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Lazy bath. In addition to smell some things other consequences that should you know

Not only make your own body odor, but rarely showers can also lead to health consequences invisible but dangerous. In addition to endangering the health of the skin, here are some of the adverse effects of infrequent bathing habits.

1. Bacteria sprung
Have you ever wondered why bathe often can make your body odor? Well, it turns out the smell came from the sweat from the skin and mixes with bacteria which then creates a body odor.

The bacteria usually appears in areas of skin folds, while in the area of ​​sweat is also out. That is why you are advised to be diligent so that your body is always fragrant bath and did not become a hotbed of bacteria.

2. Face breakouts
The appearance of acne is also one of the rare adverse effect shower. Why when you do not bathe, you will rarely wash my face. As a result of sweat, dead skin cells, and bacteria will come together and not cleaned. This then makes the appearance of acne.

3. Attack the germs
Not only bacteria, germs will also gather in the body when you bathe often. The number of germs that many will begin to attack the body and go into the entire system. One of its adverse effects are you so susceptible to indigestion or flu.

4. The appearance of brown spots on the skin
When you bathe often, all kinds of dirt, including dirt will accumulate and stick on your skin. When not cleaned, it will turn into brown spots enlarged. This condition is called Dermatitis Neglecta that can cause other skin hazard.

5. Skin inflamed
One of the bad effects of the impurities that accumulate in the skin is inflammation in the skin. This inflammation then create the appearance of eczema that will worsen as itchy. You are so prone to scratching that can make your skin become blisters, sores, and cause scars that damage the skin beauty.

Not only the bad effects. When a rare shower then you will rarely wash. As a result, the hair will be dirty, greasy, and gathering into a hotbed of bacteria.


Drinking Coffee Some Benefits for Health

hot coffee

This tastes good news for coffee enthusiasts. A study revealed that coffee has substantial benefits for brain health. So, we protect the health of the brain with coffee.

Coffee is often caused controversy in terms of health because of the caffeine contained in it. However, the researchers showed that the consumption of coffee in reasonable amounts can provide benefits to the brain, both in the short and long term.

Protecting the health of the brain with this coffee, following reported from Care2.
Consuming coffee will make the ability of the brain increased in a short time. Although this is only a temporary effect, but coffee can help us work more focused when needed.
Coffee also triggers adrenaline, which makes people more energetic and vibrant, as well as help improve mood.

Prevent inflammation. Polyphenols in coffee is one of the antioxidants that can prevent inflammation of the brain. Not only that, polyphenols also prevent inflammation that can lead to other health problems such as osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease.
Polyphenols in coffee also helps resolve inflammation of the two parts of the brain, the cortex and hippocampus.

Preventing Alzheimer's. Based on the research presented at the Annual Conference of the European Alzheimer in 2014, stated that coffee may protect against Alzheimer's disease.
Adults who consumed three to five cups of coffee a day had a reduced risk of developing Alzheimer's by 20 percent.

Keeping brain function for life. Research of the National Institute on Aging found that men and women aged 70 Tahuna who consumed coffee regularly have the mental and brain function better than those who do not drink coffee.

In conclusion, even though the caffeine in coffee are consumed in excess is not good, but coffee consumption within reasonable limits can help us maintain a healthy brain. So, let's protect brain health with coffee.
However, make sure that the coffee is not coupled with unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol or smoking.

In addition it must be coupled with maintaining healthy with regular exercise, a healthy lifestyle, and still eat healthy foods.

                         luwak coffee natural made - youtube

(Various Sources)


Results That happiness is not because of money

money doesn't give you happiness prove
This proves money doesn't give you happiness -

The question of how money affects a person's life is still a mystery to some people. Interestingly, if the majority says money can create happiness, the researchers who gathered in California actually agree more and more cash can lead to more problems.

Citing rawstory pages, Tuesday (03/03/2015), the researchers in the field of psychology was held a symposium titled `Happy Money 2.0: New Insights Into the Relationship Between Money and Well-Being`. Entire researchers tried to find an answer about whether money can buy happiness.

In the 2014 study, many researchers are finding people who spend money to buy the experiences tend to be happier than those who buy goods. For example, people who spend money for a vacation tend to be happier than to get the goods alone.

In fact, a study of lecturer in UPF Barcelona School of Management found that wealth can actually suppress the appreciation of one's attitude. Not only that, the property is abundant also can reduce the positive emotions experienced by many people every day.

According to his research, the more money means more problems. Researchers at Harvard Business School, University of Mannheim and Yale University report, the increased money is not equivalent to an increase in the level of happiness.

A number of researchers in the field of psychology was just speculating, happiness can be negatively correlated with a person's income. Although many people say money can create happiness, but in the end the excess material can be turned into an attack for your personality.


Personality hidden by MEN

Personality hidden by MEN Articles
Personality hidden by MEN - photo

Not only woman who has a secret that is hidden from the man, the man also has a hidden secret of women. If a woman called mysterious creature, there is also a similar term for men, which is being cool or cold. Personality of men and women are very different so have a different nickname. If women tend to use feelings than logic in the act, the man opposite. Men more likely to use logic to first after a new listening hearts content or feelings. Very rare to find men who are sensitive and sensitive in terms of feeling, because most men are more assertive in their actions and do not like women. But behind the cool figure, he holds many secrets about her that is hidden from the woman or her partner. 

What are the secret? Following this presentation!

1. Men always want to look strong or tough
Many people believe he does not deserve to cry. If men often cry means he was whiny or as a woman, so rarely found in men whiny. Yet each man one man also has a fragile side, but many men hide it. Despite the alarming situation such as family problems or lose, he looks strong from the outside, is actually far in his heart he was too fragile.

