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Earth Reveals Some Things About You May Not Know

Maybe the earth is only a small part of the galaxy solar system is so extensive. But Earth is so unique for being the only planet habitable living things and has a lot of nutrients of life.

The third planet in this solar system age is estimated to reach, 6 billion years. In the future, Earth has undergone various phases ranging from the creation of the first human phase, various prehistoric animals, until eventually the earth will arrive at the end of the world.

Despite a long life, but we do not really know where that becomes we live in. Many facts that will make you surprised and amazed about the earth, which you might not know. Here's admin serve 8 facts and unique things about the earth that you know

1. Actually, the earth is not perfectly round
So far we know that the earth is a perfect sphere. When in fact not the case, the earth is not perfectly round like a ball berbentu. There is a bulge around the equator due to the force of gravity. It was found that the radius of Earth's Polar is 3949.99 miles, while the equatorial radius is 3963.34 miles.

2. Earth comes from the Anglo Saxons
Why our earth called earth? Where did the word come from? The actual names of the planet customized with the name of the gods in Greek methodology, namunn not the case with the earth derived from the Anglo Saxons. Where Earth (earth) of the Anglo-Saxon word that is meaningful Erda ground. However, the fact that 71 percent of our earth element is water, not land. And keep in mind that the earth is the only planet that has water element.

3. The fact Day Not 24 Hours
Sebenarny earth rotates on its axis to take 23 hours 56 minutes, 4 seconds. There is a difference of 4 minutes in a day with the Earth's rotation. The difference is caused due to the use of different standards. Surya day using the Sun as a reference, while Day Sideris using the stars as reference.

4. Only the planet Earth has plate tectonics
Earth being the only planet that has the tectonic plates with 7 plates will move 4 inches annually. The movement is then causing volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. But the disaster turned out to have an impact on the process of recycling the carbon that would be beneficial for the survival of living beings.

5. It turns out that the Earth has a twin
Twin earth is named Theia, such as Mars and its size is 60 degrees in front of or behind the Earth. Based on research, about 4.5 billion years ago, Theia collided with Earth and most of the pieces that exploded and became the material creation month. Based on the fact the moon does have a resemblance with the planet and metal isotopes that exist on Earth.

6. Perfect Moon Orbit
Based on research, the moon has a center of the solar system approximately 6,000 meters closer to the earth. Supposedly with the history of the moon's orbit is uncertain, but it is not the fact. As it turns out perfect circular orbit of the moon. There is a unique natural phenomenon that when the sun appears 400 times larger than Earth and 400 times farther from the Earth that makes the sun and moon appear the same size in the sky Earth. An All One God else.

7. Ocean Ter-Exploration yet
Currently scientists are busily exploring Mars and other planets in the solar system. But they forget to explore the ocean. In fact to this day, a new ocean explored about 10%. This time there were approximately 212 906 species of marine creatures, this means that there are about 25 million more species that have not been explored.

8. Everest Not Highest Point on Earth
It was known that Mount Everest is the highest peak on earth with 8,848 meters high above sea level. But the truth is the highest peak of the summit of Mauna Kea is owned by residing in the islands of Hawaii, United States. Mauna Kea is indeed only has a height of 4,205 meters. This number is much lower than Mount Everest. However Mauna Kea mountain legs actually started from the seabed. And if it is measured from the foot of the mountain, in total, high Mauna Kea more than 10 thousand meters. Of course, Mauna Kea is higher than Mount Everest.

Thank you for reading.

Reveals About Tears Probably You May Not Know

Tears of the eye fluid that comes out when people experiencing strong emotions. This fluid is produced from lakramasi process that refers to the word cry. Actually land mammals have lakramasi system, but only man who became the only mammals that have emotional tears, for example, when in a state of anger, suffering, grieving and experiencing pain.

Actually tear serves to lubricate the eye to keep it moist and not dry. However, the chemical composition of tears to lubricate, in contrast to the tears that came out because of the emotions. There are several types of tears, in which each species has a different function. Reason to cry was not yet known for certain until today.

There are still many other facts about the tears that you may not know. Including 9 facts about these tears may not know who will describe the following admin.

1. Man Has 3 Type of Tears
Humans have three types of tears tears namely basal, reflex tears, weeping tears of emotion. Basal tears wetting function and maintain moisture and eye health. Tears reflex occurs when there is a foreign object or substances that irritate like steam onion, tear gas. This reflex tears trying to flush the irritant substances that come into contact with the eyes.

Meanwhile cries emotional tears occur due to the increased lacrimation due to emotional stress. When we are in normal conditions, the brain ordered blocking the sympathetic nervous system lacrimation process so it does not produce tears.

2. Cause tears are not known with certainty
Scientists confusion about the causes for sure why the man was crying and tears. Initially researchers found that men crying because there is pressure within them. Over time the researchers also found that men cry for addressing the problem. But there is also a crying baby to draw the attention of parents. To express guilt or a tool that is used to save a relationship.

3. Apparently tears have the same content with saliva
Maybe if we imagine the tears and saliva are very different. But in fact, two different liquids has the same composition with the saliva which contains proteins, salts, and hormones. But unique, tears have a different taste and smell with saliva.

4. Women cry more often than men
Yes women are more meek than men. Women cry on average four to five times in one month. They cried five times more than men. A study in the Telegraph revealed that on average women crying for six minutes. Not so with the average man cried only two to four minutes.

It turns out that the tear glands are owned by women is greater in male appeal, so that when the cry will more often shed tears. But part to accommodate a large tear in the appeal of men over women, so when crying tears of women will quickly flow into the cheek.

5. When the cry, usually will discharge from the nose
When the cry, we often issued snot from his nose. This occurs because the tear glands secrete excessive tears, some flowing into the nostril and out through the nose. So actually snot is not as slimy fluid from the nose, but the tear fluid out through the nose.

6. Onions can make cry
When cutting onions we often shed tears like he was crying. This is because onions contain glands that can stimulate acrimal produced a tear.

7. Tears effect on others
Perhaps this is what makes a man lazy saw a woman crying, because it tears can affect others. Research shows that tears contain chemosignal which can reduce testosterone levels. It makes a man not interested in women.

8. crocodile tears are real
Turns crocodile tears are not just figuratively. Crocodile actually shed tears, and tears were issued does not contain any emotion. It is certainly appropriate to be associated with those who weep for lying to something.

9. Actually tears can also be useful
Although sometimes painful when tears of sadness, but it can be useful tears. Research shows that tears are issued when sad stress hormones. If the tear is removed it will cause a feeling of relief finished crying. Cry when sad or happy to have the same mechanism of distinguishing only emotion felt by the person.

Well now a lot of you know about the interesting facts about the tears.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading.

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