men that you like.

5. When the woman loved
The more a man loves a woman, the woman sexier also seen him. Research also shows, the two men know each other and appreciate each other, then the menariklah women physically.

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