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Playacting make some things in life are not happy

One of the factors that determine our happiness is a choice and the attitude of our lives. Did you know that living with too much drama make life increasingly unhappy?

Often we are asked, when it comes true happiness in life? Due to the fact that many things in life that are difficult to control. We can not control the weather, disease, family choose where we are born, and we could not control our age. In other words, we can not always get what we want and expect.

But are we not entitled to be happy? Of course we have to be happy! Aside from the things we can not control, in fact many things that can affect our happiness. However, we often do the habits of our own making us unhappy.

What habits that often we do not realize it?

1. Living a life with too much drama and worry

Often feel scared for things that do not necessarily occur is characteristic of people living in the drama. He often imagine the worst rather than the best chances in life. Though it's not necessarily the case. He is the fear of failure, fear of poverty, fear of abandonment, fear of rejection.

Negative imagination dominate his life as drama scenarios. Who could be happy if it continues ruled concern? If you want to be happy, immediately end your drama!

2. Judging yourself harshly

Have you ever said harshly and scold yourself out loud? "You idiot!", "Why do you always say the wrong thing?", "Why can not you lose weight by yourself?", "Basic suck!"

Self-criticism is allowed, but that does not mean self-deprecating. Do not be so cruel to yourself if you want to be happy. Try to be realistic in evaluating themselves.

3. Always think that myself always unlucky

Stigmatize yourself like, "Ah I certainly fool so always make mistakes," or "I can not work properly," sentences was not only degrading the concept of self, but also humble dignity.

To this end, we must dare to evaluate ourselves wisely. Even made a mistake, it does not mean we are the worst in the world. Changing and trying to get better is the answer rather than discredit themselves.

4. Blaming yourself for something that can not be controlled

Indeed, it is easier to blame themselves rather than accept the situation that we can not control. There are conditions in which we are stuck in a situation that is going out of control and beyond our responsibility. Do not blame yourself in that situation. Better to accept realistically.

Not all bad things happen in our lives because of our fault. Moreover, if that makes a reality of life is someone else entirely we can not change. But we can change ourselves and our perspective.

5. Always blaming circumstances and other people

Do not blame others when the situation we face is not as we expected. Do not blame other people who make you so angry and emotional.

Because actually we ourselves can control anger, not their cause. If you want someone to understand you do not say, but talk well.

6. Creating his own suffering with bad habits

Opium smoking, alcohol, and drugs will only undermine happiness, why should it be continued? This custom looks can provide relief, but only for a moment. In fact after this bad habit can make life even more miserable.

7. Comparing oneself with others

Stop wished to be someone else because you are not satisfied with yourself. Comparisons are created in social community will never satisfy you.

Be yourself and accept yourself what it is. Prove that we can live within our own happiness. Do not hang your happiness with the happiness of others. Everyone has their share of happiness. One way to stop comparing yourself to others is: be grateful!

8. Do not be yourself

Do not let the social pressure which controls the attitude and behavior. Do not try to live to be someone else if you're not comfortable. Find the things that make you believe yourself to be yourself. Do not let the "true self" is lost.

9. Believing that you will never be able to change

"I really like this one," "It's been ingrained, can not be changed". Well that self-acceptance is a positive thing, but that does not mean this to be a compromise to not change yourself for the better.

Remember, humans have the privilege

10. Too independent

Human life will always come with other humans. We can not live alone and feel able to do everything alone. Humans are always in need of emotional support, help to solve the problem, a friend to brainstorm. To grow we need others.

The decision to be happy and live life with a sweet in your own hands. Do not let the bad habits that are not important disturb your right to be happy


Yahoo CEO photo

Barely 40 years old, at the age of 39 beautiful girl Yahoo boss Marissa Mayer, reported to have been able to collect a total fortune of US $ 500 million or equivalent to Rp 6.25 billion. According to Business Insider reported pages, US $ 300 million he got when serving for about 13 years at Google, while the remaining US $ 200 million he achieved as head of Yahoo.

Mayer has now become one of the most influential women in the technology industry. It is not easy, given up to now should be recognized women still underestimated in the world of technology.

So how do Mayer to succeed in the corporate environment technology?

Nicholas Carlson in his book titled Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo !, he mentions five key success Mayer in taking his career. Here are the details:

1. Choose the most frightening
When graduating from Stanford, Mayer has plenty of career opportunities. He could choose to be a high-paying IT consultant, to continue their studies and become a professor, or he may be able to live hard to build a startup. Mayer then what to do?

He chose to join a startup company. He was deeply impressed by the ingenuity and innovative vision of the workers who are members of a startup. Did startup what Mayer selected to work? The answer is Google. Yes, Google is now transformed into a giant company internet based. Mayer himself is Google's 20th employee at the time.

2. Identify weaknesses yourself
At Google, Mayer worked as a programmer to build a digital advertising system Google. It took months for Mayer to develop. Then Google employs others, namely Jeff Dean are able to resolve Google's advertising system in a matter of weeks. Mayer did not get discouraged, seeing his ability as a programmer is not enough, he also studied business strategy to help the marketing of Google.

3. Know when to say goodbye
Mayer known to be involved in the tough competition of the tops of Google. But it does not interfere with the performance of Mayer. He was still able to produce a lot of work. One is the development of the Google Maps application for the iPhone.

But when he locked horns with one Google investor named Dan Loeb, Mayer knew he had reached the stage of having to say goodbye. And scoop. Yahoo's CEO at the time, Carol Bratz fired, and in early 2012 the position offered to Mayer.


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