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Some professions that May Trigger occurrence Infidelity

Trigger occurrence Infidelity articles photo

They say, the cause of cheating include the time, the circumstances, the availability and opportunity. Combine everything, and you find a very perfect position to glance at someone other than your spouse. But there is also the opinion of infidelity occurs solely because of a mismatch.

Reporting from, Tuesday (17/02/2015), try to see some of the most vulnerable professions make men and women who work in them having an affair.

1. Financial Industry
Research of psychologist Dr. Alduan Tartt alone prove more powerful men, the more likely they are having an affair. Based on three factors, high income, frequent traveling, and seirngnya interact with interesting people. Based on the criteria, it is not surprising that those who work in the financial industry gets top position as cheaters.

2. Teachers
Profession surprising appearance in this list. According to the percentage of the study, although the number of women and men in this profession balanced, teachers are often women who cheat. Although there is no specific data on sight anyone into their affair.

3. Doctor
Although medicine is not employment-leaning next to gender, the study proves that most doctors are male affair. Those who have an important role in the media industry must always keep the ego in order not to get into trouble God-complex.

4. Police
Police already have a reputation for having an affair. Hold positions of power, working with shifts that are not necessarily for hours. Coupled physical and mental pressure, the police have met various criteria causes of infidelity. Plus the women who have a specific hobby police seductive married, called "badge bunnies".

5. Housewives
Let's throw away the mind housewife always obey any willingness husband. Work involving a mother they are isolated, stressed by homework and problem children and husbands that they must bear, and stress.

Married couples often do not affectionate anymore due to dislike of the home and work environment. If the husband hates the workplace, and she felt unappreciated and less interaction with others, creates unhappiness and loneliness which are the two biggest causes of infidelity.

6. lawyer
There are many anecdotes lawyer is liar. True or not, the answer may vary. But in reality, it is so common that many lawyers who expertly manipulate honesty suit that fits their narrative. Thus, not surprisingly person who is a lawyer so often cheating.

7. nurse
The United States has 3.5 million people who worked as a nurse in 2011. Due to the long working hours and on-hold handle the sick, this work is very prone to cause stress. According, Sister is a profession the number one cause of depression. No wonder the workers seek refuge in an affair.

8. Administrative Assistant
Although not yet known whether the most assistants having an affair with a co-worker or by anyone, census prove administrative assistant 96 percent of workers are women, with 4 million workers in the United States. Cases of infidelity in women reported 18 percent.

9. Firefighters
Those who work as firefighters seem to know the dangers in their lives not only of smoke and fire, but also the mental effects of working in dangerous conditions. They spend a lot of time not at home, and in the brigade headquarters and bars.

10. Worker Information Technology (IT)
Statements in divorce cases showed an affair with someone who met online into one of the common causes of late. Internet allows us to get to know all kinds of people, including candidates for our affair. Who among workers who spend long hours sitting struggling with the internet? Yes, IT workers.

11. Entertainer
In studying about the entertainer's life, there is an interesting fact. The entertainer who looks energetic, confident and attractive, in fact suffering from a variety of emotional disorders sepertu depression, insecurity are low, and psychological issues such as attention deficit disorder and bipolar disorder.

They are good at hiding their problems, which can lead to other issues such as the uses of drugs, dangerous activities and infidelity.

12. Housing Agencies
Apparently, this allows you tempted prefesi because working hours that require you not at home for a long time, it could be because of your closeness with the client's personal life. There is a report that shows the housing agency workers have a high percentage of the number of divorces.

13. bartender
This job does not seem surprising appear in the list. Working until midnight with people who consume a lot of alkohon already chanting the word "temptation". Participate directly or indirectly in a party every night is not a life that fit to create a suitable environment for a family.

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