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Some Tips Beauty Around Eye Bags

eyes Bgs photo

First Tips - Free Eye Bags
The eye is one of the signs of aging that appear earliest. Follow the tips below to keep looking young eyes and eye bags are free:

1. Do not smoke and always apply sunscreen on the skin around the eyes. Smoking and exposure to ultraviolet rays weaken collagen and can cause the appearance of wrinkles and "downs" eye skin.

2. Use a moisturizer to the eye area at night hari.Pelembab any type can provide the necessary hydration these areas.

3. Apply vitamin A or retinoic acid (tretinoin) as a daily skin care regimen. This regimen is used to prevent wrinkles and improve skin lines that already exist.

4. To cope with swollen eyes, use a spoon that has been cooled, cucumber slices, or a tea bag that has been put in the freezer. Existing cold temperatures can reduce the swelling there.

5. Replace the sleeping position. Sleeping position can contribute to the onset of eye bags. Because of gravity, sleeping on his side or stomach cause fluid build up under the eyes. Should sleep in the supine position and use extra pillows.

6. Avoid rubbing the eyes, sleep without cleaning make-up, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol beverages that cause dehydration.

When the eyelids appear suddenly and can not be lost with the steps above then you should visit your doctor. Some thyroid and kidney problems can cause fluid retention in the bottom of the eye.

Second Tips - Overcoming Eye Bags
Bags under the eyes is a minor problem that can often interfere with performance. Bags under the eyes due to a buildup of fluid in the under eye area which is an area with skin tissue and supporting the most thin and loose.

Consumption of foods high in salt at dinner or cry at night can cause eye bags in the morning because the body fluids will move to the area that contains more salt. Sleeping position lying flat or sloping side, lack of sleep and the weather is too hot and humid also can lead to the formation of eye bags.
Eye bags are also most often occur together denganterjadinya aging. When an aging, skin layers and tissues around the eyes more relaxed. Muscle tissue around the eyes also weakened allowing fats supporting slack eyes and cause eye bags.

In general, the formation of bags under the eyes is not a serious thing. However, several conditions need to watch the formation of eye bags are quite severe, permanent, accompanied by itching and redness, and occur in other body parts. The fluid buildup can occur in those who suffer from allergies, flu, sinusitis, thyroid problems and kidney problems.

Consider these tips to overcome and prevent eye bags the following:
1. Use a cold compress. Compress the bottom of the eye with a clean cloth and cool water with a little pressed for a few minutes in an upright position.
2. Getting enough sleep at night. Adults need to sleep 7-8 hours a day.
3. Sleeping with lying position with the head slightly higher. With your head high, it will prevent the buildup of fluid in the tissues under the eyes. Sleep on his side door also needs to be avoided to prevent the buildup of fluid in the tissues under the eyes.
4. Do not often rubbed his eyes.
5. Do not forget to clean the eye makeup before bed because the eye makeup can cause irritation to the eye area and result in a buildup of fluid in the tissues under the eyes.
6. Compress cool with cucumber, tea bags, or spoon can reduce swelling in the area under the eyes.
7. Early prevention is necessary because after a few years, eye bags will settle and require cosmetic surgery to correct it. In some cases involving aging and tissue laxity also sometimes needed cosmetic surgery.

Third Tips - Preventing Dark Circle Eye
Dark circles around the eyes is often found when a person experiencing sleep deprivation. However, if the dark circles around the eyes also do not disappear after enough sleep then you need to consider several things.

Aging Process
Dark circles around the eyes can appear due to the aging process. When a process of aging, the skin will become thinner and thinner. Fat and collagen network also dwindling and reduced. If these things are happening around the eyes, it will cause the blood vessels around the eyes will be more visible and create a silhouette faint blue-black around the eyes.

In addition, there are some other things that may underlie the dark circles around the black:
1. Allergies
2. In the Asian community, uneven pigmentation problems are often the cause
3. Exposure to sunlight can cause excessive pigment formation in certain areas, including around the eyes. Exposure to UV rays can also weaken the skin's collagen network so as to make skin sagging
4. Often rub the area around the eyes
5. Unhealthy lifestyles such as physical and emotional stress, smoking and alcohol consumption.
Here's how to prevent the appearance of dark circles around the eyes:

Dark circles around the eyes can make a person look older. Although it can be overcome with the use of makeup or cosmetic treatments, prevention is still better.

