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An open letter from little girl from Aleppo to Donald Trump

Bana Alabed, a seven year old girl from Aleppo, Syria, wrote an open letter to the President of the United States Donald Trump.

little girl of Aleppo

"You have to do something for the kids Syria because they like your children who deserve peace," he wrote.

Name of previous Bana became famous for booms on his Twitter account about the condition of his house in Aleppo.

His Twitter account became famous because of messages he poured from the east besieged Aleppo.

Bana and his family managed to get out of Aleppo last December, in an effort to mass evacuations. He now lives in Turkey.

Bana's mother, Fatemah which helped run a Twitter account, sends the text of the letter to the BBC.

He said Bana wrote a few days before the inauguration of President Trump, because she had been repeatedly viewed Trump on television.

The following is a letter written Bana Alabed for President Donald Trump.

Dear Donald Trump,

My name Bana Alabed. I was a little girl seven years old Syrian from Aleppo.

I spent my whole life in Syria, before leaving the territory of eastern Aleppo under siege in December last year.

I was part of Syrian children who suffer as a result of the Syrian war.

But now, I find great peace in my new home in Turkey.

In Aleppo, when I was in school, the building destroyed by the bombing. Some of my friends died.

I am very sad and wish they could play with me today.

In Aleppo I could not play: it was a ghost town.

Now that I was in Turkey, I can go out and enjoy it.

I can go to school even though I can not yet. That is why peace is important for everyone, including you.

However, millions of children Syria does not like me now, and they are still suffering in many parts of Syria. They suffer because adults.

I know you will be President of the United States, so you can save children and the Syrian people?

You have to do something for the kids Syria because they like your children who deserve peace.

If you promise you will do something for the children of Syria, I have become your new friends.

I'm waiting to see what you will do to the children of Syria.

The Turkish government where Bana and his family now live, to support the Syrian opposition. However, the position of President Trump is unclear.

The US president has repeatedly stressed his desire to strengthen relations with Russia, and supported by President Vladimir Putin.

While Russia is supporting the Syrian President Assad in Syria.

During the campaign, he talked about cutting off aid to the rebel group, -but recently, he also spoke of the need for 'safe zone' for Syria, which will help the rebel forces.

Meanwhile Iran, Russia, and Turkey jointly pledged to impose a ceasefire for three weeks in Syria, in the middle of peace talks.

However, without the consent of the Assad government or rebel forces, it is not clear how an agreement could be reached.


Suggestions for Overcoming Problems in Children of pressure Perfectionism

Problems in Children of pressure Perfectionism - photo

Help them understand that hope to be 100% in all the time is not realistic and that no one can continuously achieve it.

Parents naturally have desires to see his children great in the activity. But what if a child is required to be great more than just the desire, the desire is not required for perfection? This is when we as parents need to act and help our children learn to cope with their stress and keperfeksionisan.

Here are some suggestions that can be used that might help.

Talk to your child about what caused him to be depressed

If possible, help them break from the pressure to do something fun or going out with family while and then come back with a clear mind. Ask your child to make a record. Writing is a therapy and can help a child to work when feeling depressed.

If the pressure caused by events such as exams or greeting ...

... Help and reassurance your child to deal with pressure situations with confidence.

Help your child learn relaxation techniques ...

... Such as deep breathing slowly, listening to soothing music, go for a walk, or taking a break to clear their minds.

Help your child understand that everything is not always black and white

As a perfectionist, this is a tough concept to grasp. I think that if I am not perfect, so I was the one who failed. But life is not like that and this is the reason why the parents should help their children cope.

Challenge your children's confidence and reason

If they say, "I will forget my solo performances and the whole auditorium will laugh at me." You say, "You will never forget it and the whole auditorium was never laugh at anyone as long as we have attended pertunjukannmu." Help them understand the error in their minds.

Help your child to understand the impact of negative thinking and teach them how to speak positively ...

... Like, "No one is perfect." No one is good in all respects. "Or" Everyone makes mistakes. "

Print a positive footage of the error and then place in the refrigerator door or in your child's room

This could include, "The biggest mistake you can make is constantly afraid to do it." By Elbert Hubbard. "Anyone who has never made a mistake never tried anything new." By Albert Einstein. "Or" Mistakes are a fact of life. This is the response to error. "By Nikki Giovanni. This footage will serve as a reminder to your child that mistakes are good, and will give them permission to make it not as a failure.

Help to reduce procrastination to teach your child about priorities ...

... To divide it into tasks that can be handled as well as they could finish it without feeling overwhelmed. Often, the fear of a child is a failure even before they begin.

