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Vagina Diseases .10 of them that you need to know

Women are the creatures are very concerned about the health of the bodies of their loved ones like family, friends, or friends. Quite often the woman forgot to take care of their own health. Including those relating to the sex organs such as the vagina.
Disease Miss V. 10 of them that you need to know

The vagina is a hidden proved vulnerable to contracting some diseases, you know. Reporting from, these are diseases that can haunt your vagina health.

Lumps may appear around the vagina area. But you need not worry because this is just a clogged gland and can you treat with warm water. But if this lump ache or pain, then consult a physician.

Skin cancer
This may sound strange. However, the skin in the vaginal area can also be affected by cancer.

varicose veins
Some women may experience varicose veins around vulva. Varicose veins is common in pregnant women or those who often stand for a long time.

Blockage of the hair follicles
Women may experience blockage of the hair follicles in the vaginal area marked with reddish bumps. These follicles usually happens when you shave pubic hair or wearing uncomfortable lingerie.

dry vagina
May also experience vaginal dryness that occurs due to hormonal imbalance, drugs consumption, chemotheray, dam stress. Change the pattern of your life to get rid of this nuisance.

Whitish occurs when there is growth of bacteria in the vagina. These bacteria can arise because you are less keep the vagina or when their pH imbalance in the body.

If you experience bleeding when you're not menstruating, beware. Because this could be a sign of a vaginal infection or symptoms of cervical cancer.

When you find that your vagina area was scuffed, immediately consult a physician. Vaginal blisters can be caused by HPV.

Vaginal itching caused by fungal and yeast infections. Besides vaginal itching caused by the pH balance is disturbed, the consumption of antibiotics, diabetes, and wearing damp clothing in a long time.

vaginal pain
Severe vaginal pain, specially in case of sexual intercourse can be very dangerous because it could be a sign of infection or endometriosis. When pain persists, call your doctor.

So you often have one of the above disorders? Immediately doing the proper treatment before it becomes severe.



Menstruation. Understanding the meaning of the color of blood that you need to know

Did you know that the menstrual blood or menstrual meaning of each color. Every month women will certainly experience a period mestruasi caused by the decay of the uterine wall because no conception.

Understanding Menstruation the color of blood

Blood had already been issued in color and texture are different and it has a meaning that is different also. Normally the blood can be bright red, brown to black, and can be textured thin or very thick.

Blood is paid also vary in number. Normally be only 4 teaspoons of up to 12 teaspoons for a week or more periods.

However, from the color of menstrual blood was found to have a special meaning loh. Such as the following :
Bright red color, it means that the blood was just removed from the body and tend to be mild and regular flow.
Dark red color, this indicates if the blood of prolonged storage in the womb and newly issued now. Usually this blood came out when she woke up.
Brown to black color indicates that the old blood. Usually brownish and blackish blood came out when the final menstrual period.
Orange, meaning blood was mixed with secretions from the cervix. In addition, blood orange this could also be a sign of a disease.

In addition to color, texture blood also has its own meaning, such as a blood clot that has meaning mensturasi blood occur tend to be heavy. If this condition occurs continuously, we recommend that you consult a physician.

If the blood slick shaped like a jelly, is blood mixed with mucus of the cervix in the vagina. As for the blood thinner and blood usually liquid has been returned to work with the body's natural anticoagulant.

On the blood that comes out with a gray-colored blob of tissue in large amounts, it means there has been a miscarriage or abortion, and need to see a doctor immediately.

Menstrual blood can also indicate the presence of a benign tumor that is inside the womb. Usually the presence of tumor is characterized by menstrual bleeding more than usual, and a blood clot in a long time.



Stomach Cramps during menstruation solution with an easy way that you need to know

Relieve Menstrual Cramps Stomach Without Drugs

For most women, stomach cramps during menstruation is not a trivial thing. Therefore, the pain appears can sometimes cause us trouble concentrating and sometimes can make us absent from work or school.


Although it does things that can not be avoided by all women, in fact there are some healthy ways to relieve stomach cramps during menstruation without the need to take the pills, as reported from Sheknows, Friday (01/27/2017):

1. Eat right

Eating the right foods can help relieve menstrual abdominal cramps. Mayo Clinic reports that a number of studies have shown that vitamin E (found in sunflower seeds, almonds, and spinach), omega-3 (found in salmon), vitamin B1 (found in green beans, asparagus and brussel sprouts) , vitamin B6 and magnesium supplements, can help reduce abdominal cramps significantly.

But remember, do not just starting when you've entered the menstrual period, but start when you know that the menstrual period will begin. So that pain due to abdominal cramps can be minimized.

