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How high is the percentage growth of prostate cancer ?
Prostate cancer is very rare in men under the age of 45 years , but along with the addition of age , secretly increased the possibility of the growth of prostate cancer , the majority of prostate cancer patients aged over 65 years . Basically , each additional 10 years in people aged over 40 years , the possibility of the growth of prostate cancer more than doubled , the danger of men aged 50-59 years of developing prostate cancer is 10 % , while men aged 80-89 years increased to 70 % .

What are the causes of harmful that causes the growth of prostate cancer ?
The cause is very dangerous :
1 . Age : age is a major cause of prostate cancer is dangerous .
2 . Genetic family : when there is a close family men with prostate cancer , then it is likely that other families affected by cancer man prostatpun increased .
3 . Race : the possibility of prostate cancer in African descent living in the United States ( including the American black people . Was the highest , then the Spanish and American white people , while the chances of developing prostate cancer Africans are the lowest in the entire world .
4 . Changes in pathological abnormalities of the prostate : a man suffering from prostate neoplasia Intraphitelial , the chances of developing prostate cancer increases clearly .

The cause is quite dangerous :
1 . Diets : men who frequently eat foods high in animal fat is a class of men prone to prostate cancer .
2 . Hormones male : male hormones in the body can facilitate tumbuhnnya prostate cancer , is one of the causes of prostate cancer .

What are the symptoms of prostate cancer ?
1 . Symptoms of blockage : the difficulty urinating , urinary retention , pain , urinating blood or urine pengontolan loss , etc. .
2 . Symptoms locally invasive : the cavity between the bladder and rectum are part of the first hit , the cavity between the bladder and rectum , including the prostate , testes , vas deferens , urinary tract and other organs , such as tumors invade and crush the vas deferens can trigger back pain and next to testicular pain .
3 . Symptoms other deployment : easy prostate cancer spreads to the bones , may initially have no symptoms , there is also due to the spread of the bone resulting in an emphasis on neurological or pathological fractures when a newly discovered prostate cancer check .

What are some ways a diagnosis of prostate cancer ?
1 . Examination of the rectum ;
2 . Serum prostate antigen ;
3 . Prostatic acid phosphatase ;
4 . Ultrasound ;
5 . X - ray ;
6 . Histopathology ;
7 . CT and MRI .

How does the process of expansion of prostate cancer ?
The spread through the blood , venous spread of the expansion is a common pathway of prostate cancer , most often spreads to the lungs and skeleton bones , pelvic bones and vertebrae and ribs , femur , collarbone and bones in other parts can also be achieved . As for how prostate cancer spreads to the lumbar spine , there are experts who think past the vertebral vein , while the other showed evidence of prostate cancer and other cancers that passes through the circulation of the same body , and therefore , most of the bones spread of disease could have been there too dissemination in the lungs .

Can provide any way of treatment ?
1. Operation : externis prostate surgery is a treatment method that is most frequently encountered , the surgical removal of the prostate , lifting the overall prostate cancer or prostate whole , in order to withstand the expansion of prostate cancer .
2. Radiotherapy : Radiotherapy is divided mainly looking for ways as follows : 1 . Radiotherapy outside the body , 2 . Radiotherapy in organ , this method is often combined with radical mastectomy prostate or lymph node clearance operation pelvis ; 3 . Radiotherapy throughout the body , certain conditions can reduce pain in certain parts of the bone caused by the spread and reduce the progression of lesions .
3. Chemotherapy : Treatment with chemotherapy drugs , the treatment of prostate cancer is the way the entire body , can control the expansion and spread of cancer cells effectively .
4. Traditional medicine : the traditional treatment for prostate cancer , on the one hand can kill and suppress cancer cells , improving the condition of the disease , on the other hand could improve the condition of the patient's body , strengthen the immune system , improve overall treatment outcome .
5. Treatment Jie Ru : Ru Jie treatment technology as a new technology in the treatment of cancer , has the advantage of a small wound , no pain , blood coming out a little , quick recovery , etc. .
Treatment of prostate cancer should not be focused only on one particular part or a course of treatment , but must be tailored to the stage of the disease , type of organ , tumor type biological and physical conditions , must combine surgery, radiotherapy , chemotherapy , traditional medicine and other scientific medicine , with so can only achieve the best results.                  


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