Make a schedule and teach your child to apply

If your child understand that they are restricted for 2 hours to do their homework, this will stop them from suffering through the night.

Help your child set realistic expectations for themselves ...

... And make sure that you also set realistic expectations for them. Help them understand that hope to be 100% in all the time is not realistic and that nobody can continuously achieve it. Festive your child to make the question, "What's the worst that could happen?" "What is the best thing that could happen?" "What things are most likely to occur?" These questions will help them put things into perspective.

Always check

Make sure that your child does not get pressure and perfectionist nature by following your guidelines.

Make sure that your child gets enough sleep ...

... Sports, and a well balanced diet. Good body balance affect the balance of the mind.

Pressure and perfectionism can weaken children. But with the help of casing affection and support of the parents, and the appropriate balance and guidance, a child with perfectionist tendencies can find true happiness and success.

 "Tips for dealing with stress and perfectionism" by Tiffany Fletcher.

Some Simple Tips to Play With Kids

Play With Kids Tips
Tips to Play With Kids - photo

How can parents ensure their children get a happy childhood without making purses parents suffer?

Good parents know that raising children is not just to feed and send them to school. Parents are also obliged to entertain children and ensure that they have a happy childhood. The task of entertaining children increasingly difficult and expensive lately with the rise of electronic and online games on the market. How can parents ensure their children get a happy childhood without making purses parents suffer? Here are some tips on entertaining children with limited budget:

Outdoor activities
There are many outdoor activities that will entertain children for hours and did not require a lot of money, among others:

Playing in the yard. If you are fortunate to have a yard, use as a children's playground. You can teach children how to play hide and seek, jump rope and Galasin. If you do not have a yard at home as most of the urban population, you can take the children to go to a nearby playing field and teach them to play kites or rounders.

Exploring the local park. When kids get bored with the garden that's it, invite them to other parks and have them pretend to be a critic of the park. The work of a critic is a garden find the advantages and disadvantages of a park, comparing it with other parks, and provide value to the park. Children can also make nominations garden, like a garden with children's games the most, the most extensive gardens, parks most clean, and so on.

Visiting a nearby swimming pool. Nearest pool can be as much fun with the water park which is much more expensive if you do a thorough preparation. Bring something to eat and drink enough, swimming tires, and water toys that children can have fun in the pool.

Every now and then prepare a lunch basket and drink fresh juices and invite the children go on a picnic in the nearby park or even in their own backyard. Do not forget to bring a folding mat so that your family can nap for a moment staring at the sky and the trees after a big lunch.

To the beach or lake. Encourage the children to the beach or lake in your city. For residents of Jakarta, you can go to Carita beach. For residents of Bogor, you can go to Situ Gede. Sometimes we underestimate the tourist attractions in the city itself. Find out what the water in your city tour. You might be surprised to see that a place as beautiful as it is located in your own city.

Museum tour. Most museums have admission price is very cheap and even free. Most museums are also not on the weekend, making it perfect for spending time with children, in addition to fun also educational.
Activities indoors

In addition to outdoors, here are some activities you can do to entertain children when it was raining or you just want to spend time at home alone:

Making hand skills, such as origami or finger puppet of patchwork.

Singing and dancing. It can be more exciting if the disc of children's songs played on television.

Cooking together. Teach children how to cook simple, such as helping to make fried rice or make a sponge cake. If your child is still very small, remind them not to play with fire or a knife.

Scientific experiments. You can teach children that science is very pleasant with a simple scientific experiment. No need to perform complex scientific experiments. You can experiment mixing water and oil, or find out if the eggs float or sink when put into water.

Board games. You can teach children how to play Monopoly or snakes and ladders. In addition there is a chess game for your teenager. Then there are a lot of card games are easy and fun, such as: poker, or dominoes.

Drawing and coloring. Make it more exciting drawing with challenging children to draw pictures of each other. You might be surprised at the talent and creativity of your children.

Reading books together. For many children, their fondest childhood memories is when they listen to the fairy tale of a father or mother reading a story together. Reading together to teach children to focus, listen carefully, patiently wait their turn, using imagination, and communicate well.

Beware To Always Keep an eye on your toddler what is put into his mouth.

Keep an eye on your toddler what is put into his mouth.Articles
Keep an eye on your toddler - photo

A baby 8 months in New Zealand named Devon swallowing lithium batteries and make lifelong disability. Fateful day began in December 2014, when the mother Devon works and the first time to leave the baby 8 months at home. When returning from Auckland, New Zealand, Hacche then to his hometown in Devon from Tauranga to take his family members. At that time he saw Devon agitated and seemed like a sore throat.

