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List ranks of the world's most expensive women's perfume

Aroma someone very important to make an impression for others. Therefore, featuring fragrant aroma of course indispensable. One scent can be obtained from the perfume.

Perfume is very loved by everyone, especially women because it can give a fresh scent on the body and clothing. Every woman perfume lovers, willing to spend a lot of money just to get a different aroma and attractive.

Many perfume spread in the market with different prices. The materials are expensive and scarce able to increase the price of a perfume.

Usually, the perfume brands are quite expensive sold in ounces rather than bottle because it is invaluable. Expensive perfumes are also enhanced with bottled beautiful and attractive, and decorated with ribbons and others who make the perfume more attractive for perfume lovers.

So, what are rewarded expensive perfume? page launch, Friday (01/06/2017), the following list of the five most expensive perfume for women:

Baccarat Les Larmes Sacrées de Thebes
most expensive women's perfume

Baccarat Les Larmes not only a manufacturer of crystal, but also produces perfumes. This perfume is made from Middle East aroma that smells can last for hours. This perfume bottle is packed with beautifully shaped pyramid made of pure crystal. This perfume valued expensive, which is valued at US $ 1,700

Chanel No.5
most expensive women's perfume

Chanel No.5 perfume is a very valuable and quite famous around the world for decades. This perfume has a scent of the most famous in the world of fashion because it is the first fragrance introduced by Coco Chanel. This perfume is made from lots of jasmine flowers. This perfume valued expensive, which is valued at US $ 1,850

Caron's Poivre
most expensive women's perfume

Caron's Poivre is a French perfume that can be used by men and women. This perfume has been available on the market since the '50s. This perfume has a spicy aroma, which became one of the interesting things both for women and men.

This perfume comes with exquisite packaging and bottles are very attractive to make them look luxurious as a whole. This perfume price US $ 2,000

Clive Christian 1 for women
most expensive women's perfume

Clive Christian perfume that is suitable for both men and women. The perfume comes in a beautiful bottle made of crystal, and the neck of the bottle is made of pure 24 carat gold.

This perfume is made from different materials, namely vanilla, natural gums, orris, sandalwood, and a few other ingredients as well. Therefore, all the ingredients were not available in the same year, it makes perfumes are available for a limited time. The price of perfume is valued at US $ 2,150

Clive Christian Imperial Majesty
most expensive women's perfume

Clive Christian Imperial Majesty ranks first as the most expensive perfume in the world. Design is very luxurious perfume because the bottle is made of 18 carat gold and has a gold collar made of 5 carats of diamonds. This perfume is available only in limited supply. This bottle price of US $ 215 thousand


New Findings Cream Could Remove Tattoos Without the Pain

New cream Remove Tattoos
Remove Tattoos -

A Canadian student developed a new method to remove the tattoo without feeling pain.

The method allows for those who wish to remove a tattoo just by using some sort of cream.
Reporting from the CBC, the developed method was different from the method of removing tattoos using a laser that requires a lot of costs, even in certain cases cause burns, abrasions.

"We have designed a drug that does not have much effect," said Alec Falkenham.
The method, according to 27-year-old student targeting skin cells to normal, so there would be no inflammation.
In fact, based on a proven process that has done no side effects such as inflammation.

When the tattoo, the ink is injected into the skin, essentially causing the immune response and the cells moved to the area 'macrophages' then becomes the color of the ink.
Simply put, some of the ink into the gland body, but others remain stranded in your skin, forming a tattoo.

Cream was called Falkenham able to make new microphages then 'consume' the old ink, it causes the tattoo process to be landless but surely fading.
Not only is it safer method than laser, but it should be much cheaper.
Shark tattoo below into evidence shown by Alec, cream produces.
Color amid long faded into the original color of the skin tattoos owners. The process took place gradually.
Falkenham not know how many applications will be required (the cream is still in the testing phase), but he expects four cents per square centimeter, or about $ 4.50 or £ 3 to 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters wide.

"He (alec) coming to ILI with the idea, associated with his graduate studies, which can be applied in real life," said Andrea McCormick, manager of health and life sciences at Falkenham's Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

"Research has shown initial good results and the next phase of the research will develop the technology into a product that can eventually be brought to the market," he said.


Simple Tips to Avoid Acne

Tips to Avoid Acne Articles photo

It is known that one way to prevent acne is to keep the face. How to keep the face of the most basic is to wash the face that should be done every day. It seems trivial, but there are special techniques that face washing routine can obtain optimal results.

Here are the steps:

Wash your hands before you cleanse your face. Use running water when washing hands, so that no dirt left on the hands.

Next, grab the milk cleanser (cleanser), pour a little into the palm of the hand and the index finger and the middle of the other hand, rubbed to the entire face.

Take a cotton swab to clean. It is useful to remove the dirt on the face, including the remnants of makeup.

Wet your face with water, grab soap face (facial wash) that suits your skin type (oily or dry skin) to taste. 

Sweep soap scum face to face evenly.

Rinse your face with clean water. Rinse until no foam left. Dry your face with a face towel.

Then use a toner on your face using cotton evenly to the entire face. Toner function is to shrink pores and tighten the skin.

For the last step using the cream morning or night cream after washing the face in order to get maximum results.

To obtain maximum results, you should do this face wash routine, three times a day ie morning, noon and night before bed.

With the steps above, is expected to keep facial skin clean and healthy, so that acne was not willing to stop by.

A few explanations may be useful.

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Some Tips to Avoid Wrinkles in Face

Avoid Wrinkles in Face photo

Over time and age someone, wrinkles on the face can not be avoided. Fortunately there are several ways to overcome the wrinkles on the face.

 1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight
Because direct sunlight can have a big impact on the appearance of wrinkles on the face. So, if you must be outdoors with exposure to direct sunlight, it is better to use a hat or umbrella. Also, do not forget to use the anti-sun cream with SPF.

 2. Stop smoking
As we all know, the smoke has the effect of labor for the body, especially for skin health. In addition, cigarettes and its contents in the body releases enzymes that destroy collagen and elastin, important components that maintain healthy and youthful skin.

