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Get Rich Quick Tips of Asia's Richest Man

Asia's richest man

Li Ka - shing, a popular businessman from hongkong give tricks for getting rich in a short time. people are also known to like the richest man in Asia has a unique tricks can we imitate if you want to grow rapidly like a success.

here you can know how Li Ka - shing allocate income and behave as one time before, during and also after he became a successful person. curious, right?

about allocating income

1. your income continues to be 5 parts
for li, whatever intertwined and could not have cared how well your crops - you shall divide it so 5 fragment. so you are able to control your spending well.

2. funds 1: living expenses
"Choose a cheap meal. make you eat only need milk and eggs. lunch can you fill with a simple menu and also fruit. memasaklah alone for dinner. the menu is quite 2 types of vegetables and a glass of milk at bedtime. the whole body is still young, you do not want to have problems with eating this kind ".

3. The funds 2: entertain friends
"Expand friendship. is going to make you so individuals grow. use this money for phone expenditure and also treat a friend. Remember, the only friend you must be a more herbs than you. he is required to have a more enthusiastic than you, richer than you or have an impact on your career growth. in a year, you want to have many friends. and is also known to like a good person and also quixotic "

4. The three funds: the fund study
"Because you do not have a lot of money, you are obliged to focus on learning. set aside money to buy a novel every month. absorb and learn what is recommended in the novel. after thoroughly reading, writing the contents of his book deserves your understanding. do not hesitate - hesitate also make exploring training can improve your ability "

5. The four funds: the money to travel
"Go traveled minimum once a year. aja stay in a cheap hotel in order to save expenses. use this opportunity for recharging your energy so that you always passionate in

6. The five funds: investment funds
"Learn to make investing. insert money into bank capital like premature. The easiest trick is to arrive to wholesalers, then find things that you can sell more. when you've been able to create money out of small businesses - this piecemeal, you want to passionately create businesses learn more "

7. frugal about clothes shopping
"Press your spending for clothes shopping. you can buy the whole that you want
when you are already wealthy later. better use of your money for buying gifts for people - people nearby. explain to their dreams, ideals - ideals and also what else you do for achieving it. make them understand why you are so downsize "

inflame enthusiastic about work

8. year of unity yet also take honor?
"When you have struggled throughout the first year and rising salaries as well yet anyway, it was a sign you do not grow like a private person. go to the nearest supermarket, purchase the loudest know that you can find. h head to know it. you deserve it "

9. Do not flash satisfied
"When your salary rising but still close to 15 percent, it means you need to find extra work. try to sell. so the trade really challenging, but you want to learn more about what is acceptable to the market and what is not. you also want to see people - people who want to influence your career later. about - about the whole a successful entrepreneur is a person good trade "

about posing while still poor, and also when it rich

10. The good deed and also the wealth
"If you feel poor, spend your money for a friend. when you are already wealthy, then spend the money to you alone. the majority of people actually carry out the opposite. "

11. you shall go out and also be willing to be used while still poor
"When you are still poor, get out more and also do not often at home. when the already rich, cut out the seriousness and also spend more time at home. This is an art of living that often left people "

12. Generous when poor, do not wasting money when the rich
"When you're still poor, spend of money so that friends can see. when the already rich, do not let your friends look at you like people who like to spend money. to implement this life you want to reach a point of equilibrium "

young, poor, but want to be rich? can too!

13. you do not need to worry poor
"That must you know is how to invest for improved abilities. you shall understand what matters most in your life, in a fragment of where you are required to invest the time and also more power. "

14. whole can be planned
" Things - good things are intertwined in life can be planned. happiness can be arranged. you shall lend a hand made set from now "


Ways to Know If You Live In accordance with your Income

Ability means available resources that we have, especially money. So, how do we live in accordance with the money we have? It's simple. We should be spending less than income! That's the secret, past and present.

Regardless of the amount of our revenue, reduce expenses.
There are three simple questions you ask yourself that will help you know whether you actually live according to your ability.