For three days the doctor insisted that Devon exposed bronchiolitis. However, a mother's instinct told him that something more than just bronchitis. On the 3rd day he brought the baby of 8 months to hospital and x-rays showed a piece of lithium battery in his throat. Future lithium batteries frowned baby 8 months.

When lithium is mixed with saliva, electro-chemical reaction occurs very corrosive and causes severe burns on the baby's body tissues Devon. The wound size of 10 cm in the esophagus (food) with a depth of 5 cm. Injuries also occur in the throat (respiratory tract) and damage the vocal cords. The doctor said he could not speak anymore, and will not be able to breathe without a respirator.

Months in intensive care in hospital, Hacche tried to make peace with the fact that her son would never speak or breathe without the help of medical devices. "I kept thinking, is this really happening?" Said Amanda Hacche.

May this be a reminder to not happen. Always supervise your toddler what is put into his mouth.


Some Tips to Teach Children Gardening Skills

Teach Children Gardening Articles photo

Supposedly each of the family members took part in the family garden project. Sometimes this job turned into a project that you do yourself.

How can you better engage your kids to be a part of the project of making a family park?

Here are some ways that you can do to involve children or begin to teach your child how to gardening and loved it.

Focus on plants that can grow rapidly
Your children probably will not have enough patience to wait for the harvest to reap the rewards of their crops already planted, such as a large pumpkin plants. Your children will need instant satisfaction. Seinstan probably since they first planted seeds of their crops.

No matter what plants you want to plant in the beginning. Children will be very happy just by looking at the first leaves and stems that grow from seeds they planted. Vegetables can grow quickly.

Planting crops they like
Once your kids see the fruits or the results of their crops planted, they must be willing to taste the flavor of their crops. Plant a fruit or vegetable that you like family.

Gardening is more fun when the fruits of the harvest was delicious to eat.

Give your child a special place that would be a place for her gardening
You will instill a sense of pride and confidence to your children if they are given a special place to be theirs for gardening. It also will allow them to keep the maintenance of the garden if they can understand what they need to do.

Working with older children
Work will always be more fun if you do it with other people. Your children will be more willing to work in their gardens if they work together or accompanied by their parents and siblings. In addition you can also use this opportunity as a chance to talk about meaningful things with your children. They will be able to talk more about what is bothering them when their concentration focused on the activity they are doing.

Make Activities Gardening Together Family Fun Without There's Permanent Pressure
Do not be too ambitious in this activity. Start with small things first. Each person will be tired and not like this activity if you are making activities with family gardening is becoming a major project to be completed as soon as possible. You will always be able to add more space for gardening next year if you get your family can handle well and loved gardening project together this year.

  "How to teach gardening skills to your kids"
Tiara work Auxier.

Some Yellow Symptoms disease on your Baby

Yellow Symptoms disease on Baby article photo

Pigment called bilirubin is a causative factor of baby yellow (jaundice) that must recognize and be aware. Actually, everyone has bilirubin in red blood cells. Every now and then the red blood cells will die and decompose them into the cells of bilirubin.

Normally the charge of outlining bilirubin is breathtaking, and then discharged through Chapter. When the baby is still in the womb, the heart of the mother who took the task of outlining the bilirubin in the baby's red blood cells. When a baby is born, his heart is not perfect for the development can not function properly. Result is a buildup of bilirubin which then cause yellowing of the skin baby.

Others are due to blood group incompatibility of mother and baby. Increased levels of bilirubin can be caused by excessive formation or the disruption expenses.
Jaundice in newborns can be a form of physiological and pathological. Which is pathological known as hyperbilirubinemia may lead to central nervous disorders or death.

Until now jaundice is still a problem in newborns, occurs sekitara 25% - 50% in infants born at term and even higher in infants born preterm. Examination of the presence of jaundice in young infants can be done at home and at the time of the visit of neonatal.

For inspection jaundiced at home is to bring a baby into the room that has a clear lighting or with fluorescent lamps. When the baby is classified as white skin, press your finger slowly-slowly to the forehead, chest, palms and soles of the feet. Then raise your hand and noticed there a tinge of yellow color on the baby's body is pressed earlier. When the baby's skin are all black, the most obvious can be researched on the gums or the white part of the eye area. While the examination in the clinic, the doctor will examine the child's health. Bilirubin levels had just moved on day 3 or 5 after birth. So whether your baby's bilirubin level is normal or not, the new note 3 or 5 days. To find out, needs to be done in the examination. Babies will take a little blood, usually at the end of the toe, then researched and examined in the laboratory.

