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Cheapest Android Phone 2017 with 4GB RAM . The following list of 19 of them that you should know

The following list of 19 of them 
with specification you must know

In addition to the trend of fingerprint scanners and body clad metal materials, the latest smartphone is now also equipped with RAM (Random Access Memory), which has a large capacity. Perhaps many of the friend wondering? Indeed, what is the point HP has large-capacity RAM or indeed as important as whether the RAM for the performance of Android Phone?

Cheapest Android Phone 4GB RAM 2017

1. Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML
Ranks first there Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML Even when the beginning of January 2015 kemunculanya ago, this smartphone smartphone had alarmed the world for being the first smartphone that has 4 GB of RAM. In addition to a very affordable price, the specification of Zenfone 2 ZE551ML also quite tough call degan screen 5.5 inch IPS technology, Intel Atom Z3580 CPU Quad Core 2.3 GHz, a 13 MP camera and 5 MP and a large enough battery 3000 mAh.
Even so, Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML also has some disadvantages such as materials made of plastic materials that seem cheap. In addition, the lack of features fingerprint scanner is also a bit disappointing for a smartphone which is priced at 3 million of this. Because as we all know the competitors that are cheaper are already equipped with fingerprint scanners.

2. redmi Xiaomi Note 4 Pro
Redmi Xiaomi Note 4 Pro also one smartphone with 4 GB of RAM cheapest, because this smartphone will be released at a price the range of 3 Millions alone. In addition to having 4 GB RAM, Xiaomi redmi Note 4 Pro has a 5.5 inch wide screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels combined with IPS LCD display technology which certainly is maximal when used to play the game.
As for the processor, Xiaomi Note 4 Pro ditengai redmi Snapdrgaon 653 processor with Octa Core CPU, which certainly provides a very responsive performance. Then for the camera part, Xiaomi redmi Note 4 Pro is equipped with a front camera and a 5 MP rear 13 MP camera feature complete with phase detection autofocus and LED flash, which certainly gives the picture quality is perfect.

3. Xiaomi redmi Pro Exclusive edition
We think Xiaomi redmi Pro with Exclusive Edition variants have become one of the best in its class. Because not only bring large-sized RAM capacity of 4GB, other specifications were taken also very tough class. Xiaomi redmi Helio X25 Pro equipped machine Deca-core 2.5 GHz processor, Mali-T880 MP4 GPU and 4GB of RAM, which are certainly capable of delivering powerful performance.
Not only the processor is just awesome, Xiaomi redmi Pro Exclusive Edition also brings a highly qualified display screen. By carrying out a screen of 5.5-inch OLED Capcitive Full HD resolution 1080x 1920 pixels, which is capable of presenting every inch the picture is clear and sharp.

4. Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe
Then there is the Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe also brings super 4GB of RAM. The display of this smartphone is also quite interesting with a cover that has a motif such as cut diamonds, reminiscent of the design of Oppo Mirror 5. In addition, Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe also offers top-class specifications, one of which is Chipset Intel Atom Z3580 Quad Core 2.3 GHz and a pair of 13MP and 5MP camera.
Although the design of the Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe is quite interesting, the material used on the back cover is not good enough because it still uses Kevlar fiber material. Because of its competitors on average are using full metal material or metal frame with a cover glass.

5. Xiaomi Mi Note Pro
As one of the vendors who perkembanganya fastest smartphone, Xiaomi also did not want to miss the competition of smartphones with 4GB of RAM with the lowest namely Xiaomi Mi Note Pro. Not only brings super 4GB of RAM, the device also has a top-class specifications such as 5.5-inch screen resolution of Full HD, 64GB internal memory and CPU disematkanya high-end Snapdragon 810.
Unfortunately, this smartphone also brings some specifications that it is still lacking, such as the lack of a microSD slot for storage options for users and are less qualified selfie camera was limited to just 4MP.

6. Vivo V3 Max
Henceforth there is a smartphone from Vivo, namely Vivo V3 Max that has been equipped with 4 GB of RAM. Besides relying on the 4 GB RAM, Vivo Max V3 also comes with a 13 MP main camera relying complete with advanced features phase detection autofocus which will certainly help my friend when shooting moving objects.
As for the camera selfie, Vivo V3 Max comes with a front camera of 8 MP which would be very suitable bingit for selfie. Additionally, Vivo V3 Max also has powered processor resilient, thanks pengunakan Snapdrgaon 645 processor with Octa Core CPU 1.8 GHz speed.

