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Some unique facts about hair you should know

unique facts about hair - photo

Hair is the crown of a woman. If you have hair that is well-organized and healthy, then your physical appearance will look more leverage.

In addition to busy himself with caring and styling hair, there is also a good idea if you know the unique facts of your hair is mandatory to know the following.

• Each strand of human hair contains 14 different elements, including gold. Philippe Walter and fellow researchers from the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris even ever find gold nanoparticles in human hair.

• Human hair can be used to clean up oil spills. This never happened when the Cosco Busan oil spill in San Francisco in 2007, several volunteers concerned about the environment using mats made from human hair to clean and absorb the oil from the water. Hair own work as a natural sponge.

• Your hair contains about various things that happen to you, including minerals or medicines that once you consume including your blood type. Making hair as the most common forensic evidence.

• Human hair is very strong. A strand of hair can hold 100 grams. So if all the hair on the human head summed, it is able to lift the weight up to 12 tons.

• Hair Asians tend to grow thick and long. While African hair tends to grow with curly shape kriwul caused by exposure to the sun is too high.

• If the hair can be used to identify human DNA, but not so with gender. Human hair can not be used to identify the sex of man.

• Black is the most common hair color. While the rarest is red and occurs in 1% of the human population.

• Hair can grow in any part of the body except the palms of the hands, soles of the feet, eyelids, lips, and mucous membranes.

Hair that looks unusual turns out to contain a unique and interesting facts. Hopefully this information useful.

Some of the list to be paid Costly Mistakes

Each person must have made a mistake. Have you ever mistakenly booked a ticket, or buy any goods from the store? Lest you also never buy a gift for someone who does not like?

These errors are normal and do a lot of people. Lucky berharha experience will be a lesson and you immediately move on with your life.

But not everyone can get past this error. Precisely protracted regret that hit. Perhaps because of the mistakes they have made a mistake not trivial. They may be making a big mistake that can not be fixed easily and it should be paid very expensive.

Citing therichest page, Friday, January 23, 2015, the following is a list of major faults that must be paid culprit:

10. James Howell Throw Bitcoins
Dream - At the beginning of the rise of Bitcoin In 2009, James Howell mine large amounts of virtual currency that until he finally managed to collect 7,500 Bitcoins. Because the value is still low at the time, Howell discard the hard disk containing the Bitcoins.

But when 7,500 Bitcoins worth US $ 6 million in 2013, Howell really sorry. Luckily, Howell discovered the hard disk in local landfills in the vicinity of his residence. Unfortunately, Howell could not find the hard disk is worth millions of dollars.

9. Train Station Not Load
In 2014, French railway operator SNCF train new book in bulk to rejuvenate the public transport system as well modernize rail networks.

Relying on the measurement of RFF rail operator, SNCF train 2,000 new message. Unfortunately, given the size of the train RFF just enough to stations built in the last 30 years. While many regional stations that have a slightly narrow platform.

As a result, ordered the SNCF train could not get past the regional stations. SNCF was forced to disburse US $ 60 million to renovate these stations in order to pass the new trains ordered.

8. Ronald Wayne Sells Shares of Apple
Originally Ronald Wayne worked with Steve Jobs at Atari, before they both work together with Steve Wozniak founded Apple for.

He is not only a partner in the technology companies, but plays an important role in the early establishment of Apple. He created the original design of the Apple logo. He is also preparing contracts and manuals Apple I.

However, for fear the company will not develop, Wayne sold a 10 percent stake and return with the money of US $ 800 and US $ 1,500 a year later. If only survive, Wayne stock value may be more than US $ 35 billion in 2011.

7. Fox Gift Copyright Star Wars
George Lucas insisted the movie Star Wars to be made but unfortunately he was involved tough negotiations with 20th Century Fox. Think that the film will fail, Lucas Fox reducing salaries to about US $ 350 thousand. Lucas agreed on condition that he holds the copyrights of Star Wars.

As happened then, Star Wars became a huge hit that has spawned several movies, toys, books and video games. The total value of the copyright of Star Wars is expected to reach US $ 20 billion.

6. Piper Alpha explosion Oil Drilling
Piper Alpha disaster caused by a few errors. When offshore oil drilling was repaired in 1988, the operator decided to continue to mine oil and gas.

Disaster began when a pipe is being repaired closed and should not be used. But the information is not up to the workers.

As a result, there was a terrific explosion which took insurance costs more than US $ 1.4 billion. Not only that, the company was forced to pay compensation and casualty losses up to hundreds of millions of dollars. No loss of material, as much as 167 workers were killed when the explosion occurred.

5. NASA Mars Explorer Lost Satellite
As a result of the use of the unit of measurement error, NASA had to give Mars Climate Orbiter satellite worth US $ 125 million were destroyed over the Red Planet.

The satellite was originally designed to study the Martian climate and report any atmosphere or surface changes to mission controllers on Earth. Contact with the satellite suddenly disappear before the satellite can begin its mission. After investigation, it turns out there are miscalculations.

At the moment most of the different groups working on the project using the standard metric measurements, someone using inches, feet and yards. This results in an error in sending the coordinates so that the Mars Climate Orbiter can only fly low over Mars.

4. Howie Hubler Loss
Howard 'Howie' Hubler is a trader at Morgan Stanley bank. Hubler earn huge profits from loans with collateral property under the standard. Then he was attracted to double profits in the hope that property prices in the United States continued to rise after 2006.