Some things that can be done to prevent the formation of dark circles around the eyes:

1. Do not smoke
2. Using sunscreen around the eyes
3. Using a moisturizer around the eyes at night before bed
4. Use skin care with vitamin A to prevent skin loosens
5. Use sunglasses when outdoors to protect the area around the eyes from UV rays.
Maintain healthy skin and eyes, begins by addressing the dark circles around your eyes!


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Eye color can Personality Someone Shows


Many say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Eyes also like an open book. People can find out what you are feeling just by looking at your eyes. The eyes have one language that can be understood anywhere.

But a new study states, your eyes do not just show personality but also the contents of your head. Psychologists connect a person's eye color with personality and character. No two people have exactly the same eye color. Each person has a different eye color depending on the amount of melanin in the iris of the eye.

So what can be said by your eye about your personality?
Here are 6 of personality based on the color of the eye.

1. Black
Those who have black eyes tend excited about life. They never give up on a given task. They will try to get the job done thoroughly. They are competitive, always trying to prove their abilities.

The other thing about them is they are very astute at keeping secrets. They are not easy to believe in someone. Because it is not easy to believe, they were not easy to fall in love. However, they are very loyal to their loved one. People with black eyes also trustworthy and reliable.

2. Chocolate
Those with brown eyes are those simple yet creative and powerful at the same time. Research has shown that people with brown eyes have the ability strong eye contact.
These people closer to nature. Generally, they are friendly but sometimes they are afraid to express their feelings in front of others.

3. Blue
People are colored blue eyes are the ones that are popular. They are also charming, interesting, and friendly. They have strong powers of observation. However, they are also shy and not too open.

4. Hazel / red-brown
They are people who like adventure and daring. They live for the win and will never retreat from the challenge given and continue to fight until they can prove that they are the best.

They also irritability. Although it looks tough, secretly they have a soft side in others. They are also very romantic.

5. Grey
People who have gray eyes touted born to be a leader. They have the ability to solve problems in a way that makes sense. They have a unique personality and can easily adapt to the new environment.

6. Green
Green-eyed people are the ones who are creative and a little sneaky. They also like adventure. They are good speakers because of their intelligence and passion in their lives. They love to make people laugh, but they also can be very jealous.

Some Benefits Of Tea Bags

tea bag

Easy to brew tea. Insert a tea bag into a cup, add one tablespoon of sugar, and pour hot water. You can relax while enjoying a cup of hot tea is.

But once you run out of tea beverages, usually you will discard the tea bags in the trash. Whereas the former tea bag you wear can still be used for some useful things.

Here's how to take advantage of your used tea bag.

1. Relieve Swollen Eyes
Try to suppress your eyes are swollen or red with a used tea bag. The trick paste the tea bag that had previously been soaked in cold water up your eyes closed. Your eyes will be relaxed.

2. Eliminate Odor Cabinets
Tea can absorb the scent on your shoe closet. Put some tea bags mark on a plate / bowl, then store them in your shoe closet.

3. Being Fertilizer
Rather than thrown in the trash, it's better to mix the used tea in the garden soil or potting your plants. Tea can be manure to fertilize your soil.

Thus Some Benefits Of Tea Bags

The danger Using Contact Lenses

In addition to supporting the appearance, contact lenses vision dizzy help people who have vision problems. But if contact lenses are used more than 10 hours a day, can carry a high risk of damaging the eyeball users.

Reddened eyes are symptoms of serious infections started. Eyes will be covered by the lack of oxygen due to contact lenses, so that the eye can not breathe. As a result, the eyes will feel itchy and dry, slowly eyes will be red, watery, and users will find it difficult to see clearly.

If your eyes are ignoring red eye symptoms, then you will be at risk of permanent allergy to contact lenses. When the eye suffers from lack of oxygen or infection, increased resistance to eye contact lens which is a foreign object.

Contact lenses can cause blindness called "corneal opacity". Corneal opacity is formed due to scarring of the eyeball caused by contact lenses. This happened after various infections and trauma that causes patches of scar on the cornea of the eye. Corneal opacity occurs permanently and can cause sight becomes blurred.

Change the shape of the eyeball can also occur as a result of contact lens that attaches like a second skin on the eye. In fact, contact lens users follow the shape of the eyeball, but contact lenses will lose its original shape after a few times of use. As a result, the eyeball is also affected by the shape of the contact lens that is used in a long time.

