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Genetical manipulation Pigs and humans produce a mix of new embryos

First Time, Scientists Create Embryos 
of a mixture of Pigs and Humans

Genetical manipulation Pigs

Scientists succeeded in creating embryonic human and porcine mix for the first time.
The embryo consists of 99.999 percent and 0.001 percent pig cells to human cells.

The success has been warmly welcomed by scientists engaged in the field of genetics, medicine, and stem cells.

Nevertheless, a number of other scientists underscore the ethical challenges and unexpected impact of the controversial research.

Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte of the Salk Institute, who led the project explained, the human embryo is a mixture of pork and it was made with the technique of stem cell transplantation.

Human stem cells - cells that are capable of developing high potential into a variety of tissues - grafted into pig embryos.

Embryos with human stem cells and then put in the womb and allowed to develop pig for a month before aborted.

Within a month, scientists observed the development of pig and human cells.

Research shows, the process of making an embryo mix with the technique is very inefficient.

Of 2,075 embryos were transplanted, only 186 that can grow up to 28 days.

However, human cells visible function and potentially thrive.

"This is the first time seen growing human cells in large animals," said Belmonte told the BBC on Thursday (01/27/2017).

Problem inefficiency, Belmonte said, was related to the evolution of human and porcine far adrift.

Pig and human fetal development also differ greatly. Pigs only took 4 months from human embryos until the baby while it took 9 months.

"It's like a freeway where the car is moving faster than the others, there is a possibility of an accident," said Belmonte.

Potential and Challenges

There are a lot of potential when human cells can be developed in animal bodies.

Potential first, people can learn how to better treatment of disease.

If pigs could have a heart like a human organ, for example, then test the effectiveness of drugs for the treatment of diseases can get higher accuracy.

Another potential, people can learn better embryonic development thus increasing the understanding of fetal abnormalities during development.

Larger, humans can develop a specific organ in the body of the animal.

Organ developed - could be a kidney, liver, or pancreas - can be donated to the needy.

The need of donor organs is now quite high.

Every 10 minutes, one person waiting for a donor organ. Meanwhile, every day, 22 people die because of not receiving needed organs.

June Wu, lead author of the publication of this study in the journal Cells, said, "Gaining efficiency of 0.1 to 1 percent actually do."

"Even in the early development during the 28 days alone, there are thousands of human cells contained in the billions of cells in the embryo whole pig. Test it will be meaningful and useful," he added.

But to realize that potential, there are also a number of challenges.

To improve efficiency, for example, how?

Another thing, how to prevent human stem cells are not included in the area of ​​the brain in the embryo?

If the stem cells into the area of ​​the brain in the embryo, the pig would probably have had a number of characters and the ability of the human brain.

"So far we do not see any human cells in areas of the brain, do not we also can not erase that possibility," said Belmonte.

The success of the Rat

The study, published in the journal Nature on Wednesday (01/25/2017) reveal similar success in mice.

Edited rat genome so that the loss of genes that are in charge of forming the pancreas. Stem cells from other animals, rats, and then transplanted to the embryo.

Mouse embryo developed from the pancreas of mice. The pancreas was then implanted in rats to cope with diabetes.

It is expected that the human embryo is a mixture of pork and it could produce the same thing.

Creepy Creatures Underground comes to the Surface of the Earth

 Mole Creatures Underground
Creepy Creatures Underground -

A surprising discovery in the United States. One of the primitives are called Mole People living 20 miles beneath the ground by using a secret tunnel, they entered the USA.

This discovery was made not by archaeologists, but by a NASA scientist who dug deep into the earth, and they tried to hide the existence of this from public knowledge.

In the beginning, there was a NASA employee who does not want to be called has revealed exclusive pictures and information about the 'man cave' is. "This news should be told," the source said. "This is too big to be saved". The source has revealed some of the great secrets of the Mole People. "They look friendly," he said, "But they are very primitive.

We tried to communicate with them, but it is very difficult because they do not speak English "." Mole People, as we call, "the source said.
The situation is controlled with caution. "If any of these steps can lead to being declared a war with humans at the top. We do not know exactly how many they have. We have recently seen the city so far, with an estimated 2000 people living there Mole." But there are those who claim that perhaps millions Mole people live in underground cities, scattered on the bottom face of the Earth, "he said.

Underground creepy creature that has some similarities with humans, and also a bit of difference. "Like us, they walk on two legs, but they are much higher than ordinary humans, as high as 8 to 10 feet tall. Their fingers like nails animals.
And their webbed hands, designed for digging. "" Their skin is very strong. It to withstand extreme heat under the earth ".

It can be observed that there is a relationship and interaction between people with these creatures a while ago - they speak in a language which is almost the same as the Old Navajo dialect. The source also stated that the Mole has a system of muscles that are very large, making them capable of acting malignant. Their strength is 5 times greater than humans.

"There was a member of the expedition lit a cigarette, the Mole regard it as a threat and continued to attack him". They clawed and attacking the person like a bobcat. Fortunately he survived and can survive the incident.

The Mole is very interested in the world on the face of the Earth - clothing, equipment and food especially. They are very fond of fresh fruits.

NASA is very interested to learn of the Mole. "We want to know everything about them - what they eat, how they live, and most importantly, whether their relationship with the man". We tertanya wondering if they were nothing to do with humans in certain aspects. Whether they are the ancestors of modern humans today are genetically?

Experts say there is speculation that a variety of the Mole. They may be anything from Yetis (Bigfoot), aliens from space or the rest of the survivors of the Lost city of Atlantis. Experts also said this discovery has raised some question marks.

