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Islamophobia in Europe. The Reason?

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Terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo tabloid offices, in Paris, Wednesday (7/1), which killed 10 journalists and two police would indeed have raised concerns about increasing Islamophobia in Europe. Muslims in Europe, especially in Germany, who watched the news media from day to day on the increasingly widespread anti-Islamic demonstrations in major cities in Germany, organized by PEGIDA (Patriotische Europer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes / European Nations Patriotic Against Islamization of the West ), no doubt more concerned when a wave of Islamophobia strengthened and impact on them.

Regardless of whether or not valid debate linking the shooting to Islam, their concerns are reasonable because the counter-attack was launched. The day after the shooting, a mosque in Le Mans, in the northwest of Paris had been fired and thrown grenades, and a kebab shop near the mosque in Villefrance-sur-Saone detonated.

A small mosque in the southern Port-la-Nouvelle also trying burned. Can not be denied, that the terrorist attack was vicious, but anger the people of Europe if not expressed correctly can further increase the polarization between the Muslim and non-Muslim and can even shed blood. Remember grisly Anders Breivik in Norway in 2011?

France has shown that because of the progressive symptoms even now already symptomatic support those who stigmatize the Muslim community in the name of freedom of speech, which if not controlled will make Samuel Huntington applauded due to a clash of cultures such as the unforeseen.

Excessive? May not be due to the existing trigger. In Sweden the mosque began to be attacked, In Germany, PEGIDA diligently demonstrating every Monday against what they called the Muslim invasion of their country despite demonstrations and churches that oppose them.

In France too, right party (far-right) National Front anti construction of mosques, won for the first time in the Senate, in September last year. Last week, Michel Houllebecq novel titled soumission (surrender) which tells the French ruled by an Islamic party in 2022, selling well, indicating increasing Islamophobia.

Islamophobia is now in the context of increasing racism in France and Europe also indicate indifferently Europe on paper Charlie Hebdo and other media in the name of freedom of opinion are racist provocation and lately more addressed to the Muslim community.

Tolerance or even impunity for it to be easy questionable pretext of secularism. The concept lacit (secularization) since the beginning intended as a defense of the right of every people to run freely France belief, but now it is used for stigmatization understanding religion in public spaces such as the problem of Muslim hijab. This leads to the paradoxical situation, in which racist discourse uiversalisme and permissible in the name of tolerance.

Indeed, it has long intolerance. Although it feels bitter, Thomas Hammarberg, Commissioner for Human Rights Council in 2010. The European Union has stated that: European countries seem to face another crisis in addition to the budget deficit problem is the disintegration of human values. One symptom is the increasing expression of intolerance to the Muslim community. The results of opinion polls in several European countries reflect fear, suspicion and negative opinions about Muslim societies and their Islamic culture.

Hammarberg not alone in thought so. Amnesty International said in a report in April 2012 that called Choice and Prejudice: Discrimination against Muslims In Europe mentions, among others, that the Muslim is rejected when applying for a job and go to class just because they wear headscarves. Muslims can be thrown out of work because of a long beard.

These moments are indeed serious and worrying time for Muslims in Europe. But they do not need to fear and isolate themselves which would strengthen polarization with other European societies. They just have to show that the terrorists do not represent them and also contribute positively to the development and integration in their respective countries.

Fear without understanding what they fear is a way of thinking that is scary. 
And what about your own faith?

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After the Charlie Hebdo Tabloid incident . This is the List of Next Target

Extremist group Al Qaeda released a list of the most sought after by them. The list has been published by Inspire magazine, a magazine that made Al Qaeda network to spread the message of jihad two years ago.

No one if the group gregetan with those who do not cease to corner Islam even increasingly frequent. Al Qaeda wants these people alive or dead.
Diminishing's because one of the targets French satirical tabloid editor Stephane Charbonnier Charlie Hebdo have been killed by the bullets burst in his office yesterday. 

Who else other target of this extremist?
Reporting from the television station Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, and the Huffington Post newspaper, following the four fugitive Al Qaeda.

1. Geert Wilders
Nothing is more hostile to Islam than Geert Wilders. Dutch man born 6 September 1963 deserves to be ranked first in the list of most-wanted militant Islamic group Al Qaeda. The right-wing politician openly asserted his goal to stop the spread of Muslims in Europe and the world.

Male 50 years, adding that he will step up efforts to remove Islam from the list of world religions. Mainly in the Netherlands and will be expanded to other countries such as Australia, USA, Switzerland, and many more.

Famous Wilders Fitna since launch documentary that accuses the Koran teaches violence and abuse against women. He also called for the Muslim holy book was banned in the State Windmills and called on the government to stop the influx of Muslim immigrants mainly from the Middle East.

2. Terry Jones
This is her most famous pastor universal in this century because of hatred for Muslims is deeply rooted in him. Nothing wrong with the Islamic militant group Al Qaeda enter the name Terry Jones in the list of most wanted dead or alive.

Jones senior pastor from the city of Gainesville, State of Florida, the United States became the first person to burn the Koran five years ago and actively spreading hatred toward Islam. He always wears the background events twin towers collapse of the World Trade Center (WTC) on 11 September 2001 to corner Islam. For him to attack the World Trade Center is a testament to the Islamic religion without love and only give fear to universal.

He also had to move a lot of people to burn the Koran in protest of two hundred Islamic presence in America once the sign of sympathy for the victims of the Black September. Jones said the Muslim holy book is dangerous propaganda whose contents have done evil.

Not only Al Qaeda, Hezbollah in Lebanon also give large amounts of money gift for anyone managed to decapitate the priest.