2. Men secretly always pay attention to their partner
Although different from the women, who tend to be aggressive always ask and want to know all about her partner, most men are not so. But make no mistake, in all respects a man secretly watching you. Men will comment when he needs to comment, as long as you are safe on his watch, he will be silent, watching you.

3. Men do not like to protest
Men tend to feel better to know in every decision he wanted to do, though sometimes they are not always correct decision would result good or bad. As a wife, when knowing her husband choose the wrong decisions, sometimes we will immediately protest and prohibit husband without giving an explanation first. When in fact, men prefer to be input rather than protest.

4. Men do not like women nag
The wife, if you feel too much talking or nag you should reduce the habit. Men did not really like women who nag. Men prefer if the partner is active but not much to say.

5. Men do not like to be tamed
Once married women always felt that his life was his partner, so sometimes women tend to be more overprotective of her partner. This should not do because it will make mutual trust you to be reduced, and your partner will be uncomfortable because they feel imprisoned in the household.

6. Men express their feelings through actions not words
Many women like to gombalan of partner, but not all smart man menggombal. Many men after marriage it's not too romantic in words to praise his partner. But after married men are more romantic through action, for example, he kissed your forehead, hug you, than he should say, "You are my soul mate" and so on.

7. Men always want to hear her partner
After married men tend to want to be appreciated. You should realize, after a married man is the head of your household. Men have a great responsibility to guide you towards a future full of happiness. But behind every action, man always wants her partner to hear every word. Listen to your partner so that he's always able to feel appreciated and can guide you well in the household.

8. Men are more difficult to forgive
In the household even though he is not too much talking, but men really do not like being lied to. Men are very quick to anger when being lied to, even though it is a small thing. In contrast to women who are easy to forgive when his partner persuade or seduce him, he will not be that easy to forgive the mistakes of his partner because he would think that using logic first, then if he was a bit quiet recently using his feelings. So it's useless if you seduce a man when he's angry because he needed time to clear his feelings first.

If you want your partner the more love you, learn to understand his attitude. 

Simple Tips on How to Enjoy Your Hobby

Tips on How to Enjoy Your Hobby
Tips on How to Enjoy Your Hobby - photo

Hobbies and sports are an important part of a balanced life, but sometimes can be expensive when in a hurry. These are some ideas how to make an active life more affordable but still fun. For example, run cheaper than cycling. If you are interested to form a body, consider running or walking instead of cycling. Not only expensive bike, but buffer to bike in the car, shoes and clothes will make everything special cycling becomes more expensive.

1. Golf field cheaper
Suppose you've chose golf as a sport, consider looking for a cheaper field to play or play nine holes instead of 18 holes.

2. Creating crafts
If you like crafts and want to make money from your hobby - at least enough money to pay for your hobby - be careful not to invest excessive. Before you spend thousands of dollars buying a knitting machine, first borrow to see if you like to use it and whether you can sell what you create.

3. Collection then sell
If you like to save ancient items such as cars and furniture, you should be able to refund your money - and a bit of excess - when you sell your goods collection. You may not be able to meet the needs of a hobby of your life, but at least you can pay all of the resources needed for it.

4. Try researching genealogy
You might be surprised to find how little you know about your grandparents and probably do not know anything about your great grandfather. So much information available for free from FamilySearch. Not only is it easy and inexpensive genealogy to begin, it also will give you and your family a greater feeling of who you are.

5. Go to the library
Look for books in the library rather than to the bookstore. You can even read digital books in the library now!

People, even parents, all need a little time to play, to challenge themselves and to learn new things. Do not be afraid to have a hobby - if you do not have a hobby fear at all. If your budget is tight, try things about free, such as genealogy, walking, and reading. Hobby does not have to be expensive to be enjoyed; hobby that can be enjoyed with your spouse and your children - at least most of the time - probably the best of all.

"Finding cheaper hobbies or cheaper ways to enjoy your hobbies" by Devin Thorpe.

Eating In Bulk Some food is not going to make you Fat photo

Acute hunger that makes people forget themselves. Eating excessive food no longer be a burden, as long as a full stomach. Only after the entire food landed in the stomach, then they `kelabakan` and arise remorse.

Regret growing when they realized that they enter the food is high-calorie foods, such as crisps, biscuits, chocolate, and other types of food.

If only they were experiencing acute hunger eating some foods below as quoted by the Daily Mail, Saturday (21/02/2015) with an excessive portion, the remorse that will never appear at all.

For the record, the calories contained in each of these food list for per 100 grams.

1. Mentimum
Fruit or vegetable that contains many liquid calories by 16 kcal. Eating a source of vitamin C which are known to reduce the level of inflammation in the body in large amounts will not be a problem.

Nutritionist in NutriCentre, London, England, Daisy Connor, said that cucumbers contain ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, which can help prevent water retention.

2. Asparagus
Asparagus contains 20 calories useful as detoxification, because it contains nutrients diuretic that can help remove toxins.

Eating asparagus in considerable numbers will not make your weight go up, it can help you increase your metabolic rate.

Asparagus is rich in folate are suitable eaten by pregnant women. Moreover, said Daisy, asparagus contains antioxidants anti-inflammatory.

3. Cauliflower
Cauliflower contains no fat, but high in vitamin C and contains 25 calories. For dieters, cauliflower mixed with mashed potatoes, and baked to eat.

Cauliflower is the most excellent source of fiber and rich in vitamin K. eat steamed or raw condition (origin cleaned properly), then a number of benefits that will be gained.

4. Tomato
Vegetables are round and red colored lycopene-rich contains 18 calories.

According to Daisy, tomatoes are eaten after cooking has benefits such as statins are reserved for patients who are battling high cholesterol or high darag pressure.

