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The United States uses Uranium in attack ISIS in Syria

Broken promise,
The United States uses Uranium in attack ISIS in Syria

A-10 Tunderbolt

WASHINGTON - The United States military (US) confirmed the use of depleted uranium munitions (DU) in the two attacks on the convoy of oil tankers ISIS in eastern Syria. US reneged on his promise that will not use the controversial toxic weapons.

The US military admitted more than 5,000 munitions were fired in air strikes on the convoy of oil tanker group Islamic State or ISIS Deiz ez-Zour and Hasakah, Syria to the east.

A spokesman for US Central Command (CENTCOM) Mayor Josh Jacques said about 5,265 DU munitions used in the two attacks which took place in November 2015.

Thousands of toxic ammunition were fired by A-10 aircraft with the engine rotary cannon. According to Jacques, about 350 oil tanker ISIS destroyed.

In March 2015, a spokesman for the international coalition of US-led anti-ISIS John Moore said that the coalition promised not to use uranium munitions during the mission "Operation Inherent Resolve" in Iraq and Syria. Pentagon when it was declared a dangerous weapon was not needed as ISIS does not have anti-tank designed DU ammunition.

According to data from the US military, assault with DU ammunition which first took place on 16 November 2015, near Al-Bukamal, Deir ez-Zor Province, with four US aircraft. As a result, 46 vehicles ISIS destroyed. Approximately 1,490 DU munitions were fired in the attack.

The second attack occurred on November 22, 2015. A total of 293 oil tanker ISIS in a desert area between Deir ez-Zor and Hasakah, destroyed. On this occasion, four A-10 aircraft fired 4,530 DU ammunition.

"The combination Armored Piercing Incendiary (DU) is mixed with the HEI is used to ensure a higher probability of destruction of a fleet of tanker trucks ISIS forbidden," said Jacques told Russia Today, was quoted Wednesday (15/02/2017).

Uranium weapons are the US military because it has outstanding toughness. Of uranium weapons capable of penetrating heavy tanks. However, DU particles can contaminate soil and water nearby. The impact, can cause birth defects and cancer in humans or animals that inhale or ingest DU particles.                                                                            

Read more about DU particles wikipedia


Photographer is a profession at risk if not vigilant

Photographer Surprised At View Results Photographs

A woman nearly get hurt when taking pictures of scenery in a national park in Madagascar.

Nile crocodile

Photographer Julia Sundukova're exploring the national parks in Andasibe.

Glance tropical landscape in front of Julia looks harmless. Because it does not feel threatened, Julia decided to take pictures of the scene with his camera.

However, unnoticed by the Russian photographer, an crocodile was watching his every move from behind the bush when he was exploring the marshes in front of him.

Julia realized that she turned out to be a few meters away from the crocodile in front of him while being browsed jepretannya results.

Crocodiles in the national park are of the type of Nile crocodile is considered one of the most deadly animals to humans.

Nile crocodile is the most deadly animals

These reptiles can reach a length of 5 meters and is commonly found in swamps, rivers and lakes in sub-Saharan Africa.

Nile crocodiles are estimated to have attacked humans 245 to 745 per year. Approximately 63 percent of all fatal attacks.

Even the smaller variant of this species known to attack and eat human flesh.

That's why the Nile crocodile is believed to be one of the biggest animal threat to humans, in addition to lions and venomous snakes.

In March 2015, a group of British tourists were enjoying the view with a boat on the Zambezi River, which is situated between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Unexpectedly they see the terrible scenes in sight when the Nile crocodile is eating humans.

When the boat got closer, they saw a crocodile that had eaten the upper body and started biting the victim's feet.

(Source: Daily Mail)
photo: Carter News Agency Via Daily Mail

List of Countries with the Best Quality of Life 2017 you should know

21 Countries with the Best Quality of Life 2017

The countries with the best quality of life to have a good balance between working life, access to quality health care, education, infrastructure, and opportunities for career and reside. Not only that, the nice weather also became one of his supporters.

Countries with the Best Quality of Life 2017

Internations recently conducted a survey involving 14,300 expatriates representing 174 nationalities live in 191 different countries or regions. They were asked to rate 43 different aspects of life abroad with a scale of 1-7.

From here internations make an assessment to obtain an overall average.

Several factors are taken into consideration: the comfort, happiness persolan, travel and transportation, health and welfare, and security. The result there are 21 states:

21. Denmark
These countries have the shortest working time in a week. There are shortcomings in facilities for children.

20. Hungary
The country appears to the top 20 thanks to the cost of living is relatively low but relatively abundant career opportunities.

19. Finland
"74 percent of parents expatriates in Finland agreed that the means of education here is very easy to reach," wrote internations. Finland is also superior in health and wellness.

18. Ecuador
Expats love the country due to suitable for traveling. However, they often cite a different language as one of the problems.

17. Luxembourg
Luxembourg ranked as the country with the best quality of life begins to decline because of the cost of living in this country slowly began to rise. Nevertheless, the country is still in the top 20 because of the opportunity to work in this country is quite high in addition to a beautiful environment, quality health care, and access to education are qualified.

