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Women Can Be Difficult to Reach Orgasm if Frequency of use High heels

Frequency of use High heels 
Women Can Be Difficult to Reach Orgasm

Making love is one important element in harmonious marriage. However, without knowing it, some of the things you normally do in everyday activities, it can interfere with orgasm during sex. What are?

First, you often wear high heels or high heels. According DO Eden Fromberg of SoHo OBGYN in New York City, United States, using high heels or stilettos in a long period of time have a deleterious effect once the deformation against your pelvic floor.

In addition, your psoas muscles will be affected by wearing high heels. Information only, the muscle is connected with muscles and nerves to the pelvic floor, genitals and other organs.

"When the muscles psoas your mutual adhesion and strained because of the use of high heels for a long time, the muscles that can not transmit a message of passion which is very important for orgasm. In essence, when the muscles are not in shape should be, then the orgasm would be disrupted, "explains Dr. Fromberg.

Another annoying habit orgasm is sitting too long. "As a result, the pelvic floor muscles will shorten the impact on pelvic pain and eventually you will find it difficult to achieve the satisfaction of making love," said Kat Van Kirk, PhD, a sex therapist and marriage.

Van Kirk explained, some people found it difficult to orgasm after realizing that they spend many months a long day at the office by sitting all day. However, there are also people who are just suffering from disorder after many years.

To prevent this kind of disturbance, Van Kirk advised to regularly rise from a chair every half hour to an hour during your work hours each day.
Additionally, if you work in the office which is personal, you can spend a little time to do stretching or stretching of the body, such as squats, butterfly stretch or bend back the movement.


This is the payoff of having sex with men who are not circumcised

having sex with men who are not circumcised photo

Did you know that having sex with a man who is not circumcised was not only affects the appearance and sensation you feel? According to the CDC, circumcision may also help lower the risk of contracting HIV, herpes, and HPV.

Over the decades, the only benefit of circumcision that may have been known by many people is that it can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infection.

However, experts at the CDC managed to find a variety of other positive benefits of circumcision for the health of a man and his partner.

Does this mean that having sex with an uncircumcised men may increase the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease?

The answer is "yes", because if a man who is not circumcised more easily infected by sexually transmitted diseases, so he tends to be easier to pass it on to others.

However, this does not mean that having sex with a man who had been circumcised can make you free from the risk of contracting various types of sexually transmitted diseases.

Source: womenshealthmag

The husband is not Too Noting some of this in his sexual activity

big is beautiful photo

Get rid of the mind is no longer in front of the husband's interesting when invited to make love. Body weights were far from ideal, acne, until breasts are sagging. Husband will not question it because his mind is more focused on sex activity.

Fear will reduce the attractiveness of appearance, totally unwarranted. Even sex experts believe that men would not be concerned with the perfection of body shape partner during sex.

You need to know, in fact there are things that will not be noticed by men during sex:

Your body weight
According to sex expert Ian Kerner, Ph.D., author of She Comes First, men do not think about how the shape of your body during sex. They are too busy with lovemaking. When the husband will get a boost of more than a mixture of love hormone, testosterone, oxytocin, as well as all the hormones that encourage a sense of excitement that makes you look very sexy in her eyes.

The shape of the breast
He's not going to notice the difference shape of your breasts, especially when seeing that you enjoy a moment of love to her. It made her feel cool and attractive.

Acne on the back
Darren Michaels sex expert who is also the author of Flipside Erotica, suggest not worrying about trivial things. No need to worry if you have acne on your back or even on your buttocks. Mind the he will be taken to make the event so it will not notice the details of your body.

Sweating makes you feel unattractive and feel smelled dreadful (even though it is not). Quite the natural scent of sweat your body and can lead to passion. "Unless you do not shower, do not worry with the scent of your sweat," says Kerner.

"Pubic hair"
Maybe you have not had time to straighten hair in the area down there. You look bushy pubic hair, and you worry about will make him feel disturbed. Hm ... says who? make love the most private moment between you two. You do not need to make things serbarapi and orderly. There will be no other people who see your pubic hair a mess, is not it?

The vagina has not toned
Your husband will not compare your current vaginal tightness with the first time you have sex. However, for the sake of feeling uncomfortable when having sex would not hurt you routinely perform Kegel exercises.

some silly incident in sex

Making love or sex, actually gives a sense of fun, pleasure and relax on the body. Its function is to it, as well as reproductive and berkembag multiply. But the old saying that excessive force was also not good in sexual activity. Excessive sex performed, brutal and abnormal actually harmful to the body.

Until now there are at least 7 of the most insane sex accident ever done that either because of the influence of an obsession with sex that is too large or perhaps also because of psychosexual disorders causing their safety is threatened.

Let us discuss them one by one some silly incident in sex, as quoted from the website LiveScience.

1. Penile fracture (fracture)
Although the penis does not have a penis bone so theoretically unbreakable but one study found that cases of penile fracture can indeed happen. The cause of penile fracture is the presence of excess pressure in the corpora cavernosa tissue, the erectile tissue of the penis that holds a lot of blood.
Some cases of penile fracture occurs when having sex with a woman on top sex position is the position of women over men and some other cases occur when having sex with a woman and a man sitting at a table stand doing while doing penetration, because too excited sometimes penis even hit counter hardly.
When penile fracture will sound like cracks or jolt and the penis will be black or blue and is accompanied by the usual curved pain.