 3. Get enough rest
Rest is pretty is very useful for your skin. Because the lack of sleep can cause the body to produce cortisol, a hormone that destroys dead skin cells. So, sleep enough so as to release human growth hormone (HGH) which keep skin thick, elastic, and delay wrinkles.

 4. Sleeping with the supine position
Sleep with this position can prevent the skin of the face and the lines that eventually can be permanently imprinted on the surface of the skin. Lying on your side and sleep on my stomach can make a frown.

 5. Do not squint
That is, if the view is not clear because the light is too strong then wear glasses to improve visibility. Repetitive facial movements, such as narrowed, can make facial muscles to work too hard, thus forming a pattern beneath the skin's surface that long into the wrinkles.

 6. Consumption of fish
Eating a variety of fish is very good for the body, especially the salmon that contains a lot of protein. Expand also consume other fish containing protein and omega-3 fatty acids, basic building skin healthy and supple.

 7. Increase consumption of soy
Soy is consumed regularly for six months, the results will be visible. In addition, the content of foods with the same effect for fish protein, grape seed, tomato and some vitamins. Consumption of fruits and vegetables are also rich in antioxidants. Replace your coffee drinking habits, with chocolate consumption. Because, chocolate contains flavanols be epicatchin and catechins that can improve skin circulation.

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Overcoming Exercise Fat Face

Fat Face Exercise photo

Excessive fat in the face might interfere with a person's appearance. One way to eliminate fat in the face is to exercise the face.

Here is how to do facial exercise:

1. To remove the fat around the eye area, gently close your eyes, and then look up and down. Do not rush to do this exercise and make sure that you repeat this exercise ten times a day.

2. Lie on a flat bed. Open your eyes wide and raise your eyebrows as high as you can and repeat this exercise ten times in a day

3. To make your chin area into a leaner, lower your chin and lower lip down and up and down. Do this exercise at least ten times a day.

4. Exercise facial muscles by raising and lowering your eyebrows, nose wrinkling, smiling and kerucutkan your lips. Perform each exercise at least ten times a day.

5. smile as wide as you can and stick out your tongue and raise it close to your nose. Hold in this position for 5 seconds and repeat as many times as you can.

6. In addition to helping eliminate fat in the face you should also do your daily exercise such as fast walking, running or cycling which helps eliminate fat in your body and helps also reduce the fat in your face.


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Tips to Overcome Skin Rash with materials that can be Easy

Skin rashes photo

Skin rashes can be caused by several reasons such as excessive exposure to sunlight, eczema, food and beverage, meditation, stung by insects, as well as dry skin. Will cause itchy skin rash and red.

Maybe you think this is an allergy. However, do you know if some medications actually even able to create a skin rash?

Skin rashes are really unexpected and very disturbing presence of this, it can be treated with materials commonly found in the home. Here it is a natural substance that can cope with skin rash as quoted from page Boldsky, Sunday (01/25/2015):

1. Oil Vitamin E
Take Vitamin E capsule and squeeze the oil that is in it. Then, apply the oil to the skin rash and you will avoid the pain itching.

2. Aloe Vera
Aloe vera contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. Apply fresh gel from the leaves of aloe vera as a first aid when there is a skin rash.

3. Oatmeal
Mix one cup of oatmeal into a bucket of clean water. Shower and wash your face with the mixture. Haislnya, skin rash and body will get well soon.

4. Olive Oil
Applying olive oil is the most potent drug for mnghilangkan skin rash.

5. Garlic and Vinegar
Mix vinegar with one siuang chopped onion. Apply the mixture to the skin rash and let stand for 10 minutes. Then, wash with warm water.

6. Baking Soda
Apply baking soda, then massage gently to overcome skin rash.

7. Ice
Apply and rub ice slowly to the skin area that has a rash. This natural way berbilang quite effective.

8. White Eggs
Mix four egg whites with cornstarch until a paste is produced. The dough apply to skin rashes and let stand for 30 minutes. Then, wash with cold water.

9. Porridge Tomatoes
Make the tomato pulp to destroy 2 tomatoes and mix with lemon JSU. After the pasta so, apply to skin rashes and let stand for 20 minutes. Then, wash with warm water.


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Being Oily Skin caused by several things Here

Oily Skin caused photo

It is important to know and understand what kind of skin you have. There are three different types of skin, ie oily skin, dry skin, and a combination of both. Therefore, knowing the type of skin is very necessary to deal with issues affecting the skin of your face.

For the owner of oily skin, the skin is very easy to get dirty. As a result, acne and other skin problems spate often occurs in this type of skin.

If you are one of the owners of oily skin, maybe you should try to avoid some habits are quoted from page Boldsky, Friday (02/06/2015):

1. Use of Cosmetics
Using a lot of make-up will only add one more problem oily skin. Make-up will block the oil in the skin. Use make-up at the time of need alone.

2. Wash your face too often
If you like to have oily skin, you should not wash your face too often because it will be more open pores.

3. The use of cream
Indeed, this depends on the product cream, but using excessive facial cream will still make the skin more oily. Using the cream in the long term will make the skin oily.

4. Skin Care Required
Glad using blush-on with a brush? Be careful because it can cause skin irritation. Extremely should also be noted, that the advantages of using facial products will actually make the skin oily.

5. One Product
You have to know your skin type before purchasing a beauty product. As an example, if you use a cleaning product for dry skin, it will make the skin more oily.

6. Clean Face
Within a day, the skin will be exposed to a variety of dirt and dust even at home. So keep clean face.

7. Food Oily
Eating greasy foods will only make the face more oily. The reason is quite simple because the oil content in the body increases.

8. Menstrual Cycle
Hormonal changes during menstruation will stimulate oil kelejar. This is the reason why the attack of acne during menstrual periods often occur.

9. Stress
When symptoms of perceived stress increases, then this will increase oil production from the oil glands.

10. Changes in Weather
The weather changes from warm to humid or otherwise will make skin oily. So, treat the skin in any of these conditions.