5. Papaya
Fresh papaya contains few calories, only 43 kcal. Vitamin C is contained in papaya fruit the same as those in citrus fruit. Papaya contains 15 times more antioxidants beta-cryptoxanthin are beneficial for those who are at risk of polyarthritis (conditions that affect the health of the joints)

Fibers contained in papaya fruit is useful to combat constipation.

6. Chili
The chili will make your mouth burn when the teeth start to bite. Indeed, in conditions like this, foods that contain 40 calories is starting to work.

Chili contains capsaicin, and has the ability to increase metabolic rate will burn more calories after you eat it.

7. Green Apples
Green apple contains 52 calories which is rich in dietary fiber, and helps you full longer.

In one study published in Obesity ISRN in 2013 stated that the fiber can increase satiety, reduce excessive hunger, and beneficial for weight loss.

"Most important is the low apple glycemic index than other fruits," said Daisy.


Thank you for reading this article.
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Some Causes Reasons You Should Leave Social Media

Leave Social Media photo

As we know, there are some negative effects of engaging in social media too much. What are the symptoms that indicate that you should lose touch with social media?

Before Facebook sweeping the globe, we know only a little bit of social media, among others, YouTube or MySpace. But now apart from Facebook, Twitter appears, Instagram, Pinterest, and whatnot. Many people follow all of this just so practically trendy. 

As we know, there are some negative effects of engaging in social media too much. What are the symptoms that indicate that you should lose touch with social media?

1. Spend time
Practically no other activities that you do in addition to the ubiquitous carry cell phones and social media to open each page. Wake up, eat, work, before bed, the other not your eyes attached to your phone's screen.

2. Fired from job
Because of the open social media and caught wearing mobile phone while operating can you get fired from your job. And you've got the warning twice but still did not give up. The third time you led out by your boss, in addition to embarrassing also shut down your search eyes everyday.

3. You do not have any friends
You have only friends in cyberspace. Your association just around the photographs and messages written on social media pages.

4. You have more than 10 accounts
All social media you have to open each day. Your life just revolves around the social media. You busy reading the post and write about yourself.

5. You are obsessed
You forgot to eat forget to sleep because of busy with your account. Every action and feeling, you write in social media, there are other things more interesting than yourself. Of displaying the photos you take with Selfi and tongsis (narcissistic stick) to writing about how you give your cat eat today. You think social media is your autobiography?

6. You are paranoid
What have you read, your connection between yourself and you do not believe that the author did not even know you.

7. You do not take care of yourself
Because you no longer often out of the house and are not working, you do not care about your personal appearance. Matted hair, face cemong, clothes smell because you have not shower a month.

8. You do not like to read anything other than social media
In the past you like to borrow books from the library, now let alone do it, you are no longer interested in reading other than messages or postings on social media.

9. Households displaced
Because the mind focused to social media pages, whatever people say around you is not heard. Sign ear and out the right. Relationship with your spouse because he felt shaky unnoticed. Even worse when both are busy with social media. Household topsy turvy because there is no communication, abandoned children and there is likely to be brats.

10. School Abandoned
You miss school because secretly in your class busy opening social media pages so did not hear what is being taught by the teacher. Home work is not once you do, you do not learn at home so that your test scores drop.

If you experience one or more of the above symptoms mean you have to stop doing activities in social media. At least until you understand or change your bad habits. If you ignore these symptoms and continue your bad habits, your life will be ruined. Imagine if you get fired from a job because could not resist opening of social media in the workplace. You will add to unemployment and if you are married you torment your family. Similarly, if you do not finish school because of the plethora of reading and writing in social media, you ruin your future. There's more things that are not written on the can show that you have to break up a relationship with social media. You should examine yourself whether you are on social media activities harm or benefit yourself and those around you.

Maybe It Trivial However Following are Some Ways Good Handwashing Tips

Handwashing Tips articles photo

Although seem trivial, it is often repeated five following error when washing hands. What are the five mistakes?

Although seem trivial, but many people are not aware of mistakes that are often repeated when washing hands. According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Health obtained, only 5 percent of participants who washed their hands after defecation. As many as 23 percent do not use soap, and 10 percent did not wash his hands.

Quoted Health page, there are at least five trivial but fatal mistake about handwashing.

1. Do not Wash Hands After Out of Toilet
Indeed toilet a breeding place hundreds of bacteria. Many people assume that their hands are clean. And without realizing they have held the door of the bathroom, toilet flusher, and other surfaces are full of bacteria.
Skin forming a good barrier to prevent bacteria. But mucosal surfaces, such as the eyes, mouth, and genitals more porous so that germs can get stuck in there.
"While the average person unconsciously touching their face 16 times in an hour," said Professor Aileen Marty, who is an infectious disease expert at Florida International University, Miami.

2. Not Using Soap
Many consider just enough water to wash hands. In fact, you need soap made from fat that can prevent the entry of bacteria and viruses.
One thing to remember, said Aileen Marty liquid soap tends to be more effective than soap bars for less contaminated. But when a state of emergency, hand sanitizers are made with at least 60 percent alcohol can also help though less effective in the hands of as somewhat sticky.

3. Rubbing Long Enough
It turns out that the correct hand washing is not enough with one or two seconds. According to Marty, effective hand washing using soap and it takes at least 20 to 30 seconds. Make sure you rub the palms, backs of hands and between the fingers.

4. Frequent Use Hand Dryer
Wet hands it could accelerate the spread of bacteria than dry hands. However, a recent study showed that dry hands using a towel or tissue is more effective than using a hand dryer.