2. Being deaf after kissing
A unique place in the Chinese case, a young woman reported to be deaf after kissing her boyfriend. A kiss from girlfriend very brutal and uncontrolled possibility of making the young woman eardrum rupture causing her to lose the sense of hearing.

3. Stroke after receiving a hickey on the neck
Another unique case about sex accident occurred in New Zealand. A woman was taken to hospital after a sudden paralysis on the left side of the body. The doctor who examined initially did not know the cause of the paralysis until when a hickey on the neck former is found, hickey is done in the neck near a major artery. Doctors suspect hickey near the nerve to cause the woman suffered a mild stroke that caused her body became paralyzed.

4. Found condoms in the lungs
Another with the story of a woman from India, after experiencing a cough that never goes away for half a year, he finally to the doctor for a check-up. The results of X-rays surprising doctors who examined since found a condom in the woman's lungs. At the condom guess is what causes a cough for this. How the condom could be in the woman's lungs presumably because he was inhaling the condom during oral sex.

5. Penis wedged nut
Because you want to extend the size of his penis, a man from Malaysia reckless insert his penis into a nut. Initially there was no problem until when the male penis erections and wedged inside the nut. Because of the pain finally the man to the doctor to remove the nut.

6. Masturbation with missiles
A man who allegedly reckless gay masturbation by inserting missile 2 x 11 cm into the anus. Croat men aged 50 years and is reportedly tired of using sex toys to masturbate masturbation and reckless conduct experiments using missiles. Unfortunately the experiment failed because the missiles in the anus can not be excluded. With the help of a doctor and a group of bomb disposal team, missiles finally put out and the man was transferred from the hospital to police custody for questioning regarding the ownership of the missile.

7. Because masturbation, penis stuck on a park bench
A Hong Kong man was brought to the hospital together with the park bench where he masturbated. The middle-aged man desperate to use iron manhole in the park bench for masturbation, consequently after his penis erection even stuck and can not be separated. The man was lucky to get away with his penis intact from the park bench iron tongs.


Provision of Early Treatment in Patients with HIV

At this time, the spread of HIV and has been very very worrying. Not only affects people who have unhealthy and deviant behavior, this deadly disease even attacking the housewives and children.

Of more concern, the handling of the cases of HIV is often done too late. And the therapeutic treatment is also anti-retroviral drugs for HIV patients are given only when their immune system is already weakened due to infection.
As a result, patients with this disease more difficult to cure.
In fact, the researchers believe that the treatment in patients with HIV early conducted to reduce the spread of HIV.
Giving drugs to HIV-positive patients diagnosed soon after will be the future treatment of HIV disease.

In an experiment, as contained in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers showed that therapy conducted one year after the patient's diagnosis, will help keep the immune system and make the virus can be monitored.

The HIV virus is no longer a 'death sentence', when the patient can get treatment and proper care and treatment.
In the care given when CD4 cells, which are part of the immune system, falls below 350 cells per cubic millimeter in the blood.

To test this theory, a study by The Spartac involving 366 patients from eight countries around the world. Some patients are given the drug tested during 12 weeks after they are diagnosed.
Others will be given the drug 48 weeks after being diagnosed.
And the third group did not take the drug until their CD4 cells reach level 350.

According to the statement of Professor Jonathan Weber, of Imperial College London, they were getting treatment after 48 weeks diagnosed with CD4 cell levels and lower exposure to the virus.
"The benefits were also still persist after you stop treatment," said Prof. Weber. Maintain the immune system is very important to prevent infection "opportunistic", such as tuberculosis. But Prof. Weber also recognize that the costs for treatment as it is going to be a problem, especially in poor countries.

Other experts from Imperial, Dr Sarah Fidler, emphasizing the benefits of maintaining a low level of virus.
"It will be very important in helping to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to sexual partners," said Dr. Fidler.

While Dr Jimmy Whitworth, from the Wellcome Trust, who discovered the study, said:
"This study adds to the evidence that early initiation of HIV treatment will provide benefits for individuals to prevent the spread of disease and in reducing the infection to their partners." The question arises whether a series of treatments at an earlier level would be more beneficial or early treatment can be continued for the rest life. "

Some Unique Facts About Penis

Certainly in our minds sometimes appear a few questions about the penis where we are sometimes embarrassed to ask or express. Well, there are 5 facts about penis that you may not know, but can occur.

1. The penis can be broken
When the penis is roughly twisted or distorted at the time of erection, the penis can be broken. Indeed, there is no bone in the penis, but there are channels that fill with blood during erection which can rupture in the event of harsh treatment. When this happens, the blood will come out of the penis which results in the penis becomes swollen and painful. Cases of penile fracture have been reported, but many people are embarrassed to report. Some cases are caused by the position of woman on toppada during intercourse, it happened usually occurs when the penis accidentally come out and crushed by the top pair.

