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Do not Use Laptop in bed that you need to know

Danger Use Laptop in bed that you need to know

Laptop is a portable computer system. By using the laptop, we can move the location to use this computer system. Starting from the home to the office, then to the cafe, we can together continue with our laptop.

laptop in bed

Although it can be brought moved around to many places, apparently there are some places that we can not use to put the laptop. One is in bed. Curious why? And the following reasons danger disposable laptop in bed.

Reasons Danger Use Laptop in bed
Use a laptop on the bed in general is quite often done by many laptop users. The biggest reason is usually because you want to play laptop while sleeping. But apparently you should not do that. Why?
Here's why.

1. Make Circulation Heat Laptop Not Fluent
The first reason is the circulation of hot laptop is not smooth when in bed. Many laptop models using the bottom of the laptop as an intake for air vents. Because the surface of the bed is uneven often closes the air vent.

The result is a laptop you will not be immediately broken up. But it certainly will make your laptop quickly broken. The reason is obvious, that due to overheating.

2. Make a Hard Disk shook
A further reason is because it makes the hard disk shake. Hard disk workings is basically a disc such as a CD or DVD is spinning very quickly. Because the surface of the bed is soft, it will often make the laptop shake.

By doing so, it will make the hard disk you also shaking. Because the hard disk shock, most likely your hard disk disk becomes unstable and abrasions. As a result, the hard disk you will be quickly broken, even totally destroyed.

3. Become a Laptop Keyboard Not Comfortable (Optional)
The last reason is that you will not be able to do the typing optimally. Basically it is a laptop designed for use in a sitting position like a computer in general.

Apart from the typing position while you are sleeping, as well as the surface of the soft bed shaking makes the laptop keyboard. Thus, it will make you difficult to coordinate with each button.

Solution When Forced Must Use Laptop In bed
If there is a condition that forces you to use a laptop on the bed, you can use a small portable table. By using these tools, you can overcome the possibility of number 1.

work in bed

To overcome the possible number 2, you can replace your hard disk with SSD. Have functions that are basically the same, but the SSD is not using the rotating disc system again. SSDs use flash memory that is already anti-vibration.

Although wearing a small table and a portable SSD, this will not solve the problem number 3. Because small portable table holder will remain in the bed and shook the laptop keyboard. The only way is to see to it that you do not move much.

Well, so articles about the dangers of reasons to use a laptop in bed. Now that you know how dangerous using a laptop in bed. If anyone wants in a question and comment please comment below. 

Thank you and hope it is useful!


5G Connection speeds up to 7.5 Gbps

5G Connection speeds
5G Connection -

Predicted the world will enter the era of 4G connectivity that the number of users is estimated to 1 billion. But some companies and countries are poised to welcome the era 5G, for example, South Korea.

Major operators in the country, SK Telecom, show off at Mobile World Congress 2015 being held in Barcelona. One of them show is downloaded 5G technology translucent speed of 7.5 Gbps!

In the demo, super speed speeding it used to stream content Ultra HD. And seen on television quite clear and not broken.

Haesung Park, Manager 5G technology Lab SK Telecom stated today is super speeding connectivity is still in the prototype stage to demonstrate its potential. But it is not impossible that the next few years will actually be implemented.

SK Telecom's own ambitions to become the first operator in the world to commercialize the technology 5G. Currently, they are busy doing various tests to develop 5G network.

SK Telecom has had some sort 5G Forum, a partnership between companies and academia involving South Korea's Ministry of Technology, to work together to develop the potential of 5G.

They also work closely with providers of telecommunications infrastructure to welcome 5G. Ericsson for example, an important partner SK Telecom. Middle of last year, SK Telecom and Ericsson agreed to collaborate to develop technologies that could potentially become the standard 5G.

Then SK Telecom also try to take advantage of new technology from Ericsson named License Assisted Access (LAA), sometimes referred to as LTE U. This technology enables better indoor coverage for smartphone users.

"The test itself will be more intensive 5G in 2018 to test its readiness. Then in 2020, the possibility of commercialization 5G can be done in our country," said Park.

South Korea became the state is consistent with a super fast connection so that this development is not surprising. They are always at the top position about the average speed of the internet that can penetrate up to tens of Mbps.

Could be Spyware NSA hiding in your computer

Spyware hiding in your computer Articles photo

US National Security Agency (NSA) to find a way to hide spyware (software reconnaissance) to your hard drive. Through the spy software, they can eavesdrop and steal information from many computer users around the world.

This information is known by the former cyber investigators from the NSA. In addition, Kaspersky Lab also managed to find the spy program.

Kaspersky says it has found a personal computer in more than 30 countries have been infected with spyware. Most of the affected countries are Iran, followed by Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China, Mali, Syria, Yemen and Algeria.

"Their targets include government, military institutions, telecommunications companies, banks, energy companies, nuclear researchers, the media, and Islamic activists," Kaspersky said as quoted by the Telegraph, Tuesday (17/02/2015).

Kaspersky refused to call any country involved behind the spy program, it's just that they think the action related to Stuxnet. It is the NSA's cyber weapon, used to attack Iran's uranium enrichment facilities.
National Security Agency (NSA) is the agency responsible for electronic intelligence gathering on behalf of the United States.

