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US Marine Practicing Use Kalashnikov before Sent to Afghanistan

US Marines will return to Helmand province, Afghanistan this spring to advisory missions. This means it will put them back in the middle of a fight between the Taliban and the Afghan National Security Forces.

US Marine

As part of the preparation for the mission, about 300 US Marines to be sent to the Task Force Southwest exercise by using a number of weapons that many people use Afghanistan.

On January 17, 2017 and the Marines practiced shooting with two guns of the Soviet era the legendary Kalashnikov weapons: a general-purpose machine gun PK and AK-47 assault rifles.

Marines train with a machine gun PK / USMC.
Sgt. Lucas Hopkins of the II Marine Expeditionary Force in the release notes this weapon is used both by the army and the Taliban so Afghanistan is important for the Marines to understand and be able to use them.

"We want the Marines to familiarize themselves with their weapons," said Staff Sgt. Patrick R. Scott, head of foreign weapons instructor Marine Corps Security Cooperation Group.

Before the Marines are sent they will also receive intensive training about the culture of Afghanistan, including military culture.

An open letter from little girl from Aleppo to Donald Trump

Bana Alabed, a seven year old girl from Aleppo, Syria, wrote an open letter to the President of the United States Donald Trump.

little girl of Aleppo

"You have to do something for the kids Syria because they like your children who deserve peace," he wrote.

Name of previous Bana became famous for booms on his Twitter account about the condition of his house in Aleppo.

His Twitter account became famous because of messages he poured from the east besieged Aleppo.

Bana and his family managed to get out of Aleppo last December, in an effort to mass evacuations. He now lives in Turkey.

Bana's mother, Fatemah which helped run a Twitter account, sends the text of the letter to the BBC.

He said Bana wrote a few days before the inauguration of President Trump, because she had been repeatedly viewed Trump on television.

The following is a letter written Bana Alabed for President Donald Trump.

Dear Donald Trump,

My name Bana Alabed. I was a little girl seven years old Syrian from Aleppo.

I spent my whole life in Syria, before leaving the territory of eastern Aleppo under siege in December last year.

I was part of Syrian children who suffer as a result of the Syrian war.

But now, I find great peace in my new home in Turkey.

In Aleppo, when I was in school, the building destroyed by the bombing. Some of my friends died.

I am very sad and wish they could play with me today.

In Aleppo I could not play: it was a ghost town.

Now that I was in Turkey, I can go out and enjoy it.

I can go to school even though I can not yet. That is why peace is important for everyone, including you.

However, millions of children Syria does not like me now, and they are still suffering in many parts of Syria. They suffer because adults.

I know you will be President of the United States, so you can save children and the Syrian people?

You have to do something for the kids Syria because they like your children who deserve peace.

If you promise you will do something for the children of Syria, I have become your new friends.

I'm waiting to see what you will do to the children of Syria.

The Turkish government where Bana and his family now live, to support the Syrian opposition. However, the position of President Trump is unclear.

The US president has repeatedly stressed his desire to strengthen relations with Russia, and supported by President Vladimir Putin.

While Russia is supporting the Syrian President Assad in Syria.

During the campaign, he talked about cutting off aid to the rebel group, -but recently, he also spoke of the need for 'safe zone' for Syria, which will help the rebel forces.

Meanwhile Iran, Russia, and Turkey jointly pledged to impose a ceasefire for three weeks in Syria, in the middle of peace talks.

However, without the consent of the Assad government or rebel forces, it is not clear how an agreement could be reached.


North Korea Ready to Release nuclear bomb to Los Angeles if ...

North Korea Bomb
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un witnessed the launch of a ballistic missile from a submarine in waters near Sinpo, in the northeast of the country. The US military claimed this photo is fake photos that are engineered for the sake of propaganda.

One of the most senior North Korean defectors, said Kim Jong Un could fire a nuclear bomb to Los Angeles if the government feels threatened.

It is delivered Thae Yong Ho, a former deputy North Korean ambassador in London in the event Victorua Derbyshire Show, which was broadcast by the BBC.

When asked whether Kim Jong Un will continue to do so despite knowing the US attack would mean the destruction of his country, Yong Ho just said yes.

Previously, Thae Yong Ho said Kim Jong Un's regime will try to complete the development of nuclear weapons by the end of 2017.

"Kim will not stop even though he promised trillions of dollars to halt its nuclear program," said Thae Yong Ho.

"Kim Jong Un know very well that the only nuclear weapons that guarantee the rule. If you feel would lose power, he will do it," said Thae.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump has announced the development of a defense system to fend off Iran and North Korea.