To prevent damage due to contact lens, preferably tools which support the appearance of vision is not used for more than eight hours per day, as quoted from page Boldsky.

Diabetics Need to Conduct Eye Examination

Diabetes has many complications conditions, including the impact on the health of the eye is blind. True, diabetes can lead to vision loss.

When someone had diabetes, it is advisable to periodically check the condition of his eyes in an orderly manner. Because, it is very important to detect vision disorders that appear early and address them early preventative to worse conditions.

Visual impairment in persons with diabetes in medical terms is known as Diabetic Retinopathy. Which, if left unchecked can lead to blindness.

Diabetic retinopathy can occur in all patients with diabetes and increased risk on:
1. Patients who had been suffering from diabetes
2. People with diabetes are often poorly controlled blood sugar
The most common symptoms that often occur are:
1. Decreased visual acuity
2. Blurred vision
3. Sight with black spots
4. The black area in the area of visual field of vision
5. The difficulty with the perception of color, often in the form of interference in the perception of blue-yellow
What is more worrisome is Diabetic Retinopathy often has no symptoms in the early days. Then came instantly.

If this terrible thing happen, most likely occurring due to:

1. Rupture of blood vessels in the lining of the receiver sight (retina) in the eye
2. Alternatively, the liquid permeation in the receiving area of vision for sharp vision (macular)
So terrible, so diabetics should verify and keep blood sugar remained within normal limits and controlled as well as perform routine eye examination at least 1 year.

It is therefore important to make a visit to the doctor regularly and orderly if diabetic retinopathy has occurred, it is important to have in order to determine the severity of the disease objectives and determine the most appropriate type of treatment.

Keeping Eye To Keep Fresh

Daily activities often make eye performance to decrease. From reading, exposure to TV and computer monitor screens, exposure to dust, sun glare and a series of other exposure which can degrade the performance capability of the eye. The eyes become tired, blurred vision, and so forth. How to cope? Participate healthy tips following:

1. Rest your eyes from the computer for 20 seconds
Continue to look at a computer screen or any digital screen can not damage your eyes, but it can make your eyes become tired and dry. When we look at the screen, the eyes will blink more. Therefore, follow these 20/20/20 technique, every 20 minutes a look at least 20 feet (6 meters) away for 20 seconds. Do not forget to put a screen 25 inches (60 cm) below the eye.

2. Use Sunglasses
UV radiation can cause eye damage such as damage to the skin. The effect can accumulate so as to cause several diseases such as cataracts, corneal wounds, and even cancer of the eyelid. Therefore when you're outside try using sunglasses or contact lenses that can block 99% to 100% of UV-A and UV-B.

3. Use protective glass
Many cases of eye trauma caused by accidents in the home, not at work. Try to use protective goggles when you want to do something that exists at the risk of eye damage such as exposure to chemicals or flying objects. Use protective glasses also for some kind of sports such as basketball or baseball.

4. Eat healthy for the eyes and heart
The food was good for the circulation of a kind makana good for the heart, eyes and vision. Choose foods such as dark green vegetables, whole grains, and foods high in zinc such as nuts, shellfish, lean red meat. Carrots also was able to help the process of vision because of vitamin A found in carrots good for eyesight. Several other types of nutrients is beta carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.

5. Do not Ignore Complaint In Eyes
When a complaint arises itchy or red, you can do the compress, use of anti-histamine as well as eye drops. When you feel like there is sand in the eyes, you can wash with clean water flowing. If this goes better complaint you visit an ophthalmologist. Some of the complaints that you need to consider again is pain in the eye, the eye discharge, swelling, glare in the eyes, a black shadow on the eyes, the existence of things that fly, flashes of light, and if there is visual impairment.

6. Removing Make-Up on the Eyes
Bacteria can grow easily in liquid makeup. Also remember to dispose of the product after 3 weeks eyes. When you are exposed to infection in the eye of your product should also replaced all. Avoid the use of cosmetics together and remember to clean your face before and after using makeup.

7. Stop Smoking
If you smoke, try to quit. Smoking increases the risk of cataracts and cause dry eyes. In addition, smoking also causes development of plaques in blood vessels, which can also damage the blood vessels of the eye.

How to Take Care Contact Lens

Some Types of Contact Lens
Contact lens is a small disc of material such as a thin plastic that is placed on your eyeballs. According to its function, contact lenses have different types. Here is the other.

