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Get Rich Quick Tips of Asia's Richest Man

Asia's richest man

Li Ka - shing, a popular businessman from hongkong give tricks for getting rich in a short time. people are also known to like the richest man in Asia has a unique tricks can we imitate if you want to grow rapidly like a success.

here you can know how Li Ka - shing allocate income and behave as one time before, during and also after he became a successful person. curious, right?

about allocating income

1. your income continues to be 5 parts
for li, whatever intertwined and could not have cared how well your crops - you shall divide it so 5 fragment. so you are able to control your spending well.

2. funds 1: living expenses
"Choose a cheap meal. make you eat only need milk and eggs. lunch can you fill with a simple menu and also fruit. memasaklah alone for dinner. the menu is quite 2 types of vegetables and a glass of milk at bedtime. the whole body is still young, you do not want to have problems with eating this kind ".

3. The funds 2: entertain friends
"Expand friendship. is going to make you so individuals grow. use this money for phone expenditure and also treat a friend. Remember, the only friend you must be a more herbs than you. he is required to have a more enthusiastic than you, richer than you or have an impact on your career growth. in a year, you want to have many friends. and is also known to like a good person and also quixotic "

4. The three funds: the fund study
"Because you do not have a lot of money, you are obliged to focus on learning. set aside money to buy a novel every month. absorb and learn what is recommended in the novel. after thoroughly reading, writing the contents of his book deserves your understanding. do not hesitate - hesitate also make exploring training can improve your ability "

5. The four funds: the money to travel
"Go traveled minimum once a year. aja stay in a cheap hotel in order to save expenses. use this opportunity for recharging your energy so that you always passionate in

6. The five funds: investment funds
"Learn to make investing. insert money into bank capital like premature. The easiest trick is to arrive to wholesalers, then find things that you can sell more. when you've been able to create money out of small businesses - this piecemeal, you want to passionately create businesses learn more "

7. frugal about clothes shopping
"Press your spending for clothes shopping. you can buy the whole that you want
when you are already wealthy later. better use of your money for buying gifts for people - people nearby. explain to their dreams, ideals - ideals and also what else you do for achieving it. make them understand why you are so downsize "

inflame enthusiastic about work

8. year of unity yet also take honor?
"When you have struggled throughout the first year and rising salaries as well yet anyway, it was a sign you do not grow like a private person. go to the nearest supermarket, purchase the loudest know that you can find. h head to know it. you deserve it "

9. Do not flash satisfied
"When your salary rising but still close to 15 percent, it means you need to find extra work. try to sell. so the trade really challenging, but you want to learn more about what is acceptable to the market and what is not. you also want to see people - people who want to influence your career later. about - about the whole a successful entrepreneur is a person good trade "

about posing while still poor, and also when it rich

10. The good deed and also the wealth
"If you feel poor, spend your money for a friend. when you are already wealthy, then spend the money to you alone. the majority of people actually carry out the opposite. "

11. you shall go out and also be willing to be used while still poor
"When you are still poor, get out more and also do not often at home. when the already rich, cut out the seriousness and also spend more time at home. This is an art of living that often left people "

12. Generous when poor, do not wasting money when the rich
"When you're still poor, spend of money so that friends can see. when the already rich, do not let your friends look at you like people who like to spend money. to implement this life you want to reach a point of equilibrium "

young, poor, but want to be rich? can too!

13. you do not need to worry poor
"That must you know is how to invest for improved abilities. you shall understand what matters most in your life, in a fragment of where you are required to invest the time and also more power. "

14. whole can be planned
" Things - good things are intertwined in life can be planned. happiness can be arranged. you shall lend a hand made set from now "


Working Hard But Not Successfully Rich - Here's some reason that you should know

Successfull Rich

For some people, working hard is the main concern.
But after years of working hard, but it does not go to fruition. The result is exactly the opposite, namely a lot of problems and a lot of debt. Therefore, here I would like to discuss the cause of the rich person is not dead despite working desperately hard.

Dilemmas of this kind become a thing that is often questioned by many people. But that is precisely someone find it not of how the business of the person, but instead in which the results obtained it. Therefore, people who never appreciate the hard work and the services of someone it is very difficult to achieve success. 

