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The history of Valentine's Day February 14 that you should know

The history of Valentine's Day articles photo

Valentine's Day is celebrated every 14th of February. Some people interpret it as a celebration of love, the other accused as 'a warning that deliberately held' to boost sales of cards, chocolates, flowers, and other items that are considered to represent an expression of love.

Whatever one's opinion about Valentine, of course there is the history on that day.

From the origin of its name, the Catholic Church recognizes there are 3 saint or saints named Valentine or Valentinus. "And the third is a martyr," as quoted from the Guardian website, Friday, February 13, 2015. The three men from the past 200 AD was killed in tragic.

One story said, Once Upon Roman Emperor Claudius II forbade young soldiers were married, so they do not 'sluggish' on the battlefield.

However, "Bishop Valentine disobeyed it and marry one couple quietly. He executed when the authorities know the secret marriage."

When he was imprisoned, the legend said that the man from Genoa was then fell in love with the daughter of the person who put him in jail. Before executed brutally, he made a love letter to her lover. Which closed with the words, 'From your Valentine'.

Another Valentine was a cleric in the Roman Empire that help the Christians who were persecuted during the reign of Claudius II. When imprisoned, he was restoring the sight of a blind girl - who later falls in love with her. Valentine was executed beheaded on February 14th.

The third is a pious bishop of Terni, who also tortured and diekselusi during the reign of Claudius II, also dated February 14 - in different years.

Regardless of the legend, St. Valentine and love relationship emerged much later. In the poetry of Geoffrey Chaucer, English poet and author of the famous book, 'The Canterbury Tales'. Similarly, according to Andy Kelly, an expert in English from the University of California, Los Angeles, who wrote the book 'Chaucer and the Cult of St. Valentine'.

Chaucer, wrote a poem titled Parliament of fowls (1382), to celebrate the engagement of King Richard II.

In the poem, Valentine's Day is celebrated on May 3, instead of February 14. "It is a day where all the birds chose their partners in a year," said Kelly. "Shortly thereafter, in one generation, people took the idea to celebrate Valentine's Day as a day of love."

Valentine is a reference Chaucer probably was Saint Valentine of Genoa who died on 3 May. But the people at that time was not so familiar with that figure.

They are more familiar with the story of Rome and Valentine of Terni were executed on 14 February - which is then associated with love.

The story of Valentine's Day can be traced from the ancient Roman era, related to pagan worship. Each February 13-15, residents celebrate the ancient Roman Lupercalia. The ceremony began with the sacrifice of two goats and a dog.

Then, half-naked man running in the streets, whipping the young girl with a strap made of goatskin newly sacrificed. While it may sound like some sort of perverted sadomasochistic ritual, it made the Romans do until year 496 AD. As a rite of purification and fertility.

"The ceremony is believed to make women more fertile," said Noel Lenski, historian from the University of Colorado, Boulder, as published by USA Today.

Peak Lupercalia on February 15, at the foot of the Palatine Hill, in addition to the cave - which is believed to be a she-wolf suckling Romulus and Remus - the founder of the city of Rome in Roman mythology.

In 496, Pope Gelasius I banned the Lupercalia and declared February 14 St. Valentine's Day.

Commercialization Celebration of Love?
Valentine synonymous with flowers, chocolates, cards, even Cupid - Roman god of love depicted as winged naughty little boy and plump. How origins?

The oldest Valentine card made by a nobleman, Duke Charles of Orleans. Imprisoned in the Tower of London or the Tower of London after the British captured in 1415, Charles wrote a love letter to his wife rhyming, Bonne d'Armagnac - which is now kept in the British Library, London.

The poem consists of two lines, in French. Unfortunately, she passed before Charles returned to France in 1440.

However, experts English from SUNY-Buffalo State, Ann C. Colley said, giving new Valentine cards popular in England in the mid-19th century.

There are two supporters of the time: the first British postal service, Penny Post was founded - makes sending a letter be cheap and available to everyone.

The second factor, for the first time, mass produced Valentine card. Molding machine was then able to apply a number of printing methods, such as embossed, lace design, or a 3-dimensional card. Thus says professor of American history and popular culture at George Mason University.

Although culture provides Valentine cards originated from the UK, its influence spread to the United States in the 1840s.

Interestingly, in the UK, the card is not only given to people who estimated, but also on those who are not favored.

chocolate Valentine
Chocolate has long been regarded as an aphrodisiac, generating excitement. Starting oada 17th century, when the first cocoa beans were brought to Europe from Mexico and Central America, Europeans associate with the story of Montezuma and his wives.

The 19th century was a period in which the sweets and sugary snacks is more affordable for the middle class, as the mass production of chocolate.

