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Get Rich Quick Tips of Asia's Richest Man

Asia's richest man

Li Ka - shing, a popular businessman from hongkong give tricks for getting rich in a short time. people are also known to like the richest man in Asia has a unique tricks can we imitate if you want to grow rapidly like a success.

here you can know how Li Ka - shing allocate income and behave as one time before, during and also after he became a successful person. curious, right?

about allocating income

1. your income continues to be 5 parts
for li, whatever intertwined and could not have cared how well your crops - you shall divide it so 5 fragment. so you are able to control your spending well.

2. funds 1: living expenses
"Choose a cheap meal. make you eat only need milk and eggs. lunch can you fill with a simple menu and also fruit. memasaklah alone for dinner. the menu is quite 2 types of vegetables and a glass of milk at bedtime. the whole body is still young, you do not want to have problems with eating this kind ".

3. The funds 2: entertain friends
"Expand friendship. is going to make you so individuals grow. use this money for phone expenditure and also treat a friend. Remember, the only friend you must be a more herbs than you. he is required to have a more enthusiastic than you, richer than you or have an impact on your career growth. in a year, you want to have many friends. and is also known to like a good person and also quixotic "

4. The three funds: the fund study
"Because you do not have a lot of money, you are obliged to focus on learning. set aside money to buy a novel every month. absorb and learn what is recommended in the novel. after thoroughly reading, writing the contents of his book deserves your understanding. do not hesitate - hesitate also make exploring training can improve your ability "

5. The four funds: the money to travel
"Go traveled minimum once a year. aja stay in a cheap hotel in order to save expenses. use this opportunity for recharging your energy so that you always passionate in

6. The five funds: investment funds
"Learn to make investing. insert money into bank capital like premature. The easiest trick is to arrive to wholesalers, then find things that you can sell more. when you've been able to create money out of small businesses - this piecemeal, you want to passionately create businesses learn more "

7. frugal about clothes shopping
"Press your spending for clothes shopping. you can buy the whole that you want
when you are already wealthy later. better use of your money for buying gifts for people - people nearby. explain to their dreams, ideals - ideals and also what else you do for achieving it. make them understand why you are so downsize "

inflame enthusiastic about work

8. year of unity yet also take honor?
"When you have struggled throughout the first year and rising salaries as well yet anyway, it was a sign you do not grow like a private person. go to the nearest supermarket, purchase the loudest know that you can find. h head to know it. you deserve it "

9. Do not flash satisfied
"When your salary rising but still close to 15 percent, it means you need to find extra work. try to sell. so the trade really challenging, but you want to learn more about what is acceptable to the market and what is not. you also want to see people - people who want to influence your career later. about - about the whole a successful entrepreneur is a person good trade "

about posing while still poor, and also when it rich

10. The good deed and also the wealth
"If you feel poor, spend your money for a friend. when you are already wealthy, then spend the money to you alone. the majority of people actually carry out the opposite. "

11. you shall go out and also be willing to be used while still poor
"When you are still poor, get out more and also do not often at home. when the already rich, cut out the seriousness and also spend more time at home. This is an art of living that often left people "

12. Generous when poor, do not wasting money when the rich
"When you're still poor, spend of money so that friends can see. when the already rich, do not let your friends look at you like people who like to spend money. to implement this life you want to reach a point of equilibrium "

young, poor, but want to be rich? can too!

13. you do not need to worry poor
"That must you know is how to invest for improved abilities. you shall understand what matters most in your life, in a fragment of where you are required to invest the time and also more power. "

14. whole can be planned
" Things - good things are intertwined in life can be planned. happiness can be arranged. you shall lend a hand made set from now "


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