5. Touch the dirt again after washing hands
Remember that 10 percent of germs are in the bathroom, while the rest are everywhere. So pay attention to the use of a towel or tissue to turn off the water and close the door and other activities outside the bathroom area.

source:, Journal of Environmental Health

Some habits that must be removed if you want to Success

you want to Success articles photo

Motivator and author of American origin, Earl Nightingale, say we can become what we think is not anything wrong. It is considering what is in the human brain is amazing. Where have the right mindset and attitude repeatedly proven to be key to the success of a person.

The problem is, our lives would be very easy to be affected by any circumstances. There will always be people and circumstances that make us feel discouraged and is able to inhibit the target to be successful.

But do not be discouraged, there are still some things you can do if you want to succeed. Here are some pages that launch Lifehack, Monday (02/16/2015).

1. Stop expecting perfection
Often, we are frustrated when what they are doing does not work as it should. Even to the little things make a headache. Know the one error and rejection is a part of life. When you fail, looking for new methods and try again.

2. Stop saying yes when you want to say no
It is important to know the limits. Unfortunately, humans have a tendency to always try to please others. As a result, you lose yourself for the time wasted. Learning to say "no" and prioritize self-critical in achieving the target.

3. Stop talking bad about yourself
Without realizing it, we often difficult to move on from errors or adverse events that occurred in the past. In mind, we are talking errors that occur because we are people who suck. Thinking like that is actually counter-productive. Just make that mistake as a lesson and move on.

4. Stop focusing on this day only
Successful people always have a plan for the future. They planned today related targets, budget and savings. But that does not mean they do not have fun. Began to think about what you want the next 10 to 15 years.

5. Stop ignoring the target
If they have not tried to reach the target, do not give in to meet the target.

6. Stop isolate themselves from others
Successful people understand that they need a hobby, relaxation and family. There is the impression that successful people do not have time to spare. In some cases it is true, but not always.

They do not stay away from the people they care for their target, on the contrary, they mengkorporasikan dear ones into the target and their hobbies.

7. Stop comparing yourself with others
Successful people focus on themselves. Although they analyze shortcomings and can sincerely admire great people.


Some of these Android apps for Insomniacs

Android apps for Insomniacs Tips photo

Adequate sleep at night after doing a variety of activities exhausting certainly be a dream every person. Unfortunately, often sleep becomes very difficult for some people due to the attack of insomnia.
Well, if you become one of those who experienced the same problem, now your Android smartphone could be the remedy. Apparently, Google Play provides a variety of applications that can help us to quickly sleep.

Any applications insomnia remedy that can be obtained for free in the Google Play Store? Here's his review.

1. Relax Melodies
This app offers 52 simple song nan sweep that can help you sleep. How to use it is quite easy, you just choose a song to suit your tastes and create a play list of anti-insomnia.
To be able to get up on time, available features and timing alarm is easy to use.

2. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep
If you have severe insomnia and make your fatigue and stress, one application of this is the right solution. Therefore, Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep offers the sounds of nature and soothing waves.
You also can find more soothing voice, for example oceans, forests, birds, and many more. In fact, the music provided can be used to lull it to sleep toddler.

3. Relax and Sleep
Application of anti-insomnia this one is pretty unique. How not, this application offers a way of self-hypnosis therapy at the same time so that users can more quickly asleep.
Various music provided by this application can also help you fall asleep more easily and get to sleep 'favors'.

4. Sleepmaker Rain
Whether you are asleep faster when it was raining? Well, this one application could be the answer to your insomnia.
Sleepmaker Rain offers about 20s music that represents the sound of rain. Start up sound drizzle rather dense can you listen here. There was the sound of rain was recorded directly from native forests in the area of Australia.

Good Luck
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Learning Secrets of Longevity Hunza People

Secrets of Longevity Hunza People

Advances in medicine in the modern era is recognized rapidly. But the disease is also deepened. Founder Tourist Holistic Hospital, DR Husen A Bajry PhD, try to answer this question.

In explanation, Husen invite you to look at the lifestyle of people of Hunza, healthiest and longest man his age in this era.
Hunza people who live on the slopes of the Himalayas known rare illness and live longer. Average age reaches 120-140 years.

Following review of the holistic health expert:
"Historically, many diseases are now emerging is not known at approximately 50 years ago. We now live in a world that is almost instantaneous, which people rely on instant foods as well, such as many that are in the supermarket.
The food is processed and designed to suit the tastes of our tongue, and with the addition of preservatives, flavorings, and dyes are toxic and enslave our bodies.
Worse yet, the instant lifestyle not only limited to food, but when we were sick we enslaved our bodies with a variety of drugs that can instantly eliminate the pain complaint.

How can we improve the quality of public health if our generation is formed by a pattern of living and eating 'junk food' (bad eating) since childhood!

How can we improve the quality of our health if we do not understand our own bodies!

How can we improve the quality of our health, if we only enslave the body at any time

How can plague will not spread when the immune system destroyed community!

How can we expect the people of the world are healthy and free of disease if: the doctor sick, sick leaders, scientists sick, sick community leaders, religious leaders pain, teachers and educators sick?

One thing that is undeniable, the day we are increasingly difficult to find family healthy and disease free.
If you do not believe me above, please see your own family!

One thing you should realize, healthy can never be achieved by simply relying on doctors and medicine.

Healthy can only be achieved by treating the body more wisely, taking into account the balance of the norms of the body as a whole, a good balance of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

In addition, we need to realize together, every food and drink into our bodies will determine the future of our body. Therefore, careful selection.

Hunza people. You know the Hunza?
Human healthiest and longest age in this era. Hunza people who live on the slopes of the Himalayas known rare illness and live longer. Average age reaches 120-140 years.

