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Fried foods Make Men senile Fast

Fried foods Make Men senile Fast Articles photo

Besides can trigger heart disease and cholesterol, it turns out the man who often eat fried foods high bersiko faster senile.

As it is known if fried at high risk of triggering cholesterol and heart disease. But apparently recently dketahui trans fat content in fried risk changing the memory function of the human brain.

The latest facts related to a research conducted on 1,000 adults, with 700 of them are men aged 20 years and over. As a result, the man who likes to consume trans fats decreased memory function, especially in men of reproductive age.

"Trans fats are found clearly can worsen memory in young men until middle age, working-age and career formative years ie aged 10 to 45 years," said the researcher, Beatrice A Golomb of the University of California at San Diego, as quoted FoxNews.

In this study researchers looked at the participants' memory functions using the card memory tests. There are more than 100 cards, each containing one word.

Every excess of 1 gram of trans fat consumed every day, these men has decreased considering the average number of words 0.76 words. Scientists expect that the effects of trans fats can increase oxidative stress and affect the energy reserves in the cell.

Oxidative stress is also associated with heart disease and blood vessels. In contrast, antioxidant-rich foods such as chocolate can make the brain function more awake.


Men also need to be aware of Breast Cancer Symptoms

Male Breast Cancer Symptoms photo

Breast cancer is a serious threat to women, as the development of maturity. Cancer is becoming a killer high enough. But that does not mean breast cancer only affects women, men also have to be wary of cancer now this one.

But the development of breast cancer in men do not like women, but still just as a man you have to be vigilant. Currently it is known that one of 1,000 men threatened breast cancer, of course, is a serious threat.

However, breast cancer is still threatening those aged between 60-70 years, but that does not mean do not threaten young people. To see the signs of this cancer in men, the following symptoms:

1. Lump hurt. An early sign of breast cancer is a lump that is accompanied by pain. In general there is a behind the nipple and surrounding areas. These lumps can usually be felt by touch.

2. Bleeding in the breast. If the bleed nipple, this should watch out, because these symptoms can be very serious. We recommend that you memerikasakan to a specialist, for further explanation.

3. Weak and tired. As with cancer in general, the body will quickly weak and tired. Cancer cells that develop will absorb more energy, so that the body quickly feel dehydrated.

4. Loss of weight and appetite. If you drop drastin body, accompanied by decreased appetite, you need to be vigilant. The body will lose a lot of nutrients, and is not metabolized properly. You should immediately visit a specialist.

5. Impaired function of the body. Cancer that spreads rapidly throughout the body, would interfere with the function of other organs. One is disturbing prostate and liver function. And at this stage could be the cancer has spread to other body parts.

To that end, prevention is better than cure. Avoid foods that contain karsigenik, such as fried foods and foods that are too ripe.


In addition Anti-Oxidant and Adding Vitality, fruit is also cheap and easy to come by

 Anti-Oxidant and Adding Vitality fruit photo

Watermelon is one of the most popular fruit among the general public. It feels fresh, sweet and has many health benefits that are very useful for the body.

You can find a watermelon in the supermarket till roadside fruit sellers. Abundant water content in it capable of tempting anyone who saw it during the day when the weather is hot.

In addition to treating thirst and treat dehydration, watermelon fruit for health benefits also can keep you from a variety of malignant diseases.
Outstanding properties are well known all over the world. Thus, it is unfortunate if you are like eating dark red fruit is not yet know.

You can get the benefits in watermelon by consuming directly or made other preparations such as fruit juices, salad or beverage packaging. Because of its diuretic, watermelon important role in maintaining the health of the kidneys and bladder.

Meanwhile, the anti-oxidants in it efficacious for treating asthma and keep you from colon cancer.

1. Overcoming the free radicals trigger disease
Lycopene is an anti-oxidants contained in this bright red fruit. Its function is very important in neutralizing free radicals in the body so that you avoid bad cholesterol and heart attack or stroke.

2. Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
Still related to lycopene. According to the results of research experts, watermelon contain lycopene with higher concentrations than other fruit or vegetable. The risk of prostate cancer will decrease if you regularly consume watermelon.

3. Boost the immune system
Watermelon is a fruit that is rich in citrulline, an amino acid that can be processed into useful amino acids essential for the health of Arginine.
This substance plays an important role in the wound healing process and reduce ammonia. If the blood levels of ammonia in excess it can cause fatigue, kidney disease and liver disease.

4. Increase the number of adult male sperm
The presence of lycopene in watermelon is useful to increase sperm count, improve sperm quality and speed of movement.
Research by health experts conducted in 30 infertile men aged 23-45 years who were given 20 mg of lycopene twice daily for 3 months. The results showed an increase in sperm count and sperm structure refinement.
Of the 30 respondents, 6 of them managed to impregnate their wives.

5. Curing impotence
There are also other useful substances called citrulline. This substance works by increasing the production of nitric oxide, which plays a role in the ability of male erection that can cure impotence.

6. Increase energy
The benefits of watermelon next is the body's natural energy boost. The content of electrolytes, sodium and potassium play an important role in replacing body fluids because swept away sweat.
In addition, watermelon is rich in B vitamins needed to produce energy. Food experts recommend this fruit as a source of vitamin B6, B1 and magnesium.

(various sources)

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Tips to prevent baldness at a young age

boldness photo

Baldness in men can affect anyone, including those who are still in their 20s. Whereas in previous generations, even men with 40s still have thick hair and not show signs of baldness.

Of baldness at a young age is a serious problem for the current generation. According to Dr. Fred Zuli, hair specialists from Sweden as quoted from Indiatimes on Tuesday (03/02/2015), premature baldness occurs due to four main factors: stress, bad habits, pollution and lack of nutrition.

Serious hair loss at a young age, according to Dr. Apoorva Shah, is because there is something wrong with the body or physical. "In reaction to physical or mental stress that extreme, the hair will fall out in the next few months," he said.

In addition to stress, lifestyle also plays an important role for hair loss. Less nutrition and smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages is some other cause.

So, how to prevent hair loss at a young age? Here's his review:

Eating right
Hair is composed of a protein called keratin. So it is very important for you to include elements of protein in the diet. Enough protein content, useful for the body such as to produce cells and grow hair. Dr. Shah advised to eat spinach, almonds, walnuts, tofu and milk are beneficial for hair growth. In addition, green tea is also good for blocking dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that causes hair loss.

external treatment
Not only men, women also experience the same problem with her hair. In addition to stress, hair loss in women also occur because of excessive hair styling. Therefore, a skin moisturizer. Dr. Shah advised to apply coconut oil or almond oil 3 times a week.

Stop smoking and drinking alcohol
Carbon monoxide is produced when the smoke and into the body can prevent blood carries oxygen and nutrients to folokel locks of hair. Nicotine in cigarettes also narrow the blood vessels that can memberlambat new hair growth. Same with cigarettes, alcohol can also cause difficulty in the body to absorb important nutrients. Therefore, stop consuming alcohol and cigarettes are very good that the new hair growth is not impaired.

Give nutrition to the hair
Some substances that can prevent and treat hair loss at a young age is: Vitamin B3, B5, B9, and E, which can be found in oranges, spinach, chicken, fish, broccoli and soybeans. Then, another hair food is Zinc can be found in wheat, dairy, and egg yolks; Magnesium is found in milk, tuna, bananas and cashews; and Iron of fish, green vegetables, cereals, and nuts.


Know Some Cancer Symptoms In Men

Cancer is a deadly disease that should be treated as early as possible. The first thing to do to avoid cancer is to know the signs of the cancer itself.

Men are more prone to suffer from cancer than women, including in the case of a visit to the doctor. In fact, a very common symptom can be found when men realize.

Despite signs of cancer is similar to the symptoms of other diseases, but it does not hurt to know what are the signs of cancer as quoted from Boldsky, Thursday (01/15/2015)

1. Pain during urination

If you experience pain when urinating or find blood in the urine, you should immediately see a doctor. It may be that this is a sign of cancer.