16. Australia
The country is considered one of the best places in the world to raise a family. Access to education in the country is also quality assurance.

15. France
These countries have an average of only 41 hours of work in a week time. The country is also to be the best about the quality and availability of access to education.

14. Portugal
Portugal is regarded as one of the "dream destinations" expatriates. As many as 91 percent of respondents who live there say they are generally satisfied with their lives.

13. New Zealand
"Most people tend to equate New Zealand and Australia-and there are some surprising differences about expatriate life here," wrote internations.

12. Canada

Environment, a sense of feeling welcome, and short-time working to make Canada one of the countries with the best quality of life.

11. South Korea
The country is almost in the top 10. Many career opportunities in a country known for its K-Pop's. In addition, South Korea is also considered environmentally friendly sting for those who are married.

10. Switzerland
Health, education, and the ease of finding a job makes the Swiss in the top 10. But unfortunately, the cost of living here continue to increase from year to year.

9. Germany
Germany is very popular among expats for being one of the favorite places for work.

8. Singapore
The city-state ranking dropped from first to eighth because of the rising cost of living and especially health costs.

7. The Czech Republic
70 per cent of expats said that access to education is very easy to come by in this country. Child care costs are also very affordable in this country Czechoslovakia fragments.

6. Malta
Malta is very popular among the British, mainly because of the weather and fascinating local culture. However, Malta fell from rank-3 for the balance of life and work less intact.

5. Costa Rica
The weather was warm and the progress in the language category rankings catapulted the country. 79 percent of expatriates say they feel "at home" when they are here.

4. Spain
Spain is famous for good weather. Ranking rose because the expats feel the friendliness and, in particular, the attitude of the locals towards foreigners makes this country worth a sebagaik residence.

3. Japan
The country climbed from seven to three years, mainly because of its transportation infrastructure. Expats are also satisfied with the medical care services and kedamaiannnya.

2. Austria
The country is suddenly skyrocketed because of the quality of water and air. The country is ranked first for the health and well-being. The expats are also very satisfied with the transport infrastructure.

1. Taiwan
The country rose to the first rank for medical care and affordability. Taiwan, too, surveyed, ranked first the matter of quality of life, both for respondents male and female.


US Marine Practicing Use Kalashnikov before Sent to Afghanistan

US Marines will return to Helmand province, Afghanistan this spring to advisory missions. This means it will put them back in the middle of a fight between the Taliban and the Afghan National Security Forces.

US Marine

As part of the preparation for the mission, about 300 US Marines to be sent to the Task Force Southwest exercise by using a number of weapons that many people use Afghanistan.

On January 17, 2017 and the Marines practiced shooting with two guns of the Soviet era the legendary Kalashnikov weapons: a general-purpose machine gun PK and AK-47 assault rifles.

Marines train with a machine gun PK / USMC.
Sgt. Lucas Hopkins of the II Marine Expeditionary Force in the release notes this weapon is used both by the army and the Taliban so Afghanistan is important for the Marines to understand and be able to use them.

"We want the Marines to familiarize themselves with their weapons," said Staff Sgt. Patrick R. Scott, head of foreign weapons instructor Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group.

Before the Marines are sent they will also receive intensive training about the culture of Afghanistan, including military culture.

An open letter from little girl from Aleppo to Donald Trump

Bana Alabed, a seven year old girl from Aleppo, Syria, wrote an open letter to the President of the United States Donald Trump.

little girl of Aleppo

"You have to do something for the kids Syria because they like your children who deserve peace," he wrote.

Name of previous Bana became famous for booms on his Twitter account about the condition of his house in Aleppo.

His Twitter account became famous because of messages he poured from the east besieged Aleppo.

Bana and his family managed to get out of Aleppo last December, in an effort to mass evacuations. He now lives in Turkey.

Bana's mother, Fatemah which helped run a Twitter account, sends the text of the letter to the BBC.

He said Bana wrote a few days before the inauguration of President Trump, because she had been repeatedly viewed Trump on television.

The following is a letter written Bana Alabed for President Donald Trump.

Dear Donald Trump,

My name Bana Alabed. I was a little girl seven years old Syrian from Aleppo.

I spent my whole life in Syria, before leaving the territory of eastern Aleppo under siege in December last year.

I was part of Syrian children who suffer as a result of the Syrian war.

But now, I find great peace in my new home in Turkey.

In Aleppo, when I was in school, the building destroyed by the bombing. Some of my friends died.

I am very sad and wish they could play with me today.

In Aleppo I could not play: it was a ghost town.

Now that I was in Turkey, I can go out and enjoy it.

I can go to school even though I can not yet. That is why peace is important for everyone, including you.

However, millions of children Syria does not like me now, and they are still suffering in many parts of Syria. They suffer because adults.

I know you will be President of the United States, so you can save children and the Syrian people?

You have to do something for the kids Syria because they like your children who deserve peace.

If you promise you will do something for the children of Syria, I have become your new friends.