Because they only see a person's success comes from what they have, instead of the hard work that had been obtained.
So the hard work and work in a long time Do not be a benchmark for measuring the level of a person's success. There are so many things that can cause that person can get rich or not. One of them is due to luck. Yes I do, if that person is destined rich, any attempt also tip ends must be rich. Because many intermediaries that can make a person become successful.
But luck was a small factor that affects a person can be rich or not. All of that may also depend on ourselves, whether we can see the state, good at promoting something, clever taking opportunities, hard work and smart work and many more. Well some of them, I will review the different perceptions, which is the cause of the cause of a person is not rich.

The cause of a person is not rich even though they had to work hard
For most people, the rich is the goal of life. because with wealth, they can buy everything. With the wealth that is why they can live completely delicious and will have many opportunities to be able to choose their own way of life.

But being rich is a very difficult thing. Even very difficult. Just imagine, everyone in the world compete against each other to be rich. Some use the black way some are using illicit means. Both this is already a groove in human life forever.

Competition with each other is what causes their weak and strong will lose will continue and even win. Yes indeed, the law in business that adheres to the law of the jungle. Just not always the strong won, sometimes strong will lose to a small but full of intrigue and strategy and innovation.

Poor with this competition are getting poorer. Especially living in the era of liberal democracy in the country as it is today. Feeling poor want to eat just really hard, do not owe anyone want to give a loan, there is not the matter, because I'm working hard not produce anything, instead it damages obtained

Sometimes we seemed willing to give up on what we lakoni. It's been hard work worked hard, never enough money, especially stacked to save. As if going to the hard work was only a triviality vanities alone, without being able to produce any kind and did not have any benefit.
Well below, there are some things that cause a person can not be successful or rich despite having to work hard. Please refer to well either.

1. Never willing to invest
Investment is profitable in the future. Maybe this time only losses are to come by, but if you are good at managing it, certainly a moment what you have invested will make money. The investment could be long-term and short-term. But I suggest to those who want to invest to do so in the long term, it is to be profitable one day later.
Investing is not just limited to shares or investments dotcom alone. You can invest in land, shop, or building. You need to know, the price of land and property that is increasingly expensive. Each year has certainly increased. So this type of investment will not lose. Moreover, the land could be used for plantations, parks, buildings, businesses and others.
You need to know, most of the rich world that it has a lot of wealth because they invest. Beirnvestasi either short term or long term, they always set aside money for this result of his efforts. They invested some of the money for investments that surely must alone. Such as buying shares in companies that are expected to experience rapid growth.

So, this investment can be profit or loss. Therefore you need to learn about how to analyze the current situation to predict how the future later.

2. Do not take advantage of opportunities
If we observe more of the rich world that they do everything with full consideration and also they always take advantage of existing opportunities. Because at the time there was a golden opportunity, they take advantage of the opportunity and do not mess with what they choose it.
The cause of a person is not rich even though they had to work hard is because they are not able to take advantage of existing opportunities. They are just waiting for the opportunity to come themselves to him. Though it's not possible.
In this life there really is a rare opportunity. And it was a chance that small when compared with the opportunities that exist. Therefore, you can do is to use that opportunity as possible.
Examples are often carried out by the rich is to take advantage of financial turmoil or stock. So when they buy a cheap price as much as possible, and if the price of an already expensive, they sell it as dearly as possible. Well this is called taking advantage of opportunities that exist.

3. Silent, without any desire to change state
Remember that human destiny was determined himself. So if we do not want to change it, then people will not change his fate forever. Believe it, that everything was determined from yourself. What you plant, that is what you will reap. Sure, we could not feel the results of our efforts at this time, but believe that someday, we will feel the results.
The rich man who used to come from poor families and do not have anything, they always have a strong motivation in every step of his life to be able to change the fate. By that they can achieve what they want. Without it possible they are still the same as it once was.
Now the nature of the poor that almost everything there is silence. Silence here is not motionless, but just do the things that a day every day without the desire to work even harder in the future. Sure, in an attempt to change the destiny, we need to make every effort and do everything extra hard, but rest assured that all of it would have shortchanged with kindness someday.
So after knowing the cause of this one person is not rich, we should begin now to change to be better. Do not just quietly waiting for the change, but try to move forward to make a difference for yourself, others, and the environment into a better direction again.