2. Changes in the testes

The most prominent sign of cancer in men is discoloration testes. If by chance you see there is a little darker color of the testis or find a lump, it is better to do the test immediately.

3. Changes in skin

Experts believe that men over the age of 50 years are likely to develop skin cancer. If clayey any changes in skin color that is unusual, it could be a sign of cancer in men.

4. Wounds

Sores in the mouth that does not heal for a few days is suspect.

5. Chronic Cough

Chronic cough for a few days can be a sign of cancer in men. If after taking the medication does not heal well, do further tests.

6. bloody bowel movements

If you find blood in the stools during bowel movements, better directly in the doctor's examination. If you suffer from constipation or hemorrhoids, you can bloody stools.

7. Pain continuous

If men experience pain that occurs continuously meneurs and followed by abdominal cramps, consult a doctor immediately. Symptoms of this cancer may be associated with leukemia or esophagus, liver, pancreas or colorectal cancer.

8. Fever

Early signs of leukemia is often experienced high fever and chills. So, do not ignore these signs.

9. Hard to swallow

A man who have difficulty in swallowing and feel pain, you should immediately see a doctor. It could have been any signs of lung cancer are often in men.

source: Boldsky

Men's Life Without Heart

SynCardia. ©2015

A 24-year-old man named Stan Larkin could survive even without a heart with the help of a tool called SynCardia.

Larkin himself to be a heart attack in 2007 when playing basketball until rushed to the Hospital Ypsilanti, Michigan. He was diagnosed with right ventricular dysplasia, which is a common cause of sudden deaths in athletes.

The doctor was trying to make heart Stan Larkin remains stable, until the surgeon inserts a defibrillator to the heart. However, Larkin condition worsened until November 7, the surgeon finally took heart and replaced Syncardia portable devices.

Syncardia itself is a creation of artificial heart researchers at the University of Michigan Health System. With a weight of only 6kg, this heart can make larking as usual until it gets a donor heart for transplant.

"Portable devices that exist in the body Stan is SynCardia, a temporary artificial heart in the form of a mechanical pump to sustain her life before the transplant," said Jonathan Haft heart surgeon from the University of Michigan, as reported by Softpedia (12/1).

Although Stan Larkin can now perform daily activities with the aid of Syncardia normal, but he was still going to wait for a donor heart for a transplant.

"He is still enrolled in the heart transplant program and we look forward to this transplant can be done immediately when the organ is available. While he could be at home, normal activity, and continue to rehabilitate himself so that could be in the best condition when the opportunity (transplant) was coming. "added Jonathan Haft.


Peeing Standing Male Urinary Stone Risk

It has been commonplace way male urinary done by standing, pee standing besides ethically deficient because animals do pee standing up. As humans, there must be a distinction between human and animal behavior one way to urinate more polite and have healthy elements.

Today in the toilet anywhere, including in the shopping center mall kind to other public places until the terminal though, we find special toilets for male urinary definitely hang position (urinals) and 'force' men do pee standing up.
In fact, the habit of urinating in a standing position has a health risk.

Peeing Standing For Men There Urinary Stone Risk
Maybe you've heard this one disease, one reason could be because you piss the wrong way, when you pee standing, precipitation occurred stasis or your urine in the bladder that causes concentrates sediment to settle and make a start arranged to form bladder stones.

Here's the explanation:

1. Flow Urinating Will Better and Healthier
When we perfect squat like during defecation, we will be depressed bladder and urine all we will get out of the body without a trace and minor coughs try to be more depressed again bladder us and no longer trace of urine. This is consistent with the explanation that the increase in intra-abdominal pressure will lead to increased pressure intra vesica (bladder) which makes the flow of urine is passed for the better.

2. For More Completed
When we urination by squatting usually in follow us flatulence (remove metabolic waste anymore and rarely occurs when urination with stand).