7. Xiaomi Mi Max
In addition to bringing big-sized 4GB RAM, Xiaomi Mi Max also brings a very broad landscape display the 6:44-inch IPS LCD Full HD resolution 1080 x 11920 pixels. As for the battery capacity, Xiaomi Mi Max 
As for the battery capacity, Xiaomi Mi Max has brought a battery of 4850 mAh.

8. Vivo V5
Then there is the latest smartphone from Vivo who fall into this category, the camera Vivo V5 comes with a 4 GB RAM and only released at a price of 3.5 Million. More interesting again, Vivo V5 has a 20 MP front camera complete with flash feature which certainly is perfect when used for selfie.
As for the rear camera, Vivo V5 equipped with 13 MP rear camera feature complete with phase detection autofocus very best when used to capture every moment. Then to parts of the network and operating system, Vivo V5 rely on 4G LTE network and runs on Android v6.0 marshmallow.

9. Motorola Moto M
Motorola Moto M is also one of the cheapest smartphones already have RAM 4 GB As for the screen, the Motorola Moto M has a 5.5 inch wide screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels combined with IPS LCD technology.
Then for the camera sector, Motorola Moto M has a front camera of 8 MP which certainly is perfect when used for selfie. And for the rear camera, the Motorola Moto M has a rear camera with a 16 MP lens complete with phase detection autofocus feature that is very up to capture the moment setuap.

10. Zero Infinix 4 Plus
Infinix Zero 4 Plus is also one of the cheapest smartphones diibekali 4 GB RAM. And for part of the screen, Infinix ZrO 4 Plus is equipped with 5.98 inch screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels combined with IPS LCD technology.
More kerenya again, Infinix Zero 4 Plus is equipped with 13 MP front camera complete with LED flash feature that certainly is perfect when used for selfie, and rear camera, Infinix Zero 4 Plus comes with a 20 MP rear camera equipped with a full-featured laser autofocus.

11. Samsung Galaxy C5
It seems to be quite strange if Samsung as king of smart phones do not include devices in this category. And true Samsung sent its newest product the Samsung Galaxy C5, which has brought large-sized RAM 4 GB and can be redeemed at a price that is quite affordable.
Other specifications are no less captivating to shift its competitors, as has already brought a screen measuring 5.5-inch Full HD 1080p Super AMOLED panel ber. Samsung Galaxy C5 also runs on Android OS Marshmallow, Fingerprint features and has brought 16MP + 8MP resolution camera.

12. Oppo R7s
Oppo R7s be one alternative next to the smartphone category with the lowest 4G RAM. It turned out that not only expertly with Oppo smartphone display a very luxurious and elegant, but also presents a formidable smartphone with specs. Besides bringing the RAM to 4GB, other specs are also very tough and you can rely on to compete in this class one of which is resolution 8 MP camera selfie.
Hmm ,, already very premium look and specifications are also very tough. But Oppo seems to miss a thing, namely the lack of security features fingetprint scanner. For a price of 4.9 million smartphones, is certainly very disappointing.

13. Asus Zenfone 3 ZE552KL
Smartphone with ZE552KL serial number is one of the best option for you have, if you want an affordable smartphone already carrying capacity of 4GB RAM. Interestingly, 4GB RAM capacity is already in tandem with a powerful processor and CPU 625 Snadragon Octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex-A53, which is capable of crushing various HD resolution games without interruption.
Not only kinerjnya are reliable, Asus Zenfone 3 has also been brought to see the screen very highly qualified, and brought the Full HD 1080p resolution and panel-type Super IPS + combined with a screen measuring 5.5-inches, so it can serve screen display crisp and clear.

14. Coolpad Max
Coolpad also put one unggulanya smartphone, the Coolpad Max attendance carries 4 GB RAM. In addition, Max Coolpad also been equipped with Dual Space feature that allows users to have two profiles in one HP, meaning users can have two accounts at once in a single HP somed such as fuel, FB, Twitter, Instagram, path, etc.
Not quite there, the Coolpad Max also comes with a 13 MP primary camera that has been equipped with advanced features like phase detection autofocus. As for the front camera, Coolpad Max attended carries a 5 MP camera that will certainly fit bingit for selfie activity.

15. Oppo F1 Plus
The latest smartphone from Oppo brings specifications and high-end display. Wrap depadukan metal body with a charming and super slim design which is very pretty. Specifications are dibawapun also not kidding, 5.5-inch AMOLED screen, 4GB of RAM type of LPDDR3, Helio Mediatek chipset P10, and selfie 16 MP camera which will definitely be very indulgent hobby you take pictures selfie.
However Oppo F1 Plus also has some shortcomings such as its battery is non-removable. For some users who still lay certainly be a little confusion when the smartphone have a hang or when the battery is damaged. Due to replace you brought sevice center.