A former NSA employee justify the Kaspersky analysis. Speaking to Reuters, he stated that the people in the NSA do it for mission Stuxnet. While other former agent also voiced the same, the NSA has developed a valuable technique for hiding spyware in your hard drive.

This statement certainly be back damage the reputation of the United States in Sentero universe. Some time ago, the public also may remember a similar case that was leaked by Edward Snowden, the former NSA contractor.

According to Kaspersky, spy program team makes a breakthrough technology to insert malicious software into the computer via a firmware that will be launched each time the computer starts.

Firmware in the hard drive assessed by the spies of cyber security experts as the most valuable in the PC.
Meanwhile, the manufacturer of hard drives such as Western Digital, Seagate and Micron choose to refuse to comment on this news. They say do not understand the context of the issues in a holistic (overall). Likewise with Samsung and Toshiba. IBM also follow fasting comment on this incident.


Some wary of internet crimes in 2015

Internet crime photo

Mankind has witnessed the birth of millions of new viruses and various illegal acts on the Internet in 2014. Unfortunately, the threat will not just stop in the 2015's.

ESET as a provider of Internet security services, warned that the potential of cyber crime will continue to grow along with the development of technology and gadget world.

Unfortunately, the impact of the development of cybercrime in 2015 could have an impact fatal for netizens. Call it a loss of time, loss of business opportunities, and polluted reputation as happened at Sony Pictures when attacked by hackers 'Guardian of Peace'.

Here are five Internet crime trends predicted by ESET will boom in 2015.

1. APT Attacks
APT Advanced Persistent Threats or Internet attacks executed is specific or focus on a specific target. The danger, APT attacks tend to persist in the system for a long time and did not realize its presence.

APT methods typically use social engineering techniques (gathering information before hacking) or Zero Days exploits. Site APTnotes reported when APT attacks increased in recent years, from three attacks in 2010 to 53 attacks in 2014.

2. The online payment system
With the development of eCommerce Indonesian climate, attacks against online payment system via the Internet is still very tempting for criminals.

The number of transactions and increase the perpetrators in the field of eCommerce helped trigger the birth of a new crime in the online payments sector. Especially today, online payment method has been integrated with online banking and mobile gadgets, which led to hacking activities to earn money 'haram' more interesting.

3. Point of sales (POS) system
ESET detects the presence of the worm Win32 / BrutPOS on PoS System is capable of doing overused password to get into the Remote Desktop Protocol user. PoS attack is predicted to continue to increase in 2015.

One of the attacks are quite shocking PoS is an attack on the online retailer Home Depot which resulted in 56 million user data exposed in cyberspace.

4. Bitcoin, ransomeware, and malware
Bitcoin has been declared as the currency with the most extreme decline in value in 2014 due to the many attacks launched to steal it. Well, Bitcoin will remain the main target of hackers in 2015.

In fact, hackers will most likely use it to impersonate ransom ransomware attack. Hackers believed will also continue to develop the type of malware that is increasingly difficult to detect and kill them, so they plan to run smoothly.

In July 2014, ESET researchers published an analysis of ransomware in Android, as well as a first Ransomware that encrypts files on Android. In a discussion forum Cybercrime 2020 Goeorgetown University declared Ransomware will be the future of consumer cybercrime.

5. Digital Devices
Internet of Things is a milestone in the various parliaments internet use human life began to glance cybercriminals to launch their illegal actions. Not only gadgets, various household devices that are already connected to the Internet can be used as a back-channel to attack the target.

Fortunately, ESET predict when an attack against the household digital technology is not going to get in the frequency of massive and not aiming for economic motives. However, remain vigilant against this attack pattern is the most appropriate measures so that we do not experience the business data looting or even money via cyberspace.

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Change the time on Earth can Causing crash servers computer around the world

Unnoticed by humans, earth rotation on its axis (rotation) slowed every 100 years. It turned out to cause a small internet apocalypse in the middle of the year.

Group of scientists who set the timeliness of the earth, the Paris Observatory and the International Earth Rotation Service (IERS), has decided to add a second in 2015. It is necessary to compensate for the timeliness world changed by the slowing rotation of the earth.

Scientists based on the atomic clock to set the time on earth. The hours are known to have high accuracy even will not change until thousands of years. However, on the other side of the earth who actually slower spin and cause one day have a duration longer than it should (24 hours).

To equalize the earth and atomic clock time earlier, scientists are forced to add a second in 2015, on the 30th of June. However, many believe it will trigger a small-scale internet apocalypse. How can?

The addition of a second despite a record can lead to disaster on internet servers in the world. Sites in the world could experience a crash or down simultaneously having to adapt to the addition of earlier times.

This small Doomsday previously unheard of in 2012. At that time, the big sites like Reddit and LinkedIn reportedly suffered a massive crash due to not being able to adapt to the new time of the earth.

According to the Daily Mail (06/01), the addition of a second on 30 June later can create websites in the offline world if problems arise servers that are not addressed.