3. Position Stand Leaving Urine
When we dispose of urine to the bladder stand we are not depressed so that the urine is still lagging behind most of the body, stasis occurs and the possibility for the formation of bladder stones be increased
Therefore let us familiarize pee squatting manner, when in a public toilet then choose the closed toilet or washroom and do not use the toilet piss hanging (urinals). How was this small step can prevent us from disease course, we all avoid.

Some Unique Facts About Penis

Certainly in our minds sometimes appear a few questions about the penis where we are sometimes embarrassed to ask or express. Well, there are 5 facts about penis that you may not know, but can occur.

1. The penis can be broken
When the penis is roughly twisted or distorted at the time of erection, the penis can be broken. Indeed, there is no bone in the penis, but there are channels that fill with blood during erection which can rupture in the event of harsh treatment. When this happens, the blood will come out of the penis which results in the penis becomes swollen and painful. Cases of penile fracture have been reported, but many people are embarrassed to report. Some cases are caused by the position of woman on toppada during intercourse, it happened usually occurs when the penis accidentally come out and crushed by the top pair.

2. He can erect repeatedly at night
The average man can erect as many as 3 to 5 times during the night, where an erection can last 25-35 minutes. Very reasonable if a man has an erection in the morning which is a round erection last night. The researchers are still looking for the reason of this event, but until now associated with the stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) where dreams usually occur. Night erection process is a sign that there is no problem on your penis.

3. Penis size has nothing to do with the size of the foot
Some researchers from The British Journal of Urology found that the size of the penis with foot size has nothing to do

4. small penis = massive erection
Based on the study published in The Journal of Sex Research found that a small penis (when in a state of erection), can erect penis is longer than the length (when in a state of erection).

5. The penis is not a muscle
There are no muscles in the penis. This is why at the time of erection, the penis can not move. Think of the penis are like tubes filled with blood when a man is sexually aroused. This makes the blood flow into a penis swollen and stiff so that it covers the venous flow (blood flow back). When the erection is lost and the blood vessels become narrower space that allow blood to flow back.

Know the causes of premature ejaculation

The cause of premature ejaculation is divided into primary and secondary. Primary in the sense that these disorders occur in men since he began sexually active (post-puberty). Secondary causes means this condition occurs in individuals who previously were able to control his ejaculation and for no apparent reason, he began experiencing premature ejaculation.

The primary cause of ED can occur in men who have never had sexual intercourse without experiencing premature ejaculation. This generally occurs because of emotional disturbance or cause can be multiple. Other causes of anxiety during intercourse related to sexual trauma (sexual abuse, incest)

Secondary causes of ED can be associated with multiple causes both organic, substances, or psychic in which anxiety is the cause
The human sexual response is divided into three phases, namely libido (desire / lust), feeling aroused, and orgasm (climax). The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) classifies sexual disorders into four categories:

Associated with health problems (organic)
Affected by drugs
not specified

Each category of the DSM-IV disorders in the third mnegklasifikasikan sexual phase or disturbances in libido, feelings aroused, and orgasm. In some men, premature ejaculation can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation for the first time at most be categorized as non-specific (based on DSM-IV) in which no one knows the cause and psychological factors are suspected of being the main cause of ED. Disease involving the male reproductive tract (organic disorders) or the influence of drugs is rarely the cause of ED.
If ED occurs before penetration (entry of the penis into the vagina) in couples who are expecting pregnancy, it is not possible pregnancy can occur except by artificial insemination. This will result in emotional and psychological disturbance for the pair.
One theory why psychological disorder is said to be the main cause is conditioned because of the social pressure to reach a climax in a short time. For example, the basic causes of ED can be associated with the fear of being caught masturbating during adolescence or may be associated with the first sexual experience before marriage (at the girlfriend's house, hotel, car) that are associated with discomfort and guilt. This pattern will be difficult to change after the man married.