In 1868, Richard Cadbury issued the first Valentine's Day chocolate. "There is a notion that makes chocolate aphrodisiac appropriate for Valentine's Day," said Alexandra Leaf, culinary expert and founder of Chocolate Tours of New York City.

In the 5th century, Eros (the inspiration for the word 'erotic'), the Greek version of Cupid, portrayed as tall young man, athletic, heroic, and have wings. Similarly Angeline said Chiu, a professor at the University of Vermont told USA Today.

Why, why now looks like a baby?
According to Chiu, Cupid transformation, from dashing young man so cute baby comes from the art of the Renaissance era.

"Maestro Raphael and other artists to paint plump little baby everywhere," said Chiu. "They do not mean to paint Cupid. Maybe to describe love in general," he added.

However, the image of Cupid as a cute baby to survive until today.

Red Roses
In the 18th century, Charles II of Sweden introduced the idea that flowers symbolize emotion or message implied. According

"Today, the red rose is associated with passionate love, pink roses for friendship, white for purity, and red-white is unity," said Jennifer Sparks, spokesman for the Society of American Florists.

However, he suggested, giving flowers do not have to bother thinking about the meaning. Focus on flowers favored by the recipient.


Some Tips Wisely Step When Ask Credit Bank

Tips Wisely Step When Ask Credit Bank photo

Each credit application always has a purpose. Starting from taking credit for venture capital, renovate the house, education fund, emergency needs, or others.

Currently, the bank also provides an easy way to give credit to the community. Not infrequently, people just wrong allocate credit it receives.

Rather than being used for purposes that have been planned, the funds actually gone without a trace. There are several steps that can be done, so that you can more wisely when proposing bank credit. Anything?


Set priorities for needs. If your credit application is to increase education funding, it should use.

Do not let your reasons for applying for a loan is just because of the lure of credit flowering flat, or the like. Furthermore, when the credit is approved and the money is received, you instead use it to buy consumer goods unused.

Try to see the need to live in a big picture.

Remember, loans have interest
Whether before applying for a loan you a lot of comparing interest of each bank owned? Whatever your proposed loan, try to compare the interest system and facilities provided.

Dig information about the system current interest in the bank. By doing so, you will have an idea of how much you should pay installments per month and the total loan repayment will you give to the bank.

Still in doubt? Multiply read the article about credit. You can also use the calculator simulation credit provided financial product comparison sites.

Select short term
We recommend that, if possible Take credit with a short period of time. Therefore, the interest rate will usually be less when we pay in a shorter time. However, installment, or mortgage you have to pay even bigger.

Take installments with the long term it as cheaper. Therefore, the amount paid per month so it looks a little bit. However, when counting, you will find that the interest you will pay much more than those with short-term credit.

allocate income
Before proposing credit, make allocations to fixed income cost you for a month. So, if your credit application will be accepted, then you will know where the money you receive can be placed.

Most importantly, you have a number of sufficient funds for unexpected costs if for example you fall ill.

Some Powerful Tips on How to Set You Free of Credit Card Debt

How to Set You Free of Credit Card Debt photo

The main function of a credit card is a tool that allows payment. But remember, there is an obligation and responsibility after you use it, aka pay.
Want to know, how can you not get into debt credit card?

This five safety principles that you must understand when using a credit card: Hope This Tips about credit card debt problems will be solved.

Use as needed
Although facilitate you in every activity of payment, but not the credit card debt card. Therefore, use your credit card as a payment tool in the purchase of goods as needed.
Respond wisely promos and discounts offered. Do not be, you eventually forget and make credit card payments kewajban soaring.

Use installment
You may often see many promo offer for a credit card zero percent installment program. The program is quite interesting because you can buy an item just by installments and without interest.
However, installment offered zero percent, still calculate how much mortgage you have to pay each month. Do not let the mortgage and even add to the burden of your debt.
Remember other credit obligations which still have to pay.

Suppose you have a credit card limit of $ 1000.
Further, you buy goods worth $ 600 with zero percent interest for a mortgage for a year. By doing so, you have the obligation to pay the mortgage credit of $ 50 per month.

Zero percent of your mortgage is interest-free, but if you are late paying then there will be interest charges you have to pay.

Use reminders
Try to always pay your credit card bills before the due date. In order not exposed to interest expense, try to pay off all the bills and do not pay the minimum bill.
Facilities minimum payment on a credit card it only requires that you only pay 10 percent of the bill, but you will be charged interest for the next rest.
In contrast, if you do not pay the bill in full, the interest on the unpaid amount will be added to your bill amount. If forced to pay the minimum, try to pay two to three times more than the minimum amount available.

Limit ownership
Having a credit card with a high limit number, or have a lot of credit cards have low limits the number and reach of a limit that you want, where you choose?

It is better to first choice. Therefore, you have to remember when every credit card has a cost.
Therefore, if you have many credit card the more the costs to be paid.