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Natural remedy for Itchy Skin

irritation skin photo

Itching and irritation of the skin can affect anyone. This can happen because the surface of the skin exposed to the fungus, allergies, viruses, insect bites, to caterpillar and gelugut bamboo fleece.

To relieve itching, usually we will just scratch the itchy spot. However, continuous scratching the skin is not good on the skin surface as it may cause injury or irritation. Could be, it actually creates new problems because of skin irritation will be susceptible to viruses and other impurities.

In addition to scratch it, another solution to overcome the itching is by rubbing oil itch relievers. However, usually the less successful way.

Well, here is another alternative that you can use when itch or irritation of the skin. Itch medicine alternatives are natural ingredients that you can easily use. The following medicines as reported from on Friday (30/01/2015).

Clay are daily trampled proved to have benefits to treat itching and irritation of the skin, especially to help relieve itching due to insect stings or bites of animals. Clay can draw toxins from the skin and ultimately reduce pain.

How to use it, mix the clay with water in a bowl until thickened like peanut butter. Then, apply the paste to the itchy, dry and rinse propagate. You also can use a gauze bandage manner.

aloe vera
Aloe vera has been known as a cure almost all types of skin irritation, including itching and irritation.

How to use it, take a sticky gel that is in the middle of aloe vera gel and rub directly on the skin, itching or irritation

peppermint leaf
Nice peppermint leaves to get rid of the itch because it provides a cool sensation thereby reducing swelling and inflammation.

You live rubbing peppermint leaves on skin irritation or itching. After that, rinse with water.

basil leave
Basil leaf contains anti-itch called camphor and thymol. Basil leaves also reduce the desire to scratch the itchy parts of the body.

Just like peppermint leaves, you just crush the leaves proficiency level and rubbed directly into the skin.

Oatmeal contains substances that may reduce inflammation avenanthramides. Therefore, it can also be a cure irritation and itching.

How to use it, add water to the oatmeal until thick like a paste. Apply the paste to the area of itching and irritation.

Apple cider vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is an antiseptic agent, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which effectively reduces itching, particularly those associated with dry skin.

How to use it, drops of apple cider vinegar to a cotton or cloth and rub on the affected areas of irritation or itching. Apple cider vinegar can also be mixed with clay. So, change the water as a mixture of clay with apple cider vinegar.


Know Impetigo One Infectious Skin Diseases in Children. Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Impetigo often affects infants and children. Impetigo is a contagious skin disease characterized by red lesions on the face, around the nose or mouth. The cause of impetigo is a bacterium that enters the body through the skin injured children or in children with healthy skin. Although Impetigo can heal on its own will but to reduce the risk of complications will require treatment in a child with impetigo.

In some cases children who have Impetigo is characterized by injuries such as blisters. Although not harmful but complications in children with impetigo may occur. This is the importance of the role of parents in the prevention and treatment (if the child is stricken with impetigo). In this article will discuss the types of impetigo, the characteristics of children who attacked impetigo, factors that cause impetigo infected children, prevention tips that can be done and the treatment of children who attacked Impetigo.

type Impetigo
  Impetigo is a highly contagious disease. Even if the injury or goods on dipegang.Impetigo can heal itself but better immediate treatment to prevent the spread and infection worse.

Impetigo have several types, the following are types of impetigo:

1. Impetigo Contagiosa
This type of impetigo has red sores on the face and often appear in the mouth and nose. On the type of impetigo contagiosa wounds will quickly break up, watery and has pus even in dry conditions will have browned. Impetigo Contagiosa not cause fever but the swelling of the lymph nodes. Impetigo is contagious so that the spread of infection into the body more easily.

2. Bullous Impetigo
This type of attacking children under 2 years. Mekipun impetigo pain and blisters filled with fluid. Wound infections can become raw and long time to recover than other types of impetigo. Body parts are often attacked by bullous impetigo is the body, legs and arms.

3. Ecthyma
Types of impetigo which can attack the skin dermis. Symptoms of impetigo children who have this type of injury hurt, has a liquid or purulent. The scars will be difficult to recover lost even though it could even lead to swelling of lymph nodes in the body that is infected.

In addition, impetigo can lead to complications, although rare as poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis (PSGN) is inflammation of the kidneys that developed as a result of bacterial infection and often affects children aged 6-10 years. Furthermore Cellulitis that attacks the tissues under the skin and will spread to the lymph nodes and into the bloodstream. Those that cause infection methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) are resistant to antibiotics. The latter can lead to complications that cause skin color becomes darker or brighter.

Child characteristics Esophageal Impetigo
Impetigo is not a dangerous disease that beruhubungan with fatal system but Impetigo child would interfere with the health of children is more serious if left unchecked. Impetigo is a skin infection caused by the bacteria Staphylocovvus Aures that affects children of all ages. Whereas in children aged 2-5 years is generally caused by the germs streptococcoli.Jenis very contagious.
In children who are stricken with impetigo will have red sores on the face area and then on around the nose and mouth of the child. Even being a common sign that experienced by children who have impetigo. If the injured child will get worse then wound rupture and ooze pus few days so that it will form a golden brown crust or ulcers on the skin area.

Children who attacked the germs that cause impetigo can be inferred to have characteristics such as the following:

1. The child has red skin accompanied with small spots on the face, head and hands.
2. In the skin of the ill will mengelepuh so that a discharge that has a yellow color of honey and more widely.
3. Children infected with impetigo will have itchy red area on the skin.
4. If the pain will spread to parts of the body to another so that the liquid will blister.
5. There will be swelling of the lymph nodes of infected in the surrounding area.

Factors that cause impetigo
Impetigo is a disease caused by bacterial infection. Nonetheless disease impetigo in children may occur due to contact with the patient. The disease is highly contagious and even on items or objects previously impetigo patients.

The following are some of the factors that cause the spread of impetigo:
1. When your child to interact with friends who are suffering from impetigo to allow direct contact with impetigo sores and spread.
2. In hot and humid weather easier impetigo infection in children.
3. In the affected skin wound so as to facilitate the occurrence of the bacteria that cause impetigo infection into the skin lesion.
4. Children with diabete more susceptible due ecthyma more serious than the type of impetigo.