2. He can erect repeatedly at night
The average man can erect as many as 3 to 5 times during the night, where an erection can last 25-35 minutes. Very reasonable if a man has an erection in the morning which is a round erection last night. The researchers are still looking for the reason of this event, but until now associated with the stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) where dreams usually occur. Night erection process is a sign that there is no problem on your penis.

3. Penis size has nothing to do with the size of the foot
Some researchers from The British Journal of Urology found that the size of the penis with foot size has nothing to do

4. small penis = massive erection
Based on the study published in The Journal of Sex Research found that a small penis (when in a state of erection), can erect penis is longer than the length (when in a state of erection).

5. The penis is not a muscle
There are no muscles in the penis. This is why at the time of erection, the penis can not move. Think of the penis are like tubes filled with blood when a man is sexually aroused. This makes the blood flow into a penis swollen and stiff so that it covers the venous flow (blood flow back). When the erection is lost and the blood vessels become narrower space that allow blood to flow back.

List of Some Symptoms Penis Problems

Often there are some conditions and symptoms that are a concern about the health of the male penis. Although not all morbid condition leads to a dangerous condition, still a bit of a change in the condition of the penis that assessed the reasonableness needs to be watched.

What are the symptoms that need diwasapadai? Consider the following explanation:

1. Bleeding during urination or ejaculation
If you are experiencing this condition, it could be a symptom of a urinary tract infection or prostate disorders. However, this phenomenon is an indication that deserve underestimated. See a doctor immediately, or further urological surgeon.

2. Lump, warts, skin lesions or redness on the penis or genital area
bermasalahBila penis you find warts, sores, or a reddish spots on the penis or around your genital area, chances are you are experiencing symptoms of sexually transmitted infections.

Moreover, if you feel these symptoms when recently had unprotected sexual activity.
Bumps or spots. Especially in areas related to sexual intercourse activity, such as in the pubic area, mouth and oral cavity, rectum / anus. The lump may be a chicken's comb in the area around the anus or genitals, enlarged lymph nodes usually in the groin or watery spots such as chickenpox in the pubic area or mouth.

In HIV infection, the beginning is usually accompanied by symptoms such as the common cold can then heal itself, so that the necessary laboratory tests to determine the presence of HIV infection. Those who have sexual activity behaviors that are harmful to their HIV status should consult a doctor.

STI management is actually should be, so that infections do not go up to the top of the reproductive organs and cause infertility or in the case of HIV, the cause of death.

3. curved penis (penile curvature) are not fair
bengkokTidak penis reasonable question here is beyond reasonable penis usually, for example if there is a change in direction of the arch. Indeed penis bends are very reasonable and normal and genetically difaktori (derivative).
But watch out if there is inappropriate to bend beyond reasonable conditions that cause pain and interfere with sexual activity. Kuravatura penis (penis bends) can be caused by the collision, abnormal sexual activity (rough, out of the ordinary).
Or it could be due to severe collisions, such collisions (trauma) when sports and more. Consult a doctor if it interferes with the activity of urination and sex.
The penis is bent certainly raises concerns in men. Normally, the penis is slightly bent. However, there are circumstances that make the penis bent with varying degrees both up and down, and side to side. This is called the Peyronie's Disease.
Peyronie's Diesase is a state of the formation of a layer of fibrous scar tissue (plaque) that hard under the skin on the top or bottom of the penis. When the penis have an erection, the scar tissue pulling on the penis, forming a bent penis. This condition can cause pain during erection.

4. Taste Burned When Micturition
These symptoms can menjad sign of infection of sexually transmitted diseases. Syphilis, gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia, and others. See a doctor immediately before spreading to more fatal condition.

symptoms of Syphilis
There will be about 3 weeks to 6 months after having sex / sex, generally characterized by:
Arise bumps and sores around the genitals
The wound looks like a hole in the skin with a higher edge. In general, do not hurt
In a few weeks the wound will be lost, but it is the bacteria will remain in the body and the disease can appear in the form of blisters on the entire body blisters will disappear as well, and the virus will invade other body parts
Sometimes accompanied by dizziness and bone pain, flu-like symptoms
Appear reddish spots on the body around 6-12 weeks after intercourse / sex

symptoms of Gonorrhea
The incubation period is very short gonorrhea in men is usually between 2-5 days, sometimes longer. In women incubation period is difficult to determine because generally does not cause symptoms.
In men, initially there is itching and heat around the urethra, the channel that transports urine from the bladder to outside the body. Furthermore, there is pain during urination and cloudy viscous secretions out of the tip of the urethra which is sometimes accompanied by blood. When the infection is getting up, the pain will be growing and increasingly viscous secretions and murky. In addition there is pain at the time of erection and sometimes there are enlarged lymph nodes in the groin.
In women, symptoms, if any, can be so mild that people do not realize it. As many as 30% -60% of women with gonorrhea are asymptomatic. Symptoms may include pain during urination, urination becomes more frequent, and sometimes cause pain in the lower pelvis. In addition, there is a thick and cloudy discharge that comes out of the vagina.