I'm waiting to see what you will do to the children of Syria.

The Turkish government where Bana and his family now live, to support the Syrian opposition. However, the position of President Trump is unclear.

The US president has repeatedly stressed his desire to strengthen relations with Russia, and supported by President Vladimir Putin.

While Russia is supporting the Syrian President Assad in Syria.

During the campaign, he talked about cutting off aid to the rebel group, -but recently, he also spoke of the need for 'safe zone' for Syria, which will help the rebel forces.

Meanwhile Iran, Russia, and Turkey jointly pledged to impose a ceasefire for three weeks in Syria, in the middle of peace talks.

However, without the consent of the Assad government or rebel forces, it is not clear how an agreement could be reached.


North Korea Ready to Release nuclear bomb to Los Angeles if ...

North Korea Bomb
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un witnessed the launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine in waters near Sinpo, in the northeast of the country. The US military claimed this photo is fake photos that are engineered for the sake of propaganda.

One of the most senior North Korean defectors, said Kim Jong Un could fire a nuclear bomb to Los Angeles if the government feels threatened.

It is delivered Thae Yong Ho, a former deputy North Korean ambassador in London in the event Victorua Derbyshire Show, which was broadcast by the BBC.

When asked whether Kim Jong Un will continue to do so despite knowing the US attack would mean the destruction of his country, Yong Ho just said yes.

Previously, Thae Yong Ho said Kim Jong Un's regime will try to complete the development of nuclear weapons by the end of 2017.

"Kim will not stop even though he promised trillions of dollars to halt its nuclear program," said Thae Yong Ho.

"Kim Jong Un know very well that the only nuclear weapons that guarantee the rule. If you feel would lose power, he will do it," said Thae.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has announced the development of a defense system to fend off Iran and North Korea.

Trump Stop Visa for citizens of seven Muslim countries

                                                                                                         SAUL LOEB / AFP
US President Donald Trump showed US executive orders issued from the trans-Pacific partnership (TPP). This decree was signed Trump in the Oval Office, Monday (01/23/2017)

Trump: It's Not for Isolating Muslims ...
President of the United States Donald Trump held an interview with ABC News on Wednesday evening local time.
In one part of the interview, Trump admitted, plans to restrict Muslim citizens entering the United States is important.
Therefore, the world is currently in a state of upheaval.
"This is not to isolate Muslims. However, these countries have tremendous potential for terror," Trump said, as quoted by AFP.
"Therefore, the citizens of these countries, who want to enter into the US, cause we became threatened with terror," he continued.
However, Trump declined to say which countries are included in the list.
He just said, Europe has made a big mistake by allowing millions of refugees to their land. For example, Germany and other countries in Europe.
Trump then describe it as a disaster condition.
mad world
The policy was then begs the question, if Trump is not afraid angered Muslims around the world?
"Angry? Currently, there are already so many anger. How can you tell it to grow?" Trump replied.
"The world is chaotic now. The world is filled with anger. So, whether this policy will cause little anger again?" he continued.
Trump then promised to enforce tough policies to those who try to enter the United States from certain countries.
"I mean, extreme measures," he said.
"We will not allow people to enter the US if we think people were just gave birth to a problem here," said Trump.
Termination rate of refugee and visa
Previously reported, Trump reportedly stop the US refugee program for the next four months.
In addition, Trump also called going to stop visas for citizens of seven Muslim countries.
The draft executive order was published daily the Washington Post and New York Times.
In the draft it is called, suspension for refugees from war zones in Syria carried out indefinitely.
Meanwhile, in general, the refugee program was suspended for 120 days, in line with the efforts of the US government detailing the list of low-risk countries.
Furthermore, all visa applications from countries with terrorist threats will be stopped until the next 30 days.
The seven countries that are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.
Meanwhile, the Pentagon will have 90 days to draw up a plan on establishing "safe zone" in or dekatSuriah, where refugees from the civil war could take shelter.
It is not clear whether the draft is published it is the final version. There is also mentioned when Trump signed that provision.
Nevertheless, this is part of the realization of a campaign promise

Trump could forget that America is great because pluralism and openness in all areas. If the Americans shut down means limiting the progress that has been achieved so far. Including plans for him to build a parapet with Mexico.

World Doomsday February 16, 2017 And we are not aware

NASA information

We do not all realize and immersed in a routine and natural mind of each of us that there will be a very big danger will destroy this world. Where is the media?

Earlier this year, the US space agency (NASA) to detect a mysterious object that is approaching the solar system. The institute predicts if the object is only going across the Earth alone. So it will not be harmful to humans.

But that opinion is disputed by a Russian astronomy, Dyomin said Damir Zakharovich that NASA claims it wrong.

According Zakharovich, the object will hit the Earth. The reason, the object was part of a deadly mysterious planet, which is known by Nibiru.

Earlier, a group of Mysterious Universe says that on 16 February there was a giant space rock will hit the Earth. And is expected to make our planet and its contents destroyed.

This was reinforced by predictions Zakharovich that said if he had seen the actual data about the mysterious object that is part of Nibiru.