4. Do not use intelligence
Humans are given the advantage of sense. With this sense of human beings become perfect and could be considered super intelligent beings. Anything can be made by humans, or even damage to itself else they can do.
The tendency of poor people why they can not be rich even though they had to work and try as much as possible is because they walkin utilize the intelligence they have. They only rely on muscle to earn money. That's what makes their lives remain like that forever.
What we must do is to use the muscles but also uses intelligence. Both need to be done over the time in any work done. So when we work so hard today, with intelligence possessed, then we should be able to create a device or technology to facilitate that work.
With the intelligence we can solve every problem in life. So it shall we be able to think ahead to resolve any problems that occur at this time. If it's difficult, it is the gift of intelligence possessed, should humans can solve the problem in order to change the situation for the better in the future.

Do not just rely on the feeling in addressing problems
It is often done by poor people is that they rely too much on feelings to solve problems. That is what will make them fail. Indeed, the feeling is we need to make a foundation in problem solving. But do not make sense of the absence of an in-depth analysis that has been thought out well in advance. Because it will not work.

Indeed, we have instincts, but not always instinct was right? So do not forget the data analysis to decide an issue. Do not just select it and choose it relies solely on instinct alone, because surely most of the decisions that have been it would not meinimbulkan advantage.
That is the cause of a person is not rich even though they had to work hard, therefore, now used as a counterweight to the feeling of using the data relevant data for all the problems of life.

5. Do not set up an emergency fund
Emergency fund is a fund that is really needed when it is tight. Eg accidents, or suddenly there is an urgent need, and so on. Poor people do not actually have money specifically for this, because it was difficult to eat. That's right is not it?
Therefore, poor people must have insurance. So if there is a problem such as accidents or other things, which it requires huge costs to tens of millions, then there would be confusion and difficulty in setting up that money.
Due to the poor, if he was seriously ill, can not work, it takes a lot of money and do not have insurance definitely the road they took it owes. Even then, if anyone wants dihutangi, if not the more complicated problem. Well after a large debt that, we then have to pay each week or month to pay it off, this course will be the thing that really adds to elaborate.
So one of the reasons a person does not even have to do everything the rich is because they do not have insurance or emergency funds. So if there is a problem of funds, the more complicated the problem.

6. Too dependent on others
Equally important are those of the poor are too dependent on others. Even too dependent on the fate of chance, such as raffles, and so forth. And if we are increasingly dependent on others, we will be very difficult to be able to move forward. So we could never be developed and changed for the better.
Indeed, social human beings must have been very dependent on others in many ways. But that does not mean we live just ride on others or to exploit the kindness given to others. We must capitalize on the benefit of others as well properly.

If we just mentally free to just take things from others, then we forever will never be rich. Because one can become rich even when they've been able to share with others, both share materials and share the happiness.
So do not rely on anything that is not our right, such as the provision of other people, sweepstakes, or other. Because that's the cause of a person is not rich even though they had done a lot of things.
Thus the discussion about the causes someone is not rich even though they had to work hard. Hopefully this is helpful for all of us. Do not forget to share this article with others in order to know ya. thanks.

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Want Rich Quick ? Try this Ways

For some people, print treasure coffers is not a complicated issue. But indeed, for some other people, collect money so they can make life wallowing in wealth requires quite hard money business.

Financial Planning Association reveals, in fact to make a lot of money is not a difficult issue. Someone just needs to follow three simple rules to become rich.
One member of the Financial Planning Association, Rienzie explained, though easy, not many people are able to survive for three rules that can run and eventually give up before getting rich.

Well, what are the three rules, following three simple rules that can make you rich fast as quoted from page, Tuesday (10/21/2014):

1. Saving
This is an obstacle many people in making money. It is true, many people have a salary, commission and benefits, but not all of them are able to save.

Everyone has a different way of managing finances. But people who are able to save money can make more money.

Remember, saving your expenses and stop spending money to meet various personal desires. Use the money just to buy things that are needed and the remaining tubes.

2. Invest
Rather than save money better you make it spin and generate greater wealth. Investing your money is a more appropriate way.

Make sure you have studied various strategies to invest in order not to lose the capital that was embedded. Divert your funds from aggressive investments to more conservative areas in order to make more money.

You can also invest in long-term savings. Interest from these deposits can return your tubes.

3. Generate more money
When saving and investing is not enough to make money, it's time for you to be more creative to find other sources of income. It can be through a hobby or other personal abilities.

Side job not only hone your business kemampaun but also raises the potential for other businesses. Who knows, the business can be your main income source.

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