Symptoms of chlamydia in men:
Discharge or clear or cloudy discharge from the tip of the penis
Painful urination
Burning sensation and itching at the tip of the penis
Pain and swelling around the testicles
If left untreated, chlamydial infections can cause pelvic inflammation in women that can lead to damage to the fallopian tubes (the tube that connects the ovaries and uterus) or cause infertility. In addition, this infection may also increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy and cause premature birth and infection in newborns (eye infection or pneumonia). Whereas in males, can arise complications such as infection or rectum testes.

5. Abnormal Fluid Discharge from penis
penyakitGejala abnormalities of the penis is also a symptom of infection of sexually transmitted diseases. Beyond reasonable fluid usually comes in the form of pus, yellow fluid, or beyond reasonable color and often emit unpleasant aroma.
This condition can not be underestimated and should be addressed immediately. Therefore there are three things that must be done:
Seek immediate medical attention. Do not ask a friend or treat yourself with a dose and rules of use that one for later may cause more severe disease and should be treated with more powerful drugs.
To be honest with your doctor. Open a history of sexual activity immediately to the doctor so the doctor can immediately trace the causes of health problems and can provide appropriate treatment.
Open with partner. At the time of treatment need to be honest with your partner, because sexual partners also need to be treated to prevent recurrent infections. In addition, it involves abstinence when treatment that may not be related at all during treatment

6. Great Pain in the penis
The penis is a potential injury, though not in a state of erection (hard). One of the symptoms of penile trauma is severe pain, immediately perform the checks to the doctor if it is deemed disturbing.
Immediately consult a doctor or make a visit to the doctor to get a full examination if experiencing some conditions described above, in order to prevent the risk of a more fatal.

Sex Infectious Diseases Syphilis

Syphilis is a bacterial infection that can spread throughout the body. Not only infect the genital area, a disease caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum is highly contagious through direct sexual contact vaginal, oral and anal sex. Even syphilis can also be transmitted from mouth to mouth kissing with previous patients.

There will be about 3 weeks to 6 months after having sex / sex, generally characterized by:
Arise bumps and sores around the genitals
The wound looks like a hole in the skin with a higher edge. In general, do not hurt.
In a few weeks the wound will be lost, but it is the bacteria will remain in the body and the disease can appear in the form of blisters on the entire body blisters will disappear as well, and the virus will invade other body parts.
Sometimes accompanied by dizziness and bone pain, flu-like symptoms
Appear reddish spots on the body around 6-12 weeks after intercourse / sex

impact Syphilis
If left untreated and treated, it can lead to long-term:
During the first 2-3 years of this disease do not show any symptoms, after 5-10 years of this disease will attack the nervous system of the brain, blood vessels and heart
In pregnant women, the disease can be transmitted to the baby that resulted in damage to the skin, liver, spleen, and even mental retardation.

Syphilis has several stages spread of infection in the human body:

Phase I (Primary syphilis)
Occurs 9-10 days after infection arises that is not painful sores on the penis, genital lips or cervix

Phase II (Secondary Syphilis)
Occurred a few months after the first stage symptoms such as skin disorders are not itchy red spots, especially on the palms of the hands and feet. There enlarged lymph nodes throughout the body. It could also be warts around the genitals and anus

Phase III (Latent Syphilis)
No complaints or symptoms, but the infection continued to attack tools or other body parts. This condition 
can only be seen through a special blood tests syphilis

Phase IV (Tertiary Syphilis)
Arising 5-30 years after syphilis stage II. There is damage to the vital organs are settled in the brain, heart and blood vessels, nerves and spinal cord. In infants and children will lead to: - facial deformity - Bone Disorders - Blindness, deafness - Deformities distinctive teeth - skin disorders - can even lead to babies born to die

treatment of Syphilis
Antibiotics can be used as a treatment if it can be detected early. However, treatment can not restore the damage caused by this disease. Consult a doctor immediately to a specialist if the complaint continues.
Avoid sexual contact with a person who is not a partner is the best thing to prevent this disease. Because the best treatment for syphilis is preventing syphilis itself.

Sex Infectious Diseases gonorrhoeae

Gonorrhoeae or gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae which is generally transmitted through sexual intercourse, but also direct contact with infective exudate. This disease has a high incidence compared to other sexually transmitted diseases. Although the incidence of this disease has been declining since the 1970s, but nearly 800,000 new cases are found each year in the US. The world's estimated 200 million new cases each year. The disease is more often give teens and young adults, and is more common in men than women.

Gonorrhea is caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhoeae. These bacteria can be transmitted to others through sexual contact with an infected person. This disease can also be transmitted from a mother to her baby during childbirth. We would not be infected with gonorrhea from shared use of towels or use a public restroom.

The incubation period is very short gonorrhea in men is usually between 2-5 days, sometimes longer. In women incubation period is difficult to determine because generally does not cause symptoms.

In men, initially there is itching and heat around the urethra, the channel that transports urine from the bladder to outside the body. Furthermore, there is pain during urination and cloudy viscous secretions out of the tip of the urethra which is sometimes accompanied by blood. When the infection is getting up, the pain will be growing and increasingly viscous secretions and murky. In addition there is pain at the time of erection and sometimes there are enlarged lymph nodes in the groin.

In women, symptoms, if any, can be so mild that people do not realize it. As many as 30% -60% of women with gonorrhea do not give gejala.Gejala that arise can be pain during urination, urination becomes more frequent, and sometimes cause pain in the lower pelvis. In addition, there is a thick and cloudy discharge that comes out of the vagina.

