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The Bombing of Dresden, Sadistic massacre Allies over Germany 1945

The bombing of Dresden,
Sadistic massacre Allies over Germany - 1945

massacre Allies over Germany - 1945

During this time we only get one-sided information about the World War II, the information from the winner, the ally American-British-French-Soviet Union and the countries of ZOG (Zionist Occupied goverments) others. We rarely, if not to say never, knowing of opposing viewpoints ally, the German-Italian-Japanese. We never know the motive for instance Hitler let hundreds of thousands of beleaguered British Expeditionary Army at Dunkirk, France, to escape back to England. We of course also rare, if not to say never, heard something about the bombing of Dresden even though it is a most grievous events in World War II.

Dresden in 1945 is a beautiful city with 650,000 inhabitants were amicable. On the date February 13, 1945 the city was infested sesaki by about 750,000 German refugees who escaped the tyranny of the communist-Jewish soldiers of the Soviet Union. They camped in parks and squares are there, even on the sidewalks and streets. They feel safe there because Dresden is not a city that has military facilities targeted enemy attack. Instead Dresden is a "city hospital" which has 25 hospitals and medical facilities are great. They are also aware that under international law, their city may not be the target of military attacks as Germany also never touched the "cities of education" English as Oxford and Cambridge.

But their assumption was wrong. At 10:15 hours the night of 800 bombers and fighter planes filled the sky British bodyguards Dresden and spilling tons of bombs. Thousands of people were killed or injured in the attacks. When the planes had disappeared from the sky, residents and refugees who survived out of hiding to provide aid to the victims. Likewise, thousands of rescuers from the towns and villages around rushed to Dresden. They never imagined the tragic events that had just occurred. Of course, they also never thought that the cessation of attacks just a hoax. Because when the streets were filled with the rescuers and victims, the second wave of British air raids come back.

The second attack impact greater destruction of the city that is still filled with the coals by the first attack. Fire blazed more intense burn. Thus the great fire and the heat caused by the rescuers from out of town it difficult to enter the city. While thousands of displaced residents of Dresden and burnt alive to the bone.

The story of the horror of the unspeakable. When small children are separated from their parents stuck in a puddle of melted asphalt because of the heat. Or when small children were trampled by those who fought the way to save themselves. This kind of thing must never experienced the people of Britain, America and its allies.

massacre Allies over Germany - 1945

This humanitarian catastrophe has not stopped for the next day's America's turn to show off. A total of 400 bombers spilling its cargo and fighter planes shooting at people in the streets, including medical workers who were treating patients along the banks of the River Elbe.

Yet it is still not over for three further attacks have been planned allied forces: February 15, March 3 and 17 April 1945 with a total of bombers reached 1,172 units. The death toll is estimated at 400,000 people, or even more. And because the Germans did not have enough people to evacuate corpses just sprayed with disinfectant or a fire and then buried with rubble.

As noted by General Patton, commander of the allied forces were defeated and occupied Germany, in his diary, civil administration allies, particularly the US and Britain, systematically attempted ethnic cleansing against whites Germany, solely by revenge to those Jews to them. Between 800,000 to 1.1 million German POWs were allowed to stay in prison camps without a roof and pedestal for months withstand hunger, heat and cold. German civilians were expelled from their homes to be filled by Jews who came from the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. About 500,000 other prisoners of war, civilian and military, were sent to Siberia for forced labor. For the German woman, the last days of the Nazi regime is a real hell. They only have two options: raped by soldiers of the Soviet Union or bombed by American and British bombers.

It is estimated that about 5 million Germans are systematically left to die of starvation during the 5 years after the war by the allies occupied Germany.

And because the Jews control the government and western mass media, even the Germans themselves did not know much about the tragedy of Dresden. Jews wanted exclusive rights as victims of war, to war victims although it is not Jews, they continued campaigning "holocaust directed".

The goal of course so that they can continue "squeezing" all people in the world. Until now, for example, Western countries continue to provide assistance "compensating victims of war" to Israel. In the decade of the 90s, when the memory of the people of Europe about the "holocaust directed" dimmed, the Jews under the coordination of the World Jewish Association are campaigning for "holocaust directed" that the critics called "holocaust directed industry". They squeeze the German and Swiss banks under the pretext benefit illegally from public funds charred Jews during the war, until the once applause managed to earn billions of dollars. However, as usual, the compensation fund was mostly just go into private pockets Jewish figures and not actual war victims.

"Holocaust industry" is the systematic efforts by the Jews for the perpetuation of false memories "holocaust directed" while abundant benefit from it. "Holocaust industry" including museums holocaust directed in some western countries, education "holocaust directed", NGOs, books, films and so on. Hollywood movies about World War II almost certainly also part of the "holocaust directed industry".