So whether it is an enemy creature and warlike or gentle that could be invited to work? And what about the oil and mineral storage under the Earth? Who would have it, the Mole or us? How to NASA where the mission is to investigate the origin of space - have encountered people who live under the Earth ?.

So far NASA has discovered the secret entrance to the underground world around Washington State's Mount Shasta, Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and also caves scattered around the southwest US by said source. Centuries old man had told him about the existence of the creature under the Earth. Now, for the first time, it has been demonstrated validity speculation. But whether these creatures friend or opponent is still unknown.

(Various sources)

Intuition Understanding of Some Story Here

Intuition articles photo

In 1971, Herbert Raiffe, a toy factory owner, had the intuition that the market demand will be shaped panda toy will be plentiful in the coming years. He listened to the voice of intuition and carry its messages. Raiffe then asked officials at the toy factory to produce a toy panda in large quantities. When US President Richard Nixon's visit to China and return from there took two toy panda as a souvenir, this toy market demand will suddenly soaring. But it was not a problem for Raiffe. He was ready to meet the surge in demand for toy panda is so fast it is. As a result, the company gain huge profits.

To understand the voice of intuition, we first look at the following examples:

(1) Thomas is the educated but unemployed and poor. He had a son and a wife who loved him very much. One night it occurred to her that their household economic problems will be solved when Thomas went to see one of his closest friends. So disampaikanlah it to her husband. Thomas also obey the words of his wife and her friend are planning to meet tomorrow morning.

When I was on the train, Thomas heard the "voice" that says, domestic problem will soon be solved. He felt so elated, excited, and happy. When finally met with his close friend, he also met with a guy friend's neighbor. The man was in need of an assistant in his office and it turns out Thomas qualifications as required. It's an incredible experience. Thomas offered a job and he accepted it with joy. Once Thomas returned home, his wife is equally excited because of economic difficulties his family will soon be over.

In the story "a voice whisper" occurs twice. First, the voice that encourages wife to ask her husband Thomas went to meet his friend. Second, the sound is heard Thomas that the issue will be resolved soon household. On both occasions it was the sound of bringing the family of Thomas leads to goodness.

(2) A girl named Dorothy was sent by his mother to take the parcel from one of his relatives. Dorothy was left before sunset. But not until half way, he felt the urge him to return home. He also followed the urge. When he arrived home, he knows that he is needed at home at the moment. Dorothy followed the voice guidance from within him that he was at home at the time of need, so that the difficulties that might occur unavoidable.

(3) One night in the winter a young man named Jacob had to go because of the urgent tasks to meet one of his colleagues. There are two alternative roads leading to the residence of his colleagues. He felt a strong urge to reach it by passing the longer route. He ignored the shorter route. Jacob listened to the voice and obey.

The night was dark. When the new Jacob take a few meters on the road, he stumbles something on the ground. Took the thing and he was surprised to see it under the lights the way. It turns out a wallet containing money. Jacob promptly report its findings to the police and take the wallet to them. Three months police waiting for the owner. Since no one had appeared, wallet was eventually returned to Jacob. Police advised, Jacob should take the money in the wallet once he found.

Jacob surprised by what he experienced. It has long been ailing wife. Doctors advised his wife to change the atmosphere. Then Jacob said to his wife that he was able to rent a house on the beach. His wife could stay there until healed. Because follow the voice from within her by choosing a longer route that night, Jacob can benefit their families and unable to meet the demand for healing her doctor.

If all three stories was examined, it appears that the "voice of intuition" exists in almost every person. Through an impressive voice message that tells us to take certain steps, which ultimately proved in accordance with our interests. This is the voice of intuition which is difficult to explain logically. There is no rational explanation of events like this, because the events it really beyond the reach of scientific experimentation.

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Change the time on Earth can Causing crash servers computer around the world

Unnoticed by humans, earth rotation on its axis (rotation) slowed every 100 years. It turned out to cause a small internet apocalypse in the middle of the year.

Group of scientists who set the timeliness of the earth, the Paris Observatory and the International Earth Rotation Service (IERS), has decided to add a second in 2015. It is necessary to compensate for the timeliness world changed by the slowing rotation of the earth.

Scientists based on the atomic clock to set the time on earth. The hours are known to have high accuracy even will not change until thousands of years. However, on the other side of the earth who actually slower spin and cause one day have a duration longer than it should (24 hours).

To equalize the earth and atomic clock time earlier, scientists are forced to add a second in 2015, on the 30th of June. However, many believe it will trigger a small-scale internet apocalypse. How can?

The addition of a second despite a record can lead to disaster on internet servers in the world. Sites in the world could experience a crash or down simultaneously having to adapt to the addition of earlier times.

This small Doomsday previously unheard of in 2012. At that time, the big sites like Reddit and LinkedIn reportedly suffered a massive crash due to not being able to adapt to the new time of the earth.

According to the Daily Mail (06/01), the addition of a second on 30 June later can create websites in the offline world if problems arise servers that are not addressed.

In order to avoid the same internet doomsday in 2012 or 2015 that will come, world governments are likely to decide to remove the additional practice time earth. The US government for example, said that if it was not necessary, because sooner or later when the earth is not synchronized with an atomic clock due to slowing rotation of the earth continues to occur.

If true then eliminated addition, small internet doomsday in 2015 this is the last confirmed. On the other hand, people may not be aware of when in the year 2700 later in the earth one day to 24.5 hours.

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NASA Shows the Surface of the Sun 'Cracks'

NASA Shows the Surface of the Sun 'Cracks' Articles photo

United States Space Agency (NASA) released two videos in order to celebrate 5 years of the Solar Dynamics Observatory or Agency NASA Solar Observatory (SDO) airs in space.

