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Very Fast Ways to Flatten Belly Fat

Tummy tuck or in the medical world is also called abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure to flatten the abdomen by removing the excess fat and skin and tightens the muscles of the abdominal wall. In contrast with liposuction surgery (liposuction), although you can perform the same operations both in the surgery as well.

Tummy tuck itself is divided into 2 types:

Complete abdominoplasty
The doctor will cut your abdomen and gives contours to the skin, tissue and muscles. This surgery also includes moving your belly button and you will be using drainage for several days postoperatively.
Partial or mini abdominoplasty

Mini abdominoplasty is often performed on people who have fat deposits terlokasir in the lower abdomen, below the navel.

Who should perform this procedure?
Tummy tuck may be performed in men and women in good physical condition. Tummy tuck often be an another option for men and women who never obese and still have fat deposits or sagging skin in the abdominal area. In addition, in women who have given birth several times, this procedure is considered beneficial to tighten the abdominal muscles and reduce excess skin.

Who is not advisable to do this procedure?
Women who are planning to become pregnant
During operation, the vertical abdominal muscles are tightened and pregnancy can separate these muscles.
If you are planning to lose weight that much
tummy tuck should be the last choice after you try all ways. This procedure is not an alternative choice for weight loss.
Also consider the risk of getting scarring (old surgical wound healed) after this procedure. Consult with your doctor before doing surgery.

What should be prepared before doing this procedure?
The first step of course meet and consult with a plastic surgeon. The doctor will also ask you to stop smoking at least 2 weeks before surgery until two weeks postoperatively. Besides medicines (including herbal medicines) also dismissed two week pre-surgery.

What are the complications that may occur?
Pain and swelling in the area of operations
Bruising and numbness
Bleeding on the bottom flap
blood clots

List of Countries That Their women's Most Perform Breast Enlargement Surgery

So far, South Korea is also very the renowned with K-pop, known as the most populated country perform surgery (surgery) plastic.

In such a country ginseng plastic surgery is a very common thing.
Perhaps because it is affected by the K-pop culture, not women, nor men, all residents of the South is very fond of plastic surgery.
Even so amazing and was so fond, plastic surgery can even be used as a birthday gift. Parents sometimes to feel guilty if they do not turn out they are able to operate on a plastic-kan their children.

However, based on the existing record, plastic surgery the most frequent and most popular conducted by South Korea's population is associated with plastic surgery of the face.

The most popular plastic surgery here is surgery of the nose, lips, eyes, skin or facial surgery as a whole.
But not with breast augmentation surgery.
It could be the body's posture and shape the average South Korean population that could be said quite "small", they probably do not get along if "should" have a jumbo-sized chest.

Tendency and this craze was very different from other countries, even though the same operation.
American example. State that the population was recorded as a (female) his most breast enlargement surgery.

It may be that this state is known as the beginning of the emergence of breast augmentation surgery.

Moreover, according to observers, culture and trends in Hollywood has influenced the culture of "super boobs" is. According to the assumptions and growing trend in the land of Uncle Sam's, a large chest is considered as the most ideal breast shape.

In addition to the United States, countries in Latin America are very popular with sports soccer, Brazil turns out that women were second highest number of breast augmentation surgery.

Surprisingly enough, India turns included in the 10 countries most breast surgery.
Though arguably India is not classified as a developed country and its inhabitants is quite prosperous. But may also affect the Bollywood culture here.

Any country that most women breast surgery.
And Here 10 The Most Much Do Breast Enlargement Surgery, starting from the most countries:

1. United States
2. Brazil
3. Mexico
4. Italy
5. China
6. Colombia
7. India
8. France
9. Japan
10. Germany

List of Natural Ingredients That Can Remove Scars Cesareans

Gives birth by caesarean section is the last alternative that should be done when a mother has is unable to give birth normally. Childbirth by way of this operation, it will require a fairly long process of healing. Moreover, the scars left will appear visible on the stomach.

Caesarean section scars are usually very difficult to remove. Many women who give birth by means of this operation, sometimes dizzy how to remove these scars. There have been many indeed salve wounds beradar file remover on the market, but unfortunately quite expensive.

If you are constrained by the cost of buying ointments busting these scars, try switching to natural ingredients that also proven to eliminate caesarean scar, like some natural ingredients below:

1. Lemon
Lemon addition can be used as a detox diet that also can help disguise the marks and scars. but you also need to beware, because if the injury is a new injury, do not you apply lemon juice on top. This fact can actually slow down the healing process. Use lemon is only for injuries that are correct - completely healed, leaving only bekasanya.

2. Honey
One of these natural ingredients known to many saving benefits both for health and beauty, including to beautify your skin. In addition, honey can also moisturize and cleanse the skin and can mennyamarkan scars.

3. Aloe vera gel
So far only known aloe vera gel as a hair thickening medium, whereas aloe vera gel can also be used to disguise stretch marks and scars cesarean section. Apply regularly on caesarean scars or stretch marks on your body. This gel will cool the skin and relieve stress so as to disguise the scars.

4. Vaseline
  Applying a material that is regularly at caesarean section scar can also help diminish and eliminate these scars.