"NASA lie. No way they do not know about the truth. We have looked at the data," he said.

Zakharovich added if the object is referred to by NASA as WF9 has left the system in October lalau Nibiru. At the time of Nibiru rotates counter-clockwise around the sun.

"Since then, NASA has been realized that the object was going to hit the Earth. But they just say to people now," he added.

According Zakharovich, this is only early signs of how the damage inflicted when Nibiru hit the Earth. NASA, said Zacharovich, just say about the impact zone.

"But I do not think like that. We are all going to perish," he said.

There is a Global Conspiracy

Zakharovich sure there is a global conspiracy masterminded Russian and Western leaders to keep the meetings where Nibiru.

"The object is larger than that spelled out by NASA. Our preliminary data showed a 2.2-kilometer-wide asteroid will easily fit into the Earth's atmosphere without burning all," said Zakharovich.

disastrous world
     2012 movie

He claims the object of that size is able to destroy a city or cause a tsunami is very large. After that Nibiru itself that came after, destroying the entire planet.

Prior to this, NASA detects an object named 2016 WF9 through NEOWISE project on November 27, 2016 last. Then, in 2016 WF9 will approach Earth's orbit on February 25, 2017.

It could be what we strive for this will be in vain.
Then the best we can do good and always think positive in our lives


NSA SECRET List Leaked by Edward Snowden

At the start in 2014 yesterday, Edward Snowden became the figure most 'scary' for the government United States (US), in particular intelligence agency the National Security Agency (NSA). Yes, Snowden which originally was one of the NSA agent, turned towards betray his agency --dan may negaranya-- by leaking confidential documents belonging to the NSA to the public.

And the results of various operations 'dirty' does the NSA regarding the privacy of Internet users data breaches and telecommunications world is revealed.

Maybe a lot of people who think Snowden is a hero for exposing rotten NSA action. But not a few who assess Snowden is a traitor who defected from the US.

Now the whistle-blower supposedly hiding in Germany from the US pursuit. Until now he gradually keep leaking confidential documents NSA via media Germany, Der Spiegel.

Here are the 10 biggest secret NSA ever leaked by Snowden as reported by Mashable page:

1. Tapping a phone call US society
Snowden secret documents revealed that the NSA has permission from the US courts that allow them to tap a phone conversation the entire US citizens without exception. Verizon, as one of the largest mobile operator in the US is known as a party to provide these intercepts network. However, over the time, it was not just Verizon, almost all US mobile operators 'forced' in cooperation with the NSA.

2. Operation PRISM
In addition to tapping the phone conversation, the NSA was known to launch secret operations coded passwords 'PRISM'. PRISM is a US government program that allows the NSA to tap and access the server a number of major US technology companies, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and many more.

3. Uncover the secret GCHQ
Not only reveal 'ulcer' NSA, Snowden also reveal reprehensible actions of the British intelligence agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). According to leaked documents Snowden, GCHQ also run operations like the NSA wiretapping. They even mentioned the internet to tap fiber optic network throughout the world. GCHQ also share intelligence data with the NSA.

4. NSA spying on the country's leaders
NSA mentioned around 122 phone tapping head of state. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, a former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, and President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) is also a victim of the NSA wiretapping.

5. Operation XKeyscore
This is probably the most horrific operation ever undertaken by the NSA. XKeyscore is a software tool that created the NSA to search, investigate, and access any users are doing and in cyberspace. With XKeyscore, NSA can see whatever they want to see on the internet.

6. NSA tried to break the encryption
Many internet-based service providers to secure their services by using the encryption code. It is reportedly difficult for the NSA to collect confidential data they want. And the way out is taken NSA is hacking. NSA pave various computing security system, both private and companies to obtain confidential data they want.

7. professional hacker group NSA revealed
NSA mentioned have a special group of hackers codenamed Tailored Access Operations (TAO). TAO hacker group tasked to pave all of the computers in the world according to the needs of the NSA.

8. NSA data center hack Google and Yahoo
PRISM Operations not informed in accordance with the expectations of the NSA. Then the NSA was 'rough play' with Google's data center hack and Yahoo. They reportedly work with people in the company to perform this action.

9. The NSA intercepts SMS messages
Not only communication via the internet who want controlled by the NSA. They also reportedly intercepted cellular communication via SMS messages. In a leaked document Snowden said that the NSA collects around more than 200 thousand SMS messages per day.

10. NSA hinder communication between countries
NSA mentioned block and store a variety of data between countries call suspected phone can work together to threaten US security. One is a data telecom conducted by Afghanistan and the Bahamas. This operation was given a passcode MYSTIC.


The latest Forbes reports reveal that many of the billionaire as a family legacy

The billionaire as a family legacy report
The billionaire as a family legacy -

Forbes released the list of names of the richest billionaires in the world for the 29th time. Only people who have a wealth of over US $ 1 billion that could join the most elite circles as the world's richest billionaires.