2. Pillow heating

According to the Mayo Clinic, it's put something hot or warm in the abdomen during cramping can be as effective as taking painkillers. You can use bottled water which contains little heat to relieve stomach cramps during menstruation. However, if you want to order the heater can be kept taped to your skin during the move, you can use a special heating pad that has a strap, so it can be used under your shirt.

But that pain quickly disappeared, try lying on your back on the floor and squeeze your buttocks to the wall, then straighten your legs on the wall while still attaching the bottle or heating pad on your stomach.

3. Avoid caffeine

Caffeine is usually found in coffee can make stomach cramps so more painful if you drink during menstruation. In fact, not only that, caffeine can increase anxiety and tension on your muscles. In fact, both of these is your level is higher when you are in the menstrual period.

4. Move

This may rarely occur to you when abdominal pain is attacking, but actually exercising or at least move may release endorphins in the body, so that it can help relieve the pain and make your muscles relax. Even moving the body can be called as a painkiller that is natural.

To release endorphins during menstruation, you can exercise brisk walking, bicycling, or doing light yoga.

5. Try the essential oils

Essential oils are not only fragrant, but they also can be a painkiller great.

A triple-blind study published in the Caspian Journal of Internal Medicine found that ingesting thyme oil is better than ibuprofen in relieving abdominal cramps. The researchers explained, thyme very effective as analgesic and antispasmodiknya.

But in addition to swallow, according to holistic health coach, Lauren Birgitta, essential oils can also be applied rub to help relieve cramps. He was advised to apply a dollop of coconut oil in the stomach or in your lower back.


Pregnancy - Some Shocking Facts you should know

When confirmed pregnant, she will be very happy and will focus on prenatal care. However, it is also necessary to know the eight pregnancies this surprising fact.


Once a woman finds out that she is pregnant, the baby is the first priority. He surely will do every thing else with more, to ensure that it remains healthy for the sake of the unborn baby, and also ensures that he made certain lifestyle changes, so that the baby nutrition improves. There are some things that need to be in ketahu pregnancy and pregnancy here are eight facts are staggering.

Fact 1.

Pee baby in the womb

When a woman is pregnant about 4 months, the baby in the womb start to urinate at least one liter per day and the baby also drank his own urine.

Fact 2.

Walking pregnant women tend to enlarge.

Many women experience an increase in the size of their footwear during pregnancy, such as their feet tend to swell due to water retention.

Fact 3.

Uterus enlarges with age fetuses

Rahim originally size of a small peach fruit, but during the conception phase and then inflate around the size of a watermelon.

Fact 4.

In the womb, babies develop fingerprints

A baby in the womb develop all fingerprints within 9-12 weeks of conception.

Fact # 5.

The placenta produces estrogen that is equal to the number of non-pregnant women.

During late pregnancy, the placenta produces the hormone estrogen as a hormone produced by pregnant women not in three years.

Fact # 6.

Many studies have documented some of the baby in the womb through an unexpected action, such as sucking their thumbs, smiling, even masturbation!

Fact # 7.

Skin changes during pregnancy due to hormonal.

9 out of 10 women saw a drastic change in the color of their skin during pregnancy, caused by hormonal fluctuations.

Fact # 8.

A baby crying in the womb

It was also noted that some of the crying baby in the womb, about 6 months after conception. However, they can not be heard because of all fluids and uterine tissue around it.

Menstruation - Some Things Dangerous Women should be aware of

Menstruation including a very important moment for women. During menstruation, the body releases the outer layer of the uterus. Blood is removed from the body through the vagina after moving through the uterus.

Of cases, some of the women around the world often face many problems during menstruation. Insights about menstruation need to be built. The appropriate quoted from page Highrated, Monday (23/01/2017), the following hazardous conditions related to menstruation.

1. Blood spots light (light flow)

This is a common phenomenon when you are taking birth control pills. When taking birth control pills or pregnancy sign symptom such as the menstrual period marked a mild blood spots, blood out a bit, it was a common occurrence.

On the other hand, normal women and not pregnant, menstrual blood that comes out is usually intensified.

If you are not taking birth control pills, it is likely to show serious symptoms of the thyroid or pituitary gland. Instead, visit a doctor immediately.

2. Bleeding suddenly

Birth control pills can cause sudden bleeding or trigger the symptoms of cervical and uterine polyps (lumps in the lining of the uterus). In rare cases, it can be an indication of cancer risk.

3. The period of abnormal or delayed

If you are not pregnant, then menstruation in attendance at the end of your menstrual schedule may indicate a hormonal imbalance in your body. For example, ovulation may be irregular or you may have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). It would also explain why you are having difficulty in predicting the fertile days.

4. Overcome extreme cramps

Cramps are very painful. If this goes on for several days, time for you to consult a doctor.

5. The color of menstrual blood red saturated

If the discharge menstrual blood that comes out the same color as cranberry juice (sour berry and red), which is normal. However, you need to be careful of other possibilities, you could be suffering from an imbalance of estrogen.


