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Some Causes of Body Odor

Morning you had a shower, put on deodorant has even been using perfume in the whole body, but why odor-odor remains seliweran arise, where this come from? Or of the person next to you?

Before you glanced away to people around you, there are several sources of body odor which is not as easy as it lost with a bath or with the use of fragrances from our body, what are, here are:

The smell that comes when you are under stress
There are several types of sweat that can be caused by the body, and sweat the most unpleasant smell is sweat that appears when under stress thus produced apocrine glands.
Apocrine glands produce sweat that is not too wet and bacteria are very pleased with fats and proteins contained in this sweat. Because of the large number of these bacteria that makes odor. This differs from the sweat sweat incurred while exercise or heat, where this kind of sweat contains a lot of water and minerals.

Your foot is 'smell'
Bacteria are very happy to stay on our feet because the toes are usually located in a dark, warm, and humid which is a habitat for bacteria. As many as 10-15% of people produce more sweat, so some people may have foot odor is unpleasant.

Rarely wash lingerie (bra)
Of course we as women have some kind of bra that fits perfectly with us so that we can use over and over again until we sometimes did not wash. Several types of fabric bra has the ability to absorb sweat so that when used repeatedly without washing can cause a bad odor.

Broccoli consumption of too much
Sure you've heard that a diet containing high onions can trigger bad breath, this is true. Some foods such as broccoli can cause new onset of mouth.

Genetic disorders 'trimethylaminuria'
Mutations of several genes that are named as trimethylaminuria, can affect the body so it can not break down chemicals called trimethylamine. The content is what makes the smell of the fish and when it accumulates in the body so bad breath, urine and sweat can cause odor of fish.

When you consume alcoholic beverages, the alcohol may be out of the pores and cause body odor.

When diabetes is not treated, it can arise condition called diabetic ketoacidosis. When this happens, it can be a change in body odor.

Eliminate Body Odor with 3 Easy Ways

Besides reducing one's confidence unpleasant body odor would interfere with your social relationships everyday, especially if you are someone who is always active in the activities associated with many people such as students, merchants, especially a public figure. Of course, unpleasant body odor will be very annoying as hell not?

Each person has a different body odor levels depending on the activity, the environment and the type of food they consume daily, no body odor mediocre, medium, dah even sting so it is annoying as hell. But basically unpleasant body odor can still be eliminated or at least minimized.

One way to eliminate body odor naturally is with the following three steps, this method has been proven and is very effective in eliminating the unpleasant body odor.

1. Body Rub with Hand Shower Current
Do not use objects that are rough for a body scrub in the shower because it will only hurt your skin, use both hands to scrub and cleanse the whole body is better and highly recommended. Rub (the Javanese term "Lalar") of the body, especially in the armpit after bath soap and rinse again until clean.

2. Consuming Roses
Consuming roses regularly proven to neutralize the unpleasant smell of sweat. Earlier taste is slightly bitter and unusual, but over time will definitely feel good and normal.

3. Shower Routine
In addition to cleanse the body of all kinds of dirt and dust after the activity, was also very useful in the refreshment of body and mind of a person. The body will feel more relaxed and calmer mind. The frequency of bathing is recommended twice a day morning and afternoon, but depends also on the level of activity of a person.

Body Odor - How to solve it

Do you have body odor ? 
Or you know a friend or relative who has body odor ? 

Body odor is a problem that can affect a person's confidence. Shame and frustration because of body odor can significantly affect social interactions for patients.
Body odor is actually arise because of the increasing number of bacteria on the surface of the skin to change the exhaust body through sweat and oil into a particular odor. With increasing sweat the amount of bacteria that cause body odor increases.

Body odor is influenced by many factors among which are diet, gender, health, genetics, race, environmental stress and drugs. Body odor itself can be derived from the whole body or of some specific parts of the body such as legs or underarms.

To cope with body odor, you can try some of the following tips:
1. Bath regular daily with antiseptic soap.
2. If the food affects your body odor, avoid the consumption of foods with a strong scent and some foods such as onions, garlic, fatty foods, oils, and alcohol.
3. Keep the armpits and keep your feet dry to inhibit bacterial growth.
4. Shaving armpits can reduce sweating and body odor.
5. Use natural materials such as cotton clothes and silk which does not inhibit the evaporation of body sweat.
6. Use of shoes and socks from natural materials so as not to inhibit the evaporation of body sweat. Make sure you change socks every day.
7. Give enough time for barefoot thus reducing humidity toe area.
8. Use anti-perspiran at night before bed to suppress the production of sweat glands when the body is not sweating. Better use of deodorant used in the daytime because it is useful to cover body odor with fragrance ingredients.
9. Relaxation therapies such as yoga or meditation to cope with excessive perspiration due to stress.

If after doing the above tips you are still experiencing excessive sweat production, there may be a more serious medical condition. You may need a more specific treatment of the tips above. Chances required the provision of medicines, injections, iontophoresis or surgery. To determine the right choice further, visit your doctor and consult your complaint further.

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