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Some professions that May Trigger occurrence Infidelity

Trigger occurrence Infidelity articles photo

They say, the cause of cheating include the time, the circumstances, the availability and opportunity. Combine everything, and you find a very perfect position to glance at someone other than your spouse. But there is also the opinion of infidelity occurs solely because of a mismatch.

Reporting from, Tuesday (17/02/2015), try to see some of the most vulnerable professions make men and women who work in them having an affair.

1. Financial Industry
Research of psychologist Dr. Alduan Tartt alone prove more powerful men, the more likely they are having an affair. Based on three factors, high income, frequent traveling, and seirngnya interact with interesting people. Based on the criteria, it is not surprising that those who work in the financial industry gets top position as cheaters.

2. Teachers
Profession surprising appearance in this list. According to the percentage of the study, although the number of women and men in this profession balanced, teachers are often women who cheat. Although there is no specific data on sight anyone into their affair.

3. Doctor
Although medicine is not employment-leaning next to gender, the study proves that most doctors are male affair. Those who have an important role in the media industry must always keep the ego in order not to get into trouble God-complex.

4. Police
Police already have a reputation for having an affair. Hold positions of power, working with shifts that are not necessarily for hours. Coupled physical and mental pressure, the police have met various criteria causes of infidelity. Plus the women who have a specific hobby police seductive married, called "badge bunnies".

5. Housewives
Let's throw away the mind housewife always obey any willingness husband. Work involving a mother they are isolated, stressed by homework and problem children and husbands that they must bear, and stress.

Married couples often do not affectionate anymore due to dislike of the home and work environment. If the husband hates the workplace, and she felt unappreciated and less interaction with others, creates unhappiness and loneliness which are the two biggest causes of infidelity.

6. lawyer
There are many anecdotes lawyer is liar. True or not, the answer may vary. But in reality, it is so common that many lawyers who expertly manipulate honesty suit that fits their narrative. Thus, not surprisingly person who is a lawyer so often cheating.

7. nurse
The United States has 3.5 million people who worked as a nurse in 2011. Due to the long working hours and on-hold handle the sick, this work is very prone to cause stress. According, Sister is a profession the number one cause of depression. No wonder the workers seek refuge in an affair.

8. Administrative Assistant
Although not yet known whether the most assistants having an affair with a co-worker or by anyone, census prove administrative assistant 96 percent of workers are women, with 4 million workers in the United States. Cases of infidelity in women reported 18 percent.

9. Firefighters
Those who work as firefighters seem to know the dangers in their lives not only of smoke and fire, but also the mental effects of working in dangerous conditions. They spend a lot of time not at home, and in the brigade headquarters and bars.

10. Worker Information Technology (IT)
Statements in divorce cases showed an affair with someone who met online into one of the common causes of late. Internet allows us to get to know all kinds of people, including candidates for our affair. Who among workers who spend long hours sitting struggling with the internet? Yes, IT workers.

11. Entertainer
In studying about the entertainer's life, there is an interesting fact. The entertainer who looks energetic, confident and attractive, in fact suffering from a variety of emotional disorders sepertu depression, insecurity are low, and psychological issues such as attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorder.

They are good at hiding their problems, which can lead to other issues such as the uses of drugs, dangerous activities and infidelity.

12. Housing Agencies
Apparently, this allows you tempted prefesi because working hours that require you not at home for a long time, it could be because of your closeness with the client's personal life. There is a report that shows the housing agency workers have a high percentage of the number of divorces.

13. bartender
This job does not seem surprising appear in the list. Working until midnight with people who consume a lot of alkohon already chanting the word "temptation". Participate directly or indirectly in a party every night is not a life that fit to create a suitable environment for a family.

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Tips to know "talented" person affair or not

Cheating partner photo

Scientists claim to have discovered an easy way to judge someone like cheating or not. Simply by looking at the length of the ring finger.

In a recent study published in Biology Letters, scientists at the University of Oxford conducted a study of 1,314 men and women hand.