Women Can Be Difficult to Reach Orgasm if Frequency of use High heels

Frequency of use High heels 
Women Can Be Difficult to Reach Orgasm

Making love is one important element in harmonious marriage. However, without knowing it, some of the things you normally do in everyday activities, it can interfere with orgasm during sex. What are?

First, you often wear high heels or high heels. According DO Eden Fromberg of SoHo OBGYN in New York City, United States, using high heels or stilettos in a long period of time have a deleterious effect once the deformation against your pelvic floor.

In addition, your psoas muscles will be affected by wearing high heels. Information only, the muscle is connected with muscles and nerves to the pelvic floor, genitals and other organs.

"When the muscles psoas your mutual adhesion and strained because of the use of high heels for a long time, the muscles that can not transmit a message of passion which is very important for orgasm. In essence, when the muscles are not in shape should be, then the orgasm would be disrupted, "explains Dr. Fromberg.

Another annoying habit orgasm is sitting too long. "As a result, the pelvic floor muscles will shorten the impact on pelvic pain and eventually you will find it difficult to achieve the satisfaction of making love," said Kat Van Kirk, PhD, a sex therapist and marriage.

Van Kirk explained, some people found it difficult to orgasm after realizing that they spend many months a long day at the office by sitting all day. However, there are also people who are just suffering from disorder after many years.

To prevent this kind of disturbance, Van Kirk advised to regularly rise from a chair every half hour to an hour during your work hours each day.
Additionally, if you work in the office which is personal, you can spend a little time to do stretching or stretching of the body, such as squats, butterfly stretch or bend back the movement.


Tips Treat itchy scalp

Treat itchy scalp Tips
Itchy scalp - photo

Itchy scalp make anyone feel uncomfortable. There are several causes of these problems, particularly dandruff. Another factor that causes itchy scalp dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, flaky scalp and fungal infections of the scalp.

Fortunately, there are some panacea that can solve the scalp itching. Let's refer to an interesting review below!

1. Honey and banana
This mask can help reduce flaky scalp, dandruff and other inflammation that occurs on the scalp. Honey is known for his role as a natural moisturizer and also has antibiotic properties.

Mash a ripe banana and add a few drops of honey. Make a paste of the mixture. Apply the mask to the entire scalp and leave on for twenty minutes. Wash.

2. Lemon
Lemon is able to cope with itching on the scalp. Squeeze the lemon juice and apply evenly to the scalp. Let stand a few minutes and then rinse.

3. Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties are strong, and can kill viruses and fungi. Combine apple cider vinegar and water. Then apply on the scalp and then rinse with water.

4. Baking soda and water
This is the best cure for itchy scalp. Make a mixture of baking soda and water, then apply on the scalp is itchy. Let stand for 15 minutes and rinse.

5. Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil is known as a useful material for the hair. Tea Tree Oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. By applying tea tree oil regularly on the scalp, you can overcome the itching of the scalp. It can help to relieve the itching of the scalp.

Have a try at home!

Some Signs Before Childbirth

Signs Before Childbirth Articles photo

The process of childbirth is a phase that is eagerly awaited by pregnant women. Therefore, you need to know the signs of giving birth, especially if you decide to do a normal labor and birth is approaching day forecast.

During this time, people know the signs bore the amniotic fluid will rupture and uncontrolled, and contraction with tremendous pain. Is It True?

When childbirth indeed be accompanied by rupture of the amniotic fluid. However, these conditions apparently does not apply to all women. There are some women who experienced signs of rapid delivery, but not a few women who slower experience.

But, you do not need to worry because here are the signs given birth already you can feel in the third trimester of pregnancy:

• Contraction
Contraction is a condition in which the uterus will tighten and become more relaxed as in a position ready to push the baby out. Contractions will feel the same pain as the first days of menstruation. In fact, the pain will be felt at the times ready to give birth. In addition, the stronger the contraction characterized by a more regular intervals and shorter, for example, every 30-70 seconds.

• Back pain
Backs will feel more stiff and sore during pregnancy because of the extra burden that rests on the backs and attraction of some abdominal muscles. However, while giving birth to the lower back will be sore and cramping. This pain is part of the contraction and is usually felt on the back and then will move on to the next multi-story body.

• Water rupture
Amniotic fluid is the fluid that protects the fetus while in the womb. Ruptured amniotic fluid usually like torrents or just a trickle. Keep in mind, if the amniotic fluid until it broke its meaning is the approach you with childbirth.

• Exit viscous mucus
When pregnant, then there is an obstruction such as a layer of mucus that covers the opening of your cervix. But ahead of childbirth, the cervix will be softened and enlarged to prepare for the birth path. This makes the blockage becomes depleted and can drip out and blockage will come out in the form of mucus or jelly pink-brown.

