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Some Pets can Transmitted Diseases to you

Pets can Transmitted Diseases photo

Your home should be vigilant in maintaining health problems. Having a pet can be a source of pleasure for some people. Start of care as a baby, see it grow, to observe any funny behavior made. Yes, like having a child.

However, for those of you who like to keep animals, must be careful. The reason, some animals are kept as pets potentially transmit several diseases that threaten health.

Here's his review by page Everyday Health.

Ringworm is a fungus that is attached to the surface of the skin that causes a red rash and itch in human skin. This fungus is usually taken newborn animals. The spread of this disease is very easy.
Just by touching or holding equipment infected animals, you can already exposed to ringworm. The most appropriate thing is to prevent ringworm is to wash hands thoroughly, after interacting with pets. In addition, keep the cattle out of reach of children so that the child is also protected from the disease.

Some pets such as cats and dogs newborn, the average has worms in his stomach. The worms can proliferate and leave the eggs in the belly of the animal and can be attached to the feces. If dirt or sand bath pets are not deliberately held in check, the worm eggs can fit into your stomach and multiply in it. Really dangerous.

respiratory disorders
For a furry pet, which can ditumbulkan disease is respiratory distress. Especially on you who have fur allergies, the disease gets worse. These symptoms are usually marked shortness of breath after having contact with the animals, which was accompanied by sneezing, and itching all over the body.

This syndrome is one of the reasons women are reluctant to keep the cat. Because, this syndrome can lead to a barren woman. The spread of the disease can occur through cat feces, or contaminated sand bath.
Besides being able to interfere with the fertility of women, this syndrome is also dangerous for pregnant women and the fetus in the womb. For those of you who are still cats, prevention can be done by giving vaccinations in cats, as well as to keep the body and cage pet cat.


Tips on How to Have Pets Under Age Children

The presence of pets in the midst of the family would bring its own nuances that are more different. Especially for children, at the age of still so small, having a pet seems to be a separate companion for children. Children this age tend to be so happy to play with pets.
In addition, a study explains that have pets at home can teach children a sense of responsibility. Children with pets generally grows with a sense of responsibility and compassion for others in adulthood. Because, generally animals need love and attention every time. They rely on humans to eat, to play, and so forth. Children who are active in raising their pets can grow into a more empathetic and affection so great for others.

But behind it all, should be more wise to choose a pet before deciding to first consider a few things in order to avoid harm to animals reared or members of your family. Moreover, if the baby is still very small, do not let the idea of having a pet can harm your baby or pet you have.

Well, here are some tips to have a pet in accordance with the age of the child.

In the age of the baby, they generally do not have the ability to hold and be careful on the pet. So if you have pets when your child is just born, so be careful not to till the beloved baby injured by pets.

At this age, your baby are very actively engaged. Curiosity and annoyance against foreign objects including pets may be so menggebunya. So therefore, do not let your child also holds a beloved pet eat. Even if your pet animal is a fish in the aquarium, it helps keep your child jangakauan of these places.

Above Child Age 3-5 Years
At the age of 3 to 5 years, children begin to learn to communicate and begin to have empathy. So when you have pets at the age of the child has been stepped on 3 to 5 years you can teach your child to keep animals and feeding pets. Your little one will certainly enjoys the activities of this one, so do not hesitate to involve your child in this activity.

Above the age of 5 years
Now, entering the age of children over 5 years and over, children have started to show non konsistenannya. They will start liking maintain various pet animals such as guinea pigs, rabbits small fish up premises. In addition, this age the child will begin to be interested clean the cage, drain water and feeding pets. Just make sure if the mother is always watching and children wash their hands to keep them hygienic.

Well, so it is not too hard not determine when the baby we should keep pets? Only the important points that should be given to the little one is the understanding that having a pet requires a great responsibility.

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