Prevention of impetigo in children
Prevention of the spread of impetigo can be done by keeping the body, including:
1. Wash hands and feet using methamphetamine.
2. If already in contact with a child suffering from impetigo immediately to clean hands with soap.
3. Cut your child's nails regularly to avoid germs infeki impetigo.
4. Try not to touch your nose and mouth when your child hands dirty.
5. In patients with impetigo items that used to be separated, washed with soap and hot water.

Treatment of impetigo in children
To detect disease impetigo in children doctor will see cuts, no need to perform laboratory tests. If the child is suffering from impetigo will be given antibiotics to tackle the spread of this disease. Besides creams and ointments are often given to children who have impetigo.

The wounds that do not heal then be taken in the wound fluid samples to determine the type of antibiotics in accordance with the type of impetigo. Although basically impetigo will heal by itself but if not cured and left it will lead to more serious complications.

Thus impetigo is a skin disease caused by germs, easy to spread even very often attack aged children. The disease is not dangerous but if complications are difficult to heal and be dangerous. This type of disease is very easily prevented by cleaning themselves from bacteria and always clean up when direct contact with suffering from impetigo. Impetigo can be cured with the use of antibiotics as recommended by your doctor, drugs given in the form of a cream or ointment. If it will be difficult to recover laboratory tests to determine the type of antibiotic that is in accordance with the bacteria that cause impetigo in children.

Maintaining Healthy Skin with Maintain cleanliness of the bed

bed linen

There are some other medical reason that reinforces the reason why you have to change the bed linen regularly.
Because, if the cleanliness of the bedding is left unguarded, it will emerge other health threats are emerging.

What are the consequences?

1. Dead Skin Cells Invite Mites
At bedtime, especially night our body cells repaired and refurbished with new cells, so it is with the skin.
The remains of dead skin we must stick to the sheet that we use, although not visible to the naked eye. The remains of dead skin is what will make the bed linen is a popular place mites.
Mites are microscopic animals that can not be seen with the naked eye. Many mites present in house dust. Borne dust mites and bed linen will be perched on the remains of dead skin that are in there so that the sheets are rarely replaced will contain a lot of mites.
This is a kind of mite infestation, which in some people can not stand or allergic to them remove secretions. Therefore, rarely changing bed linen can cause itching, especially for people who are allergic to dust mites. Dust off the sheet even when inhaled can cause shortness of breath.

2. Causes of Scabies mites are
One disease that is emerging from the filthy condition of the bed is scabies. Scabies mites are present due to the emergence or fleas in the old bed had not been cleaned.

Scabies is a form of skin disease caused by a parasitic mite sensitization against Sarcoptes scabiei var small, hominis and its products. Scabies is recognized if found at least two of the following complaints:

• Itching in the lesion area at night
• Generally occurs in the group who have close contact (such as houses, dormitories, etc.)
• The presence of lesions (injury) typical form of white or gray tunnel averaged over 1 cm which in the end are skin lesions such as acne or resilient. Generally there are in between the fingers, wrists, inner side of the forearm, elbow outside, folding armpits, nipples, navel, buttocks, genitals and lower abdomen.
• Found presence of mites in the form of eggs, larvae or adult mites.

The problem is scabies often resemble other skin disorders who also had complaints of itching so difficult to diagnose, and of course, complicate treatment.

3. Bed linen Moist Being Prickly Germs and Mushrooms
Moreover, when sleep is not uncommon to sweat, especially when in the heat. The sweat on the sheets can cause moisture to be a place favored by bacteria and fungi. Changing and washing bed linen regularly will certainly reduce our chances of contracting various diseases.
And if it can happen also in the tools that are sleeping in air-conditioned room, which is actually less risk of air conditioned rooms invite moisture and tends to dry. The answer is the same. Although it feels dry, the moisture content of the invisible and can not progress unless the diet measured with sophisticated tools. So, for the prevention of overall highly recommended to begin regular hygiene of your bedding.

Thus, although changing bed linen sounded as something trivial but in fact if ignored could affect our health.

Some Causes and How to Treat Oily skin

Skin care

Have you ever look in the mirror and pay attention to your face? specify most women or men often do so because it has become a habit that is hard to avoid. For example, only when you are sure there is a tendency to walk you see the windshield. But have you ever noticed a bunch of carefully you kulityang kind you have when you're bercermin.Ya course sring notice especially for oily skin without notice cerminpun sure you can feel it.

Oily skin it is certainly very disturbing. Why? this is because if you face produces excess oil will make a lot of dirt or pollution be attached to the face you. In addition, you also will face once exposed acne prone because of accumulated oil and clog pores - so timbulah acne facial pores.

Definition of Oily Skin
Oily skin is skin that has oil glands which produce excess oil that is far from normal skin in general. Ciri- character is the face look shiny, makeup will not last long, easy acne-trivial dirt.

By reducing the production of oil on your skin will definitely help prevent acne as well. Therefore for this time I will give you some tips on eliminating oily skin. but before the subject would be helpful to know in advance what causes oily face.

Causes of Oily skin

1. Menstrual Cycle
Oily skin can be caused by the menstrual cycle. this happens because so many women produce hormones that when menjelag menstruation or after menstruation face will tend to produce more oil. Because kotoranpun oily face will stick and will poripun clogged pores causing acne.

2. Stress
When you're stressed skin will be more likely to produce Minak with many. This happens because your psychological attitude will often wary and a lot of thinking when under stress. So that the face will produce a lot of cortisol.

3. Weather
When the weather is hot and humid condition your skin will produce more oil to adjust to the environment. With this so that when you put on makeup without smudging you have to wear foundation is strong and able to absorb the oil.

