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Some Health Benefits of Celery

Health Benefits of Celery articles photo

Eating celery soup without it feels like there are less so. Pieces of fresh celery can indeed give aroma to both the cuisine.

In addition, water and fiber-rich celery and is considered as the plant that gives a tremendous impact on health. Reporting from The Times of India, Friday (02/13/2015) following eight benefits of celery for the body.

1. Celery has the property to reduce blood pressure. The content in it helps relax the muscles arteries so that blood vessels dilate. In addition, it can also reduce stress hormones.

2. Helps calm and soothe the mind of stress. Celery additional food on the menu at night can help you sleep better.

3. As noted above, celery is rich in fiber which is good to help make the stomach full longer so easy weight down.

4. Supplementary celery in cooking can make digestion so smoothly. This is because celery contains water and fiber to make CHAPTER so regularly.

5. Research shows that eating two celery stalks every day can help reduce LDL cholesterol by seven points.

6. Not only carrots are good for the eyes, celery too. Requirement of Vitamin A per day can be obtained from the stalks of celery.

7. Increase your sex drive.

8. Celery including vegetables that are rich in carbohydrates that do not contain sugar but rich in nutrients.


Tips to Recognize Fresh Broccoli

How to know fresh Broccoli photo

Broccoli is usually able to last approximately one week. However, recognize some of the signs before buying broccoli to know if it is still suitable for consumption.
Broccoli is a green vegetable that is widely consumed as good nutrition for the body. These vegetables are suitable cooked anything, either eaten raw, steamed, fried, baked and even.

As reported by eHow, Wednesday (21/01/2015), here are some tips to recognize broccoli are still of good quality.

Smell the aroma
Place the broccoli in the near nose and inhale deeply. Might be a distinctive smell of broccoli. If the smell was pungent and unpleasant, it is better not to be consumed.

How to know it can also put broccoli in the fridge. Wait a moment, if it smells bad, spread, and sharp, it indicates broccoli that you buy is not fresh.

press stalk
Try hitting the broccoli stalk with two fingers. Broccoli is still of good quality, the stalk feels solid when pressed.

Fresh broccoli should be dark green. If it starts to turn yellow or green color fading, do not be consumed. Nutritional content is definitely reduced.


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Some Benefits of Papaya Leaf

Papaya Leaf vegetables

Papaya is one of the fruits that are familiar to the people of Indonesia. It tastes good, either consumed directly or processed first, make a lot of people liked it.
Because of the taste, the fruit that comes from mainland South America and Mexico is preferable than the other parts, such as leaves. In fact, papaya so is good for health.

Indeed, the bitter taste will directly attack our tongue so papaya consumed. But, behind the bitter taste, papaya contains several active compounds that have a good effect for the body, such as vitamin B1, A and C.

Here are some of the benefits of papaya leaves as reported OMTimes, Monday (26/01/2015).

1. Prevent Cancer
The researchers found that the white sap called milky white latex on leaf stems can be developed as an anticancer drug. Therefore, the sap was able to prevent and kill cancer cells containing acetogeninnya.

2. Fix the digestive tract
Eating papaya can also aid digestion. This can occur because of the presence of substances in the leaves of papaya Karpin. Karpain leaves alone can eradicate evil mikroorganime that interfere with digestion.

3. Drug dengue
Papaya leaves are very good to eat those who are experiencing dengue fever. How to use it, mix 5 papaya leaves, ginger, meniran and brown sugar. Boil all until cooked, then let cool before drinking.

4. Control blood pressure
To control blood pressure, you can eat boiled papaya leaves. Way, take 5 papaya leaves, boiled in half a liter of water. Then, let the water evaporate down to about 3/4. After a cold, drink. You can also add brown sugar or honey if it tasted very bitter.

5. Caring for hair
Papaya leaves also can strengthen the hair shaft and ward off problems such as baldness, hair loss and dandruff. How to use it, mashed papaya and apply on the scalp until evenly distributed.

6. Anti painful menstruation
The women, if you're menstruating, try to drink water boiled papaya leaves. By doing this regularly, then you will not be too menstrual pain.


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One leaf in question is the papaya. Here are some health benefits of papaya leaves.

Cure dengue. The trick, 5 boiled papaya leaves with 3 cups of water. Boil up into a glass of water.

Relieve menstrual pain. The trick, of the leaves of papaya, tamarind, and salt to taste, Mix all ingredients,
boiled until cooked, drink while still warm.

facilitate digestion

Anti-acne mask. The trick, dried papaya leaves, crushed and mixed with water. Stir, and wipe his face.
Appetite enhancer

Facilitate breastfeeding. The trick, 3 leaves of papaya are still young, squeeze the leaves put on fire. Then paste in the breast.

If you want to make a side dish, so that is not too bitter vegetable, cooked boiled before first use less land. After a bit mushy new season

good luck

Vegetables It Can Cause Your Skin Color Changed

Of course we all agree that the vegetables are natural foods that are necessary and very good for health. We can not deny it, but from the few vegetables that is it can cause strange side effects and perhaps we are required to not eat too much against the vegetables.

The following five kinds of vegetables have the effect of weird effects like changing the color and smell of urine and can also change the color of your skin.

1. Carrots
Carrots are one of the types of vegetables that contain carotenoids. Carrots are also an important part as a meal replacement diet because it can protect the skin from sun exposure and keep skin healthy.

However, if consumed in excess, it can change the color of carrots your skin to orange so it makes you look weird. This condition is called with carotenemia. These conditions are most widely experienced by young children who often consume excessive orange vegetables.

2. Bit or Beetroot
These vegetables are not very popular but if you consume too much, the content of which is in the vegetable bits can change the color of urine to red. These conditions are referred to as Bituria caused by some kind of pigment named betalain who consumed too much in the body.

3. Tomatoes
Tomatoes are able to change the color of your skin looks beautiful orange enchanting, this is due to the content of the pigment known as lycopene in tomatoes. But if you eat tomatoes in large numbers, chances are you will experience an overdose of vitamin C for the body to process a maximum of 2000 mg per day and a healthy amount suggested to be 80 mg of Vitamin C.

4. Asparagus
Did you turn out to consume asparagus can turn urine scent you smell. Even 15 minutes after you eat it, your urine will have a strong smell and sharp. This is caused by compounds called methanethiol. As long as our bodies process Asparagus, our body will release sulfur amino acids and when urinating chemicals will through the air and blown by your nose.

5. Pumpkin
Cut raw pumpkin Cucurbita moschata can cause dermatitis. The scientific name is Cucurbita moschata pumpkin. Cucurbita moschata dermatitis are side effects in some people because they cut the pumpkin without protective hand so that the skin of their hands to dry, rough and tight. Then cracked and megelupas later.


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