After the global economic downturn, property prices fell in mid 2007. This will cause the value of any property collateral and loan products fell. Morgan Stanley lost $ 7.8 billion in just three months. In total, Hubler make Morgan Stanley loss of about US $ 9 billion.

3. One Type in the Japanese Stock Exchange
In 2003, the Japanese company Mizuho Securities want to sell a stake in the company J-Com Co. The Tokyo Stock Exchange. Value that they are targeting is ¥ 610,000 or about US $ 5 thousand. But traders are responsible for implementing the sales made a typo. A total of 610,000 shares are sold only 1 yen.

Despite the fact that the number of shares is more than 40 times the actual number of total shares available for J-Com Co., Tokyo Stock Exchange still processing orders despite protests from Mizuho Securities. As a result of typos that J-Com Co. loss of 27 billion yen or US $ 225 million.

2. Discarded Lottery Ticket
A couple in the UK made a fatal mistake in 2010. At that time, the woman was declared the winner of the Euro Millions Lottery. Prize for the winner of the lottery is about US $ 181 million, an amount that became one of the biggest prizes are offered by lottery in history.

Unfortunately, her husband even throw the lottery and did not realize they had won the jackpot. The jackpot was not claimed and the prize ultimately handed over to charity.

1. Buying AOL Time Warner
AOL bought Time Warner in 2000 with a total value of US $ 164 million in stock. At that time, most industry analysts believe the company is worth between US $ 100 to US $ 110 million.

Internet-based company that is growing rapidly, with a market share of AOL ISP. But the dot com crash in 2001, so that AOL suffered a loss of US $ 99 billion in 2002. In 2009, the two companies parted to operate as a separate entity once again. When separated, the AOL appreciated only US $ 1.8 billion, while Time Warner's US $ 40 billion. This proves that the merger of the two is a big mistake.

Thanks for reading.
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source: therichest

This mushroom is hunted by many fancy restaurant. Auctioned at a price of 61.250 dollars

illustration Truffles mushroom

White truffle mushroom world auctioned at Sotheby's New York at a price of 61.250 dollars. Truffle is excellent culinary mushrooms as a fragrant aroma.
Nonetheless, the price is still far below the expectations of the owner of mushrooms weighing 1.89 pounds, the news agency Agence France Presse (12/08/2014). Truffle of Alba variants were found in the region of Umbria, Italy, last week.
Truffle, which in Italy known as Tartufo, hunted by the fancy restaurants in the world. Sotheby's said the fungus was purchased by a restaurant owner from Taiwan who bid by telephone.

Prices opened at number 50,000 dollars. The truffle owner is a company Balestra Family of Sabatino Truffles. Director of the company in an interview with the New Haven Register said he hoped that the fungus will penetrate seven figures.
"I told everyone I want a million dollars," said Federico Balestra. Fungus was discovered by an employee of them.

Balestra family plans to donate the entire proceeds from the sale of mushrooms to several charities, including a foundation that provides free food to the poor and an organization that helps children from poor families to receive free glaucoma surgery.

The Associated Press quoted a spokesman for Sotheby's who said that despite the large size, the price is far below the truffle fungus previous sales record 417,000 US dollars in 2010, although it weighs only 1.1 kilograms.

source: The Associated Press

Unique. In some countries following certain baby names banned for use

bad boy

Some parents are too creative, giving the names of their children is very unique and the only one in the world. But for some reason it was banned by the state name.

Here's baby name banned in some countries:

1. New Zealand
Departments in the country since 2001 prohibits the use of baby names related to public office. Some of the names that such major banned, duke, princess

2. Sweden
A resident gave his name Brfxxccxxmn-pcccclllmmn-prxvclmnck-ssqlbb11116, as a form of protest to the state that restricts the use of the name by its citizens. The name is pronounced as "Aliiin" use is prohibited. In Sweden the provision of first name and last name must be submitted to the authorities for approval. Names such as IKEA, Metallica prohibited. But "google" can still be used.

3. Malaysia
Muslim-majority countries have banned the use of its citizens baby name "violet". In Malaysia, the parents should not name their son with the names associated with the element of animals, insects, fruits, vegetables and colors.

4. Germany
Tutorial book for children prohibit naming parents use words associated with atrocities and crimes when naming their children. Name Hitler banned, as well as Osama bin Laden, Kennedy, Taylor, Riley and Quinn. Naming a child should also refer to the clear gender.

5. Portugal
In this country, the name Mona Lisa is one of the names in the list of names of prohibited use. Monalisa painting refers to women who smiled mysteriously works of Leonardo Da Vinci. So also the name of Pablo, Nirvana and Olaf

6. Saudi Arabia
In this country names like Elaine, Laura, Sandy banned because they relate to the kingdom, not the original Arabic language and Islamic and considered disturbing sesnsibilitas religiousness.

7. Belgium
Parents here forbidden son named Jerusalem, but the name of Bethlehem allowed, as other names in the list

8. Japan
Nothing at sunrise this country boy named Akuma. Because of the name, which means devil was banned here.

9. Mexico
This country prohibits the use of the name Rambo for boys newborn. There are 61 names of children associated with fictional characters that are prohibited in Mexico. Another name that is prohibited is James Bond and Harry Potter.


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