4. Cosmetics
A use of cosmetics that do not match your face will lead to oily face. to be careful in choosing cosmetics.

5. Other - Other
Such as genetic factors, Change of Season, Drugs - drugs, beauty equipment, and tanning

Advantages Oily
Have oily face does not mean only cause any problems for facial banyk. For example just face bermnyak has many advantages such as being able to make your face moist so prevent aging of the skin. Although oily bring banyk problem but if the face is too dry too quickly can lead to wrinkles. was thankful for those of you who have oily face. But remember excess oil is also better to be reduced.

How to Take Care of Oily Skin
Here are some Tips on How to Take Care of Oily among others:

1. Oily skin should be cleaned frequently because oily skin will be very easy to dirty and make all the dirt. so will result in blockage of the skin of your face and eventually will cause acne. Wash with facial foam is better than using milk or toner.

2. Oily skin is more likely to store fat. so as to reduce them you need to reduce fat deposits.

3. The deposition of fat in oily face must often be how can the use peelling or facial.

4. Stay away from foods that can trigger the fat on the skin.

5. To clean grease and oily skin on your face can save your face and feel diata boil water vapor concentrated on the face. Remember enough to feel the steam just do not input into the boiling water.

Eating fish that contains Omega-3 Prevents Skin Cancer and Oral Cancer

New research has found that omega-3 fatty acids contained in oily fish such as salmon and trout are known to fight skin cancer and cancer of the mouth, as well as efficiently can help prevent the growth of tumors and destroy cancerous tissue.

The findings obtained by scientists from Queen Mary, University of London, based on laboratory tests which showed that omega-3 into the cause of death of the malignant cells cause cancer.

The study, published online in the journal Carcinogenesis shows omega-3 has the potential to be used either as treatment or prevention of skin cancer and mouth. Polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 can not be created by humans in large numbers and to obtain it must be from food or supplements.

According Zacharoula Nikolakopoulou, MD, who conducted the research at Queen Mary, those at risk of these cancers may benefit from omega-3 fatty acids.

This new study involving certain types of cancer called squamous cell carcinoma. Squamous cell is part of the skin, and also occurs in the mouth, gastrointestinal tract, lungs, and other areas in the body. Oral squamous cell carcinoma is the sixth most common cancer occurring throughout the world and one that is difficult to treat.

In an experiment in the study, the scientists grow cell cultures in the laboratory and then treat it with a fatty acid. Such cells include the type of oral cancer cells and skin cells along with premalignant (precancerous) and normal cells of the skin and mouth.

"We found that omega-3 can selectively inhibit the growth of malignant cells and cells of premalignant at doses that do not affect normal cells." Said Kenneth Parkinson, head of Oral Cancer Research Group at Queen Mary's Institute of Dentistry.

Although some previous studies have linked the omega-3 in the prevention of some types of cancer, but few of them are associated with oral cancer.

Omega-3 fatty acids can be obtained by eating fish, fish oil, or supplements. Eating foods that contain omega-3 on a regular basis can provide benefits for your body, especially as it has been reviewed by this article, namely to prevent skin cancer and oral cancer.

List of Natural Ingredients To Overcome Wrinkles Under Eyes

Premature aging can happen to anyone. Usually someone will look wrinkled skin on certain parts. If you are still young, of course this will be a serious problem that needs to be fixed. Signs of premature aging such as this is usually due to the decreased elasticity of the skin under the eyes.

Wrinkles under the eyes can indeed interfere with performance. You certainly will feel insecure and embarrassed when assembled with colleagues - your colleague. You will probably look older than your age because of under eye wrinkles in it. Very disturbing is not it?

If you are one who have wrinkles under the eyes like this, do not worry. Because there are natural ways to overcome them. Well, here below are 6 natural ingredients to address wrinkles under the eyes:

1. Cucumber
The fruit is known with a high water content and can be beneficial for your skin moisture. When your skin is less humid, usually can lead to skin broken - broken and the appearance of wrinkles. You can use a piece of cold cucumber to make sure you keep your facial skin retain moisture. Use pieces of cucumber around the eye area, leave on for 15-20 minutes.

2. Avocados
Avocado is a fruit that is rich in benefits. One is to overcome premature aging happens to you. To get rid of under eye wrinkles on, you can use this creamy fruit. The trick is quite easy, just grab a slice of avocado and place the area under the eyes, let stand for 15 minutes. Press slowly - slowly so that the natural oils in this fruit can be absorbed by the skin.

3. Pineapple
It also can be overcome premature aging. In addition to reducing wrinkles under the eyes, pineapple fruit juice also contains active enzymes (Bromelain) which is an anti-inflammatory agent and can cope with wrinkles. How to use it is very easy, first blenderlah pineapple into juice and apply under eye area. Let stand for 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Do this regularly, the bottom line on your eye wrinkles will disappear by itself.

4. Coconut oil
Natural ingredients to address the under eye wrinkles next is coconut oil. Not only that, the fat in coconut oil can also make your skin soft. You do this by applying coconut oil on the bottom of the eye wrinkles, then massage gently until 15 minutes then wash. To get a soft skin in the morning, you can also apply coconut oil is in the under-eye area before you go to bed at night.

5. Rosemary Essential Oil
In addition to eliminating wrinkles, this oil is also useful to protect the skin and soften your face. The trick is fairly easy, you simply apply this oil on the bottom of the eyes and massage - massage with a rocking motion from top to bottom. Do this for a few minutes each day.

6. Honey and Ginger
Who does not know honey. Fluid produced by bees is indeed full of benefits. To get rid of wrinkles under the eyes, you can use a mixture of honey with grated ginger. Use the second mixture to massage the area under the eyes for 15 minutes, then let stand for 1 hour. This method not only can make the area under the eyes moist, still can accelerate blood circulation.

That's 6 natural ingredients to remove wrinkles on the bottom of your eyes. If there are natural ingredients that are safe to use like this, why should try beauty products that contain a lot of chemicals? It's pretty simple is not it? Good luck.

Diabetes can be known of Changes in Skin

Diabetes is a disease that can affect anyone, both old and young. This disease occurs because the amount of blood sugar levels rise due to disturbances in the body's metabolic system, in which the pancreas is unable to produce insulin the body needs.

