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Some Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is a spice and medicinal plants from Southeast Asia. Turmeric is widely used as an herb, a spice in cooking, to beauty and health drugs. In Asian countries, including Indonesia, turmeric is widely used as a spice such as curry. Turmeric gives a natural yellow color to the dish, and is useful as a natural preservative. However, as has been described, turmeric is not only useful as a spice in cooking, because the benefits of turmeric is very much at all for human health.

The properties of this spice drug slowly been revealing the true identity of turmeric for centuries. Turmeric is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and even recent research has revealed that turmeric is has been proven to be beneficial in the fight against cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

There are at least 16 benefits of turmeric that we know, including:

Turmeric is useful as an antiseptic and antibacterial natural, useful in treating wounds or burns.
When combined with cauliflower, turmeric proven to prevent and stop the growth of prostate cancer.
Turmeric can treat diarrhea.
Turmeric can prevent melanoma (malignant tumors) and can kill melanoma cells in the body.
Turmeric is beneficial in reducing the risk of leukemia.
Turmeric can help in detoxification of toxic compounds in the liver.
Turmeric may prevent and slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease by eliminating the accumulation of amyloid in the brain slab.
Turmeric may prevent metastasis, the spread of cancer from the first (early) to other places in the body.
Turmeric is useful as a natural anti-inflammatory drugs, no side effects. Because of its anti-inflammatory, turmeric is often used in treating inflammation in joints such as Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Turmeric may slow the progression of multiple sclerosis (multiple sclerosis, which is an inflammatory disorder of the brain and spinal sumsusm).
Turmeric can be used as natural painkillers.
Turmeric can help the process of fat metabolism and helps in maintaining weight loss.
Turmeric has long been used in Chinese medicine as a treatment for depression.
Turmeric has been shown to stop the growth of new blood vessels in tumors.
Turmeric can accelerate wound healing and helps in repairing damaged skin.
Turmeric can help in the treatment of psoriasis (an autoimmune disease of the skin) and skin that is inflamed.

Those are some of the health benefits of turmeric. Hopefully this article useful


Indian mulberry belongs to the phylum Angiospermae, sub-phylum Dicotyledonae, Lignosae Division, Family Rubiaceae, Morinda Genus, Species citrifolia and the scientific name Morinda citrifolia L.

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that afflicts many people, both in developed and developing countries. Diabetes is a condition that raises the risk of complications, coma and death. This makes a lot of diabetics trying to find alternative ways to ease their conditions in addition to diabetes medications expensive medical and dietary adjustments. One popular alternative is the herbal medicine made from Indian mulberry fruit, which is also known as the pace or Indian mulberry. Fruit native to Southeast Asia and Polynesia may not be popular as table fruit, but Indian mulberry has many benefits, including to support the treatment and cure of diabetes.

Indian mulberry contains many compounds that are useful as a diabetes drug, such as alkaloids Xeronin that helps the body increase its natural ability to regulate blood sugar levels is to support the work of insulin in the body. Moreover, Indian mulberry also work in terms regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates so that the body does not produce sugars exceeds normal limits. When consumed regularly, Indian mulberry can enhance the body's natural ability to produce insulin in terms so good to be consumed as a supporting treatment of type 1 diabetes (where the body is unable to produce insulin naturally) and diabetes due to heredity.

Although Indian mulberry very beneficial for diabetics, not Indian mulberry fruit has a delicious taste as well as oranges, grapes or apples and not easily found simply in the market or store. Indian mulberry is usually processed into herbal medicine or pills that may be more practical, but not appetizing, let alone to be consumed every day.

Some Drug Causes Potentially Insomia

INSOMNIA is habit can not sleep at night. This can be annoying because during the night, which should be used unwind to rest, not used as they should be. Insomnia can be caused by many factors.

The intake of certain drugs also associated with insomnia, and it is often not realized. There are several types of drugs are usually prescribed by doctors but have side effects that make your sleeplessness or insomnia.

Some Drug Causes Potentially Insomia

1. Corticosteroids

These drugs are commonly prescribed to overcome allergic reactions, inflammation, lupus, and rheumatoid arthritis. However, this type of drug side effects affecting the adrenal glands. This causes you to have difficulty sleeping and making a nuisance of relaxation.

