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Flat stomach by eating these fruits

Flat stomach photo

Has a slender body with a flat stomach is every woman's dream. Various methods are used women to get a beautiful body with a slim stomach.
Ranging from sports to be super strict diet to get the ideal body. In addition to sports, food must also be considered. Some foods and beverages is believed to destroy the fat in the abdomen, and helps get a slim stomach.

Here, the five foods that help to reduce fat in the abdomen, as quoted by the Times of India:

1. Green Tea
Green tea is great to help shrink the waist and reduce inflammation. Flavonoids in green tea has a natural anti-inflammatory. And, green tea EGCG compound proven to reduce body fat.

2. Garlic
Mengosumsi garlic as a regulator of antibiotics and blood sugar naturally. By controlling the blood sugar and insulin levels, the body can maximize fat burning for energy, thus reducing stomach fat. Garlic is also thermogenic that helps boost metabolism.

3. Apples
Mengosumsi apples regularly can help fight various diseases and destroy belly fat. Apples make you feel full, because they contain potassium and many vitamins.

4. Watermelon
Watermelon contains about 82 percent water. This red fruit is rich in vitamin C, which is very bermanfaaat to health. Watermelon is one of the healthy foods if you are running a healthy diet. The fruit is also a good snack during the day.

5. Bananas
Such as apples, bananas are also rich in potassium and contains multivitamins. Fast banana filling and helps you to suppress craving fast food mengosumsi. Bananas also help increase metabolism, thus melting the fat in the abdomen.


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Some Quick Ways Slim Back After Childbirth

After giving birth to most of the women hope to return to its original shape and lose weight. Most of postpartum women lose half the weight while pregnant within 6 weeks after giving birth. The rest will slowly go down in subsequent months. Healthy diet with exercise can help you lose weight

Your body needs time to heal after childbirth. When you lose weight instantly healing process will take longer. At least give a period of 6 weeks before the weight loss program, for those who are breastfeeding are advised to wait until your baby is at least 2 months old.

Too rapid weight loss can affect milk production. Breastfeeding can help burn calories in the body so that you will be amazed at your weight loss while breastfeeding.

The ideal weight loss after birth is 1.5 pounds, or about 680 grams per week. Decrease the number will not affect milk production. You can follow it up with a way to reduce your intake of 500 calories per day. Surely you are advised to consult a doctor or nutritionist first in order to know your calorie needs per day.

Here are some tips to lose weight after giving birth you can follow:

1.Try not to skip meals you. Not eating will make you have reduced energy, it will not help you lose weight.
2. Eat 5-6x / day with small portions interspersed with snacks in between.
3. Breakfast is important! The breakfast will give you energy to run activities all day and will keep you from feeling tired.
4. Eat slowly do not rush. Chew your food slowly in order to make you feel full faster.
5. Choose low-fat dairy products.
6. Choose fruits and vegetables as snacks. Bananas, carrots, berries, apples and citrus fruits are low in fat but rich in vitamins and fiber. Fiber can help your digestion.
7. Drink 8 glasses of water a day, or at least 2L / day. Limit soda and using artificial sweeteners.
8. The food was prepared with roasted, boiled or steamed have fewer calories than fried foods.
9. Limit your intake of sweets and fatty foods.
10. Sports! Remember exercise is an important component in a diet. Exercise can help you eliminate body fat and not muscle. Do light exercise such as brisk walking first chili carry your baby around the house complex in the morning and afternoon. Once you have started to adapt to the type and intensity of exercise can be improved.

Avoid follow a diet that is too extreme by eating too little. That of course will make you look skinny in quick time in the early weeks and back into fat fast. When it comes out of your body is not fat, but you will lose some body fluids that cause you to become limp.

While you want to look slim as usual, you have to be realistic that after giving birth most of you will bo wider hips and a waist circumference greater. So that should be your goal to lose weight after giving birth is for the health of the body.

Tips to Get the Ideal Body Weight

Agency if overweight or too skinny is not ideal especially inadequate height. To perform a weight loss program, it is not enough merely to restrict food intake. The balance between the food consumed by the activities undertaken should also be considered.

Keeping a diet is often regarded as one of the effective way to maintain weight in order to stay ideal. But not necessarily and not always one hundred percent correct.

10 Tips to Achieve Ideal Body Weight:
1. Reduce eating snacks and switch to fruit.
2. Do not reduce the frequency of eating, still keep eating three times a day, including breakfast.
3. Although fat can increase appetite, try to fry dishes to a minimum because without digorengpun animal fat is high.
4. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Water as a function of detox, which remove toxins through sweating or urination.
5. Chew food slowly.
Because chew when eating effect on hunger. When chewing in the mouth, food mixes with enzymes mouth. The more enzymes present in the diet, the body will turn signals and will lead to satiety.
6. Avoid foods that are too salty.
The content of sodium in the salt will make growing food cravings.
7. Begin to behave healthy lifestyle.
8. Eat a high fiber diet.
9. Exercise for routinely.
10. Avoid staying up.

Therefore, the hunger hormone will be tinggjika sleep late.

So safe diet is a diet without reducing the frequency of meals, as many as three times. If the frequency is reduced, then the hormone breaking fat into inactiv. It is recommended to reduce the portion.

Similarly tips reach your ideal weight.

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