1. Soft contact lenses
Soft contact lenses are types of contact lenses are the most popular and used to correct eye problems such as:

• Nearsightedness (myopia)
• Myopia close (hipermetropi)
• Astigmatism
• presbiopi

These contact lenses follow the shape of the eye, more comfortable and tend to be in a static position. Therefore, this type of contact lens is the recommended option if you are an active person or happy exercise.

        2. Hard contact lenses
This type of contact lenses provide a clearer and sharper in some certain eye problems, especially if you've tried to use soft contact lenses and are not satisfied with the results.

Air circulation in hard contact lenses are often better than soft contact lenses so as to reduce the risk of infection. It takes up to 1 week to be able to adapt to these contact lenses because this type of contact lenses often switch positions.

        3. a special type of contact lenses
• Hybrid contact lenses
Hybrid contact lenses feature a hard lens center (permeable to air) surrounded by a layer of soft. This type of contact lens is usually selected if you have a problem with an irregular curvature of the cornea (keratoconus).

• Bifocal or multifocal contact lenses
These contact lenses, available in the form of soft and hard, can correct a variety of disorders such as myopia, hipermetropi, presbyopia and astigmatism.

• Tinted contact lenses
This type of contact lenses (used as a cosmetic or therapeutic function) is used to enhance color perception and help compensate the color-blind people.

Caring for the same contact lens eye care for our own. The more we neglect doing perawatam step, the higher the risk of eye infections and exposure to other potentially fatal condition that we do not want.
Here are few tips on caring for contact Lens.

1. Maintain hygiene
Wash and dry your hands before using or caring for contact lenses.

2. Remove contact lenses before sleeping
Using contact lenses during sleep may increase the risk of eye infection.

3. Minimize contact with water
Remove contact lenses if you are going to bath, , swim or soak

4. Take care of contact lenses with special liquids
Always use a special liquid for contact lenses - avoid using water or other liquids

5. Pay attention to the expiration date of contact lenses
If indeed the expiration date has passed the specified date, then you should not use anymore.



Some Bad Habits that Deplete Eyes

As we get older, declining performance of our sense of sight. Maybe now you can see clearly near and distance without tools. But when was the age of 40 years, you will need glasses to see up close.
Although the glasses can help, there is another problem lurking when you are aged 50 years and over, which is a disease of the eye. Many eye diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, and dry eye will appear at the age of 40 to 50 years.

Cause many kinds. Here are the habits that you do not realize can damage the eyes:

1. Reading while sleeping
When you read while lying down, the ideal reading distance of the eye to the book difficult to set up. Consequently eyes so tired and sore. If this is often done, it can lead to eye damage.

2. Reading with minimal lighting
It can force the ability of the lens to thicken and thinned and dilated pupils forced to make eyes tired. If it continues to do, cause damage to the eyes. And vice versa, read in the light of the circumstances are not very good for the eyes as it can dazzle.

3. Care of contact lenses that are less clean
Some people prefer to use contact lenses instead of glasses. But if you do not take care of properly, can cause eye irritation. Wash and dry your hands before using or caring for contact lenses. Besides release the contact lenses before bed because it can increase the risk of eye infection.

4. Rubbed eye
This is often done at the time of itchy eyes. Rubbed his eyes can damage the cornea and causes the circulation of blood vessels in the eye impaired. Additionally habit rubbed his eyes can also lead to smooth wrinkles around the eyes. Use eye drops if eye itching to rinse the dirt.

5. Looking at a computer screen for too long
Radiation emitted by a computer screen is very harmful to the eye. This makes the eye fatigue and cause disruption or other eye diseases. Looking at the monitor for too long can reduce the frequency of flicker that can cause dry eyes.

6. Smoking
We know smoking damages the body. But many are not aware, smoking is bad for the eyes. The risk of cataracts and retinal disease because smoking increases. Smoking can make the circulation of oxygenated blood and nutrients so disturbed.

Eye problems astigmatism

Astigmatism is a refractive error of the cornea or lens of the eye. This is due to the curvature of the cornea or lens of the eye is not uniform. Possibility your complaint is related to the cylindrical eye disorders.
Abnormalities reftaksi on astigmatism cause shadows fall not at one point, eventually causing objects appear blurred. This happens because of the curvature of the cornea or lens that is not symmetrical like a ball.