In order to avoid the same internet doomsday in 2012 or 2015 that will come, world governments are likely to decide to remove the additional practice time earth. The US government for example, said that if it was not necessary, because sooner or later when the earth is not synchronized with an atomic clock due to slowing rotation of the earth continues to occur.

If true then eliminated addition, small internet doomsday in 2015 this is the last confirmed. On the other hand, people may not be aware of when in the year 2700 later in the earth one day to 24.5 hours.

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Some tips to increasing the speed of the surf in Google Chrome

Google Chrome began to blossom as a desktop internet browser most widely used, along with Mozilla FireFox and Internet Explorer. It was not out of the many features and speed of internet access is high.

Unfortunately, there are times when Chrome has problems that make access to the surf to be slow. In fact, in some cases Chrome on the computer may crash or shut down by itself. It would be very disturbing if there repeatedly.So, to overcome this there are some easy steps that you can try at home or office.

Here's his review.

1. Clear browsing data
The easy way to increase the speed of Google Chrome is the easiest course erase history and cache are stored in it. During our open internet sites, the browser will automatically save the data from these sites.
Well, that's piling site data that can provide load on the browser and slow it down. To do that, you need to select 'Tools' on the Chrome menu followed by the 'Clear Browsing Data'. However, before doing this, you should make sure no important history in your browser.

2. Run the application Google Software Removal Tool
Google Software Removal Tool or Google software removal tool can improve the speed of Chrome automatically.
The application will scan and dispose of software that can cause problems in Chrome.

3. Scan for viruses with anti-malware
Given a browser like Chrome is a gateway to the internet which eventually became the entrance of the virus, it is advisable to always do the cleaning viruses after you surf.
Many viruses that enter often make Chrome unstable and eventually lead to other problems such as a decrease in speed.
Cleaning the virus is better to use anti-malware, anti-virus than usual. Anti-malware like yours Malwarebytes for example, is able to locate, remove, and block the entry of virus that attacks the browser.

4. Disable the plugin Chrome
When installing Google Chrome, there will definitely be some plugins that are installed as well, such as Java and Flash. But sometimes there are many plugins that come attached.
Well, if you really do not need it, you can disable plugins, other than Flash and Java course. Both plugins are frequently used to load web pages with some kind of perfect.

You only need to type 'about: plugins "in the search field of Chrome, then press enter. Then you just choose any plugins that you want to disable.

5. Remove the application extension
When you use Chrome, there are some applications that you can install from the store Chrome Web Store, this application is often known as the 'extension'. However, some users often unknowingly install too many extensions.
Impact, Chrome can be disrupted and experiencing overload and eventually reduce the speed internet access. How to remove the extension is quite easy, you should re-open the Chrome menu and select the option 'Tools', followed by 'Extension'. Then just select the extension where you want to dispose of Chrome.

Good Luck
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Reasons Why Messaging Encryption banned in the UK

computer data security photo

Encryption is one way to protect users' privacy from hackers. However, Prime Minister (PM) England, Donald Cameron actually prohibit the use of the encrypted message.

According to Cameron, the use of encryption is very good for maintaining the privacy of its users. But if a group of evil people can use the same service, so they can organize their evil with good.
That is the cause of the British prime minister recently backed a ban on encryption messaging applications, particularly when the shooting in Paris.

"Are we going to let the means of information can not be read?" He said. "No, we do not need," Cameron said in a discussion related shooting in Paris.

Meanwhile, Cameron did not make specific reference related applications. But most likely the intended application Cameron is WhatsApp, SnapChat, and other messaging applications that have recently introduced the encryption feature.

This is not the first time the government and law enforcement agencies have expressed frustration with the encryption. Not long ago, the FBI expressed their displeasure to Apple and Google are related to encryption. Similarly, as reported by Ubergizmo, Tuesday (13/01/2015).

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Rockstar Shipping the game Grand Theft Auto V as many as 34 million copies

Rockstar Game Developer photo

Rockstar, developer of the game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) announced in 2014 that they shipped 34 million copies of the game adventures. Date, the company unveil the latest achievement of the most popular games ever launched in 2013.

Reported by Ubergizmo, Wednesday (04/02/2015), Rockstar shipped by 2015 as many as 45 million copies of the game GTA V. Approximately 10 million copies of the game genre is slid open-world gaming console Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Not only the console version of the game, the PC version of the game GTA V will be released on March 24, 2015. The appearance in the PC has been anticipated since the game debuted in September 2013.

Please note that the shipping is not showing sales figures. Copies of the game will be circulated on the store shelf retailers for sale to the buyer.

Figures shipments to 45 million units showed a great demand in the sequel to the game. GTA V game can be played in the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and following on the PC.


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Recommended computer specifications for Playing Games Battlefield Hardline global open beta

Battlefield Hardline computer spesification recomended photo

Hardline Battlefield game slide in the global open beta 3 to 8th February 2015. The final version of the latest sequel to the game that was released on March 17, 2015 in North America.

Reported TechSpot, Tuesday (03/02/2015), Battlefield Hardline is now present in the global open beta program. Game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) reveals the program to determine if there are bugs that arise, such as the launch of Battlefield 4 at the end of 2013.