Citing the Forbes website on Wednesday (04/03/2015), was not all millionaires managed to get his wealth by working hard and exhausting. Forbes found the 230 billionaires who have a lot of wealth by inheritance alone.

Lina Maria Aguiar and Lia Maria Aguiar are two millionaires who became rich by inheritance family banking firm. Each has assets of US $ 1.5 billion and US $ 1.2 billion.

Even so, the soul businessman looks still smoldering among the world's richest billionaires. A total of 1,191 billionaires world record became wealthy due to build a business and the business itself.

But not all billionaires are getting inheritance not working. Forbes noted, as many as 405 other billionaires are still in business for myself for the sake of increasing their wealth despite having inherited.

To calculate the total wealth of billionaires, Forbes team to enter the number of shares in state and private companies, real estate, yachts, artwork, and debt estimates.

In the list of the world's richest billionaires, Forbes did not include members of the royal family, the dictator, as well as wealthy families who divide the kingdom or a person who has full power in the country.


The fact the Australian Aid Tsunami in Aceh. Answering the Australian Prime Minister defense against Drug Dealers.

the fact the Australian Aid Tsunami in Aceh defend drug dealers
tsunami aceh - photo

World Bank's international fund managers for the tsunami disaster in Aceh and North Sumatra, Joe Leitman, said Australia's aid promised not to Aceh.

In a radio interview quoted by ABC website, August 20, 2005, Leitman when it says the Australian Government contributes only one-eighth of $ 1 billion or Rp12.8 trillion promised.

In January 2005, after the tsunami disaster on December 26, 2004, the Australian government announced a desire to give a donation, under what they call Australia-Indonesia partnership. The fund will be used to build houses for the victims of the disaster.

"It would be good to see the contribution of Australia, and probably asking where (fund) was up," said Leitman.

Leitman responsible for coordinating the $ 4 billion donated countries like the United States (US), the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Norway.

"The initial impression of the public is, oh that one billion dollars for Aceh. But, if you dissect it, half is in soft loans that can be taken or not taken back by the Australian government," said Leitman.

While the rest is given in the form of grants. "Less than a quarter (of grants) that will be up to the province, the rest will be used to pursue the strategic interests of the government of Indonesia and Australia in Indonesia," he added.

So the actual number that can be up to Aceh, the only only one-eighth. Comments Leitman it has made Aidwatch organization urged the Australian government to be transparent.

Tim O'Connor from Aidwatch, said the Australian government is not transparent, about how much is actually allocated funds to help the tsunami in Aceh and West Sumatra. Australian tsunami funds used outside Aceh.

"The projects of government, scholarships, disaster response, may be required. We do not argue that," said O'Connor.

"But, it's not the tsunami fund and it should not be funded all, of what the public thought Australia for tsunami disaster relief," said O'Connor.


Fear of war crimes, Israel and the US Strive thwart Palestinian Become a Member International Criminal Court

International Crime Court photo

Palestinian efforts to realize its goal of becoming the country still winding. On Thursday (1/1) administration aka Abu Mazen Mahmoud Abbas entered a new round of diplomatic struggle. United States (US) and Israel tried hard to thwart the intention of Palestine to become a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans to prevent the ICC accept Palestine as a member. Together Washington, Tel Aviv called for international judicial institutions based in the city of The Hague, Netherlands, was to deny the Palestinian application. The reason, not the state of Palestine. So, the ICC is not entitled to accept Palestine as a member.

'We hope, the ICC rejected the request hypocritical Palestinian Authority is not a state, but an authority associated with terrorist groups,' the light of Netanyahu in a statement. Like the US, he was called Hamas as a terrorist group. Currently, along with the Fatah movement, Hamas is the Palestinian authorities. The radical group ruling the Gaza Strip.

Before publishing a statement related to the intention of Palestine became a member of the ICC, Netanyahu held a meeting with the Israeli Defense Ministry officials. The main agenda of the meeting was reacting step Abbas on Wednesday (31/12) have signed a formal proposal to make Palestine as a member of the ICC.

'Israel would obviously preclude (Palestine) to impose his will upon us. It was exactly as we have done in the Security Council (UNSC) of the UN, "Netanyahu firm shortly after Abbas signed the ICC membership proposal. On Wednesday, the UN Security Council rejected the Palestinian draft resolution that contains an ultimatum to Israel to stop the action of annexation and occupation of its territory.

In its resolution, the Palestinians urge Israel to halt Jewish settlement split in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Palestinians give 12 months on Israel to stop the unilateral action. In addition, the Abbas government ultimatum to Israel to recall the entire population of the Palestinian territories.

Associated with the liberation of Palestine from the Israeli population, Abbas gives the time until the end of 2017. East Jerusalem, according to 79-year-old leader, must be clean of Israel. Therefore, the Palestinians will make the region as an administrative capital. Unfortunately, the Palestinian move was not getting the blessing of the UN Security Council.

According to the UN Security Council, the determination of the time limit is not a wise way to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian dispute lasting. The US, which is one of the most powerful country in the membership of the Security Council opposed the resolution. Washington hopes, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians could be ended with a sweet at the negotiating table. However, so far the peace talks never produce effective solutions. 


