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Keeping Family Harmony with a few tips how to manage the stress that you should know

An online survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) in August 2010 found that 73 percent of parents report the responsibility in the family becomes the source of the emergence of stress.

how to manage the stress

More than two-thirds of parents think, the level of stress that could possessed little influence stress levels of their children. However, only 14 percent of teens who reported that they were not bothered when their parents are stressed.

Nonetheless, it is anticipated that stress does not affect family owned.

Here are tips to manage stress in the family, as written American Psychological Association, Saturday (28/2017).

Evaluation lifestyle

As a parent, you should menyontohkan healthy behavior in front of children.

You can evaluate the stress, for example, if you tend to overeat or other unhealthy behavior (smoking and drinking) when under stress.

You can slowly alter or eliminate the behavior.

Discuss the causes of stress

If you see kids looking worried or stressed, ask them to say what was on his mind.

You can talk to each other in the family in order to help each other and to better understand and be able to cope with any stress experienced by children.

Create a healthy family environment

Home, work space, and social environment can affect your behavior. By changing the environment in the home can help relieve stress.

For example, cleaning the rooms in the house you can control at the same time teach children to focus on the things they can control when feeling stressed.

Focus on yourself

The correlation between health, obesity and unhealthy behaviors selection so strong. When you and your family are experiencing stress, make the decision to pay attention to yourself. You can consume enough nutrition, physical activity, and sleep.

When you feel overwhelmed by stress, you can easily eat fast food, play video games or watching TV, and not enough sleep.

To fix this, you can present a healthy diet along with your family activities, such as walking or riding a bike and then ends with a good night's sleep.

Changing a habit

Not an easy change to make some important changes in time, such as eating healthy foods, the body is more active physically, hours of sleep a night is better or spend more time together with family.

To achieve that change usually takes time. You can start by changing one habit, which will slowly make you and your family can move forward together more healthy.

If one habit changes successful, this will encourage your family to do other habit changes.

On the other hand, if you or a family member continues to struggle to change unhealthy behavior or feel overwhelmed by stress, consider seeking help from a health professional, such as a psychologist.

Licensed psychologist can help you develop a strategy of how to manage stress effectively and make behavioral changes to help improve your overall health.


SOME SOLUTIONS Freedom from Stress

In our lives today, we often face pressure from a variety of everyday tasks. Compounds endorphine body in charge of increasing the joy in the soul of a human being. Therefore, to reduce the level of stress of life, there are some things we need to do to improve body endorphine levels. 

What are some simple things that can improve the endorphine ?

1. Sports
Sport is an effective way to reduce stress in your life. Sport is not only good for health, but exercise can also increase the levels of endorphine and ultimately will lead to improved mood. A research study endorphine levels of athletes at rest and after running for two hours. Apparently after running for two hours, the athletes have a higher endorphine levels. If you rarely run, it turns out various types of moderate to severe exercise such as lifting weights, and aerobics can also provide the same effect.

2. Consumption of chocolate
Although not yet widely supported by the evidence, but the consumption of chocolate can improve one's mood. Chocolate contains more than three hundred chemical compounds that affect happiness. Tryptophan contained in chocolate can increase levels of serotonindan make your body more relaxed.

3. Laugh
It is said that laughter is good for health, is it true? When a watch a funny movie, then endorphine will be triggered to come out. Although medical evidence in this regard is still quite minimal, but the people who watch a funny feeling his mood for the better.

4. Finish with loved ones
Relationship with a loved one can boost your body endorphine levels. When you spend time with your loved ones, then it will lead to an increase in the mood. Even with just holding hands and cuddling with the people closest to you will improve your mood.

If you're experiencing job stress, try doing a few simple things described in this article. May be useful.

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