Use it wisely limit
What is the limit as you want?
The answer would have been possible 'highest'. However, bank or credit card issuer has a reference to determine how much the limit to be given to someone.
Therefore, the limit will be given in accordance with the valuation ratio of credit you have. To avoid trapped in payment problems, you also need to be wise to use your credit card limit as needed.
Instead given a credit card limit of three times your income, then you end up spending the amount limit.

Some Efficient Ways to Prepare for Retirement Funds

Prepare for Retirement photo

Until now, there are still many people who often prepares new pension fund at age no longer productive. Though saving for retirement is more effective when done early.

That is, when setting aside money in productive age, you can meet the needs of retirement like living in a productive future. Unfortunately, many still say that it is difficult to put into practice.

Do not worry, because there are easy steps you can do to prepare for retirement early. There are easy steps you can do. 

Set a budget
How much is your monthly income? Of course there are expenses from the income you have to do every month.

Therefore, try to make a list of budget expenditures, including the bill shall be paid each month such as telephone, electricity, and water.

After that, first verify any expenses that can be reduced. That way you will know if you always spend money on things that are not so important.

From there you can add money from revenue each month for savings. When applying a list of budget, pension funds that you will save a lot more useful and productive no later age.

Start investing
Of income per month, if you've set aside for investing? Yes, setting up a pension fund can also be done by investing.

For the record, not all investments have high risks. However, before the start of the investment first try to identify the characteristics of yourself. Do you belong to a conservative investor, moderate, or aggressive?

If you are a conservative type, it means you are investors who do not want to lose the principal at all. The point you are willing to get small results origin secure funding. Here, the type of investment that is suitable for conservative investors are savings and deposits.

In contrast to the moderate investor type, they will be willing to take a little risk of origin to get a decent return in the medium term. In addition to savings and deposits, investments suitable for moderate type is gold, land, and property.

Another with an aggressive type of investors. They will dare to take risks, be willing to lose the principal amount of capital for the sake of benefit in a relatively long period of time.

Many investment options for these types of investors, such as mutual funds and stock mixture.

How do I know you are the characteristics? Try to consult with a financial planner to be directly recommended suitable types of investment products.

Some Tips on How to order Your Home received the Best Protection

Tips on How to order Your Home received the Best Protection photo

Flood, fire, until the theft, is a risk that could occur in your home. Do you already know if these risks can be covered by home insurance?

Today many types of property insurance that is offered, especially for house insurance. In order to obtain maximum protection, you are also required to compare and choose products that have protection as needed.

Variety of products offered. Of which only offer fire protection, until complete protection for all risks that occur in the entire property that you have at home, including flood protection.

This is where you need to have a different technique to choose the company and also the type of insurance that can provide protection or protection of any kind of risk. How to?

compare protection
The first step you must do is compare. That way you can know the choices offered. That way you will be easy to do a comparison of home insurance product provider.

Your goal here is to be able to make the best decisions by comparing costs and benefits of various insurance companies of the house.

To save time and expense in making comparisons, try to do a comparison online. Therefore, you can also directly file a home insurance or a free consultation through this caraonline.

know guarantee
With so many insurance companies that offer a variety of home insurance products, as a consumer you actually benefited. Because you can have a lot of choice in doing comparisons. However, find out and see what protection is owned by each product.

Any protection dimilliki by your insurance will later list. For example, the risk of fire. The fire risk can occur for many reasons; such as surge, short circuit, lightning, fall of aircraft, explosion, or because of unrest.

Try to ask how the insurance company will look at the list of these risks. That way you will be more clearly understand the risks which is guaranteed by the insurance company, because of the risk because of what can be guaranteed, and what risks are not guaranteed. By having clarity about this at the start of the agreement, you will not hesitate to take a decision.

Avoid difficult process claims
You certainly do not want to risk the possible eventually happen. But if it should happen, the next step is to claim damages. The question is, is difficult or not claim that going to do later?

Therefore, in the comparison process that you do try to ask in detail about the claims procedures applicable in each company that provides home insurance. You must make sure the next time no difficulty in handling claims when unwanted risks have occurred.

You can also put this question to the experts who care insurance financial forum. Try to visit the online forum to get answers quickly. At the forum, ask also the opinion of others who have used the services of home insurance companies.

Calculate the cost and value of insured
This is usually the determining factor of your decision. Therefore, you will calculate how much should you pay and remove it, and how the insurance coverage will be obtained. This is the replacement of the insurance coverage will be accepted when the claim.

For the record, not to happen when you receive insurance money, the fund is not even enough to rebuild your house. This is the need for careful you do the calculations and compare the length of the insurance contract.

Some How To Build Your Social Life More Interesting

How To Build Your Social Life More Interesting article photo

Although currently the rainy season, there is no reason to be able to socialize with your old friends, try new things and interesting course.