The Israeli army strangled, A Palestinian Minister Dies

IDF strangled Palestinian Minister
Ziad Abu Ein Palestinian Minister - photo

'' What has happened is the real crime. We can not sit still and silent after this incident. '' Words of anger was expressed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas of Fatah after the death of Ziad Abu Ein, minister without portfolio, who had died when clashes with Israeli soldiers in the West Bank.

Palestinian government accused the Israeli army had done the killing. In fact, Abbas plans to stop the security coordination with Israel.

He asserted, the killing of Abu Ein is a barbaric act that can not be tolerated. Palestinian government announced three days of mourning in honor of Abu Ein. Thursday (11/12) thousands of people attend the funeral of the father of four children.

The tragic incident began when Palestinians commemorate Human Rights Day in Turmusaya village in the northeastern city of Ramallah, West Bank, on Wednesday afternoon (10/12). Abu Ein, head of the Committee Against the Separation Wall and Settlement of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) took part in the action. The group headed by Abu Ein was tasked with monitoring the activities of the Israeli settlement construction in the West Bank, which in essence belongs to the Palestinians.

Massa plans to plant olive trees near the village in the north of Ramallah Turmus Aiya. Somehow initially, they later clashed with the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). One witness, Kamal Abu Safaka, explained that when the IDF beat Palestinians who took action. Abu Ein then tried to intervene.

'' The Israeli army called on the name of Abu Ein and seemed to focus him. They (IDF, Red) hit him in the chest with a rifle butt, then pulled his neck and pushed him back. After that, they threw tear gas and stun grenades in large numbers, '' he said.

The stun grenades produce a flash and a loud voice, but not deadly. The combination punch, tear gas, and grenades that are likely to result in Abu Ein eventually died. Because, after inhaling tear gas, he immediately lost consciousness.

Some photos from various news agencies showed hands of IDF soldiers at Abu Ein neck. There are also photographs showing Abu Ein was lying on the ground. '' He died of asphyxiation from choking on vomit after inhaling tear gas, '' said the director of Ramallah Hospital Dr Ahmed Bitawi that examine the remains of Abu Ein.

However, autopsy results released by the Israeli government is different. Their version, Abu Ein died due to clogged coronary arteries due to bleeding that may be caused by stress. Israel also revealed that senior Palestinian officials cardiac condition was weak. Because of that, he is sensitive to stress.

Separately, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a message to the Palestinian government. Contents, they will conduct an internal investigation related to the death of Abu Ein. 


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King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia Distributing money of USD 32 billion to the People

Saudi Arabia
King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia - photo

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia knows how to take the hearts of his people. Leader who was installed on January 23, it issued a decree to distribute bonuses to its people. Pretty fantastic value, ie the range of USD 32 billion.

"Now this population Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia, Red) was partying," said Director of the investment company Ashmore Group based in Riyadh John Sfakianakis.

Since ascending the throne, King Salman has become public discussion. He immediately took control and make changes. Including firing ministers and remove some bodies and government agencies.

Latest decision to pour budget in most of the citizens of Saudi Arabia is immediately made his name into a conversation everywhere. In 2011 the late King Abdullah has also been issued bonus. However, it was only a one-time salary.

The government of Saudi Arabia is famous for its abundant wealth from oil exports to various parts of the world. However, during the gold coffers just rushing to her own family. Most of the course is a member of the royal family. Therefore, the generosity of King Salman to give a bonus it is considered as a gesture of good faith to the people of Arabia.

Budget of USD 32 billion was used to provide grants to professional associations, sports clubs and literature, investment in the field of electricity and water, as well as two times salary bonus to all government employees, soldiers, pensioners, and students who receive scholarships from the government, both in the and abroad.

Some private companies also follow suit. They provide twice the salary bonuses to their employees Saudi nationals.

In Saudi Arabia there are 5.5 million workers. As many as 3 million people of whom work in government. Civil service pay per month on average to reach $ 2,400. Plus bonus salary plus two times his salary. Salary those who have worked for years to reach more than $ 4,800 per month.

Of course, people happily welcomed the extra money they get it. There is a direct buy the latest mobile phones, branded bags, stroll abroad, buying jewelry, and pay off the debt. Some men put aside the bonus money to get married. Whether it's for the first time, the second, or third. In essence, the Saudis were excited to find ways to spend money shock derived from the royal decree issued by King Salman is.

"The first thing I did (after hearing the bonus, Red) is to go and check warehouse inventory," said the owner of the shop equipment in Buraida Abdulrahman Alsanidi camp. He hopes, with the bonus in almost all walks of life, it can increase sales in its stores 30 percent.

Pros and cons of the bonuses is still there. Jadwa Investment analyst Friend Alsheikh revealed that 90 percent of government revenues come from oil. The fall of the price of black gold make revenue fell 20 percent. Jadwa Investment predicts that the government deficit to $ 44.5 billion this year. With the bonus of spending, the deficit could grow to $ 67.2 billion. However, the Saudi government does not seem to care. Therefore, they have a $ 700 billion foreign exchange reserves.