16. Vivo Plus V5
Then there is the latest smartphone from Vivo, Vivo V5 Plus which is also one of the cheapest smartphones that have 4 GB of RAM. Then for the operating system, Vivo Plus V5 has been running on the Android operating system v6.0 marshmallow.
As for the storage, Vivo Plus V5 comes with equipped with an internal storage capacity of 32 GB, which certainly is suitable for storing many apliaksi. Then to the camera part, Vivo V5 Plus is equipped with 20 MP rear camera and dual front camera 20 MP + 8 MP.

17. Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom
3 Asus Zenfone Zoom is also one of the cheapest smartphones that have been equipped with 4 GB of RAM. Then to the camera part, Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom equipped with dual 12 MP rear camera complete with autofocus and features a laser for the next 13 MP camera with LED Flash.
More interesting again, Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom has a fingerprint scanner sensor has the fastest today, namely Fingerprint sensor. As for the battery, Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom equipped with a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh Charging complete with features fast.

18. Samsung Galaxy C7
Next there's the Samsung Galaxy C7 is now released at a price of 5.5 Million and has been equipped with 4 GB of RAM. Then to parts of the network and operating system, the Samsung Galaxy C7 supports 4G LTE network for super-fast internet access and has been running on the Android operating system v6.0 marshmallow.
Then on the screen, the Samsung Galaxy C7 comes with equipped with a 5.7 inch wide screen with a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels combined with a Super AMOLED screen technology is certainly very convenient when used to play the game. Then for the battery part, Samsung Galaxy C7 equipped with a 3300 mAh battery.

19. Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro
Lastly there is the latest smartphone from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro and has been equipped with 4 GB of RAM is certainly very smooth when used for multitasking applications simultaneously.
More interesting again, Samsug Galaxy C7 Pro equipped with 16 MP front camera which is perfect when used for selfie and rear camera, Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro equipped with 16 MP camera complete with autofocus and LED flash.


Milk Cow Turns Not Good for Health. Here's explanation you should know

Mandatory Know Facts
Milk Cow Turns Not Good for Health! Here's explanation

Milk Cow Turns Not Good for Health

How long have we been fed with wrong understanding, cow's milk is good for toddlers and children?

Watch out, cow's milk is not good for health!

Foodies certainly agree, cow's milk is produced for calves, not humans.
Cow's milk is a drink that is very nice and perfect for calves in their first year since birth.

Cow's milk clearly has the nutrients needed by the calf, not a human child.

For humans, cow's milk has a high fat content, cholesterol, and excess calories.

All of it is not needed by the human child.

Oddly enough, people still drink milk even after more than five years old.

What species are still drinking milk when it was not a baby anymore?

If during this time, foodies notified, cow milk contains more calcium is needed to make the child's bones become strong, this statement is very wrong.
To this day not a single scientific study showed that consumption of cow's milk may reduce the risk of cracking or fracture.

In fact, countries with low milk consumption such as Asia and Africa would have the average number of osteoporosis is lower.
Osteoporosis is often found in countries with high consumption of cow's milk.

So, masihkah believe, cow's milk is good for bone health?


Daily habits that Make You Looks Older. You should know to avoid it

Reporting from the following page 6 habits that make you look older.

1. Using a styling tool
If you frequently use a blow dryer, curling iron, etc., should stop now.
When air is heated using a tool that will form tiny air bubbles in the hair.
These bubbles cause damage to the head and makes hair is getting thinner and slightly older.

2. The habit of eating food sweet
Consuming refined carbohydrates and sugars such as bread, cakes, and crackers can cause a spike in blood sugar.
Sugar molecules go through the blood into the cells in the body by connecting the fat and protein.
When the sugar content begabung with collagen without enzyme would create a process of glycation which causes skin wrinkles faster.
To fix this, you can replace it with eating nuts, edamame, yogurt and low-glycemic foods lainny.

3. The habit of squinting while frowning
This habit can cause wrinkled in the forehead and the corners of the eyes, if done too often.
Especially if you do it while exercising expression then the effect will be felt sooner.
Because when the muscles are forming.
And it is less beautiful if you bersefli then you uploaded on Instagram, seemed so young guys.