When you realize having symptoms as above, or have a sexual partner with the above symptoms, you should see a doctor. The doctor will perform examinations, such as taking secretions from the vagina or penis to be analyzed. Antibiotics are the treatment for gonorrhea. Sexual partners should also be examined and treated as soon as possible if diagnosed with gonorrhea. This applies to sexual partners in the last 2 months, or sexual partner during the last 2 months if there is no sexual activity. Many antibiotics are safe and effective for treating gonorrhea, eradicate N.gonorrhoeae, stop the chain of transmission, reduce symptoms, and reduce the possibility of sequelae. The main choice is penicillin + probenecid.

Antibiotics that can be used for the treatment of gonorrhea, among others:

Amoxicillin 2 g + probenecid 1 g, orally
Ampicillin 2-3 g + probenecid 1 g. peroral
Azithromycin 2 g, orally
Cefotaxime 500 mg, injection Intra Muscular
Ciprofloxacin 500 mg, orally
Ofloxacin 400 mg, orally
Spectinomisin 2 grams, injections Intra Muscular
These drugs are given in a single dose.

To prevent transmission of gonorrhea, use of condoms in sexual intercourse. If suffering from gonorrhea, avoid sexual contact until the antibiotic treatment is finished. Although it has been exposed to gonorrhea, one can hit back, because there will be formed immunity to gonorrhea. Suggest also our sexual partners to be checked to prevent further infection and prevent transmission. Moreover, it also suggests the prostitutes to always check themselves regularly, so if the infection can be treated properly immediately.

Know the causes of premature ejaculation

The cause of premature ejaculation is divided into primary and secondary. Primary in the sense that these disorders occur in men since he began sexually active (post-puberty). Secondary causes means this condition occurs in individuals who previously were able to control his ejaculation and for no apparent reason, he began experiencing premature ejaculation.

The primary cause of ED can occur in men who have never had sexual intercourse without experiencing premature ejaculation. This generally occurs because of emotional disturbance or cause can be multiple. Other causes of anxiety during intercourse related to sexual trauma (sexual abuse, incest)

Secondary causes of ED can be associated with multiple causes both organic, substances, or psychic in which anxiety is the cause
The human sexual response is divided into three phases, namely libido (desire / lust), feeling aroused, and orgasm (climax). The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) classifies sexual disorders into four categories:

Associated with health problems (organic)
Affected by drugs
not specified

Each category of the DSM-IV disorders in the third mnegklasifikasikan sexual phase or disturbances in libido, feelings aroused, and orgasm. In some men, premature ejaculation can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation for the first time at most be categorized as non-specific (based on DSM-IV) in which no one knows the cause and psychological factors are suspected of being the main cause of ED. Disease involving the male reproductive tract (organic disorders) or the influence of drugs is rarely the cause of ED.
If ED occurs before penetration (entry of the penis into the vagina) in couples who are expecting pregnancy, it is not possible pregnancy can occur except by artificial insemination. This will result in emotional and psychological disturbance for the pair.
One theory why psychological disorder is said to be the main cause is conditioned because of the social pressure to reach a climax in a short time. For example, the basic causes of ED can be associated with the fear of being caught masturbating during adolescence or may be associated with the first sexual experience before marriage (at the girlfriend's house, hotel, car) that are associated with discomfort and guilt. This pattern will be difficult to change after the man married.

Psychiatric aspects
Moreover, the fact that terangsangnya a woman and female orgasms longer and more difficult than men. This will lead to a feeling of premature ejaculation for men who orgasm faster than their partner.
Feelings of fear of rejection, fear of sexual partner or his penis hurt themselves, as well as fears of failure are psychological factors cause of ED.
Some researchers found no difference between the latent period and the difference hormones in men with ED and normal men. The theory says that some men have excess sensitivity (oversensitive) or hyperexcitability (inflammable) of their genitals which prevents reduced sympathetic activity and accelerate the occurrence of ejaculation. Men with hyperexcitability will easily experience ED.

Fact Survey Teen Sexual Life America

A study of the National Survey of Family Growth in the United States found some new facts about the sex lives of teenagers there. Although the results are not significant compared with the results of the survey in 2002. Interestingly, most parents never imagined that their children have had sex. Here are some facts about the sex lives of adolescents in the United States:

1. 4 of 10 US adolescents (15-19 years) and not married have had sexual intercourse at least once.

2. Young unmarried 18 and 19 years old have sex about two-fold as compared to adolescents aged 15-17 years. Women aged between 15-17 years, about 28 percent said they had sex compared with 60 percent for women aged 18 and 19 years. For men, 29 percent of 15-17 year olds said they had sex compared with 65 percent for those aged 18 and 19 years.

3. Among unmarried adolescents, nearly 8 out of 10 women (79%) and nearly 9 out of 10 men (87%) use some form of contraception when they first had sexual intercourse. For the most part, teens who use contraceptives has changed little since 2002. Condoms remain the most common method used.

4. In 2006-2008, 52% of unmarried teenage girls and 71% of adolescent boys who never married sex in the four weeks prior to the interview using a condom every time they have sex.