Research experts, found, longevity secret Hunza people are lifestyle and diet choices.
They are accustomed to make fresh fruits (not fruit as we eat the all transgenic), dried fruits, and vegetables of various parts of the menu of the main meal menu.
They rarely eat processed foods or cooked; they eat very little meat and fatty foods.

Hunza Map photo

They live on the slopes of the Himalayas, in northwest Kashmir, south of Pakistan or in southwest Afghanistan.

The place is filled with fresh mountain air pollution-free with clear water springs out of the rocks that can be taken without having to be cooked.
They are rarely affected by degenerative diseases and malignancies. They almost no modern lifestyle diseases that swept the world today, such as heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high blood pressure, kidney failure, liver, lung, cancer, and other degenerative diseases "

Let us begin to improve lifestyle habits of ourselves, improve environmental quality that is closest to ourselves, improve lifestyles, improve mindset and heart to keep thinking positive, and invite people closest to us to jointly take action and thinking better

source: DR Husen A Bajry PhD (PendiriTourist Holistic Hospital)
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Some food can Maintain Liver Health

food can Maintain Liver Health articles photo

The liver is the body's filtration system that filters out harmful substances in your blood stream. Located on the right side of your abdomen, the liver will filter out everything you eat or drink, including medications.

In addition, other liver function is to get rid of harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs and other toxins, and produces bile, which is needed to digest fats, converting nutrients from food into the blood component, hemoglobin breaks down and destroys red blood cells parents, organize hormones and blood sugar levels to eliminate bacteria from the blood.

Unfortunately, modern lifestyle and consumption of junk food, fried foods, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, environmental pollutants and drugs is a serious problem that makes the liver stress. As a result, the heart is too much work to process toxins or fat. Well, to maintain a healthy heart turns out there are some foods that are considered to cleanse the liver.

Check out his review, as quoted Healthmeup, Saturday (02/14/2015) the following:

1. Carrots
Carrots contain glutathione, a protein that detoxifies the liver. In addition, carrots also contain flavonoids and beta-carotene, which stimulates an increase in liver function.

2. Tomatoes
Besides being rich in glutathione, tomatoes also contain lycopene, which helps protect against cancer.

3. Grapefruit
In addition to other sources of glutathione, fruits like oranges that are reddish it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants that stimulate the production of enzymes that can detoxify the liver.

4. Garlic
Garlic is loaded with sulfur can activate enzymes that remove toxins from your body. In addition, garlic is also rich in allicin and selenium, which is a compound helps cleanse the liver.

5. Spinach
Raw spinach is loaded with glutathione, rich in chlorophyll which serves suck harmful metals, chemicals and pesticides in your blood stream, thus protecting your heart.

6. Lime
Citrus fruits such as lemons and limes are rich in vitamin C, which stimulates the liver and also improves digestion. Additionally, lemon also helps your body synthesize toxic substances in your body.

7. Cabbage
Cabbage contains glucosinolates to make isothiocyanates (ITC). This substance stimulates the production of two enzymes that detoxify the liver.

8. Onion
Just like garlic, onions also contain sulfur, odor compounds that stimulate the production of glutathione, which can neutralize free radicals in your body.

9. Apples
Apples contain pectin, a chemical that encourages the release of toxins from the digestive tract.

10. Broccoli
Vegetables such as broccoli and cauliflower trigger the release of an enzyme called glucosinolates in your body that stimulates the production of digestive enzymes and helps removal of toxins from your blood stream.

11. Asparagus
Asparagus can enhance the natural cleansing mechanism of the liver.

12. Green tea
Green tea contains antioxidant known as catechins, which are compounds to improve liver function.

13. Olive oil
Olive oil is also useful to absorb all the harmful toxins in the body.

14. Eggs
Eggs have a high protein including amino acids that are essential for liver detoxification process while choline serves to cleanse the liver of harmful heavy metals from your body and protect the liver from damage.


Some Habits Family Supports Heart Patients

Supports Heart Patients article photo

Healthy is not private property, but is the right of every person and all ages and begins in the family. If a person is alive and living in a healthy family, then that person will tend to apply the pattern sehatdan life will return to form healthy family. If one family member is sick, it will be difficult for the whole family. Than cure, let's start with preventing illness. Healthy living starts from the family!

Four Healthy Lifestyle
Based on the study published by the American Journal of Epidemiology, found four healthy behaviors that influence to prevent death, especially from heart disease. Research conducted in 6299 subjects aged 444-84 years showed that those who have a healthy life has a risk of death 80% lower than in those who do not have a healthy life.

Four healthy lifestyle is not smoking, eating a healthy diet with balanced nutrition, regular physical activity every day and maintain a healthy weight and healthy. The effects of these four healthy lifestyle affect each other. The more healthy habits that are applied in the family, then the sound effects are obtained higher.

If you already maintain a healthy diet and maintaining a healthy weight, then by physical activity then you will be healthier. However, smoking is one of the most important elements are the most dangerous. Because, even though you've done 3 other healthy behaviors, but you smoke then your health condition even worse than someone who does not perform healthy behaviors at all.

Healthy Habits in the Family
Application of healthy behavior should begin in the family. Here are 5 easy steps to have Healthy Families:

1. Get used to eating a healthy diet with balanced nutrition. Avoid and minimize foods with preservatives, dyes, and salinity and high cholesterol. Limit consumption of fast foods, instant food and canned food.

2. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables. Set and get used to a healthy diet and regular. Avoid consumption of high-calorie snack between meals or at night before bed.