Visible surface of the Sun seemed to 'crack' in some parts. Sightings 'crack' it is estimated along 533 thousand miles or about 857,780.352 km.

However, as quoted from, Friday (13/02/2015), according to NASA spokesman, 'crack' it's not crack real black and really not immortal.

Explained Space Agency Uncle Sam's, 'cracks' black is called 'filaments Sun' which usually appears in some time. Filaments that move erupted into space as a 'coronal mass ejection' and sometimes back again to the surface of the Sun like rain.

But the phenomenon did not last long. Within a few days later, the appearance of 'cracks' will disappear.

'Cracks' black is an area of cooler material that floated on the surface of the sun. While red sightings around the hot material.

"SDO captures images of filaments in a wide range of wavelengths, each of which helps show the different temperatures of the material sun," said the spokesman for NASA.

It is unknown why this phenomenon can occur. Since its launch on February 11, 2010 using the rockets 'ULA Atlas V' from Station Cape Canaveral, Florida, scientists began investigating the causes and processes of 'cracks' or structures that could happen.

"Scientists also mid explore how to characterize the inside, magnetic field, heat the corona, and how full of radiation that creates the ionosphere or the atmosphere ionized by solar radiation, as well as the impact on the Earth."

Added that, this study was conducted to estimate the heat of the Sun in order to protect aircraft, satellites, and astronauts working and living in space.


Researchers Successfully Revealing the disappearance of 50 thousand troops in the Persian Desert

the disappearance of 50 thousand troops in the Persian Desert article photo

There are still many mysteries of ancient Egypt that has not been revealed, one of which is the disappearance of 50 thousand Persian troops in the desert of Egypt around the year 524 BC. Professor Olaf Kaper of Leiden digging puzzle historical mystery unsolved to this day.

Sandstorms as told Herodotus, the story of the Persian King Cambyses who entered the Egyptian desert near Luxor (Thebes) to bring 50 thousand Persian troops. This forces reportedly never returned, they ingested sand dune. This story has long been a subject of debate among serjarawan and Egyptologists. Meanwhile, the present invention will be announced on 18-20 June 2014 at an international conference 'Political Memory in and after the Persian Empire', Leiden University.

Mystery of the Persian army of 50 thousand Disappear

Professor Olaf Kaper also as Egyptologists have never believed that story. Since the 19th century, many people have been searching for the missing troops ranging from amateur to professional archaeologists hunter. Some are hoping to find fossils of 50 thousand Persian troops somewhere underground, but as long as it shows that the human quest rarely die due to sandstorms, especially 50 thousand troops together in the desert is very unreasonable.

Olaf Kaper it puts an entirely different explanation, according to 50 thousand Persian forces did not disappear, but was defeated. His research shows that the Persian forces not only through the desert, but the ultimate goal of their trip to Dachla Oasis, one of the leaders of the rebel forces Egyptian locations, Petubastis III. At that time he was ambushed by the Persian army of Cambyses leadership, in this way Petubastis III set strategy in Oasis to reclaim parts of Egypt. After the victory against the Persian army himself crowned Pharaoh in the capital of Memphis.

How the fate of Cambyses troops? 
They remain unclear in the time period long enough for the Persian king Darius I ended the Egyptian uprising at the expense of bloodshed during the 2 years after the defeat of Cambyses. Darius I was associated with the humiliating defeat of his predecessors, with this effective manipulation during the 75 years after the defeat of the Persians, Herodotus made a historical record of the story of 50 thousand lost Persian army in the desert.

Olaf Kaper find this story quite by accident, assisted by co-rekannyua from New York University and the University of Lecce during the last ten years in excavations archaeologists in Amheida, Dachla Oasis. At the beginning of this year, he released the results of analysis pertaining to the story Petubastis III in the ancient Temple. That's when he found the answer to the puzzle unsolved Persian army.

Block temples are found to explain that all this must fortress built at the beginning of the Persian period. After historians combine with limited information about Petubastis III, the excavation site and the story of Herodotus, finally they were able to reconstruct the story really happened.

Leiden Egyptologist ancient mystery unravels, 19 June 2014, by Leiden, Universiteit. The lost army of Cambyses II According to a nineteenth-century engraving., Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Smallest core of the Essence of Earth

Smallest core of the Core of Earth photo

Is the Earth's core is the deepest layer? Recently, a team of scientists of University of Illinois using new applications earthquake detection technology, they discovered that the earth's core has its own nucleus has different properties and reveal the mysteries of the planet Earth.

In this case, we see that the core unravel the mystery in the middle of the planet, although not as imagined novelist Jules Verne. During this time, the Earth's core once considered a solid iron ball-shaped, where the core has some structural properties of the complex. But a team of scientists found that the Earth's core in different, measuring about half the diameter of the earth's core. The research was led by Professor Xiaodong Song and Tao Wang, the results of this study published in the journal Nature Geoscience edition of February 9, 2015.

core of the Essence of Earth photo

Earth's core is the innermost part of the solid spherical with a radius of about 1220 km. The length of the radius of the Earth's core in about 70 percent of the radius of the moon which consists of a mixture of iron and nickel, and the temperature inside is approximately equal to the Sun's surface temperature of about 5430 Celsius.

According to Song, although the deepest core of the Earth is found small, even smaller than a month, this core has some very interesting features. This core may be informed about how the planet formed and other dynamic processes that occur in the Earth's core. It is forming a new understanding of what is happening in the earth.

In this analysis, scientists use seismic waves of earthquakes to scan the deepest part. New technologies are used to collect data that is not derived from the initial shock of the earthquake, but of waves that resonate after the earthquake. Earthquakes generally works like a hammer pounding, the listener can listen to the tone that clearly resonates after knocking stopped. Then the seismic sensors collect coherent signals in seismic coda.