Hardline Battlefield beta version can be played across multiple platforms such as PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PS3. If you are a PC gamer, then the requirements of the specifications of the game is outstanding.

EA game Battlefield Hardline boost with the support of the game engine Frostbite 3. Thus, the graphics in the game will be more impressive. For that, we need more powerful hardware specifications.

In fact, the final version or versions of the final (non-beta), a player must have a 60GB hard drive space blank. For the beta version of Battlefield Hardline, EA advise players to have a PC with 4GB of RAM (minimum) or 8GB of RAM (recommended).

Processors are required, among others, the AMD Athlon II / Phenom II 2.8 GHz or Intel Core i3 / i5 2.4GHz (minimum). Whereas, for the recommended requirements, the user must have a PC with an Intel 'Quad Core' or AMD Six Core ', AMD Radeon R9 290 or GeForce GTX 760 and Windows 8 64-bit (recommended).

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Assassin's Creed PC game Rogue is planned to be launched in March

Assassin's Creed PC game Rogue photo

Rogue Assassin's Creed PC version will be launched in March 2015. This adventure game supports eye-tracking feature, which allows users to see the environment in the game without a controller device.

Reported Gadgetshow.channel5, Sunday (02/08/2015), eye-tracking feature using a tool called SteelSeries Sentry. This tool then scan your face to see which direction is being ogled and match it with a view of the game.

The eye-tracking features do not need to rely on some sort of Oculus Rift VR headset, but enough with the SteelSeries Sentry tool attached to one part of the monitor. SteelSeries Sentry can scan a user's eyes as much as 50 times a second, which is claimed to be accurate enough to support the movement in the game.

Sentry using Tobii eye EyeX scanner system, which is only available to developers today. Reportedly, the price of these devices for USD199,99 and the first 5,000 buyers will get a copy of the game Assassin's Creed Rogue for free.


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List of Various Options laptop that you can have at the beginning of 2015

laptop at the beginning 2015 photo

Each vendor offers besutannya laptops with different specifications and different prices. There are considerations in choosing a laptop, not just a matter of specifications, but also the price tag offered by the company.

Reported Businessinsider, Sunday (01/25/2015), following a number of laptops you can buy in early 2015.

MacBook Air
MacBook Air offers a thin and lightweight body and claimed an excellent performance with long battery life. In a review, PCMag reveal that laptops with screens 11 and 13 inches can last more than 10 hours. The device is priced at USD899.

MacBook Pro with Retina Display
This laptop is claimed to have the best screen quality, ever made by Apple. There is a difference between a laptop 13 inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. With more expensive tag of USD 300 on a MacBook Pro, this laptop brings speed processor and better graphics. MacBook Pro with Retina Display is sold at a price of USD1.299.

Dell XPS 13
Dell XPS 13 comes with touch screen resolution of 3,200 x 1,800 with technology 'infinity display'. Have the same portability as impressive as the MacBook Air, but the Dell XPS 13 comes with Windows and a lower price tag. This laptop is claimed to last for 12 hours and is priced $ 100 cheaper than the MacBook Air 11-inch.

Lenovo ThinkPad X240
ThinkPad X240 has a body that is slightly heavier, but the laptop is equipped with a comfortable keyboard and a fingerprint sensor. According to ZDNet, and PCMag review, Lenovo offers several different configurations on the laptop and two batteries that can make the survival of 15 hours after a full charge. USD854 priced laptop has a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.

Toshiba Chromebook 2
Toshiba's latest Chromebook laptop comes with the official claimed very affordable and very good battery life. This laptop also has an impressive display at the price of USD250.
Each vendor offers besutannya laptops with different specifications and different prices. There are considerations in choosing a laptop, not just a matter of specifications, but also the price tag offered by the company.

Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series
Dell Inspiron 17 5000 Series comes with aluminum material design USD449. Laptops with Windows OS support offers better performance than the HP Stream. The company also provides a model that features a touch screen.

HP Stream
HP Laptop Stream diklain as the cheapest laptop, you can buy. HP Stream with a tag of $ 200 includes Microsoft Office Personal free subscription for a year and a good battery life.

Acer Chromebook 13 Inches
If the user wants to search for Chromebook laptop with lowest price, users can find Acer Chromebook with a 13-inch screen. This device comes with support for full HD 1080p display and comes with a good battery life. Acer Chromebook 13 Inches priced at USD292.

Asus ROG G751JT
For fans of gaming laptop, the Asus ROG name may not be familiar. Model Asus ROG G751JT deliver powerful hardware, premium quality and the ability to play almost all games at high graphics settings. Laptop with keyboard is quite comfortable when worn type and quality of the slick screen is priced at USD1.749.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro
Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro comes with a sleek and lightweight body. This laptop has a flexible hinge that allows it to be folded. However, about the battery, the battery power of these devices can not last long. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is priced at USD1.296.


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Yahoo CEO photo

Barely 40 years old, at the age of 39 beautiful girl Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer, reported to have been able to collect a total fortune of US $ 500 million or equivalent to Rp 6.25 billion. According to Business Insider reported pages, US $ 300 million he got when serving for about 13 years at Google, while the remaining US $ 200 million he achieved as head of Yahoo.