It's important to have an active lifestyle, because it can grow your spirit and enhance your reputation in social status.

Look for the pair if you are single or expand the circle of friends and acquaintances with seven following way, which will make your social life much more interesting.

1. Exercise.
If you are looking for a special and useful way to raise your social life, you can choose to exercise. Sports can provide an opportunity to meet new people. For example, joining a health club particular, here you can socialize with people who have similar interests. In addition, you also have the opportunity to participate in the competition. It will help you improve your own performance.

2. Join a club.
This is a great way to socialize. You can join a social club or sports team and attending meetings. It will help you gain experience and build confidence. If you attend a social club, you will always be surrounded by people who are positive and active. Additionally, you will get new friends. The more friends you have, you will be more extensive knowledge.

3. Trying new things.
Say 'yes' to everything that is new and unknown. Try something you've never tried before, will be very significant.

4. Meet with your old friends.
Maybe our lives are now very busy, so we often do not have time to meet up with old friends. Not just enough to talk in cyberspace, maybe you can plan to go shopping together or just drink tea in a cozy atmosphere and friendly. It could also holidaying together.

5. Stay away from the TV.
Have you ever imagined living without television? In my opinion, if you get rid of the television, you will find a new activity in your social life. These electronic devices, will steal your time and replace real communication with the online service. Moreover, by watching TV, it will make your stress and make your social life worse.

6. Learn a new language.
How many languages do you speak? It is important to be able to master several foreign languages. This activity is an effective confidence booster, which will help you feel comfortable when visiting another country. By learning a new language, you will be surrounded by people who are interesting with a new perspective.

7. Read the new book.
If you are interested in the field of literature, consider reading a new book. Books usually can change our vision of the world. They are a lot of reading, can be easily answered questions and find the talk when speaking with other oran. Today, science has been highly developed modern literature, so you can find something decent to read.

Some Tips on How to Save Photos Digital

How to Save Photos Digital photo

Photo is precious! Photo is one of the assets that can not be replaced. That is why when you ask people what they would save from the burning house, a lot of people answer "photo album."

Photo is precious! Photo is one of the assets that can not be replaced. That is why when you ask people what they would save from the burning house, a lot of people answer "photo album."

In today's age of digital photos, there is a simpler solution than running into a burning building to save your photos. Here are some solutions:

Backing up on a diskette/flash disk
Save your photos in a folder on the computer, and then copy the folder into. There are several levels of quality floppies - look for a disk that is made for archiving purposes, so it will last a long time. Other types of floppy disks will be broken timeless. Make at least two copies - one to be stored in an accessible place and another stored elsewhere, such as in room safe deposit box.

using memory
Other similar solution is to use a memory - sometimes called "USB memory." More and more storage capacity, and the magnitude of the storage capacity that you can buy at a price which is pretty cheap. external can be used in the same way. Periodically, copy back your photos deposits in these storage devices to ensure that your photo archives remain durable. Again, it is wise to make more than one copy and keep the other one in a different place.

Online storage
The new method is to use an online storage. This storage method is often called the store "in the cloud." This means that you upload your photo (or other data) to the online service, which will store it for you until you need it. There are several advantages of using this method. You can access this data from anywhere that has internet network. For example, when visiting Grandma's house, only to go to the storage site, you can show these photos easily to your grandmother. You will be able to take photographs through any device connected to the Internet, whether it is a computer desk, computer tablet, or. Also, are used by these service providers are of high quality. Some examples of these services is Dropbox, Flickr, Google Docs, and iCloud. You can even use Facebook for this purpose. The most favorable is the service is provided free of charge, and some of them offer a large enough storage space.

Your photos are backed up on your own computer, to disk, memory, or external, as well as additional copies "in the cloud" is a wise way. If you have a house fire and the loss of data on your computer, your photos are still waiting for you, safe, on-site online storage. If for some reason, the computer from online storage service that is damaged (although rare, but can happen), you still have a copy at home.

Now you can sleep better at night because you do not have to risk your life to save a photo from the fire.

  "7 ways to preserve digital pictures" by Margot Hovley.

Things that Never Do when in love

Do not do when in love photo

Although both are in love that makes the world seem just belong to both, but still try not to show your affection with friends directly in front of the general public.

In love, who does not ever feel? When two people are in love, the world feels just belong together, all forms of obstacles and difficulties will be very easy to overcome, sometimes because they do not ignore various kinds of negative comments made by other people who feel uncomfortable seeing them show affection.

Of course everyone is legitimate to fall in love, there is no law whatsoever in this world has the right to prohibit a person to fall in love. However, when someone is in love it's good they still consider the norms prevailing in society and adhere to the rules of the religion that everyone profess and believe.