3. Ahmad Salman Rushdie on the list of the most wanted Islamic militant group al Qaeda. He is the author of bloody British India and became the first insulting Islam openly with published novel The Satanic Verses in 1988. The novel tells the fictional character named Mahound, allegedly Muhammad, received three God as forecast Makkah. According to legend, Mahound replace the original article on the scriptures with the Satanic verses. He claimed to have received a whisper from the angel Gabriel and the devil teased.

The book immediately banned in Muslim majority countries.

A year later, after the publication of the book, the leader of the Iranian Revolution of Ayatollah Khomeini gave a fatwa Ruhallah spread through the capital Tehran radio. He offers a prize money in the amount they want to kill Rushdie besarbagi. Price head writer that huge amounts of money. Author Luka and the Fire of Life, printed four years ago it must be to live in a tight police escort for nine years because of this fatwa.

4. Flemming Rose
Flemming Rose a cultural editor of a Danish newspaper Jyllands Posten. This man was born on March 11, 1958 it published cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a dozen successive editions that provoke strong reactions of Muslims universal.

Events in 2005 because of intense imprint an inspiration for other media, especially Charlie Hebdo to publish racist abuse on the Prophet. Nothing wrong with the Al Qaeda hunt alive or dead. Because of this loading is also some Islamic countries such as Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Syria withdrew its ambassador from Denmark.

This newspaper also had to pay dearly for their act. Three cartoonist had been killed and Al Qaeda promised Rose will be the next person.

List it even been published by Inspire magazine, a magazine that made Al Qaeda network to spread the message of jihad. Because of the attack directly to the office of Charlie Hebdo, Jyllands Posten improve their care.
sources: television station Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, and the Huffington Post newspaper

Some peculiarities of the case Charlie Hebdo Tabloid

Charlie Hebdo Tabloid

Attack on French satirical tabloid offices of Charlie Hebdo invite very deep condolences at once shows how expensive the price to be paid for the sake of a free press. Approximately 12 members of the editorial were killed, half of cartoonists in the media.

However, there are some strange things related to the shooting of Charlie Hebdo were furrowed brow. There are at least five odd facts related strafing bullets in the media office.

Any incongruity shootings Charlie Hebdo this?

1. Approximately 20 minutes before the incident, the president of France through
French President Francois Hollande known to pass in front of the offices of Charlie Hebdo about 20 minutes before the incident. This led to speculation if the offender targeting Hollande lives.

But the odd thing that the security system when the president passed. Of course, a five kilometer radius of the area and its surroundings are already free from the threat when the leader was about to pass. An oddity if terror occurs in a sterile area.

2. Tight security outside the offices of Charlie Hebdo
This satirical tabloid office has been in contact with petrol bombs and attack various threats blasting in 2011, just at the time they made a series of cartoons of the prophet of Muslims. After that Charlie Hebdo make policy management level tightened security around the office. Even government Capital Paris fielded one day-one policeman to keep Charlie Hebdo.

What is immoral, yesterday's media office security easily uprooted. Then where the police are keeping?

3. The perpetrator asked the name of the office staff Charlie Hebdo
Everywhere the name of terrorism applies brutal, indiscriminate, anyone brushed mercilessly. No regard to sex or age. But acts of terror in different Charlie Hebdo. They went into the office and asked the name of the staff one by one.

It's awkward because not all of the staff were killed by them. It appears that the perpetrator is targeting certain people.

4. Actors trained
Eyewitnesses at the office shooting tabloid French satirical Charlie Hebdo said, actors dressed in black, like a military uniform. They are also equipped with a bullet-proof vest.

If seen how they work pretty neat. Unlike other terrorists, they seemed to have been taken into account patterns and mature. Including replacing the car in the east of Paris.

5. Easy perpetrator entered the room
Charlie Hebdo satirical tabloid office who had never received a bomb threat would increase the tight security. Accesses into the editorial room tightened to make doors that only open with a special fingerprint sensor.

FLASHBACK - Charlie Hebdo Tabloid INCIDENT

French tabloid editor of Charlie Hebdo - Photo: Al Arabiya

Previously not many who know the name of Charlie Hebdo Tabloid, although in 2011 their office in the capital city of Paris, France, never attacked cocktails. It is the mass media political satire most consistent theme in the State Wine in terms insulting religious symbols.

This tabloid journalists and cartoonists established alumni magazine Hara-Kiri are often critical of the government.

Since 1969, Charlie Hebdo regularly raised criticism on the extreme right, both of Catholics, Jews, and Muslims.

Charlie Hebdo had ceased publication in 1981 due to financial problems. But new investors in 1992 rekindled the tabloid. Before routinely insulted Islam, this weekly routine mocks the figure of Jesus Christ and Jewish rabbis.

The Christian Science Monitor reported, tabloid circulation is not great, but it has a loyal fan in France. Per week reached 30 thousand copies.

Charlie Hebdo French tabloid editor Stephane Charbonnier or familiarly called Charb, two years ago had showed courage against the death threats after publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Men's 49 this year so the editor of Charlie Hebdo in 2009. He grew up in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, north of France. Charb join Charlie Hebdo in 1990 as a designer

"I'm not afraid of a counterattack. I do not have kids, a wife, a car, or debt. This may sound arrogant, but I would rather die than surrender," he said after threatened with death two years ago, as reported by the Daily Mail newspaper, Wednesday (7/1).

Charlie Hebdo offices yesterday was assaulted by two men armed with AK-47s and rocket launchers. In the attack two suspects shot dead 12 people, including two policemen and four cartoonist tabloid. Charbonnier also killed in the attack.

When the shooting occurred, the witness said the suspect heard shouting, "This retaliation for the insult to the prophet." After the attack, the two suspects fled.

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