5. Less than half of teenage boys are not married (47%) reported they would be "very upset" if they got pregnant partner, while 58% of unmarried young women said they would be very disappointed if they are pregnant.

6. 22% of teenage girls and 24% of sexually experienced teens sexually experienced males said they would "slightly happy" or "very happy" if they were to become pregnant (or get a partner pregnant).

7. Approximately 71% of women and 64% of men stated "agree" or "strongly agree" that "it's okay for an unmarried woman to have a child" percentage for men has increased sharply since 2002, ie almost 50%. They agreed or strongly agreed with this question. The percentage of women has remained the same over a period of time.

Some thing Cause Decreased Sexual Desire in Women

Although the woman's sexual desire is not for man, but if there is a decrease in sexual desire in women, of course, can affect the biological needs of his partner. A number of medical studies have concluded that the sex life can control stress, improve physical health, reduce the risk of mental illness and improve the relationship with a partner.

Therefore there are good men knows what is the cause of decreased sexual desire in women.

1. Biological Factors
In sexual intercourse course required considerable energy and the state of a fit body, biological factors such as fatigue and lack of sleep can be a factor that triggers decreased sexual desire of a woman. According to some studies, fatigue lead to decreased levels of DHEA and testosterone, where low levels of these hormones associated with decreased sexual drive.
To overcome if you lack sleep, take more time to rest, do not sleep too late, if it can take some time for a vacation together with your partner.

2. Psychological factors
Psychological factors that cause decreased sexual desire of women, among others: stress, depression, irritation with the couple. In times of stress the body produces the hormone cortisol as a counterweight, but the hormone cortisol inhibits the production of testosterone, thus impacting decrease sexual appetite. If the cause is related to psychological factors, try to take a vacation to soothe

3. While Breastfeeding
In women who are breastfeeding high prolactin levels in the body. High prolactin in the body decrease sex drive of women.

4. Using contraceptives
Containing hormonal contraceptives in some women give effect decreased sexual desire.

5. Changes in Sexual Hormones
• Menopause. At the time of menopause hormones estrogen and testosterone also decreased dramatically, resulting in a decrease in sexual desire, coupled with symptoms of dryness of the vagina due to a lack of vaginal lubrication add a drop in sexual desire.
• Decreased levels of testosterone. Testosterone as we know that there is in men, but women also have the hormones to increase sexual desire and provide lubrication in the vaginal area.
• High levels of SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). Women who memiilki SHBG high amounts usually are not eager to have intercourse. SHBG is a protein that binds to testosterone. This will lower the libido in women.

Hormone therapy to overcome them:

Estrogen therapy helps increase sexual desire in women with low estrogen levels.

• Topical estrogen
Decreased libido due to vaginal dryness can be treated with vaginal estrogen cream. This cream will help you increase vaginal lubrication and increase sexual desire in postmenopausal women.
• Testosterone Therapy
The use of testosterone supplements also helps to increase sexual desire in women with sexual dysfunction. This therapy can be used in post-menopausal women, who have problems with sexual desire and difficulty getting sexual satisfaction.

Couple Changes Trigger Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer or cervical cancer is a type of cancer that is located between the vagina to the uterus in the female body. The most common cause is due to unhealthy sexual intercourse or frequently changing partners. If left unchecked, can lead to death.

Cervical cancer was initially caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) that live in the human genital area. "There are more than 120 types of HPV viruses that exist, but 70% of the viruses that cause cervical cancer are HPV 16 and 18

Cervical cancer can be recognized when the cervix looks like thrush, thus making the blood vessels were injured when a woman had sexual intercourse. As a result, there is bleeding or contact bleeding. If this occurs, the woman should be examined to determine whether the cervix has been attacked by a virus, because it is this which can cause cancer.

There are two ways to prevent this disease, namely:

1. Primary prevention
Prevention is usually done for unmarried women. By way of giving sexual education, one of which is to avoid sexual intercourse with multiple partners, and the importance of early examination. In addition, adolescents also need to get the HPV vaccine given three times within six months to prevent cervical cancer.

2. Secondary prevention
For women who are married and already had sexual intercourse, secondary prevention is very important. Prevention among others by doing pemeriksaanpap smear to determine the condition of the cells of the cervix, and then analyzed to detect the presence of cervical cancer early. Furthermore, HPV DNA tests will be done to determine whether the cervix has been exposed to the virus 16 and 18, which is the cause of cervical cancer.

The lower the ability of some Men in Upper Beds

Having a spouse is a wonderful thing. And will be more beautiful if life at home and outside the home is well maintained. But sometimes occur imbalance, in a relationship, either at home or outside the home.

As life on the bed, which can make a marital relationship is maintained. But sometimes a man in a hurry male trait, create an intimate relationship is not so enjoyed her partner. So what causes it?

Can not satisfactory, can not make orgasm, can not even maintain an erection is often the reason for the weakness of men about the affairs of the bed. Here are 10 reasons why men can be very weak:

1. Anxiety
Some people may suffer acute anxiety, which will affect every aspect of life, not terkecualikeharmonisan on the bed.