3. Set aside 30 minutes every 3 times a week for the entire family can play and physical activity, such as playing hide-and-seek, catch the ball, playing rope and other games that can be enjoyed by all family members and involve physical activity. At the very least, plan weekend activities are protected from passive activities and just sit in front of the television or computer.

4. Set aside a specific time to do homework together. Doing chores such as sweeping, mopping, cleaning the yard, is a physical activity which, if undertaken together can also produce a pleasant atmosphere and familiarizing family.

5. Do not smoke. If there are family members who were smoking, provide motivation and support for start stop smoking. Ask your doctor if you stop smoking aid deemed too difficult and require medical assistance.

We can not change the genetic code of the family who carry certain diseases or alter our age. However, we can start a healthy lifestyle today to reduce the risk of death due to diseases that can arise due to poor lifestyle. Healthy behavior is a choice of 100% in the control of a person and his family.

What about you and your family? Have you and your family a healthy life? You have the ability to determine the health status and quality of your life, starting today. 

1. Michael O'Riordan. Four Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Lower Risk of Death, Slow Progression of CAC. Heartwire. Medscape Reference. [Last Edited Jun 4, 2013; Cited Jun 7, 2013].
2. Roy Benaroch. Five Simple, Fun Ideas for Family Fitness. [Last Edited January 17, 2012; Cited Jun 7, 2013].

Some Tips & Solutions Prevent Cellulite

Tips & Solutions Prevent Cellulite Articles photo

Often a woman who gave birth her baby feel a sense of discomfort due to the presence of cellulite on the body that arise during pregnancy. It is often a worry because it will damage the appearance.

Often a woman who gave birth her baby feel a sense of discomfort due to the presence of cellulite on the body that arise during pregnancy. It is often a worry because it will damage the appearance. For women who still have a skin toned, smooth and beautiful body, but remained concerned about the threat of cellulite in the future, you'll want to do early prevention. One way is to find out what it is cellulite and how to overcome them.

As a woman does not want to be the center of attention while swimming at the beach is not because you are a sexy body, but because there is a unique pattern that is visible on your skin. Listen and look at things below on who likes to make tough cellulite.

What's cellulite?
Prior to prevent you need to know first what is cellulite? According to the description of experts, cellulite is a layer of fat under the skin which is located on top of your muscles. If your cellulite simply involves layers of course, may not be visible cellulite. Cellulite is a term to describe the stretch marks, the folds of fat on the skin. A woman tends to store fat in different places that amount is greater than man. As the information for you, cellulite does not only happen to women, because men can have cellulite. But it seems they are not concerned with the presence of cellulite in the body.

Parts of the body are attacked
Usually cellulite will appear on certain body parts, such as the buttocks, lower back, hips, abdomen, upper inner thighs and rear, on the upper back above the shoulder, ankle, inside and back, and upper arms.

age factor
Cellulite usually appears at the age of about 14 years. Not heredity but can arise due to poor lifestyle. Also in women taking birth control pills.

Hormonal cycle in women
In pregnant women, cellulite that occurs as a result of increased levels of estrogen and progrestron drastically to produce more fat and store it in order to protect the fetus.

How to prevent it:

1. Drink plenty of water
One way to prevent the existence of cellulite in your body by drinking water. Because water will nourish and moisturize your skin.

2. Exercise regularly
Especially if you frequently eat foods low in nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can be bad. To avoid cellulite, doing regular exercise and reduce sit for too long because it can form the cellulite. With exercise, the risk of cellulite will be lower than those who do not exercise because the burned body fat and build muscle so no fat accumulated in the skin.

3. Eat healthy by eating protein, fiber, and vitamins
In the past, cellulite is known as the problem of people who are obese or obese because often eat foods rich in fat. You should eat a diet low in fat and high in fiber and carbohydrates that complete more easily digested by your body. A healthy diet can reduce the formation of cellulite.

4. Reduce the use of high boots
If you often wear high heels, this will create a support network load increases fat. Long durability will decline to more easily enter the fat and cellulite occurs.

5. Reduce sugar, animal fats, and salt
Fatty foods and contain a lot of sugar and excess salt can interfere with the absorption of food in your body.

6. Reduce alcohol and caffeine
Bad habits by eating these materials above may interfere with the metabolism of fat in your body.

7. Smoking
The habit of smoking can weaken and result in clogging the capillaries in your skin tissue. And also substances in cigarettes can damage the system Demis ie supporting fatty tissue that causes the formation of cellulite.

8. Get enough rest
Take a break with fairly and subtract sit too long.

Cellulite can not be eliminated but you can minimize the zoom with camouflaged using lotion. Knowledge of cellulite you need to know so that you can avoid it. Do not get discouraged and think that cellulite is an imperfection in your body for cellulite just a term to describe the folds of fat on the surface of your skin. So, sikapilah wisely when you find cellulite on your body.

Tips on Knowing When that body time offers Toxins

Knowing When body time offers Toxins

Tonight at 9 then, is the time the body offers toxins. Therefore if you do not break at a time when this, your body will be damaged, the future you will be pain - pain. Note the time below!

1.The night hours 9-11 is the time the body's detoxification system, this time you should be quiet or listen to music.

2. The night hours 11-1, body detoxification system must be in a state of sleep.

3. Midnight hour 1-3, pancreas detoxification system.

4. dawn hours of 3-5, lung detoxification - lung
People who easily fit would cough at this time, because the lung detoxification system - the lungs are working.

5. Morning at 5-7, colon detoxification, and this time you should have a bowel movement

6. Morning at 7-9, the absorption of vitamins in the small intestine, you should be having breakfast at this time.

7. Midnight to 4am is the time of the spine produces blood, you have to fall asleep, and forbidden to stay awake.

if you often stay up all night? If so, you should change your bad habits!



