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Vagina Diseases .10 of them that you need to know

Women are the creatures are very concerned about the health of the bodies of their loved ones like family, friends, or friends. Quite often the woman forgot to take care of their own health. Including those relating to the sex organs such as the vagina.
Disease Miss V. 10 of them that you need to know

The vagina is a hidden proved vulnerable to contracting some diseases, you know. Reporting from, these are diseases that can haunt your vagina health.

Lumps may appear around the vagina area. But you need not worry because this is just a clogged gland and can you treat with warm water. But if this lump ache or pain, then consult a physician.

Skin cancer
This may sound strange. However, the skin in the vaginal area can also be affected by cancer.

varicose veins
Some women may experience varicose veins around vulva. Varicose veins is common in pregnant women or those who often stand for a long time.

Blockage of the hair follicles
Women may experience blockage of the hair follicles in the vaginal area marked with reddish bumps. These follicles usually happens when you shave pubic hair or wearing uncomfortable lingerie.

dry vagina
May also experience vaginal dryness that occurs due to hormonal imbalance, drugs consumption, chemotheray, dam stress. Change the pattern of your life to get rid of this nuisance.

Whitish occurs when there is growth of bacteria in the vagina. These bacteria can arise because you are less keep the vagina or when their pH imbalance in the body.

If you experience bleeding when you're not menstruating, beware. Because this could be a sign of a vaginal infection or symptoms of cervical cancer.

When you find that your vagina area was scuffed, immediately consult a physician. Vaginal blisters can be caused by HPV.

Vaginal itching caused by fungal and yeast infections. Besides vaginal itching caused by the pH balance is disturbed, the consumption of antibiotics, diabetes, and wearing damp clothing in a long time.

vaginal pain
Severe vaginal pain, specially in case of sexual intercourse can be very dangerous because it could be a sign of infection or endometriosis. When pain persists, call your doctor.

So you often have one of the above disorders? Immediately doing the proper treatment before it becomes severe.



Menstruation. Understanding the meaning of the color of blood that you need to know

Did you know that the menstrual blood or menstrual meaning of each color. Every month women will certainly experience a period mestruasi caused by the decay of the uterine wall because no conception.

Understanding Menstruation the color of blood

Blood had already been issued in color and texture are different and it has a meaning that is different also. Normally the blood can be bright red, brown to black, and can be textured thin or very thick.

Blood is paid also vary in number. Normally be only 4 teaspoons of up to 12 teaspoons for a week or more periods.

However, from the color of menstrual blood was found to have a special meaning loh. Such as the following :
Bright red color, it means that the blood was just removed from the body and tend to be mild and regular flow.
Dark red color, this indicates if the blood of prolonged storage in the womb and newly issued now. Usually this blood came out when she woke up.
Brown to black color indicates that the old blood. Usually brownish and blackish blood came out when the final menstrual period.
Orange, meaning blood was mixed with secretions from the cervix. In addition, blood orange this could also be a sign of a disease.

In addition to color, texture blood also has its own meaning, such as a blood clot that has meaning mensturasi blood occur tend to be heavy. If this condition occurs continuously, we recommend that you consult a physician.

If the blood slick shaped like a jelly, is blood mixed with mucus of the cervix in the vagina. As for the blood thinner and blood usually liquid has been returned to work with the body's natural anticoagulant.

On the blood that comes out with a gray-colored blob of tissue in large amounts, it means there has been a miscarriage or abortion, and need to see a doctor immediately.

Menstrual blood can also indicate the presence of a benign tumor that is inside the womb. Usually the presence of tumor is characterized by menstrual bleeding more than usual, and a blood clot in a long time.



Stomach Cramps during menstruation solution with an easy way that you need to know

Relieve Menstrual Cramps Stomach Without Drugs

For most women, stomach cramps during menstruation is not a trivial thing. Therefore, the pain appears can sometimes cause us trouble concentrating and sometimes can make us absent from work or school.