5. Vitamin E
Minyakyang applying vitamin E on caesarean section scar then massaged - mijatnya slowly can help fade scars earlier.

6. Cocoa butter
Strong antioxidant properties of this natural ingredient is great for caesarean section scar heals.

Actually there are many other natural materials that you can use to help remove cesarean section scar. Using natural ingredients, does not mean these scars will soon disappear, but still requires a fair amount of time to maintain.

Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Risks

Along with the development of science and technology, requests coming from masyarakatpun increasingly diverse. If at times and a lot of women want to have a sharp nose, breasts are sexy, and ideal body shape, then it is time now where many young women who had surgery to carve and beautify their intimate areas.

Application of aesthetic surgical procedures is actually not new, but many of the women who still do not understand the risks of the procedure in which they live, study published in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology stated.

For example, is a surgical procedure that is most often sought after by women, the surgery labioplasty. Labioplasty, or plain disebutlabiaplasty, is the implementation of the operation to rejuvenate the vaginal lips (labia).

But in fact, an act of 'polish' this sex can not be arbitrary intentions. Because there are consequences of the risk to be had. What are the consequences of potential risks referred to?

Consequences of Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery Risks

Before we find out what the consequences are, it helps us to know in advance consideration of the reasons that a major factor why steps to operate the vagina becomes an option.

Patients who want to undergo surgery labioplasty generally come with two (2) reasons, namely:

• cosmetic reasons:
Some feel unhappy and embarrassed during sexual intercourse affecting his confidence. Most patients undergoing labioplasty to reduce the length of her pussy lips, but many just want a change on the outside of their sexual organs, namely the mons pubis (the area under the hair grease vital organs) or external labia / internal (vaginal lips).

• Medical reasons:
Discomfort from long pussy lips, especially during exercise, sexual intercourse, and wearing tight pants.
Most patients do report satisfaction with the results obtained with minimal complications. However, of the 40 studies that have existed on this surgical procedure, only few of them are researching the long-term effects of this procedure, including how it impacts on the sexual satisfaction of the patient or if there are complications in childbirth which they live later.

On this, the plastic surgeon who used to perform surgery labioplasty say that the warning that there will be long-term complications or side effects of this operation in general deliberately exaggerated for the purpose of scaring the women not to undergo this procedure - A simple way to motivate women to feel comfortable and appreciate their own bodies. The doctors said that every procedure is essentially a risk, but if done according to the standard operating there can actually be minimized this risk. 

Vaginal Surgery Risks
Nevertheless, there is still disagreement that more research should be conducted to assess the long-term risks of this procedure accurately, as well as to consider whether counseling therapy can be beneficial for those who want to undergo surgery - given the physical discomfort can be caused by psychological factors.
However, women should not let himself be easily tempted by the news circulating in the community regarding the standard view of the female genitals, because the shape is varied every individual, and it was normal.


Of course, there are several considerations that must be considered before deciding to use the method of cesarean surgery include health and fetal development. For a mother who gave birth to twins more use of the use of hospital clinic or midwife, it is associated with some of the needs of postpartum mothers who gave birth to twins. Although the choice ultimately depends on you whether you will consider delivery in a hospital or birth center. Consult with your physician to determine the condition of pregnancy before birth. Is it true that twins should by cesarean? cesarean surgery is one method of delivering babies through cuts in the abdomen and uterus (incision). Six out of ten pregnant women twins cesarean delivery. Although your chances of having a caesarean section is higher than if you are single pregnant but the chance to give birth to a normal baby is still possible for you to give birth to twins.

Factors that determine the twins using surgical methods cesar is the position of your baby. So some pre-natal assessment is done by determining the location of both the fetus if elongated or stretched to the position of the head is below the normal delivery can be done. ANC is very important if the obstetrician or midwife to locate the first and second fetus differently marked with one of the fetal head of one of the unborn under the several actions can be performed. If the fetus you both transverse layout but has a small size of the first fetus is most likely still be delivered vaginally. However, if the fetus is then the possibility of using both breech cesarean method to minimize the risk of cord out while if the fetal position not only extends the possibilities of using cesarean surgery.

In addition to the fetal position things into consideration to give birth to twins is a risk of health problems such as umbilical cord, abnormalities of the location of the placenta or amniotic twins in the umbilical cord wrapped around especially where multiple fetuses 3 over three born in Caesarean. For those of you who want to give birth normally despite carrying twins you can do to maintain good health during pregnancy. Some of the exercises can be done at the end of your pregnancy to push the head down position (optimal fetal position), in addition to the normal delivery can be obtained by continuing to maintain positive thinking during your pregnancy, it is to create positive thinking. Normal delivery is to be the desire of every pregnant woman therefore several ways you can do such as eating healthy foods, especially honey, honey has benefits for you to make your body healthy, have enough energy to have a good immune pre delivery. In addition, the tradition is often done by running community is to launch labor. Scientifically walk regularly at the right time in the afternoon and evening will help you in a normal delivery. Do it in a few minutes not too memporsis your workout because too tired is not recommended for those who are pregnant let alone prepare for the birth of twins.

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