It's important to know when jaundice arises, when disappears and the yellow part of the body to be seen. These three things must be known with certainty to classify jaundice correctly. In the case of blood group incompatibility of mother and baby, jaundice arising before the age of 3 days.

classification of jaundice
To classifies seen from the symptoms are:
Physiological jaundice (mild)
Yellow arise at age> 24 hours to <14 days
Yellow was not until the palms / soles
Physiological jaundice is harmless, handling dried baby every morning between the hours of 7-9 am over 30 - one hour. Increase the frequency of breast-feeding, a minimum of 8-12 times a day. When it is already quite breastfeeding, you should consider whether the baby really suck or just mengempeng alone. If there is a problem with breastfeeding perceived immediately consult a lactation clinic nearby. If symptoms still looked up to> 14 days immediately consult a physician.

Pathological jaundice (weight)
Yellow arise on the first day (<24 hours) after birth, or
Yellow discovered at the age of more than 14 days, or
Yellow to palms / soles of the feet, or
Pale stools

If not treated immediately, bilirubin levels continue to rise so that it can poison the brain, nerve damage that can cause defects such as deafness, stunted growth or cerebral palsy or can even cause death. If you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above consult your baby's physician.

Some Causes of Toddler can not walk in time yet

Some Causes of Toddler can not walk article photo

Normal conditions, age 12 months your child can walk. Although the ability to walk on every child is different. There are children who have a greater ability early, ie at the age of 8 months or some are more than 12 months. During the fair vulnerable age your child is not classified in the category of hard running. Whereas if your child has reached the age of 18 months and still can not walk then you should worry. Could your child have trouble walking?

At the age of 15-18 months is still within the normal time vulnerable if your child has trouble walking but if exceeding the age of 18 months should conduct tests to determine the interference experienced by the child. Generally associated with gross motor disorders that disrupt the balance so it's better to do since early stimulation before it's too late.

In the stage of motor development of each child is different. Even so important for parents to do the stimulation that can help in providing the basic stimulus in the motor development of children. The ability of children to walk begins with several stages which are prefixed ability at age 12-18 months who walk with the help or the child's ability to walk 5-15 minutes without assistance. Meanwhile, at the age of 18 to 24 months your child is able to walk without difficulty.

This causes the mother wondered why children at 18 months of age have not been able to walk, a lot of the causes of which are:

1. Nerve Problem
Motor movements in children is determined by the maturity of the nerve to regulate the movement. When your child is born is still undeveloped nerve in accordance with the function but optimal growth with appropriate stimulation will prepare kematang nerve to support the motor.

2. The balance is disturbed
Impaired balance can be caused by dysfunction of the child has sensory integration (DSI). This disorder is characterized by fear of children when such activities such as swimming, climbing toys sway or other activities. Even children have difficulty in holding his head while sitting, impaired while on the move, or awkward movements accompanied by a delay in activity.

3. Sensory Disorders
Delay running in children over the age of 18 years can be sensitive because aan experience in the feet or hands. In children with impaired sensitive then your child will have to walk on tiptoe or often experienced that generally fall while standing his age was able to walk and berlari.Anak which saw strong sensory issues can sometimes make you jittery and uncomfortable and often impaired to light and sound.

4. Psychological Obstacles
Children who do not megalami physical problems are likely to experience psychological problems associated with parenting, trauma or habits that children are not given stimulation. It is therefore imperative to make observations that can help monitor your child's motor development in advance of your parenting style to observe vulnerable time in accordance with the child's ability to develop motor movements.

Some Tips Overcoming Unruly Children

Unruly Children Articles photo

As a baby, the child is looked so adorable, the age of the range toddlers age 2-3 years they grow into a so awesome, has a curiosity that is so great that this behavior is not uncommon to make his father and his mother laughed grimly. With age, this little one into a unique person who has hopes and desires of its own and even this desire can not be in accordance with what is expected by the father and mother.

In some cases, the father and mother found her son a carefree and tractable suddenly turned into explosive personal, sentimental, dissidents, hyperactive, aggressive whiny and some other properties that are less favored. Here, the role and patience father and mother as a parent being tested.

But not to worry, we need to understand that the above properties is normal thing to happen in children. As adults are not always perfect, this little one is also sometimes can behave unpleasant and considered annoying. But the most important thing is to teach the limits of reasonableness in this little one is a mandatory task for a parent.

Causes of Unruly Child
If the mother's father found the little one who suddenly becomes angry, have a negative character and unruly, before rebuked him blindly, there is a good father and mother introspection first, is there a character that makes this little one feel less attention, frustrated or depressed. Because basically, the less attention the child will do anything to make it to the attention of his parents and the people around him. So do not be surprised when it was dikeramaian, then suddenly this little one became unruly and tend dissidents. In addition, the other reason is because the child is having problems in adapting to its environment. Or maybe it is typical of people who tend to be anti-social pulled himself from the environment.