Therefore, in order to relationships with "the special one" you can run well and the people around you also appreciate you, then here are some restrictions that need to be known by those who are in love that they should not do, including:

1. Do not show affection
Although both are in love that makes the world seem just belong to both, but still try not to show your affection with friends directly in front of the general public. It is intended not for fear there will be jealous of your affection, but more because of ethics in the relationship and attitude of courtesy that both of you should show it to the public. Similarly you should not need to show off pictures of intimacy you both in social media, once again not because of fear there are envy, but it's better when it becomes your privacy, after you were married, so please if you want to tell the good news to all the people.

2. Do not ignore the character and habits of couples
Learn and get to know about the character and habits of each. Strengthen your heart and convince yourself that with you later he himself will spend the rest of your life together.

3. Do not go overboard in giving gifts
Usually people who are in love will be "mentally ill", it seems love really can blind a person's mind and a healthy mind. You need to know that to be able to always delight your lover is actually you do not need to fuss and bother to give gifts to him, because the shape of the real concern is not always in material things, but in other forms such as attention, affection, help, said -said soft, and so on.

4. Do not obey his wishes
There are many occasions someone exploited by her boyfriend from college asked him to escort shuttle, loaned money, debt, selling jewelry, lying to parents, to lead to something worse like taking sex to the crime such as robbery and gambling. Again, you may be crazy about him but remember and beware lest you be exploited by it.

5. Arguing in public
Despite being in love does not mean you will be able to slip away from trouble. Sometimes problems arise actually trivial, but to be great because everyone still has a high ego and do not want to beat each other. Therefore, when you're arguing or cranky towards your partner, try not to show it directly in front of the crowd. The goal is that you still respect yourself and do not embarrass yourself and your partner in public.

6. Being possessive
You both need to ask these things to yourself each, "Do you often organize your spouse, if you often limit the motion, if you frequently call him many times improperly or follow her wherever she goes, always want to meet, easily jealous, selfish, and always provoke an argument? "

You need to know that these things are some of the attitudes held by those who are possessive and it was very childish. Therefore, when still in the dating level as much as possible avoid having such attitudes. When you both are married should also throw away the gesture.

You need to know once again, colleague or partner that you have today are others who need the freedom to express himself. But when you are being possessive to it, then your attitude can make a love that once burned in his heart to you slowly but surely be extinguished and eventually turned 360 degrees so hate you. Therefore, you both need to constantly nurture maturity in behavior behave so you both remain always in love with your spouse until whenever.

Tips on How to tell your husband that you are Pregnant

tell your husband that you are Pregnant photo

Perhaps you do not keep your husband that you want to get pregnant, then when the time arrives to tell the good news to your husband, you want to make it special.

Perhaps you do not keep your husband that you want to get pregnant, then when the time arrives to tell the good news to your husband, you want to make it special. Some people like to talk about it directly, while others like to make a surprise. There are a variety of ways to share the excitement, below are some of them:

Say directly
I remember the day when I learned that I was pregnant, just like yesterday. It was about seven o'clock in the morning of the New Year, I wake up and can not sleep anymore, so I decided, why not. I go and check and make sure that there are two pink lines. I do not even know what I did, after a long wait, I finally going to become a mother. I shouted, and ran and jumped to the top of the mattress. My tests show it in front of my husband's nose and he tried hard to find out what was going on. I still remember the joy on his face when woken in the morning of the New Year and was told that he would be a father.

Prepare special meals
One fun way to tell your husband that you are pregnant is to prepare "baby food" for him. You can cook a small carrot, and food according to the size of the baby. It's fun to tell the "secret" at dinner.

Give your husband a gift a father
A smart idea is to buy baby clothes with neutral colors that reads "I love my father." When she opened the gift will not be any misunderstanding about what you are trying to say to him.

Make it as a game
Create a crossword puzzle or a game of treasure hunt. Make a crossword puzzle with words associated with the baby (such as breastfeeding, pacifiers, blankets, diapers, etc.). Treasure hunting game can lead your husband into the room that you have set for baby room, or to place a gift a father.

Reforming the house so ready to welcome baby
Arrange the house according to the needs of the baby while your husband is at work (this should be done), when your husband came home he would ask why all has been made safe for the baby, and this is the right time to tell your husband that encouraging news .

Whatever way you choose to tell your husband that you are pregnant, be sure to record it and even take a picture so you can keep it in your baby's first book. This is an exciting time that you will never forget, and one day you can share it with your child.

"How to tell your husband you are pregnant" by Kelsie Stanfill.

Some Tips for Parents of Teenagers and Still Stay at Home

Teen and parent at Home photo

Adolescent adult not a child anymore, but adults who still live at home. Are they going to college full-time or work, young adult children need to feel that they can assert their own freedom.

Having grown children and still living at home is a good transition for parents and also for children. Here are fifteen ideas that can help.