Mayer has now become one of the most influential women in the technology industry. It is not easy, given up to now should be recognized women still underestimated in the world of technology.

So how do Mayer to succeed in the corporate environment technology?

Nicholas Carlson in his book titled Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo !, he mentions five key success Mayer in taking his career. Here are the details:

1. Choose the most frightening
When graduating from Stanford, Mayer has plenty of career opportunities. He could choose to be a high-paying IT consultant, to continue their studies and become a professor, or he may be able to live hard to build a startup. Mayer then what to do?

He chose to join a startup company. He was deeply impressed by the ingenuity and innovative vision of the workers who are members of a startup. Did startup what Mayer selected to work? The answer is Google. Yes, Google is now transformed into a giant company internet based. Mayer himself is Google's 20th employee at the time.

2. Identify weaknesses yourself
At Google, Mayer worked as a programmer to build a digital advertising system Google. It took months for Mayer to develop. Then Google employs others, namely Jeff Dean are able to resolve Google's advertising system in a matter of weeks. Mayer did not get discouraged, seeing his ability as a programmer is not enough, he also studied business strategy to help the marketing of Google.

3. Know when to say goodbye
Mayer known to be involved in the tough competition of the tops of Google. But it does not interfere with the performance of Mayer. He was still able to produce a lot of work. One is the development of the Google Maps application for the iPhone.

But when he locked horns with one Google investor named Dan Loeb, Mayer knew he had reached the stage of having to say goodbye. And scoop. Yahoo's CEO at the time, Carol Bratz fired, and in early 2012 the position offered to Mayer.


Know Some Hackers Most Feared in the World

security system photo

According to Wikipedia, the hacker or hackers is someone who is studying, analyzing, modifying, breaks into computers and computer networks, either for profit or motivated by the challenge. Hackers at this time has a negative connotation for its actions which resulted in the loss of certain parties such as changing the look of a website, inserting the virus code, and so on. Though hackers not only malicious hackers.

Hacker divided into two white hacker who uses his ability to do good. And black hacker who uses his ability to crime. Hackers also have tiers consist of: elite, semi-elite, developed kiddie, smart kiddie, and lame. Well, did you know there are some hackers who feared name in the world because of its ability.

1. Jonah Attsaouly
Better known by the name Irhabi 2007. She became famous when America invaded Iraq in 2003. At that time, he actively upload pictures of the war in Iraq and publish a book how to hack a site. He is also known as Al Qaeda sympathizer who is also a computer expert and cyber world.

He began to look for the Americans and their allies when creating the site and become an admin youbomit Forum Al Ansar Al Islami. The forum involves thousands of people who mostly mujahideen. Other advantages is that he is always in a state known on line.

2. Adrian Lamo
Adrian is a journalist and a hacker 'gray'. He can act for the good but also can hack on behalf of crime. Adrian name became known after breaking into the computer system of The New York Times and Microsoft in 2002. He was able to identify deficiencies in the security of computer networks from leading companies.

Adrian recently captured a year later after the FBI managed to find the perpetrators of hacking The New York Times. He should be under house arrest because still underage. In addition, Adrian also imposed a fine of US $ 65,000.

3. Kevin Mitnick
Meretasnya tale began when he was first to break the system bus subscription card readings in Los Angeles. The result, he could go anywhere for free. Furthermore, he paved the long distance telephone service so that it can call with gratis.ia also could pave the Digital Equipment Corporation) DEC), IBM, Motorola, Nokia, even Fujjitsu.

Kevin eventually caught and sentenced to prison for 5 years. He was touted as "The Most Wanted Computer Criminal in United States History." The story was adapted into the film even Takedown and Freedom Downtime.

4. Jonathan James
James is the youngest Americans who were sentenced for crimes in the cyber world. Currently 16 years old, he was sent to prison for hacking into US defense sites. He also managed to steal the NASA software that makes NASA had to turn off the server during the three weeks and losing thousands of dollars.

He was then serving a prison sentence of 6 months because it is still under age and under house arrest until the age of 21 years. James is not allowed to interact with the computer for it. James died in 2008 and there is no information about the cause of death.

Comparing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Multiple Browser

web browser

For those of you who like to surf the internet of course memorized exactly what a web browser or a browser. Yes, a web browser or often abbreviated browser is a software application for the crossing, take, and present information on the World Wide Web. In short, the web browser is a software program or application that is used to surf the internet or cyberspace.

You are already familiar with names such as Firefox, Opera, or Google Chrome. Well, they are one of the examples of popular web browsers used by many people today. But what the hell do you know the advantages and disadvantages of variants browser? Could be, you've had quite a long loading when opening a website / web page specific.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each internet browser:

Mozilla Firefox
Pros: has many additional features / add ons ( that can be adapted to user needs. Add ons that can be derived from Mozilla itself or from its developer community worldwide. Mozilla Firefox also easily updated and has a security system / security is excellent. The browser also has very many possible configurations (when compared to Internet Explorer).