When faced with an unruly child, scolding is not a smart solution to solve the problem. Instead, let the children continue to apply as such, because the father and mother are tired with his behavior, also not a wise move. As a parent, never mind the duty of educating children. In order to overcome the father and mother unruly child.

Here are smart tips to overcome them:

1. Perform Approach
When the fuss and unruly child, responded with loud and heat does not resolve the problem, otherwise the child will be even more fussy and difficult to manage. When this happens didean general, the father and mother would be less hassle. For that, do subtle approach and began to give him wise counsel, for he understands what he wants is not a good thing. keep consistency father and mother, as for example when he wants ice cream, after his father and mother forbade him to say no, then keep up this little one under. That way the child will be getting used and according to the words of the mother's father.

2. Shows Strong Commitment
In addition to the consistency needs to be maintained, strong determination is also necessary to point out. When faced with a difficult fight that moved at this little one, parents should always show a strong determination. This is important, because when we mneyerah, although not say, children will be able to know whether they can win or not. With strong determination you must have the internal strength to keep this little one of the things that are bad for him. Children should be able to see the determination and inner strength to straighten parents when they are wrong and to know that you do so on the basis of compassion.

3. Create Special Regulations
Other smart tips that can be father and mother to do is to create special rules that have been discussed in advance with the little one. This regulation would have consequences for the child tries to avoid the mischievous deeds. The more the father and mother patiently then children will be more easily controlled. And do not forget to enact regulations that have been made to keep this little one considering the limitations. In addition, always give him the award when he was doing good things is by giving praise.

Some Tips to Educate Children from Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

It is important to educate our children to avoid sexual harassment. Here are some tips that concerns us:

1. Distinguish the body that may be touched and not
From now on, you can take a piece of paper with the full body of the shoulders, head, shoulders, knees, feet so on.

Next, provide a marker or a few pieces of paper in red and green. Red paper is used for body parts that should not be touched. Instead, the green paper is a part of the body that can be touched others.

To be exciting, you can apply this way while playing. For example, tell your child to stick red paper or mark the body part that he is not comfortable to the touch using the red marker. Whatever alasnnya, grant the child to answer.

Next, ask the children to mark the parts of the body may touch other people. For example, in the hand to shake hands.

If the Son of red marks on the lips and so on, it's okay. Because by doing so, he will be aware of the body that he felt comfortable and did not. If still not in accordance with the values in the family or culture, especially with the genitals, that is where you give sex education to your child.

Sex education itself, can be done by saying something like, "Son if here, in part panties, this is a red triangle, a private area that should not be allowed to touch anyone. Anyone. Even touching mama, mama will help to pee."

2. Independent in toilet
In addition to teaching about the anatomy that should and should not be touched. Also advised parents to teach their children to lock the door to the toilet.

You can encourage and teach locked in toilet school or shopping so she felt safe during defecation. With this little thing, the child will learn part of sex education.

3. Recognize the false alarm
His name is also the children. Sometimes he says, he does not like to be touched in certain parts. But we can say, it is only in the hands. It's called false alarms. When that time came and reported child, let that because when a child has the courage to report it means he will already be aware of his body.

Characteristics Girls with ADHD

ADHD photo

ADHD has three main symptoms, ie the behavior of hyperactive, impulsive, and less able to focus attention (attention easily distracted). Boys usually have two first symptoms, while girls are more often experience symptoms third. Therefore, ADHD in females usually only known at the time the child is not able to start working on school assignments more complicated during the junior high school  or secondary school (high school); or when the child began to experience depression.

However, many other diseases that also have the same symptoms with ADHD, such as dyslexia or other psychological disorders. This requires further examination by a physician to determine whether your child really have ADHD or not. Early diagnosis and treatment can help the child as soon as your child's life will be.


Hate to Go to School
If your child seems afraid or do not like to go to school, it can be one sign of ADHD. You may be able to ask your child what the cause they do not want to go to school and consult with your doctor.

Feeling Needy or Less Confident
If your child is often said that he is not able or not able to do anything right, it shows his confidence is lacking. It may be one of the signs of ADHD is more common in girls.

Impaired Social Interaction
This was apparent at the time your child has a friend or a difficulty to make friends. Children usually be dominant and bossy or even not get along at all because he felt he did not fit with the surrounding environment.

Difficulty Tasks
Usually your child really needs help in doing the task or require supervision to be able to concentrate on doing something.

ADHD Girls photo

Often taken to task Teachers in Schools
Usually you will often get reports from the teachers at your child's school that your child is often less paying attention in class, or homework, or attention easily distracted while working on a task.

