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Fried foods Make Men senile Fast

Fried foods Make Men senile Fast Articles photo

Besides can trigger heart disease and cholesterol, it turns out the man who often eat fried foods high bersiko faster senile.

As it is known if fried at high risk of triggering cholesterol and heart disease. But apparently recently dketahui trans fat content in fried risk changing the memory function of the human brain.

The latest facts related to a research conducted on 1,000 adults, with 700 of them are men aged 20 years and over. As a result, the man who likes to consume trans fats decreased memory function, especially in men of reproductive age.

"Trans fats are found clearly can worsen memory in young men until middle age, working-age and career formative years ie aged 10 to 45 years," said the researcher, Beatrice A Golomb of the University of California at San Diego, as quoted FoxNews.

In this study researchers looked at the participants' memory functions using the card memory tests. There are more than 100 cards, each containing one word.

Every excess of 1 gram of trans fat consumed every day, these men has decreased considering the average number of words 0.76 words. Scientists expect that the effects of trans fats can increase oxidative stress and affect the energy reserves in the cell.

Oxidative stress is also associated with heart disease and blood vessels. In contrast, antioxidant-rich foods such as chocolate can make the brain function more awake.


Some Habits that Make You Smart

smart habits

Has a sharp mind is the desire of everyone. Not infrequently a lot of people doing a lot of things in order to increase their versatility. Starting from a simple manner until there are sufficient funds to spend a lot. Actually the term smart people and stupid people that do not exist, which is the lazy and the industrious. Someone said to be clever is the one who managed to overcome his easy to learn and willing to change into a better person again. Versatility is obtained not by way of instant but through various processes as well. 

Here are the things that can make you smart.

1. Make it a habit to read
Reading is one of the ways that we can do to gain knowledge and information. By reading we will often train our brain to work in understanding the content of reading that we read. The more you read the more insight and new knowledge that you have acquired.

2. While watching TV select events that educate
Television is a medium of information that we often encounter every day. Watching television has become a lifestyle most people both in the cities and villages. But it is unfortunate television show now has been dominated by events that are less educated. So we have to be smart to choose a good television show for us. Choose an educational television program that can increase your knowledge anyway. Although dominated by short-changing event, but still there is a television station that broadcast the show was good and educational for us to watch.

3. Play games and sports that sharpen the brain
If you love to play games, try to choose a game that can stimulate your brain to work. Now many manufacturers of games create games that can sharpen the brain. As well as exercise, such as chess, archery, and shooting requires us to focus and concentrate. An athlete usually can think and make decisions quickly so that this activity is suitable to improve the ability of our brain.

4. Fight the fear and get out of your comfort zone
Too long in making your personal comfort zone that is not growing and you have limited capabilities. As much as possible each day self motivation to be able to do things you've never done before. Opponents fear you, do not be too long to think. Too long to think only going to make the greater your fear and in the end you fail to do so.

5. Learn about art and music
No harm you learn music and learn to play one musical instrument. Many studies prove that the study of music can increase a person's level of intelligence. Music is used to balance the ability of our brain. Therefore, now many schools that incorporate musical material in the learning process.

6. Hang out with people who are good
Interact with smart people to remember is to have the nature want to hear and want to learn from them. By interacting with them we will know how to view and their mindset. It can motivate us to be able to grow better to be equal interlocutors for them.

7. Giving an opinion on the latest news
Give opinions can stimulate our brain to think critically in response to the news. By giving our opinions could also increase the ability of the brain and train our brain to always actively continue even if the age is no longer young.

8. Resting brain
Not only do we need to rest your body but also need to rest your brain. Use the time off as well as possible without thinking of things make us uneasy aka restless. An effective way to rest our brains are in bed, resting brain can also restore the ability of the brain as originally so ready to be used again to think again.

9. Apply knowledge you have learned
By practicing knowledge we've gained, can make the science attached and will not disappear from our brain even though we still need to learn more, this method is quite effective to continue to develop the ability of your brain.

10. Lots of eating healthy foods
Nutritional intake also has the effect to increase our intelligence. Expand to eat foods that can nourish our brain such as fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruit, milk, and so forth. These foods contain many chemical compounds that are needed for the growth and development of our brains.

Vitamin E Can Delay senile

Of course we know that vitamin E together with other vitamins have a good effect to our body. However, recently discovered that turns vitamin E has the effect of inhibiting the development of Alzheimer's disease. Recent studies have shown that vitamin E has the advantage in slowing the symptoms of dementia especially for patients with a form of mild to moderate disease. Vitamin E at a dose of 2,000 IU safely has proven to slow the progression of Alzheimer's disease (senile) according to the study published in JAMA.

Researchers from the Minneapolis VA Health Care System examined 613 patients with Alzheimer's by dividing the 3 groups. The first group received vitamin E, the second group was treated with drugs memantine (a drug that functions in maintaining nerve function in patients with Alzheimer's) and the third group placebo (fake drug).

After 2.3 years the group receiving vitamin E showed terjadiperlambatan in impairment in performing daily activities such as making plans, making food and shopping as compared with patients who received placebo. In the group that received vitamin E occurs slowdown in impairment of daily activities as much as 19% or can be equated to 6.2 months. In the memantine group showed no clinical benefit.

Although many studies have shown that there is no evidence of vitamin supplements for health, but researchers have found vitamin E herein does not function as a supplement, but as a kind of treatment due to vitamin E supplements usually dose is 400 IU, whereas in this study used 2,000 IU .

This study only shows that that vitamin E can only improve the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease instead of curing and vitamin E did not show any advantage role in reducing the decline in cognitive function and memory loss in Alzheimer's patients. Vitamin E in this study proved to be able to improve the quality of daily life functions so as to reduce bebaan care of Alzheimer's patients.

Tips on How to Maintain Memory

As we get older, many people assume that memory loss is a normal part of the aging process. A person suffering from dementia (dementia) can be reduced intellectual function, serious changes in memory, personality and behavior that affect the activities of daily.

Age-related dementia (dementia) are often difficult to avoid. Because as we know, it is a part of the aging process which is followed by a decline in the condition of multiple organ performance with age.
In principle, the memory can be maintained properly. Although there is no doubt recall may experience performance degradation as a result of some fault condition of the body.

Cause Dementia
  There are several causes of dementia, including:
• Infection;
• Heart problems;
• Disorders of the brain;
• Poisoning;
• Metabolic and endocrine disorders.

To keep the memory remains good, can be done with a variety of mental activities that sharpen the brain.
Active brain will produce a new relationship between the nerve synapse so that the effect on memory.

Sharpen Brain Activity May Help Memory
Here are the things that can be done to help sharpen the brain:
• Perform a hobby such as painting, sewing, cooking, etc;
• Learning a foreign language;
• Reading;
• Learn to play a music instrument;
• Play crossword puzzles;
• Interacting with new people;
• Become a volunteer.

As noted earlier, dementia is often difficult to avoid. However there are some things that can be done in changing daily habits to prevent senility. To know what are the things that can be done for the prevention of dementia, it helps us to simultaneously determine risk factors of dementia itself.

In addition to avoiding the risk of dementia, can be prevention:
1. Stop smoking: Smokers have a greater risk waiting to happen dementia than those who do not smoke
2. physically active: Exercise can improve blood flow throughout the body, including the brain, and can support cell growth in the brain. It is recommended to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.
3. Avoid trauma to the head: Head trauma will increase the risk of Alzheimer's. Therefore always protect the head from the possibility of trauma, for example: wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle or bicycle will.
4. Check for regular medical
As we get older, kontrolah regularly to the doctor, especially control of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Also discuss with your doctor about strategies to prevent memory loss.

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