4. Tie the hair
Hair roots are pulled repeatedly can cause alopecoa traction or receding hairline.
As a result, hair loss can occur and make the skin thinner and thinner hair.
Compared to tie the ponytail, you can replace it with curl hair style a bit messy.

5. Avoid fat
Healthy fats such as omega 3 fatty acid is made easily remove pimples or skin rashes.
But the good effects can prevent damage to collagen and skin elasticity.
Compared to stop the consumption of fat you can replace it with consuming salmon, avocado, olive oil, and flaxseed.

6. Rubbing Eyes
The habit of rubbing the eyes not only make the lashes fall out, but also cause trauma to the area under the eyes.
As a result, eye bags will be thicker and make the face a little older.


Playacting make some things in life are not happy

One of the factors that determine our happiness is a choice and the attitude of our lives. Did you know that living with too much drama make life increasingly unhappy?

Often we are asked, when it comes true happiness in life? Due to the fact that many things in life that are difficult to control. We can not control the weather, disease, family choose where we are born, and we could not control our age. In other words, we can not always get what we want and expect.

But are we not entitled to be happy? Of course we have to be happy! Aside from the things we can not control, in fact many things that can affect our happiness. However, we often do the habits of our own making us unhappy.

What habits that often we do not realize it?

1. Living a life with too much drama and worry

Often feel scared for things that do not necessarily occur is characteristic of people living in the drama. He often imagine the worst rather than the best chances in life. Though it's not necessarily the case. He is the fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection.

Negative imagination dominate his life as drama scenarios. Who could be happy if it continues ruled concern? If you want to be happy, immediately end your drama!

2. Judging yourself harshly

Have you ever said harshly and scold yourself out loud? "You idiot!", "Why do you always say the wrong thing?", "Why can not you lose weight by yourself?", "Basic suck!"

Self-criticism is allowed, but that does not mean self-deprecating. Do not be so cruel to yourself if you want to be happy. Try to be realistic in evaluating themselves.

3. Always think that myself always unlucky

Stigmatize yourself like, "Ah I certainly fool so always make mistakes," or "I can not work properly," sentences was not only degrading the concept of self, but also humble dignity.

To this end, we must dare to evaluate ourselves wisely. Even made a mistake, it does not mean we are the worst in the world. Changing and trying to get better is the answer rather than discredit themselves.

4. Blaming yourself for something that can not be controlled

Indeed, it is easier to blame themselves rather than accept the situation that we can not control. There are conditions in which we are stuck in a situation that is going out of control and beyond our responsibility. Do not blame yourself in that situation. Better to accept realistically.

Not all bad things happen in our lives because of our fault. Moreover, if that makes a reality of life is someone else entirely we can not change. But we can change ourselves and our perspective.

5. Always blaming circumstances and other people

Do not blame others when the situation we face is not as we expected. Do not blame other people who make you so angry and emotional.

Because actually we ourselves can control anger, not their cause. If you want someone to understand you do not say, but talk well.

6. Creating his own suffering with bad habits

Opium smoking, alcohol, and drugs will only undermine happiness, why should it be continued? This custom looks can provide relief, but only for a moment. In fact after this bad habit can make life even more miserable.

7. Comparing oneself with others

Stop wished to be someone else because you are not satisfied with yourself. Comparisons are created in social community will never satisfy you.

Be yourself and accept yourself what it is. Prove that we can live within our own happiness. Do not hang your happiness with the happiness of others. Everyone has their share of happiness. One way to stop comparing yourself to others is: be grateful!

8. Do not be yourself

Do not let the social pressure which controls the attitude and behavior. Do not try to live to be someone else if you're not comfortable. Find the things that make you believe yourself to be yourself. Do not let the "true self" is lost.

9. Believing that you will never be able to change

"I really like this one," "It's been ingrained, can not be changed". Well that self-acceptance is a positive thing, but that does not mean this to be a compromise to not change yourself for the better.

Remember, humans have the privilege

10. Too independent

Human life will always come with other humans. We can not live alone and feel able to do everything alone. Humans are always in need of emotional support, help to solve the problem, a friend to brainstorm. To grow we need others.

The decision to be happy and live life with a sweet in your own hands. Do not let the bad habits that are not important disturb your right to be happy

Women Can Be Difficult to Reach Orgasm if Frequency of use High heels

Frequency of use High heels 
Women Can Be Difficult to Reach Orgasm

Making love is one important element in harmonious marriage. However, without knowing it, some of the things you normally do in everyday activities, it can interfere with orgasm during sex. What are?

