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Banana Peel - Health Benefits For Skin & Body

Banana skin sometimes still underestimated. After eaten banana, skin and then discarded or used as cattle food. Starting today, do not waste a banana peel. Without realizing it, there are many benefits. Here are eight of them:

1. Overcoming Allergic Reactions In Leather
Banana peel can be used to overcome allergic skin reaction due to some type of food. You just need to rub a banana peel on the affected area of the body and then clean it with water after a bit dry. Do this at night.

2. Coping with Acne
Other benefits of a banana skin for your health is can help treat acne. You can create your own face cream using a banana peel in a way campurkanlah approximately a quarter of a banana peel, egg white and 1 tablespoon cornstarch and stir until evenly (creamy). Apply on your face and let sit for about 30 minutes then rinse with clean water.

3. Overcoming Symptoms of Psoriasis
Psoriasis is one of the most common skin disorders. Applying a banana peel on the affected skin can help overcome reddish spots due to psoriasis. At first, your skin may become more red but the results will appear after a few times of use.

4. Overcoming Warts
Rubbing a banana peel on the wart for 10 days is believed to help cope with warts. Experts suspect that warts can be a symptom of potassium deficiency and because bananas contain a lot of potassium, the bananas were presumed to help cope with warts.

5. Accelerate Wound Healing
Here comes another banana skin benefits to your health, which helps heal wounds. You just need to rub a banana peel to the affected skin areas. Banana peel can help make the wound dries quicker and prevent scarring.

6. Overcome Headache
To help overcome the headache, you should smooth the skin bananas until smooth and rub it on the forehead. In addition, banana peels can also help prevent the formation of wrinkles on the skin. Oleskanlah been mashed banana peel on the skin area that is wrinkled.

7. Anti Mosquito
Banana peel turns can also be used to help relieve itching from mosquito bites.

8. Whiten Teeth
To whiten teeth, brush your teeth first with a toothbrush and toothpaste then rub the inside of a banana skin in a circular motion for about 2 minutes. Do this 2 times a day to get the best results

Some Negative Impact of Migraine

Migraine or better known as the symptoms of migraine headaches is still mebjadi things considered trivial by most ordinary people. In fact, although the symptoms are mild, migraine also have a negative effect quite serious. When this condition is allowed, of course sajaa will interfere siatem nerve, heart and cause a stroke.

In addition to heart problems, here are three other negative effects that can occur when a disease characterized by symptoms of migraine headaches are considered trivial and allowed to continue.

Here are some of the Negative Impact of Migraine

1. Parkinson.
A study conducted, showing that the sense of migraine headaches can also be a trigger factor the presence of other diseases such as Parkinson's and increase the risk of up to two-fold. This is true for migraine with flashing lights and stuff like.

2. Depression.
Research reveals that the potential migraine triggers depression sufferers, especially women. Pain in the head as a result of the disease is then made one's mood becomes unstable. Not only that, it is a consequence, depression can also be a cause of migraine because it could invite the presence of headache.

3. Heart and Stroke.
Two other diseases into the impact of this disease is heart disease and stroke. A related study neurology reveal that there is a significant association between migraine pain with heart disease and stroke. Similarly, the cause of Parkinson's disease, migraine also potentially increase the risk of heart disease and stroke are also accompanied by lightning and halos.

Migraine type that allegedly could increase the risk of heart disease and stroke by 400 percent in women because it causes changes in blood flow.

That's the negative effects and the impact of migraine are taken from various sources

Headaches can be a sign that torment you with a brain tumor

For those of you who often underestimate the headaches are often perceived, be careful, because the headache may be a symptom of the emergence of tumor cells in your brain.

Forward-looking statements are disclosed if Dr. Aamar Hamasli, from Washington University Medical School. Amaar said, although the symptoms are difficult to predict, but the headaches are prolonged and continuous, can be a trigger for the start of the growth of tumor cells in the brain which can gradually eat away at your brain runs out.

"The average person with a brain tumor will have complaints such excruciating headaches, and other neurological disorders in the head," said Amaar, as reported by the Times of India.

To prove the statement, Ammar conducted a survey in 95 patients with brain tumors to be studied. As a result, 11 of the 95 people tested, admitted if the headache is the only complaint that they experienced before finally sentenced to suffer from a brain tumor.

Four patients with proven, admitted experiencing excruciating headaches that ultimately demands further handling. While the remaining seven people, claiming to have complaints headaches that come suddenly and in very often.

For patients who experience severe headaches, treatment should be done is put through a neuro imaging, or mapping the brain to figure out who suffered from plaque disruption or blockage depicted. Having managed to get a picture of the disturbances that occur in the brain, then the doctor can decide what treatment will be performed in these patients.

Headache Medication is also helpful to Extend Age

Ibuprofen was not only cure a headache but also promises the key to longevity and healthy. In humans is a pain reliever that can add 12 healthy years of quality life.

Ibuprofen pain reliever found in many headache drugs are sold freely. Ibuprofen is a relatively safe drug that is in almost everyone's medicine cabinet.

In an experiment, a pain reliever that can extend the life of yeast, worms and flies up to 15 percent. "Tend to eat a lot of healthy worms. The worms too. When they grow tubes, they swallow food more quickly than expected. Previous data also prove that ibuprofen prolong life," said lead investigator of the Buck Institute for Age Research in California Dr. He Chong.

The dose given in the experiment used a dose equivalent to millions of people to cope with headache, muscle aches and flu. It was not clear exactly how the drugs are sold under the brand Nurofen slow the aging process. There seems to be something to halt cell taking tryptophan, a compound found in eggs, chocolate and turkey.

Researcher Dr. Michael Polymenis Dair Texas A & M University, said, "In our opinion, the aspect promising from our study that the drug fairly safe as ibuprofen proved to be beneficial in the future. Our study supports the idea that a drug commonly used turned out to have other benefits that are unexpected. We need research farther to examine and understand the contents of the. "

But he did not encourage us to drink ibuprofen without consulting your doctor. Although safe, ibuprofen can cause indigestion and heartburn. Drugs with long-term high doses to treat arthritis may increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. Even also can reduce a woman's fertility.

The study, published in the journal PLoS Genetics, was not the first to conclude that the drug is relatively inexpensive it is beneficial is much larger than expected. Newcastle University was taking pain killers on mice aging to add age.

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