Adolescent adult not a child anymore, but adults who still live at home. Are they going to college or work, young adult children need to feel that they can assert their own freedom. But they still have to keep hold of their responsibility and accountability to be part of the family. A recent study showed that 53 percent of young adults aged 18-24 still live at home, on the site

Here are 15 ideas to help parents in transition in the lives of young adults.

Treat her like an adult
He was no longer a child and do things that are more important such as school and work. He's immature and should not be treated as mature adults. He needs to feel like he could act like his age and still have freedom.

Let him have his own rules
As a parent, this is the hardest thing I received with my own daughter 19 years old. If your son or daughter living in the house, let him set his own rules. Not that he could decide not to do anything. But it means providing the opportunity to use their freedom to act like an adult with a set of tasks, curfews, and the work of his own.

Involve him in the family
Children young adults have their own life, but because they are still living at home, is a wise idea to keep involve him in family events. Maybe she had other plans, but this shows that he is still part of the family.

Give her chores
If he lived at home, he is still a part of your family, which means he has a room, use the bathroom, eat-in kitchen and watching television. Therefore, he should still be given the task. Sit down and talk to him about school or work schedule is a good idea, so that you both know what he can realistically accomplish without burdensome.

encourage him
It does not matter why he was still living at home, praise her for her good work ethic or when he made a good choice that is very important for growth. Encourage development to become an adult is a good way to instill confidence and self-esteem when he stands alone.

Do not let him control you
You still parents. If you do not want a bunch of college kids staying up until one or two o'clock in the morning, tell him. If he is at home, make sure that he is doing a job or go to college and not just ride alive.

Give him a little leeway in freedom
One day, he would go, but trying to hold him at home because you want to control freedom could damage growth. Your job, as a parent, is to raise well and then let him fly to create barunya- life away from home.

Let him buy his own clothes and accessories
If he has a job, there is no reason why he can not buy their own equipment. As he stood alone, he had to buy clothes, food, school supplies and other necessities alone. So, let him be responsible for these things.

Rents demanded from him
This is a very sensitive topic. On the one hand, you want him to live independently, live alone. On the other hand, you are happy that he is still living at home. If a situation like he did not want to go to school, then this is the right time for you to give him an ultimatum, according to school and stay at home for free, or he must pay rent. If he does not go to school, it may be time for him to move away from home.

Give him time period
If he has no desire to move, probably a good idea to set a time period. The goal is to help her to be independent. Let him set a time, and when the time comes, affirm that agreement.

Set limits
If he's using the family car, set a time limit when and for what reason he could use the car. If he has a job, make sure he is helping to pay for petrol and caring for the vehicle.

Be Patient
If your young adult children are older than 21 years old and still living at home, you may be ready to grab your own hair. Be patient. If you allow him to switch transition from a child to a young adult by itself, he will be better prepared to deal with the real world. Just do not let him stay at home for a period of time is too long.

Help with guidance
If he has not moved, maybe he just needs a gentle nudge. Talk to her about her worries and help him to alleviate some of the concerns. Reassure him that taking this step is the best thing for him.

Let him fly
If he still lives with you when he was aged 25 years, then perhaps you, as parents, have to cut the rope and let him fly. If he is allowed to stay under your wing, maybe he'll never want to leave the nest. A subtle vibrations of the tree may be the only way to make him able to stand alone.

"15 Tips for parenting young adults at home" by Julia Nielsen.

Some Things Hurting Heart Feelings husband and your marriage

your marriage photo

When newly married wife sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed realizing the magnitude of his responsibility to love and care of her husband. Sudden almost all the welfare and happiness of another person is strongly influenced by the actions and choices by his wife. Women, we should be careful in taking care of my husband and our marriage.

Here are some things you without you knowing it can destroy your husband and marriage. Do not let little things ruin your chance to savor the greatest happiness in life. (Note: although this writing about women, but applies also for men)

1. Living exceed your ability
A wise old woman once told, "The best thing to do for a woman her husband is to live according to his ability." Wife, show your appreciation and respect to the husband by following budget carefully and make the best use of what you have.

Whine constantly because not enough money and wasteful spending so that your credit card can not be used again is a bad way to express gratitude to you faithful husband and has been working hard to meet the needs of the household. You are not able to buy a Gucci bag that's been months of your dreams, but your husband will thank you that you have to respect him and be grateful for what he gave.

2. The negative attitude of unceasing
You hate your hair, messy house, next to the nosy neighbors, co-workers who are incompetent, trashy old cars and many other trappings. Once the husband comes home from work you throw all the resentment that meets your heart that day.

Imagine a heavy load. Negative attitudes spend energy. Although men like to fix something that is not right, but if you are flooded with all things negative, it is difficult for him to solve your problem.