Disadvantages: sometimes loading Mozilla Firefox is quite time consuming when the start of the start-up. Especially if many adds on which is installed. Update on Firefox also means we download newer versions of Firefox itself, unlike Internet Explorer which only upgrade module only. In addition, the Firefox update also usually causes some adds on that is installed does not work.

Pros: Opera Browser is a browser application that is fairly light, so it does not take a large enough hard drive memory on a notebook or PC. Have an email client and RSS myself so no need to use another email client such as Outlook, and so on. Having Opera Turbo can be activated when the connection is slow so that the process can be faster page loading. Dialing back cache is faster.

Disadvantages: Opera Browser is usually a little slow in reading the script on some pages of the site. Just like Firefox, Opera Browser update means having to download re-master.

Google Chrome
Pros: Chrome currently has a reputation strong enough to compete in the world's Firefox web browser. Chrome browser can be regarded as a lightweight browser, nimble, including at start early and make the shift tab. Chrome will automatically bookmark all the sites that have opened or frequented. Adrress of Chrome browser also acts as a search engine that is more practical. The design is quite simple with a very strong security system (the most resistant to hacker attacks). Updates Chrome is also easy.

Disadvantages: But unfortunately the available Google Chrome is still in Beta version. Chrome also seem less dynamic because its not much. Some experts also said that Chrome is still a lot of security holes it therefore not recommended for financial transactions. The more tabs open then the more memory is needed when you are browsing.

Internet Explorer
Advantages: It provides the add ons but not as much as Firefox, look more simple, elegant and attractive, integrated with the Windows operating system, easy and not complicated in operation, the display site and faster image loading and obviously, some sites can only be opened specifically for IE and this time the browser Internet Explorer is still the most widely used worldwide.

Disadvantages: Often fails to read the script in some sites, especially CSS, security system is not optimal, there is no tab features, and speed in the open web less rapidly with others especially in small bandwidth conditions, heavy when opening a new tab and start first.

This causes Microsoft Anger against Google

google vs microsoft photo

In early 2015, through Google Project Zero, Google reported weakness Windows 8.1 system from Microsoft. Not only reported on the part of Microsoft, Google also revealed weaknesses in the mass media.

Google makes Microsoft furious action and criticized the software giant. Not give up, Google was again revealed the weakness of Microsoft in 2 operating system, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

Quoted from Mashable Sunday (18/01/2015), Microsoft considers the action Google impressed not intended for the good yet to drop.

Because the disclosure Google is making it easier hacker gets control of the computer system from Microsoft.

According to a Microsoft representative, it actually will hurt many people. "What is true for Google is not always right for the customer. For that we ask Google jointly realize our ultimate goal of protecting the customer," he said.

Keep in mind, Project Zero is a Google initiative to look for security problems in companies engaged in the field of technology.

If a problem is found, Google will notify the company concerned and provide a period of 90 days to fix the problem. If the defaulter companies, Google will reveal the dilapidated company in public.

In the case of Microsoft, Google claims to have told the security problems of Windows system in mid-October 2014. That is, Microsoft has lost to follow up for 90 days.

Source: Mashable

Notebook specs list with a longer battery life end of 2014

While working, do the work, or fun surfing the internet, but suddenly the laptop ran out of battery is annoying occurrence. More annoying again if a new use for a while and recently purchased the laptop. As consumers we can not guarantee the durability of laptop batteries that we buy, even in the written specifications for the operation can last up to several hours.

It depends on battery quality and production processes. However, some brands of laptops are available, there are 10 of the most durable laptop with battery. Here's the list:

1. Lenovo ThinkPad X240-20AL-CTR-FR-CTO5
• Turbo GHz Intel Core 3.3GHz
• FingerPrint
• VGA Intel HD 4400
• Screen 12.5 "LED
• Windows 8 SL

2. Lenovo ThinkPad T440-8SID, Black
• Turbo GHz Intel Core 2.6GHz
• 16GB SSD + 500GB HDD
• VGA nVidia GT720M 1GB
• Screen 14 "LED
• Windows 8 Professional

3. Apple Macbook Air Haswell MD760 - 13 "
• 4GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
• Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz
• Intel HD Graphics 5000
• 4GB memory
• 128GB PCIe-based flash storage

4. Acer Travelmate B113 Core i3 11.6 Black
• Core i3 3217 1.8GHz
• 2GB Ram
• 500GB hard drive
• LED 11.6 "
• No optical drive
• Slim Design

5. Apple MacBook Pro MD101 Core i5
• Screen Size 12-13 "
• Memory Capacity: 4GB
• HDD Capacity: 320GB
• Intel Core i5 Processor
• Onboard Processor Intel Core i5 2.53GHz (3MB shared L3 cache)
• Standard Memory 4 GB DDR3 PC-12800
• Memory 8 GB (2 DIMMs)

6. Toshiba Satellite P850-1009X
• Intel Core i7-3630QM (2.4GHz up to 3.4GHz, 6 MB Cache)
• 4GB DDR3
• 750 GB HDD sata
• SuperMulti DVDRW
• 6 "WXGA (1366 x 768)
• WiFg / n
• Bluetooth
• Webcam
• Windows 8 Single Language