However, you should still see a doctor specialist obstetric and gynecology aimed to security and safety and your fetus.

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Understanding your hair and the difference between Creambath Care, Hair Mask, and Hair Spa

Hair treatment Articles photo

The third treatment mentioned it (cream bath, hair spa, and a hair mask) looks something like. All of which is a treatment or care that aims to maintain and improve hair health.

Unfortunately, because not many people understand, often erroneous treatment. Instead of improving the condition of our hair can actually make more damaged again.

Before discussing these differences helps us to know the structure of our hair.

Although very small, the hair structure is subdivided into three parts in succession from the outside to the inside.

hair treatment photo

1. The cuticle.
The outermost layer is called the cuticle hair. Cuticle function is to protect the underlying layers of dryness and damage. If not careful, it can be damaged cuticle layers, such as when we menyasak hair or use the 'shampoo' that damage the hair. Hair perming process actually damage the cuticle layer of your hair as well.

2. cortex.
The middle layer of the hair structure called the cortex. Most of the cortex consists of hair pigment and air cavities. Due to the nature of the cortex layer is soft, then this layer is damaged, especially by the use of chemicals. If the cuticle layer is damaged in the process of "treatment" everyday hair then layers of the cortex is often damaged by the hair styling process using chemicals such as hair coloring.

3. The medulla.
The innermost layer of the hair is the medulla. Unfortunately not all of us have the medulla layer. Be thankful they are thick hair because they have this layer. For those who are generally thin blonde and medullary layer does not exist.

Here are delivered differences hair care such as:

• Creambath.
Care creambath only intended to repair damage to the cuticle layer only. So for women who often do rebonding, perming, or coloring, creambath less useful.

• Hair Mask.
Treatment is aimed at treating hair mask hair damage that occurs in the cortex layer. Hair mask is suitable for those who frequently perform treatment involving chemical processes in the hair.

• Hair Spa.
Hair spa treatment is indispensable for those who frequently perform treatment sepertirebonding, smoothing, etc. Hair spa analogous function as body spa, make the hair can breathe again, become healthier and softer because adequate nutritional input. There are various types of hair spa serum.
Actually hair spa procedure something like the cream bath, it's just that there is a special serum that is provided to address the problems of your hair.

Hopefully with this explanation, Susan and friends who often treat the hair can be helped in choosing hair care. Although in many areas of care (salon / clinic), we are given the freedom to choose the type of treatment, but it is good to consult with a beautician, so that we can obtain hair care effectively and efficiently.

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Simple Tips to Avoid Acne

Tips to Avoid Acne Articles photo

It is known that one way to prevent acne is to keep the face. How to keep the face of the most basic is to wash the face that should be done every day. It seems trivial, but there are special techniques that face washing routine can obtain optimal results.

Here are the steps:

Wash your hands before you cleanse your face. Use running water when washing hands, so that no dirt left on the hands.

Next, grab the milk cleanser (cleanser), pour a little into the palm of the hand and the index finger and the middle of the other hand, rubbed to the entire face.

Take a cotton swab to clean. It is useful to remove the dirt on the face, including the remnants of makeup.

Wet your face with water, grab soap face (facial wash) that suits your skin type (oily or dry skin) to taste. 

Sweep soap scum face to face evenly.

Rinse your face with clean water. Rinse until no foam left. Dry your face with a face towel.

Then use a toner on your face using cotton evenly to the entire face. Toner function is to shrink pores and tighten the skin.

For the last step using the cream morning or night cream after washing the face in order to get maximum results.

To obtain maximum results, you should do this face wash routine, three times a day ie morning, noon and night before bed.

With the steps above, is expected to keep facial skin clean and healthy, so that acne was not willing to stop by.

A few explanations may be useful.

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Some Tips to Avoid Wrinkles in Face

Avoid Wrinkles in Face photo

Over time and age someone, wrinkles on the face can not be avoided. Fortunately there are several ways to overcome the wrinkles on the face.

 1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
Because direct sunlight can have a big impact on the appearance of wrinkles on the face. So, if you must be outdoors with exposure to direct sunlight, it is better to use a hat or umbrella. Also, do not forget to use the anti-sun cream with SPF.

 2. Stop smoking
As we all know, the smoke has the effect of labor for the body, especially for skin health. In addition, cigarettes and its contents in the body releases enzymes that destroy collagen and elastin, important components that maintain healthy and youthful skin.

 3. Get enough rest
Rest is pretty is very useful for your skin. Because the lack of sleep can cause the body to produce cortisol, a hormone that destroys dead skin cells. So, sleep enough so as to release human growth hormone (HGH) which keep skin thick, elastic, and delay wrinkles.