Trump Stop Visa for citizens of seven Muslim countries

                                                                                                         SAUL LOEB / AFP
US President Donald Trump showed US executive orders issued from the trans-Pacific partnership (TPP). This decree was signed Trump in the Oval Office, Monday (01/23/2017)

Trump: It's Not for Isolating Muslims ...
President of the United States Donald Trump held an interview with ABC News on Wednesday evening local time.
In one part of the interview, Trump admitted, plans to restrict Muslim citizens entering the United States is important.
Therefore, the world is currently in a state of upheaval.
"This is not to isolate Muslims. However, these countries have tremendous potential for terror," Trump said, as quoted by AFP.
"Therefore, the citizens of these countries, who want to enter into the US, cause we became threatened with terror," he continued.
However, Trump declined to say which countries are included in the list.
He just said, Europe has made a big mistake by allowing millions of refugees to their land. For example, Germany and other countries in Europe.
Trump then describe it as a disaster condition.
mad world
The policy was then begs the question, if Trump is not afraid angered Muslims around the world?
"Angry? Currently, there are already so many anger. How can you tell it to grow?" Trump replied.
"The world is chaotic now. The world is filled with anger. So, whether this policy will cause little anger again?" he continued.
Trump then promised to enforce tough policies to those who try to enter the United States from certain countries.
"I mean, extreme measures," he said.
"We will not allow people to enter the US if we think people were just gave birth to a problem here," said Trump.
Termination rate of refugee and visa
Previously reported, Trump reportedly stop the US refugee program for the next four months.
In addition, Trump also called going to stop visas for citizens of seven Muslim countries.
The draft executive order was published daily the Washington Post and New York Times.
In the draft it is called, suspension for refugees from war zones in Syria carried out indefinitely.
Meanwhile, in general, the refugee program was suspended for 120 days, in line with the efforts of the US government detailing the list of low-risk countries.
Furthermore, all visa applications from countries with terrorist threats will be stopped until the next 30 days.
The seven countries that are Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen.
Meanwhile, the Pentagon will have 90 days to draw up a plan on establishing "safe zone" in or dekatSuriah, where refugees from the civil war could take shelter.
It is not clear whether the draft is published it is the final version. There is also mentioned when Trump signed that provision.
Nevertheless, this is part of the realization of a campaign promise

Trump could forget that America is great because pluralism and openness in all areas. If the Americans shut down means limiting the progress that has been achieved so far. Including plans for him to build a parapet with Mexico.

World Doomsday February 16, 2017 And we are not aware

NASA information

We do not all realize and immersed in a routine and natural mind of each of us that there will be a very big danger will destroy this world. Where is the media?

Earlier this year, the US space agency (NASA) to detect a mysterious object that is approaching the solar system. The institute predicts if the object is only going across the Earth alone. So it will not be harmful to humans.

But that opinion is disputed by a Russian astronomy, Dyomin said Damir Zakharovich that NASA claims it wrong.

According Zakharovich, the object will hit the Earth. The reason, the object was part of a deadly mysterious planet, which is known by Nibiru.

Earlier, a group of Mysterious Universe says that on 16 February there was a giant space rock will hit the Earth. And is expected to make our planet and its contents destroyed.

This was reinforced by predictions Zakharovich that said if he had seen the actual data about the mysterious object that is part of Nibiru.

"NASA lie. No way they do not know about the truth. We have looked at the data," he said.

Zakharovich added if the object is referred to by NASA as WF9 has left the system in October lalau Nibiru. At the time of Nibiru rotates counter-clockwise around the sun.

"Since then, NASA has been realized that the object was going to hit the Earth. But they just say to people now," he added.

According Zakharovich, this is only early signs of how the damage inflicted when Nibiru hit the Earth. NASA, said Zacharovich, just say about the impact zone.

"But I do not think like that. We are all going to perish," he said.

There is a Global Conspiracy

Zakharovich sure there is a global conspiracy masterminded Russian and Western leaders to keep the meetings where Nibiru.

"The object is larger than that spelled out by NASA. Our preliminary data showed a 2.2-kilometer-wide asteroid will easily fit into the Earth's atmosphere without burning all," said Zakharovich.

disastrous world
     2012 movie

He claims the object of that size is able to destroy a city or cause a tsunami is very large. After that Nibiru itself that came after, destroying the entire planet.

Prior to this, NASA detects an object named 2016 WF9 through NEOWISE project on November 27, 2016 last. Then, in 2016 WF9 will approach Earth's orbit on February 25, 2017.

It could be what we strive for this will be in vain.
Then the best we can do good and always think positive in our lives


NSA SECRET List Leaked by Edward Snowden

At the start in 2014 yesterday, Edward Snowden became the figure most 'scary' for the government United States (US), in particular intelligence agency the National Security Agency (NSA). Yes, Snowden which originally was one of the NSA agent, turned towards betray his agency --dan may negaranya-- by leaking confidential documents belonging to the NSA to the public.

And the results of various operations 'dirty' does the NSA regarding the privacy of Internet users data breaches and telecommunications world is revealed.

Maybe a lot of people who think Snowden is a hero for exposing rotten NSA action. But not a few who assess Snowden is a traitor who defected from the US.

Now the whistle-blower supposedly hiding in Germany from the US pursuit. Until now he gradually keep leaking confidential documents NSA via media Germany, Der Spiegel.