Normal eye would have a uniform surface in each direction, but the astigmatism are several areas on the surface of the partially flat or inclined in. URLs such as egg or rugby ball (normally like a ball). This situation causes the light entering the eye will not refracted at the focal point so that the object being viewed is not clear and shaded.

In general, astigmatism occurs at birth (genetic) and others because of trauma, disease or a history of eye surgery

To fix can be given assistance cylindrical lens glasses. Giving glasses are cylindrical lens does not change the shape of the eyeball that already exists, but it helps to keep the rays entering the eye to be refracted at the focal point of the object being viewed and then became clear. However, technological advances give hope to perform LASIK refractive surgery, that is by changing the uneven curvature becomes flat.

Some Ways to Protect Eyes

The eyes are one of the most important organs of the human. Have healthy eyes means that we can see the beauty of the world. Therefore, maintaining the sense of sight is very important. Do not let your disease or problems associated with vision. One way to protect it is to regularly visit an ophthalmologist. Usually we come to the doctor if there is a complaint. This is very risky, because if too late, the impact can be dangerous. Fortunately there are many ways that you can practice every day to maintain eye health. Here are 8 ways to be more proactive in protecting the eyes:

1. Routine eye check
Many people who had come to the doctor when there are problems or complaints. The survey by the American Optometric Association found that 85% of people who say that their eyes are the most important organ is maintained but only less than half ever check his eyes for the last two or three years.
Adults, particularly those aged 40 years, mandatory eye examinations at least once a year. This is to prevent age-related eye diseases such as macular degeneration, cataracts, and glaucoma. Infants (aged 0 -12 months) was also required to be examined her eyes to detect problems that might be bad when I grew up.

2. Provide your medical history at the eye doctor
Patients often do not realize that there is a relationship between the eyes with the other organs. Hypertension and diabetes are proven to cause disruption of the blood vessels of the retina that can cause blindness. So, by reading your medical history, an ophthalmologist can detect eye problems associated with early.

3. Keeping the air quality in the home and workplace
If you are a lot of activity in the room, note the temperature of the room humidity to prevent eye irritation eye or dry eye. Use a portable humidifier to keep the air moist.

4. Always willing eye medicine in the medicine box
In addition to bandages and iodine, it is important to always provide eye drug for prevention. This is necessary in case of eye conditions such as soap or cleanser conceded. First thing to do is immediately moved to the eye with eye medications and let stand for 10-15 minutes. If irritation persists, immediately went to the eye doctor.

5. Change the contact lens storage case every two or three months
One of the causes of the problems associated with the eye is negligence hygiene storage box of contact lenses. By putting in origin, can invite bacteria to thrive. Well, to prevent this, change the contact lens storage case every two or three months and store in a clean and dry.

6. Do not stare at a computer monitor for too long
If you often work with computers, work out how to 20-20-20. Every 20 minutes, rest your eyes to see objects as far as 20 feet for 20 seconds. It is beneficial for the eyes do not get tired. Besides staring at the computer for too long can cause dry eye disorders. To avoid this you can often winked at you other than that you can also use a liquid artificial eye drops to keep the humidity of your eyes.

7. Eat healthy foods
Green food rich luthein and zeaxanthine like spinach and fruits such as blackberries and meat fish rich in omega-3 helps keep eyes from age-related eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Also do not forget to consume foods containing beta-carotene as carrots in order to help maintain eye health. Carrots can improve your eye sight at night.

8. Maintain eye with glasses
Wearing kacatama with 100% UVA and UVB will protect the eyes from UV rays that cause cataracts. Not only yourself, your child will also need to be protected from UV rays because when he was 18 years old, at the age of the child has been exposed to UV light as much as 85%.




What is a eye cancer ?
Eye cancer is a malignant tumor growth of malignant tumors in the eyes , that is to say , part of the light -sensitive tissue in the retrobulbar . Tumors in the retina of the eye , we often say that " cancer eye " refers to squamous carcinoma cells of the eye of a long history of eye disease . Relatively rare cancer of the eye , but to a certain age might occur . Eye cancer generally occurs only in one eye , then spread from one eye to the other , such events simultaneously affect both eyes . These conditions are often a cause of death .