One thing I learned from a good marriage is the man who wants to live a happy life, and if he can not help you feel happy, he would be very disturbed. No harm, and it is understandable if you occasionally experience a less pleasant day, but do not complain every day.

3. Concerned other things
If you are more concerned about the child, mother, friend, talent or career than your husband, you openly declare that he is not important. Imagine if over the years someone do that to you. What will happen with your self-esteem?

Prioritizing your husband.
Although it may seem inappropriate and unproductive, you will be amazed when realizing that it is the key to the greatest happiness in marriage. Many couples divorce because they do not pay attention and love each other and do not prioritize their partners.

If you choose to prioritize each other, you will find happiness.

4. Not being affectionate towards her husband
Men yearn for and need intimacy of their wives, when you continuously ignore it they will be frustrated.

Physical relationship should not be manipulated to control the husband; it should be seen as a sacred way to forge a strong bond between the two of you.

Is a great gift when you feel needed and missed by a romantic husband who want to enjoy something important and beautiful with you - just you. Although you do not want it at the time, it is important that you follow his will (if possible) and spend some time to establish love with him.

5. The difference between women and men
Women like to give the (already a female instinct). Men do not understand the signs of the (already a male instinct).

Do not waste your time by giving a sign that he did not understand: Speak frankly. Be honest about how you feel, do not wait until you explode. When he asked what was wrong, do not lie to answer "no nothing" but wished he could read your mind and emotions. Be open to express your feelings.

"5 ways you are unknowingly destroying killing your husband and your marriage" by Katelyn Carmen.

List of Some smartphone that has a class SLR Cameras

smartphone with profesional Camera photo

2015 was a turning point in the development of smartphone technology. Evidenced by the proliferation of various models of existing smartphone makes various mobile companies are racing to provide their best products. Apart from the specifications, of the price that the market will certainly be a major problem, Because of the IT world inevitably create a competitor to immediately fix all of their products with the latest technology. It is not possible prices on the latest mobile phones in 2015 will be more affordable yet sophisticated.

One form of the present is happening in the world of mobile phones is increasingly full camera features present in the phone. Some well-known brand made phone even a touch of technology that is only found in the Digital Single Lens Reflect camera (DSLR) camera, the Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS).

Intrigued by the features contained in it and what are the types of mobile phones that have this technology? Therefore continue to refer to 15 mobile tech SLR camera follows.

1. Sony Xperia Z3
It is no wonder again if this one spawn brand products that have photographic skills above average. This is thanks to the use of sensor Exmor RS in it that mempu powerful photographic snapshots. With a resolution of 20.7 MP, then this phone is actually dedicated to the photography enthusiast.

2. iPhone 6 Plus
Apple's phone also has a camera technology that can not be underestimated. Sensors in it can process images with a camera shots very well. With a resolution of 8 MP, This phone is enough to capture your precious moments.

3. LG G3
LG's flagship phone has a camera resolution of up to 13 MP. So do not be surprised if the resulting image quality is excellent. Coupled with dual LED flash and autofocus features, will make fans feel very disadvantaged photography has this phone.

4. Samsung Galaxy Note
OIS which features in this phone works very well. Combined with hingg 16 MP resolution camera, then the shots you will become a masterpiece in itself. HDR feature will also add to the impression that you take this picture comes from professional DSLR cameras.

5. Samsung Galaxy K Zoom
This time Samsung really dedicate this phone for photography purposes. Just imagine this camera is able to perform up to 10 times optical zooming. Plus xenon flash and a resolution of 20.7 MP, it is worth if we call it a pocket camera Android OS.

smartphone camera pro photo

6. Motorola Nexus 6
In collaboration with Google for the Nexus project, then this Motorola mobile phone gives a pretty good camera features. With a resolution of up to 13 MP, and completeness of professional features such as HDR photography, Panorama, and many more will make this phone attractive for the event to take pictures.

7. Nokia Lumia 930
Nokia's PureView technology is known quite reliable. Coupled with up to 20 MP resolution and LED flash, the phone is already qualified as a standard mobile phone professional photography.

8. Nokia Lumia 1520
Line up the Lumia has a variety of photographic features are quite interesting. One of them is this phone. equipped with 20 MP resolution, then this phone is able to provide the best image for your precious moments.

9. Nokia Lumia 1020
In this series of Nokia provide a new standard of mobile photography. Using special sensors, this phone can catch up to a resolution of 41 MP image. Combined with a Carl Zeiss lens, then this phone PureView technology will provide the best shots.

10. Nokia Lumia 830
This mid-end Nokia series gives strength to 10 MP camera. Plus LED flash, then this phone can give a pretty good picture.

11. Blackberry Passport
OIS feature is also embedded in this office phone. with a resolution of up to 13 MP and dual LED flash, then this phone deserves two thumbs up as well.