Here are the 10 biggest secret NSA ever leaked by Snowden as reported by Mashable page:

1. Tapping a phone call US society
Snowden secret documents revealed that the NSA has permission from the US courts that allow them to tap a phone conversation the entire US citizens without exception. Verizon, as one of the largest mobile operator in the US is known as a party to provide these intercepts network. However, over the time, it was not just Verizon, almost all US mobile operators 'forced' in cooperation with the NSA.

2. Operation PRISM
In addition to tapping the phone conversation, the NSA was known to launch secret operations coded passwords 'PRISM'. PRISM is a US government program that allows the NSA to tap and access the server a number of major US technology companies, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and many more.

3. Uncover the secret GCHQ
Not only reveal 'ulcer' NSA, Snowden also reveal reprehensible actions of the British intelligence agency, Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ). According to leaked documents Snowden, GCHQ also run operations like the NSA wiretapping. They even mentioned the internet to tap fiber optic network throughout the world. GCHQ also share intelligence data with the NSA.

4. NSA spying on the country's leaders
NSA mentioned around 122 phone tapping head of state. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff, a former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, and President of Indonesia Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) is also a victim of the NSA wiretapping.

5. Operation XKeyscore
This is probably the most horrific operation ever undertaken by the NSA. XKeyscore is a software tool that created the NSA to search, investigate, and access any users are doing and in cyberspace. With XKeyscore, NSA can see whatever they want to see on the internet.

6. NSA tried to break the encryption
Many internet-based service providers to secure their services by using the encryption code. It is reportedly difficult for the NSA to collect confidential data they want. And the way out is taken NSA is hacking. NSA pave various computing security system, both private and companies to obtain confidential data they want.

7. professional hacker group NSA revealed
NSA mentioned have a special group of hackers codenamed Tailored Access Operations (TAO). TAO hacker group tasked to pave all of the computers in the world according to the needs of the NSA.

8. NSA data center hack Google and Yahoo
PRISM Operations not informed in accordance with the expectations of the NSA. Then the NSA was 'rough play' with Google's data center hack and Yahoo. They reportedly work with people in the company to perform this action.

9. The NSA intercepts SMS messages
Not only communication via the internet who want controlled by the NSA. They also reportedly intercepted cellular communication via SMS messages. In a leaked document Snowden said that the NSA collects around more than 200 thousand SMS messages per day.

10. NSA hinder communication between countries
NSA mentioned block and store a variety of data between countries call suspected phone can work together to threaten US security. One is a data telecom conducted by Afghanistan and the Bahamas. This operation was given a passcode MYSTIC.


The latest Forbes reports reveal that many of the billionaire as a family legacy

The billionaire as a family legacy report
The billionaire as a family legacy -

Forbes released the list of names of the richest billionaires in the world for the 29th time. Only people who have a wealth of over US $ 1 billion that could join the most elite circles as the world's richest billionaires.

Citing the Forbes website on Wednesday (04/03/2015), was not all millionaires managed to get his wealth by working hard and exhausting. Forbes found the 230 billionaires who have a lot of wealth by inheritance alone.

Lina Maria Aguiar and Lia Maria Aguiar are two millionaires who became rich by inheritance family banking firm. Each has assets of US $ 1.5 billion and US $ 1.2 billion.

Even so, the soul businessman looks still smoldering among the world's richest billionaires. A total of 1,191 billionaires world record became wealthy due to build a business and the business itself.

But not all billionaires are getting inheritance not working. Forbes noted, as many as 405 other billionaires are still in business for myself for the sake of increasing their wealth despite having inherited.

To calculate the total wealth of billionaires, Forbes team to enter the number of shares in state and private companies, real estate, yachts, artwork, and debt estimates.

In the list of the world's richest billionaires, Forbes did not include members of the royal family, the dictator, as well as wealthy families who divide the kingdom or a person who has full power in the country.


From 1 April, the Palestinian can Dragged Israeli military officials To International Courts

Palestinian International Justice Right Articles photo

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday (6/1), to make sure the Palestinians will be accepted as a member of the International Criminal Court (ICC) as of 1 April.
With such status, the Palestinians could drag Israeli military officials to an international tribunal on charges of war crimes.

Palestine insert documents ratified the Rome Statute, the ICC treaty formation, as the last stage receives international war crimes court's jurisdiction.
In a statement on the official website of the UN Pact (, Tuesday (6/1), the UN Secretary General announced that it has received the documents by stating that " the Statute shall apply to the Palestinian state on 1 April 2015 " according to the procedure of the ICC. Ban Ki-moon said "he was acting in the capacity as guard" the instrument of ratification.

Document Palestine joining ICC President Mahmoud Abbas signed a day after the UN Security Council resolution rejecting the establishment of a Palestinian state, December 30. Join the ICC is part of the Palestinian strategy to pressure Israel to withdraw from Palestinian territories and recognize a Palestinian state.