Smartphone is a tool that should not be lacking in today's life. Although very practical, but he also can harm our health.

if you have a habit below, be careful - careful.
1. Accustomed to put next to the pillow Smartphone
Smartphone Radiation can damage the nervous system, so that we will easily headache, dizziness, hair loss, and insomnia.
2. Drape Smartphone in front of the chest
to prevent smartphone is lost, many people menggantugkan Smartphone in front of their chest. But the distance is too close to the heart. Not only bad for our hearts, but also affects our endrokin system disturbed.
3. Smartphone in the bag.
Waist is very close to our reproductive system. Cell phone radiation can kill sperm and ovaries, and will disrupt our reproductive system.
4. Browsing and read by smartphones in the long term, the radiation will cause eye cancer.

But do not worry, there are still events to overcome.
1. Radiation when the phone comes very large, this time do not bring the head.
2. At the time of sleep, do not place the Smartphone near you. Even if you turn it off, Smartphones still emit less radiation. So far as possible Smartphonemu place during sleep.
3. Do not call more than 1-2 hours, for transmitting radiation accumulates.
4. The amount of radiation when receiving a different phone, radiation emission when calling out larger than the receiving phone.
5. Do not use an ear piece weeks to call in a long time, preferably alternately.
6. Do not call when sinyalmu weak, because the radiation will be very strong to look for a signal.
7. Try to use earphones to call. Radiation will be reduced if you keep your smartphone as far as 30cm.
8. When your battery is weak, it is better not to accept the phone because of the emitted radiation is very strong.
9. Receive our phone charging is also very dangerous.

Use your phone precisely, to make life more useful.

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Some Tips for Alcohol Addiction

Tips for Alcoholic photo

If you're trying hard to break away from alcohol addiction, you are not alone. There is hope.

If you consider yourself an alcoholic, or has been diagnosed as suffering from alcoholism by a professional, you might begin to recognize some of the consequences of your habitual drinking. The effects of the use of alcohol can damage family relationships, embarrassing, and harmful to your health. It is reassuring to know that the disease is treatable, and thousands of people have recovered from the disease every day.

If you are really an alcoholic, when you start to drink alcohol, you can not control yourself how much alcohol you drink, or when you want to want to try to quit, you find it difficult to do so. Most professionals agree that the recovery from alcoholism only be achieved by distancing themselves and resist the desire to drink alcohol at all. For someone who is addicted to alcohol, the idea to never drink alcohol again sound impossible, even frightening because alcoholism is a disease of the mind, body and soul. Removing alcohol from your life can make room for opportunities for things extraordinary, holistic healing that can provide peace of mind that you never imagined you could achieve.

Evaluate your willingness to quit
Evaluating your relationship with alcohol is the first step to find a solution to your problem. Make a list of things of what has been disrupted in your life, your family, and your personal goals because of your drinking habits. Prepare to be honest to admit that you are less able to control yourself and realize the consequences resulting from your habit of drinking alcohol. When you take an open approach to thinking about how alcoholism has affected your life and those you love, you will know if you are actually ready to begin the work needed to make alcohol as your past.

Search support
Alcoholics can not recover on its own without the help of others. Depending on how much you consume alcohol every day, you probably will need medical help to assist you in the process of detoxification. Symptoms of resignation at the beginning of the detoxification process can be dangerous. Consult a physician or the detoxification center on your personal needs.

Communicate honestly with your family
Even though you feel that you have to hide your problem well, they can smell that something is wrong with you. Hopefully you can ask for their support in your efforts to recover. If not, get help from some of the resources below. Often families will be happy to help you when they see you are sincere effort.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a worldwide support program that has helped hundreds of thousands of people recover from alcoholism. You can talk with your doctor about the best treatment for you both inpatient treatment centers or support groups. Local churches usually have addiction counselors are available to guide you to begin your recovery process.

Linking back your soul
Alcoholics who have destroyed themselves in a long time to drink alcohol often have feelings of hate herself or feel guilty that can take his soul. It is important to understand that alcoholism is a disease, and start telling yourself that you deserve to be healed. Forgiving yourself is a process, in line with the road leading to the recovery and the benefits of recovery.

Many alcoholics begin to find well-being and the foundation they need to reconnect with God, or establish a new relationship with their Creator. For alcoholics, liquor has become their friend and the solution to all their problems. On days when you abstain from alokohol, surrender yourself to the creator of the ruling, it can be a tremendous comfort, and the beginning of a new life.

Recovery from alcoholism really happen, even in very severe cases. Understand that you have a purpose in life which has been delayed by illness you can motivate you to recover. Life without alcohol opens a world of possibilities and new hope for an alcoholic. With time, even the most tragic situations can be used for good as you strive to become healthier and happier.

"I think I'm an alcoholicWhat do I do now?"
by Margaret Crowe.

Some Pets can Transmitted Diseases to you

Pets can Transmitted Diseases photo

Your home should be vigilant in maintaining health problems. Having a pet can be a source of pleasure for some people. Start of care as a baby, see it grow, to observe any funny behavior made. Yes, like having a child.

However, for those of you who like to keep animals, must be careful. The reason, some animals are kept as pets potentially transmit several diseases that threaten health.

Here's his review by page Everyday Health.

Ringworm is a fungus that is attached to the surface of the skin that causes a red rash and itch in human skin. This fungus is usually taken newborn animals. The spread of this disease is very easy.
Just by touching or holding equipment infected animals, you can already exposed to ringworm. The most appropriate thing is to prevent ringworm is to wash hands thoroughly, after interacting with pets. In addition, keep the cattle out of reach of children so that the child is also protected from the disease.