Psychiatric aspects
Moreover, the fact that terangsangnya a woman and female orgasms longer and more difficult than men. This will lead to a feeling of premature ejaculation for men who orgasm faster than their partner.
Feelings of fear of rejection, fear of sexual partner or his penis hurt themselves, as well as fears of failure are psychological factors cause of ED.
Some researchers found no difference between the latent period and the difference hormones in men with ED and normal men. The theory says that some men have excess sensitivity (oversensitive) or hyperexcitability (inflammable) of their genitals which prevents reduced sympathetic activity and accelerate the occurrence of ejaculation. Men with hyperexcitability will easily experience ED.

The lower the ability of some Men in Upper Beds

Having a spouse is a wonderful thing. And will be more beautiful if life at home and outside the home is well maintained. But sometimes occur imbalance, in a relationship, either at home or outside the home.

As life on the bed, which can make a marital relationship is maintained. But sometimes a man in a hurry male trait, create an intimate relationship is not so enjoyed her partner. So what causes it?

Can not satisfactory, can not make orgasm, can not even maintain an erection is often the reason for the weakness of men about the affairs of the bed. Here are 10 reasons why men can be very weak:

1. Anxiety
Some people may suffer acute anxiety, which will affect every aspect of life, not terkecualikeharmonisan on the bed.

2. Smoking
Men may feel 'manly' when they are blowing smoke from his mouth. Yes, smoking is killing! Prior to kill you, kill a man in you. A study shows that smoking affects sperm count and quality of erections.

3. Alcohol
Excessive intake of alcohol, can bring you into the 'wild mood' but after that can kill the mood of your partner. Performance man in bed is reduced after many meminuman alcohol.

4. Premature Ejaculation
The inability of a man to maintain ejaculation, can ruin a relationship in your bedroom. There are certain methods to prolong erection. Better to try the method to improve the quality of intimate relationships.

5. Lack of experience
Men who are just starting 'wild adventure,' can cause damage due to their lack of experience. They often wonder, how to improve performance in bed. In some men, tights can also be the reason behind their poor performance. They can seek medical help.

6. Lack of testosterone
After 30 years, men may reduce testosterone levels in the body. This hormone that makes men desire impulse decreases and affects stamina and ability.

7. Lifestyle stress
Stress can be toxic. Kill your performance. For a moment free from the stress of life, can help improve performance in bed.

8. erectile dysfunction
The inability of a man to get the 'violence on the genitals' before intercourse, may turn into an insult. Well, if there is a medical reason behind the condition, the doctor can help.

9. Drugs
Several types of medications can affect the life of the bed. Men who are undergoing treatment for a variety of serious illnesses, may have to wait for their drug use may hamper performance.

10. The medical condition
Some diseases such as diabetes, can also be an important reason behind the performance of a poor man in bed. Also, certain neurological problems, also can mengganggukehidupan men. Such people should seek medical help.

via Boldsky

The best vegetables for Men's Health

Maybe you would already be familiar with the term antioxidants, ie compounds which can help reduce the adverse effects of free radicals in the body. The antioxidants present in the food we consume daily, especially colorful fruits and vegetables.

However, did you know there are differences in the effectiveness of the consumption of certain types of vegetables and fruits between men and women.
Quoted from page Boldsky, some fruits and vegetables below was more effective against free radicals in men if consumed regularly.

Tomatoes contain the antioxidant called lycopene which serves to reduce the risk of cancer and stroke. On the other hand, the results showed that men with higher levels of lycopene in the body are at greater risk of heart attack 50 percent lower. The tomato lycopene levels are much higher after cooking. So, replace your chili sauce with tomato sauce for a healthier life.

Ending in berry fruits, such as strawberries or blueberries have high anthocyanin content. Its function is to help strengthen the work of the heart and has anti-cancer benefits and can prevent the occurrence of atherosclerosis, a disease of blood vessel blockages that often affect the adam.

Touted as a superfood, garlic is a plant with vitamins and minerals most complete. In the garlic cloves are vitamins A, B, and C. Meanwhile, mineral content consists of selenium, iodine, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, and magnesium.