In documents filed with the ICC, the Palestinians recognize the jurisdiction of the ICC to investigate alleged war crimes during the Gaza War, from July to August.

Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Riyad Mansour, last week, said, Palestine will also ask about the justice of Israeli policies of Jewish settlements in the Palestinian territories, which he calls including "war crimes", according to the Rome Statute.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, insists will not let soldiers or Israeli officials to court the ICC in The Hague, Netherlands. Israel responded by freezing step Palestine Palestinian tax revenues of 127 million US dollars.

Oslo Agreement buried
United States, which opposes the freezing of Palestinian tax revenues by Israel, also threatened to stop aid would be $ 400 million for Palestine.

According to analysts, this latter situation showing the Middle East conflict entered a new phase. "The peace process that was born in Oslo has been dead and buried. Now we are at the beginning of a new phase, "said Karim Bitar, Middle East analyst in Paris, France, referring to the Peace Agreement in 1993.

Under the agreement that formed the Palestinian Authority, Palestinians and Israelis agreed to coordinate the security of the Israeli-occupied territories. Palestinians have threatened to halt cooperation.

In the heat of the Palestinian and Israeli confrontation, CNN news release pursued political leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, from Qatar. Citing sources close to Hamas, the US television network reported, Meshaal and a number of Muslim Brotherhood members were deported from Qatar and is expected to Turkey.

Hamas denied the news. "Not really what is reported by some media about the departure of brother Khaled Meshaal of Doha," said Ezzat al-Rishq, a Hamas official.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar could not be confirmed about the news. Meshaal (58) living in exile since his family left the West Bank while the War of 1967. In 1997, he escaped assassination targets Israeli secret agent in Jordan.

In Israel, the country's military court to punish prison three times a lifetime for members of Hamas, Hussam Kawasmeh, who was charged with kidnapping and killing three Israeli youth in the West Bank, June.


Human Rights Watch reports that 221 Women Raped Bulk Sudanese army in 36 Hours

Human Right Watch photo

A total of 221 women and girls were raped by the Sudanese army in a very short time, 36 hours.

All victims suffered severe trauma and fear "nightmare" it will happen again.

The attack that took place in October of last year it became the main subject of a 48-page report Human Rights Watch (HRW) titled "Mass Rape in Darfur: Sudanese Army Attacks Against Civilians in Tabit" (Mass Rape in Darfur: Sudan Army Attacks Against Civilians in the curtain). HRW report was released today, Thursday (12/2).

However, the Sudanese government has repeatedly denied the incident.

The report contains allegations of rape against women and girls in Tabit, North Darfur Sudan Army conducted. Rumors say the soldiers had indeed ordered to rape by his superiors.

Among the victims was a mother 40s and three daughters. They all raped by soldiers. He added that the age of two children when the incident is still under 11 years old.

"As soon as they entered the house, they say: 'You killed our people. We will show you the real hell,'" he said.

"Then they started to beat us. They raped my three daughters and me. Some of them hold (my son), while the other raped her. They do it one by one."

Another victim said that the soldiers beat him and dragged him out of the house.

When he returned, he found that they had been raped three daughters. Worse, all the victims are minors. Their age was still less than 15 years.

The soldiers "beat my kids (young) and my oldest child rape. ... They put the clothes in her mouth, so that his screams could not be heard," he said.

A resident Tabit told HRW that since the attack on the residents there "live in an open prison".

HRW said that mass rape as a crime against humanity if proven to be a massive and well-planned against civilians. They called on the United Nations and the African Union to protect civilians in Tabit of more severe violence.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) titled "Mass Rape in Darfur: Sudanese Army Attacks Against Civilians in Tabit" 

Some of the Best Special Forces in the World

the Best Special Forces in the World photo

Special forces or special operations forces are highly trained military unit in an unusual mission to safeguard the political, economic or military of a country. Special forces originating from the 20th century, founded by Brandenburgers Germany during World War II. To get the title of the best special forces in the world is a very difficult job. As well as fighting for the title of world's best athletes in many different sports that will require different skills and abilities.

Around the world, every country to train them in the military special forces. And special forces are trained to be the best of the best, for the task that is unlikely to be possible. 

Here are some special forces from around the world. All these famous special forces must always hide and not be known by the general public.

9. MARCOS, India.
MARCOS (Marine Commando Force) is an elite special operations unit of the Indian Navy. This force was created to perform specific operations such as amphibious warfare, counter-terrorism, direct action, special reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, hostage rescue, personnel recovery, asymmetric warfare and counterproliferation. MARCOS very organized, trained and equipped for the implementation of special operations in the maritime environment.

8. GIS, Italy.
GIS (Gruppo di Intervento Speciale) is a special counter-terrorism unit to unit elite tactical response in the military police in the Carabinieri, Italy. The forces created by the Italian state police in 1978 to combat the terrorist threat. Overall, these forces are known with expertise in shooting. Nowadays, GIS with more than 100 soldiers assigned to anti-terrorism operations, maintain security and provide training.