As a result, men and women who have longer ring fingers than index fingers, proved unfaithful. According to the study, the length of the fingers become an important sign of promiscuity.

The study is based on the ratio method 2D: 4D, which says that the length of a person's finger indicates the current level of the hormone testosterone in the womb.

The longer the ring finger someone, compared with the index finger, the higher the testosterone hormone released in the womb. This is associated with the behavior of affair or promiscuity.

The study also found that men and women actually have the same tendency to affair. The data obtained from the online questionnaire about the sexual habits of the 585 respondents between the ages of 18-63 years.

The data says 57 percent of men tend to like cheating and 43 percent opted for the faithful.

As for the women 47 percent more likely to affair while the rest, 53 percent, chose to be faithful.

Data 2D: 4D only shows both men and women tend to perform affair which respectively reached 62 percent and 50 percent.

But researchers say this is not an absolute. Because there are many other factors that affect.

The high number of respondents belonging to the category 'unfaithful' in research questionnaires may be caused by life experience and cultural influences.

"Human behavior is influenced by many factors, such as environmental and life experiences," said Robin Dunbar, one of the Oxford professor who conducted the research.

"What happens in the womb may only have a very small effect on something as complex as sexual intercourse."


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Some Dangers of Affair

The phenomenon of cheating is too frequent and become familiar news, especially for those who live in densely populated cities.

Cheating may include hidden crime because the people who cheated trying hard not to get caught. As a cat who stole the fish, cheaters usually have a life that is not calm, nervous, anxious for fear of getting caught and many other psychological effects.

Cheating like eating high cholesterol foods, stored behind pleasures adverse health hazard. 
There are at least 5 hazards which may be suffered actors cheating infidelity, let us discuss them one by one.

1. Hard erection
Feeling guilty because your wife or mate mengkianati officially create psychological problems that cause erection hard going. The erection problems if not treated immediately it will get worse. Inability to satisfy sometimes create misunderstandings wife, husband and wife become desperate to be suspicious.
Because it can not erect, usually suspicious wife and husband accused a no-no. Accused then the harder erections will usually occur. Relationships instead of improving, even worse. That is why relationships are initially only a small crack will be a very large crack

2. Infected Sexual Diseases
Unfaithful husband susceptible of contracting STIs and HIV / AIDS. Diseases from outside is brought into the house, give it to his wife and cause other problems.

3. Short-lived
Immunity will decrease drastically if the body is under pressure. Depression, anxiety and fear are the factors that make the body of stress and causes the body's resistance to disease is getting low. That is why high blood pressure is more frequent in cheating offenders than those who are faithful.
Psychological problems and diseases that attack the body continuously and it is not clear how the solution causes swinger become shorter lifespan.

4. Heart attack
The fact that cheaters are prone to heart disease and sudden death. A German study says men are unfaithful have a greater risk of death due to heart attack during sex than those whose life is calm and loyal to your partner.

5. Depression
Depression arises if the perpetrator cheating initially have a good faith and derived from religiously devout family, especially if penyelingkuh have a partner who is faithful and sincere love. Feeling guilty, offenders are usually sentenced her own affair, and that arises then is depression.

In any case the affair can not be justified. Infidelity is a betrayal of the marriage.
Reason infidelity largely due to the failure of intimate communication between husband and wife, each closed, lack of tolerance and a strong ego of each mate. Communication failure caused households cracked and opened the door to infidelity. In addition, sex affairs has contributed to the mate having an affair, affairs in bed incomplete sometimes make husband seeking an outlet outside the home and do the affair.

Signs your mate like others

Nothing is greater than the feeling when we fall in love. Especially when we can love and have a woman that we want certainly we will be happy once. But love can descend to and fro, like a wind-swept cotton. It is not possible other love will grow between the two pairs of lovers who have long lived a relationship. You should also be wary if you still love your mate or whether he has put his heart to others. Before you falsely accuse your partner, I will give you 5 signs your partner love others as follows.