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Brazil in the World Diplomacy International Praised for Expelling Indonesian Ambassador

Brazil in the World Diplomacy International Praised photo

Indonesian Ambassador to Brazil Toto RJ treated no wear. He was expelled in a formal handover ceremony credential (credential) by President Dilma Rouseff on February 20, 2015 last.

The Brazilian treatment would be said to be very bad. Given, the citizens they become destructive drug offenders generation of Indonesian nation.

"Treatment of Brazil in world diplomacy is extremely improper and had violated diplomatic manners," said Professor of International Law UI Hikmahanto in a brief message, Monday (23/02/2015).

Hikmahanto rate, withdrawal Toto return to Indonesia by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno LP Marsudi own right. Because, as the great nation of Indonesia can not accept such treatment Samba country.

At the same time, Secretary of Retno also cast a diplomatic protest note to the Government of Brazil.

"The actions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been true. Indonesia certainly can not receive treatment (bad) from the Brazilian government," said Hikmahanto.

Hikmahanto added, which repel Toto Brazil action is an action that is not menghormmati Indonesia. Because, in the event the representative of Indonesia has received an official invitation from the government of the country of Samba.

"Brazil is risky actions to worsen relations between the two countries that have long-standing and mutually beneficial," said Hikmahanto.

Earlier, the President of Brazil Dilma Rouseff reject the presence of the Ambassador of Indonesia Toto RJ in a formal handover ceremony kepercaayaan letter (credential), Friday, February 20th, 2015 ago. He drove Toto without reason. Although the ambassador has received an official invitation from the Government of Brazil and is located in the country of the Presidential Palace.

New Policy Obama affect 230,000 employees Internal Security Department will not Receive Salaries

Policy Obama imigration photo

US President Barack Obama said the partial closure of the Internal Security Department will have a direct impact on the economy, and national security.

Speaking at a meeting of the state governor in the White House, President Obama said, closing most of the Department that would mean more than 100,000 border patrol, inspection port and airfield security officers will not receive a salary.

The agency's budget of 40 billion dollars will run out this week, due to political disputes regarding immigration. Most of the 230,000 employees of the department will still work, but did not receive a salary until Congress approves the budget for the Department.

In November, President Obama made a major change in the immigration laws through executive order. Republicans accused the president has stepped over authority, thus preventing the budget for the Department. Budget may be approved only if the Democrats agree that the executive order.


Mosul ready retaken from ISIS

ISIS Mosul Iraq photo

The combined military forces of the Iraqi-Kurdish getting ready to fight back control of the city of Mosul, Iraq ISIS group.

"About 25,000 soldiers are preparing," said an official of the United States as published by the BBC on Friday (02/20/2015).

Senior military officials said the operation to snatch back the city in northern Iraq, it will likely be in April or May.

"Iraq's second largest city is currently controlled by militias 1000-2000 ISIS," the official added.

Mosul inhabited over one million people fall into the hands of the ISIS in June 2014.

The unnamed official was revealed to reporters, so far has not taken a decision on the number of US military advisors are required in the field.

The official said all the fighters in the American-trained troops.

He added that the operation was conducted in May not to interfere high summer temperatures. However, he added, surgery can be postponed if the Iraqi forces are not yet ready.


Hillary Admits: ISIS is formed by the US

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Prime Minister Tony Abbott Wish Request Reply Service Only To Defend drug dealers. Coins for Australia

bali nine coin

As the tsunami wave. Pieces of coins pouring over a large blue banner placed on the road this morning.

At the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle (HI), residents are flocking not hesitate to throw coins that they had. There is 100, 200, 500, also pieces of 1,000 rupiahs.

It is the fundraising. But not for social activities.

Coins it is an expression of the donor offense on a statement by a leader in the neighboring country, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott. If observed, leaders face is plastered on a huge banner was among the pieces of coins.

"Coin for Australia." As soon as the writing on the blue banner was initiated by the Coalition of Pro-Indonesian.

Tsunami waves

Until Sunday afternoon (02/22/2015), the coins collected already a big sack. The plan, the coin will be submitted to the Australian Embassy in Jakarta next few days.

"It's a symbol of pride," said one of the initiators of the action.

Not without reason meluncurbegitu words alone. Indonesian society indeed disappointed with the attitude of the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Some time ago, Abbott leverage the A $ 1 billion in a given Australia to Indonesia when the tsunami devastated Aceh in 2004. With the help remind about it, he hopes the Indonesian government to cancel the decision to execute him two Australians who engage in drug syndicates' Bali Nine '.

Tsunami ensued shortly after the Abbott statement. But not high sea waves. Rather coin tsunami. Occurs almost throughout the country. Not only Jakarta.

In Aceh, the citizens no less offended Veranda of Mecca. Acehnese under the coordination of the Indonesian Muslim Student Action Union (KAMMI) coins as a protest rally.