• First
Do you owe money to someone else? It does not include long-term debt as the total price of your home or car (however, it is possible to buy a house or a car that is far beyond your ability, so beware).

• Second
Are you able to pay all your monthly bills? Furthermore, could you continue to pay all the bills for the next six months?

• Third
Is your debt increases or decreases each month? If you have a debt, whether it is paid without incurring further debt? Can you pay all your bills and have money left over at the end of the month? If yes, you are living according to your ability.

Then, if you have credit card debt or pledge of your home, you should ask yourself why you have that debt. If it is the result of a one-time purchase, and you plan to pay it off right away, not a problem. On the other hand, if you have many times using your home as collateral in order to make a payment or a purchase, you have a problem.

Using debt to pay off debt is usually not a good idea. It is like digging a hole, cover the hole. The problem you will be aware that in order to close the new hole, you will need more land, and before you know it, you will have a big hole when you're running out of land.
The only way to be free of debt is to increase your income or reduce your expenses. There are several ways to do it. If you are just a little bit extravagant, the easiest way is to analyze and reduce your expenses. For example, you can cook meals at home instead of buying food outside, or you can switch to using public transportation to save money on your fuel.

If you are spending far greater than your income, you need to make big changes. New jobs with higher salaries or a second job can be a solution for your problem. You can combine efforts and reduce spending while taking a second job. These are difficult decisions and you need to consider it carefully. Regardless of the cause, if you are spending more than your income, you have to do something to fix it immediately or you can end up with a big hole that will never be able to close.

Some Easy Ways to Organize Your Finances

Everyone, whether they are accustomed to life-saving and new start learning to save or newly freed from the burden of debt, at a time in his life would have difficulty in controlling impulse spending impulsively.

Everyone, whether they are accustomed to life-saving and new start learning to save or newly freed from the burden of debt, at a time in his life would have difficulty in controlling impulse spending impulsively. Have you ever bought a new television-sized and most sophisticated real when you know you do not really need that new TV? Or have you ever buy expensive clothes just because it's being discounted when you know you will very rarely wear it? Do things like this happen in your everyday life?

Overcoming the urge to impulse shopping is very difficult, especially when you look at a big discount or friends you wear something that makes you very jealous. However, you should know that there are some things you can do to control this urge. There are five smart ways that will not only help create healthy behaviors on shopping, but also helps you control impulsive spending habits, among others:

1. Pause before buying
Did you know that you can prevent the purchase of any item simply by delaying for a day (or 24 hours) prior to completing the purchase transaction. This does not only apply to goods that you see at the mall, but also for goods sold online. By delaying, you planted the idea in your brain that you actually do not need the stuff you want to buy it.

2. Avoid situations that trigger impulsive shopping desires
Most desire to shopping impulsively derived from the test of self-control situation. You can avoid this by imposing new rules, such as more frequent spending free time at home than outside. When you're comfortable at home, you will feel lazy to go to the mall which will further prevent you from seeing the items that can trigger your shopping desires. Plan your shopping time to once a week or even once a month. To control the impulsive shopping online, you can unsubscribe (unsubscribe) all e-mail offers from the website of your favorite online shopping.

3. Get used to create a list
It does not only make a shopping list for weekly or monthly shopping activity you, but also make a list of items that you want for the long term. For example, for a birthday present, ask your family members what they want for their birthday. Encourage each member of the family to plan and save for a celebration or birthday presents them respectively. It also can be applied to plan a family vacation or home renovation plans. You need to remember that shopping is not a bad habit, but you only need to do it with careful consideration.

4. Give the pocket money to yourself
After you pay all your financial obligations, such as school fees, credit card bills, gas money, etc., give pocket money to yourself as a reward for your hard work during the month. It does not need a large amount of money, for example, simply by setting aside a portion of each month that you can use to buy anything, for example, if your hobby is reading, you can buy a novel with this pocket money. The bottom line is you have planned spending like this, and when the pocket money that is already in use, you must wait until payday to come to your pocket money next.

