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Have you ever felt dizziness or headache that comes on suddenly, and was spinning to make you lose your balance? Do not ignore these symptoms, because the likelihood of symptoms of vertigo.

Vertigo is not just attacking the parent, young adult men or women can also suffer from headaches kind of vertigo. It is important for you to know the type of disease perceived head. Vertigo is not a disease, but rather a means of body balance disorders.

There are two types of vertigo you need to know:

Central -Vertigo
Generally caused by disorders of the brain or central nervous man. The causes of some of the factors that had experienced human diseases such as mild stroke, blood clots in the brain and tumors. Central vertigo can also trigger other diseases such as loss of consciousness, seizures and fever. If allowed to continue, the central vertigo can be life threatening because of factors other diseases such as stroke or tumor.

-Vertigo Bank
Vertigo can be started this kind of eye disorders, ear, and spine. Due to the mechanism of compensation of the three organs of the body, then the edge of vertigo is not too heavy. With the balance of the three organs, eyes, ears and spine, then the case of ear disorders that lead to vertigo or balance disorder, the other organs can handle.

In everyday life, although relatively mild, but the vertigo edge can actually interfere with the quality of life. For example, if you need a lot of movement in living day-to-day work, but the result of the body's equilibrium disturbed due to vertigo, then the work done so not optimal.

In general there are several tests that can be done to determine the type of vertigo suffered by a person. How to close my eyes, then slowly open your eyes and directing the eye to focus see an object at one point. If you can see clearly the target object, then the interference experienced vertigo fall into that kind of vertigo edge could disappear naturally. In addition, other tests that can be done is a simple balance test by moving the hands, feet, and eyes closed with a motion path.

Meanwhile, for the central vertigo attack, it takes collaboration with neuroscientists to find out more tests to be undertaken and how to reduce the risk of subsequent vertigo.

Vertigo or dizziness and giddiness called also are symptoms of dizziness that can happen to anyone, ranging from mild symptoms to severe enough. Vertigo can be characterized by dizziness and vision as the head rotates upside down. As a result, patients experience dizziness highly and will not be able to get up because of the dizziness.

Vertigo may last only a few moments or may continue for several hours or even days. Patients often feel better jiga lay still, but vertigo may continue even if the patient does not move at all.
Common type of vertigo is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which will occur suddenly and lasts less than one minute. Changes in head position, usually occurs when the patient lying down, get up, roll over in bed or looking back, which usually lead to further vertigo.

The disease is caused by the deposition of calcium in one semicircular canals in the inner ear. This kind of terrible vertigo, but is harmless and usually disappears on its own within a few weeks or months. And not accompanied by a loss of hearing or ringing in the ears.

Vertigo can be caused by abnormalities in the ear, in the nerve that connects the ear to the brain and in the brain itself. Vertigo can also be associated with abnormalities of vision or changes in blood pressure that occurs suddenly.

Common causes of vertigo: can from the environment (land or sea drunk), drugs (alcohol), circulatory disorders or temporary brain dysfunction due to reduced blood flow to one part of the brain, abnormalities in the ear, and brain tumors.

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