12. ZTE Nubia X6
Resolution of 13 MP camera with this phone. coupled with OIS and Aperture f.2.0 features, then this phone can present a very attractive picture.

13. ZTE Nubia Z7
The camera sensor is one thing that is needed to produce a good-looking images. IMX214 sensor and a resolution of up to 13 MP camera, then this phone can easily produce stunning images.

14. Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro
Powered 16 MP, OIS feature on phones made by Lenovo is also able to provide the excellent photography to capture your happy moments.

15. Vivo Xshot
Manufacturers new smartphone named Vivo is also participating in this list. 13 MP resolution, OIS feature, HDR, and LED flash also immersed neatly into this phone. this will make you explore more by using this camera.

Of the many phones on top, proving that the current camera technology is progressing very remarkable. With an attractive price comparison, these phones are very feasible for us select and disposal.

Tips on How to Solve Some Problems of love

Tips Problems of love photo

Confusion is when we feel jumbled thoughts. When we choose between two options or more, we will feel confused or upset. Or problems that are difficult for us to choose based on the feeling or sense. Moreover, romance, often many people can not think realistic.

Well, at the time of turmoil to come, we will be more used alone or daydreaming, and it makes our activity that would otherwise be blocked as well. 

However, do not worry because at this time we will discuss how to cope with the turmoil. Here's how:

1. Stop Blaming Yourself
People who are troubled always blamed himself. Well it is a habit that is less precise due to blame themselves, many people are willing to kill themselves just because it was decided girlfriend (upset). Think of all of this is only a problem in the experience of love, because love is not just happy alone. Yourself is the real thing, therefore eksfresikanlah what is on your mind. We are all creatures that have their respective advantages.

2. Understand That Is All Levels Increase Level Exams
All the problems that love is a test from God that we be raising the level in the world of romance? Never You want to be fooled by love! Skip all the problems and do not be a crybaby ok !!

3. Face, Do not Avoid Problems
Which led to turmoil is something we have to face, do not be avoided, because if we avoid it, it will make us continue to imagine because there is no settlement. Well, when you deal with it, problems that cause you upset that problem will get the settlement or solution. Now with the discovery of the settlement you will feel satisfied and sometimes the problem will also be memorable and burlesque.

4. Feel Lucky
Why should feel lucky? Because of the turmoil that you have a great experience in the world of romance you. And when you experience the same problem, then you will be much easier in menyelesakainya. So, lucky it was not just happiness, but also how the process towards happiness. There will be no rainbow if no little rain.

5. Expand Sharing and Hanging out with friends
This method is the most tolerable powerful to overcome our turmoil. With a lively and fun atmosphere, it would create confusion to fade. But remember, once your mind relax, deal with immediate problems that make you upset. Friends can help you solve the problem and give us useful busyness, so use it with a good chance

6. Fixed to always Think Positive, Positive Acting with conviction positive feelings too. So that you can be able to enjoy the beauty of this life with what it is

Good Luck

Tips on How to keep clothes always look like new

keep clothes always look like new photo

ALL definitely want clothes look new. The reason for not too often buy clothes. Clothes that are too often used usually will look dull. So how can I make clothes always look new ?. To make the clothes look so new, there is a special trick to do when washing.

How to wash new clothes to make it look not so difficult as imagined. However, often people wash clothes in the wrong way so as to make them buy new clothes look faded or dull due to wash the wrong way, here are some tips for you to wash clothes in order to keep it looking new.

1. Do not be too often washed
If the clean clothes only used for 2-3 hours and is not affected by dirt or sweat, do not immediately washed. Hanging and winds alone. Washing and drying process can affect the quality of the fabric.

2. Do not use detergent cheap
Detergent cheap indeed make monthly expenditure be more efficient. But the clothes shopping budget will swell because of the color of clothing so quickly fade. Invest in a quality detergent products. Or use the natural way: before washing clothes, soak for 10-15 minutes in a tub of water mixed 2 tablespoons vinegar. It serves to hold the color that is not easy to fade.

3. Separate laundry
Your mother may have taught long ago to separate the colored garments with white clothes. But it would be better if we separate the laundry into 4 types:
• Apparel white
• Clothing dark (black, dark blue, dark brown)
• Clothing brightly colored (pink, red, yellow, and other colors of the rainbow)
• Clothing soft (which should be washed by hand as lingerie, silk lingerie, bikini, and so on)

4. Use the MSG to remove stains
Blood stains, oils, beverages, and food is often difficult to remove from clothing. The trick to remove it is to soak the clothes in water that has been spiked with a teaspoon of MSG MSG alias. After that, wash as usual.

5. Do not rely on the dryer
Although it easier for us, it's good to occasionally leave the dryer. Materials clothes dried naturally be more durable than that is always put into the dryer.

Thus some tips that clothes washing clothes still look like new.
Good Luck !

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