Do not remove the peppers in your salad seasoning because it has a high content of vitamin C doses. In men, vitamin C is essential for maintaining their body's immunity and improve brain function. In addition, vitamin C also helps in the metabolism of cholesterol to bile acids that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Expand eating melon. The content of antioxidants called beta-carotene and zeaxhantin in it can help absorb excess fat in the body. In addition, beta-carotene rich in vitamin A, which helps maintain healthy eyes and skin.

Nothing wrong with a healthy tips from Popeye, because the leaves of spinach contains lutein in large quantities. Lutein is an antioxidant that protects the health of the eyes, especially to prevent deterioration of vision due to cataracts and age.

Carrots make sperm more active

Diet can indeed affect a person's physical condition or health. Yes, the quality of a person's body can be seen from what he eats, including aspects of fertility or fertility.
A study from Harvard University in the United States, found that carrots can improve the performance of sperm. In that study, 200 men to follow a diet that is accompanied with a variety of fruit and vegetable consumption to test the effects on their sperm. As a result, the type of orange vegetables are also good for eye health is claimed to improve the performance of their sperm.

The results found that carrots can improve the performance of sperm between 6.5 to 8 percent. Reporting from sources Mother & Baby UK, yellow and orange foods, such as pumpkins, corn, and turnips, contain compounds called carotenoids alkaloids. Substance is exactly what gives the effect of color on these food sources, in addition to helping sperm to swim to the egg with the better.

Moreover, you do not know about carrots? 
Whole Foods Market gives you additional knowledge about the typical food of this rabbit.

1. Carrots first time out in the garden in the area of Afghanistan around 900 BC. Then spread to various regions. And the year 1000 AD planted in the Middle East and North Africa. From there crossed into Spain, and the pad 1300 M planted in Northern Europe and also China.
2. There are many types of carrots. Not only two categories of carrots, local or beyond. There is a long form to be known as The Orange Long and Short Horn, and Half Horn. Also there is a giant carrot Jaune Obtuse, the long slender Imperaptors.
3. Baby Carrots not some kind of carrot.
4. In the winter also can grow carrots.
5. Carrots composed of 88 percent water.
6. Carrots are not just orange. some are white, yellow, and purple.
7. Eat carrots are cooked better than eating raw carrots.
8. Carrots contain beta carotin richest source. This is a source of vitamin A needed by our body. If our eyes can not see in the dark, beta carotene which makes the eyes bright.

Differences Have Sex with Men circumcised and uncircumcised

Men circumcised and uncircumcised - photo

Layer of skin folds found in men who are not circumcised penis until now is still a debate as well as a hot topic about health. However, how has it affected your sex life?

Are there differences in sex with men who are circumcised and uncircumcised?

* Sensitivity
According to a Danish study, premature ejaculation or erectile problems often experienced by men is not due to their circumcision. Circumcision which removes half of the foreskin, making him lose sensitivity to light touch though, according to researchers in Korea. In fact, a study from Michigan State University found that the most sensitive part of the penis circumcised men are at the circumcision scar.

* The risk of infection
When men are not circumcised, moisture will be trapped between the penis and the hood, thus triggering bacteria or germs to breed. Men who are not circumcised are vulnerable to fungal infections, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted diseases (especially HPV virus and HIV).

* Health
Differences in sex with men who are circumcised and uncircumcised is related to cleanliness. More difficult to keep the uncircumcised penis clean 100 percent all the time. Although most men are not circumcised able to keep clean his penis, it is still difficult for them.

* Enjoyment more
There is no definitive answer as to how circumcision affects women pleasure during lovemaking. However, a study from Denmark found that women who were married to circumcised men reported feeling dissatisfied with their sex lives when compared with those whose husband is not circumcised. Until now, there are also other studies that say otherwise.

* Pain
According to research from Denmark, women who have sex with circumcised men, likely to experience sexual pain tripled compared to women who have sex with men who are not circumcised. The reason: uncircumcised penis is more smooth and soft.

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