They demanded an apology from the Prime Minister Abbott.

"We demanded Abbott apologize to the citizens of Indonesia. We also asked Abbott pull the words, "said Coordinator of raising coins, Martinus in Banda Aceh.

While in cyberspace, fundraising is also discussed by residents crowded social media by using the hashtag or pound sign (hashtag) #KoinUntukAustralia and #CoinForAustralia.

Criticism for the sake of criticism flowing. As expressed by politicians Risman Rachman. According to him, Prime Minister Tony Abbott diplomacy worth rewarded with the hashtag.

"Help unreasonably politicized. Political support must be rejected. Jgnkan of foreigners, from politicians Indonesia itself too disgusting, "wrote Risman Rachman through his account, @ atjeh01.

A similar sentiment was also expressed by Twitter users, Mahyiddin David. She was singing with me-direct mention PM Abbott's official Twitter account.

"People will payback AcehneseTonyAbbottMHR all u aid.We never ask for aid after the tsunami australia #CoinForAustralia," chirping Mahyiddin throughMahyiddinDaud.

Death Penalty That ...
Action to help leverage this Aceh is not the first one. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and his staff have repeatedly protested over the execution plan 2 citizens involved in drug syndicate 'Bali Nine', namely Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

But the decision has been made. Indonesian firm wants to eradicate drugs that have been rampant.

However, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran still hope the Indonesian government to cancel the decision to execute them.

This was disclosed by the brothers Andrew and Myuran recently to visit both in Kerobokan, Bali. They deliver, Andrew and Myuran want to continue their rehabilitation program that has been run so far.

"Gentlemen we hope, President Jokowi allow them to continue this assistance, to rebuild lives more Indonesian citizens until the years to come," said brother Andrew Chan, Michael.

Not only that. Sister of Myuran, Chinthu Sukumaran claims, 2 prisoners execution delayed death was also very loving Indonesia. Neither society nor culture.

In countries where they smuggle 8.2 kilograms of heroin into Australia this is Andrew and Myuran transform prisons into institutions of learning.

"Myuran and Andrew loved Indonesia," said Chinthu.

On the other hand, Professor of International Law, University of Indonesia (UI) Hikmahanto Heilbron suggest AGO accelerate the implementation of the death penalty, rather than putting it off. This is so as not to burden Indonesia and the government of President Jokowi.

According to him, the longer the delay AGO, more and more pressure from abroad who will be facing Indonesia. Meanwhile, when the death penalty is accelerated hope is no more maneuvers to be performed by a foreign country.

Indonesia needs to assert the drug kingpin should not get protection from the country at the same time it condemned Indonesia for the implementation of the rule of law in order to be saved from the dangers of drugs.

Some Southeast Asian Nations Applying Death Penalty

Death Penalty in the world photo

As published by the Death Penalty Worldwide, Sunday (22/02/2015), there are eight Southeast Asian Nations still retain the death penalty, namely Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand.

The heaviest sentence given to offenders with a variety of cases, including murder and drug trafficking.

As reported in The Interpreter, a drug dealer named Van Tuong from Melbourne Nguyen executed in Singapore in 2005. 2 Citizens of Singapore also executed on pure heroin trade in July 2014.

In Vietnam, the country's highest court last year sentenced to death 29 drug dealers. While Malaysia's record of 900 people who currently has the status on death row.

Likewise with Indonesia. There were 133 death row in 2012, 71 of which involved drug trafficking case. Attorney General Prasetyo said, currently there are 60 people who were executed immediately.

While executions in Laos last done in 1989. At present, there were 89 inmates dead. In Myanmar, there are 235 people were sentenced to death, but the local authorities not to execute since the 1980s.

In Thailand, there are 112 convicts sentenced to death, and the last execution carried out on August 24, 2009.

In Brunei Darussalam, executions carried out last time in 1957. However, with the implementation of hudud laws started back last year, the execution can re-occur in the sultanate country.

The ASEAN countries which do not implement the execution of the Philippines, East Timor, and Cambodia.

According to the literature data is Death Penalty Worldwide belongs to Cornell University, states that the years do not execute the death penalty is called the "abolitionist de facto", while still making the execution called "retentionists".

Southeast Asia has a long history and problems with narcotics. Drug gangs and the huge profits they achieved, threaten regional security and internal development.

With this background the ASEAN countries ambitious create a drug-free region in 2015. According to the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime), almost all of the heroin produced in Southeast Asia is consumed in East Asia and the Pacific.

In 2011, the region consumes 65 tons of pure heroin with the volume of retail sales worth more than US $ 16.3 billion, equivalent to Rp 207 trillion ($ 1 = Rp 12,700).

Narcotics trafficking may be easier when the ASEAN Community (AEC) introducing trade throughout the region. This could encourage the adoption of more stringent capital punishment.

According to the pages of The Interpreter, for law enforcement, drug trafficking sometimes have other side. Bribery of the tourists who were caught taking drugs become big business. The police who earn salaries that are not too big, bribes may be additional revenue that could be doubled from monthly salary they receive.


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