Causes of eye cancer
Causes of eye cancer is generally caused by a genetic mutation or gene , can disebkan well with : the edge of the eyelid lack of pigment ; the sun too long , especially by the powerful influence of ultraviolet radiation , malnutrition .
Symptoms of eye cancer

Although eye cancer is not very common , but can be seen clearly in children 5 years of age , or at an earlier age , but in children under 4 years of age should pay special attention to the reflective eyes . If found abnormal or reflective eye occurs in lumps protruding eyes should be immediately taken to the hospital eye specialist , in case of severe injury should be done early treatment . For early diagnosis of eye cancer treatment will have a relatively high chance .

Eye cancer spread almost in all parts of the eye , parts of the cornea and cartilage at the edges , can occur from the conjunctiva , nictitating membrane and eyelid edges , specifications :
1 . Patient when there is a flash of light ( too bright ) , will find a white spot in the pupil .
2 . Patients with different eye colors from the other eye .
3 . Patients with eye esimetris or esotropia
4 . Patients with both eyes swollen and painful
5 . Patients with decreased vision

inspection methods
1 . Controlling the performance of a specific cancer of the eye , while checking whether the found white spots on the eye or eyes of patients timbuk abnormal symptoms mentioned above .
2 . Arising If the patient's eye condition is not normal , it is recommended to immediately do the first step of the fundus oculi examination and head CT
3 . Clinical symptoms While existing approaches eye cancer symptoms , the patient needs to do a pathology lab in operation to take samples of the organism .

Treatment of eye cancer
Because cancer of the eye referred to one of the types of cancer , and therefore in terms of methods of medical treatment can be performed on all cancer eye cancer .
Methods of treatment in general
1 . Surgery : surgical resection is one of the most common methods of treatment . By performing surgical resection of the tumor , including the entire eye and then in combination with laser , using high temperature abnormal tissue can be destroyed or sever blood vessels to the tumor in order to achieve the results of treatment of cancer of the eye.
2 . Therapy freezing : the frozen tumors using a small needle , destroying abnormal cells , this is a way to kill cancer cells .
3 . Radiation therapy : principle is based on the size of the radiation energy can have the ability to destruction of cells and chromosomes thus inhibiting cell growth .
4 . Chemotherapy uses drugs to shrink the size of the tumor . chemotherapy in some circumstances can provide the complete destruction of the cancer , inhibit and stop the spread of cancer cells and complements other treatment outcomes .

If the eye cancer is not seriously affect the patient's vision , the doctor will destroy tumors without enucleation . If the patient has lost total vision capabilities already low vision or ability coupled with the large size of the tumor is usually the doctor will perform removal of the eye ( enucleation ) up to the optic nerve of the eye. While the cancer cells have not spread beyond the eye enucleation can be an effective treatment for eye cancer .

5 . Imunotheraphy tumors : Immunotherapy treatment techniques to improve the function of the immune system and the arrival of a factor up to devastation with the aim of eradicating the tumor . In addition to targeting and regulation of immune function , there are still side effects and other benefits . Compared to the strong side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy , biological treatment of the tumor without significant side effects , and this method is clinically proven to boost the immune system and effective treatment against eye cancer . For the most while not allowed to perform the operation , local chemotherapy or other cancer treatment , immunotherapy can do in advance to improve the function of the immune system .

The best treatment method
Cancer treatment at a time when the eyes and in different stages have different methods of treatment . Now the main common eye cancer treatment is surgery , beyond that there radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment program that also includes necessary . We all know of radiotherapy and chemotherapy kill cancer cells and at the same time also damages normal cells , leukocytes impact to be dropped , decreased immune system , accelerating the spread of cancer cells , thus causing the patient to undergo repeated chemotherapy , radiotherapy is not sensitive . Modern Cancer Hospital Guangzhou today use local chemotherapy , radioactive particles , cryosurgery and other invasive treatment techniques , can avoid the drawbacks of the above mentioned .

In addition integrative medicine is also an ideal treatment that is now commonly used , especially for patients with advanced-stage Chinese Medicine has a vital essence , regulate blood disorders , to improve the effect of immune function in patients , treatment can be effectively combined with Western medicine , surgery , and for postoperative rehabilitation to ease the pain and side effects of radiotherapy with chemotherapy , to improve symptoms , improve quality of life and prolong life .

Prevention and treatment of eye cancer :
If the cancer is found in the eyes of a child there is no way of prevention . But through training for pediatric ophthalmologists , physicians can save children from blindness and death .
For adults , usually pay attention to eye hygiene , do regular checks to ensure the health of the organs of our eyes .                                                                                                  


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