Although it does things that can not be avoided by all women, in fact there are some healthy ways to relieve stomach cramps during menstruation without the need to take the pills, as reported from Sheknows, Friday (01/27/2017):

1. Eat right

Eating the right foods can help relieve menstrual abdominal cramps. Mayo Clinic reports that a number of studies have shown that vitamin E (found in sunflower seeds, almonds, and spinach), omega-3 (found in salmon), vitamin B1 (found in green beans, asparagus and brussel sprouts) , vitamin B6 and magnesium supplements, can help reduce abdominal cramps significantly.

But remember, do not just starting when you've entered the menstrual period, but start when you know that the menstrual period will begin. So that pain due to abdominal cramps can be minimized.

2. Pillow heating

According to the Mayo Clinic, it's put something hot or warm in the abdomen during cramping can be as effective as taking painkillers. You can use bottled water which contains little heat to relieve stomach cramps during menstruation. However, if you want to order the heater can be kept taped to your skin during the move, you can use a special heating pad that has a strap, so it can be used under your shirt.

But that pain quickly disappeared, try lying on your back on the floor and squeeze your buttocks to the wall, then straighten your legs on the wall while still attaching the bottle or heating pad on your stomach.

3. Avoid caffeine

Caffeine is usually found in coffee can make stomach cramps so more painful if you drink during menstruation. In fact, not only that, caffeine can increase anxiety and tension on your muscles. In fact, both of these is your level is higher when you are in the menstrual period.

4. Move

This may rarely occur to you when abdominal pain is attacking, but actually exercising or at least move may release endorphins in the body, so that it can help relieve the pain and make your muscles relax. Even moving the body can be called as a painkiller that is natural.

To release endorphins during menstruation, you can exercise brisk walking, bicycling, or doing light yoga.

5. Try the essential oils

Essential oils are not only fragrant, but they also can be a painkiller great.

A triple-blind study published in the Caspian Journal of Internal Medicine found that ingesting thyme oil is better than ibuprofen in relieving abdominal cramps. The researchers explained, thyme very effective as analgesic and antispasmodiknya.

But in addition to swallow, according to holistic health coach, Lauren Birgitta, essential oils can also be applied rub to help relieve cramps. He was advised to apply a dollop of coconut oil in the stomach or in your lower back.


Menstruation - Some Things Dangerous Women should be aware of

Menstruation including a very important moment for women. During menstruation, the body releases the outer layer of the uterus. Blood is removed from the body through the vagina after moving through the uterus.

Of cases, some of the women around the world often face many problems during menstruation. Insights about menstruation need to be built. The appropriate quoted from page Highrated, Monday (23/01/2017), the following hazardous conditions related to menstruation.

1. Blood spots light (light flow)

This is a common phenomenon when you are taking birth control pills. When taking birth control pills or pregnancy sign symptom such as the menstrual period marked a mild blood spots, blood out a bit, it was a common occurrence.

On the other hand, normal women and not pregnant, menstrual blood that comes out is usually intensified.

If you are not taking birth control pills, it is likely to show serious symptoms of the thyroid or pituitary gland. Instead, visit a doctor immediately.

2. Bleeding suddenly

Birth control pills can cause sudden bleeding or trigger the symptoms of cervical and uterine polyps (lumps in the lining of the uterus). In rare cases, it can be an indication of cancer risk.

3. The period of abnormal or delayed

If you are not pregnant, then menstruation in attendance at the end of your menstrual schedule may indicate a hormonal imbalance in your body. For example, ovulation may be irregular or you may have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). It would also explain why you are having difficulty in predicting the fertile days.

4. Overcome extreme cramps

Cramps are very painful. If this goes on for several days, time for you to consult a doctor.

5. The color of menstrual blood red saturated

If the discharge menstrual blood that comes out the same color as cranberry juice (sour berry and red), which is normal. However, you need to be careful of other possibilities, you could be suffering from an imbalance of estrogen.


Problems in Women's Reproductive Organs

Causes of Dry Vagina

Vaginal dryness will cause irritation, discomfort and pain during intercourse. To avoid pain and suffering, you must determine the cause of vaginal dryness. Here is the cause of vaginal dryness:

Levels of estrogen in the body maintain lubrication in the vagina, at the time of menopause estrogen levels decline. This will cause dryness and irritation of the vagina. It is also called vaginal atrophy

Women's health issues
Childbirth, breastfeeding, removal of the ovaries and medicine for endometriosis which can cause a drop in estrogen levels that cause the dryness of the vagina.