7. EKO Cobra, Austria.
EKO Cobra (Einsatzkommando Cobra) is the principal special operations in Austria for tactical counter-terrorism unit. Formed in 1978, in response to attack Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972. They were involved in the rescue of hostages in Graz-Karlau Prison in 1996 and many other operations. EKO Cobra is the only counter-terrorism unit to fight piracy while the plane was still in the air. They are known as one of the best counter-terrorist unit in the world.

6. GIGN, France.
GIGN (National Gendarmerie Intervention Group) is a special operations unit of the French Armed Forces. The unit is trained to conduct counter-terrorist missions and hostage rescue mission in France and around the world. This force was formed after the Munich Olympics massacre in 1971. The initial purpose of the establishment of this force is to prepare if the state under attack. In 1973, the GIGN into force of men who are very well trained and must be ready to respond to threats in the country. This force is famous for the quick response and the ability proficient in combat, hostage rescue and anti-terrorism operations. Currently, the GIGN is used for large-scale intervention, search and protection missions.

5. SSG, Pakistan.
SSG (Special Services Group) is a special operations forces of Pakistan Army. This force is similar to the US Army Special Forces and the British Army, the SAS (Special Air Service). This force was formed in 1956, this force is also known as "Black Storks". SSG is considered as one of the world's best special forces for their bravery. Russian President once said, if he has the Pakistani forces coupled with Russian weapons, surely he could conquer the world because they are very brave. SSG trained to carry out special missions, including asymmetric warfare, special operations, counter-proliferation, unconventional warfare, foreign threats, special reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism and recovery personnel. More recently, SSG active in the anti-terrorist operation in the western border to the conflict between Pakistan's restive with Afghanistan and the fight against Islamic extremists in the cities in Pakistan.

4. JW GROM, Poland.
JW GROM (JEDNOSTKA WOJSKOWA GROM) is the elite counter-terrorism unit Poland. This force was officially activated on July 13, 1990 to respond to terrorist threats. Grom is one of the five forces special operations unit of the Polish Armed Forces. They are trained to respond to a variety of threats and conventional warfare, including anti-terrorist measures and as projection force behind enemy lines.

3. GSG 9, Germany.
GSG 9 is the German counter-terrorism and Special Operations Unit of the German Federal Police. This force was officially established in 1973, after the German police managed to free the kidnapped 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics during the summer. GSG 9 deployed in the case of hostages, kidnapping, terrorism and extortion. This force can also be used for securing locations, neutralize targets, track down fugitives and sometimes conduct sniper operations. This unit is very active in developing methods and tactics for testing mission. From the years 1972-2003 they were rumored to have completed more than 1,500 missions and during the mission, they only use the weapon as much as 5 times, was incredible.

2. Delta Force, United States.
1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), or more commonly known as Delta Force, was officially founded in 1997 after numerous incidents of terrorists who attacked the United States. These forces are the best troops and is one of the secret power of the United States. Founder / co-founder SFOD-D is a former SAS operation that thinks the US may need elite forces such as SAS. The main task of the Delta Force is counter-terrorism, direct action, and national intervention operations.

1. SAS, England.
Special Air Service (SAS) is one of the best in the British Special Forces. SAS was founded in 1941 during World War II, this force was formed as part of the Territorial Army in 1947 and was named Battalion 21 SAS Regiment.

Regular Army SAS 22 famous and gained recognition worldwide after successfully attacked the Iranian embassy in London and save the hostages and surrounded the Embassy of Iran in 1980. Until now, these forces consist of one regiment of regular and two territorial regiments. The main task of the SAS is counter-terrorism for peace missions and special operations in wartime.

(various sources)



People in Global Firepower has rank 10 considered the most powerful military in the world. This ranking is compiled from 68 countries, based on the criteria of labor, land systems, air power, naval power, resources, logistics, financial and geographic coverage.

They measure it by 40 different statistics of a country, including the number of aircraft carrier, available labor and labor to produce Power Index, in which a lower number equal to the weapon.

Armed Forces number 5 of the world, namely the Pakistan army are not included in this list. What is the reason? I Have No Idea. Clearly, here is a list of 10 is considered the most powerful military in the world, with some accompanying statistics.