2. Smoking
Men may feel 'manly' when they are blowing smoke from his mouth. Yes, smoking is killing! Prior to kill you, kill a man in you. A study shows that smoking affects sperm count and quality of erections.

3. Alcohol
Excessive intake of alcohol, can bring you into the 'wild mood' but after that can kill the mood of your partner. Performance man in bed is reduced after many meminuman alcohol.

4. Premature Ejaculation
The inability of a man to maintain ejaculation, can ruin a relationship in your bedroom. There are certain methods to prolong erection. Better to try the method to improve the quality of intimate relationships.

5. Lack of experience
Men who are just starting 'wild adventure,' can cause damage due to their lack of experience. They often wonder, how to improve performance in bed. In some men, tights can also be the reason behind their poor performance. They can seek medical help.

6. Lack of testosterone
After 30 years, men may reduce testosterone levels in the body. This hormone that makes men desire impulse decreases and affects stamina and ability.

7. Lifestyle stress
Stress can be toxic. Kill your performance. For a moment free from the stress of life, can help improve performance in bed.

8. erectile dysfunction
The inability of a man to get the 'violence on the genitals' before intercourse, may turn into an insult. Well, if there is a medical reason behind the condition, the doctor can help.

9. Drugs
Several types of medications can affect the life of the bed. Men who are undergoing treatment for a variety of serious illnesses, may have to wait for their drug use may hamper performance.

10. The medical condition
Some diseases such as diabetes, can also be an important reason behind the performance of a poor man in bed. Also, certain neurological problems, also can mengganggukehidupan men. Such people should seek medical help.

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Carrots make sperm more active

Diet can indeed affect a person's physical condition or health. Yes, the quality of a person's body can be seen from what he eats, including aspects of fertility or fertility.
A study from Harvard University in the United States, found that carrots can improve the performance of sperm. In that study, 200 men to follow a diet that is accompanied with a variety of fruit and vegetable consumption to test the effects on their sperm. As a result, the type of orange vegetables are also good for eye health is claimed to improve the performance of their sperm.

The results found that carrots can improve the performance of sperm between 6.5 to 8 percent. Reporting from sources Mother & Baby UK, yellow and orange foods, such as pumpkins, corn, and turnips, contain compounds called carotenoids alkaloids. Substance is exactly what gives the effect of color on these food sources, in addition to helping sperm to swim to the egg with the better.

Moreover, you do not know about carrots? 
Whole Foods Market gives you additional knowledge about the typical food of this rabbit.

1. Carrots first time out in the garden in the area of Afghanistan around 900 BC. Then spread to various regions. And the year 1000 AD planted in the Middle East and North Africa. From there crossed into Spain, and the pad 1300 M planted in Northern Europe and also China.
2. There are many types of carrots. Not only two categories of carrots, local or beyond. There is a long form to be known as The Orange Long and Short Horn, and Half Horn. Also there is a giant carrot Jaune Obtuse, the long slender Imperaptors.
3. Baby Carrots not some kind of carrot.
4. In the winter also can grow carrots.
5. Carrots composed of 88 percent water.
6. Carrots are not just orange. some are white, yellow, and purple.
7. Eat carrots are cooked better than eating raw carrots.
8. Carrots contain beta carotin richest source. This is a source of vitamin A needed by our body. If our eyes can not see in the dark, beta carotene which makes the eyes bright.

Be careful in Understanding Sexual Relationships

Sexual intercourse should be a special moment, a celebration of the love of a man and a woman who promised to stay together until death in a valid marriage bond. (Read: Married Have Health Benefits in Retirement)

However, these moments are often the scene when sexual relations between men and women is exaggerated and changed its meaning. That, the sign of love and a sign of love to be proven with sexual intercourse although not in a valid marriage bond. 

So what about the sexual relationship in marriage is not valid? Sexual intercourse is becoming intimate relationship irresponsible to risk occurs:

1. Pregnancy outside of marriage,
2. The child out of wedlock,
3. Abortion is not safe,
4. The spread of sexually transmitted infections and HIV / AIDS,
5. Increased stress and depression.

Controlling Lust Sex

Considering these things, certainly not a problem to say "No" to the unprotected sexual intercourse.
In addition to saying "No", take precautions to avoid doing various activities that tend to sexual stimulation can continue to be a sexual relationship needs to be done.

Controlling sexual appetite can be done by:

1. Physical activity such as sports or hobbies to pass the time will also help avoid the pair of activities that have the potential for the occurrence of sexual intercourse is not responsible.
2. Conducting rollicking, avoid alone together.
3. Avoid doing "Petting".
4. Do not be consumed by the environmental effects of "free sex".
5. Remember to save face for our legitimate partner in the future, especially women.
6. Approach religion.

Are Wife Can Still Having Sex after Menopause ?

Menopause is a condition in which menstruation stops permanently, due to the existing egg cells in the ovaries (ovarian) is up. It usually occurs in the age range 45-65 years.

Some things you should do when entering the menopause:

1. Accept "arrival", that this is a natural process that is experienced by all women, so they can avoid the emotional attitude and depression.

2. Exercise regularly. This can prevent many diseases that occur after menopause, such as osteoporosis and calcification.