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy will cause vaginal dryness.

Some antidepressants and allergy medicines that can cause vaginal dryness

Before penetration should do foreplay useful for the lubrication and lubrication of the vagina is enough.

stressed Out
It turns out that stress also affects the vaginal dryness

Handling for the occurrence of vaginal dryness:
There are several medications available to relieve the discomfort of the vagina
Avoid self-medication, you should consult with your doctor to get the right medicine for your body's needs.
Estrogen therapy were monitored by doctors
Reduce stress
Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

Source: healthmeup

Various Things You Need to Know Regarding Female Reproductive Organs

Did you know that many women in this world who do not know anything about their reproductive organs? Based on a survey in the United States, approximately 64% of women did not know what form the cervix (cervical) itself.

Approximately one-third of survey participants thought that a healthy vagina is a vagina that is completely odorless, however, is actually a healthy vagina was a bit smelly and trying to eliminate odors by using a cleaning fluid femininity it can create unwanted germs multiply and cause infection.

One-third of other survey participants said that consuming wine is good for the health of the vagina. This is not true because alcohol can disrupt the hormonal balance.

Approximately two-thirds of the study participants did not know how big the size of the average vagina and some people do not even know where the urethra (the hole where urine is issued).

Researchers in the United States found that approximately 40% of women thought that the ovaries will continue to produce or make eggs when they were aged 20-30 years. However, did you know that the actual number of eggs you've determined since the day you were born into this world. Other studies have even found that approximately 40% of women do not know what is meant by the process of ovulation, or the release of a mature egg from the ovary.

Many women do not know what exactly is meant by the vagina healthy and normal. This makes the women finally ended on 2 situation that is, they do not ignore the various health problems that occur in the feminine organs or just very concerned about the state of health of her female organs.

Source: womenshealthmag



Diseases of the human reproductive system
Diseases of the human reproductive system can be caused by viruses or bacteria . Disease that attacks the human reproductive system are also called venereal diseases . In general , venereal disease transmitted through sexual intercourse . The disease can affect men and women .

1 . Syphilis
Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria . The signs of syphilis , among others, the occurrence of sores on the genitals , rectum , tongue , and lips ; swelling of lymph nodes in the thighs ; splotches all over the body ; bone and joint pain rash on the body , especially the hands and soles of the feet .
Signs of the disease can be lost , but still remained disease-causing bacteria in the body , after a few years can attack the brain that can lead to blindness and insanity . This disease can be cured if treatment with antibiotics quickly .

2 . Gonorrhea ( gonorrhea )
Gonorrhea ( gonorrhea ) is caused by bacteria .
Symptoms of gonorrhea , such as pus discharge from the genital tract ; heartburn and frequent urination . The disease -causing bacteria can spread throughout the body , causing pain in the joints and can lead to infertility .
This disease can be cured if treatment with antibiotics quickly .

3 . Herpes Genetalis
Genetalis herpes is caused by a virus . The virus causes herpes is herpes simplex Genetalis . Genetalis herpes symptoms , including the incidence of itching or pain in the genital area and the presence of open wounds or watery blisters .


1 . Anatomy Vulva
The vulva is the place bermuaranya urogenital system . On the outer ring of vulvar labia majora are backward into one and forming the posterior kommiscura and perineum . In the fatty tissue under the skin are similar to those in the mons veneris medial lip of big lips found little towards the perineum into one to form the frenulum labiorum pudendi .
It is located in front frenilium nauikullare fossa . Right and left near the fossa havikulare can be seen two small holes where the channel empties into two gandule Bartholini . Looking ahead into the labia minora and prepuce klitoridis form and erenulum klitoridis under preposium klitoridis located clitoris . Approximately 1.5 cm below the clitoris are orifisum urethra .