(diverse sources)

* ADHD = attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Tips on How to Treat Hyperactive Children

ADHD photo

1. Tell On Your Child
It is important that you should know and tell your child is that ADHD is not a disease and not the fault of your child. ADHD is a brain disorder that causes a child is hard and difficult bekonsentrasi complete a task.

By telling you this, then your child may be able to accept the situation and no longer complain when I had to take medicine every day.

2. Do not Let Children Be Lazy
Although children with ADHD do require a longer time to do a task or learning, do not make it as a reason for you and your child can make it lazy. Continue to encourage your child to learn to be responsible about the things that it has become a duty.

3. Make Rules and Award
Make a rule that expressly and give praise or even a gift to your child when he or she can accomplish certain tasks can make it more vibrant and confident. Do not make the rules are too strict and rigid which can make your child become depressed and stressed. It can actually worsen the situation and this also may affect your emotions.

4. Growing Confidence In Children
Help your child to be more confident. The trick is to help them complete the task (not that you are doing it, you just need to assist and help in their time of trouble doing his job) and tell them that even though they are slightly different from the other kids does not mean they can not be a successful person.

5. Never Too Protecting Children
Every parent would want to always protect her, both when you were little kids or when they have grown up. However, too protect children, especially children with ADHD can make them unable to live independently and continue to rely on you. photo

Help your child to learn to be more independent so that they can do things without the help of others and solve their own problems. You only need to monitor and support your child from behind the screen.

Source: WebMD

* ADHD = attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Tips on How to Have Pets Under Age Children

The presence of pets in the midst of the family would bring its own nuances that are more different. Especially for children, at the age of still so small, having a pet seems to be a separate companion for children. Children this age tend to be so happy to play with pets.
In addition, a study explains that have pets at home can teach children a sense of responsibility. Children with pets generally grows with a sense of responsibility and compassion for others in adulthood. Because, generally animals need love and attention every time. They rely on humans to eat, to play, and so forth. Children who are active in raising their pets can grow into a more empathetic and affection so great for others.

But behind it all, should be more wise to choose a pet before deciding to first consider a few things in order to avoid harm to animals reared or members of your family. Moreover, if the baby is still very small, do not let the idea of having a pet can harm your baby or pet you have.

Well, here are some tips to have a pet in accordance with the age of the child.

In the age of the baby, they generally do not have the ability to hold and be careful on the pet. So if you have pets when your child is just born, so be careful not to till the beloved baby injured by pets.

At this age, your baby are very actively engaged. Curiosity and annoyance against foreign objects including pets may be so menggebunya. So therefore, do not let your child also holds a beloved pet eat. Even if your pet animal is a fish in the aquarium, it helps keep your child jangakauan of these places.

Above Child Age 3-5 Years
At the age of 3 to 5 years, children begin to learn to communicate and begin to have empathy. So when you have pets at the age of the child has been stepped on 3 to 5 years you can teach your child to keep animals and feeding pets. Your little one will certainly enjoys the activities of this one, so do not hesitate to involve your child in this activity.

Above the age of 5 years
Now, entering the age of children over 5 years and over, children have started to show non konsistenannya. They will start liking maintain various pet animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits small fish up premises. In addition, this age the child will begin to be interested clean the cage, drain water and feeding pets. Just make sure if the mother is always watching and children wash their hands to keep them hygienic.

Well, so it is not too hard not determine when the baby we should keep pets? Only the important points that should be given to the little one is the understanding that having a pet requires a great responsibility.

Some Ingredients That Can Help Intelligence Kids

Although the child's intelligence is influenced by internal factors are genetic but several external factors including physical activity, stimulation, nutrition and health also play a role. So for you as a parent if it can assist in providing the best nutrition to stimulate children's intelligence.

Here are 9 of food for the intelligence of children, namely:

1. Salmon
Fish that contain fats such as salmon is the best source of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA are both important in the growth and development of your child's brain function. Research shows that children who get the intake of omega-3 fatty acids have the ability to think more sharply. According to experts, although tuna contain omega-3 fatty acids, but the salmon more omega 3 than tuna.

2. Eggs
Eggs are an important source of protein which is known relatively cheap and the price is quite affordable. Egg yolks contain choline proven, a substance that can help the development of memory. You can provide this type of variation in the processed egg to add to your child's appetite.

3. Peanut butter
Peanuts and peanut butter are one source of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that can protect the nerve cell membrane. The content of thiamin and vitamin E helps the brain and nervous system in use glucose for energy needed by the body shape

4. Whole grains
The brain requires glucose supply of the body that are constant so that the grain can support the needs of your body with fiber resulting from its seeds. Fiber found in whole grains will help to regulate the release of glucose in the body. Vitamin B contained in wheat will keep the nervous system to remain healthy functioning.