Smallest core Core Earth

While undergoing this test, coherent signal is enhanced with new technologies and the results more clearly. The basic idea of this method starts the time, and has been used in other studies on the surface of the Earth. But scientists test for menngungkap mystery that occurred in the center of the earth.
Iron crystals are in the outermost layer of the Earth's core in harmony and leads to the north and south. But the deepest core part crystalline iron starting point around the east and west.

Iron crystals in the inner core is not only different in alignment, core is also behave differently than other crystals that affect the outer and inner core. In other words, the inner core may be made of various types of crystals or different phases.

This analysis suggests that the Earth's core has two different areas and can inform you something about how the core develops. For example in history, in the Earth's core may have a very dramatic change in deformation. It may be responsible for determining the development of the planet and how the core is formed right down the center of the Earth.

Earth's surprise inside: Geologists unlock the mysteries of the planet's inner core, 09 February 2015, by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Journal ref; Equatorial anisotropy in the inner part of the Earth's inner core from the autocorrelation of earthquake coda. Nature Geoscience, February 9, 2015

Universe Without Big Bang - Without Beginning and the End

Universe no Big Bang and no Beginning and the End photo

One model theory recently disclosed scientists, that the universe may have existed forever without the Big Bang. This theory is based on the model that applies in the quantum correction to complete Einstein's theory of relativity. This theory explains the dark matter and dark energy, even by scientists would solve several problems at once about the mysteries of the universe.

This model avoids the singularity as the main difference between the classical and Geodesics Bohmian trajectory. Classical geodesics generally affect crisscrossed, and the meeting point is a singularity. Instead, Bohmian trajectory never cross each other so that the singularity does not appear in the equation. Scientists write up the results of this analysis in a paper, published in the journal Physics Letters B, they explain the Big Bang singularity can be overcome with a new hypothetical model in which the universe had no beginning and no end.

Universe theory article photo

Since when the universe was created? Widely been predicted by general relativity models ranging from 13.8 billion years. At first, everything is thought to originate from an infinitely dense point or singularity. And this point begin to develop or called Big Bang which later evolved into the universe.

Although the Big Bang singularity arises directly and unavoidably from the mathematics of general relativity, some scientists consider it problematic, because the math just explain what happens after or before the singularity. According to Ahmed Ali Farag, scientists from Benha University - Zewail City of Science and Technology, the Big Bang singularity is the most serious problem in dealing with general relativity. Because the laws of physics appear to reveal the facts that occur when beginning it lasted.

In this case, quantum physicists emphasize the correction term does not apply 'Ad Hoc' which specifically can eliminate the singularity of the Big Bang. This analysis is based on the idea of a theoretical physicist, David Bohm, a figure which is known to contribute glittering philosophy of physics. Bohm had started his career since the 1950s where he replace Geodesics Classic with quantum trajectory, the shortest path between two points on a curved surface.

Although not a theory of quantum gravity, this theoretical model does not contain elements of both quantum theory and general relativity. Scientists expect the results of the analysis can be used on, even if the theory of quantum gravity has been formulated. Moreover, this hypothesis does not predict the Big Bang singularity, do not predict a major crisis in the singularity. In general relativity, one possibility that the universe began to shrink until the collapse itself in a major crisis and back into a solid point of infinity.
Cosmological explanation of this theory, that the quantum correction term is regarded as the cosmological constant and radiation, without the need for dark energy. These terms define the limited size of the universe and provide infinite age. This term predictions supporting observations cosmological constant and the density of the universe.

These models describe the universe contains a quantum fluid, according to scientists that this fluid may consist of Graviton, hypothetical massless particles that serve as a mediating force of gravity. If gravitons really exist, then these fluids play an important role in the theory of quantum gravity. Graviton can form a Bose-Einstein condensate at temperatures generated during the period of the universe.

Scientists apply for Bohmian trajectory equation developed in 1950 by physicist Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri of Presidency University-India. By using quantum equations that have been corrected Raychaudhuri, Ali and Saurya Das using quantum Friedmann equation. This analysis illustrates the expansion and evolution of the universe in the context of general relativity, including the Big Bang.

The physicists plan to analyze models of dark matter and dark energy in the future, including repeat this study with regard to the homogeneous and anisotropic disorder, but these minor annoyances berharapn will affect the results.

No Big Bang? Quantum Equation Predicts universe has no beginning, 09 February 2015, by the Phys org.

Journal Ref: Cosmology from the quantum potential. Physics Letters B Volume 741, 4 February 2015, Pages 276-279. DOI: 10.1016 / j.physletb.2014.12.057. arXiv: 1404.3093

Some Things you should Know About the Human Brain

About Human Brain photo

Most of the human brain is still the greatest mystery, which is still unsolved. Be it in the field of medicine or philosophy, questions relating to the human brain and thinking, making researchers and philosophers overwhelmed.

We still see some surprising facts about the human brain. Facts about the human brain, giving insight into the mysteries of the brain. And the possibility to understand the human brain, little by little began to open.

So what are the facts about the human brain?
Here are some surprising facts about the human brain that we have quoted from Boldsky:

Brain More Active During Sleep
If you think that the brain is not so active at night, it was wrong. You should note that, in fact the brain is more active at night while we sleep. The brain is an organ that does not break, whether you are dreaming or not.

Predicting the Future
It is one of the most bizarre facts about the brain. Philosophy come to understand that, the brain has the ability to predict the future. Certain events that happen when we dream, can actually materialize into reality. A system in the brain known as the Mid Brain Dopamine System, gives the signal and predictions about future events.