The emergence of diabetes is usually influenced by a person's lifestyle is not healthy. Ironically, diabetes is known so late that maintenance carried out to be not optimal and the healing process was not total.

For that you need to know and detect when the disease is attacking you as early as possible. But how? Well you know, according to research published in, diabetes it can be known, and in the detection of a series of symptoms that occur on the skin. And here is a sign - a sign:

1. The appearance of bumps on the skin
When your skin there are lumps that appear suddenly - arrive, you need to beware. Lumps like it could be a symptom of insulin resistance. These lumps will usually appear in skin folds and the more irritation occurs. This could be a sign that the risk of diabetes occurs the greater. Immediately consult your physician when you experience skin irritation occurs arrived - arrived.

2. xanthelasma
You may still not know what it xanthelasma. In medical. xanthelasma is the appearance of white markings on the upper eyelid. This xanthelasma but can detect the risk of diabetes, could also be a marker of disease emergence of cholesterol. The sooner you detect and determine the existence of this xanthelasma, the sooner you recover from this disease.

3. The emergence of vitiligo
Vitiligo is a kind of skin disorder caused by loss of melanin in the skin because it can no longer melanocytes produce melanin. It will be followed by the appearance of spots - white spots on the skin. Vitiligo itself could arise because the immune system is already weakened due to diabetes.

4. The appearance of a skin rash (Granoloma annulare)
A skin condition called granoloma annulore is the appearance of unusual skin rash on the body. Such rash usually speckled - with itchy spots, emergence also arrived - arrived. Immediately doing diabetes test if this rash appears continuously to find out the cause behind the emergence of this disease.

5. Often itching
Immediately consult a doctor when you arrive -Arrived feel itchy without a known cause, it could be a sign of diabetes you start. Because diabetes usually would disrupt the skin's ability to retain moisture so that the skin will feel kerig and itchy all the time.

That 5 symptoms of the skin which can be a sign of diabetes need to watch. If you experience any or all of these symptoms, it helps you immediately checked by a doctor to find out what causes it. Who knows, these symptoms are a sign you have diabetes. Hope it is useful.


Newborn babies up to the age of 6 months is time - time very extra careful. At this age, babies tend to be sensitive. Your immune system is not perfect. Various viruses easily perch. One of these skin diseases. This disease may look mild type. But if left unchecked will lead to more serious skin disorders in the future.

Here are some frequently menghinggap skin disease in infants. People often call the rash words.

Because diaper rash. It usually occurs in the area of the buttocks, because the use of diapers that are too long. Sometimes when the baby urination or defecation, not directly change the diaper. Enabling the bacteria to perch on baby's skin.

Eczema. This skin disease characterized by scaly skin and blush.

Cradle cap (seborrheic skin disease). Scaling red, crusty occurs on the baby's head.

Moliuscum contagiosum. A group of acne pearly white kedaduan, or bumps caused by virus infection. Usually goes away by itself.

Milia. Is a small cyst like pearls on a newborn's face caused by the first expenditure on the oil glands.

Rash milk. Rash caused by water spilled milk when the baby is finished nursing, and leave to dry.

Honey Benefits for Skin Beauty

Honey is often used as an ingredient in foods and beverages. Starting from cereals, processed chicken until tea. No wonder, it is because honey is a nutrient-rich liquid. Besides, we can make the immune system increases.

You can use honey not only as processed food and beverages, but also for skin beauty. The sweet it can make your skin glow and look younger.

Honey contains an abundance of antioxidants and are also known to have antibacterial properties. Here are some of the properties of honey, reported by the Times of India.

For acne prone skin

If you have acne prone skin problems, you can use honey to eliminate them. Apply honey gently on the acne area. You can also mix it with lavender oil or tea leaves.

Cleansing and moisturizing

Use a mixture of honey and coconut oil or jojoba oil as a skin cleanser. It not only can loosen the skin of makeup, but also acts as a moisturizer.

For dry skin

For owners of dry skin, mix honey, vegetable oil, and lemon juice and apply on the skin. Let stand for 10 minutes and wash. Antioxidant properties of honey can reduce the dryness of the skin.

Some Habits that Can Delay the Aging Face

Habits That Can Delay Emergence Facial Wrinkles

By the age of 35 upwards, wrinkles become the thing you fear. But in fact, with proper care, you can look younger and fresher than your age. In fact you do not need to spend the inside to do so.

Here are some ways to reduce wrinkles on the face:

1. Sleep on your back
The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) states that sleep in certain positions at night will cause "sleep lines", ie, wrinkles etched into the surface of the skin and do not disappear once you wake up. To reduce the formation of wrinkles, the AAD recommends to sleep on their backs.

2. Avoid exposure to sunlight
Do you believe that the sun is the number one cause of wrinkles? In one study conducted by Darrick Antell, MD of twins shows that children who are rarely exposed to the sun have fewer wrinkles and look younger than his brother who likes to sunbathe. Additionally, for those of you who live in the tropics, avoid exposure to the sun from 9 am to 4 pm.

3. Always use sunscreen
If you want to go out in the sun, do not forget to apply sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. It will protect you from skin cancer and help prevent wrinkles.
4. Do not smoke
In a study conducted at St. Thomas's Hospital, London, found that those who smoke tend to have skin that is more wrinkled their skin even 40% thinner than non-smokers.

5. Adequate sleep
When you lack sleep, the body produces excess cortisol, a hormone that breaks down skin cells. Therefore, if you get enough sleep you will produce more HGH (human growth hormone), which helps the skin remain thick, more "elastic," and less likely to wrinkle.

6. Eating fish, especially salmon
In addition to containing protein, salmon is also a source of essential fatty acids known as omega-3. Essential fatty acids can help maintain the skin to stay young while reducing wrinkles.

7. Eat soy
In a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, the researchers say that the soy-based supplement (other ingredients included fish protein and extracts from white tea, grape seed, tomato and some vitamins) can improve the structure and firmness after six months of use.

8. Cocoa
Cocoa contains high levels epocatchin and catechins that help skin protected from sun damage, improve circulation to the skin cells, and make the skin look radiant and soft.

