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Cooking Tips for Large Families

Cooking Tips for Large Families Articles
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Cooking for a large family is a daunting task that is visible on the outside. However, with careful planning it can be handled.

Cooking for a large family is a daunting task that is visible on the outside. However, with careful planning it can be handled. Many parents, especially mothers, like the responsibility of cooking for the family at home, but when the family is large enough, a few basic things to consider to make this a great responsibility to be enjoyable.

Vida Adams, a middle-aged woman, vending drinks and biscuits at a university in Accra, told me about his troubles, follow the budget that has been planned is not an option but a necessity. "I would not be able to support my family financially if I do not cook with a well-planned budget," he said.

Here are two reliable methods that might be useful:

Plan in advance
The most important thing to do when cooking for a large family with a limited budget is planned in advance. Prepare a list of menu as your guide to cooking every week. Go to without a list of grocery items will make you bloated budget. You might be tempted to buy certain goods which while not required by your family just because you see the price of these goods cheap. I still clearly remember the first time I shopped for a family without a shopping list, and I remember I spent the first ten minutes or more I see the price of goods such as biscuits, chocolate, and drinks are not needed family; I just tempted by the price of these goods, until finally I bought a number of these items. A direct result of my actions this indiscretion that my money was not enough to buy all the goods that are important along with items that are not important. So I have to spend more time to abolish the goods which is not necessary in order to get more of this stuff I needed. Had a shopping list not only helps you get the items you need or control of your budget, but also helps you save time when shopping for items that you know you want and buy it.

Buy groceries in large quantities
It helps more that you can do is buy groceries regularly in large quantities. Items such as tomatoes, onions, and other vegetables you need each day will be much cheaper when purchased in large quantities. I had the opportunity to follow the student exchange program in Finland, and I always made sure that I buy potatoes, my main food ingredient, in large quantities. It proved to be a great way to help ease the burden of my pocket money. Vida Adams elaborates, "I buy groceries in large quantities so that at the moment I do not have my money to give to my children, I was able to cook good food for them."

A key consideration in making a budget is how to get the best for your family without having to spend money on unnecessary; it is not how to get cheap goods for cheap goods is not necessarily healthy for your family. Without a doubt, two good ways to cook for a large family with a limited budget is to plan in advance and buy your daily needs in large quantities.

"Ideas on cooking for large families on a budget" by Michael Ohene Aboagye.

Some Tips to Avoid Wrong Habits in Cooking

Wrong Habits in Cooking photo

Always pay attention to the way you cook and understand what are the things that can be done and should not be done, so that you and those of your loved ones benefit from food consumed.

As one activity that is fun, cooking really does not require any special skills. Armed with determination and a strong will to learn, a person can actually do it yourself self-taught, utilizing the internet and cookbooks to find a wide variety of recipes that you want to create.

With cooking, you can make yourself a wide variety of processed foods both local and international flavor. However, learning self-taught cook has its own weaknesses rather than formal learning, failures you experience often will make you become easily discouraged and eventually stop trying.

Armed with information from a MasterChef culinary magazine, in which there are some errors described in the cooking is often done unconsciously that can affect the taste and shape of the food being processed, including the following:

1. Do not heat the cooking oil is too hot
Ideally heat required to heat the cooking oil that is ready to be used is in the range between 160-190◦C. Try not to heat the cooking oil over 200◦C. It is intended that the substances contained in the cooking oil is not quickly broken that ultimately it is a carcinogen, which may cause cancer.

2. Do not use the same cooking oil many times
Often found in the food stalls oil used for frying has been used for some time, even up to a dozen times in order to save costs. Avoid doing this because cooking oil or used oil fried food is actually very good for health and can affect the taste of the dish. Therefore, cooking oil should not be used for frying more than 3 times and immediately discard when already turned into a rancid smell, so the dishes we eat still has a taste and remain good for our health.

3. Do not be too often flip through cooking
Do not be too often flip through cooking, so as not to undermine the goal teksur and taste of the food. Leave it alone until cooked through, or if necessary the lid tightly so that the aroma and flavor is maintained.

4. Do not wash the meat
There is an assumption that is circulating in the community that has been so clean before processed meat should be washed beforehand. This assumption is wrong and should be changed, know that by washing the meat will allow harmful bacteria in the raw water used for washing will contaminate the meat. The solution is to make sure to buy meat in places that are kept clean, not exposed to the open air, vehicle fumes, dust and direct sunlight. When the meat falls or better gross briefly soak in warm water and clean using a thick cloth or tissue.

5. Do not cook vegetables too long
It is customary mothers everywhere that vegetables should be cooked until completely cooked and tender, but the habit is wrong because the actual vitamins contained in the vegetables very easily destroyed by heat during the cooking process, so for those who eat the actual do not get any benefit from the vegetables they eat. Therefore, vegetables should be cooked but still no more than 10 seconds, although the texture was still feels hard most important is vitamin content in vegetables and many germs are dead.

6. Do not peel vegetables
According to information from the dietician group of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, eggplant, potatoes, and cucumbers should not need to be processed when peeled, it sounds very strange indeed, but the study found that the vitamin content jutru most in the skin of vegetables , so that the skin peeling of vegetables will make vitamin content so more and more reduced.

7. Do not overuse charcoal
The food is processed by burning using charcoal as satay, grilled corn, steak, grilled fish, grilled tempeh, and so it is very good, but there are dangers lurking to watch. Keep in mind that wood charcoal as a medium to burn has two carcinogenic compounds that are dangerous to health, ie Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heterocyclic amines (HCAs), so if consumed too often, it can increase the risk of developing colon cancer.

Failed in cooking are common. It takes persistence, patience, and patience until you are really good at it. Keep continue to learn and do not easily give up. Cooking is not something to be feared but rather should be enjoyed. Always pay attention to the way you cook and understand what are the things that can be done and should not be done, so that you and those of your loved ones benefit from food consumed. Happy cooking!


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