10. Brazil
Power Index: 0.6912
Defense Budget: US $ 31.576 billion
Active Military Personnel: 371 199
Labor Force: 104 700 000
Total Aircraft: 822
Navy Total Power: 106

9. Italy.
Power Index: 0.6838
Defense Budget: US $ 31.946 billion
Active Military Personnel: 293 202
Labor Force: 25.08 million
Total Aircraft: 770
Navy Total Power: 179

8. South Korea.
Power Index: 0.6547
Defense Budget: US $ 28.28 billion
Active Military Personnel: 653,000
Labor Force: 25.1 million
Total Aircraft: 871
Navy Total Power: 190

7. Germany.
Power Index: 0.6491
Defense Budget: US $ 43.478 billion
Active Military Personnel: 148 996
Labor Force: 43.62 million
Total Aircraft: 925
Total Power Navy: 67

6. France.
Power Index: 0.6163
Defense Budget: US $ 58.244 billion
Active Military Personnel: 362 485
Labor Force: 29.61 million
Total Aircraft: 544
Navy Total Power: 180

5. England.
Power Index: 0.5185
Defense Budget: US $ 57,875,170,000
Active Military Personnel: 224 500
Labor Force: 31.72 million
Total Aircraft: 1,412
Total Power Navy: 77

4. India.
Power Index: 0.4346
Defense Budget: US $ 44.282 billion
Active Military Personnel: 1.325 million
Labor Force: 487 600 000
Total Aircraft: 1,962
Navy Total Power: 170

3. China.
Power Index: 0.3351
Defense Budget: US $ 129.272 billion
Active Military Personnel: 2.285 million
Labor Force: 795 500 000
Total Aircraft: 5048
Navy Total Power: 972

2. Russia.
Power Index: 0.2618
Defense Budget: US $ 64 billion
Active Military Personnel: 1,200,000
Labor Force: 75.33 million
Total Aircraft: 4498
Navy Total Power: 224

1. United States.
Power Index: 0.2475
Defense Budget: US $ 689.591 billion
Active Military Personnel: 1477896
Labor Force: 153 600 000
Total Aircraft: 15 293
Navy Total Power: 290.

Nuclear capability is not included in this calculation.


Hillary Admits: ISIS is formed by the US to the Middle East Glassware

ISIS is formed by the US article photo

Related to the emergence of the phenomenon of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), a surprising statement leveled former US Secretary Hillary Clinton. In his latest book, Hard Choice Hillary acknowledged that the movement was formed by the United States with its allies to make the Middle East is always turbulent. As reported by the Egyptian daily, Elmihwar, Wednesday (6/8).

She is said, ISIS formed and announced on June 5, 2013 by the US government and the states along western allies for the sake of dividing the Middle East (Middle East).

"We have visited 112 countries worldwide. Then we jointly agreed colleagues admit an Islamic State (Islamic State / IS) when the announcement, "Hillary wrote.

Initially the movement will be established in Sinai, Egypt, according turbulent revolutions in several Middle Eastern countries. However, when a military coup driven erupted in Egypt, all plans fall apart.

"We entered Iraq, Libya and Syria, and all went very well. But suddenly erupted revolution June 30 to August 7 in Egypt. It makes all the plans changed within 72 hours, "said the wife of former US president, BillClinton, it.

Parties to the west, according to Hillary, was thinking of using force in Egypt. But the country is not a pyramid Syria or Libya, as the country's relatively strong military. In addition, Egyptians tend to never leave their military.

"So, if we use force against Egypt, we will lose. But if we leave, we also lose, "he wrote.

Islamic state war equipment from US photo

Previously, a former employee of the Contract the US National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden, also remarks that almost the same.

Snowden, as reported Globalresearch, called ISIS as a product of cooperation between the United Kingdom, the United States and Israel with the aim of creating a terrorist organization to attract all the extremist world in one place.

In the news it is knows that Snowden revealed operation strategy known as "honeycomb". NSA documents show the operation "beehive" aims to protect the Zionist entity by creating slogans and Islamic religion.

According to documents released by Snowden, the only solution to protect the Jewish state is to create enemies near its borders. Leaks of confidential information is also revealed that the leader of ISIS and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is an educational program dropout Mossad. He is known to have an intensive military training for one year under the control of the Mossad, in addition to programs in theology.


Some of the language of the following countries has the characteristic and challenge in Learning them

languages of the world photo

You've heard the parable of the speech that is "non-reinforced tongue but sharper than the sword". The word that comes out of your mouth sometimes have a different meaning to the people who hear it, learn a foreign language correctly be one way to convey the meaning of your words of truth to those who listen.

Every country in the world have their own language and sometimes there is more than one language in the same country. To learn any language is not easy, there is a relatively common language with our local language, but some others were very difficult even for many people. They have the vocabulary, tone, and inotasi that difficult to learn. Here are 10 of the most difficult languages to learn in the world.

10. Estonia
Estonian language is not so many people who learn the language because it is only used in the Estonian state. Estonian and Finnish languages have similar relationship, although not as difficult grammar Estonian Finnish language and grammar is simpler than Finnish.

Estonia has 3 types of vowels, namely:

Short n, for example, Lina has a meaning Linen.
Long n, for example linna have a sense of the city.
Extra long n, for example `Linna means to enter the city.
Although these three words have the same pronunciation, but the conversation will usually be difficult to hear the difference of each word is, if you want to know the difference of the three pronunciation of the word, and should ask a native of Estonia. Pronunciation in Estonian language is not too difficult, but the sound õ may be a little difficult to pronounce.