2. Cholinesterase inhibitors

For people with Alzheimer's or other types of dementia, the doctor will usually prescribe this class of drugs to cope with memory disorders and mood fluctuations. Drugs known as cholinesterase inhibitors can regulate enzyme breaker neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which in turn will increase alertness and memory function. However, with increasing awareness, the more it will inhibit drowsiness.

3. Glucosamine & Kondroition

These types of supplements are useful in relieving pain and inflammation and to improve joint function. Many clinical studies prove that supplements of this type are safe for consumption. Nevertheless, the advantages of these substances can cause insomnia.

4. Statins

Drugs of statins has been a mainstay for addressing high cholesterol levels. Ability to lower the risk of coronary heart disease has been proven. In addition to acceptable body well, statins also rarely cause hepatic toxicity and myopathy. However, in certain conditions, these drugs can also cause muscle pain. This will affect the ability of the body to rest myself.

5. Alpha-blockers

This type of drug used to treat enlargement of the prostate gland, Raynaud's disease and high blood pressure drug is going to increase blood flow and urine (urine) and can make the muscles become relaxed. Some of the drugs known as alpha-blockersering associated with a decrease in REM sleep phase (phase of sleep is important when sleeping at night).

Good news for people with drug development ebola

New research has recently found the prospect of treatment for Ebola that has been available in the form of the drug. Scientists have identified 53 drugs that have been available previously shown to be effective in the fight against Ebola.

Currently, there is no vaccine available to treat one of the most deadly diseases this. A new vaccine is currently undergoing clinical trials in humans, but the drug to treat people who already have the disease are needed.

Experimental ZMapp drugs have been used in some patients with Ebola, but the source has been exhausted and have not experienced adequate testing. Race against time, several groups of scientists have decided that, one of the most efficient ways to handle the task of developing and distributing drugs Ebola is the screening of drug compounds that are already available to see whether any of the compounds can be used to create an effective drug.

In a new study published by Nature Press in the journal Emerging Microbes and Infections, researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), said that they had identified 53 promising drug compounds.

The team used high-speed technology to scan 2816 through the facilities of compounds belonging to the US Food and Drug Administration approved and used for other diseases. The method they use is similar to the virus particles contained in Ebola proteins, calibrated to identify drugs that can prevent Ebola infect human cells by 50%.

53 Among these promising compounds are used in the treatment of cancer, antihistamines, antibiotics, and antidepressants. These compounds will be tested first in animal experiments to see the effect they have on Ebola and their side effects. If the drug in the middle of the test period proved to be safe and effective, the US government can use it in the area of the spread of Ebola.

As reported in October, scientists from Emory University Hospital, has taken the same steps of the facilities they have to research on 10,000 drug compounds. They think that Ebola can be treated with the same care that they develop for viruses such as HIV and Hepatitis C.

Headache Medication is also helpful to Extend Age

Ibuprofen was not only cure a headache but also promises the key to longevity and healthy. In humans is a pain reliever that can add 12 healthy years of quality life.

Ibuprofen pain reliever found in many headache drugs are sold freely. Ibuprofen is a relatively safe drug that is in almost everyone's medicine cabinet.

In an experiment, a pain reliever that can extend the life of yeast, worms and flies up to 15 percent. "Tend to eat a lot of healthy worms. The worms too. When they grow tubes, they swallow food more quickly than expected. Previous data also prove that ibuprofen prolong life," said lead investigator of the Buck Institute for Age Research in California Dr. He Chong.

The dose given in the experiment used a dose equivalent to millions of people to cope with headache, muscle aches and flu. It was not clear exactly how the drugs are sold under the brand Nurofen slow the aging process. There seems to be something to halt cell taking tryptophan, a compound found in eggs, chocolate and turkey.

Researcher Dr. Michael Polymenis Dair Texas A & M University, said, "In our opinion, the aspect promising from our study that the drug fairly safe as ibuprofen proved to be beneficial in the future. Our study supports the idea that a drug commonly used turned out to have other benefits that are unexpected. We need research farther to examine and understand the contents of the. "

But he did not encourage us to drink ibuprofen without consulting your doctor. Although safe, ibuprofen can cause indigestion and heartburn. Drugs with long-term high doses to treat arthritis may increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. Even also can reduce a woman's fertility.

The study, published in the journal PLoS Genetics, was not the first to conclude that the drug is relatively inexpensive it is beneficial is much larger than expected. Newcastle University was taking pain killers on mice aging to add age.

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