5. Develop a sense of complacency
It is common knowledge that the more a person or property ownership, does not guarantee personal satisfaction or happiness of the person. You need to remember that self-satisfaction comes from gratitude for what we have, not what we want to have. You can enjoy precious time with family and loyal friends. You can be grateful for the blessings of God or goodness of other people who do not you think not. All of these can help you develop is more important in life and can help you feel self-satisfaction.

Remember that you are controlling your spending, not vice versa. Find your weaknesses, then make a plan of action to control it.

Quiet life of Debt

Begin to organize your life with a tight, immediately change your lifestyle, work harder and do more selfish.
In today's money has a very important role for human life, like a double-edged sword with money one can prevail, and with the money anyway someone can slumped.

Almost nothing is impossible to do by the money to bring happiness in one's life, but it should be understood that the money is not the only source for the creation of happiness in this life.

For those who are wise, there are many sources that can bring happiness in life, and one of the many sources of these, which is still associated with money is not owed. Debt is the source of unhappiness and the roots of the catastrophe. Therefore, if you want happiness always be present in every aspect of your life, you begin to instill in each of now that you will do the following things that do not owe, including:

1. Not luxurious lifestyles
Live modestly and gratefully according to your income, avoid luxurious lifestyles, so you are not tempted to spend all your income just to follow your wishes.

2. Stop buying goods that are not needed
Buy and meet the needs of household appliances and personal needs that really you need and frequently used, avoid buying things that are not important that if only will fulfill your cupboard or garage.

3. Be wise in the use of credit card
Remember, the funds in the credit card does not belong to you, therefore, to use credit cards wisely, pay your credit card bills are always on time, and if possible better immediately close your credit card.

4. Do not buy when you can rent
Avoid buying something expensive that in fact you can only use once in a lifetime. In some cases such as a wedding dress, as much as possible not to buy when you can rent it, because it will save your finances.

5. Do not get prestige
Be yourself do not easily prestige, not to just because you want to be respected by your friend always trying to please them with a treat or follow their wishes, so you terpaska do everything possible, including debt.

6. Make a plan budget
Always make a budget plan so that you can always keep an eye on your financial expenses and avoid the expenses that are not necessary.

7. Choosing a partner who is able to support you to be frugal with means
Your spouse is a partner that will help you in organizing and supporting you in managing finances, therefore, find the pair that can support you to get life-saving is not the shopping-oriented.

8. Buy the appropriate clothing and comfortable to use instead of the branded
There is no point to obey a sense of pride to get compliments from others, do not wear expensive clothes are branded when edges are forcing you to go into debt. Buy decent clothes and comfortable to wear, do not need to be branded and expensive, because others appreciate you not see the brand of clothes you wear but how you appreciate and treat and care for your body.

9. Take care of your health
Because pain is expensive, then avoid the unhealthy lifestyle that can harm yourself. Deliver yourself from munuman alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and so on, so that you always have always maintained health and your finances safe and can be used for other kerpeluan more useful.

10. Participate in the insurance
Insure yourself, can old age insurance, car insurance, health insurance, education insurance, and so on.

11. Familiarize yourself saving
Familiarize yourself to save money ahead of time because the savings you will be very useful in helping to meet your needs in the future so you do not need to have to get into debt.

12. Purchase in cash rather than credit
If you have sufficient funds avoid buying anything on credit, but when your funds are insufficient, before deciding to loan make sure that you have the ability to pay off your loan on time.

13. Do not Owe again
If at this time you have been freed from debt, so now focus on yourself for no longer owe nothing happens. Begin to organize your life with a tight, immediately change your lifestyle, work harder and do more selfish.

Credit Cards - Tips on Wise use it

In using the credit card we also need to always wise. Consider first before you make a loan and get yourself so that you do not pile up a lot of debt beyond your limits.

In today's ever-increasing need for family. There are many families who have sufficient income but still have to look for another attempt in order to meet their other needs. This is the perfect excuse for many banks in seeking profits by exploiting this situation to attract a lot of people have credit with low interest easily so many people who are interested to open a credit card in order to meet its needs.