Men Using 10 Percent Greater Than His brain
If you want to understand why women sometimes weak when making decisions and judgments, this is the answer. Women use a lower percentage of his brain, almost 10 percent less when compared to men.

No Pain Receptors
It is one of the most surprising facts about the brain. While the rest of the body susceptible to pain, such as the brain does not feel any pain. That's because they do not have pain receptors.

Brain That Unique
Everyone has a different brain sizes. It is one of the most important contributors cleverness. People with larger brain size, have a better ability to make judgments and understand.

Consume the Most Energy
The brain is an organ that consumes the most energy compared with other organs.

Adolescent brains are not fully developed
Adolescent brain is not fully developed. In fact, adolescent behavior is closely related to the undeveloped brain.


Some Signs You Know Someone from the Past

Do you ever feel like to connect with others and as there is a fascination with them? Is it a coincidence or there has a connection with the past life.

Quoted from FirsttoKnow, there is some thought that the East and West are basically connected and there are many who believe it is the theory of reincarnation. The concept that we believe could 'go' to the past and know someone in the past.

If you believe in reincarnation; that you believe has ever lived as others in the past, following signs for you according to experts who agree with the idea that:

1. Direct connection
There are some people we are connected with the direct, either as friends or lovers. You can recognize a soul friend or spouse of past life when you are directly connected and has a deep understanding of each other.

Likewise, there are others who bring instant hostility in you. You are not sure why you do not like them, but you are so negative reaction that will take you by surprise. Experts agree that a past life this person may have done something to hurt you in a previous life.

2. Relationship Telepathy
You are able to feel what they would say, or you suddenly received a phone call after you think about them. There is a kind of relationship that can not be explained.

3. Looks of Eye
When you look into their eyes when the first meeting, they seem already familiar. Of course you never experienced seeing someone for hours, talking but usually only.
In other cases; it takes time to connect with other people? Experts believe it's past life is not a coincidence. If this happens, they suggest you should pay attention.

Conclusion A simple, eye unchanged from 'birth to' born again ', but it took time to recognize it.


List of Countries which Reject Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering can be done in a variety of fields, ranging from bacteria, animals and plants for a particular purpose. But specifically for genetically modified food, a World Health Organization began highlighting.

Several recent studies show that the genetic engineering technology have demonstrated the negative side effects of this product. Genetic engineering in the field of food is recognized as a new technique in producing food. In the United States, there are approximately 165 million hectares are planted with genetically modified crops.

Center for Food Safety, headquartered in Washington DC revealed that approximately 75% of all grocery store products contain at least one genetically modified ingredients. Many people do not know that they consume products that genetically modified foods.

Many countries of the world have banned the cultivation or use of GM foods in their territory. Because recent studies show that these foods contain protein types as elements or risk to human health.

Indeed, there has been no comprehensive research report about the side effects of GM foods published. However, small-scale study recently conducted, said food product contains a genetically engineered proteins that cause allergy problems.

In addition, some scientists think that the protein and the genetic composition that is in these foods can harm the body's regulatory system. Because of the ten countries prohibit the cultivation of food by using this technique.

1. Italy
Almost in all regions and provinces in the country this pisa agreed to reject genetically modified food. The Italian government has approved a ban was enacted. But the Sar government granted the right to change the decision

2. French
French public has expressed his distrust of genetic engineering. So pemerinta France has suspended production of corn in 2009.

3. Germany
Germany is a country that also prohibits genetic engineering. In Germany have made the voting procedure diladakan by some communities. One is a church organization that has banned genetic engineering is in its territory.

4. Luxembourg
Luxembourg government also banned the production of corn and the country is on the list of the ten countries that have banned GMOs.

5. Austria
Here not only the cultivation of genetically modified crops with prohibited, sales were also banned because it is considered a negative effect on those who consume them.

6. Ireland
Since 2009, the country also has banned its citizens to cultivate genetically modified crops. here is a ban on the cultivation of almost all crops since 2009. Genetically Engineered Food products using genetic engineering are required to be labeled so that people know.

7. Switzerland
The country has completely prohibit genetic engineering in food, both plants and animals up to the corners. The ban was approved in 2005 by referendum. They decided that the ban applies to five years, but until now the ban was still in force until now.

8. New Zealand
Recently with genetically modified crops has grown in New Zealand. Local authorities have banned genetic engineering experiments were performed on salmon. However, in some regions such as Wellington adan Auckland has started a free themselves from products that dihasilan with genetic engineering.

9. Australia
In some areas, they approve of genetic engineering but since this problem spreads, the majority of this country LDI region also agree with that decision. Only in South Australia yet. In the region of Tasmania and Western Australia also prohibit commercial penamaman with genetic engineering,

The Australian government itself has also been announced that the country is free from genetic engineering.


Understanding Some thing about the Human Body Not Know

Human Organs photo

Advances in science and technology increasingly reveal elements of sophistication human body system.
Not a few things about human named keistemewaan either unique or commonly known.

