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Milk Cow Turns Not Good for Health. Here's explanation you should know

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Milk Cow Turns Not Good for Health! Here's explanation

Milk Cow Turns Not Good for Health

How long have we been fed with wrong understanding, cow's milk is good for toddlers and children?

Watch out, cow's milk is not good for health!

Foodies certainly agree, cow's milk is produced for calves, not humans.
Cow's milk is a drink that is very nice and perfect for calves in their first year since birth.

Cow's milk clearly has the nutrients needed by the calf, not a human child.

For humans, cow's milk has a high fat content, cholesterol, and excess calories.

All of it is not needed by the human child.

Oddly enough, people still drink milk even after more than five years old.

What species are still drinking milk when it was not a baby anymore?

If during this time, foodies notified, cow milk contains more calcium is needed to make the child's bones become strong, this statement is very wrong.
To this day not a single scientific study showed that consumption of cow's milk may reduce the risk of cracking or fracture.

In fact, countries with low milk consumption such as Asia and Africa would have the average number of osteoporosis is lower.
Osteoporosis is often found in countries with high consumption of cow's milk.

So, masihkah believe, cow's milk is good for bone health?


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