 4. Sleeping with the supine position
Sleep with this position can prevent the skin of the face and the lines that eventually can be permanently imprinted on the surface of the skin. Lying on your side and sleep on my stomach can make a frown.

 5. Do not squint
That is, if the view is not clear because the light is too strong then wear glasses to improve visibility. Repetitive facial movements, such as narrowed, can make facial muscles to work too hard, thus forming a pattern beneath the skin's surface that long into the wrinkles.

 6. Consumption of fish
Eating a variety of fish is very good for the body, especially the salmon that contains a lot of protein. Expand also consume other fish containing protein and omega-3 fatty acids, basic building skin healthy and supple.

 7. Increase consumption of soy
Soy is consumed regularly for six months, the results will be visible. In addition, the content of foods with the same effect for fish protein, grape seed, tomato and some vitamins. Consumption of fruits and vegetables are also rich in antioxidants. Replace your coffee drinking habits, with chocolate consumption. Because, chocolate contains flavanols be epicatchin and catechins that can improve skin circulation.

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Dual Protection Protect yourself from cervical cancer

cervical cancer tips photo

There are several risk factors that cause a woman may develop cervical cancer. However, the study found that 99.7 percent of cervical cancers are caused by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) which can be prevented with the HPV vaccine.

So how effective HPV vaccine and cervical cancer ward if a woman who had been vaccinated need IVA or Pap test again?

Generally, the main cause of cervical cancer or cervical usually of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) are usually of the type 16,18 and 52. However, as the disease is derived from a virus, then there are many risk factors.

Because of the virus, so the disease can be transmitted through skin to skin contact so the risk factors of cervical cancer could be from anywhere. Such as changing sexual partners, smoking, sex less than 20 years, the immune system decreases, mother and brother of cervical cancer, sexually transmitted disease and a history of positive Pap smear. So as to prevent it, may need a pap smear again.

Nevertheless, the HPV vaccine is expensive so can not be used as a sustainable national program. Yet cervical cancer is one of the most disease experienced by women.

To anticipate the spread of HPV virus, is expected to adolescents aged 9 -13 years vaccinated. Because at that time, their immune system is very good so that it can protect from the virus for up to 10 years.

Bivalent HPV vaccine (Cervarix, GlaxoSmithKline) own targeting HPV types 16 and 18, which is estimated to be the cause of more than 70% of cervical cancers worldwide.

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Some Tips Beauty Around Eye Bags

eyes Bgs photo

First Tips - Free Eye Bags
The eye is one of the signs of aging that appear earliest. Follow the tips below to keep looking young eyes and eye bags are free:

1. Do not smoke and always apply sunscreen on the skin around the eyes. Smoking and exposure to ultraviolet rays weaken collagen and can cause the appearance of wrinkles and "downs" eye skin.

2. Use a moisturizer to the eye area at night hari.Pelembab any type can provide the necessary hydration these areas.

3. Apply vitamin A or retinoic acid (tretinoin) as a daily skin care regimen. This regimen is used to prevent wrinkles and improve skin lines that already exist.

4. To cope with swollen eyes, use a spoon that has been cooled, cucumber slices, or a tea bag that has been put in the freezer. Existing cold temperatures can reduce the swelling there.

5. Replace the sleeping position. Sleeping position can contribute to the onset of eye bags. Because of gravity, sleeping on his side or stomach cause fluid build up under the eyes. Should sleep in the supine position and use extra pillows.

6. Avoid rubbing the eyes, sleep without cleaning make-up, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol beverages that cause dehydration.

When the eyelids appear suddenly and can not be lost with the steps above then you should visit your doctor. Some thyroid and kidney problems can cause fluid retention in the bottom of the eye.

Second Tips - Overcoming Eye Bags
Bags under the eyes is a minor problem that can often interfere with performance. Bags under the eyes due to a buildup of fluid in the under eye area which is an area with skin tissue and supporting the most thin and loose.

Consumption of foods high in salt at dinner or cry at night can cause eye bags in the morning because the body fluids will move to the area that contains more salt. Sleeping position lying flat or sloping side, lack of sleep and the weather is too hot and humid also can lead to the formation of eye bags.
Eye bags are also most often occur together denganterjadinya aging. When an aging, skin layers and tissues around the eyes more relaxed. Muscle tissue around the eyes also weakened allowing fats supporting slack eyes and cause eye bags.

In general, the formation of bags under the eyes is not a serious thing. However, several conditions need to watch the formation of eye bags are quite severe, permanent, accompanied by itching and redness, and occur in other body parts. The fluid buildup can occur in those who suffer from allergies, flu, sinusitis, thyroid problems and kidney problems.

