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Some impact due to lack of Body Fat

Body Fat PHOTO

Fat can indeed lead to overweight if consumed in excess. However, without the consumption of fat, the body can also be unhealthy tablets. 

Here are some of the symptoms less body fat consumption.

1. Feeling hungry
The body takes longer to process than karbohidrat.Karena fat, if we quickly feel hungry, it could be because we lack mengosumsi fat when eaten. Dietitian in Washington, DC, Anne Mauney said, foods that contain enough fat will make us feel full longer.

2. Dry Skin
If the skin begins to dry, flaky, and dull, it could be due to the lack of fat from the food we eat. It is said Lori Welstead, a dietitian at the University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, Illinois. Healthy fats can help us absorb fat-soluble vitamins from food and helps your skin stay moist.

3. Hormones disturbed
The body uses fat from food to regulate the hormones in our bodies. So do not let the body without the fat intake.

4. Do not focus
Many people avoid fatty foods and carbohydrates and protein.Padahal only one gram of fat contains twice as many calories than a gram of carbohydrates and protein. As a result we will feel hungry and it's hard to think fokusketika empty stomach.

It was her symptoms less body fat consumption. So how much fat should be consumed each day? it depends on the age, level of daily activity, and health conditions kita.Selain it, choose healthy fats.

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New Drug Research to destroy Body Fat

obesity medicine photo

A drug that is specified in the attack on the body of excess fat (adipose) give satisfactory results of a study tehadap some monkeys obesity with weight loss on average up to 11% in just 4 weeks. It also managed to reduce the period of the Body Index (BMI) and waist size streamline them. Even monkeys slim given this drug did not show any weight loss, proving that the drug is working exclusively to excess fat alone as reported in the ABC News Medical Unit (9/11).

This success brought by researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, United States by creating drug Adipotide. These drugs specifically designed to attack only the excess fat on the body by destroying the blood supply which makes the fatty tissue of living.

Thus, the fat tissue will die by itself without the supply of blood supply which is then further processed in the liver. The study, published in the journal Science Translation Medicine is a concern many medical community especially due to the fact the drug is successful in monkeys that have proximity with the human posture. So that further research on the safety and effectiveness of these drugs in the human body is supported especially because the monkeys were able to reduce their body fat is a monkey who are overweight due to overeating and not exercising.


Although discontinuation Adipotide can not prevent weight gain in the monkey, but it is this which emphasizes that people have common sense and mind to learn to maintain their weight with a healthy lifestyle and exercise, does not like the monkey who will be back with their habit without thinking as noted one of the study researchers, Dr. Wadih Arap.

obesity photo

Should the above explanation should be a concern and a reminder to ourselves would use the drug only as 'helpers' and ourselves alone 'boss' who knows what is important and not in maintaining body weight and health.

source: ABC News Medical Unit, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

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Disposing of Belly Fat in a easy way , cheap and Natural

Disposing Belly Fat photo

Excessive abdominal fat but can interfere with your performance and damage the health. Although there is no "miracle drug" that can cut the fat in the abdomen. But if you exercise combined with proper diet then you can trim the fat in the abdomen.
Eating a healthy diet does not mean you have to eat foods that do not taste good. There are many different kinds of foods that can make you a tasteful and help trim the fat in the abdomen.

Here are foods that can help trim the fat in the abdomen:

10 grams of monounsaturated fats to keep you from storing excess abdominal fat. Helps the absorption of carotenoids to fight cancer cells.

422 mg of potassium helps shrink the big belly
Enhance the growth of good bacteria that support digestive health. yogurt helps stabilize insulin levels.

Antioxidants in berries increases blood flow to supply the muscles with more oxygen. This will help you have more energy to move back.

skimmed milk
Good drink after a person exercising that skim milk

green tea
therein helps burn fat.

Vitamin C found in oranges helps burn more fat by about 30 percent during exercise.

whole wheat
Fiber can help keep insulin levels steady so you do not store excess fat and sugar. The result is a longer lasting energy and fat cells shrink

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