3. Increase the consumption of vegetables, fruits, and foods that contain natural estrogen such as soybeans can prevent and reduce post-menopausal complaints.

What about the marital relationship? 
Of course still be enjoyed. Naturally, reduced estrogen at menopause results in the vagina to become dry, causing pain during intercourse. This is a MAJOR FACTOR female sexual arousal decreases menopause age.

How to cope with providing lubrication / lubricants (available in pharmacies) so as not to cause pain during penetration. Then it should be noted also foreplay / heating, physical, psychological, and atmosphere, all of which must be communicated to the couple.

Differences Have Sex with Men circumcised and uncircumcised

Men circumcised and uncircumcised - photo

Layer of skin folds found in men who are not circumcised penis until now is still a debate as well as a hot topic about health. However, how has it affected your sex life?

Are there differences in sex with men who are circumcised and uncircumcised?

* Sensitivity
According to a Danish study, premature ejaculation or erectile problems often experienced by men is not due to their circumcision. Circumcision which removes half of the foreskin, making him lose sensitivity to light touch though, according to researchers in Korea. In fact, a study from Michigan State University found that the most sensitive part of the penis circumcised men are at the circumcision scar.

* The risk of infection
When men are not circumcised, moisture will be trapped between the penis and the hood, thus triggering bacteria or germs to breed. Men who are not circumcised are vulnerable to fungal infections, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted diseases (especially HPV virus and HIV).

* Health
Differences in sex with men who are circumcised and uncircumcised is related to cleanliness. More difficult to keep the uncircumcised penis clean 100 percent all the time. Although most men are not circumcised able to keep clean his penis, it is still difficult for them.

* Enjoyment more
There is no definitive answer as to how circumcision affects women pleasure during lovemaking. However, a study from Denmark found that women who were married to circumcised men reported feeling dissatisfied with their sex lives when compared with those whose husband is not circumcised. Until now, there are also other studies that say otherwise.

* Pain
According to research from Denmark, women who have sex with circumcised men, likely to experience sexual pain tripled compared to women who have sex with men who are not circumcised. The reason: uncircumcised penis is more smooth and soft.

Vaginal Discharge (Fluor Albus)

Fluor Albus is the liquid that comes out of the vagina. Fluor Albus can arise from a variety of circumstances, ie normal / physiological and pathological. Fluor Fluor Albus Albus physiologically normal is caused by hormonal changes, such as during menstruation, stress, pregnancy, and the use of contraception. While Fluor Fluor Albus Albus pathological is arising from certain medical conditions with the most common cause is due to parasitic infection / fungal / bacteria.

Normal vaginal discharge has characteristics include the clear white color, when attached to clothing in bright yellow color, consistency like mucus (dilute-thick) depending on the hormone cycle, odorless and does not cause complaints.

When the discharge from the vagina has become discolored (white milk, gray, to green), smelling, and with many other complaints (such as itching, burning, etc.) indicate that there has been Fluor Albus are generally caused due to abnormal tract infections reproduction by a variety of bacteria, fungi or parasites.

How to Fluor Albus you?
If you include Fluor Fluor Albus Albus abnormal then need to be treated because it can cause the spread of infection to the internal organs and should avoid sexual intercourse beforehand. Fluor Albus If you are experiencing is normal Fluor Albus, then you need to do is maintain the cleanliness of the vaginal area, namely:

· Often replacing panties when sweating or moist

· Avoid using tight pants made of material that does not absorb sweat

· If you want to use a panty liner choose which do not contain fragrances and is not used for more than 4-6 hours

· Avoid using cleaning products that can cause changes pubic acidity and balance of bacteria in the mother's pubic burrow

· If you want to rinse after urination, do it with a direction from front to back using a towel.

Please note that Fluor Albus could be a sexually transmitted infection. When caused by a sexually transmitted infection, then both you and your spouse (husband) should be treated as well in order to complete treatment.

Some Weirdest Phobias Sexual Ever

Fear of heights, narrow place, or a particular animal is probably the type of phobia is a common and once you hear.

But what about the strange fear of the things of a sexual nature? For example, as reported from How About We below.

Phobias this one makes sufferers fear of a young woman who is a virgin. So the nuns could say is 'enemy' of their biggest.

Are you afraid of the penis erection? If so, then it is a symptom Medorthophobia. Difficult also if there is a man who is afraid erection, then how does he satisfy her partner?

Medomalacuphobia a phobia or fear of erectile dysfunction. Phobias this one is the opposite of Medorthophobia that make sufferers worried half to death if not managed to achieve an erection.

Fear of seeing others naked called gymnophobia. Maybe when making love, people with phobias that one should force their partners to keep wearing clothes.

Eurotophobia is a phobia against genital (mainly) women-owned.

Are those who fear a wet dream. The condition is known as oneirogmophobia. If people with wet dream, when I woke up he will freaked.

Phobias this one might make the sufferer alone masturbating before sex. Because they fear foreplay

Are you afraid to be kissed? Because you may suffer philemaphobia or fear of kissing.

Sexual claustrophobia
Finally, there is the most horrific sexual claustrophobia among other phobias conditions already mentioned. Why? Because this one phobia sufferers are afraid to make love in the room. So they could only have sex in public places.

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