Consider these tips to overcome and prevent eye bags the following:
1. Use a cold compress. Compress the bottom of the eye with a clean cloth and cool water with a little pressed for a few minutes in an upright position.
2. Getting enough sleep at night. Adults need to sleep 7-8 hours a day.
3. Sleeping with lying position with the head slightly higher. With your head high, it will prevent the buildup of fluid in the tissues under the eyes. Sleep on his side door also needs to be avoided to prevent the buildup of fluid in the tissues under the eyes.
4. Do not often rubbed his eyes.
5. Do not forget to clean the eye makeup before bed because the eye makeup can cause irritation to the eye area and result in a buildup of fluid in the tissues under the eyes.
6. Compress cool with cucumber, tea bags, or spoon can reduce swelling in the area under the eyes.
7. Early prevention is necessary because after a few years, eye bags will settle and require cosmetic surgery to correct it. In some cases involving aging and tissue laxity also sometimes needed cosmetic surgery.

Third Tips - Preventing Dark Circle Eye
Dark circles around the eyes is often found when a person experiencing sleep deprivation. However, if the dark circles around the eyes also do not disappear after enough sleep then you need to consider several things.

Aging Process
Dark circles around the eyes can appear due to the aging process. When a process of aging, the skin will become thinner and thinner. Fat and collagen network also dwindling and reduced. If these things are happening around the eyes, it will cause the blood vessels around the eyes will be more visible and create a silhouette faint blue-black around the eyes.

In addition, there are some other things that may underlie the dark circles around the black:
1. Allergies
2. In the Asian community, uneven pigmentation problems are often the cause
3. Exposure to sunlight can cause excessive pigment formation in certain areas, including around the eyes. Exposure to UV rays can also weaken the skin's collagen network so as to make skin sagging
4. Often rub the area around the eyes
5. Unhealthy lifestyles such as physical and emotional stress, smoking and alcohol consumption.
Here's how to prevent the appearance of dark circles around the eyes:

Dark circles around the eyes can make a person look older. Although it can be overcome with the use of makeup or cosmetic treatments, prevention is still better.

Some things that can be done to prevent the formation of dark circles around the eyes:

1. Do not smoke
2. Using sunscreen around the eyes
3. Using a moisturizer around the eyes at night before bed
4. Use skin care with vitamin A to prevent skin loosens
5. Use sunglasses when outdoors to protect the area around the eyes from UV rays.
Maintain healthy skin and eyes, begins by addressing the dark circles around your eyes!


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Be aware of the cervical cancer symptoms

cervical cancer symptoms - photo

Cervical cancer is also known as cervical cancer is one of the cancers most feared women. Based on the existing data in the WHO noted, every year thousands of women die from cervical cancer and a type of cancer which ranks as the top cause of death among women of the world.

The high number of deaths caused by cervical cancer occur because of a lack of awareness among women to do regular medical examination. In the early stages, cervical cancer does not cause symptoms or complaints at all. At this early stage, the examination of the cervix is very important to detect any changes in the cervical region.

Cervical cancer affects on the reproductive organs of women, precisely in the area of the cervix or the entrance to the narrow part of the uterus that is at the bottom of the vulva and uterus.

Human papilloma virus (HPV) is the cause of cervical cancer. While the cause of death in women is HPV types 16 and 18. The virus is very easy to move and spread, not only through the liquid, but can also move through the touch of skin. In addition, the use of public lavatories are already exposed to the HPV virus, can infect someone who use it if it is not cleaned properly. In addition, poor lifestyle habits can also cause outbreaks of cervical cancer. Such as smoking, inadequate intake of vitamins, especially vitamin C and vitamin E and folic acid intake.

Symptoms and complaints will arise when you have cervical cancer are at a more advanced stage. Symptoms to look out for include:

Whitish chronic smelly and bloody.
Bleeding that occurs outside the menstrual period.
Menstrual periods that occur heavier and longer than usual.
Bleeding that occurs after menopause.
Bleeding that occurs after sexual intercourse.
Bleeding that occurs after a pelvic exam or cleaning the vagina (douching).
Pain in the pelvic area.
Pain during sexual intercourse.
Weight loss unexplained cause.
In the face of cervical cancer, the best thing is not to wait until the above symptoms appear. Make checks at regular cervical area if you are already sexually active. This can prevent deaths due to cervical cancer.

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Some types of vitamins that should be consumed each day woman

vitamins for women health photo

Actually, compared with men, women are creatures who are always busy for 24 hours a day in his life. Especially if they are working women and housewives at a time where in the morning until late afternoon they had to work and after work until late at night they have to take care of his family. In order activities undertaken women are not disturbed, then the required physical condition of men. And the most easy way to maintain health is to eat vitamins and minerals.

Reporting from, the following is an important vitamin required for women consumed regularly.

