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Acne and fungus - Causes & Solutions

The exact cause of acne is unknown, but there are a variety of factors known to be associated with this disease:

• Stress
• Hormonal factors. One important factor that causes acne is the increased production of the hormone testosterone, which is owned by a body of men and women. Testosterone were found in both male and female body cause acne to stimulate the oil glands (sebaceous glands) to produce skin oil (sebum) in excess.
• overactive oil glands
• Descendants of parents
• Bacteria in the pores of the skin

Acne treatment also needs to consider the above factors. Acne can recur if the above factors can not be controlled properly. In addition to the treatment does require patience, also requires control of diet, habits cleansing, stress control and so on.

Based acne treatment by reducing oil production, fight bacterial infections, accelerate skin cell turnover and reduce inflammation. Drugs that can be used is retinoic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and topical antibiotic / topical. Most acne medications do not give results within the first 4-6 weeks. Treatment may include medication given outside and also medicines drink depending on the degree of severity of acne.

Wash your face with soap specifically for facial acne or with baby soap at least 2 times a day, especially after activity or sweating. What kind of soap do you use for this?

For topical treatment, can use retinoic acid is applied at night every day. In addition to treating acne, it can also shrink the pores and brighten the skin. Early use of acne can appear more and more, the skin becomes red and peeling, but the use of drugs should be continued until at least 3 months, if necessary so on. Avoid exposure to sunlight when using the drug or use sunblock with an SPF of at least 30. However, choosing a sunblock also have to be careful because most can trigger more blackheads, choose sunblock and all skin care products labeled non-comedogenic. In large pimples and inflammation can be given injections of corticosteroids. All of these therapies should be on the indication and is under the supervision of doctors. Aside from drugs and medicines beyond drinking, you also need to pay attention to diet and hygiene face.

Other procedures to get rid of acne is microdemabration and or chemical peels. But should before choosing and perform the procedure, your skin analyzed first as the type of acne, skin type, and the presence of allergic reactions. After that the chosen type of chemicals and concentration / strength suitable for your skin condition.

While Pitiariasis versicolor or better known by the fungus is a chronic fungal disease caused by the normal flora of the skin called Malassezia furfur. Factors triggering the onset of this condition is temperature, humidity, sweat or immune deficiency.
Here are the symptoms of tinea versicolor:
• Spotting white to dark brown, scaly smooth
• Spotting embossed with a variety of shapes and sizes
• Attacking the body, sometimes the armpits, groin, upper limbs, neck, face and scalp hair
• Can be itchy.

Do you experience one or more of the above symptoms?
Treatment must be thorough, diligent and consistent. Therapy used is as follows:
• Suspension of selenium sulfide (Selsun) can be used as a shampoo 2-3 times semingggu. Drug rubbed on the lesion and allowed to stand 15-30 minutes before showering
• Medications such as anti-fungal topical salicylic spiritu 10%, azole derivatives (miconazole, clotrimazole, isokonazol and econazole), sulfir presipitatum in the form of powder shake 4-20%, tolsiklat, tolnaftat, and haloprogin
• If difficult to cure, usually doctor will give an oral antifungal medication that must be consumed for 10 days.
To ascertain whether or not you are suffering from tinea versicolor, and to mendaptkan acne therapy, we suggest you to consult a doctor. A diagnosis will be enforced only by physical examination and investigation directly.

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