5. Oats / Oatmeal
Oats are one of the most popular cereals among children and rich in essential nutrients for the brain. Oats are able to provide energy to the brain much needed children, oatmeal is very appropriate if taken in the morning .Kandungan fiber in oats or oatmeal able to keep your child's health and intelligence. Oats are also a good source of vitamin E, vitamin B, zinc and potassium which makes the body and brain function to function optimally.

6. Type Fruit
In general, strong colors contained in cherry, blackberry, strawberry and blueberry contains adequate nutrients to the intelligence of children. Berries fruit group contains high levels of antioxidants, especially vitamin C is capable menangka cancer-causing free radicals. Several studies have shown the content of strawberry and blueberry extract was able to improve the functioning of ingata. Besides the seeds of berries are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are needed in brain health, especially intelligence.

7. Nuts
Peanut is special because food snacks of nuts have the energy derived from protein and complex carbohydrates. In addition, nuts contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. Nuts are a good food for your child's brain can sustain due to energy and also the ability to think. According to the research, red beans contain more omega-3 than other nuts, especially ALA - the type of omega-3 fatty asan important for growth and brain function.

8. colored vegetables
Tomatoes, red sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, spinach is a vegetable that is rich in nutrients and antioxidants that will keep brain cells healthy. Consuming a variation of vegetables is very important for health despite the fact that children do not like vegetables, for that you can create from raw material processed vegetable snacks.

9. Milk and Yogurt
Foods derived from dairy products contain high protein and vitamin B content of protein and B vitamins are essential nutrients in perumbuhan brain tissue and also enzymes. Consuming milk, processed milk or yogurt can make the stomach survive from hunger because of the content of protein and carbohydrates as well as a source of energy for your child's brain. The study found that children and teens need more vitamin D even 10 times the recommended dose. Vitamin D is a vitamin which is also important for muscle and nervous system life cycle of human cells as a whole.

Gingivitis can be Prevented In Children

When accompany your child to brush your teeth, if you see blood on the toothbrush? Be careful. She may be experiencing chronic marginal gingivitis or gum inflammation that often found in children. The symptoms are changes in color, size, consistency, and shape of the surface of the gums.

In general, chronic marginal gingivitis is caused by the buildup of plaque and bacteria on the teeth for a long time. If not cleaned, plaque will harden into tartar. The bacteria then multiply in plaque and begin to irritate the gums, known as the gingiva.

Patients with chronic marginal gingivitis rarely feel pain or pain that this has become the main reason of chronic gingivitis received less attention. When gingivitis is left, it can cause inflammation of the tissue around the worse.

To cope with gingivitis, teach your child to practice some of the following actions:

Diligent Brushing
Good brushing twice a day is the morning after meals and at night before bed. This will prevent gingivitis and keep the mouth healthy. Brush teeth from the gums to the teeth so that the area near the gum line or a meeting between the teeth and gums were attached plaque can also brushed

Visit to Dentist
Visit the dentist at least every six months to clean tartar and get the examination and thorough dental care.

Expand to eat fruit and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables can stimulate the production of saliva, which is useful because it has a self-cleansing effect on the plaque which is the major cause of gum disease.

To help maintain healthy gums, for children over 6 years old can use toothpaste that contains Zinc Citrate which serve to protect the mouth of bacteria and plaque for 24 hours and maintain healthy gums. Make sure, that you use toothpaste containing vitamin E, an antioxidant that may protect against free radicals.

Common Mistakes Parents in Educating Children

Being a parent is not a trivial thing. And can not be said as an easy thing. And to add to the difficulty, there is no school to become a parent in this world. Then how can we be good parents for our sons and daughters? There are no specific guidelines. The most basic to become parents we must love our children. But sometimes without us knowing it, because of the love that we are stuck in some "mistakes" that if not immediately realized will result in no better in the future. I am not an expert in terms of being a parent, but let me share a few things I learned from what I saw and experienced.

• Obeying all the willingness of children
The first mistake that is often made accidentally by the parents is a willingness to obey all children. Can not be too blame, too, because it is triggered by the love of parents for their children. But beware, not all the child wants good for the child. We must be able to distinguish between what is needed with what they want the child. And if a child is familiar or accustomed to getting what he wants, he will grow into a spoiled, and did not appreciate the hard work, and self-centered.