The use of credit cards in the world is increasing and credit cards also have become today's lifestyle. Credit cards not only allows us to credit home electronic appliance or vehicle, but the credit card has been regarded as a magic card in all the activities of shopping, only with one swipe you can buy everything without spending cash.

In other countries such as America, people have to make a credit card transaction tool shop everywhere. Almost all Americans have credit cards and use cash already rare. Some time ago when I traveled from New York to Miami using the plane, I want to buy food in the plane and when I was going to pay, they could not accept my money because the payment system in the plane can only be done by using a credit card. It occurred to my mind at that time, the technology is very advanced in age, everything can be bought only by using a magic card (credit card). But did you know credit cards also have a negative impact should be avoided for its users. Many people become addicted to shopping and could not pay his bills because lulled by the ease of this credit card.

Here are tips for using credit cards wisely:

Knowing how to pay credit card
Before you use a credit card, you should calculate in advance how your mandatory expenses, such as monthly basic necessities, pay utility bills, pay school fees and so on, then if your income minus the cost of basic needs is still there, just put it aside to pay credit card you. If you do not have much income should not use credit cards.

Prioritize the need
Once you have had a credit card and want to use it, you must instill in you to not over use it. For example you are shopping for a shopping center with the aim to buy a television, when you have to get the items you need, you see a very nice DVD with promo price is very cheap. If the item was not so into your needs you should not buy it even though you can pay by credit card, because it will only add to the burden of your loan each month.

Do not shop without a plan
Shopping may be the nice thing to do but if you do not have a goal to buy something, you should not go shopping. Many people, especially women who use credit cards while visiting the shopping center became hungry eyes and buy anything that caught his attention. Avoid habits like it and learn restrain yourself to spending not otherwise planned. If you like shopping you should plan in advance what you want to buy and Take into account also the money you have.

Provide sufficient cash when you leave the house
If you want to shop, places to play, or eat at a restaurant, or anywhere, take the first money you have before you go, whether you enough money to pay your expenses. Seek to always pay your expenses with cash. We recommend using a credit card if necessary, for example, your money runs out and you have to buy a meal or if paying by credit card get a much cheaper price.

We may keep abreast of the times, enjoy the convenience, get a discount when shopping, and meet the needs of our families with the help of a credit card. However, the use of credit cards we also need to always wise. Consider first before you make a loan and get yourself so that you do not pile up debt beyond your limits.

Want Rich Quick ? Try this Ways

For some people, print treasure coffers is not a complicated issue. But indeed, for some other people, collect money so they can make life wallowing in wealth requires quite hard money business.

Financial Planning Association reveals, in fact to make a lot of money is not a difficult issue. Someone just needs to follow three simple rules to become rich.
One member of the Financial Planning Association, Rienzie explained, though easy, not many people are able to survive for three rules that can run and eventually give up before getting rich.

Well, what are the three rules, following three simple rules that can make you rich fast as quoted from page, Tuesday (10/21/2014):

1. Saving
This is an obstacle many people in making money. It is true, many people have a salary, commission and benefits, but not all of them are able to save.

Everyone has a different way of managing finances. But people who are able to save money can make more money.

Remember, saving your expenses and stop spending money to meet various personal desires. Use the money just to buy things that are needed and the remaining tubes.

2. Invest
Rather than save money better you make it spin and generate greater wealth. Investing your money is a more appropriate way.

Make sure you have studied various strategies to invest in order not to lose the capital that was embedded. Divert your funds from aggressive investments to more conservative areas in order to make more money.

You can also invest in long-term savings. Interest from these deposits can return your tubes.

3. Generate more money
When saving and investing is not enough to make money, it's time for you to be more creative to find other sources of income. It can be through a hobby or other personal abilities.

Side job not only hone your business kemampaun but also raises the potential for other businesses. Who knows, the business can be your main income source.

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