9. Hindi
hindi language derives from the Persian language is Hind which means "Land of the Indus River". Hindi is used mostly in the country of India, while the 2nd official language in India is English.

Because the English language is the official language of the 2nd of this country a few words in Hindi language has in common with the English language as a teacher, jungle, karma, yoga, and thug. Hindi language grammar is quite difficult due to gender differences affect the vocabulary used.

The use of formal language is also very important in hindi language example is the Ribbon and Baap, the 2nd word has the same meaning, namely Father, but for more politely you should use the Ribbon.

8. Finnish
Finnish has a special character in the form of letters ö and ä. Another difficulty of foreign language one is because there are some words that have long said that it is difficult to say one of them, namely: "Lentokonesuihkuturbiinimoottoriapumekaanikkoaliupseerioppilas"

if separated in the English language into sections then has a meaning:

Lentokone = airplane (airplane)
suihku = jet
turbiini = turbine (Turbine)
moottori = engine (Engine)
APU = assistant (Assistant)
mekaanikko = mechanic (mechanical)
aliupseeri = non-commissioned officer (Not Officers commissioner)
oppilas = student (Student)
Fortunately the Finnish language does not have a different pronunciation in every word, you only need to mention the word based on what you see. You can try the above said maybe you can mention it smoothly.

7. Thailand
Thai language is somewhat difficult because of a total of 46 words, there are 5 intonation tone is moderate, high, low, rising and declining. Although not all words have a minimum of 5 intonation tone yet have one tone intonation.

As for the use of the word when heard carefully have the same tone but different meanings depending on the situation, eg, "Mai pen rai" can have the sense not to worry, equally, nor does nothing depending on the situation conversation.

Actually, the hardest thing of the Thai language is writing letters, most of the people who learn the Thai language only learn pronunciation and vocabulary everyday while writing is not studied at all. Writing letters Thailand has its own symbols that you should memorize.

6. Hungarian
If you are accustomed to speak in english maybe you will have difficulty in pronunciation hungarian, because the word "S" in the pronunciation has sound like "Sz" while the S word itself has a sound "Sh". So if you usually use the word behind the "s" in English to show two or more objects, you must add the word "Sz".

In the Hungarian language, there are 3 types of vowels are vowels front, back vocals and mix vocals. Consists of a front vowel (e, é, i, í, ö,?, Ü,?), While the rear consists of a vowel (a, á, o, ó, u, ú). Hungarian does not have a special word to distinguish the sexes and there are only 3 words of the time is past, present and future.

5. Greece
Did you know that there are at least 30% of the vocabulary of the English language which is actually derived from classical Greek language. Usually these words are words related technical or scientific terms like for example Aero (UK) - Aeer (Greek language in the sense of the Air).

Greek language has a language that shows the characteristics of the gender separately as for women, men and neutral. So that at the end of a sentence pronunciation shows directly to whom we spoke, the pronunciation of the verb is also influenced from people, mood, number, and state.

Greek language also has a different alphabet than usual, in the greek letter R has similarities like the letter P, fortunately is if you managed to memorize the letters you can read Greek written language.

4. Korean
Although classified in one of the most difficult foreign language in the world but it has the consonant words of Korean language that is easy to learn. Korean language is a word gabunga of consonants and vowels, but there are only a maximum of 3 words consonant and one vowel words. Korean language has 19 consonants and 21 word word vocals.

Korean language also has a different pronunciation to show respect for someone older. Usually the word respect is shown at the beginning of the conversation and at the end of a sentence.

Korean language actually has a high degree of difficulty to be learned by the west, such as the American, because he susunana different, said respect, and complex grammar.

3. Japanese
Japanese language has three character word usually used is Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. Kanji is a word character that has similarities with chinese if you need at least 3000 words in chinese language, the kanji you just need at least 2000 words. Hiragana and Katakana while there are 46 characters bringing the total to 96, and when added to the pronunciation of tones to 102.

If in any language sometimes have intonation tone, the Japanese do not have a special tone intonation, it's just that sometimes the pronunciation of each word has its own intonation associated with feelings.

Japanese language has its own convenience, when usually when we ask something to someone we will use the subject and an object in the Japanese language you can leave the word. Example: "Have you eaten yet?", While in the Japanese language only need to say the word "tabeta?" (meaning: eat?) to anyone who asked.

2. Arabic
Arabic language is said to be one of the languages is difficult because there are many different dialects arabic language. There are at least 13 grammar in arabic language that is used every day in general conversation.

If we do the writing words on a piece of paper starts from left to right, then the arabic writing starts from right to left, of course, you have to get used to writing the sentence overturned.

Arabic language also has a plurality of different consonants such example if you want to declare English, we study a number of things have more than one you will add the letter "S" at the end of a word such as Student becomes Students. But in Arabic student = Talib, while the student = tulab.

1. Chinese
Yes, Chinese language, Chinese, or Mandarin is the most difficult language to learn in the world. The official language used in the country of China and Taiwan. In China there are two chinese language normally used, namely Mandarin and Cantonese, but is more commonly used is Mandarin.