9. Eating more vegetables and fruits
Vegetables and fruits contain a lot of anti-oxidants. These compounds against damage caused by free radicals (unstable molecules that can damage cells), which will help the skin look younger and radiant.

10. Use a moisturizer
Women are very concerned with their anti-aging products, so they often overlook the power of moisturizer. In fact, damp skin can disguise wrinkles and folds so that the line is considerably reduced.

11. Supporting Supplements skin
The resulting benefits of skin care supplements so great. Well, to achieve the desired results, we recommend you choose a supplement that contains collactive. In bertajukEvaluation study of the Anti-wrinkle Effects of the Food Supplement Collactive conducted L. Sergent showed that occurred a significant anti-wrinkle effect on respondents who consume up to 19% collactive.

Tips to whiten skin Naturally

The way that I will share below is the natural way or no chemicals (beauty products).

Why should a natural ??? The answer is, because it is cheaper and safer for the future, although it should be patient in carrying out this way, but the results are going to be more pronounced.

Additional note: to obtain the maximum whites can not instantaneously, if you are offered with beauty products that provide guarantees briefly white / instant, you are eligible to suspect, that the products do not contain harmful ingredients to your skin.

Plus white person is dependent, in heredity, race, class, etc., but the method below can be a solution, although perhaps not white at all, at least the skin will look more clean and smooth, so it's pretty deh, heheh.

Here are ways or steps you have to do to get beautiful skin naturally, hopefully useful tips below.

How to Whiten Skin

A. How to Whiten Skin Body Using Milk
How to whiten the skin by using bantuaan condensed milk / cream, this method proved to be very efectif to brighten the skin. 
As for how to whiten skin with milk are as follows:
• Prepare the cream condensed milk
• Then apply on skin areas that you want to enlightening color
• Do this after you shower / bathe or otherwise wipe clean the surface of the skin first.
• Allow the condensed milk stuck on the skin approximately 30 minutes and wash.

B. How to Whiten Skin facial Using Fruit

One fruit that is very good for our health and beauty is the fruit yam, even though a lot of fruit that you can use to care for your skin beauty siih.

And one of them with tomatoes, tomato fruit function so and it is very much to know the benefits you can read in the benefits of tomatoes to the face or the benefits of tomatoes to treat acne.

However, this time specifically for ways to whiten the face yam pieces. Why yam good for beauty ??
This is because the fruit yam contains natural calcium and phosphorus compounds, as we know that this compound is very good for the skin.

As for how to whiten the face with Bengkoang as follows:
• Prepare the fruit yam taste, clean the skin and grated yam fruit.
• Squeeze the results grated yam pieces and take the water course
• Pour the juice into a clear bowl, let stand until issued a white precipitate below.
• After a white precipitate appears, discard their water and sediment using jicama for a natural face mask.

C. How to whiten dark underarms skin menggukanan Lime
Why should lemon?
The answer is because lemon contains vitamin C, vitamin is what will now be able to help you whiten underarm skin.

As for how the application is as follows:
• Prepare lemon and whiting to taste
• Squeeze lemon juice and take nipisnya only
• Mix with a little whiting
• Stir until the ingredients until well blended materials
• Apply the mixture to your underarm skin.
• Wait a few moments for the herb works (10-15 minutes)
• Use this routine each time you run out bath
• Perform routine for 1 week.

D. How to whiten the skin of the foot Using Carrots Vegetables
In addition to good health, vegetables carrots you can also use to clean foot skin solutions, and looks so pretty.

As for how to whiten skin with vegetables carrots are as follows:
• Prepare fresh carrots taste
• Clean / wash the carrots with water
• Grate / blender until smooth carrot
• Provide additional material body lotion on grated carrots.
• The next step kearea leather legs smeared evenly and let stand for some time.
• Why are carrots good for skin care, natural compounds that contain beta-carotene.

Now that's some way to whiten skin naturally and quickly, for those of you who want to try, please apply themselves in their homes. Do not forget to do on a regular basis so that the results can be maximized.

All you have to remember, way above are very effective but require quite a long time, and takes patience.

How to Remove a dark color on your elbows and knees

The skin on the elbows and knees are usually thicker, has folds, coarse, and dry despite you cover it with pants or long sleeves. The skin in this area is usually the color looks darker than the original color. This will make your knees and elbows seemed dirty.

Why Skin In The Knees and Elbows Looks Darker?
Have you seen the baby's knees and elbows dark? Never not. Dark colors on the area caused because of friction, which is based on the knees and elbows. Often we rely on the elbow rather than sitting up straight and with good posture. It also becomes a habit that also participated menghitamnya skin in the area elbows and knees.

In addition, the lack of hygiene and care is wrong also be the origin of dark skin. Therefore, the area of skin on knees and elbows certainly require extra care.

Being overweight can also cause this to happen. But the most relevant cause is eating a lot of sugar. Now, ask yourself. Is your menstrual cycle is irregular? Would you then ignore it or go to the doctor? Are you a teenager who experienced puberty? Do you have dark patches on your skin, especially in the neck or breast? If all the above answer is negative, then you do not need to worry. However, if you experience it, you should immediately consult a doctor. Dark skin in certain areas is usually a symptom of some diseases that are caused by a hormonal imbalance in the body.