Some pets such as cats and dogs newborn, the average has worms in his stomach. The worms can proliferate and leave the eggs in the belly of the animal and can be attached to the feces. If dirt or sand bath pets are not deliberately held in check, the worm eggs can fit into your stomach and multiply in it. Really dangerous.

respiratory disorders
For a furry pet, which can ditumbulkan disease is respiratory distress. Especially on you who have fur allergies, the disease gets worse. These symptoms are usually marked shortness of breath after having contact with the animals, which was accompanied by sneezing, and itching all over the body.

This syndrome is one of the reasons women are reluctant to keep the cat. Because, this syndrome can lead to a barren woman. The spread of the disease can occur through cat feces, or contaminated sand bath.
Besides being able to interfere with the fertility of women, this syndrome is also dangerous for pregnant women and the fetus in the womb. For those of you who are still cats, prevention can be done by giving vaccinations in cats, as well as to keep the body and cage pet cat.



Impact for Health photo

Sitting for hours can shorten your life. Researchers have reported that people who sit for hours at high risk of death from heart disease.

Even linger in the workplace have side effects that can lead to poor mental health. Danger sitting at work can make even the disabled person and even lead to health risks.

Study says people who are stuck in jobs will settle doubled risk of certain types of colon cancer.

Experts have found at least 24 chronic conditions associated with sitting in the workplace hazards. Here are some of the 14 health risks of eventually sit in the workplace as reported Boldsky, Wednesday (11/02/2015).

1. High Cholesterol
After one year of sitting at work, you can slowly experiencing high cholesterol. Sitting for a long time have more opportunities to cause disturbances in metabolic functions resulting in an increase in plasma triglyceride levels, rejecting the levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol and at the same time a decrease in insulin sensitivity.

2. Obesity
Sitting for hours is dangerous for health. Danger was sitting at work because the muscles of the body expends energy is not utilized fully. Besides minimizing the burning of calories.

3. Heart disease
The muscles can only burn less fat and more blood flow lazy because eventually seated. This will let the heart clogging fatty acids. People with sedentary lifestyle risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Cancer
Low physical activity, kematikan risk of heart disease and cancer. Some health hazards sit for hours can develop corpus uteri, heart and ovarian cancer.

4. Diabetes
Sitting for hours will only harm the body's ability to handle blood sugar. This leads to reduced insulin sensitivity. Insulin is responsible for carrying glucose from the blood into the cells and then used for energy.

5. Brain smoky
Active muscle pumping fresh blood and oxygen to the brain and trigger all kinds of chemicals that improve mood. When you have an active lifestyle, it could slow entry into your brain.

6. Metabolic Syndrome
Recent research shows that metabolic syndrome is ill effects of sedentary way of life. Sitting in the long term contribute to the risk of metabolic syndrome.

7. Backache
Sitting for hours can be a major cause of back pain. It could even change the firmness of the spine and increase the risk of lower back injury.

8. Flexibility of the spine
When there is no movement in the spine can be susceptible to damage. Remember, when we do some activity, soft disks in the developing spinal cord. But, when we sit down then compressed disks with uneven.

9. Social life boring
Danger sits in the workplace can be a cause of concern and this interaction is not good for the psychological.

10. Disorders foot
Sitting slows blood circulation. This could be the reason of fluid in the legs. And some health problems ranging from ankle swollen varicose veins.

11. Damage to nerves
Neuropathy can also be caused due to inactive lifestyles and are in the same position for long hours.

12. Hips parallel
If you are parked in a chair for hours, you tend to put a lot of pressure on the hip, knee, and spine that causes weakness.

13. Numbness
Sitting in the same position for a long time can injure nerves and can cause you to feel discomfort and numbness.

14. Depression
If you sit all day can make you feel sad. The longer you sit, then you are likely to experience symptoms of depression.


Some Tips to Prevent Hunger

Hunger photo

When we are under stress, certain hormones will increase so that we tend to look for something that makes it convenient. Foods containing fat or sugar usually is something that can cause a sense of comfort. This condition will be repeated if we can not control stress.

Mean heart restrict calories, what power continuous stomach rumbling. Stomach hungry again quickly though already filled it into complaints of many people. If ignored, this condition can make it difficult to concentrate. But if followed, might the scales continue to grow.

There are various ways that we can do to prevent a hungry stomach is not easy.
Here are Some Ways to Prevent Hunger

1. Sports
Quite a lot of people who actually eat more after exercise. In fact, the number of calories in the larger of the newly burned. Actually, this circle can be terminated with a fun physical activity or sports activities considered as something fun.

Quite a lot of physical activity that actually burns calories but do not feel "heavy" like sports, such as dancing, walking, riding a bike, swimming, and much more. Although not as many calories are burned if you are exercising at the gym, but if done regularly every day of the results will not disappoint.

2. Get enough sleep
Lack of sleep not only makes appetite increased, but also makes us more interested in junk food. Research also shows that lack of sleep will make us eat more, especially carbohydrates and fat. So, there is no longer any reason for not prioritizing bedtime.

3. Drinking water
Consuming enough water has been shown to suppress appetite. A study showed that people who drink 7 glasses per day to consume 200 fewer calories than those who drank one glass of water. Drink a glass of water before a meal can also be a trick to make the stomach feel fuller so that food intake is reduced.

4. Eat on time
Our bodies like consistency, including eating a timely manner. Try breakfast at least one hour after you wake up and take a break of 3-4 hours before lunch. Eat according to meal times will reduce the desire to eat. In addition, note also the type of food. Always consumption of lean protein, vegetable fat (like avocado), and a modicum of healthy starch. This diet will make your body is always energized.

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