Difficulty in learning chinese language lies in tone and intonation pronunciation of each word. Intonation tone contained in mandarin is divided into 5 parts:

First Note - high pitch tone. (b? meaning eight)
Second Note - intonation rising tone or increased (BA sense to pull out).
Third Note - decreased tone then rising intonation (b? Sense to hold).
Fourth Note - intonation decreased tone (BA meaning father).
Neutral Note - monotone intonation (ba meaning usually used at the end of a sentence).
Another difficulty is that there are about 80,000 characters and you have to master at least a minimum of 3000-3500 words to be able to do a normal conversation with someone else. As a comparison, to be able to read one newspaper with mandarin you need at least a minimum of 3000 words.

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List of Countries with the ease of Doing Business in 2015

List of Countries with the ease of Doing Business in 2015 photo

The easiest country to do business was not the global giants such as China, USA, Brazil and India. According to the latest rankings issued by the World Bank, a small country of Singapore and New Zealand, who led 187 other countries in terms of ease of doing business.

The report, entitled "Doing Business 2015: Going Beyond Efficiency" This is the 12th report made to measure business with ease using quantitative indicators relating to the regulation of business and can be compared among 189 countries.

According to the report, these indicators including ease of starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, getting credit, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, trading across borders and legal certainty.

Countries such as Estonia, Germany and Switzerland are improving their positions last year. Currently three countries had perched in the top 20 positions. Meanwhile, Syria, Afghanistan, Venezuela and the Central African Republic are some of the worst countries in terms of ease of business.

Here are the top 10 countries in terms of ease of business:

1. Singapore

2. New Zealand

3. Hong Kong

4. Denmark

5. South Korea

6. Norway

7. United States

8. English

9. Finland

10. Australia

While the bottom 10 countries on this list are:

180. Haiti

181. Angola

182. Venezuela

183. Afghanistan

184. Congo

185. Chad

186. South Sudan

187. Central African Republic

188. Libya

189. Eritrea


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Here it is, New Record in the world's most expensive paintings

Most expensive painting record in the world

Painting of two Tahitian girls titled " Nafea Faa Ipoipo " or "When Married?" the work of French painter, Paul Gauguin, sold 197 million pounds sterling. Until now, the identity of the buyer or the location of the sale is still concealed by the seller.

The painting became the most expensive work of art in history.

The painting was made in 1892 and was previously owned by a Swiss art collector, Rudolf Staechelin. Staechelin sell his paintings after a dispute with the museum Kunstmuseum Basel, where the painting was exhibited.

According to news circulating, the painting was sold to a museum in Qatar.

The record was previously held by the most expensive painting Paul Cezanne painting titled "The Card Players".

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This country Will Be country by having Robot Most

industrial car manufacturing robots photo

China will be the country with the highest number of robots in 2017. This was conveyed by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR).

China is currently the largest market robots with US $ 9.5 billion (or US $ 29 billion if the count of parts and its software). However, the ratio of the robot with workers in China is still below other countries.

China has a ratio of 30 robots per 10,000 workers manufacturing, while South Korea has a ratio of 437: 10 000, Japan 323, Germany and US 152.

IFR estimate the number of robots in China will double to 428,000 by 2017.

Driving growth in China, according to IFR robot is rapid advancement of automotive and electronics industries combined with rising labor costs.

"Companies are forced to invest more to buy robots to be more productive and maintain quality," said Gudrun Litzenberger, general secretary of the IFR.

"Currently, automotive indutsri which is the motor of growth in China, but the robot in two-three years, the growth will be driven by the electronics industry," he added.

Japan is still the country with the most current robot. Japanese robot control 60 percent of the market in the world. China controls 25 percent of the market.

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Cause Gold Prices Back bottom ranking this week

World Gold Price photo

Gold prices slumped to its lowest level in three weeks as some investors to think again about the projected interest rate of the United States (US) after the US jobs report was stronger than expected.

Quoted by Reuters, (02/07/2015), the price of gold for April delivery fell US $ 28.1, or 2.2 percent, to US $ 1,234.6 per troy ounce on the Comex division of the New York Mercantile Exchange. It was the lowest close since January 14, 2015.

The US Labor Department reported an additional 257 thousand new jobs in January, beating economists' forecast of 237 thousand.

Gold prices fell in response to signs of economic recovery paved the way for the US Central Bank or the Federal Reserve (Fed) to raise interest rates,

"The prospect of the Fed's rate hike will depress demand for gold as a safe haven asset," said Dave Meger, director of High Ridge Metal Trading Futures in Chicago.

In January, Fed officials reiterated his plan to raise interest rates which is the first time for almost a decade. Fed Governor Janet Yellen signaled the benchmark interest rate will be increased in June 2015.

But investors speculated slowing US economic growth in the fourth quarter of 2015 and fears of rising debt in the euro zone could prompt the Fed to postpone the planned increase in interest rates.


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