When the people of Ukraine want to commemorate the events of "Holomador", an international Jewish lobby hard to reject. "Holomador" is "ethnic cleansing" against the people of Ukraine by the communist regime of the Soviet Union which was founded and run exclusively by Jews. Ukraine which is a grain silo experienced mass famine that killed around 7 million inhabitants for crops seized by the communist regime before World War II. They also opposed the Armenian genocide memorial by Kemal Ataturk, a Jew "Domne" Turkey.

Another aim is to exclusive rights of victims of war belongs only to Jews is to give their reasons for doing terrorism against the Palestinian people. They hope that the global community understand the Jewish occupation of Palestine as "Jews need their own country" after experiencing a "holocaust directed".
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Richard Odorfer; "Destruction of Dresden: Man's worst massacre"; Herald-Zeitung; 13 February 2011 in; February 15, 2011.


The history of Valentine's Day February 14 that you should know

The history of Valentine's Day articles photo

Valentine's Day is celebrated every 14th of February. Some people interpret it as a celebration of love, the other accused as 'a warning that deliberately held' to boost sales of cards, chocolates, flowers, and other items that are considered to represent an expression of love.

Whatever one's opinion about Valentine, of course there is the history on that day.

From the origin of its name, the Catholic Church recognizes there are 3 saint or saints named Valentine or Valentinus. "And the third is a martyr," as quoted from the Guardian website, Friday, February 13, 2015. The three men from the past 200 AD was killed in tragic.

One story said, Once Upon Roman Emperor Claudius II forbade young soldiers were married, so they do not 'sluggish' on the battlefield.

However, "Bishop Valentine disobeyed it and marry one couple quietly. He executed when the authorities know the secret marriage."

When he was imprisoned, the legend said that the man from Genoa was then fell in love with the daughter of the person who put him in jail. Before executed brutally, he made a love letter to her lover. Which closed with the words, 'From your Valentine'.

Another Valentine was a cleric in the Roman Empire that help the Christians who were persecuted during the reign of Claudius II. When imprisoned, he was restoring the sight of a blind girl - who later falls in love with her. Valentine was executed beheaded on February 14th.

The third is a pious bishop of Terni, who also tortured and diekselusi during the reign of Claudius II, also dated February 14 - in different years.

Regardless of the legend, St. Valentine and love relationship emerged much later. In the poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer, English poet and author of the famous book, 'The Canterbury Tales'. Similarly, according to Andy Kelly, an expert in English from the University of California, Los Angeles, who wrote the book 'Chaucer and the Cult of St. Valentine'.

Chaucer, wrote a poem titled Parliament of fowls (1382), to celebrate the engagement of King Richard II.

In the poem, Valentine's Day is celebrated on May 3, instead of February 14. "It is a day where all the birds chose their partners in a year," said Kelly. "Shortly thereafter, in one generation, people took the idea to celebrate Valentine's Day as a day of love."

Valentine is a reference Chaucer probably was Saint Valentine of Genoa who died on 3 May. But the people at that time was not so familiar with that figure.

They are more familiar with the story of Rome and Valentine of Terni were executed on 14 February - which is then associated with love.

The story of Valentine's Day can be traced from the ancient Roman era, related to pagan worship. Each February 13-15, residents celebrate the ancient Roman Lupercalia. The ceremony began with the sacrifice of two goats and a dog.

Then, half-naked man running in the streets, whipping the young girl with a strap made of goatskin newly sacrificed. While it may sound like some sort of perverted sadomasochistic ritual, it made the Romans do until year 496 AD. As a rite of purification and fertility.

"The ceremony is believed to make women more fertile," said Noel Lenski, historian from the University of Colorado, Boulder, as published by USA Today.

Peak Lupercalia on February 15, at the foot of the Palatine Hill, in addition to the cave - which is believed to be a she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus - the founder of the city of Rome in Roman mythology.

In 496, Pope Gelasius I banned the Lupercalia and declared February 14 St. Valentine's Day.

Commercialization Celebration of Love?
Valentine synonymous with flowers, chocolates, cards, even Cupid - Roman god of love depicted as winged naughty little boy and plump. How origins?

The oldest Valentine card made by a nobleman, Duke Charles of Orleans. Imprisoned in the Tower of London or the Tower of London after the British captured in 1415, Charles wrote a love letter to his wife rhyming, Bonne d'Armagnac - which is now kept in the British Library, London.

The poem consists of two lines, in French. Unfortunately, she passed before Charles returned to France in 1440.

However, experts English from SUNY-Buffalo State, Ann C. Colley said, giving new Valentine cards popular in England in the mid-19th century.

There are two supporters of the time: the first British postal service, Penny Post was founded - makes sending a letter be cheap and available to everyone.