First, you often wear high heels or high heels. According DO Eden Fromberg of SoHo OBGYN in New York City, United States, using high heels or stilettos in a long period of time have a deleterious effect once the deformation against your pelvic floor.

In addition, your psoas muscles will be affected by wearing high heels. Information only, the muscle is connected with muscles and nerves to the pelvic floor, genitals and other organs.

"When the muscles psoas your mutual adhesion and strained because of the use of high heels for a long time, the muscles that can not transmit a message of passion which is very important for orgasm. In essence, when the muscles are not in shape should be, then the orgasm would be disrupted, "explains Dr. Fromberg.

Another annoying habit orgasm is sitting too long. "As a result, the pelvic floor muscles will shorten the impact on pelvic pain and eventually you will find it difficult to achieve the satisfaction of making love," said Kat Van Kirk, PhD, a sex therapist and marriage.

Van Kirk explained, some people found it difficult to orgasm after realizing that they spend many months a long day at the office by sitting all day. However, there are also people who are just suffering from disorder after many years.

To prevent this kind of disturbance, Van Kirk advised to regularly rise from a chair every half hour to an hour during your work hours each day.
Additionally, if you work in the office which is personal, you can spend a little time to do stretching or stretching of the body, such as squats, butterfly stretch or bend back the movement.



kingdom photo

Monarchy or kingdom is the world's oldest system of government. Power in the kingdom will usually last a lifetime king, queen, emperor, or emperor. Then, he will be replaced by its successor, also from the royal family.

Various stories of the royal family itself always attract people. Start political power struggles, love stories, to life and death of the members of the kingdom.

The world itself is not a lot of countries with the royal system. Here are some of the royal state which is still standing.

1. Saudi Arabia
Located in the Arabian Peninsula, most of the region is desert. With an area of 2.24 square kilometers (km2), Saudi Arabia became the largest country in the Middle East Asia. Saudi Arabia became a growth and development of the Islamic religion because it is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad.
Name of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is derived from the name of its founder, Abdul Aziz bin Abdurrahman Al Sa'ud. He proclaimed the birth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on 23 September 1932. At that time, Abdul Aziz unite Riyadh region, Najd, Ha-a, Asir and Hijaz. Up to now has seven kings led Saudi Arabia. After King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz died on January 23, 2015, he was succeeded by his brother, King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud.

2. English
Part of the United Kingdom has an area of 130 thousand km2. State with the capital city of London's governance model adopted a constitutional monarchy with the leadership of the state is Queen Elizabeth II.
England is one example of the kingdom that is close to its people. Stories of the royal occupants received special attention from citizens like The Royal Wedding between Prince Charles to Lady Diana who became the grandest wedding in the history of England. Royal Wedding was also attended by their eldest son, Prince William, who married Catherine Middleton on 16 November 2010. The Scandal and the tragic story too much coloring life in this palace as a deadly accident that claimed the lives of Lady Diana to Prince George Alexander Louis birth which is baby prince William and Kate Middleton.

3. Thailand
The Royal Thai or more commonly referred to Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia. The word "Thai" means "freedom" in the Thai language, but also can refer to the Thai people.
Thailand has an area of 514 thousand km2 and is led by King Bhumibol Adulyadej. Head of government is the prime minister appointed king and usually the leader of the majority party.

4. Cambodia
Constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia has an area of 181 040 km2. Cambodia has a very close relationship with the Government of Indonesia. Towards independence, Indonesia often give books warfare tactics that the military cadet in Cambodia compulsory and can speak Indonesian.
On October 14, 2004, Prince Sihamoni was appointed by a special panel of nine members to replace his father, King Sihanouk, who has announced his throne sudden decline. Selection Sihamoni approved by Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and National Assembly Chairman Prince Norodom Ranariddh.
King Norodom Sihamoni himself known in Europe as a person who is active in the field of art. In 1960-1970, he lived in Prague to study the art of classical dance.

5. Spain
Countries in Europe Southwestern has an area of 505 992 km2. Spain is a country known for football and show the matador. Although a constitutional monarchy, Spain brought democracy and parliamentary government run.
Its leader, King Felipe VI, is the youngest monarch in Europe with a new age of 46 years. He took power when his father, Juan Carlos I, signed the document resignation on June 18, 2014 at the Royal Palace of Madrid. Previous King Juan Carlos I in power for 39 years.

