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How to Easily and Quickly Replacing Templates Blog: Advanced Level

How to Easily and Quickly  Replacing Templates Blog: Advanced Level 

Changing template has not been completely finished after step 7 earlier. There are still some things to consider, including:

Changing Logo . If in your new template logo image. Replace with your version of the logo in the Lay-out menu (Layout)> Header. Sometimes there is a logo in the template (HTML code), find the file and replace it with the URL of your logo.

Changing the menu Change the names of the menu and its link to the menu you want.The trick, click Template> Edit HTML> find the menu (CTRL + F) and Replace / Change.

Sometimes there is a template that uses the HOME menu link template designer. Check the menu and the home link in the template. 

You can change the font color and other colors by changing the color of the existing code.View> HTML color code .

Check link RSS Feed / Subscribe, whether empty or use FeedBurner another ID. Replace with your FeedBurner ID. 

Check also the SEARCH link (if any). Navigate searchnya link to your blog (if there is another blog name, change the name of your blog). For example, there is code like this:, then replace with the name of your blog. 

Check the  footer link to the " Copyright (c) Year BLOG NAME. All right reserved ", if it leads to your blog name or to the name of another blog. If the display name of the other blogs, such as template name, change the name of your blog. Generally the heck has led to the name of your blog. But there is also the name of the template. 

There are still many other steps to beautify your blog. If feel that "clutter" with the subtitle  

" Advanced Level "

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How To Quick to Change New Template Blog
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How To Quick to Change New Template Blog

How To Quick to Change 
New Template Blog (Changing Views)

how to change the blog template (change the new look) is of course for new bloggers who do not know how to change the look of the blog it. 
Let to know how easy way to follow guide, 

How To Change Template Blog:

Download The template . 
      Select the template that clean, fast loading, and SEO Friendly. Read the review template (if any). 

You have downloaded a ZIP or RAR file, extract the file (how:  right click> exctract to [filename] ) so that it becomes an extension of XML files . If it becomes more than one file, "secure" with extension XML. Another file is usually a "readme" or the installation guide and links. 

Follow this simple guide to install your Favorite Blogger Template:

First download your favourite template in to your laptop. Make sure it is in ''.XML" format. 
      If it is downloaded in zip folder. Extract downloaded file to get  '.xml file'.


       Log in Blogger dashboardGo to Template section of your blog.
 Click 'Backup / Restore' found in upper right corner in template section.

      Click on Download Full Template to Backup your previous template, in case      
      you want to use previous blog template again. Always download template before uploading new one.

       Upload a template from a file on your hard drive by click Browse option button.

A window will appear. Just go to your downloaded and extracted .xml file
   Open it 

Click Upload button, a confirmation message will appear.  Uploaded successfully.


    Enjoy new template in action. Good luck

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Quick Tips How to Apply Blog at

1. Create an email account first.
2. Go to, it will come out the following pages:
3. Click the Create Your Blog, it will display the following page:
4. Enter your email address, password, display name, the verification word,
    and do not forget to give a check to accept the existing requirements, and then
    click the Continue button. It will appear the following page:

5. Enter your blog title and blog address (URL).
To address properly the blog should be considered, because it can not be
changed again in the future. Click Check Availability to find out if the name is still
available or not. Then click the continue button, it will display the following page:

6. Choose the template you like, then click the continue button, it will display the following page:
Your blog has been created, click the Start Blogging button to add an article or change the look of your blog.

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