The second factor, for the first time, mass produced Valentine card. Molding machine was then able to apply a number of printing methods, such as embossed, lace design, or a 3-dimensional card. Thus says professor of American history and popular culture at George Mason University.

Although culture provides Valentine cards originated from the UK, its influence spread to the United States in the 1840s.

Interestingly, in the UK, the card is not only given to people who estimated, but also on those who are not favored.

chocolate Valentine
Chocolate has long been regarded as an aphrodisiac, generating excitement. Starting oada 17th century, when the first cocoa beans were brought to Europe from Mexico and Central America, Europeans associate with the story of Montezuma and his wives.

The 19th century was a period in which the sweets and sugary snacks is more affordable for the middle class, as the mass production of chocolate.

In 1868, Richard Cadbury issued the first Valentine's Day chocolate. "There is a notion that makes chocolate aphrodisiac appropriate for Valentine's Day," said Alexandra Leaf, culinary expert and founder of Chocolate Tours of New York City.

In the 5th century, Eros (the inspiration for the word 'erotic'), the Greek version of Cupid, portrayed as tall young man, athletic, heroic, and have wings. Similarly Angeline said Chiu, a professor at the University of Vermont told USA Today.

Why, why now looks like a baby?
According to Chiu, Cupid transformation, from dashing young man so cute baby comes from the art of the Renaissance era.

"Maestro Raphael and other artists to paint plump little baby everywhere," said Chiu. "They do not mean to paint Cupid. Maybe to describe love in general," he added.

However, the image of Cupid as a cute baby to survive until today.

Red Roses
In the 18th century, Charles II of Sweden introduced the idea that flowers symbolize emotion or message implied. According

"Today, the red rose is associated with passionate love, pink roses for friendship, white for purity, and red-white is unity," said Jennifer Sparks, spokesman for the Society of American Florists.

However, he suggested, giving flowers do not have to bother thinking about the meaning. Focus on flowers favored by the recipient.


History Black Box On Commercial Aircraft

The first commercial aircraft manufacturer that uses jet engine aircraft, the De Havilland Comet suffered a fatal accident four times in 1953 and 1954. Three of them is an accident at the time did not know the cause.
The first accident De Havilland Comet, which overrides the airline Canadian Pacific Airlines in Karachi, Pakistan on March 3, 1953 called the result of pilot error. Then on May 2, 1953 an accident similar happened BOAC Flight 783/057, then on January 10, 1954 accident also happened to occur at the BOAC 781 and airline South African Airways Flight 201 on 8 April 1954.

The series of accidents that are then forced a massive improvement on the Comet fleet. The whole Comet finally be grounded to prevent recurrence of accidents which was later known as a result of structural errors.
Accident that later inspired David Warren, an Australian scientist and researcher who is also an expert fuel to create what is now known as the black box or black box, especially for parts Cockpit Voice Recorder (VCR) and Flight Data Recorder (FDR).

The idea came when he realized that the accident is investigated if the flight will be able to listen to the last conversation in the cockpit plane and data plane functions recording.
Previously existing tool is only used to record flight data, but there are shortcomings that can not record sound in the cockpit. This tool was created by Francois Hussenot and Paul Beaudouin in 1939 by making a recording device in the form of films with a length of 8 meters. This tool data record altitude, speed and others.

Waren then try experimenting after seeing a mini sound recordings in an exhibition event. He also makes the device using magenitik recording device that can be removed and reused to record.
The first model of this device, completed in 1957. The results of his creation tool can record voice data for four hours and the instrument can record data on the steel plate. While modern devices using digital data recorder data can be easily and quickly downloaded.

Merging the flight data recorder or the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) and Cockpit Voice Recorder (VCR) is what is now used as a black box.
At that time, the airline industry is not directly adopt these devices because of their security-related issues of privacy.
Warren was struggling to obtain recognition mengignat how important the device. Warren was featured in a live interview with ABC in 1985 .. He was told how the struggle in finding and developing these devices.
It was only in 1960, the Australian government began to adopt the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) on commercial aircraft marking the use of this device for the first time.

The data collected by this device include plane direction, altitude, speed, vertical acceleration, and time data. But now, the device is capable of recording more data to be able to reconstruct the accident, analyze problems, and with a more resilient power including fire resistant and survive when immersed in the sea.
Now, the black box is also equipped with Underwater Locator Beacon (ULB) which is active when interacting with water and will emit an emergency signal for 30 days so it is easy to find. In addition, the black box is also given a flaming orange color that is easily recognizable.

However, in some cases, the black box is sometimes also not found. It is then inspire the emergence of other more sophisticated devices that real time reporting system or ACARS (Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System).

But so far the device has managed to track basic information ranging from takeoff to landing. In addition, some aircraft manufacturers have already complete with an MP3 recording devices that can record up to 500 hours of flight data.

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