7. Dell Inspiron 3421 Ci332172GB500GBnVidia 1GBUbuntu
• 0 '(35.6cm) LED Backlit Display with TrueLife and HD resolution (1366 x 768)
• Processor Intel® Core i3-3217U Processor (3M Cache, 1.80 GHz)
• 1 DIMM 2GB (1x2GB) DDR3L 1600Mhz
• 500GB SATA hard drive (5400RPM)
• nVidia GeForce GT630 1GB
• LTS Ubuntu Linux v12.04
• Try Load DVD +/- RW
• 4-cell / 2.8Ah (40 WHr) Lithium Ion
• Native HD 1.0MP webcam with digital microphone
• Dell Wireless 1703 802.11b / g / n, Bluetooth v4.0 + LE
• 2x USB 3.0 + 1x USB 2.0
• Multi Media Card Reader
• RJ45 Ethernet
• HDMI ™ v1.4a

8. DELL XPS L321X Ultrabook
• Intel Core i5-2467M
• 4GB DDR3
• Intel HD Graphics 3000
• 256GB HDD, 13.4 "WLED
• Camera
• Wifi
• Bluetooth
• No-Optical
• Win7 Home Premium

9. Apple MacBook Air Haswell MD712ID / A - 11 "
• 3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor
• Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz
• Intel HD Graphics 5000
• 4GB memory
• 256GB PCIe-based flash storage1

10. HP Envy Spectr
• Turbo GHz Intel Core 3.0GHz
• 32GB SSD + 500GB HDD
• VGA Intel HD3000
• Screen 15 "LED Touch
• Windows 8

List of Countries with the World's Fastest Internet

The average internet connection speed has been decreased 2.8 percent in the 3rd quarter of 2014 compared to the previous quarter. From the previous 12.6 Mbps to 4.5 Mbps now.

However, when compared to the year 2013, the quality of the global Internet is still an increase of 25 percent.

As the quarterly report released by Akamai State of the Internet and quoted KompasTekno, Monday (01/12/2015), the three countries with the highest speed internet connection in the 3rd quarter of 2014 were in the Asia-Pacific region, namely South Korea, Hong Kong , and Japan.

Here are 10 countries with an average of the fastest internet connection in the world:

1. South Korea (25.3 Mbps), up 2.7 percent from the previous quarter and 14 percent from the previous year.

2. Hong Kong (16.3 Mbps), up 3.8 percent from the previous quarter and 29 percent from the previous year.

3. Japan (15 Mbps), up 0.8 percent from the previous quarter and 9.3 percent from the previous year.

4. Switzerland (14.5 Mbps), down 2.6 percent from the previous quarter and up 25 percent from the previous year.

5. Sweden (14.1 Mbps), up 3.7 percent from the previous quarter and 25 percent from the previous year.

6. Netherlands (14 Mbps), down 2.5 percent from the previous quarter and up 9.8 percent from the previous year.

7. Ireland (13.9 Mbps), up 10 percent from the previous quarter and 47 percent from the previous year.

8. Latvia (13.4 Mbps), down 1.2 percent from the previous quarter and up 12 percent from the previous year.

9. Republic (12.3 Mbps), down 1.8 percent from the previous quarter and up 9 percent from the previous year.

10. Singapore (12.2 Mbps), up 18 percent from the previous quarter and 57 percent from the previous year.

Source: Akamai

CES 2015 - Computer Stick with Quadcore CPU

Photo: ZDNet -  Computer Stick

Intel announced a unique computer. This computer is tiny, only for data storage device, USB flash. Users can run Windows 8.1 operating system entirely, as well as on a desktop computer.

Enough paste the HDMI slot a monitor or TV, the computer can operate like a desktop computer. This computer is also equipped with Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to connect to the internet.

The small size can be realized thanks to the Intel mobile processor technology. Its performance is only at the tablet. However, the small size of the flash makes it very easy to carry anywhere. So users can change the TV or monitor into a PC, as long as have a HDMI port.

Kitchen runway in Compute Stick, as quoted by ZDNet, Thursday (01/08/2015), the form of the Intel Atom processor Z3735F Bay Trail. Meanwhile, other specifications were made to adjust the operating system that is adopted.

Compute Stick with Windows 8.1 operating system equipped with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal memory.

While adopters of the Linux operating system is equipped with 1 GB RAM and 8 GB of internal memory. Linux adopters using smaller RAM for the purposes of the operation is not for Windows.

Computers are exhibited in Concumer Electronic Show (CES) 2015 also has a MicroSD slot. Users can use this slot when the internal memory was provided was not sufficient.

Unfortunately, these tiny computers can not charge via the HDMI port. Charging can only be done via micro-USB, must be removed and with a separate charger.

Computer Stick scheduled to go on sale in March 2015. The Windows version of its priced at 149 US dollars, or approximately USD 1.8 million and Linux versions priced at 89 dollars, or approximately USD 1.1 million.