1. Be careful with new people
You have to be careful with the arrival of a new person in your partner's life. Although you probably already more familiar with anyone who is close to your partner. You have to be more vigilant. especially when your partner is more telling about the new people. it is a problem, more so when you want to meet new people but not allowed by your partner. It is definitely a sign of your mate likes someone else.

2. Pay attention to facial expressions
When your partner express love certainly the first time he really meant it. However, over time the love as seen faded. If you suspect your mate no longer loves you and has turned into another heart, to know that all of you can pay attention to your mate's facial expression when told of love to you. Facial expressions between an honest man with a person who is lying is visible. You can membedakanya with expression expression of love at the first time you invented. If the expression of the different expression of love is certainly a sign that your partner likes someone else.

3. Pay attention to the behavior
Consider whether your partner more attention to you or is more concerned with other people, and less attention to you. like for example when you take her out, she refused on the grounds already taken by someone else and give time to others to volunteer. It is certainly a sign of your mate likes someone else. The other instance when you live your early relationship with your partner treats you gently but lately he treats you with violence and make small problems become big problems. Your relationship is definitely on the brink.

4. Confront him
If you want to know your mate sign like everyone else, the most powerful way is to ask you directly to your mate. Asking questions that light like "if you love someone else?" If he denies and grumpy to you and maybe he will answer nervously certainly it is a sign of your mate likes someone else.

5. More to look fashionable
when your partner is showing looks more fashionable than you usually need to be vigilant. not for the reasons you look fashionable mate. Your partner wants to look fashionable as lure others. He wants people he loves like her. If your partner is to look fashionable than you may suspect it's usually a sign of your mate likes someone else.

Before you accuse your partner like other people than you see and notice first,  signs your partner like others above. Hopefully my tips this time may be enlightened in the world love you.


How to know the lover loyalty

Loyalty is paramount in every fabric of one's relationship. Without loyalty relationship will not run longer. loyalty will usually appear when we had just invented. Maybe we'll spit Umbar promise "forever faithful" to our beloved. but evidence shows that most of the NOL. Lots of relationship that begins with saying the word "faithful forever" but still the relationship foundered in the middle of the road.

If you're in a relationship you should always be consistent to keep the promise you two, but when you already have a loyal nature but if your partner is not, it is just as well lie and it will hurt us. that our hearts are not hurt by our mate. we actually can find out if we are faithful mate or not, consider the ways to know our mates faithful or not the following:

1. Observe attention
Early courtship you will get tremendous attention from your partner. every minute of every hour maybe your partner will always be contacting you. by using the race you can tell your mate faithful or not. Compare perhatianya when beginning a relationship with him when you are with him this time. If attention was increasingly recede or rarely is a sign that our partner is unfaithful. Meanwhile, if from the beginning until now we keep good attention mate pairing we belong faithful partner.

2. Jokes aside
Jokes aside, it is commonplace done by many lovers. Kidding aside to get closer emotionally joke also able to eliminate the boredom in your relationship. You can also find us faithful mate or not with this joke. Couples who are still faithful will always joking when he met with us. although sometimes he uses a strange call to our call. whereas for couples unfaithful he will always be angry angry with us and put faces bored when he met with us.

3. Fear fight
Fight has become a seasoning for mate. because without a fight fabric of affection among mate will not be formed, one faithful partner he would fear the day of a fight with our loyal, faithful partner if the fight will try to continue to get sorry, contrary to her unfaithful spouse will allow problems to be large and has properties will not budge or selfish, usually if the angry peaked unfaithful spouse will use it to disconnect us.

4. Take the time
The couple are still always faithful to us he will always took time to be with us, but if we had not faithful mate he would be more concerned with his personal affairs of us, even though the matter is not very important. Like just hanging out with friends theme.

5. expression
A mate are still loyal to us will show red facial expressions and beautiful smile when we meet her. This shows that he is still comfortable with us. but if mate has been unfaithful he will put a scary face or bored when seeing us.