Calcium is required for the type of nutrients consumed by women. Because compared to men, women are more prone to osteoporosis caused by calcium deficiency. Some important sources of calcium are dairy products and eggs.

vitamin D
Vitamin D is very important to help the absorption of calcium. No matter the amount of milk you drink, but if you do not take vitamin D, calcium can not be absorbed by the body. One of the best sources of this vitamin is sunlight in the morning.

vitamin A
For women, vitamin A is essential for maintaining healthy when she was menstruating and prevent vaginal infections. Vitamin A is also important to prevent breast cancer.

vitamin B1
Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine is essential to convert sugars into energy. Types of foods containing vitamin B1 is lean meats, nuts, and seeds.

vitamin B2
Riboflavin or vitamin B2 is very important for women because it has several important benefits such as boosting the immune system, maintain healthy skin, hair, and nails, slow the aging process, as well as the most important is to improve the health of the reproductive system.

vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 also known as pyridoxine and useful for women to treat premenstrual syndrome, menstrual problems and nausea during early pregnancy. In addition, vitamin B6 is also useful for treating depression during pregnancy.

folic acid
For pregnant women, vitamin B6 is beneficial to prevent miscarriage and reduce the risk of birth defects. Green vegetables are important sources of folate.

vitamin C
Not only useful for boosting the immune system, vitamin C is also important to improve the health of skin, hair, nails, and slow the aging process.

vitamin E
Among women, vitamin E is a popular kind of vitamins are consumed. Because of this vitamin can prevent complications during pregnancy, protect body cells, and prevent problems associated with menstruation.

Choline is a nutrient that is derived from vitamin B complex. This vitamin is very important for pregnant women to prevent birth defects. Choline can be found in eggs.

Nutrition at the top should you consume in the form of fresh and healthy foods. Because if you take vitamin in supplement form, the side effects will be higher.

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Some of this snack food can make you slim fast

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Eating snacks is one way that is considered to make the body fat fast. But make no mistake, not all can make fat snack. Some healthy snacks can actually help you to diet and lose weight.

Sheila Zhou, researcher of USANA Health Sciences, reveal some kind of snack that can provide essential nutrients for the body and help you lose weight. 

Here are some healthy snack that you can make a quick trim, as reported by the Daily Mail (16/01).

1. Fish
Zhou first recommendation would probably surprise. Zhou recommend eating fish as a snack. The fish will help you more quickly satisfied and not easily hungry. In addition, fish full of nutrients and contain omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Frozen Food
Frozen food often gets a bad reputation in terms of health. However, frozen vegetables such as frozen beans and corn can be a good source of nutrition. Frozen vegetables contain nutrients that are the same height as fresh vegetables. In addition, frozen vegetables contain more fiber and fewer calories.

3. Nuts
Nuts can be a good snack if you want to lose weight. Peanuts are rich in vitamins, such as vitamin E and nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Recent studies in New Zealand explains that eating peanuts can improve your health and help you lose weight.

4. Milk
Zhou explained that consumed four glasses of milk a day will meet the needs of energy, nutrients, proteins, as well as help ward off hunger. In addition, milk is also filled with calcium and vitamin D, and contains very little carbohydrate.

5. Popcorn
Popcorn contains very little calories, with 20 calories. Therefore, popcorn including healthy snack. In addition, popcorn can also make satiety.

That is some kind of snack that can be consumed every day without fear of fat. Do not be afraid to eat a snack, but make sure you eat a healthy snack and do not contain a lot of calories or oil.

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These foods reduce breast cancer risk

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Eating walnuts are thought to be the body of essential fatty acids omega-3, anti-oxidants, and phytosterols, substances that reduce the risk of breast cancer, according to a study presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association All 100 2009 for Cancer Research American.

Phytosterol (which is also called plant sterols) are a group of steroid alcohol, phytochemicals naturally found in plants.
Phytosterol is a white powder with a distinctive aroma that does not sting insoluble in water and soluble in alcohol. The substance has many benefits, such as a food additive to reduce levels of cholesterol, as well as in medicine and cosmetics.

Elaine Hardman, assistant professor of medicine at the "Marshall University School of Medicine", said, although studies conducted in laboratory animals and not humans, people should heed advice to eat more walnuts.
"Walnuts are better than cookies, fresh fruit, or potato chips when you need a snack," said Hardman.
Hardman and colleagues studied mice that were fed food that they expect the same with the human portion, two ounces of walnuts per day. A separate group of rats fed monitored.

Standard examination showed walnut consumption significantly lowers breast tumors events, the number of nodes of tumor and tumor size.

"This laboratory mice specifically have 100 percent tumor events in five months; walnut consumption was inhibited tumor development until at least three weeks," said Hardman.

Molecular analysis showed, increased consumption of omega-3 fatty acids contribute to a reduction in tumor events, but some other parts walnuts also contribute.