There are some unique facts nan interesting note on our bodies, what is it? read the following:

1. Every hour trillion cells in the body must be replaced.
2. The human eye can distinguish 500 shades of gray.
3. Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.
4. The human heart is capable of creating enough pressure to squirt blood 30 feet so far (9 m).
5. Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.
6. The average cough comes out of our mouths speed of 60 miles (96.5 km) per hour.
7. A beard is the fastest growing hair in humans. If the average man never cut his beard, then this will make it grow to nearly 30 feet in life.
8. The baby's eyes do not produce tears until the baby was about six or eight weeks.
9. Every person has a different tongue.
10. A sneeze can exceed the speed of 100 m / h.
11. The dead cells in our body eventually carried to the kidneys for excretion.
12. A smile is a facial expression that is most frequently used. A smile can be anywhere from 5 to 53 pairs of facial muscles.
13. One in 20 people have more ribs.
14. People with darker skin will not wrinkle as fast as those with light skin.
15. Human blood through the journey of 60,000 (96 540 km) per day on a journey through the body.
16. 85% of the population can bend their tongue into a tube.
17. It takes the food seven seconds to go from the mouth to the stomach via the esophagus.
18. The heart beats faster women than men
19. In one day, our heart beats 100,000 kal1.
20. Hair is made of the same material as nails. (*)

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Know Some Hackers Most Feared in the World

security system photo

According to Wikipedia, the hacker or hackers is someone who is studying, analyzing, modifying, breaks into computers and computer networks, either for profit or motivated by the challenge. Hackers at this time has a negative connotation for its actions which resulted in the loss of certain parties such as changing the look of a website, inserting the virus code, and so on. Though hackers not only malicious hackers.

Hacker divided into two white hacker who uses his ability to do good. And black hacker who uses his ability to crime. Hackers also have tiers consist of: elite, semi-elite, developed kiddie, smart kiddie, and lame. Well, did you know there are some hackers who feared name in the world because of its ability.

1. Jonah Attsaouly
Better known by the name Irhabi 2007. She became famous when America invaded Iraq in 2003. At that time, he actively upload pictures of the war in Iraq and publish a book how to hack a site. He is also known as Al Qaeda sympathizer who is also a computer expert and cyber world.

He began to look for the Americans and their allies when creating the site and become an admin youbomit Forum Al Ansar Al Islami. The forum involves thousands of people who mostly mujahideen. Other advantages is that he is always in a state known on line.

2. Adrian Lamo
Adrian is a journalist and a hacker 'gray'. He can act for the good but also can hack on behalf of crime. Adrian name became known after breaking into the computer system of The New York Times and Microsoft in 2002. He was able to identify deficiencies in the security of computer networks from leading companies.

Adrian recently captured a year later after the FBI managed to find the perpetrators of hacking The New York Times. He should be under house arrest because still underage. In addition, Adrian also imposed a fine of US $ 65,000.

3. Kevin Mitnick
Meretasnya tale began when he was first to break the system bus subscription card readings in Los Angeles. The result, he could go anywhere for free. Furthermore, he paved the long distance telephone service so that it can call with gratis.ia also could pave the Digital Equipment Corporation) DEC), IBM, Motorola, Nokia, even Fujjitsu.

Kevin eventually caught and sentenced to prison for 5 years. He was touted as "The Most Wanted Computer Criminal in United States History." The story was adapted into the film even Takedown and Freedom Downtime.

4. Jonathan James
James is the youngest Americans who were sentenced for crimes in the cyber world. Currently 16 years old, he was sent to prison for hacking into US defense sites. He also managed to steal the NASA software that makes NASA had to turn off the server during the three weeks and losing thousands of dollars.

He was then serving a prison sentence of 6 months because it is still under age and under house arrest until the age of 21 years. James is not allowed to interact with the computer for it. James died in 2008 and there is no information about the cause of death.

Earth Reveals Some Things About You May Not Know

Maybe the earth is only a small part of the galaxy solar system is so extensive. But Earth is so unique for being the only planet habitable living things and has a lot of nutrients of life.

The third planet in this solar system age is estimated to reach, 6 billion years. In the future, Earth has undergone various phases ranging from the creation of the first human phase, various prehistoric animals, until eventually the earth will arrive at the end of the world.

Despite a long life, but we do not really know where that becomes we live in. Many facts that will make you surprised and amazed about the earth, which you might not know. Here's admin serve 8 facts and unique things about the earth that you know

1. Actually, the earth is not perfectly round
So far we know that the earth is a perfect sphere. When in fact not the case, the earth is not perfectly round like a ball berbentu. There is a bulge around the equator due to the force of gravity. It was found that the radius of Earth's Polar is 3949.99 miles, while the equatorial radius is 3963.34 miles.

2. Earth comes from the Anglo Saxons
Why our earth called earth? Where did the word come from? The actual names of the planet customized with the name of the gods in Greek methodology, namunn not the case with the earth derived from the Anglo Saxons. Where Earth (earth) of the Anglo-Saxon word that is meaningful Erda ground. However, the fact that 71 percent of our earth element is water, not land. And keep in mind that the earth is the only planet that has water element.

3. The fact Day Not 24 Hours
Sebenarny earth rotates on its axis to take 23 hours 56 minutes, 4 seconds. There is a difference of 4 minutes in a day with the Earth's rotation. The difference is caused due to the use of different standards. Surya day using the Sun as a reference, while Day Sideris using the stars as reference.

4. Only the planet Earth has plate tectonics
Earth being the only planet that has the tectonic plates with 7 plates will move 4 inches annually. The movement is then causing volcanic eruptions or earthquakes. But the disaster turned out to have an impact on the process of recycling the carbon that would be beneficial for the survival of living beings.

5. It turns out that the Earth has a twin
Twin earth is named Theia, such as Mars and its size is 60 degrees in front of or behind the Earth. Based on research, about 4.5 billion years ago, Theia collided with Earth and most of the pieces that exploded and became the material creation month. Based on the fact the moon does have a resemblance with the planet and metal isotopes that exist on Earth.