That's the sign of a faithful mate or not, advice from me in a relationship that is necessary fidelity so you have a smart look for mate who have a loyal nature that you will not be hurt by abandoned.

How to test the loyalty mate

Do not mean to not believe in loyalty partner, but test the fidelity of couples sometimes needed. No need to look for examples that far, look at your own pair today. Did he really loyal or not. believe, your current partner is fine. But sometimes he might be changed by something that is around.

Just a suggestion, preferably after you choose one way to test the fidelity of the couple below and use it, you still pay attention to the end that your relationship is fine. And the important thing will be given at the end every way there.

Back kemasalah ways to test the fidelity of the couple. There are several effective ways to test the fidelity of the couple. Actually, this is only for people who doubt and felt something was wrong with her partner. But for those who do not feel or believe that the faithful partner, can learn to just know it.

1. Keep your distance
Keep your distance and give freedom to him. But for this one, keep an eye on the situation himself. Does not slip so that you will know the true state of her. As we know, things like this will allow him to cheat. But if the couple really true, then it is nothing to worry about. Remember, keep watch him carefully but still did not show any suspicion. Whatever the end result, end immediately. Give a surprise gift as a reason you choose away from him.

2. Disconnect the communication
Test the fidelity of couples, can be cut off communication in a certain time, no sms, telephone, etc., adjust to the situation. If he is really loyal, then he will find out what really happened. It will do him if he was faithful not just take advantage of the opportunity to play with fire. To be safe relationship, looking for a plausible reason. Such as HP is not met or the other that does not look artificial.

3. Incognito
Disguise intent, should not use a mask or the like. Can with fake social networking accounts, fake phone number (sms only), or anything else that could make you like everyone else. Use seduction death to test his loyalty. If he is caught in a trap, with whom he met and you will know whether he is really loyal or not. In order to keep a good relationship, do not meet him and remove the social networking accounts or dispose of phone numbers that have been used to test his loyalty. In addition, consider never happen afterwards.

4. Help a friend
Enlist the help of a friend who did not know him. Do not have a way to seduce, but it could also charisma. If you already know the outcome if he can be faithful or not, try to meet three people, including a friend who asked for help. Make sure the couple know that You know each other and have a colleague related to an immediate end to the play without any acknowledgment.

5. Test the action itself
Test himself by making himself seem useless. But for this one, it takes a plan that really mature. The way this one, is the most powerful way. If he still can accept it then he is a loyal person. To stay safe, after being convinced by the results obtained. End the way test the fidelity of couples this one immediately.

Knowing Your Mate Cheating

Girlfriend or lover cheating ?
Do not trigger emotions learn signs your spouse cheating and take action to prevent it.

Households that have been cultivated for many years could be stranded because of infidelity. If a husband or wife showed signs of strange there are usually other things that happened that could be because there is a man or another woman of your dreams.

Cheating spouse is annoying. Cheating boyfriend or girlfriend may still be in search instead but cheating husband or wife would be more burdensome especially if you have children.
If your spouse signs of cheating are increasingly often seen, then you must be vigilant and take action. You have to delve deeper into these signs. Here are five signs your partner need suspected of having an affair, as quoted from India website:

Sexual intercourse increasingly bland and sparse
Sex is the parameter to know the state of a person's mental and physical. Which is usually normal and then suddenly turned weird something has happened for instance sudden your spouse suddenly addicted porn videos or may be experiencing a sudden drop in libido sex. all of these markers could be the basis that there is a serious problem. But do not immediately assume bad, because it could be your partner are having serious personal problems, be aware of before its too late. Another possibility you have a spouse cheating spouse. so bland sex is one of the signs your spouse is having an affair.

Overprotective with cell phone
If your partner suddenly so protective with his cell phone and do not want to answer a phone call in front of you or reply sms surreptitious, it could be that he is hiding something. Perhaps he did not want to offend you or maybe he wants to enjoy time together with you but if too often then you should be wary, maybe you're cheating spouse.