"With the intervention of food, you see many mechanisms when dealing with whole food," said Hardman. "It is clear that walnuts contribute to a healthy diet that can reduce breast cancer."

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Some Things That Make Women Look Sexy in Men's Eyes

Needless to endeavor to make a woman look sexy in the eyes of men. No need to spend a lot of money to buy a beautiful dress and beautify themselves. No need to diet too desperately to draw attention idol of the heart. Some simple things, can make a woman look sexy in the eyes of men.

1. When he smiled and looked at each other
According to researchers from the University of Scotland, when a woman sees a man with a genuine smile, his face will appear twice more interesting than without a smile.

Eyes full of meaning that a woman also goes into an effective messenger. When a man receives the message, his heart will beat faster.

2. When invisible underfed
Many women think men prefer skinny women. The reality is not so. If a man really loved a woman, she actually prefers when the women looked unhealthy. No less than eat but also no excess weight.

Psychologist Devendra Singh argued that the choice of men is a natural thing that is affected by evolutionary psychology. Humans have the ancient instinct to survive and reproduce. Well, medium-bodied women who are considered able-bodied and more fertile.

3. While the fertile period
Believe it or not, a woman just looked so appealing when he was in the fertile period. The fertile period is in the middle of the menstrual cycle of a woman. This is because, estrogen levels rise before ovulation will make your skin look radiant and firmer.

4. When using body language
Study of psychologist Monica Moore, Ph.D. revealed that women can look sexy with just using their body language. For example, hair or wet her lips. The men would consider such actions as a signal so sexy.

Well, if you are a shy girl, choose your comfort zone. For example, if you are more comfortable being in a bookstore or cafe subscriptions, please do not hesitate to throw the signal to men that you like.

5. When the woman loved
The more a man loves a woman, the woman sexier also seen him. Research also shows, the two men know each other and appreciate each other, then the menariklah women physically.

Really Big Butt Women Tend to Have a Child Smart?

Blessed for women who have a big butt and solid, because some researchers say women who have children are more intelligent buttocks.

Reported by the Daily Mail, turns on the buttocks save "fat bank or collection of fat" that was instrumental in the development of the newborn brain channeled through ation.

According to Professor Will Lassek University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who led the research on the function of fat in the buttocks, said the fat in the buttocks is a storehouse of fat to build a baby's brain.

"To build a network in the brain that is much needed fat, and fat in the buttocks rich in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which is a very important component of the human brain.

"So very nice if a pregnant woman, crowd-Ondong collect fat in the buttocks," he explained.
He also said, "Maybe this is why women tend to have more fat as a very large role in brain development," he said.

The same thing was said by biologists from Cambridge University, David Bainbridge said, brain development in infants breast milk obtained from largely derived from the thighs and buttocks.

"Women who have large thighs and buttocks has been shown to have a bright child, for example, Jennifer Lopez, he has a solid buttocks and thighs, her son too smart," he explained.

Wary of Anemia Symptoms of Excessive Menstruation

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All women, without exception, definitely get your period only on the nature of each woman's menstrual cycle is not always the same. The difference arises because of the variations in the duration of menstruation, the amount of menstrual bleeding, and the arrival of each menstrual intervals. These differences can be a normal variation, or can also be a nuisance.

Existing disorders can cause further disruption of the body's health, such as anemia, a condition in which a state of lack of blood that carries oxygen throughout the body, in which the blood component that is does not have enough hemoglobin levels. Eventually lead to body tired, dizziness, and vision fireflies.
Anemia associated menstruation is usually caused by the menstrual cycle has increased the amount of menstrual blood comes out. Furthermore, exacerbated if the body has nutritional deficiencies of iron and folic acid to fail to balance the need for red blood cell count out due to menstruation.

If it is anemia, the consequences could be serious. In some studies reported anemia in young age increase the risk of dementia or dementia easy.

Therefore, beware if you start often experienced 10 of the following symptoms:

Lethargic and weak
Heart palpitations for no apparent reason or at the time of exercise
Panting breath, especially during exercise
difficulty concentrating
Numbness or coldness in the hands and feet

Things you can do if you have symptoms of anemia above is to start balancing the intake that has iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid. Where these foods you can get from some foods such as nuts, green vegetables, red meat, and milk.

Another solution, you can also take supplements Sakatonik Liver blood booster. In one Sakatonik Liver capsule contained all sorts of vitamins and minerals needed in the process of formation of red blood cells, such as iron, vitamin B12, and folic acid. Sakatonik liver is also safe for consumption in the long term because it is made from natural ingredients.

In addition to capsules, Sakatonik Liver is also available in the form of a syrup which is rich in vitamin C to maximize absorption of iron and folic acid in the body.

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