• Doing all things for kids
Have you ever seen a child aged 7 years and still have to be fed every meal? I never, often instead. And it makes me wonder, is it a good thing or just the opposite. Nothing wrong with us as parents to make sure our children get all the help he needed, but be careful not to help us make our children become independent. It is necessary for us to teach independence to children early on. Not that we make it work beyond their means. Independence makes a child become a person who does not always depend on others. It also will shape it into a creative individual. Simple things like learning to feed himself, wearing his own shoes, or even pick up his toys alone is a good thing to be taught as a beginning.

• Boasts a child with excessive
If not careful this will lead to arrogance that without us knowing it could give excessive pressure to the child. There is nothing wrong with a sense of pride in our children. What parent is not happy when his son managed to achieve something. But do not, to borrow a phrase my friend, we make the child window displays. Many of us without us knowing not get caught up in all the children because we sincerely proud of their achievement, but more because of our ego is not willing to lose the others. A child's mother was a good swimmer, my son also had to swim champion. Mrs. B and her son good at playing the piano, my child must be proficient piano, so roughly example depiction. Sincerely appreciate and take pride for every simple thing to achieve our children. Even if your child does not get any achievement, sincere pride in the efforts that he gave. Good and sincere compliments very well for the development of the child's self-confidence. otherwise excessive praise, which is due to a sense not to be outdone by others, it will make a depressed child.

• Too protective
It is the responsibility of parents ensure the safety and health of the child is always awake. But also do not forget, our children need to thrive and have the courage to try new things. Sometimes because of our affection, we unconsciously too far in protecting children. even not at all allow children to play outdoors. Or forbid children to try this and it's because of fear of a child is injured or ill. In fact, basically children already have natural immunity, and that immunity will be more fragile if rarely used. Another result, our children will become timid and did not dare to try new things. He will get used to fear because subconsciously we fear for his safety affect kepriibadiannya. Let the children to try new things and grow as long as it does not exceed the limit.

• Making "for the children" as the reason
This is the reason that I often hear. Even to things that really do not want children. Yes, as parents, we have to do anything for the sake of the child. But think again with a more thoughtful, really what we are doing is good for the child. Many parents who work without knowing the time, to not have time to mingle and listen to the child, and at the end say that it's all for the sake of the child. Is it true that the child need? No one denies that raising children requires a lot of cost. Not to mention for their educational expenses. But who do not let it take the most significant things that belong to you as a parent, that accompanied him to grow, there with him in every development. That is your right, and the rights of your children as well, in addition to the fulfillment of all kebutuhnnya. I was not raised on the family materially abundant. But I remember every moment of my life, where my father was always there for me, until now. Both in good times, when my achievement of something, or when I am angry and sad. Another thing is to force the child to obey our wishes, again with the reason for the good of the child. Good that we desire to be obeyed child is important and he should do. But it would be very unfair if it is only because of our ego as a parent. Such as forcing a child to participate in an activity that is not a talent he is, what happened, instead of being proficient, that there are many quarrels and dissent, even if the child is finally in, it will not be effective.

Again, no one said that being a parent was easy. But believe me it is a great blessing that God has entrusted to us. There will be many blissful moment, as much as the current challenges, we are going to get.

Some Adverse effects of divorce on children

In this modern era, divorce seems to have become a common phenomenon in marriage. In this case, children who eventually become victims. Parting was not just leave the wound in the hearts of children, but also mental problems, including depression and stress. Well, here are five common effects of divorce on children, especially those who are still young age. Let's look together!

1. Depression
Depression is one of the most common symptoms seen in children, when their parents split up. Children will begin to isolate themselves in their world and away from things that are usually done by children their age. He did it because he could not accept the divorce.

2. Prone to violent behavior
This behavior arises because the child begins to feel as if he was deceived by his parents. In addition, he is also doing that to attract the attention of both parents. He hopes that what he did could return to unite his family.

3. Difficult focus
Divorce adversely affect children's performance, especially for his achievements in school. That is because he kept thinking about his parents' divorce, so she can not focus on anything else. If left unchecked, the child's achievement will continue to decline and even destroyed.

4. Loss of respect
This often occurs in children who grew up or were teenagers. Divorce it makes them lose their respect for the elderly. They even dare to blame their parents, as assessed had ruined their lives. In addition, children are also often used as a joke in school because parents divorce. As a result, the child was venting all his anger to his parents.

Most children who are victims of divorce decide (or forced) to choose the wrong path, including drug and alcohol abuse, sexual harassment, and other bad things. They sometimes do it as a form of escape to reality.

Here are five bad effects of divorce on children. Although not all children fall into the wrong path because of divorce, parents should be more careful in giving sense to the child. If divorce becomes the only way to trouble you, think about what will happen in the future child.

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