Here are some treatments you can do at home to get rid of black color on your skin:

1. Baking Soda
Baking soda is very effective kitchen ingredients to cleanse the skin and reduce dark color. Mix with milk. How:
- Take one tablespoon of baking soda, mixed with milk
- Apply the paste mixture into the skin on the knees and elbows, rub in a circular motion
- Repeat the use of a paste of baking soda and milk mixture every two days. Keep going until your skin look brighter

2. Turmeric, Honey and Milk
Turmeric has antiseptic properties and milk serves to whiten the skin. Honey also has antiseptic properties and is able to moisturize dry skin. Natural properties of a mixture of these materials will help to eliminate the elbows and knees were black.
- Mix some subtle turmeric with milk and honey to form a paste
- Apply the dark area and leave it there for at least 20 minutes
- Dampen your hands and rub for 2 minutes and then rinse with water

3. Sugar and Olive Oil
Sugar serves to peeled the skin. Olive oil will moisturize the skin.
- Mix the olive oil and sugar in equal amounts to make a thick paste
- Apply this mixture on your knees and elbows black
- Rub the skin with the use of this mixture for about five minutes and rinse with soap

4. Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter
Natural fats such as cocoa butter and shea butter serves as a moisturizer and make your skin soft. This natural ingredient helps eliminate blackish color caused by drought and the onset of scaly skin. It's easy, use lotions that contain cocoa butter or shea butter on dark skin in the area elbows and knees every night before bed.

5. Gel Aloe Vera (Aloe Vera)
Containing Aloe Vera gel can reduce the damage to the skin of the elbows and knees are caused due to exposure to sun exposure sun. Containing aloe vera gel is able to moisturize the skin and prevent dryness that can cause darkening of the skin.
- Take aloe vera gel from fresh leaves by separating the inside of the outer skin (just take the clear gel)
- Use of the aloe vera gel on your knees and elbows. Leave for half an hour and rinse with water.

6. Use Sunscreen Lotion
Using a lotion with sunscreen when outdoors will reduce black on your skin.
- Apply sunscreen when out of the house or when exposed to sun exposure
- Use also on the skin of the elbows and knees after a shower to whiten your skin.
The skin is darker than the original color on the knees and elbows is not something that should be ignored. Use these natural ingredients to help eliminate the problem of your skin. Good luck and hopefully useful

Destructive Bad Habits Skin

The skin is the body's largest organ that wraps muscles and blood vessels. As with other organs, the skin needs care and protection. To get a beautiful and healthy skin, you do not need to spend a lot of money to do the expensive treatments.
So, what's the solution? Enough to live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle will not only affect the condition of the body, but also the appearance, including skin. Well, to live a healthy lifestyle, there are some habits that you need to avoid, the following among others:

1. Linger in the sun
Sunbathing for 15-20 minutes in the morning it gives so many health benefits. However, if the skin is too much exposure to the sun at the wrong time without sunscreen, it can increase the risk of skin cancer. You can easily find out if a person often move in the sun for long periods and unprotected. The skin will look more wrinkled and filled with black spots or stains.

2. Lazy using sunscreen
Many people make the biggest mistake by not using sunscreen with SPF enough. There is also no use repeatedly in accordance with the rules contained in the bottle of sunscreen. Although you are just being outdoors when going to the office or go to lunch, you still need SPF skin. And remember, use sunscreen in the morning will not protect the skin during the day. So, make sure you always use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more in the morning and afternoon. Sunscreen should be used 30 minutes before leaving the room and repeated every 2 hours.

3. Frequent tanning spa
Tanning beds are safer than the sun? Think again. Tanning beds are often found in the salon or a body treatment, can lead to skin aging and wrinkles faster. In addition, it can increase the risk of melanoma, a dangerous form of skin cancer. It is caused by the ultraviolet radiation emitted daritanning bed.

4. Smoking
Sure you know some of the diseases caused by smoking, such as lung cancer, emphysema, heart disease and stroke. But, did you know that smoking is also one of the main causes of premature aging of the skin? The toxins in cigarette smoke are known to damage skin cells, causing fine lines and wrinkles. Smoking also makes skin dull, causing dry skin, and inhibits the process of wound healing and skin tissue
5. Washing your face with any cleaning product
Do not use soap intended for skin. In fact, the condition of the body's skin is much different from the skin. Unlike other parts of the body, the skin is relatively thinner. So, use a soap that is specially formulated for the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. While for those who are prone, make sure the products you use facial cleansers are free of oil and can not clog pores. Typically, in the product packaging label lettering oil-free and / or non-comedogenic.

6. Too often menggunakanscrub
Washing your face is not enough to overcome the problem of dull skin. Therefore, you need melakukanscrub or exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and clean the dirt that clog pores. However, this treatment should only be done once a week maximum, using a scrub microdemabration. That is, scrub that is used is smaller, so it feels softer on the skin. Do not ever do that when skin breakouts, because scrubbing can irritate the skin and make acne more inflamed.

7. Squeeze acne
Control yourself to not squeeze pimples, acne or even how much you desire. Instead squeeze acne, you should apply acne medicine or plaster containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. If your facial skin condition did not improve, try to consult with a dermatologist.

8. Prolonged stress
Do not let stress take control of your mind, because stress can influence the condition of your skin. A person who is under stress tend to neglect the health of the skin. If not addressed, stress can trigger psoriasis, rosacea and acne. This condition can also reduce the skin's ability to fight infection and irritation.

9. Tempted with skin care 'cheap'
Youthful and radiant skin is the desire of every person, especially women. To realize that dream, of course there is a price to pay. Many people are willing to spend a lot of money to do beauty treatments. However, not a few who dared to do maintenance because tempted by the low price. Be careful, when doing chemical peels or facial treatments without accompanied by expert demartologis, because there you will kemungkinankulit injury, infection or irritation. Instead, leave it to the experts.

10. Overeating
Prevent before it's too late. Keep your diet in order to avoid the risk of obesity. When your body is overweight, the skin will be interested to adjust the shape of your body. When the less elasticity, the skin most likely will not shrink back when body weight decreased. Although your body take care, sagging skin will appear many times and hang.

11. Lack of sleep
Lack of sleep or stay up late will cause the formation of eye bags colored black. In addition, your face will look dull and listless. During sleep, the energy will flow throughout the body for cell rejuvenation process. So, if you sleep less, your body will lose the moment of skin rejuvenation.

12. Ignoring the signs of skin cancer
Generally, moles are harmless. As with the mole who experience sudden changes, because it could be a symptom of skin cancer. Changes frequently encountered is the size, shape, color and quantity. From now on, try to pay attention to your skin regularly. When there is a change or a family member who has a history of skin cancer, immediately consult your dermatologist expert.

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