Source: ZDNet

Glossary Internet Must Know

In today who does not know the internet, an electronic media who have helped in facilitating human life. Internet media has many uses, ranging from the merely for entertainment such as playing games and watching movies, to involve communication and work, causing children to the elderly, many are dependent upon it.

Behind the convenience offered by the Internet turns in it contains many terms 'odd' that not many people understand it. Therefore, the following 20 a common Internet terms, and hopefully can help you who are experiencing a loss to find out what it means:

1. Internet
Not funny when we often use the internet but do not understand what the internet anyway, following a brief explanation, quoted from TermasMedia: "Interconnection network (the Internet) is a global system of the computer network in the world that are connected to each other. Internet is derived from the Latin "inter" which means "between". the Internet is a network that consists of billions of computers in the whole world. "

2. account
Account or accounts, is "room" in a website that contains personal data held by any Internet user, so that he or she can enter and manage the office.

3. Website
The website is a collection of pages or address information provided via the Internet, so it can be accessed around the world as far as the website is still connected to the Internet network. For more details on the website can be found here.

4. Password or keyword
Password is a password or key words to enter an internet account. Just like in real life, the password is the key to enter a home.

5. E-mail
E-mail is a letter or an electronic message that is sent and received through the medium of a computer connected to the Internet network.

6. connection
Connection is a network connection between the computer and the internet, so that each computer can communicate with each other.

7. WWW (World Wide Web)
WWW is the name given to all parts of the internet that can be accessed with a web browser software, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Baidu, and much more.

8. Blogger
Blogger is the name given to a person as manager of a blog, while his own blog is an online forum or page that contains or consists of various writings or information in a text format that can be inserted pictures.

9. Hacker
Hacker is the name given to a data thief, modifying the data, or the destroyer of the internet system. The hackers are very dangerous, but not a few of the hackers who still consider the rules-kadiah or manners in the surf.

10. Chat
Chat is a computer program that is used in an Internet network to send and receive messages to each other in written form in real time (no lag time), and this time is no longer boring chat because each user can already do videocall

11. Captcha
Captcha "Completely Automated Public Turing Computers and Human Apart", is a sequence of characters or symbols are displayed randomly security and vague on an internet page.

12. Log in / sign in and log out / sign out

Log in / sign in = in, and log out / sign out = out

13. Browser
The browser is a computer program that is used in the Internet network as a tool for your browser or surf the web.

14. Crash or Hang
Crash or Hang, is a condition in which a computer and internet connection is experiencing instability, causing the user can not perform activities in a long time, usually to overcome this user is prompted to restart the computer.

15. Download and Upload
Download dalah an activity on the Internet that aims to download / retrieve a file from another source (server), the files are usually in the form of music, movies, photos, and text data. While the additions are in the internet activities which aim to send data can be text, music, movies, or photos.

16. Server
The server is a computer system that aims to provide certain types of services. For example, an online game server, server recharging electrical, telecommunication service provider's server, and so on.

17. Cookies
Cookies are not cookies are delicious on the tongue, the Internet cookies term refers to a data file that is written and stored on the hard disk of a computer by a website server, aims to identify Internet users, so it is concerned no longer need to re-enter personal data.

18. Wireless
Is a wireless Internet connection that uses electromagnetic waves as the intermediary, for more details can be seen here Wireless.

19. Modem
Modem is a two-way communication tool in the internet are taken from two words Modulator and Demodulator. Modulator has a function to convert the signal information into a carrier signal that is ready to be delivered, and the demodulator itself serves as a receiver. There are two kinds of modems, the modem GSM and CDMA modems.

There are still tens, or even hundreds more internet terms that can not be enumerated here. Use the internet wisely and seek out and discover the positive benefits of internet surfing activities so that you are much more meaningful.

Intel Introduces 14 Processor Family "Broadwell" Simultaneously

Processor "Broadwell U" from Intel finally began emerging. Unsparing, the manufacturer announced the 14 models of family Broadwell chips aka Core-i in the fifth generation of the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015 held in Las Vegas, US this week.

As quoted from Engadget, Tuesday (01/06/2014), most of the 14 model is a model of laptop and desktop chips for power saving of the series Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 is equipped with an integrated graphics processor Iris Graphics .

To distinguish it from the previous generation, a row of Broadwell model number or Core i processors fifth generation begins with the number "5", for example Core i7-5650U. As for the letter "U" (Ultra-low voltage) on the back shows its status as a power-efficient processors.

In addition, Intel also expanding series Pentium and Celeron processors by introducing a number of new models for budget class laptop.

The entire processor Intel announced by this time a dual-core models with logical thread as much as two or four pieces. Broadwell models with four-core (quad-core) or more is still yet to be seen.

Broadwell is a family of chips with the latest technology from Intel that is made with 14nm fabrication process, shrink from its predecessor, Haswell, which uses 22nm fabrication.

Broadwell power usage was claimed to be more efficient so that is claimed to extend battery life (on a laptop) 20 to 30 percent longer than Haswell. Although more power efficient, Broadwell graphics processing unit is called to offer performance up to 22 percent higher than its predecessor.

The first is a series Broadwell Model Core M chip for laptop device "hybrid" 2-in-1 were introduced around the middle of last year.

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