2 . Anatomy Vagina
The vagina connects the external genetalia with internal genetalia vaginal introitus closed hymen , a local membrane folds . At first coitus the hymen was torn in several places and the rest called treasure kulae mirtiformes . Another form found on the hymen is hymen kribriformis ( showing some holes ) and septus hymen . Sometimes completely closed hymen ( hymen imperforatus ) . The size of the hole does not determine whether the woman's hymen is still virgo or not . It is well known by medical or judicial . In Indonesia, the integrity of a girl's hymen is still valued at all, then the doctor should pay attention to this .

Vagina measuring 6.5 on the front and on the back of 9.5 cm . Axis running roughly parallel to the direction of the bottom edge of the promontory to the symphysis . Direction is important to know if inserting a finger into the vagina on examination ginekolosi .

On the growth of the fetus in the uterus two thirds of the vagina comes from the duct milleri ( origin of the endometrium ) . While two thirds of the bottom folds of the ectoderm . It is important to know in dealing with congenital abnormalities .

Vaginal epithelium consists of squamous epithelium in several layers . Layer contains no glands , but can hold a small child epithelial transudation was very thin , making it susceptible to infection .
Vaginal mucosa horizontal folds , creases was called ruga . In the midst of the front and back there is a section called column rugarum more hardened . Ruga - ruga can be seen in the third distal part of the vagina on a virgo or nailipara . Meanwhile in multiparous women folds is largely lost . Below are vaginal epithelial connective tissue that contains many blood vessels . Under the connective tissue are muscles that are similar to the composition of the intestinal muscles .
There fosia outer muscle ( connective tissue ) that will be reduced elasticity in elderly women . On the front wall of the vagina along the bottom of the ureter are 2.5-4 cm . The upper part of the vagina bordering the bladder . The rear wall of the vagina is longer and forming the posterior fornix are much broader than the anterior froniks .
Generally the front and rear walls of the vagina near approaching . In women who had given birth to a child , the second wall of the vagina is often found where the loose and somewhat degenerate . In a rare virgo these circumstances .

3 . Hormones Affect Reproductive Vagina
1 . Thymus
The thymus is an organ that changes according to age and is considered beneficial in the growth process . 2 thymus is known peprida :
Timosin x - 1
Timosin -4 originating from epithelial thymus .
This peptide plays a role in the secretion of LH - RH activity during puberty . Besides specifically timosin x - 1 works to increase the secretion of corticosteroids . Thus enhancing immunity . While -4 timosin work stimulates the release of LHRH from the hypothalamus . Thus play a role in the reproductive system .
On the other hand in the thymic epithelial cells of estrogen and androgen receptors . From this fact it appears that gonadal steroids affect the immune system , and support the process of hypothalamic- pituitary thymus . Evidence of this is shown by the changes in the immune response during pregnancy .

The importance of the role of the thymus in reproduction seen from the fact that removal of the thymus trigger follicular atresia and premature ovarian failure .
Congenital absence of the thymus in the absence vosit turns resulted in the ovary . This means that the thymus peptides essential to prevent follicular atresia .

2 . Thyroid
Thyroxine has barrier properties of the secretion of prolactin . Thyroid hormone deficiency , especially nipotiroidisme primary cause endogenous levels of TRH and TSH increased .
And with the increase in plasma PRL levels cause women with hypothyroidism will experience severe disruption firtilitan and cause disruption of the menstrual cycle and breast tissue will be more sensitive to PRL . Although the levels are normal though .

Relationships with high levels of PRL hiportiroid reaction is due to the absence of negative feedback of T3 and T4 to sipofisis . Anterior , then the pituitary will secrete thyroid-releasing hormone ( TRT ) in large quantities and will trigger a T3 and T4 and PRL secretion .
Treatment of thyroid will produce a state of entiroid cause TRH will slump and high PRL levels will decrease so that the patient will experience cyclic menstruation and hipofisil fossa can return to normal . However, hyperthyroidism can also interfere with fertility in a woman though not always . Its effect on the ovaries can lead to disruption of the menstrual cycle ( oligomenorrhoea , amenorrhoea ) .


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