Often talked about the opposite sex or the other woman
When you are directly confronted with a woman other than you, your emotions definitely burst into flames. To that end, the man who was hiding something more frequently avoid conversations about other women in front of you or even try to avoid sudden meeting between you and another woman. But if he suddenly bring someone in conversation and then try to change the topic of another conversation when you realize that there are other women in your discussions with your partner?

When his friends acting weird
Pay attention to her friends, as friends of course they will be silent and keep your secret from your spouse. But sometimes a sign of guilt arises from their faces.

Your mate more often disappear
Which usually never missed a weekly night at your house or just a phone now rarely. Today the road with coworkers, tomorrow with a college friend, always a lot of reasons to avoid you. When you start as it should be careful, your spouse may be cheating.

Noting the female characters who love affair

If you are a man who was looking for a partner for a serious relationship, it seems you need to know in advance the characteristics of women whose hobby is having an affair. You have to really know who the woman is that you do not become a victim php course. Cheating itself is a disease that is often undermined a good relationship dating or relationship also has an official such as a wedding. It turns out that we can know how the characteristics of women who love affair. For it in this post vevnews will provide articles on the characteristics of women who like cheating.

1. Love for Attention Excessive
Well this is one of the first of the characteristics of women who love affair. Although it is undeniable that every person both women and men definitely want to get the attention of A, but the woman who always wanted to get a hobby affair berhatian highly exaggerated. So if you're PDKT same woman and she often seek excessive attention to you, then you should mualai careful because he might fall into the category of player.

2. Likes attention Other Guys
The second thing you should berhatikan of PDKT girl you're in is, if he often glanced at the other guy while walking with you. If a girl is indicated in adan PDKT like glancing to and fro when seeing another guy, then you have to start to be vigilant because the girls could be included in a girl whose hobby selingkung

3. Love Dissenters Promise
If you frequently broken promises gebetan then of course you have to be vigilant because it could be him, including a girl whose hobby selingkung. Usually a girl who likes to break a promise to have great potential for entry in the list of girls that like cheating.

4. Difficult Invited Committed
Women who are difficult to be invited to commit to build a serious relationship can also be categorized into girls who love affair. For it is very difficult if you gebetan invited to commit it seems you have to start to be vigilant because the woman is his hobby affair so difficult to commit.

5. Less Giving Attention
Women who had paid little attention to her partner can be indicated as a girl whose hobby is having an affair. Although there are some women who do have the nature indifferent and sometimes rarely give attention kedapa her partner. However, if in a relationship is certainly needed attention sewajranya also due attention could

Some Things Why of Infidelity

Relationship that has lasted a long time can not be menjaim the relationship free from the affair. Strong affection beginning of a sense of love in the beginning of the relationship can not guarantee the sincerity of someone couples to continue to maintain the loyalty of her partner. This can be caused by several things, among others:

1. Communication Problems
Communication is a vital thing in a relationship. You should not let a relationship goes bad communication. Lack of communication can encourage you and your spouse to seek other comfort so it is likely to occur infidelity.

2. belief
Excessive suspicion that it will create and encourage your partner to do the things you accuse him. For it is strongly recommended to establish a relationship of trust between each other.

3. Less Attention
Less attention will encourage you and your spouse to seek attention on others. For that give a reasonable concern like people who are dating. If you get used to indifference and lack of care for your spouse, then do not be surprised if your partner chooses to ambiguous.

4. Small problem that Left
Never let a small problem between you and your partner ended without settlement. This condition can allow the condition that no rapport between you and your partner. Small and often overlooked mater can create big problems in the future if the problem re-raised.

5. Want to Win Your Own
Avoid to always want to win themselves. You have to start learning to be fair. If you and your spouse always puts his own attitude to win then this will make you or your partner feel tired and even ostracized. For that try to better understand each other

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