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Understanding your hair and the difference between Creambath Care, Hair Mask, and Hair Spa

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The third treatment mentioned it (cream bath, hair spa, and a hair mask) looks something like. All of which is a treatment or care that aims to maintain and improve hair health.

Unfortunately, because not many people understand, often erroneous treatment. Instead of improving the condition of our hair can actually make more damaged again.

Before discussing these differences helps us to know the structure of our hair.

Although very small, the hair structure is subdivided into three parts in succession from the outside to the inside.

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1. The cuticle.
The outermost layer is called the cuticle hair. Cuticle function is to protect the underlying layers of dryness and damage. If not careful, it can be damaged cuticle layers, such as when we menyasak hair or use the 'shampoo' that damage the hair. Hair perming process actually damage the cuticle layer of your hair as well.

2. cortex.
The middle layer of the hair structure called the cortex. Most of the cortex consists of hair pigment and air cavities. Due to the nature of the cortex layer is soft, then this layer is damaged, especially by the use of chemicals. If the cuticle layer is damaged in the process of "treatment" everyday hair then layers of the cortex is often damaged by the hair styling process using chemicals such as hair coloring.

3. The medulla.
The innermost layer of the hair is the medulla. Unfortunately not all of us have the medulla layer. Be thankful they are thick hair because they have this layer. For those who are generally thin blonde and medullary layer does not exist.

Here are delivered differences hair care such as:

• Creambath.
Care creambath only intended to repair damage to the cuticle layer only. So for women who often do rebonding, perming, or coloring, creambath less useful.

• Hair Mask.
Treatment is aimed at treating hair mask hair damage that occurs in the cortex layer. Hair mask is suitable for those who frequently perform treatment involving chemical processes in the hair.

• Hair Spa.
Hair spa treatment is indispensable for those who frequently perform treatment sepertirebonding, smoothing, etc. Hair spa analogous function as body spa, make the hair can breathe again, become healthier and softer because adequate nutritional input. There are various types of hair spa serum.
Actually hair spa procedure something like the cream bath, it's just that there is a special serum that is provided to address the problems of your hair.

Hopefully with this explanation, Susan and friends who often treat the hair can be helped in choosing hair care. Although in many areas of care (salon / clinic), we are given the freedom to choose the type of treatment, but it is good to consult with a beautician, so that we can obtain hair care effectively and efficiently.

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