6. Perfect Moon Orbit
Based on research, the moon has a center of the solar system approximately 6,000 meters closer to the earth. Supposedly with the history of the moon's orbit is uncertain, but it is not the fact. As it turns out perfect circular orbit of the moon. There is a unique natural phenomenon that when the sun appears 400 times larger than Earth and 400 times farther from the Earth that makes the sun and moon appear the same size in the sky Earth. An All One God else.

7. Ocean Ter-Exploration yet
Currently scientists are busily exploring Mars and other planets in the solar system. But they forget to explore the ocean. In fact to this day, a new ocean explored about 10%. This time there were approximately 212 906 species of marine creatures, this means that there are about 25 million more species that have not been explored.

8. Everest Not Highest Point on Earth
It was known that Mount Everest is the highest peak on earth with 8,848 meters high above sea level. But the truth is the highest peak of the summit of Mauna Kea is owned by residing in the islands of Hawaii, United States. Mauna Kea is indeed only has a height of 4,205 meters. This number is much lower than Mount Everest. However Mauna Kea mountain legs actually started from the seabed. And if it is measured from the foot of the mountain, in total, high Mauna Kea more than 10 thousand meters. Of course, Mauna Kea is higher than Mount Everest.

Thank you for reading.

Reveals About Tears Probably You May Not Know

Tears of the eye fluid that comes out when people experiencing strong emotions. This fluid is produced from lakramasi process that refers to the word cry. Actually land mammals have lakramasi system, but only man who became the only mammals that have emotional tears, for example, when in a state of anger, suffering, grieving and experiencing pain.

Actually tear serves to lubricate the eye to keep it moist and not dry. However, the chemical composition of tears to lubricate, in contrast to the tears that came out because of the emotions. There are several types of tears, in which each species has a different function. Reason to cry was not yet known for certain until today.

There are still many other facts about the tears that you may not know. Including 9 facts about these tears may not know who will describe the following admin.

1. Man Has 3 Type of Tears
Humans have three types of tears tears namely basal, reflex tears, weeping tears of emotion. Basal tears wetting function and maintain moisture and eye health. Tears reflex occurs when there is a foreign object or substances that irritate like steam onion, tear gas. This reflex tears trying to flush the irritant substances that come into contact with the eyes.

Meanwhile cries emotional tears occur due to the increased lacrimation due to emotional stress. When we are in normal conditions, the brain ordered blocking the sympathetic nervous system lacrimation process so it does not produce tears.

2. Cause tears are not known with certainty
Scientists confusion about the causes for sure why the man was crying and tears. Initially researchers found that men crying because there is pressure within them. Over time the researchers also found that men cry for addressing the problem. But there is also a crying baby to draw the attention of parents. To express guilt or a tool that is used to save a relationship.

3. Apparently tears have the same content with saliva
Maybe if we imagine the tears and saliva are very different. But in fact, two different liquids has the same composition with the saliva which contains proteins, salts, and hormones. But unique, tears have a different taste and smell with saliva.

4. Women cry more often than men
Yes women are more meek than men. Women cry on average four to five times in one month. They cried five times more than men. A study in the Telegraph revealed that on average women crying for six minutes. Not so with the average man cried only two to four minutes.

It turns out that the tear glands are owned by women is greater in male appeal, so that when the cry will more often shed tears. But part to accommodate a large tear in the appeal of men over women, so when crying tears of women will quickly flow into the cheek.

5. When the cry, usually will discharge from the nose
When the cry, we often issued snot from his nose. This occurs because the tear glands secrete excessive tears, some flowing into the nostril and out through the nose. So actually snot is not as slimy fluid from the nose, but the tear fluid out through the nose.

6. Onions can make cry
When cutting onions we often shed tears like he was crying. This is because onions contain glands that can stimulate acrimal produced a tear.

7. Tears effect on others
Perhaps this is what makes a man lazy saw a woman crying, because it tears can affect others. Research shows that tears contain chemosignal which can reduce testosterone levels. It makes a man not interested in women.

8. crocodile tears are real
Turns crocodile tears are not just figuratively. Crocodile actually shed tears, and tears were issued does not contain any emotion. It is certainly appropriate to be associated with those who weep for lying to something.

9. Actually tears can also be useful
Although sometimes painful when tears of sadness, but it can be useful tears. Research shows that tears are issued when sad stress hormones. If the tear is removed it will cause a feeling of relief finished crying. Cry when sad or happy to have the same mechanism of distinguishing only emotion felt by the person.

Well now a lot of you know about the interesting facts about the tears.

Thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading.

Similarities and Differences between the Earth and Mars

mars earth

The planet Mars has characteristics similar to Earth. Both have the same amount of land surface, supported by poles. In fact, both these planets have the same slope at its rotational axis.

Although it has similarities, planet Earth has a difference with Mars. Differences include atmospheric pressure and surface temperature on Mars is smaller than Earth. For long days, Mars is similar to Earth, 24 hours 37 minutes and the long years of Mars tend to be longer, which is 687 days.

The big difference between the Earth and Mars shows that the gravity on Mars 62 percent lower than the Earth. Differ only 0.38 of a standard Earth. People who weighs 100kg on Earth, on Mars weighs only 38 kg.

Cause there is a difference of gravity is caused by several factors, such as mass, density, and the radius of the main cause. Although Mars has a surface area of land which is almost equal to the Earth, but Mars is actually only have half the diameter and density of less than Earth.

The researchers accounted for the large amount of gravity using Newton's gravitational theory which states that the force of gravity is given by an object is proportional to its mass. When applied to the spherical body such as a planet with a certain mass, surface gravity would be inversely proportional to the square of the radius.