6. The Netherlands
The Netherlands is a participant country of the Netherlands which consists of 12 provinces in Northwest Europe and three islands in the Caribbean. The Netherlands has an area of 41 526 km2. Its capital is Amsterdam, while the position of the center of government and monarchy are in The Hague.
Dutch led by a king named King Willem Alexander. He became King of the Netherlands the first since the death of William III in 1890. The eldest son of Princess Beatrix and Claus von Amsberg became Prince of Orange and heir to the throne of the Netherlands on 30 April 1980 after his mother took the throne. He became king on 30 April 2013 after his mother resigned.

7. Sweden
Kingdom of Sweden stood for nearly a millennium. He is a Nordic country in Scandinavia, Europe, the capital city of Stockholm and an area of 449 964 km2. Sweden is one of the poorest countries in Europe in the 19th century due to the high consumption of alcohol.
The current leader of the Swedish King Carl XVI Gustaf is. He was born on 30 April 1946 in Solna. Tax system governed by the Riksdag (parliament), which consists of four assemblies with representatives of ordinary people, nobles, clerics, and Townsmen. In 1866, Sweden became a constitutional monarchy with a bicameral parliament.

8. Morocco
Located in northwest Africa, Morocco has a coastline that extends past the Strait of Gibraltar to the Mediterranean Sea. In 1975, Morocco occupied Western Sahara; but the event has not been recognized globally.
King Mohammed VI, known as Raja Muhammad ibn al-Hassan is currently an area of 446 550 km2 lead the kingdom. Second son of King Hassan II and Lalla Latifa Hammou crowned as king in 1999.

9. Denmark
Kingdom of Denmark is the smallest Nordic country and the south. The country is located in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, thus including the European Union, but not in the Scandinavian Peninsula. Denmark has an area of 43098.31 km2.
Led by Queen Margrethe of Denmark Margrethe II or since January 14, 1972. He was born at Amalienborg Palace, Copenhagen, Frederik IX of the couple and Princess Ingrid of Sweden. His father, King Frederick IX, died in 1972.

Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which is often called Yordania- is an empire in the West Bank of the Jordan River. Kingdom with an area of 92 300 km2 has become the largest refugee camps for receiving the flow of Palestinian refugees for more than three decades. Poor state mineral oil imports from neighboring countries.
Since February 7, 1999, King As Sayyid Abdu'llah II bin al-Hussein al-Hashimi, the Kingdom of Jordan. He said the direct generation of all 43 of the Prophet Muhammad. Abdullah is a direct son of King Hussein with Princess Muna al-Hussein. He has four brothers and six sisters.

Some Things that Must Know About Farts

Hidden or not, people would fart. But although it is a matter of routine, there is a fact that has not been known to everyone. Researchers discover interesting things about bacteria in the intestinal gas production.

Fart is the result of bacteria that live in the gut, said Purna Kashyap from the Mayo Clinic who examined mikrobiom. People consume a lot of carbohydrates, but the body does not have the enzymes needed to process them. Finally carbohydrates reach the intestine, where microbes destroy and take energy through the process of fermentation. Arising from the process gas.

99% of the gas produced in the intestine is composed of hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane. It all does not smell, and therefore most of the fart does not smell at all. 1% that smells caused by sulfur. Sulfur-containing foods include beans, onions, cauliflower, broccoli and milk products.

In addition due to bacteria, a gas formed from the inhaled air. This gas is odorless, consisting mostly of nitrogen and oxygen, but if the fart sound comes out the same. Air enters the body, especially when people sleep, but it also could increase if people consume beverages containing soda and chewing gum.

Modern society assess negative fart. Yet this is the work of bacteria in the gut ecosystem. In addition, people can also benefit. Scientists are still trying revealed all mikrobiom role in the digestive system. But it is well known, too, that the same bacteria that produce gas also forms of vitamins and fatty acids that keep the health of the intestinal lining, and immune support.

People familiar with the smell of their own farts. As well as the particular smell when entering someone else's home, but did not smell anything at home. Odor caused by bacteria in the gut differ slightly from one person to another. Therefore, we fart smell disturbing others, but did not bother us.

Because fart mostly contain gases that can burn, such as methane and hydrogen, fart ignitable. But you should not try, because it can be dangerous.

Sometimes, after a fart arrested for want polite, people feel a fart away by itself. But this is not possible. People stop notice, and therefore are not aware if the fart out slowly. In physics fart easily explained: fart is gas bubbles, should come out and there is only one way out.

For many people, fart does not need to be restricted. Similarly Kaskyap said. The amount of produced show good balance of bacteria and food consumed. If not impaired or feel ill, you should process was not disturbed. So people do not need to try to reduce bacteria in the gut.

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