After Missing For 12 years, the spacecraft is finally found

Spacecraft Beagle - photo

After missing for more than 12 years, the space shuttle Spacecraft Beagle 2 is now found to be above the surface of Mars. The report found from a NASA team picture taken, when examining the planet's surface.

Spacecraft Beagle 2 is a spacecraft that was lost on estimates in 2003, a lot of conjecture at first is because the plane was damaged. So that when the accident occurred, the aircraft could not make contact with the Earth and can not be supervised.

For twelve years away, this aircraft also leave no trace at all. However, recently, a team of NASA's claim that the apparition seen any sign of the plane on the surface of Mars, quoted from the Mirror, Monday (19/01/2015).

David Parker, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency revealed, there is strong evidence that the aircraft can land safely and to the surface of the planet Mars.

"Beagle 2 is no longer lost," said Parker. "It seems that we no longer see the location of the accident. These images are consistent with the Beagle 2 landing on Mars, but there are some who spread, "added Parker in the site.

Spacecraft landing of Beagle 2 is due to protection from hot air balloon in the plane, so that it can reduce the impact of the collision.

Currently, experts are analyzing the location of the accident to determine what happened. Although several theories revealed, the accident happened on a plane that does not result in a smooth landing for a fraction of the plane scattered. "Overall I revealed that Beagle 2 was a huge success," said Parker.

"And this is proof that we can find a more bermanfaatn learning and innovative in space," he added.

Reportedly, the UK will join the ExoMars mission in 2016, to look for traces of life on Mars is likely to become a transit other than Earth.


Research that Blood Type O More resistant to Some Diseases

Blood Type O

Anyone can have a heart attack if not very clever to maintain their physical health, especially the overweight and eat more unhealthy intake. However, a recent study found a specific blood groups are also more at risk.

"It's very interesting, because we were finally able to ensure that people with blood type other than O not only more at risk of cancer and heart disease, but knowing that this fact affects the risk of death of the blood groups," said lead researcher Dr. Arash Etemadi .

Why so? Because after observing 50,000 middle-aged and elderly participants from Iran for seven years, a team of researchers from the National Institutes of Health, the US found that participants who had a blood type other than O, namely A, B or AB risk of dying earlier because of various diseases. Chances of reaching 9 percent.

Another risk that haunt owner blood factions are cardiovascular disorders (15 percent) and gastric cancer (55 percent).

"And this association is so strong, do not care if we have to consider other factors such as age, gender, smoking, socioeconomic status and ethnicity of participants," said Dr. Etemadi as quoted by LiveScience, Friday (01/16/2015).

Dr. Emetadi estimate risk of death in addition to blood group O was obtained from special factors, such as in the blood groups A tend to have total cholesterol and LDL (bad cholesterol) which is higher than any other blood type.

"They are not blood type O also has a tendency to experience blood clots, making it more vulnerable to heart problems," he said.

But do not worry, this is not to say epidemiologists blood group as the only risk factor for heart problems. For the length of the short life span and a high risk of heart disease is influenced by various factors, including exercise habits and overall health condition.

"Early death could be due to a combination of many factors, and is not merely for your blood type," concluded Dr. Emetadi.

Measuring 500-meter asteroid will approach the Earth on 26 January

Asteroid 2004 BL86 - photo

As disclosed Don Yeomans, a space expert who has retired from NASA. He revealed that the January 26 that will come will be a day for asteroid 2004 BL86 reach the closest distance to Earth. Previously there was a prediction on 30 January 2004 from US experts and scientists who discovered a large asteroid in space which was then believed to be closer to the Earth, the prediction true fact an asteroid named 2004 BL86 will close and be the distance closest to Earth on January 26 this month.

Research institutions to handle all outside the United States Angaka NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) published a warning on the approach to Earth asteroid 2004 BL86 as the history of mankind, according to a study done by the reflection of light from the asteroid, discovered on 30 January 2004 that, the experts estimate the size of the asteroid that has a size of 500 meters.

Then the experts also explained that the asteroid is not harmful to humans or the earth, a distance of Asteroid 2004 BL86 will be closer to the earth at 1.2 million kilometers of Planet Earth. as in the daily mail reports

Scientists and experts are still investigating and have not been able to give a prediction whether the asteroid 2004 BL86 will change its trajectory in space and potential to hit the Earth in the next occurrence in the estimate will appear 200 years. In addition to the asteroid 2004 BL86, there are also other asteroids. According to experts and scientists asteroid 1999 AN10 to be closer to the earth 12 years, memeiliki large size as well. distance even closer to Earth than the asteroid 2004 BL86.

Found New Variant H5N2 Avian Influenza

The new variant of H5N2 bird flu found on farm goose and duck farms in Yunlin, Pingtung, Taiwan.

According to the Council of Agriculture (COA) Animal Health Research Institute, has never appeared another form of the H5N2 virus earlier in Taiwan or elsewhere.

From health authorities report, first Taiwan recorded the occurrence of cases of avian influenza H5N8 highly pathogenic, found in goose farm in Chiayi County.

Indeed, at this time the virus can still be overcome by cooking eggs and poultry using hot water up to 70 degrees Celsius or more.

lab results

On January 8, 2015, on a farm operator ducks and geese on 23 farms in Chiayi, Pingtung, Yunlin, and Tainan have sent the samples to be tested in the COA Animal Health Research Institute.

Once matched with strains were detected in South Korea in 2014, the COA said that the H5N8 avian flu virus is very well suited.

While the H5N2 virus found in two locations, continued COA, unlike previous H5N2 variant.

AsiaOne launch, Monday (01/12/2015), COA explained, when viewed from the genome sequence, H5 similar to the case in South Korea, while N2 is most similar to the virus were reported in Jilin province of China in 2011.

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